New Lupe Fiasco

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Hip Hop Saved My Life singer Lupe Fiasco announced his plans to retire from the rap business last year. However, he's back(?) now with a fake British accent in a band named Japanese Cartoon. He's still working on his final album as Lupe, titled LupE.N.D, but here we get a glimpse into the next chapter in his musical life. Allegedly. I must add that he has yet to confirm any of this. Rumor also has it that he's now going by the name Percival Fats. I don't like that. What a fiasco! What a Lupe Fiasco! (See what I did there?)

Here's the single titled Heirplanes, for your listening pleasure.

And here's a bonus: The one and only Rosa Mimosa with the one and only Lupe Fiasco.

lupe fiasco

Full disclosure, he thought I was corny. Even fuller disclosure, I am.

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