Man Shot because Ben Butt was THAT good.

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James Joseph Cialella Jr., of South Philadelphia, was upset when a father and son sitting near him talked during a Christmas Day showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. When popcorn throwing didn't remedy the situation, Mr. Cialella took out a .380-caliber gun and shot the father.

The victim was wounded in the arm and the injury was not fatal.

However, no one in the theater got to see the end of the movie. A damn shame because it was fantastic really. All except that injection for no good reason of Hurricane Katrina, but I digress. Point is, poor man got shot and didn't get to see what will probably be lots of Oscar Winning moments.

Nice going James. Let me know if they have pay-per-view while you're on trial for attempted murder.

Clip from the movie, starring Cate Blanchettt and Brad Pitt:

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