It's a Kenley Cat-astrophe!

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kenley collins

The Project Runway finalist with the most annoying voice in the history of the show, Kenley Collins, was arrested last night after throwing a cat at her fiancé. Kenley spent the night in a Brooklyn jail after throwing not only her cat at Zachary Penley, but also a laptop, a bunch of apples and a glass of water. Only after she slammed the door on his head.

Daily News says that Kenley then shouted "You're lucky. It could have been worse!" before her now ex-fiancé dialed 911.

The annoying bitch's father came to her defense saying "It would be laughable, if she wasn't dragged through court. ...She has a personality and sometimes it gets a little rowdy - but it was still apples and water, and a cat."

She's been charged with two counts assault. No word on the poor cat. Let's hope it wasn't declawed so it can scratch her up good when she gets home.

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