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Last spring peeps at the Cannes Film Festival got to experience what the rest of us peons had to wait until now to wrap our heads around. Indie director James Toback's documentary film about boxer Mike Tyson, aptly named Tyson. This'll be opening up in new York and Los Angeles on April 24th, and video rental stores not long after that. The film covers Tyson's childhood, tabloid marriage to actress Robin Givens, jail time and beyond. Who needs The Watchmen when you've got this?!

Mike told the New York Times "I look at it now, and I’m embarrassed I did it. There’s a lot of information people didn’t need to know."

Someone did tell him he has a giant tattoo on his face, right? Just checking.

Two clips from the movie after the jump.

This one, while the language is probably not safe for work, is absolutely hilarious. I mean, come on "I'll fuck you til you love me." Classic.

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