Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tan Line

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Pale? Can't Spell? Try Sevin Nyne! I Know Who Killed Me actress Lindsay Lohan is launching a spray tan line called Sevin Nyne. This comes after her line of way overpriced leggings called 6126. Someone needs to clue the party girl in on the fact that you can name things, you know, names. I don't care how wrong you spell it, seven and nine are not appealing names for your tan. Unless you are going for the settings on a toaster, in which case carry on.

The selling point of the line is supposed to be that it has goji berry extract which is supposed to be a pretty kick-ass antioxidant and smell rather good. I don't know about that, but I do know that "Lindsay Lohan" and "smells good" are not two phrases that should appear in the same sentence, unless the word "doesn't" is between them.

The spray will be priced at $35 and available exclusively at Sephora stores starting May 1st.

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