Was Diane Sawyer Drunk On The Air?

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diane sawyer

During Good Morning America's post-inaugural coverage Wednesday morning, some people are speculating that the fabulous journalist Mrs. Diane Sawyer might have been a little tipsy while on-air. Was the slurring of words and general giddiness because she was still a little drunk from all the Obama Is In Office partying from the night before? And if so, did her collegaes not think to give her any vitamin B-12? And if so, you think they all were pointing and laughing? So many questions, so little time.

Personally, I think when you go on national television and say the only thing you can remember from the night before is seeing the Jonas Brothers, honey, you drunk.

Diane appeared on The Rachel Ray Show on Monday, and spoke of how she was just a normal person having to work on inauguration day. Normal people party, amirite? Here's the video so you can be the judge.

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