Katie Holmes Is Sketching Things

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katie holmes

Katie Holmes, who you may remember as the chick who turned down a role in The Dark Knight to take one in Mad Money instead, just did an interview with Glamour magazine. There's a lot of talking in there, words all over, saccharine coated tales of how her life is just soooooooo sweet. But then, out of nowhere, came this little tidbit.

My friend Jeanne Yang and I have been working together. She’s got twin girls about six years old, and we both grew up with mothers who sewed. We started about a year ago, sketching different things, trying to find comfortable clothing for our daughters that is also pretty and cute. We just started, and we’ve played around with doing things for women as well.

You've seen her walking around New York in her pegged jeans, right? All rolled up like puke. Then she did the whole stirrup tights with denim jeans and black pumps thing. And let's not forget that her hairstyle seems to be dictated by her pre-school aged daughter. Is this a woman who should be coming out with a clothing line?

The answer is no.

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