Top 10 Shows I'd Like To See On The History Channel Next Year

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10. Decoding the Golden Girls
There was some serious in-depth stuff going on in that show. Have you ever noticed the exclamation mark carved into the front door? Or the way Sophia sounds more Jewish than Italian? Someone needs to dig into this!

9. Modern Marvels: ShamWOW!
I don't know, it sells itself.

8. Cities of the Underworld: Colma, CA
Colma, CA is a city of cemeteries. There are more dead people there than alive people. Cities of the Underworld was MADE for this place.

7. The History of Dirt
I'm sure it's fascinating.

6. Older Than Dinosaurs: The Cloris Leachman Story
She was in her first film in 1947. 1947!!

5. Uphill In The Snow: How Grandpa Walked to School Every Day
I always thought he was lying. Prove me wrong History Channel, prove me wrong.

4. Battle 360: Nikki Blonsky vs. Bianca Golden
A computer re-enactment of the infamous airport scuffle from every angle possible! Complete with eyewitness voice-overs and slow motion play-by-play.

3. The Animated Adventures of Baby King Tut
For Saturday mornings. It would be cute. I bet all his r's would sound like w's.

2. Ancient Discoveries: Anne Boleyn's Tell-All Diary
Come on, you know she had one.

1. Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, Clones
The world needs to know how they did it, so it can never happen again. One Katy Perry in this world is enough.

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