Paul Blart #1 This Weekend

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop came in #1 at the box office in the US this weekend bating out Gran Torino, My Bloody Valentine, Notorious and Hotel For Dogs.. I know, I know. I was actually one of the people who contributed to the $31,800,000 gross it brought in. I know, I know. Sometimes you are just in the mood for some mindless fun. Unfortunately this film wasn't really all that fun.

Kevin James plays Paul Blart, an overweight single father who has a problem with hypoglycemia, had a wife who left him after getting her green card, lives with his mother and is consistently made fun of by his coworkers. This is all supposed to be funny, and maybe on paper it is, but in execution it just came off as sad. Looking at the protagonist as a pathetic loser without being able to sympathize made watching very uncomfortable.

Jokes that should have been no-brainers, like the Devil's Crotch hot sauce complete with illustration, got little more than a chuckle from the mostly full theater I was in. It's really hard to laugh at the main character rather than with him.

Twist ending that didn't matter and a predictable love story that just wouldn't happen in real life. Maybe if you happen to be stoned and you happen to have $12 you need to get rid of and an hour and a half to kill, then perhaps a recommendation is warranted. Everyone else, just no.

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See sometimes, I think Kevin James tries too hard in this genre. It's like he has a few hits and mostly misses, but I haven't really watched many films w/ him in it. Actually, I've only seen the Chuck and Larry one.

He should stick with what he knows. He's much, much better on TV than in the movies.

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