Tom Hanks Couldn't Party

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Daily News is reporting that America's beloved actor Tom Hanks wasn't able to make it inside into a party in Georgetown yesterday. The Washington DC area is packed for the inauguration of President Obama. This party at New York Times columnist's Maureen Dowd's home, which incidentally is the former bachelor pad of JFK, was so packed that Tom just couldn't get in.

Joking, he turned to the crowd outside and yelled “She’s stopped giving out free hot dogs, people! Go back!” Talking a bit in the cold with peeps who couldn't get in, Tom then got in the car with his family and left. How cold was it? Well today foretasted high is 23°F. 23°F! With temperatures like that you're better off finding a space heater and a bottle of bourbon.

Celebrants who were able to make it into the author's party include Tom Brokaw, George Lucas, Arianna Huffington and FBI Assistant Director John Miller.

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