Bridget Marquardt's Bikini Body

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bridget marquardt

Former Girl Next Door, Playmate and wrinkled peen lover Bridget Marquardt was seen kickin it by the pool while filming her new Travel Channel show Bridget's Sexiest Beaches. It's a very, uh, interesting choice of bathing suit but I guess if you are still trying to convince people that you are only 35, that's the suit you go with. I started to wonder what the slit above the belly button was for, but then I realized that I've seen this woman naked so it really doesn't matter.

Her next episode finds her in Jamaica. On her Travel Channel blog she wrote "My second trip to Jamaica was an incredible experience. Not only was it action- packed and adventurous, but I also felt like I really immersed myself in the culture, getting to know some of the local people and living the Jamaican lifestyle." You can catch Bridget Thursdays at 10PM on The Travel Channel.

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