Beyoncé Is Richer Than You

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beyonce recently put out their list of The Best-Paid Celebs Under 30. Topping the list is Queen B herself, Beyoncé Knowles. At 27 years old Beyoncé made a whopping $80 million last year. You must not know about her, she can have another you in a minute! She's probably paying for clones right now. Here's to feeling a little better about downloading that bootleg of "Single Ladies" last month.

The rest of the Top 10 earners last year are:

Justin Timberlake - $43 million
Kobe Bryant - $39 million
LeBron James - $38 million
Roger Federer - $35.2 million
Keira Knightley - $32.2 million
Maria Sharapova - $26.1 million
Daniel Radcliffe - $25.1 million
Miley Cyrus - $25.1 million
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - $15 million

Who knew tennis was so lucrative? brb, going to buy a racket. Double points to the store that has a tennis racket with Beyoncé's face on it.

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