Ali Lohan: Extraordinary Woman

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ali lohan

Ali Lohan, the sister you forgot Lindsay Lohan had, posed for photographer Jonathan Ressler in the middle of Times Square yesterday. The photos are to be part of Ressler's Extraordinary Women photo project.

Oh his website, Ressler states:

Shot across the world, these portraits capture the extraordinary character of each of the subjects. Some of the subjects being Poets, ballet dancers, actresses, artists, executives and teachers - these women come from all corners, each making her own mark on history.

From this mission statement, I assume we are to conclude that Ali Lohan's character consists of being extraordinarily not sexy. Not only do the pictures scream "Are you sure this isn't a 45 year old soccer mom's Glamor Shots?" they also reinforce the fact that Ali is barely D-list famous for being nothing other than Lindsay Lohan's much older looking younger sister If that 's that defines "making her own mark on history" then someone needs to go update Wikipedia right now.

I wonder how much Dina paid to get Ali on this list. Long Island's Mother Of The Year! She should have spent a little extra and got a make-up artist to cover those tan lines. Grody!


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