Angelina Needs Her Space

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According to Female First, Girl, Interrupted actress Angelina Jolie is pretty depressed these days. The website quotes a source as saying "Angelina has told Brad she needs her space. She is a fiercely independent person and needs time alone to feel sane and happy."

The same source went on to say "Angelina is in a really low place at the moment and she seems really depressed. In the past few weeks she has had major bouts of moodiness coupled with temper tantrums." All because her actor almost-husband Brad Pitt is starting to act like a big boy. An "insider" claims he's starting to reassert himself.

This all comes about because Angie was spotted apartment hunting alone in New York. So let's go ahead and call bullshit right now. I mean, it isn't likely she's going to take her 27 kids on a walkthrough, is it? i think if she startes wearing that blood necklace again, that's when people should start to worry.

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