Posing naked is so easy, a caveman could do it.

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Khloe Kardashian and PETA recently revealed the newest "I'd rather go naked" anti-fur ad, and the only thing I can think when I see it is that it must be rough being the Amazonian sister of a girl famous for having a big ass. Caveman hair, sideboob and 37 Photoshoppers are supposed to make me forget her sister looks like Princess Jasmine and got boned on video.

Oh wait, something about fur...

I'm so distracted.


full size on PETA's website: http://blog.peta.org/archives/khloe_kardashian1.jpg

also: What the hell is up with that mint green nail polish? Are we sure no animals were hurt for that? Has anyone reported a missing Keebler Elf?

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