Courtney Love Blogs, Again

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courtney love

Dear Francis Bean,

Hi sweetie. Look, we all feel bad for you that Courtney Love is your mother. She's batshit crazy and the entire world knows it. If you make it to 21 without being convicted of matricide, it'll be nothing short of a miracle. That being said, if you have any idea what's going on in this blog post of your mom's, lemme know, k? Something about Kelly Ripa? And it was written at 5:00 in the morning! I need some help because I'm fresh out of Ketamine and it's a mystery to the world what this all means, and we need some insight. Thanks so much.


p.s. I thought your suicide birthday party was kind of funny even if no one else did.

kelly "ipa"

i am not MAD at kelly rippa fpr gpds sake,. ' ihave okay once more,i have 98 pages pf akas,. and one of them is kelly ripa spelled in avariety of ways each one of the variances reveals a new set of addresses, kelly w ripa , kelly m conseulas, kelly IPA thats just one i thougt was funny, so ill be respinsible and send her her akas i dont quite get what it all means but hey im just a lil ole rock singer and whoever did my audio blog your a genius, except the burp[ing, cork

not made up, here's the original. Translation please. Francis Bean? Anyone?

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