Kim K Got Photoshopped

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Reality star Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Complex Magazine this month. On their site, they put up a pic of Kim which needed some touch-up work, because it was pulled down and replaced a little later with a much slimmer, less splotchy looking Kim.

Can you spot the 'shopping? Evened out skin tone on her legs, edges around her outfit a little less raggedy, rounded out the hair on top of her head, cut off about 10 pound from her midsection and I may be making this up but it looks like a teeny bit of nip slippage got covered up.

Honestly, I would have imagined that she'd need more work. And I'll eat my hat if her face wasn't 'shopped in the first place. Which would necessitate the going out and buying of a hat, so you know I'm serious. Pic via Gawker.

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