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Busta Rhymes Busta Rhymes was originally supposed to put out his new album called "Before Hell Freezes Over" back in late 2007.  This was delayed until mid 2008. Oh yeah, it'll be called "Back on My Bullshit" now.  Well, Back on my Bullshit got delayed again to Dec 9, 2008... and would be called B.O.M.B.  It turns out, B.O.M.B will NOT be released tomorrow... It was delayed until March of 2009.

I suspect that this album is doomed.  Wikipedia has an entry that includes a confirmed track list for B.O.M.B.  Taking this track list, I was able to create a playlist on imeem that contains more than 2/3rds of the songs; perfectly streamable. See?

Confirmed to be on B.O.M.B

Hopefully the new March deadline will be met; or maybe the original title was accurate; it'll be released sometime between now and "Before Hell Freezes Over"

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