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sting's wine

Former Police frontman Sting wants to get you drunk. He's been busily tending his grapes just south of Florence, Italy in order to bring you yummy glasses of red wine this fall. 30,000 bottles of a 2007 vintage are set to go on sale in September. The musician purchased the villa where he's growing Sangiovese grapes back in 1997, and says the farm also works as a garden.

"I also wanted to use agriculture with practices that would nourish the land and not deplete the land and so we went to traditional methods with farming, we got rid of pesticides, we shunned monoculture, and it works," Yahoo quotes Sting as saying.

The name of this red wine hasn't yet be revealed, but if you happen to be kickin it in Tuscany around June you can stop in the estate store and sample some for yourself.

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