Kelly Clarkson's Sparkly Single Cover

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i do not hook up

Kelly HQ has the cover for Kelly Clarkson new single "I Do Not Hook Up" and while we won't get into what a stupid name for a song that is, we will be getting into the fact that someone over at RCA Records needs a Photoshop intervention. There's a sparkle overload going on a poor Kelly is a helpless victim.

The evidence:


On the lips guys, really? A little shine would have been sufficient.


I refuse to believe that these hooks are sparkling. That brass, or whatever the hell it is, is way too dull. Next time all or nothing guys, preferably nothing.


See, when it's that big it's just comical.


And now the word sparkle? That's it. Done. Whoever this guy's boss is, fire his ass. This sparkle shit has gone on long enough. Her next single cover is going to just be rainbow glitter glue sticked to the CD. That's not a world any of us want to live in.

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