Jewel At The People's Choice Awards

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As president of the I Didn't Even Know Jewel Had Implants club, let me say what a surprise it was to see that not only does Jewel actually have implants, but they looked a little funky at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles last night. Membership in my little group is really going to drop off after this.

The Foolish Games singer is currently working on a lullaby album with musician and producer Jason Freese. No word on her work in the buy-some-turtlenecks-to-cover-that-up department.

It's entirely possible that she was using double sided tape to hold her dress in place, but that seems like a very unlikely place to put it. Double sided tape is used to stick one thing to another (dress to skin, dress to slip, bra strap to dress, etc.) and if placed where that rather large dent in Jewel's chest is, it wouldn't really be sticking anything to anything else. The more you know!

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