Lisa Rinna At the SAG Awards

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lisa rinna at the sag awards

Let's ignore Lisa Rinna's trout mouth for a minute and talk about the earrings she wore at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles last night. They look heavy and painful. Like someone broke into my grandmother's house, broke apart that cheesy faux-crystal chandelier she has hanging in the kitchen and made earrings out of them totally last minute for the actress to wear. Not a fan.

The dress wasn't all that great either. Sleeves, meh, boring but whatever. That slit though. Up to the bikini line, really? It's a wonder the photographers on the red carpet didn't all have to pause to collectively gag down the puke when she stopped to pose. The red is a great color, but that slit, ew.

Trout mouth or not, there's no excuse for that Lisa Rinna.

lisa rinna

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