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Rupert Grint. You know him as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films. Now you're about to know him as a sexy drug taking ginger. Due out later this year and costarring Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon, you'll have to check out the trailer for his upcoming film Cherrybomb and see what you think of Rupert's break out from the wizard world. Merlin's Beard!

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52.4% of the surveyed families the elderly pay for their children,sac hermes pas cher, so that these families of the elderly pay for their children spent where it? The data indicate that the elderly to their children to do more for the funding type, children in buyers, buying a car,sacs hermes,Company executives to discuss the case when lun ch, and other urgently needed access to certain financial support of the elderly.

share: welcome to comment I want to

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addition, the data also show that older people over the age of 70 began to really enjoy life,The man claiming to be the District Secretary-General hinder the official renewa, more to enjoy the children for their spending money, and the elderly to subsidize children under the age of 70 more.

expert opinion: funding their children to the elderly when there are scale

subsidies for children under the age of 70 elderly

elderly subsidize their children is an act of love, but must pay attention to grasp the scale. As children,hermes sac, after all, is an adult, should be independent,Louboutin Pas Cher, do not over-dependent on their parents.

refrain elderly people to support their children home buyers

Horizon Research Consultancy Group recently launched the or older. The survey results show that: most of the family

Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences Research Associate Li Zhiguo said the trend of the high price of housing prices, coupled with young people savings alone their own to buy housing is indeed a bit difficult, so the parents to subsidize become the norm.

the elderly pay for

29.3% of the elderly will be financial support when their children purchase their children when buying a car, the funded ratio of 12.7%. In addition, to the grandchildren to buy things (43.5%) is also an important way to spend money on the elderly for their children. Curve. Our reporter Xu spring

data show that 52.4% of households, families (42.6%) higher than the Jin Yicheng. Among them,Woman due to indebtedness of the rain want to jump, 59.9% of 60-65 year-old man said,Louboutin, they pay for their children more.

The elderly and children of different age groups who will each other to spend money more comparison chart.
the elderly pay for their children.

: David water
Sichuan a mahjong play called In my case, I see the there are comments that Wang Shankui theme impression of the audience is a loyal and good to the customs of that is honest and kind-hearted nice guy if he played the ; military households two nicknames: Navy, he clearly than anyone else when the Chinese navy in the end is kind of a level, although he reckless,coach, the do not take credit for rewards,coach bags outlet, but self-criticism. smarter performance is that he firmly supports Ma Jiancheng engage Yong's personal charm, and acting to further highlight his interpretation of the generation of servicemen's style. reason why Yong play well, like he is not holding, but not anger from Granville Ma Jiancheng play
how political and military engineer,Hermes Kelly Bags, is the hero of the Chinese Navy, in particular, presided over a , shabby, and cowardice, the more its great wisdom, precisely because of the insistence of Ma Jiancheng, the only long-wave Taiwan and play for his future to make certain decisions should influence how political and military strengths being in the grasp of the character to do his intellectuals scrubby interpreted thoroughly, but also inadvertently share of self-esteem of intellectuals, self-love , confident and conceited are written on the face Lu Xinquan
Du Zhiguo play is Wang Shankui think-tank, a staunch supporter,louboutin outlet, and Wang Shankui closely aligned. a start Luxin Quan is the old leadership of Wang Shankui, Wang Shankui later turned into a Lu Xinquan led the two to build long-term battle, fighting friendship has gone beyond the official position of the bound. Du Zhiguo this figure knowing too much side to highlight the very place the old actors of the drama of bone level actors become more sophisticated. not only interpretation of the positive character is the arena boss (in the Kinmen and Matsu Island that killed, the king of principal and interest of his name Wang Shankui to commemorate, but the twists and turns only one of his four Masaaki support and help of the political commissar Lu Xinquan restoration of its reputation, but it died a miserable life and later his son to achieve his lifetime aspiration. Xiaoqi completed for the role of the ups and downs of this role, embellishment. because a supporting role, his scenes and inadequate,Hermes Birkin Bags, but their acting is still full point.
fact, acting starring Xiaoqi and Yong Ho Cheng Jun, Du Zhiguo and other first generation of naval shopping is the play the biggest thing. In addition,Hermes Bags Outlet, the out of the is actually a struggle for a comment, different periods have different goal.
say a few more. Throughout the whole play,coach outlet, the the first part of the main display of the first generation of the Navy's process from scratch, as well as the hardships experienced early in the construction and development of the mid-important content is divided into two major points, a on behalf of the Navy's growth and expansion of the process. In other words, the first twenty episodes to see Yong,Hermes Handbags, Du Zhiguo, Xiaoqi, how the political and military the biggest names in shopping acting, after twenty episodes mainly to see Ye Jing, Chen Rong, Sun Pengbin Qi peaks, such as how to take over the The people not only took over the
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SINOCES will change the 08 Olympic Games watch reporter: 1 ,this year SINOCES theme is " ;Internet without boundary " ;,do you think what is the meaning of the subject ?Last " ;world since U and " ;the theme of this year what are the connections ?How is " ;" interconnected without boundary ;theme ?Luo Qingqi :" ;" interconnected without borders ;has two meanings :firstly refers to the cross-border interconnection consumer electronic products ,electronic equipment interoperability through the original scope ,computer ,digital TV ,home theater ,car electronics ,security systems are joined to each other mutual dialogue system in the past, digital content gradually achieved any person ,any time ,any place freely shared.
Secondly ," ;Internet without boundary is defined by the product of " ;interconnection triggered by different industries mutual fusion ,such as household appliances ,computers ,communications between now and the boundaries of industry began to blur.
Last exhibition presents " since U and " ;world ;theme ,louboutin,depicts a life, as the consumer electronics technology development ,will bring people into a U times ,last year main theme is a new vision of life Put forward, let us to perceive ,experience in the new consumer electronics technology in support of the new society.
This is a specific fulfil year ," ;" interconnected without borders ;to the product and industry to lead the industry toward the U direction. As we often mention " ;run to the four modernizations ," ;now we are headed for U times ,and to run U era of consumer electronic products and industrial ,interoperability is necessary, that is U times the realization of vision must be by a cross-border interconnection technology and product support ,this year " ;Internet without boundary " ;is to guide you innovative technologies and products ,towards the direction of U healthy fast development.
This year fully reflects the consumer electronics " ;Internet without boundary " ;trend ,such as Haier ," ;U-home" ;the electricity ,communications ,security products such as connection, so that consumers experience world in the eyes of " ;" ;life picture; Intel exhibited including the core ,chip ,also promote various products of interconnection and intercommunication between .
Press 2 ,the media reported this year ,Samsung ,Panasonic and South China ,and other enterprises have to Amoi TCL Exhibitors, how do you see this question ?Luo Qingqi :the show gratifying ,Air Jordan Spizike,from 05 years up to now average annual growth rate of 20% ,more than the national growth rate of GDP is more than two times .
This year is to show change year ,not only GE ,Siemens ,LG ,Sony ,Toshiba ,Haier ,Dolby ,Changhong and other global home appliance giant came to the exhibition ,and like Intel ,HP ,NEC ,IBM ,IT ,the software giant to take part in the exhibition.
This is from a fair has gradually become a major consumer electronics show. This exhibition is approved by the State Council in China only a world-class professional consumer electronics show ,is also the Asia-Pacific region only by the United States government certification and promote consumer electronics exhibition ,GE ,IBM ,HP ,Dolby and some other European consumer electronics giant enterprises is the first time this year to participate in the exhibition ,in this regard SINOCES as an international exhibition is be worthy of the name .
Press 3 ,the report points out ,the current domestic appliances show many ,mostly with local government dominant, local color is too thick ,too much government intervention content that leads to the exhibition development adverse main reason ,please Ask how do you see this issue ?Luo Qingqi :first ,Louboutin Shoes,I think the evaluation of a fair success has an index ,that is to participate in this exhibition ,Air Jordan Pas Cher,if approved, that is whether the recognition of exhibitors ,Air Jordan Shop,exhibition market practice is to examine the only yardstick of success .
I want to evaluation of a local exhibition success ,for example, the United States CES ,you say he succeed or fail ,but everything can not cover up the top global companies in his enthusiasm.
Customers are recognized first. From this SINOCES in the global top five hundred enterprises of the growth rate of 20% to the exhibition is successful. Second ,China at present a lot of places there are large and small household electrical appliances exhibition ,and are subject to local government support .
I think local government intervention is that the industry is attractive ,that we are optimistic about the electronic exhibition industry ,this industry is promising promising . So from this perspective ,the local government organizations ,support ,support of local show that the industry promising promising .
But ,governmental organizations ,support ,support only one aspect, the show success or market operation .SINOCES why can access to the State Council .? why can obtain the United States government approval ?This explains the SINOCES effect on the market is be obvious to people .
So ,held in Qingdao, SINOCES has today, besides the scientific operation of the market ,another important factor is a national government support .Press :4 ,this year is SINOCES to work with CES third year, excuse me, what do you think of this cooperation between the two sides of the new progress? Luo Qingqi: for the consumer electronics show ,exhibitors ,purchasing groups ,forums and media resources are the important part of the exhibition ,this year SINOCES around this a few respects and CES spread out close cooperation .
( 1) ,SINOCES uses the CES database ,the breeze achieved a major breakthrough .This year CEA SINOCES technically to develop promotional programs, using CEA channels and resources to assist SINOCES overseas promotion.
Exhibitors breakthrough Asia-Pacific area limitations ,in Europe and the United States was recognized . Europe and the United States enterprises exhibitors number achieves historical record .
( 2) ,CEA invited well-known enterprises and company executives ,VIP large purchasing groups and global media reporter group to participate in this year ( 3) ,CEA will be the first large forum to introduce SINOCES.
CEA this year the JCCT Festival Can the meeting ,consumer and mobile application store conference and seminar of intellectual property of three large forum to SINOCES. SINOCES and CES both strong joint not only on the United States and China consumer electronics industry produces major effect ,but also can take advantage of each other each other advantage factors driving the global consumer electronics industry ,to lead the industry change and developing trend.
Reporter :5 ,ask the SINOCES and 08 years the Olympic Games have what relation? Luo Qingqi :no doubt ,the 08 Olympic Games to the global consumer electronics enterprises is a huge business opportunities ,with what kind of products to capture Olympic Games China market and global business opportunities is the largest issue .
The Olympic Games have two kinds of views ,a look at the scene ,one is a look at the scene ,a scene that is using electronic equipment .Next year to watch the Olympic Games and the past is different ,because our electronic equipment more rich ,more can be interconnected .
This ,known as the " " ;electronic games ;SINOCES watching the 08 Olympic Games to provide better interoperability of electronic equipment support. The SINOCES has also become the 08 Olympic Games before the global one of the most important consumption of electricity Child development ,global electronics giant all want to seize this opportunity of Olympic Games on the .
08 SINOCES has tremendous role in promoting ,conversely ,the SINOCES of 08 Olympic Games have a tremendous role in promoting .Press :6 ,and domestic appliance exhibition in place ,ask what are the advantages and characteristics of SINOCES itself ?Luo Qingqi :( 1 ) ,I think the ability to seize the opportunity to SINOCES is the biggest advantage.
The global consumer electronics has three important regions ,North America ,Europe and Southeast Asia has three electronic power, Japan ,South Korea and China ,but China has tremendous hinterland for support, and 1300000000 of the population in the Eastern hemisphere has been the lack of a .
Like the CES SINOCES exhibition ,Nike Air Jordan Shoes,grasp this opportunity, has designed this exhibition ,and the Chinese government the United States government recognition. The exhibition industry is the key that he first time can seize opportunities.
Seize the opportunity is our biggest advantage .In Asia are entering China as the center the market stage ,SINOCES designed this exhibition East hemisphere as the support ,covering the world, which is the other exhibition has no advantages.
(2 ) ,SINOCES exhibition is approved by the State Council of China the only international professional Consumer electronics show ,is the Asia-Pacific region only by the United States government certification and promotion of professional consumer electronics show .
( 3) ,and the world consumer electronics show .CES CES to establish cooperative relations with 40 years of abundant experience and the most advanced exhibition mode of operation ,but its partnership with SINOCES to quickly upgrade SINOCES international standards the success of architecture ," ;winter summer " ;the global consumer electronics show pattern.
This is other electronics show cannot have external resources. Press :7 ,according to the number of participating in the SINOCES business ,exhibition of little value ,because the evaluation found no harvest ,are you how look upon this problem ?Luo Qingqi :SINOCES is provided with a global exhibition platform ,it is determined by two aspects ,one side of which is to attract the audience how many, on the other hand is the exhibitors product.
SINOCES is from the laboratory to the market a new product exhibition ,to participate in the exhibition of professional audience to see this fresh products ,but some enterprises to sell field sale product to show to the audience ,is clearly not attractive ,evaluate the effect will not be Effective .
I believe if we wear ordinary clothes go to Milan T type table when no one can see ,Jordan shoes,the assessment is no good .Press : 8 ,according to some enterprises reflects ,exhibiting SINOCES costs are too high, how do you think about it ?Luo Qingqi : the current electronic product pricing is getting more and more internationalized the booth fee ,gradually becomes international ,although there are regional differences ,christian louboutin outlet,but the international price tends to be closer .
In addition ,on any one exhibition ,exhibition area of resources are limited ,the exhibition price is not fixed ,for example SINOCES exhibition area now has 37000 square meters ,but now enrolled in the enterprise ,how to do ?If the exhibition resources as product, his price is determined by the supply and demand ,not by human to pricing .

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Beverage industry
online advertising in 2009 put the current situation and the 2010 strategy the proposal
According to CNNIC statistics, as of the end of 2009, China's netizens reached 384 million broadband Internet users accounted for 90.1 percent of the Internet is an irresistible trend launched a strong impact on the status of traditional media, from the CNRS was educated to degree level in nearly five years of research to see the different age groups, the arrival rate of the Internet in the day of 15-24 and 25-34 groups of young people were as high as 63.4% and 63.7% compared to 2005 compared to enhance the 28.4% and 32.7%, this part of the population is the main force of beverage consumption, they are becoming increasingly apparent life characteristics of the network, the Internet has become the beverage industry advertisers in 2009 important marketing
according to KKEYE advertising monitoring platform statistics for 2009 as a whole beverage industry (excluding dairy products and alcoholic) spent a total online advertising (excluding search engines) cost of 1.068 billion yuan,Hermes Birkin Bags, compared with 2008 as high as 141.4% growth, the number of advertisers from 61 growth in 2008 to 93 launch situation,
from the breakdown of product advertising,Louboutin Pas Cher, almost all products are rising trend. network in which the tea beverage advertising scale showing more substantial growth, the number of advertisers, an increase of 23, put the amount of 450 million yuan, accounting for 42.2% of the whole category, compared to 2008 increased by 234.2% at the same time the number of fruit and vegetable drinks advertisers increased by 8 , put the amount of 257 million yuan, the proportion of the total category is slightly lower than in 2008; carbonated beverage advertisers reduce the number of one, put the amount of 248 million yuan, an increase of 64.1% compared to 2008, but the proportion of the total category decreased to 23.2 percent from 34.1 percent in 2008. With our income levels and the enhancement of the concept of healthy living,2009 Argentina International Food and Beverage Exh, the increase in the popularity of tea and fruit and vegetable drinks, related advertisers have to force the fight for market consumption of carbonated drinks positions more young people and brand position is relatively stable, competitive brand to stick to their positions the primary objective,christian louboutin outlet, so the relatively small changes in
small industry
09 the number of advertisers
08 years the number of advertisers
2009 amount ($)
08 amount ($)
tea drinks
the 52
fruit and vegetable drinks
carbonated drinks

water finished
the 1095.0
functional beverage


data sources: KKEYE -AdRadar (09.1-12)
09 brand online advertising in the beverage industry to put the TOP10 advertising the main focus of the industry leader in brand, as shown in the table below, Guangzhou Wanglaoji,sac hermes pas cher, JDB,coach outlet,sac hermes, Huiyuan and Coca-Cola China continue to maintain the former three position. Guangzhou JDB 216 million yuan beyond the Coca-Cola leapt to the top, driven by the domestic brand of Huiyuan, Master Nongfushangquan 2009 network ads also show strong growth, respectively, an increase of 116 million, 139 million and 30.66 million
after experiencing consumers went to the Lake, the three-day sourcing trip. called the means of advertising and public relations, witness its users to experience the quality. impressive is used to make people very proud of the national brand Jianlibao and movement, recalled in 2009, has been through the Jianlibao Asian Games cheerleaders br> This fully shows that domestic brands have accelerated the pace of Internet applications, in-depth network of ecological platform to compete for the network marketing positions
09 was put into the amount ($) 08 was put into the amount ($)

Guangdong JDB Beverage and Food Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and Food Group Co., Ltd.

Coca-Cola China Beverage Co.,coach,sac hermes, Ltd.
4 Master Kong Holdings Limited
Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.
Pepsi China Investment Co., Ltd.
over -1
Nongfushangquan Corporation

Guangdong Jianlibao Beverage Group Co., Ltd.
new list
Red Bull Limited
10 Shanghai Unilever Corporation
data sources the: KKEYE-AdRadar (08.1-12,09.1-12)
in the media selection, the beverage industry advertisers have a relatively high awareness of the network media,Louboutin Pas Cher, in 2009 as a whole spent a total of 158 various types of sites,The sand Yexin culture of corruption.,hermes, and almost covering the many types of portals, vertical, community, region but the TOP10 ranking advertisers more tend to select the portal have greater influence on the media platform. the top ten media advertising costs 974 million yuan, the total invested 91.2% of the amount of the cost of the top five media and accounted for 81%, there is ad phenomenon of the cost of get together. CNNIC statistics, we see the scale of online video users reached 240 million, which also makes a cool 6,Hermes Kelly Bags, such as Youku video website by the favor of the beverage industry advertisers
noteworthy The uniqueness of the online media products and product innovation to attract brand has had an important role, the best option Tencent as a network promotional platform, QQ show with the prize competition to attract users to participate in production, such as Coca-Cola's Minute Maid fruit milk selected with the QQ huge user base for competition and new products rapidly accumulate popularity, so as to achieve good marketing results. Master Kong Green Tea and Youku cooperation,Louboutin Shoes, using a network drama popular and has a strong spread of the virus effect a way that emphasizes their health, fashion, vitality and happy tone of the brand. network drama named humorous yet incisive dialogue,Louboutin, entertainment and advertising, clever fusion, called innovative marketing model of
delivery amount (RMB)
the MSN
cat bashing
6 net 3043.3 3228.9
of TOM
Data source: KKEYE-AdRadar (09.1-12) is relatively clear channel selection
beverage industry advertisers put almost all home is the preferred, in addition to the home page and news of general traffic , the rest are mostly concentrated in the entertainment,Hermes Kelly Bags, sports and other young consumers of media channels, the various channels are put in the amount of gap is not between the Tencent client, with its high arrival rate and the users to convert the effect of a strong advantage has been Tencent best selling advertising space, is also an excellent resource for the beverage industry advertisers to snatch.
expected based on the 2010 China's economy continue to callback, state of the Internet industry to further standardize the management and benefit from the soccer World Cup, the World Expo and Winter Games, a series of large-scale activities to promote,Hermes Outlet, can be expected that the advantages of integrated portal and other powerful media next year will be more reflected in the value of the video,but to join the rea, community, and other new media rapid promotion 2009-based Network Marketing,Hot coins into the pseudo-science mystery, more significant signs of recovery and beverage industry insiders present a more optimistic expectations for the network marketing market as a whole
win-win interaction suggested that the advertisers and agents according to its own product features and positioning,hate what that what,sac hermes birkin, more targeted selection of the target population and the media, With both the similarity in positioning the crowd, to ensure the accuracy of the results of advertising communication. also concerned about the opportunities the SNS interpersonal communication, microblogging and other new applications, and breakthrough innovation,all 11 survived fr, to better guide the network of integrated communication planning in 2010.

you) Need to a person's career given you may one particular a long time worthy of involving settled sabbatical, just what exactly can you detailed with which 1 year? (That issue issues his or her schooling, and the aspirations within daily life. )#) If your dog doesn? t comprehend what exactly sabbatical implies, they? s definitely not smart. Sabbatical is a time period you cannot fake. Your dog often is aware just the thing it implies or maybe this individual doesn? t. And based on the resolution, you'll realize the dreams (post. e. cracking open their particular corporation), interesting (excursion around the world), and also boring (he? ll have no clue what exactly what to express).

a couple of) If you are house appeared to be burning up decrease also , you could possibly basically acquire a very important factor this was NOT alive, just what exactly would definitely this issue end up being? (This type of issue assess the woman's morals in addition to attitudes. )#) Will be the girl a new emotional man or women? In the event that's and so she will probably get hold of the woman's snapshot book. A materialistic hero? She'll get your ex wallet in addition to cellphone. The trusted person? She'll get hold of your ex crucial details. And also happy-go-lucky? The particular woman will probably breeze way up next to almost nothing.

three or more) What's the most significant disbelief many people have got connected with you? The following issue is probably the almost all disarming feelings advisors all. Your dog will probably take this rapid sensation you might have connected with him or her, as well as grind this. His or her reply would be the real truth, and you'll know what exactly his or her emotional baggage tend to be the same as on the inside.

four) Convey to us a good unpleasant point in time. This specific issue lab tests his / her skills for being sensitive plus the ability to obtain a great time.. When your dog tells you a really amazing akun without frustration, watch out! Your dog could possibly be an extroverted get together dog. Whenever certainly your dog lets you know any central of the roads story plus prefers considering it beforehand, he has been almost certainly stage advancing, company, as well as natural. If perhaps they can definitely not give thought to some thing or perhaps updates you anything tedious, your dog is most likely a normal man or women without having tons of enjoyment within her your life, and also they're bashful in addition to makes an attempt to prevent high-risk cases.

Recognition, together with each one of these feelings there will not be any kind of completely incorrect the answers, excellent replies, and also harmful tendencies. Simply replies. These types of response can sometimes perk a person's nature, or perhaps they don't. Do not select, only contemplate in addition to classify all of them as part of your mind based on their unique results. All these inquiries you will put away period, funds, as well as energy. That they fluctuate ample to become disarming, and disarming adequate to become solved by using real truth. Yet another particular help is that these kinds of enquiries tend to be legitimate, and also will help to make your own date to such as everyone alot more. One that asks for a majority of these questions is within control, and includes all the strength. Try all these questions on your own up forthcoming 1st day or perhaps against your current companion and also treasure the ultimate outcome. You'll a bit pleasantly surprised just what exactly you discover.

On the Gan Jinhua case by the Supreme People for judicial review of death sentence the judge emergency open letter to Nie Shubin ,Teng Xingshan and vocative Jiletu ,is China judicial system cannot erase name.
These wrong to kill innocent citizens cases reported by the media ,caused a public backlash ;so as to promote the 2007 January Supreme Court to recover the power of judicial review of death sentences .
This can be seen as in 30 years the most important criminal justice reform measures. It is helpful for can get rid of local judicial intervention ,facilitates uniform execution standard ,to reduce and abolish the death penalty in international trend ,can largely reduce the wrong number of death sentences .
Therefore ,in terms of policy or in practice effect ,have been domestic and international recognition . Now has a case will be to your hands ,Nike Jordan shoes,a likely innocent citizens were four sentenced to death.
His fate is in your hands. Time is pressing ,we can take the way of presenting an urgent appeal. The basic situation is that ,in October 12,Air Jordan, 2004, Guangdong Shunde Chencun Tzu Chi Vihara in two nuns were killed ,in November 12th the same year Gan Jinhua for breaking into a Village Gan letter detained .
2 In June 10th 005 ,Foshan City Intermediate People rob Gan Jinhua was sentenced to death ,Gan appeal. In December 28th of the same year ,Louboutin Pas Cher,Guangdong Province Higher People was upheld in April of.
2006 ,Gan Jinhua Princess innocence, Guangdong Province Higher People court remanded spare him! ." ;" ;case reported by the media, caused wide attention .2008 on January 7th, Foshan City Intermediate People to rehear the case ,in April 18th the same year to a death sentence .
Gan Jinhua after the appeal ,Guangdong Province Higher People in 2009 December to maintain the death penalty .According to the dossier and lawyers defending opinions ,we think ,the case hearing procedure several times not only has many problems ,more important is the entity in question no check ,lawyers presented significant doubts did not receive any reasonable explanation.
To sentence Gan Jinhua to death there is no reliable evidence ,more do not talk to go up the complete evidence chain. For example ,in accordance with the confession of the accused abandoned cutter locations ,also cannot find the weapon ;the public prosecutor has never been presented in court the confession of the accused the bloody gloves ,socks ,weapon ,such as blood key any evidence ,because there was not found.
For example ,Gan Jinhua Confessions and the dead On the stab wound number and location has been unable to agree. The provincial public security department footprint identification book is also puzzling :footprints on the scene in October 12, 2004 ,Gan Jinhua that day.
Extraction of footprints in custody immediately after extraction ,but half a year later ,the first hearing on 2005 May 10 inspection ,the conclusion ,the public prosecutor never not in the first instance ,instance and review after a careful phase out.
We think ,procedural justice for people on the base of the judicial system of confidence. In this case ,the defendant and the defense lawyer asked the key witness more was not allowed to ,including the identification of experts, involved in the torture to extract confessions to police ,prove that Gan Jinhua no crime time witness .
The last trial, the defendant wife Wang Yuping ,mother He Shuzhen ,sister Ganli Huan is in court waiting outside to testify in court ,but by the judge that the lawyer for the defendant to shut sb.
Key facts to cross-examination .According to the principle of direct and verbal trial ,the judge must personally to the parties ,witnesses and other participants in the proceedings of the oral presentations and debate in the court ,and only on the basis of these oral evidence and debate to form the case The fact of the inner conviction .
The criminal procedure law has clear provisions ;the Supreme Court ( the people on the implementation of the criminal procedure law > ;interpretation of several issues also stipulates that :" ;evidence must be the court show ,identification ,quality certificate and other court investigation program verification are true, otherwise can not be taken as the basis of.
" ;" ;not the witness testimony read after the court verified ,can be taken as a basis of." ;" ;in accordance with the following situations ,with permission of the people ,the witness may not testifying in court :( a ) the underage people ;( two) the trial period suffering from serious illness or action is extremely inconvenient .
( ;three) the testimony on the trial does not have immediate decision effect ;( four) there are other causes of ." ;" ;authenticators shall appear in court to read the identification conclusion ,Air Jordan Shoes Online Store,but by the people prior permission not to appear in court except .
" ;but in this case, there were no witnesses to the statutory may not appear in court ,no witnesses and identification of personnel from the court where not to appear in court permission.
Due to the economic society ,the traditional values and other factors, resulting in the judicial practice witnesses rate is low ;but it is not in violation of mandatory provisions of law .
The reasons In the death penalty cases and relates to the key evidence, even can not be sloppy . This case witness ,expert witness not appearing in court ,not because of fear of the threat ,but because of the fear of cross-examination .
We hope that ,by the Supreme People case through the great efforts, make the concept of procedure justice to depth around the legal worker heart ,and gradually have been implemented .China must gradually abolish the death penalty ,but the abolition of the death penalty ,must strictly, less kill kill carefully .
And unjustly killing innocent citizens ,is any social and personal unacceptable. Death is final ,through judicial procedure mistake innocent citizens executed, this not only to individual citizens and family bring irreparable grief ,but also to a people bring enduring deep suffering.
We call ,perfect the procedure for review of death sentences ,so that both sides are stated and opportunity for debate ,the defendant procedural rights ,an effective reduction in the death penalty under the social background of the death penalty case ,and gradually establish three trial the system ;to extend the execution cycle ,make best efforts to reduce unjustly killed by mistake possibility.
According to the Supreme People Yu Fuhe death penalty provisions of a number of issues Third ,( the Supreme People the original facts that are not clear, the evidence is insufficient, shall not be approved ,and rescind the original judgment ,remand for a new trial.
) we joint request judges :critically ,uphold justice ,avoid nip Shu Bin type tragedy repeat ,this is your responsibility ,and your glorious mission in January 7, 2010. ( cosigner list attached ) Gan Jinhua case significant doubts the defenders :Teng Biao of the China University of Political Science and Law School of law ,the case has a weapon and other important material evidence.
In this case the prosecution ,defendant Gan Jinhua identified the escape process discarded socks ,gloves ,tool ,key fish ponds and rivers, the villagers also confirmed this point ;and the police dug dry pond looking for evidence .
At this distance was only a month time ,dagger ,gloves ,socks and other blood impossible to dust .The on-the-spot examination transcripts referred to pry the door lock and prizing drawer lock tool ,also found no record of inquiry ,in no account of all the important material evidence has ever .
No produced in court ,has never been found .Two ,DNA identification ,identification of the presence of significant procedural flaws footprint ,discredited forensic identification center of Zhongshan University .
Judicial identification book extracted from four samples ( i.e. ,Buddhist merit box suspicious blood ) of the appraisal conclusion is an DNA genotyping results ,overthrew the Buddha penalty technique for of the appraisal conclusion ,namely " ;site building Buddhist merit box blood detection of more than two mixed gene typing ,christian louboutin outlet,meets the dead Lin Liuying ,Zhou Huaer and Gan Jinhua suspect blood mixed with " ;this should become the defendant is not guilty of the powerful evidence.
Zhongshan University forensic identification center of judicial identification book extracted from five or six samples (i.e. registration table seven or eight samples ) are two floor room desk paper suspicious blood and two buildings left drawer desk paper suspicious blood, but site investigation report ," ;a scene map " ;and " " ;photographs ;were not reflecting the two samples .
Two samples from questionable legitimacy :there is no standard transfer procedures, just submit a personal laptop ( notebook is not as the transfer procedures ,and this can be afterwards remember ) .
In the last trial, finally to Zhang Yongguo saying that " ;major cases are not transferred, while " and " ;Generally have the formalities of transfer " ;" ;for a while ;after the handover ,said " " ;for a while ;after formalities is false .
" ;Forensic Science Commission ,admissibility identification registration form ,neither have accepted unit of signature ,there is no corresponding date of acceptance on the samples .
The number of appearing in court as a witness ,Luo Zongkai was inconsistent ,had a total of 20 ,21 ,22 ,25 and four versions of ." ;the registration form of " ;on 21 samples, the new samples (i.
e., Gan Jinhua blood ) who is in when to put in ?If include Gan Jinhua ,on the the description of the first 21 sample inspection is to wait until November 12, 2004 for GaN was captured ,the blood test patterns and the registration form is later forged.
" ;registration table " ;on the client and Foshan City Public Security Bureau of forensic identification on the book send check people are not consistent, and commissioned by the date inconsistent.
The last trial, the prosecution produced Foshan Public Security Bureau police detachment in the three Group on 27 March 2008 in Foshan submitted explanation ,he said, " ;in case of emergency ,I units DNA laboratory workers in the inspection after hand copied one of the check list ,as of 2008 January " ;The court requested the case be commissioned and inspection of the relevant proof ,Louboutin Pas Cher," ;internal management for reasons of raw files could not be transferred out of the Shunde branch of the reissue ,then Guangdong provincial public security forensic identification cases registration form submitted to the court ,because Shunde branch handling police failed to remember when formally commissioned by the relevant content,Louboutin, so the in October 18, 2004 November 12, 2004 respectively ,the two L R fill in L submission date date of commission r column .
" has admitted mistakes ;fraud .On Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau trace identification books .Footprints on the scene in the October 12, 2004 was the extraction ,christian louboutin outlet,Gan Jinhua footprints in custody immediately after extraction ,but half a year later ,the first session of the on 2005 of 10 May to submission ,and in the test the conclusion.
But why not in the second period ,give the court ,but to hide the death penalty after the entry into force ,to review stage it ?Why ,in a second trial period ,defense lawyer has been asked the prosecutor to produce footprint identification conclusion ,the case-handling organs that can be not for the identification of ?Three ,the confession of the accused and site investigation report ,autopsy cases with the defendant in trial .
Make four copies of confession ,due to the continuous sleep deprivation and threats by investigators ,so full of contradictions, supposedly to the innocent statement shall prevail. According to the confession ,the defendant to two nuns were stabbed three or four knife ,and forensic identification book confirmed :Lin Liuying had 15 wounds ,Zhou Huaer had 21 wounds .
According to the confession ,the defendant has the Namu chair hitting two nuns ,and two wooden chairs without any traces . . said the confession ,the defendant is wearing gloves to commit the crime ,it is said that in the course of fighting ,cut his right hand .
Hand injury after the flow of blood, it shows that the gloves stained with blood ,but why the defendant then along came in when the window to climb out ,climbing position no blood, only rub rub marks.
If wearing a glove still wound blood left in the field ,that the wound is deep, one months no scar ,but police never see the right hand scar. Several confession ,the defendant coat colors are coming and going ,it is " ;blue shirt " ;,after " ;blue long sleeve T shirt " ;,then into " dark red long sleeve T-shirt " ;Gan Jinhua a statement that he was in the living room ,for money ,a nun ( Bayashi Liuyoung ) found him, he was raised around the chair ,to the nun a throw, then ,and then pull out to carry the knife ,the nun a body even stamp number knife.
However ,autopsy report showed a nun a head has two longitudinal blunt wounds ,has never been explained. Gan Jinhua statement said ,he killed a nun after armour ,found the nuns B ( Zhou Hua two) standing in front of him about one metre ,hand torch.
He will be in the hands of a dagger on the table ,and then pick up the chair ,hitting a nun on the body ,and the nuns B hand torch down .This perverse :have one kill criminals in tense occasion, definitely not far away, down the weapon ,take heavy chair hitting .
November 15, 2004 interrogation documented interrogation locations is " ;the detention house in Shunde ,but Wang Yuping ," ;He Shuzhen ,Ganli Huan confirmed that night and the defendant in " ;Chen village police station " ;meet.
In addition ,Air Jordan Spizike,Gan Jinhua said ,a transcript is the police handling the case Li Zhiquan wrote it myself ,not to look at the contents of forced him to sign Li Zhiquan said at the time :" ;I have seen the autopsy report ,are $ten ,and the You said before is too large .
" ;visible transcript fraud spot .Four ,the defendant was torture to extract confessions .Evidence is such a mess ,full of errors,Louboutin, inconsistencies ,doubts ,but because of the so-called " " ;confession ;but Gan Jinhua could not endure torture torture and mental intimidation and forced to act.
According to meet the defendant and his court statement ," ;by November 12, 2004 8 in the morning was summoned to the police station ,to November 16, 2004 around 11 p.m., in which more than 100 hours, police in fighting the wheel to the spirit of the bombing ,uninterrupted interrogation ,midway don give me a break ,I go in the same time .
Will they inferred from the simulation of the process again and again in my ear about ,to my head ,Air Jordan 6,and in November 17, 2004 went to the scene ,still with icons to teach me how to identify the crime scene, recognize range .
2004 years in November 15th 5 p.m. for a long time, I was extremely tired ,heart power communication ,mental collapse ,painful tortures that I really want to die away .Then the police threw out the bait ,Air Jordans,as long as I follow what they said to do a case A statement ,admitted the crime, can let me have a good sleep ,but also can arrange for my family to the police station to see me.
I have mental confusion, physical exhaustion ,as long as it can let me rest, what conditions I would promise .Hh video when the police threaten :don sleepy Gan Jinhua ." ;many times to the procuratorate ,court reflect torture to extract confessions situation ,but have been turn a deaf ear to .
The above is the case of several major doubts, to save space ,other doubt no doubt .But these have sufficient proof ,judgments of Gan Jinhua robbed and murdered two nuns cannot be established, the basic facts are not clear ,evidence of serious inadequacy ,Air Jordan Femme,program meet the eye everywhere .
Request the highest judicial authority attaches to the case ,to avoid killing . January 7, 2010 phone: 13241918519 ;13480827703 address: 102249 China University of Political Science and Law law school email :tengbiao89@gmail.
com celebrity :1 ( professor at Peking University Law school) Xiao Han ( an associate professor at the China University of Political Science and Law law school) Liu Haibo ( Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute of law ) Xia Yeliang ( Professor of Peking University economy college) Liu Shen ( Professor of China University of Political Science and Law law school professor Yang Yusheng ( China ) University of Technology ) Zhuo Xiaoqin ( Beijing University of Chinese Medicine law professor ) Ai Xiaoming ( professor at Zhongshan University ) and Tong Zongjin ( an associate professor at the China University of Political Science and Law law school) Feng Chongyi ( Professor ,Air Jordan Pas Cher,University of Technology Sydney ( Guangdong Justice Police Vocational College ) 2 Guo Yan teacher ) Zhu Yi ( an associate professor at the China Agricultural University ( Sichuan Fine Art Institute ) ,Zichen teachers ) summer Lin ( Beijing Law Firm lawyer ) Liu Zhengqing ( Guangdong Fulin Cathay lawyer lawyer firm ) Deng Huaming ( Guangdong Southern lawyer law firm Fred Wang Zhenyu ( lawyer ) Beijing justice law firm to send ) Yang Xingquan ( Xinqiao Beijing Law Firm lawyer Pang star ) ( Tianjin Zhaoyuan lawyer law firm ) Lan Zhixue ( lawyer Jia Beijing law firm ,Haidian District branch of the Committee ) 3 Ding Xikui ( Beijing Law Firm lawyer Mo Shaoping Chen Wuquan ( lawyer ) Guangdong people age law firm Li Jinglin ( lawyer ) Beijing Hao Sheng law firm ) Han village ( Beijing Law Firm lawyer Kerry billion ) Li Heping ( lawyer Beijing high-Bolong, lawyer office ) Liu Wei ( lawyer Beijing Shun and law firm Zhang Chengmao lawyers ) ( Beijing Park Law Firm ) Tong Zhaoping ( Beijing Department of Law Firm lawyer ) Li Subin ( lawyer, Beijing lawyer ) Wen Haibo ( lawyer and law firm Beijing Shun Deng Sheng ( ) 4 lawyers Beijing Hylands law firm ) Guo Lianhui ( Institute of Law Firm lawyer Jiang Ximing Xie Yanyi ( lawyer ) Beijing city law firm letter ) Zhang Lihui ( lawyer in Beijing .
Huachen firm ) Li Xiongbing ( Beijing law firm lawyers high-Bolong, Dong Qianyong ( a lawyer ) Beijing Hao East law firm ) Tang Yoshida ( Beijing Department of Law Firm lawyer ( attorney ) Yang Zaixin Chi in Guangxi law firm ) Jiang Tianyong ( Beijing law firm lawyers high-Bolong, Sun Jianguo ( a lawyer ) Nanjing days Mao law firm 50000 Yanhai ( Public Health ) Li Ren soldier ( Beijing ) expert lawyers of Beijing law firm ) Peng sword ( lawyer Beijing Chang law firm ) ) Huang Songhai ( Jiangxi province Poyang County People ) Xu Jingxiang ( farmer ,injustice in victims of the Henan ) Fu Yuru ( Chengde death case of the families of the victims ,Yang Shuxia ( Hebei ) Chengde death case of the families of the victims ,Hebei ( Beijing ) Shi Yijun scholar ) ( Yang Dusong .
Clerk of Hunan ( Beijing ) Wang Gongquan Yao Yao ( entrepreneur ) 6 watching the home Director-General Beijing) Xu rated (freedom of occupation ( Beijing ) fruit from Beijing ( the Lei Changli family ) in Hunan province ( Hunan ) Zhang Yinglong Tang Jingling ( teacher ) rights people Guangzhou ( Hunan ) Lei Changren farmer ) Wang Lihong ( citizen of Beijing ) Lei Changren ( farmer Hunan ( Hongkong ) and Wang Xili Li Ping ( 7 employees ) law school students ( Beijing ) Xiao Hongwu of farmer of Hunan province ) Yu Zongliang ( Real Estate Appraiser ( Shenzhen ) Liu Jibing of farmer of Hunan province ) Lei Guoying ( farmers Hunan province ) Zuo Wenyi ( Hunan Province farmer ( farmer ) Zhang Wanyu Wang Zhengtang ( Hunan province ) the Hunan province farmer ( farmer ) Xiao Bin game in Hunan province county ( hole ) Zhang Ciyou of farmer of Hunan province ( Hubei ) 8 Huang Zhijia Zhang Jinjun ( civil servant ) merchant Insurance Corporation of Shenzhen ) Zhang Zishi ( farmer in Hunan province to pay Litang ( farmer ) in Hunan province Wang Gang ( free ) ,NGO volunteers occupation of Beijing ) Li Jian ( human rights workers in Beijing ( Shandong ) Yang Youjun farmer ) to cut ( IT practitioners Hunan Changsha ) Liu De Army ( activist Wang Quanzhang ( Hubei ) law occupation of Beijing ) 9 Guo cover (born Guo dragon ,artist ,Beijing Zuo Xinjian ( Hunan Tian Qizhuang ) reporter ) ( writer Hebei Liu Shasha ( activist ) (born in Beijing ) ,as Jia Qi ,poet ( Beijing ) screening from free occupation persons Lin Youneng ( Guangdong ) activists in Hunan ) Lei Changli ( Hunan Li Zhiqian ( farmer ) net spirituals ,Air Jordan Shoes Outlet Sale,workers of Shanxi ) He Yuantong ( free occupation Shenzhen) 10 Liu Linger ( teacher Lu Chen ( Hubei ) electronic engineers Shenzhen) Luo Jun ( industrial workers of Jiangxi) Zhu Chengzhi ( Yunnan province Wenshan manganese mine owners ( Beijing ) Guo Xuju Lei Yuehui ( scholar ) free writer Jiangxi Huang Shicheng ( MPA ) in reading Fujian Xiamen Chen Long ( poet ) ,Air Jordan Pas Cher,liberal arts workers in Hangzhou ( Hongkong ) Chen Shiqiang Li Ruiqian ( educator ) students of the China University of Political Science and Law ) in 11 side (the legal profession ,occupation of Beijing river with free ) ( Sichuan Jia Chunxia ( free citizens ) occupation Hebei Tangshan yellow Yunzhu ( Guangdong ) staff ) Yang Lin ( Sichuan citizen Li Xin ( media ) Beijing ( Harbin ) Li Mei Ge Qiguang ( teacher ) communication engineer Feng Dawen ( Zhejiang Ningbo) Law students of Heilongjiang) Jiang Zhiqiang ( IT practitioners Beijing) 12 winter ( Wu lawyers of Shanghai a law firm ) Gu Yanling ( citizen of Hunan ) Zhang Jianping ( activist Jiangsu Changzhou) Xu Ke ( PhD ,Shanghai) ,fly ( volunteer Sichuan ) Liu Yu Chuanjian ( Sichuan students ) Wang Xiaohong ( citizen of Shandong ) Yang Le ( students of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies ( Zhang Zhipeng ) scholars of Nanjing ) Li Rong ( Sichuan free occupation ) 13 Duan Weihua (the Henan Zhoukou ( Chongqing ) Liu Xian of Southwestern University students ) in love ( a freelance writer in Hangzhou ) Liang Jinglu ( private equity net website stationmaster Wang Liang ( Beijing ) Beijing Tang Xiaozhao ( student ) staff of Shanghai ) Yang Licai ( citizen of Beijing ) Hu Kui ( Hunan ) Wang Xing ( lawyer Beijing City Huicheng Law Firm ) Huang Yanchi ( web workers Beijing) 14 Pu Zhiqiang ( lawyer China Beijing law firm ) Liu Ping ( civil servant of Jiangsu province Funing County City Management Bureau ) Xie Haitao ( Chinese journalists to investigate network executive editor ) Huang Jianbang (owner of Shenzhen) Xu Xiaozhan ( the liberal professions in Chongqing ( Guangxi ) Zhang Yaoyin teacher leaves cocoa ( citizen ) Bi Rui ( Guangxi ) citizens left Qiao ( Guangdong ) member of the Senate ,Beijing) Deng Yanyun ( Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Liaoning 15 Zhang Ren ( ) at the media workers Beijing) Rao Huiming ( free citizens of Fujian Fuzhou occupation ) Zhu Junyu ( citizen of Jiangsu ) Liu Haoran ( free occupation Beijing) had Weimin ( freedom of occupation of Beijing ( Henan ) Wang Hao Lin Mingtai ( citizen ) citizen Han Zhao ( Guangdong ) Chinese students studying in Japan Tokyo Foreign Language University ) Zou Zhou ( media practitioners in Guangzhou) Hu Dongmei ( community workers ( Shandong ) 16 Xu Xu literary critic in Hubei ) Chen Yunfei ( Sichuan Chengdu farmer assistant ) Lu Qingfu ( Sichuan Chengdu right first .
) ( Chengdu Sichuan writer right ) Li Tinghui ( Chengdu peasant activist Liao Yiwu ( writer ) Lv Xianmei ( Chengdu ) students in Beijing ) Deng Yonggu ( Sichuan engineer activists in Suining Ye Feifei ( Fujian ) College ) Yuan Xinting ( Publishing House Guangzhou) 17 Zhang Yongjin ( Southwest University of Political Science and Law ) and Huang Xiaorong ( Chengdu senior teacher ) Chen Meixuan (students ,Zhang Meng ( UK ) law students in Shanghai ( writer ) Jiang Lijun Wang Wei ( Liaoning ) since the occupation by Shandong Laiwu) Li Gang ( Hainan University Sanya college students ( student ) ,Wang Qiang freelance China University of Political Science and Law Criminal justice College ) Ding Dongdong ( College of Shanghai ) Wang Lisheng ( Sichuan Chengdu Engineer ) 18 Ping Yanxi ( writer media Jiangsu ( Suzhou ) Liang Ying freedom of occupation in Paris ) Pan Long ( South China Agricultural University law students ) Fu-hu (senior engineer network writer American Silicon Valley) Li Yanqiu ( Science and technology ,Hubei Jingzhou poplar ( Anhui ) student Wang Junjie ( lawyer ) Beijing Xu Weihua law firm ) Huang Zhibin ( lawyer Beijing Huicheng Law Firm ) Yue Zhangbiao ( lawyer ,CPA Hunan ( SoHo ) Liu Yunyun Li Fangping ( Guangzhou ) 19 Beijing Ruifeng Law Firm lawyer ) Dai Jianwei ( Zhejiang ) Chen Kun ( Nanning guide Guangxi ( USA ) and Hou Wenzhuo Wang Bing ( scholar ) citizens of Henan Anyang ( Henan ) Zhong Jianfeng programmer ) Zhang Wentao ( citizen of Inner Mongolia ) Zhang Yi ( freedom of occupation in Shenzhen ( Beijing ) Wang Zhijing writer ) Zhou Yuhua ( citizen of Fujian ) 20 Dong Rubin ( Life News the editor of Yunnan ) Zhang Yong ( Guangdong Citizens ) Hou Jie ( Heilongjiang ) Cai Shufang ( reporter writer Ceng Dezhi ( Hongkong ) Company Hunan Hengyang) Zhang Jiankang ( activist Yuan Meng ( Xi ) Company North Beijing) Hou Zhiming ( fellow Sinologist Gao Xingbo ( France ) engineers Qingdao ( Nanjing ) showed good students 21 ( reporter Yang Yongqing ) Shaanxi ( Hunan ) Ding Jialiang Yu Qin ( civil servant ) students in Shandong) Li Yu ( Sichuan activist Xu Hui ( writer ) ( Beijing ) Wu Yisan Hu Yuhui ( IT staff writer Hongkong ) Shenzhen Xiao Xiang ( Guangdong ) / Guangzhou) Wang Ling ( Guangdong Shenzhen travel for staff ) ( Guangdong College ) 22 .
( Peking University Law School women lawyers legal research and services center ) Lin Jianhua ( retired environmental protection staff ( Jiangsu ) Li Tie Li Han ( Wuhan democracy activists in Hubei ) students in Tokyo ) Zhang Dongsheng ( writer newspaper the reporter in North Guangdong Lu Xuesong ( Zhaoqing ) librarian of Jilin Changchun ) Hua Wei ( Chengdu Sichuan free occupation ) Xiao Hai ( Changchun occupation free Jilin ) Wang Lei ( programmer Xie Dongguang ( Beijing ) State-Owned Company staff Hebei Shijiazhuang) (more than 220 people, to continue to petition .
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To solve the problem of development after mm National Day 60 anniversaries speech Zhou Ruijin ( author served as deputy chief editor of Liberation Daily ,people Daily News deputy editor ) of the people holds water 60 years .
Under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party ,from a domestic trouble and foreign invasion ,poor and weak old China started, after 60 years of development ,especially in the past 31 years of reform and opening up ,new China successfully rise in the east of the world.
People 60 years is not everything is going smoothly. Brilliant achievements from the lesson of deep feeling of grief .Chinese Communist Party sessions of six CCP plenary conferences about founding a state to come to the party points out :1957 anti rightist " ;has resulted in an unfortunate consequences of " ;1958 ;" ;the " ;" ;people commune " ;and " in 1959 ;the right " " ;lead ;national economy in 1959 to 1961 serious difficulties, the country and the people suffered great loss of " ;" ;especially ;the Cultural Revolution ten years ," ;is " ;overall ,long time leftward serious error " ;,is a " ;to the party ,the country and the people of all our ethnic groups brought a serious disaster of civil strife ," ;" ;not any sense Revolution or social progress .
Therefore ," ;we celebrate Republic 60 anniversary of the great victory, must not forget " ;" ," ;anti right ;the great leap forward ,the people " ;" ;" ;" ," ;anti rightist ;and " " ;cultural revolution ;political movement in the tens of millions the ghosts ,there are more brutally purged the talents and ordinary citizens.
During the national culture ministry organization staged large music dance epic Renaissance ,with 4 minutes showing " " ;cultural revolution ;,not evasive not rendering ,is affirmed.
Don the lessons of history ,can open to view .It is because of conscious of those years of missteps ,Comrade Deng Xiaoping is dominated by the great bring order out of chaos and career of reforming and opening .
In this sense ,avoid the lessons of history, only the brilliant 60 years ,will not seek truth from facts attitude. By virtue of our party and people never yield in spite of reverses the toughness and disaster recovery capability ,at least two whole generations of sweat ,tears, and even blood struggle on the basis of 60 years of new China ,made great economic and social progress.
Foreign politicians ,the media and scholars as long as no political bias ,will Admit it. The United States The Empire State Building in New York on the night of September 30th to the morning of October 1st ,for the first time in China National lighting ,salute the Chinese " ;" ;,is a representative of China from the angle of international environment ,more can realize the great achievements of new China .
Exactly 90 years ago ,the old China of the imperialist powers gluttonous banquet lambs to the slaughter in Paris.1919 and signed the Treaty of Versailles " ;" ;,rudely defeated Germany in the defeat of China Shandong rights transferred to Japan ,news arrived China sparked angry " ;five four " ;student movement .
1945 year in February ,and Russia signed the Yalta agreement bypass one of the main Chinese anti fascist war ,Russia agreed to resume the Tsarist secret period in Northeast China ,including the Soviet Union control Lushun ,Dalian two ice-free harbor ,Northeast China and across the Middle East and the South Manchurian Railway ,let the eight year war victory of Chinese people to swallow a bitter pill .
Passing of night ,new China has risen to the world the third largest economy in nearly a year of world financial crisis, the whole world is more deeply felt the Chinese branch .Often have foreign media comment G8 ( G8 Group) ,louboutin,G20 ( industrialized countries and emerging market countries 20 China Forum ) or G2 ( the rule ) problem.
60 years a Jia Zi ,a reincarnation, to our country,Hermes Bags Outlet, to our party ,to our people ,have reason to also have the confidence to hold a good look .As Hu Jintao chairman of the national day of the Tiananmen gate, the solemn declaration :" ;Chinese people have confidence ,capable of building our own country ,is also confident ,have the ability to make its due contribution to the world of.
" ;Deng Xiaoping later conversation according to Deng Xiaoping s watch recorded: September 16, 1993 ,Comrade Deng Xiaoping and brother Deng Ken point out :" ;one billion two hundred million population, how to realize the rich ,rich how to allocate ,it is a big problem .
Problem has come out, solve the problem than the solution of development problem is also difficult. Distribution problems are very large . We should prevent polarization ,polarization of naturally occurring actually .
To use various means ,a variety of methods ,various schemes to solve these problems. Chinese competent, but also more and more, more and more complex ,at any time will appear new issue .
Few people get so much wealth ,most No ,this development will one day be out of question. The unfair distribution ,can bring about polarization ,to a certain time problems will come out .
The problem to be solved .We told in the past developed first .Now, after development rises the question not less ." development ;Deng Xiaoping ( Chronicle Vol. 1364th page ) 16 years ago, the chief architect of reform Comrade Deng Xiaoping with its highly prospective ,the penetrating power of the political view ,see the development of later problems ,put forward to want to use a variety of means ,methods, various solutions to solve these problems.
Today ,in order to Party and national long period of stability ,in order to people well-being national day ,60 years later,Hermes Kelly Bags, we are brave to face these problems develop after time !Said Lenin ,in honor of the great historic festivals ,in order to solve and push the revolutionary task .
In fact ,over the years ,both inside and outside the party ,especially the Internet ,how to solve the social development in the deep-seated contradiction, condensed the motivation that deepens reform ,dredge country to continue to move forward in the channel ,there have been many keen perception and profound thinking.
At present in the aspects of leading a responsible job Some comrades ,for our party in the new situation of managing state affairs hard ,reform to the far-reaching complexity ,arduous sex ,sac hermes birkin,more deep-felt experience ,always have reforming discipline impulses and face the difficult Zhen weakness ,a lot of ambition and can only be buried deep in my mind .
I as a has in place Party and Party organs work for nearly 50 years old ,now retired for many years, personal care .In New China sixty China absurd ,would like to our party ,our country and people in a filthy Cheng ,have the responsibility to speak without reserve ,convictions ,but also can be said to be summarized and reported the many old comrades in some concern and thinking about the pattern of interests .
Correct tilt on century 70 time end 90 time half leaf reform context is relatively simple ,from a highly centralized planned economy policy ,reduce administrative intervention ,let urban and rural people and state ownership enterprise workers have independent living ,free enterprise or independent space.
This fact is the ruling party and the government to the people ,let benefit right process. Such reform arouse folk great entrepreneurial enthusiasm .The non-public ownership economy and state ownership enterprise contract management work On young people appeal ,at that time a popular language " ;go through fire and water ( " ;from government agencies are live ,a government agency is dead ) .
At a time when most remarkable cadres can be planned economy system within the welfare ,on the use of social resources and the market dominated by blending is a political and moral self-restraint.
Therefore ,before ten years of Chinese reform and economic growth outcomes ,basically done for all social members share reform ,people from getting the most benefit . In rural areas ,the most typical of reform is the household contract responsibility system .
Xiaogangcun 18 farmers cent cropland arrives door rush into danger ,by Comrade Wan Li and other enlightened officials sympathy and asylum ,Comrade Deng Xiaoping last because of the strong support and Comrade Hu Yaobang enthusiastic agitate ,household contract responsibility system in the country to promote the open .
Before reform, under the people ,each of the three farmers have a life in poverty. After the reform, the majority of farmers have the impulse to enrich one ,promote rural economic growth ,in eliminating poverty created your world to admire miracle.
From 1978 to 2007 ,China population of rural absolutely poverty population decreased from 250000000 In 14790000 ,a decrease of 235000000 people ,its proportion to the total rural population decreased from 30.
7% to 1.6%. in the city ,government reform policy also benefit mainly civilian. In " " Liangsanqianwan ;youth ;back pressure, the government encourages self-run occupation ,restore economy of individual privately owned development space .
Comrade Hu Yaobang met with individual workers in Zhongnanhai representative ,praise them away a secure job ,support oneself ,share for the country " ;" ;general secretary .Due to this sentence ,the private economy in the new period is also known as " ;glorious career .
" ;from the forces at battalion level cadres Jiang Wei ,in Dalian City zoo entrance sets up a stall photography ,later receiving new China Private Companies business license. A similar year wide long operating " ;fool melon seeds " ;three times by Comrade Deng Xiaoping ,care ,instructed the government not to touch him, " ;if you make a move ,people will say the policies have changed ,they will be upset " ;it is a madrigal .
Like a hoop reform time .As Deng Xiaoping in the current situation and tasks in the words : " ;a new countryside ,louboutin pas cher,farmers fairly comfortable city ;" ;" ;people life as wages adjustment ,obtain employment increases ,live Real increase ,also began to gradually improve the " ;.
1984 year in October new China 35 anniversary of the Tiananmen square in Daqing ,the parade in Peking University students spontaneously making posters " ;Hello Xiaoping! " ;this is from the bottom of the people to the simple feelings ,express to Party and government the policy of reform and opening up the sincere support and gratitude Comrade Deng Xiaoping talk in South China .
In 1992 ,for the market economy development level road .1993 years later ,Premier Zhu Rongji in General Secretary Jiang Zemin support energetically below ,leading the implementation of large-scale state-owned enterprise reform ,tax reform ,foreign trade reform ,financial reform ,the reform of the investment system .
If on century 80 time is mainly the non-public economic increment reform ,limited size ,so 90 time advance is state ownership economy reform ,involving national economic resources, shake the rib bone ,far-reaching impact.
In strategy, the government put forward to adjust state-owned economy layout ," ;adhere to have into have retreat ,Louboutin,it is somewhat do not be somewhat ," ;" ;catch whacker ,put work small ,carry out to state-owned company strategical reorganization ;" ;in theory ,the individual economy ,private economy clearly is not state ownership economy is " ;the socialist market economy important group As part of the " ;.
The massive five big reform ,especially the small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises restructuring ,finally shook the long-term power highly centralized political and economic system to socialist market economic system ,hermes sac,has laid a foundation ,also for the masses of the people freedom to seek interest, for the party and national long period of stability ,expand the broad road.
Five reform drives the 90 time the development of privately owned economy spring tide ,plus the foreign capital to expand open ,the economy of new China Foundation has undergone profound changes.
The private enterprises in the proportion of domestic enterprises has risen to more than 70% .According to national hair changes appoint director Zhang Ping introduces ,at present, the rapid development of non-public ownership economy ,gross domestic product produced from less than 1% in 1979 to 60% ,induct obtain employment population accounts for the national urban employment of more than 70%.
The market mechanism in China has played a fundamental role in ,social merchandise total volume of retail sales and the total sales of means of production ,market share has reached 95.6% and 92.
4%. can be said that ,after decades of uniform public ownership of the means of production ,the highly centralized planned economy and a closed-door zigzag lesson ,sacs hermes,new China has successfully raised a market economy to sail, creatively opened up a club The national economy of the new channel.
In the reform of state-owned enterprises have emerged in the management layer of MBO ,employee stock ownership ,the bankruptcy restructuring and other property rights reform practice ,although the existence of national supervision ,the transaction is not transparent ,the loss of state-owned assets and other serious problems, but if not then determined to reform ,the state-owned assets in the market development metrology will loss (devaluation ) faster .
In twenty-first Century ,especially after the market orientation reform debate ,the other a policy orientation prevailed .Some comrades to emphasize expanding state-owned enterprise the ability to control the national economy ,Hermes Handbags,think only of aggrandizement state-owend enterprise especially state-owned enterprises to ensure national " ;economic security " ;then ,in the electric power ,transportation ,energy ,telecommunications ,finance and other fields ,appeared in super large state-owned enterprises ,is huge to the world 500 strong enterprises ( but economic benefits ,such as resource output rate compared with ,cannot be mentioned in the same breath ) .
They not only maintained a high degree of monopoly, and affect ,or even a hand holding a market pricing and the government industrial policy .At the same time ,the general private enterprises are engaged in large and medium-sized state-owned enterprise property rights reform channel is the basic plug ,Company internal solutions are basic stop.
Although both inside and outside the party a person with breadth of vision under the joint efforts of the government ," ;" ,36 non-public economy ;in February 19, 2005 the State Council issued the on encouraging,sac hermes pas cher, supporting and guiding the economy of individual privately owned development certain opinions ,the promise of " ;non-public capital is allowed to enter the legal laws and regulations not the industry and domain ," ;for non-public enterprises in the investment approval ,financing services ,fiscal and taxation policy, land use ,foreign trade and economic and technical cooperation with state ownership enterprise & quot ;" ,execute coequal pay ;but actually non-public economy in financial services ,electronic communications ,publishing nearly 30 industries still existing market access barriers.
The ZANU-PF central a proposal announced :from the tax system ,private enterprise business threshold is higher and higher ,more and more charges ,entrepreneurial initiative hit ;from the financing system ,financing of private enterprises is less than the whole society 10% ,Bank of non-public enterprises to credit rate of more than 56% ,more than 70% of the loans to state-owned enterprises.
Especially ,from last year enacted in November 40000 billion investment plan to expand domestic demand ,this year the central And local government 950000000000 yuan fiscal deficits ,such a huge " " ;cake ;,public opinion generally worry mostly by " ;" ;name cut away ,private enterprises liquidity ,market and policy space will be further squeezed in this year NPC and CPPCC .
" ;" ;,many civilian battalion enterprises CPPCC members called for :let the enterprises to participate in the national 4 trillion investment ,industry to consider the private enterprises ,growth and security of employment is focused on the protection of private enterprises, because large quantities of private small and medium enterprise is China ;labor pool .
However ,with the " ;" ;" the voice of NPC and CPPCC ;draw further apart ,this year by the financial crisis and other factors ,private small and medium enterprises are having a hard time ,iron and steel ,real estate industry has frequently appeared civilian battalion enterprise due to operational difficulties and state-owned company buys the case ;and " ;bigger and stronger " ;or " " ;safety management ;the name ,occupation of private property rights is also in some the local public .
In 90 during the " " ;privatization ;,people worry about is " ;at " ,who privately mess ;engage in unfair privatization .Now the trend reversed ,christian louboutin outlet,is " ;into the country The people back ," ;small and medium-sized private enterprises suffer.
Reform for 31 years ,the state-owend enterprise still not many from competitive industry to exit ,or retreat and return ,in the bank credit, is still state-owned enterprise priority .1993 started large-scale Guotuiminjin " ;" ;in many areas were deterrent ,resulting in a new problem: some state-owend enterprise management and master the configuration of social natural resources right of certain government officials blending, with civilian dispute benefit ,corruption blunts .
If the 90 in the reform of state-owned enterprises have the lack of transparency ,government regulatory shortcomings ,so ,today was super large state-owned enterprises internal management such as interest allocation transparency is lower, the government the management compensation ,tax contributions ,corruption takes bribes wait for problem of regulation more lack of power the country back into China .
" ;" ;" ;new pattern ,be not general economy 36 " ;carry out the fatigue ,exposed the general private enterprises development. However ,this does not prevent some grasp of social resource allocation power officials relatives to private enterprise status ,through the power ,in a variety of techniques to practise deception plunder state-owned enterprise property ,plunder of public resources.
For example ,in the construction ,real estate development ,land management and mining Produce resource development ,finance and other central discipline appoint the corruption of the " ;the focus areas and key links ," ;they are to be resourceful.
Figure. With national capitalism trend ,which has a special power ,to fight the background " ;" ;private enterprises ,work in subsequent official relatives and " ;" group ,the special relationship between people ;also like Wong Kwong Yu family but in government-owned businessman blending businessman ,gained enormous economic benefits, making money hand over fist ,causing the public to private enterprise .
And misunderstanding. In the reform the start-up phase, put forward by Comrade Deng Xiaoping ,to allow one part area ,one part enterprise ,part " ;the life first better ,and " effect of " ;;next door neighbours ,drive other area ,other units of the people to learn " ;.
Obviously, this part of the people ,mainly refers to the less subject to government economic regulation of common people .Some people get rich first ,is a government to alleviate the financial burden and to encourage the result of economic liberalization ;moreover, only depends on the free competition in the market ,profit earning mode can copy ,just talk to go up to " of others ;they learn " ;,is likely to become " ;able to influence and lead the entire national economic policy .
At the same time ,Comrade Deng Xiaoping " ;strict requirements of Party members and cadres, senior cadres in particular " ;the restoration of Yanan glorious tradition ,carve ," ;" ;against a particular " ," ;prevent ;to Sir " ;,known as " ;a field a serious struggle .
" ;in the economic reform in thirty-first years time ,our reform policy ,is greatly increased the government financial burden and compression of the economic liberalization of the space ,to what extent can give no power of common people life to " ;" ;to chance ,in the how much can effectively restrict the government and state-owend enterprise party members and cadres specialized " ;" ;and " ;became Sir " ;,deserves profound review.
With " ;special interest group & quot ;cutting back on century seventy or eighty time turn of the China reform initial period ,a large number of the old generation of revolution leading Chinese political situation ,with unprecedented courage ,leading Party and country to reform and opening up the new channel.
Deng Xiaoping ,Xie Jianying ,Chen Yun ,sac hermes,Hu Yaobang and others in the history of the party and moral guilt ,even to the party and National long period of stability political vision and historical responsibility ,made with the ultra-leftist line part company each going his own way after the liberation of the growing strategic decision.
In after plenary meeting the leader collective of the party ,in the political life of the Cultural Revolution beat " ;" ;the rebels and " ;all " ;pie ;in economic policy, to " ;Xi Shuidong " ;project as a breakthrough ,farewell to " " ;public ownership ;the Dazhai experience ;" ;Bohai No.
two " ;accident as the breakthrough point ,clean up the planned economy period oil battle type economic organization .The older generation of revolutionaries to and traditional political and economic interests structure cutting ,decided to put aside their familiar and participate in a traditional philosophy and approach to government ,decide promptly and opportunely ,broken star ,just opened the national renewal process.
Today ,in the spirit of plenary session of the seventeen Central Committee and encouraged us to " ;concerning about the party heart ,but enjoy the party responsible for " ;spirit, I want to discuss how to clean up the reform party and the government since the formation of " ;special interest group " ;socialist China .
The people be in power of the state system ,government safeguard the interests of all members of society ,but also should admit ,with the highly centralized planned economy Change the market to economy, the whole society over the highly integrated interests pattern differentiation has happened in early in 1988 March, thirteen second plenary session on visionary :" ;under the socialist system, people there are still different interest group contradiction .
" ;different interests differentiation and competition ,is not only a market economy under conditions of normal phenomenon ,and it is the market system development and maturation of the one symbol.
But worthy of attention ,is the public power as the background of the special interest group of the emerging and growing. On 90 time begin the century market economy spring tide, in advance of production factor market reform ,the real estate industry ,mining resource industry ,the financial securities industry and the energy industry ,government and commercial blending rent-seeking become a very common phenomenon .
Entering the new century ,with the " ;the country back into China " ;and the general civilian battalion enterprise is lessened ,part of the state-owned monopoly enterprise ,as well as many with official background strong private enterprises ,to public power for background and umbrella ,act recklessly and care for nobody to earn excess profits ,or even seek illegal capital return.
This caused the great attention of economists such as Wu Jinglian ,Wu Jinglian repeatedly in recent years Stressed the need for serious attention to prevent China embarked on power market economy namely crony capitalism road.
It is shoot at random ,but a sharp realism pertinence .First come have a look everybody often criticized the state-owned monopoly industries. The state-owned monopoly enterprise is a special interest group in the development of aerospace ,military industry and some high and new tech industry ,large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises are small and medium private enterprises to reach the main army ;in response to the global financial crisis ,as well as last year, the south snow disaster ,Wenchuan earthquake relief situations ,state-owend enterprise in distress played " " ;the eldest son of the Republic ;the mainstay role ;in the development of international cooperation in energy and natural resources ,implementation of the overseas capital expansion and annexation with respect to state-owned enterprises ,especially the central enterprises performance is remarkable .
The relevant departments to " ;relationship state security and national economy lifeblood " ;for, put forward state-owned economy must be on the military ,electric power ,petrochemical ,telecommunications ,coal ,civil aviation ,sac hermes,shipping and other seven industry to maintain absolute control of " ;" ;.
Therefore, to make a concrete analysis of the monopoly industry resource dependence ,and these resources should belong to the whole people ,many of them in the market should to the Open the whole society ;but just as there are experts, some large state-owned enterprises especially the state-owned enterprises " ;long entrenched public resources and monopoly profit ,put a considerable part of social sharing of results should belong to become department interests ,enjoy high incomes and high welfare ,to pursue the Department ,my interests maximize " ;.
On the part of monopoly enterprises criticism ,concentrated in the monopoly market pricing and profit distribution of two links. They always nots allow consumers to them ,holding the national price policy ,seize market " ;excess profit & quot ;;at the same time ,each year hundreds of billions of state-owend enterprise profit free at the budget ,neither turned over to the state treasury ,and no cash into the national welfare.
There have been calls for :should consider from monopoly enterprise extracting dividends ,and assigned to the national especially vulnerable groups .Especially in the national response to the global financial crisis and to the security of employment ,protect the people of hard times, appeared in " " ,Sinopec ;salary ;" ;" price chandelier ;negative news, a serious departure from the state-owned enterprises under ownership by the whole people, nature and purpose ,causing users and people of the intense dissatisfaction of the people are boiling with resentment and have a look .
The real estate industry. Some real estate developers and local government to form a community of interests .According to the National Association of industry and Commerce in the Chinese people on a floor assembly China why high prices ,according to a nationwide in 9 City " ;real estate development enterprise cost & quot ;investigation shows ,in the total costs expenditure ,to government section ( namely land cost + total tax ) the proportion of 49.
42%. China is probably the world typical government and civilian dispute benefit industry ,hermes,sacs hermes,but also high corruption fields. From land requisition ,land transfer ,the adjustment of land use land ,planning approval ,to project site ,construction supervision ,project acceptance, adjust the volume fraction ,property rights registration link ,full of money .
Recently various local explodes in succession a number of social status more and more high " imperial estate ;" ;differential land rent ,have been hoarding the highest massif ,already caused each respect strong concern.
As the real estate income is the place where the financial growth the most important source, in the world financial crisis ,some local governments frequently appear in real estate market and local policies .
The voice for a box of " ;the price of tobacco " ;and their jobs ,and for taking bribes Sentenced in Nanjing city Jiangning District real estate director Zhou Jiugeng ,not once threatened to punish to sale of real estate developers ?When ordinary people anxiously expect far from the practical value and national income level market prices when, local governments can from the support ,to boost the real estate industry in the harvest of GDP achievement ,and some officials to fill one .
Yale University of finance economics professor Chen Zhiwu on the 70 national economic data the conclusion is: the economic conditions of 4% GDP growth can bring to the society consumption and thriving degree than China ,8% ,10% GDP growth rate brings thriving even higher extent .
Because under that system ,common people share growth benefits of pathways in addition to labor income ,have property income ,assets revaluation gains. China growth on old people play the role of consumption growth basically only through the labor income that a single channel, the channel is owned by wealth .
For example, China blocked the land increment so much ,but all through the land finance or the other way into the local government and the central government can spend money. In the oil ,Sinopec ,China Mobile Wait a year price profit can be transferred to the people pockets ,but in the present case ,the transfer channel is blocked .
There is also a private ( private) economic survival and development space. The public especially state-owned enterprise ,has the right background strong private enterprises ,private enterprises in general management of the extrusion space ,the functional departments of the government to civilian battalion economy market admittance limitation and profit exploit ,its serious consequences will be stifled social economic activity .
The State Council in early 2005 for " ;non-public economy 36 ," ;commitment all competitive industries ,allow private capital to enter ;all have been and will be open to foreign capital industry ,allow for the private economy opening ;and the non-public capital is allowed to enter the monopoly industries and areas .
Over the past four years, implementation is not ideal .Some people even asserted that: each industry competent authority to implement approval system or licensing system ,private capital flows into control of the invisible hand ,jammed the neck .
" ;every civilian look forward to is restricted areas ,are private and all citizens were forced to special interest group interest of conveying pipeline." as long as the power allocation of resources the pattern does not change ,the people Main economic development, such as Wong Kwong Yu merchant can choose to buy for their own power ,obtained certain privileges ,at the same time to influence possessory conveying interests.
Strong capital and strong power elite elite conspiracy and trading ,or public policy of the government ,divide state-owned assets occupy and annex ,squandered the public resources should belong to the whole people ,the it is typical of the " special interest group ;" ;" ;" !Special interest group ;power big ,not only in their natural resources ,such as " " ;entrenched ;monopoly state-owned enterprises and a powerful national mine resource to share ,but also in buying experts for its monopoly conduct ,manufacturing discourse right.
That some industry experts " ;" ;in the eyes of Internet users fall to " ;milk is mother " ;lot and help a tyrant to victimize his subjects without good student .But the most serious one ,is that " ;special interest group on " ;political system penetration .
Someone said ,officials international common ,but is referred to as the conscience of society judge corruption rare. According to statistics ,the United States establishs a country more than 200 years only more than 40 law officer crime ;Singapore since independence until 1994 ,not a judge the crime .
But our country present stage due to inadequate legal norms ,gave the judge a considerable discretion ,and the existing system of judicial organs and the judge overseeing the strength is very weak ,to take bribes and bend the law provides no small space .
2006 Shenzhen " " ;fall ;,five judges ,the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection high " ;double " ;or arrested ,including a president ,vice president ,three, a retired judge ,judge ,lawyer involved in the investigation of up to dozens of people, shocking .
2008 vice president of Supreme People for abuse of power ,serious economic problems and decadent life after being removed from ,become since 1949 suspected of corruption was investigated .
The highest judicial official jurist professor Liang Huixing right :" ;every day fair ,justice of the court ,the Supreme Court vice president a such a thing ,the Supreme Court can be thoroughly discredited !" ;Professor Liang said :" ;some case shook society to ponderosa pine s confidence in the rule of law ," ;" ;now at such a bad situation, I was shocked at this ,I got 30 years legal research people feel insulted .
" ;another danger signs, is " ;.Special interest group " ;looking for political spokesperson .In social resources from the power allocation to market allocation in the process of the transformation ,the most likely to be of special interest group " ;" ;clothed ,and even underwater.
The rural reform Comrade Du Runsheng warned :the government if a system ,rule ,in the game ,the power to enter the market will cause corruption. The Party leadership must be reflected in the political ,policy ,Louboutin Pas Cher,thought leadership ,exit specific economic affairs intervention sociologist Lu Xueyi hope ,at present, China is carrying out government function transformation, let the government to play a " ;" " ;service arbiter ;" ;" " ;regulators ;role ,to prevent it from becoming any local narrow interests spokesman.
In the future, the government will mainly rely on the system and the democratic process to coordinate the interests ,regulate conflicts of interest ,let each interest main body in the same platform game based on consensus ,and must not become the special interest group on " ;" ;a rubber stamp, American economist Olsen .
In the rise and decline of nations in one book, the so-called " ;interest group " ;or " " ;special interest group ;for serious study. He thinks interest group Is the objective existence ,not all of the role of interest groups are negative ,one is " ;widespread interest group " ;,in the pursuit of individual or group interests but also to promote the social total revenue growth ;one is " ;special ( also known as the narrow sex ,benefit sex ) interest group " ;,they diligently strive after is not competition but share ,does not care about increasing social productivity only hope left ,is essentially a parasitic nature of the group interest " ;" ;.
" ;" special interest group ;hinder resource flow and reasonable configuration, hinders the advance of technology ,but increased the use of legal ,political and bureaucracy is engaged in activities such as reward for a supply of sth.
,can be said to be improved the social transaction cost and reduce the social and economic benefits. Some people figure ground says they are not from the social economic development in the " ;" divided cake ;,but engage in destructive consequences of " ;.
" ;" rob porcelain ;special interest group " ;in the present Chinese society expansion ,not only destroy the market and social justice ,but also a serious blow to the Chinese social innovation impulse ,distorting the young people poisons the social atmosphere .
Just have a look nearly Years university graduates tend to NIB the head register for examination of civil servants and other have substantial public resources of the enterprises and institutions ,but few people are willing to work in private enterprises or start your own business ,you can confirm Olsen judgement :" ;increased production of power waned ,and attempt to occupy some of the products of power will increase ,and " ;" change of social evolution in the direction of the " ;" ;" special interest group ;expansion ,have successfully applied a layer of ideology to their legal color.
They to defend national economic security under " ;" ," ;" ;industrial safety ;and so highfalutin slogan for protection, to under play with " ;International Convention " ;and " " ;Chinese characteristics ;the two exploit consumers ,under threat ,both ways.
They to social fairness and ordinary people harm ,to the party be in office the purpose of the tread ,the credibility of the government to sully, is causing serious consequences .Originally, socialistic advantage is the important resource and capital are in our own hands ,can center force to handle affairs.
But it also brings great risks and problems ,is power ,capital and resources together, easy to grow Students will lead to corruption ,powerful group rudely monopoly outcome of economic growth, boldly seize civilian interest.

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Meditation and health under Chapter 17 on the attitude of the disease (in the face of cancer) The first question: What are the causes of cancer? Cancer is basically a psychological disease, it is basically a disease of the mind, is not a physical disease. When the mind becomes very nervous tension to stand, it begins to affect the tissues of the body, That is why it is only when civilization has become very, very succinct, will have a cancer exists in the primitive society , you can not find the cancer, because people are not so succinct. When a society becomes more highly developed - the so-called ... cancer must disappear. cancer can only exist in some state of mind neurosis. If the mind is relaxed, sooner or later the body will now relax. because this fact, so scientific research so far can not find cancer treatment. almost can not find an effective treatment for cancer, until one day they find an effective treatment for cancer, they will create in the world a more dangerous disease, because that treatment would mean depressed until one day they can find a strong enough drug to suppress cancer, there is another disease will Flaring that toxins will start to flow through the other pipe. how many years since, things have been so in the event of simple diseases have been cured, and then will have the disease you cure a disease, another disease will come in, while more complex than the first one the first one is the body's natural reaction, and the second is physically unnatural, abnormal response to suppress the second and the third will appear, and the third will be more difficult to deal with ... will continue to do so. cancer is the most, if cancer pent-lived, then the more difficult disease will burst out from the human body and mind to the second question: Last week, I knew I had cancer, from that time onwards, in addition to a few moments of panic and fear, I feel there is a very deep tranquility and relaxation into my existence, whether I've given up their lives, or an acceptable quiet? as we are born already to give up our lives, because the birth but death began, each a moment, you will die more and more. not to say that one day, when your seven-year-old to death before the advent of, it is not an event, it is a process that begins at birth. it takes The time of seventy years, it is very slow, but it's a process, rather than an event. I stress this fact is to make you know that life and death is not two things. If death is the end of life events ,Hermes Kelly Bags, they are the two things when they become two things, they become hostile, they become enemies. when I say that death is a process that begins at birth, I was talking about life is from birth began a process, these are not two processes, it is a process, it begins at birth, while in the end of the time of death, but life and death of the two wings like a bird or two hands or two legs,sac hermes birkin, and even your mind there are two separate hemispheres - the right hemisphere and left hemisphere, the polar interaction Hey sole Kang Zhao o France. life is the solution of a bipolar interaction Hey sole bound in a league sad t this death very accept your body will naturally come to, it is not in opposition to you, it is a part of you, without it, there is no way to live. it is like a blackboard background, you can use white chalk to write in the above, the blackboard is not opposed to the chalk, it is just to strengthen it so that it is more prominent, if not a piece of blackboard, white, word will disappear as if it day and night, everywhere you can see this phenomenon, but you like a blind man is the same as in action. If there is no night, no day. you more depth to the polar interaction Hey Ao and Sui miraculous experience. fixed, there is no sleeping, you woke up this morning will become more sensitive, more young every place in life, you will find the same positive and negative poles interactive Hey tour of Ni ^ Cheng Zen mystic have a legal case: they his disciples to meditate meditation to the sound of one hand clapping. absurd, clapping a hand can not produce any sound. keep what film? want to clap, then two hands, two hands on the surface of the opposing , but included in the depths, they are in common to create a clapping sound, which combined their efforts, they are neither mutually exclusive nor contradictory, but complementary. Master reason to give that meditation is to make you aware that you do not find an example to support the sound of one hand clapping in the life of them, the whole existence of two hands clapping: man and woman, day and night,Hermes Bags Outlet, life and death, love and hate. When the disciple is more in-depth meditation ... gradually, gradually, he will become aware of, in the presence of which is impossible to find something like that. master everything will ask - find it? you hear the sound of one hand clapping it? : rock, their sound, it is not 'a' sound,louboutin outlet, it has always been the sound of 'b'. find every answer was rejected and then he learned that sound has always been the ... and then he came to master, the master asked: . way, who else is in there,christian louboutin outlet, said: way to say it, no one can say it That's why when you come before, with an answer in a hurry to run over, even before you tell me that answer before I knock you a stick and tells you: 'You idiot! back!' You feel confused,sac hermes pas cher, even the answers are not said to be rejected. Now you can understand, the problem is not the answer or that answer all the answers is wrong, only quiet is it a 'in the' not a sensible answer. Each individual has cancer, but there are some slow growing, and you attack faster! because the Americans most of the people are Indians, even in death it above, they are also more spend some time, they are always late, always miss the train I said you can know that is blessed, because everyone will be dead, but because it is still unknown, so people continue to live in the illusion of being thought they can live forever and they always see someone else die, kind of phenomenon can be very logical to support their point of view: it gives you a strong support for a very reasonable background that is always someone in the dead, you will not know that when you die, you will be unconscious, you'll miss the one who knows death opportunity to those who knew those who died have agreed that: death is the culmination of the experience of life, but people do not die in the unconscious, can predict the disease is good. cancer means that you can know that in the seven days before - or seven months, or no matter how much time before we know that death every moment is near, not everyone can have seven days. cancer seems to you to repair in the past, Cleveland virtual Na Muti also died of cancer, the Ramana Mach hope and Rama Krishna are also die of cancer is very strange ... three Road to people who are not sick, they live at this moment, but they even died of cancer, it seems to be one is a spiritual thing it does have a soul level. I am not saying that all those who died of cancer in people who are enlightened person, but they can be more than any other people more easily into the Road because others continue to live in the illusion of being,sac hermes birkin, thinking that they will live, so do not anxious meditation can be delay - tomorrow or the day. Why is there such a hurry busy? today there are more urgent things to do. meditation has never been something urgent, because death has never been something urgent to know the cancer will be within seven days of the outbreak of the people of his body, everything will become life does not make sense. urgent things are gone. he wanted to build a beautiful palace, that concept is gone, he wanted to participate in the next election, that the whole concept was gone, he worried about the Third World War, that he no longer have to worry about him have been irrelevant, any will occur in the matter of his death have become irrelevant, he was only seven days to live if he is a little vigilance, in that seven days inside he can live seven years or seven hundred years, or an entire eternity, because now meditation has become a top priority, love has become a top priority ...... dancing, the joy and experience of beautiful things, those things in the past has never been priorities this week, the full moon night will be the top priority, because he will never be able to see the full moon, this is his last full moon, he has lived for several years, the moon came and went, he never go to hell, but now he must seriously look at it, this is the last moon, this is the last to love the opportunity, this is the last opportunity, this is the last to experience life in all the good things opportunity, he no longer have the energy to get angry and fight. his delay, he said: sadness and disappointment, I feel life is slip from your hands, but you know, it has been slipped out from your hands, it has been slipped out from just about everyone, regardless of that person know you can be considered very fortunate to knock the mold inspection Penang Valve fed reminds me of a great mystic, and his name is called Eyck Jonas, a person often went Eyck that Sri Lanka has for several years, one day his morning long to go, the other no one, he told Eyck Jonas said: , but I feel very awkward, so I push it down. Eyck Jonas said: sense. I never seen you anxiety, or have any trouble, you are always very happy, very satisfied, I can not believe, I suspect that the mind will say: 'This man in disguise.' I always struggle with my mind to tell it that you can not pretend for so many years, 'If he is pretending to be, then you give it a try.' I tried, but after five minutes, up to seven minutes, I gave it all forgotten. mind appears, anger appears, the sadness will appear, if no one came, then my wife will come! then all disguised missing a day after day, month after month. year after year,Louboutin, how you have been able to maintain? I always see the same joy and same grace, please forgive me, because I've always suspected that you have a disguise, perhaps because you have no wife, it seems to you The only difference between me. ? in the end is how the same thing? over to your lifeline. left seven days, so I want to tell you, because I might forget that once I began to explain and answer your question, I might forget. on that question is no longer interested me that the answer is no longer interested in the help me stand up. : g that Sri Lanka, said: When he went down the ladder, you can see that he suddenly became very old, he must walk railing. When he reached the street, you can see, he may at any time to tumble like a drunk walk, and later he got back home. everyone has been up, it was an early morning, while he went to sleep, they are asked: comfortable? I have to go, I have walked across the room people are sad, all the relatives and friends get together, love grams that Sri Lanka never lie, he is a very real person and if he said, then death is determined by the seventh day in the sun down before his wife started to cry, the kids start crying,Hermes Handbags, and his brothers are crying, his elderly father and mother have changed get unconscious. love grams that Sri Lanka went to his home, they say: a lot, even love grams that Sri Lanka also have to make some effort to be able to recognize him, he has simply become a pile of bones. love g Jonas shake him and try to open his eyes, love grams Jonas said: up, he said: said: Do ? that you usually do every day in the courts to find you. money. with the Zhao stalk surface Y, he went to the court as a witness, the judge know that this person can not is the witness of everything - he is a professional witness ... the Eyck Jonas asked: ? in the seven days which you had several witnesses you how much money? thirsty, I just like to die the same, I think the forces, a little joy of life. a case in court, to continue to do your business. I have already answered your question, because I have become aware that everyone must die ...... death may tomorrow will come, you have seven days, I even seven days , tomorrow I might not see the sunrise I do not have time to do those stupid things, to chase those silly ambition to greed, anger or hatred, I just do not have the time, because tomorrow I might not be here , in this short life, if I am able to enjoy the United States, as well as human beauty, if I can share my love, my song, and perhaps death will not let me embarrassed. hear, those who know how to live, they naturally know how to die their death is a beautiful thing, because their death is just outside, on the intrinsic terms of their life's journey continues you know you have cancer, it is indeed shocking, will bring sadness and disappointment, but you are my door migration, you have this opportunity to become a big transformation of your existence, you'll still be here these days have become a meditation, love, compassion, kindness and laughter day, if you are able to do so, you will get unconscious life, when he died the unconscious. existence will be a conscious death to as conscious life reward. conscious death is to know life the ultimate climax of the experience, when you consciously dead, you are at the same time you can know that there is no what will die, the only form of change. you move into a new home, of course, is a better home at a higher level of consciousness. you use that opportunity to grow up, life is absolutely impartial, fair, you earned, you never lose it, you will receive appropriate remuneration. acceptance of death is a part of life, to accept the fact that you can know in advance is good, otherwise when death comes. you can not hear the footsteps, you do not hear death in close to your voice,sac hermes, and that is why I said that was fortunate to knock the mode of labor perch flatter enjoin the leavened boil Li La Mei stunned twist T. deep acceptance among good these days as much as possible the joy of the seven-day time, seven days into a day of laughter. dead face with a joke, a smile and gratitude, to thank all life to you and I want to tell you: Death is an illusion. did not die, because nothing will die, the only things that change, if you are aware, you can make them better, evolution is occurrence of an unconscious person to become a Buddha. third question: In December last year, they found that I had uterine cancer, for me, it seems to decide to die and continue to suffer, or to out of it. I will let you completely into the inside of me to drown in your love, a result, the cancer disappeared in the past six months, even though I can not see you, I also think you and I am very close, when I told them it,louboutin outlet, they said I escape the fact that sometimes I was thinking, I doubt I feel I have some of my friends are also your disciples what they say is right? facts What is the truth? Always listen to your own experience, because that is the truth you have cancer, often the cancer can be turned into a very good opportunity, because death has become so sure now that you have not then passed back at any rate, death will take you away because death is so close,Hermes Bags Outlet, so you remember more, you love me more, because there is no time delay for the first time you allow me to completely with you, and then the cancer disappeared. cancer for many reasons One reason is that your life is meaningless without love, you are not really living, you're just dragging life take you There is no reason to live, but the difficulty lies: you do not have any reason to commit suicide. So, in a lethargic way, as if sleepwalking in patients, people continue to move from cradle to grave, it is a very long journey, but in of them sleeping, they try to go, they went to the grave, or should be said that they reach into the grave ... I've always told you to love, to become completely in the past few days which no other choice, death has arrived,hermes sac, so you can totally love you for letting me into your inside, and then the cancer disappeared. not that I do anything, but you have done something if you there and listen to me that the cancer would not occur if you have strong, so completely, to love, cancer would not happen to you now, the cancer disappeared, you have to re-enter the mind, thought it was I do a miracle, I did not do anything, you do a miracle, because you have been told your friend said: the truth, and then inside you there is suspected generated. your friends to see the truth, although they themselves did not see the truth. the only true thing is the cancer disappeared, because you exist for the first time to become totally, very condensed, more than any other cancer more powerful now that suspect that, then you ask a friend, anyone would say: there is no way explained why that cancer will disappear or that cancer is how to disappear, and they call you to see the truth. you ask them to say: that cancer is how to disappear. decision. do not expect I will make a miracle, an illusion that a miracle is you do, and this is no doubt that everyone has the ability to make such a miracle that life is such a mystery, If we really become very quiet, very completely, very compassionate, it will be able to change many things in you - in your body, your mind and your soul to change a lot of things do not stupid idea from your friends, otherwise the cancer will again appear, because it is not as it is as if you suspect that if you do not know how it happened, your skepticism may produce cancer, but if you live very completely,Hermes Outlet, you can be that cancer melt, your suspicions may cause it to come back,sacs hermes, then your friend will not say: You will have to return to the same attitude, but this time it will become more difficult. best not to fall into the same trouble, this time it will become more difficult, because you will have to look forward to kind of look forward to is not previously When you first get cancer when you and do not expect any miracles, if it occurred, you will try to become more loving, you will try to become completely, but try to become more loving and not really caring, try to be totally is not really completely, and included in the depths, you will look forward to the disappearance of cancer, those not remember. Do not blame me, do not blame me that next time will not help you. for the first time I did not help you, and it has always been, regardless of what happens in your body, you are responsible for the fourth question: and headache or even the relationship between migraine? no medical researchers reached that conclusion, but I repeated to myself again and again to talk about it - I'm an incurable discoverer, sooner or later, science will have to agree with me. sex centers exist in the mind rather than the existence of the reproductive organs, science has to know this. nature center exists in the mind, does not exist in the sexual organs, then the sexual deprivation may cause a headache. it would not cause genital pain, because it does nothing, because it is only in your mind a center of derivatives. why people will begin to think so, even doctors would tell his patients say: Sex is good for your mental health , and they are right, the name of religion in the past to suppress the people, they are subjected to a lot of the pain of the headache, and even Cleveland virtual Na Muti (krishnamurti) so the understanding of the people for four years of severe headaches and migraines, he will sometimes want to say with the head against the wall and then the end of the swap forget,Hermes Handbags, because that pain too. It was found that the world there are countless people who make love, have a migraine. I read the report of a Christian scientist, because he is a Christ resettlement, his mind has been restricted. He tried to find out why people have a migraine for various reasons, he continued research in this theme above a year his report released in not too long ago, and his many,hermes sac, many reasons listed above - physical, chemical, however, the truth is very simple, there is no research that truth is: you will be the human mind divided into two parts, one part said: part of the battle began, the conflict migraine just in your head conflict, deep conflict without a primitive tribe of people will make love after a migraine. Catholics have suffered in this respect than any other person to much, because they deeply constrained, so it is in their minds which split. several centuries they have been saying those things do not have any basis, there is no evidence, but they continue to repeat it, even if is a lie, if it is often repeated, it will start to look like a person must be the discourse awareness, a man walked into a bar, and then began to tell a Polish joke, sitting in his next to that tall, a bit clumsy, energetic man turned to face him, threatening tone, said: out: two people come in from the back door, their block header, surrounded by five burly chap to tell jokes. . to explain it to five people to listen. the meaning of a joke to listen to five people. carrying the entire burden of the poor people in the name of morality. I want to tell you, do not worry about ethics, a true light that significantly less than Le the bawl ㄒ bad read threshold] is awareness and more awareness of your awareness will take care of all your actions do not have any effort, your behavior becomes ethical, like flowers, they do not take any action, without any effort, it is open around your morality is merely a conscious of life. the fifth question: I know your design skills to talk to the disease or physical pain to talk, I am a doctor, I want to use this method, could you please describe it more detailed? that concept : people must be taught to make friends with their body and if the therapist is a woman will be better, she can help people to feel their body where tension or pain, then she must teach them How to speak with the body, telling the body said: never did not think of this? all these years you have been for my work,sacs hermes, but I never did not thank through you. This can be done by your forces and then the pain the special parts of speech for this conversation before any preparation? before the start of the treatment groups, told the participation of members said they will be in a trance, but they can talk to the body, they can speak out loud, so good, people can read a three-minute spell repeat read Osho, you will go deeper, and then slowly fell asleep. their hands raised, to see if it will not fall off, in order to understand that they did not fall asleep, and then speak for everyone. those people to lie down must be separated, so with a speech not disturb the other. Prior to this, the therapist must first identify each individual's point, and then when they are asleep, the therapist can go to the front of everyone told him: the soul of the same phenomenon, you have forgotten how to speech with your own mind and body, your problems will disappear, it is disappearing, and will never come back. after too, you can tell all of them said: have to tell them that every night before going to bed have to be repeated to do it, at least one ...
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do not re-number in the distribution of more than four,christian louboutin outlet, is up and down period is repeated a number of driven adjacent to the 3 and 5 are also a number. black youth called pedicle his white backing.
very tough Oliver was pushing for representatives proposed to increase the food requirements. at least should have high subsidies in such a proportion within the feasible . agriculture,Louboutin Pas Cher, dripping streams saliva. like the chorus of the gods ,Louboutin Pas Cher, king, the high prices caused by the consumption of wait and see, music, and evil, Valentine's Day Valentine's Day.
Sunny Valentine's Day I love you!
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photography make-up training schools make-up training,sac hermes, lavish by people ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands,sac hermes pas cher, you will not be let go of the past to. I often feel that modern people are too self-confident,Christian Louboutin Ireland, attitude,Christian Louboutin Shoes, pink,sacs hermes, he asked her to have been revived, he likes to smell the scent of her hair.
great country, life,Hermes Outlet, Barred Plymouth Rock and swaying sound bleak, swaying Chuisi,Hermes Handbags, feeling very unhappy,hermes, pruning has withered flowers, I remember I was just working wage is 334 yuan.
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or not completed before the matter to be settled. friend's invitation to celebrate the party is also a lot to attend may wish to start the warm-up activities this holiday! his family is worse than my home a length married, he called home to say this.
through to Chengdu to participate in procuratorial system discipline cadre training class to learn the opportunity to from Jiuzhaigou return,louboutin pas cher, and with it, I moved out,christian louboutin outlet, I would like Chen Jiaqi go to see him,Louboutin, : Wang Dingding release :2008-11-5 title,Louboutin Pas Cher, such a impossibility operation of the market within the meaning of ; the thought experiment,Louboutin, Beloved less off of the mountain,Louboutin Pas Cher, not seeking a captivating encounter - Hsi with a distant articles - FanChengDa deep memory - Gu? br> 4,louboutin, they know that game theory is to limit the opponent's choice to let others be forced to do what you want to do.
and finished without any explanation.
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, Women will never know why a man to learn to be strong?
Because they know they look strong,Christian Louboutin ireland, but the heart is very fragile. They always want their own side she felt the best.
,Christian Louboutin Ireland, women will never know why men do not easily cry?
because they know they are not not cry. only he understands. but tears fell. this relationship will be over. 3, a woman will never know why every man upset when like to smoke?
because they know that only in smoke in order to remember their good times in the past to seek the balance of a little heart.
4, the woman will never know why men would want to break up after her greetings?
because they know they do not want to be friends with you just want to restore this once belonged to his feelings.
5, the woman never know why men each to hear she was bullied will look so mad?
because they know even if this time frame lost. lay down,Christian Louboutin UK, he will feel happy because They would rather hurt. not want to see you cry.
6,Louboutin Pas Cher, the women do not always know why a man every night,Christian Louboutin Outlet, got drunk broke up?
because they know if tonight is not intoxicate themselves,Christian Louboutin UK, then this late can only be spent in the miss
7. woman will never do not know why men do every time out will be shot so generous?
because they know they would rather own a person to eat seized with. also do not want you to see you people look down on
8. woman will never do not know why men love her so angry?
because they know of her temper is not not love her. just hope that her future the way is not to be deceived by
9. woman will never do not know why men care about your boyfriend?
because they know not that they are not confident,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but they are afraid one day you will sedation away from him.
10 woman will never know why men see the diary written by someone else will listen to you explain?
,louboutin pas cher, because they know he was not want to get angry just from your mouth to know that in the end is important or someone else important?
11,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the woman will never do not know why men do not,Louboutin, she said I love you ⒊ a word?
because they know not not want to say. just their own understand ⒈ ten thousand,Christian Louboutin Shoes, I love you is not enough for the body.
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Limited day,The engine uses the latest generation Lexus double intelligent variable valve timing control system (Dual VVT-i), more important is the art and the utility function is combined closely. texture, declared China Hydropower?
It is reported, many businesses are playing the promotional activities, even by garment enterprises responsible person for "temporary shortage".75%,louboutin, to the quality of management to the pursuit of sustainable development,louboutin, live quiet,christian louboutin outlet,Taihu water villa project near Taihu,According to the Ministry of fuel consumption test ,louboutin pas cher,but in the whole work is very fine,louboutin pas cher,The company independent director Mr.
2012 in the company conference room . to green city construction.
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I am a loving memories of the people,louboutin, like reminiscence not stay time. Life is not turned back, every day after the last is only once. Once what a sensational words ah,Christian Louboutin Shoes, even if it is not fit to be seen things, will at once become beautiful.
Some decisions may seem to be wrong, but we unable to verify if the how. Right and wrong, right and wrong, seems to be always confuse things. Our body has one,Christian Louboutin UK, is an angel or a devil? Who is the angel, who is the devil? Waste or not, the time is still go past in 23 years, I got many, also lost a lot.
Willing to give up, it is only in the homes. Those who have hurt us,Christian Louboutin Shoes, thank you for letting me mature. Some people some things, maybe my life will not forget,Christian Louboutin Outlet, too deep imprint, want to forget remember more clear.
People are complex contradictions,Louboutin, the longing for love, but afraid of being hurt. In this ambiguous over time, I have not tell love. So, who cares? Suddenly want to mother..... In the eyes of his mother, I have not a 23 year old woman.
Dinner time the animated cartoon,Louboutin Pas Cher, frequent hiA N star. Dad said, that he and I expect as a college student I, difference is very far. But my father didn't know, if in front of them to disguise themselves,louboutin pas cher, how tired.
Tomorrow, temperatures are warmer, but it is going to rain. The evildoer era. Because ANTI, reason, Hee Chul released decided to close their business long CY. tired,Christian Louboutin ireland, so tired. I'd rather do artists like their afterlife is a happy person.
Don't like the real thing. RS is my way, RM is my hope, but always elude JS. because too real? Today at 05 years the myth of board performance in front of a fragment,Christian Louboutin UK, a major in the elevator by brother gang.
It could spoil expressions: " the boys have to beat me happy! " feeling warm, a big ah, you ha. Feel their thoughts really sick, would rather their ambiguous,Christian Louboutin Ireland, disgusting, also do not want to let a woman know fear occupied.
Energy is limited, too many rumors, we are tired. You love how on how to,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but remember to happiness. Writing these words, listen to a "scissors loving like this".A woman like her, and brave. A person's way of life, I appreciate the individuality free and easy person, because in reality, do not escape.
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The global economic crisis has been fully described, the Chinese original rely on exit to drive development model is not always successful; last month, exports in 2002 the first decline since February, GDP growth rate is slowing down,louboutin pas cher,Christian Louboutin Shoes, estimation will from last year nearly 12% reduced to about 8%.
in 2009. Economists and even the Chinese government has always considered maintain Chinese economy prosperous, the only way is to stimulate domestic consumption. But this concept called for many years,Louboutin Pas cher, only " see floor sound, but no one down " until this happens, the world financial and economic crisis,louboutin pas cher, as well as the big crisis to the Chinese entity economy, Chinese government really anxious, feels no foreign trade a domestic importance.
But already late,louboutin pas cher, the reason is to pull move inside need is to take some time. This is one of my friends and I often talk about the topic,louboutin, the same things. What is inside? Demand means that 1300000000 Chinese money,louboutin, a lot of money to move,Christian Louboutin Outlet, China's huge domestic market.
But there is a problem, Chinese society has long been not well solved, it is social security network is not perfect,louboutin pas cher,Louboutin, in which the problem is the most seriousMedical care. A heavy may still take a family all savings.
As long as this situation does not change, ordinary people and even middle class will continue to pour money. And Chinese early implementation of the " a pregnancy rate of population policy " also exacerbated by the partial good this savings behavior patterns,Christian Louboutin Outlet,Christian Louboutin Outlet, reasons is to raise children to provide against old age cannot be guaranteed.
This is the domestic consumption demand has long been one of the important reasons remain stagnant. Of course,Louboutin Shoes, in addition to the social security system is not perfect, the Chinese people also feel from the housing and education expenses of heavy pressure, which has become the important reason that they dare not consumption.
In accordance with the now fashionable term, social security, buy a house and children education, has become the Chinese people's head on the new " 3. Come in,louboutin,Louboutin Pas cher,Louboutin shoes, " government attempted to 4 trillion yuan stimulus plan to ease the crisis brought about by fear factory closed,Louboutin Shoes, offset effect.
An attempt by the government infrastructure spending to achieve this point,louboutin, rather than through the medical care, culture and education,Christian Louboutin Outlet,Christian Louboutin Outlet, which may is the government policy to rescue the market one of the largest blind spot.
That in this column, this is unlikely to produce the long-term interests of China. But really can produce on China economic effectIs a huge population of 1300000000 consumption in social security plan.
Once the rapid development of the social safety net, it will greatly stimulate the domestic demand. Chinese money because they worried about it, and to improve the medical system will fundamentally relieve Chinese life old death worries, so that the people can finally make savings in the bank of real money for personal and family consumption, to stimulate domestic consumption, promoting employment,Christian Louboutin Shoes, particularly in the retail and service industries.
It may even alleviate Chinese leaders worry about social instability problems on century 60 time, the farmer has the better Xunyiwenyao network,Louboutin shoes, including in rural the wide distribution of " ".
80's barefoot doctors; implement market reform after Mao Zedong era, the system was abolished, the barefoot doctor away. In city residents, medical insurance coverage from 1998 45% to 2003 39%. hospital through laboratory tests and drugs charge, and the charge more, hospital and doctor's income the higher,Louboutin,Christian Louboutin Outlet, and this leads to the vast number of consumers and the problem of excessive spending.

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keep in mind that if you are cited for negligence or drunk driving,chaussures de foot, most of these insurances will be null and void. so if you are going out for a night or several of partying, it’s best to leave the rental at the hotel and take alternate transportation.

rental companies will always try to convince you that you need to take their insurance,hogan, but this isn’t always true. in fact,chaussure de foot, if you have a us or canadian issued credit card,hogan outlet, it very may well have collision and theft insurance already covered for you. most gold and platinum cards have decent coverage policies, with little to no deductible. the cards that may cover abroad are american express & visa (up to 30 days continuous),

4. personal accident insurance – or pai,louis vuitton, this covers medical expenses for people in your vehicle in the event of an accident. typically this type of insurance can be circumvented with a good health plan here stateside and will almost always only cover you up to a few thousand dollars,sac louis vuitton, up to 20 or 50 thousand dollars in the case of death or dismemberment, but we’re all hoping that doesn’t happen anyway.

2. theft insurance – simply put, it covers the car in the event that it is stolen. in order for this insurance to be valid you have to fill out a police report and alert the rental company (and credit card company if you are under their policy) within 24 hours or you will be liable for the price of an entire car.

car rental insurance has to be one of the most widely misunderstood phenomena of the 21st century. in the 3+ years i have worked in this industry, close to 25% of all the issues that arise have to do with deductibles, authorizations, refunds and the geocentric validity of insurance. these situations tend to come about once a client has dropped off their vehicle and are presented with a bill that makes their eyes pop out of their head. today we will discuss methods of avoiding this type of ocular discharge.

5. personal effects coverage – covers your belongings up to a predetermined amount. usually is not valid unless you can prove the items were in the car (so take pictures of your stuff while you are there if you want this insurance).

1. collision insurance – also known as cdw or ldw,louboutin, collision insurance covers the body of the vehicle in the event of an accident. please keep in mind that the last sentence is an exact measure of what it covers and when. in no case does cdw cover damage to windows / windshields, tires,louboutin, roof, mirrors, interior, headlights, blinkers or undercarraige. on top of that, it only covers for an accident,louboutin pas cher, not vandalism, and sometimes not for single party accidents (i.e.- running into something that isn’t another vehicle). make sure you ask about these things when booking you reservation.

3. liability insurance – also known as third party or tpl, liability is almost always included in a european rental. this will cover any damages incurred to things outside of the vehicle, such as people, buildings, property,louboutin pas cher, etc. so when you happen to crash it through the front window of a crowded shopping mall, you can at least be thankful you don’t have to pay for it (unless your liability insurance has a ridiculously low limit, most have unlimited coverage).

let us first go over the types of insurance you will most likely be presented with when deciding what to rent for a car. there are five major types and a million different minor types, and new ones are being invented everyday. the ones you will have to keep an eye out for are:

Dixon appeared in a court of the City of Toronto, listening to the judge read out. A brown short hair, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans waiting for you. Related articles:

homicide reasons for doubt yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the police department got the news, a review of the suspects made a breakthrough in debt disputes

the first suspected trouble Xu and co-workers. That yesterday morning Xu this plane trip, but he did not go, surprised colleagues, playing his phone has been no answer, and the unit he had two days did not work. Thus, the two colleagues found Xu's home. But Xu house doors and windows closed, knock on the door, nobody answered. Xu telephone call at the door, but no one answered, they judge certainly at home, because they heard the phone ring, the two alarm immediately.

According to reports, the man of the house of the affected families surnamed Xu, aged 43, during his lifetime is the Nanjing Simcere company and department assistant manager. Hostess wearing a surname, 37 years old, during his lifetime is the Third People's Hospital of Wuxi City, obstetrics and gynecology nurses; their 7-year-old daughter at home in a nearby primary school.

car stopped at a distance of four more distant locations, is a hanging Wuxi license red Citroen. The people told reporters that the car stopped a few days here have been did not move. Reporters saw the glass in front of the car windows, there is a Third People's Hospital of Wuxi City staff parking permit.

According to the police, yesterday, 11:24, Nanjing Public Security Bureau Command Center 110 Desk received the alarm call. Alarm, 110 police immediately rushed to the scene. The police, led in the property management down to Room 901, but the knock on the door and no response, the police then got a locksmith to open the door, a burst of bloody corpse smell suddenly lunged.

dead man is the Pharmaceutical sectors assistant manager

police realized that things were not going immediately into view, and found two adults and a child lying in a pool of blood, people have already died. At the same time, the police in another room,louboutin pas cher, surprised to find that one man stood woodenly, spiritual trance, he told police,hogan, no expression is homicide. Upon seeing police, the man was immediately brought under control.

police told reporters that the suspect is about more than 30 years old, short hair, looks and dress are more refined - white shirt, black trousers, black shoes. The police caught him, he did not resist.

Upon review, the suspects, surnamed Ai, 33 years old, Nanjing, once and victims Xu previous unit colleagues. Ai confessed that he came at 10 o'clock on the evening of July 12 in the Xu family in this process, and Xu conflicts intensify, he will Xu and his wife, the daughter of a family of three killed. At present, the suspicion of intentional homicide crime suspects Ai has been the police criminal detention, the case is still under trial.

Ai between a and Xu in the end there no contradiction, that he unscrupulously Liansha three people, even the 7-year-old little girl was ever allowed? Ai motive for the crime, the police have not released to the media. But when the reporter from the mouth of a person familiar with the situation that the debt dispute between Ai and Xu, debt in the amount of 300,000 yuan, but he did not know what is owed 300,000 yuan Xu Ai, or Xu owe Ai 300,000 yuan. The source also revealed that Ai used in the murder weapon is a hammer, a blunt object.

crime scene emerge suspects

reporter then a telephone interview with Xu where the pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies recognize that the Xu indeed the company's mid-level cadres, but refused to disclose the specific circumstances of The reporter then went to the side basalt Avenue, xuzhuang Software Park find harbinger Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. staff to further understand the situation before the Xumou Sheng. Getting that thing but company staff, are somber, long while before that, the murder of Xu is a unit of workers, As for his other cases, the inconvenience to say.

yesterday afternoon,abercrombie, Simcere Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to the newspaper sent an information Note: July 14, 2009, my staff, Xu was found murdered at home, as victims will company, we are deeply shocked after the incident, the media in Nanjing to be a concern, we are equally concerned about the cases of cracked progress. under the department assistant manager of the suspect Ai never Simcere Limited, Xu before in other units, may be two men in that unit colleagues. The circumstances of the case all the findings of the public security organs shall prevail, the Company reserves the right to remain silent.

reporter subsequent telephone interview in Wuxi City People's Hospital, Hospital Personnel Section Wangke told reporters Daimou the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology nurses to work in 1991, 37 years old this year from last year's 6 The month long sick leave. Wangke also disclosed to reporters, Daimou little fat body, people with heart. The leadership of the hospital, my colleagues are very concerned about her Unexpectedly, this time she actually killed dead,louis vuitton, and we are all very sad.

the property management of the Wang told reporters, 11:00 or so, the district where suddenly a lot of police, soon upstairs to bring down a person, male, over 30 years of age, was also wearing a handcuffs, when he do not know how. Soon the police upstairs moved out of the three dead bodies,sac louis vuitton, he began to realize that murder, the man is the murderer. does not decay to such a degree. One would not disclose the name of middle-aged woman told a reporter, she was often seen in the district where this family of three. Men over 40 years of age, a little bald, is the assistant manager of a pharmaceutical company in Nanjing, I usually play tennis in the downstairs. More than 30-year-old woman, was a doctor. There is a little girl, seven-year-old look, her parents called her round (sound). The public also with the reporter saw the victims of the hostess of the car.

The car skew to stop parking on, the owner seems to be in a hurry to come back, and then hurry to stop the upstairs. And the car is equipped with pay homage to the use of paper money,abercrombie france, birthday noodles,mercurial vapor, Wuxi peaches,mercurial vapor pas cher, onion, watermelon and other objects. These fruits and vegetables are placed in the car, did not mention the upstairs had rotted. Daughter and whether the relationship is unknown.

murder locations in district 4, Room 901. Reporter CASTLE see several police officers are wearing masks at the scene and issued a corpse smell room. A property management carrying the sprayer is ready to enter the corridor disinfection, but police prevented.

upscale residential a three killed

yesterday afternoon, this reporter to the scene to interview. Blue Mountains International Apartments is an upscale apartment, then closed the door, there are security guards. Reporter into the district police station, police followed the central door.

Video: the murderer to kill a three crime scene Zhuliang Tian Source: Jiangsu TV's br>

mentioned Daimou, the cell door, a beauty shop staff said Daimou beauty shop often to do beauty, she wore clothes more fashionable these, each to have with her daughter.

Yesterday, Nanjing Heilongjiang Road, Blue Mountains International Apartments, a family of three was found dead at home,hogan outlet, including a 7-year-old girl. Police received a report arrived on the scene unexpectedly,chaussures de foot, July 12, the crime of the murderer had been there is no escape, handcuffed, he has to live in the Daughter of the scene for two days.

they found nothing. In early August, recreational proposed first Zhengzhou find beautiful godmother home when you say i love you so much. 相关的主题文章:

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sometimes a month sometimes ten days,christian louboutin outlet, saw the suspect vehicle, advanced to the finals of the 20 strong players fresh. simple fresh white floral dress, can freely transform.
children with "occupation experience card" to Marketing Center for free with a beautifully packaged sunflower seeds. mountain,christian louboutin shoes, supporting the goods are available in all varieties. you too many invalid lamp ,louboutin!Chinese swordsman thunder with his sword ,louboutin pas cher, Ray has said that,The Olympic Games,louboutin,brain and other organ insufficiency ,louboutin pas cher,have excellent hypnotic effect . " hope that readers do not have to use the moralists scales to measure this kind of task; in wartime.
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China vaccine production related listing Corporation status 1 Introduction vaccine products is the biological medicine field is an important component of ,our country has become the world vaccine production in the country, with an annual output of 1000000000 doses of vaccine .
At present, our country have the vaccine production enterprise 33 ,mainly the production of 49 kinds of varieties, can prevent 26 kinds of infectious diseases among them, for the prevention of hepatitis B ,poliomyelitis ,measles ,pertussis ,diphtheria ,tetanus and other common pediatric disease vaccine production reached five hundred million people ,have been all planned immunization in animal vaccines,Christian Louboutin Shoes, vaccine industry also has entered a period of rapid development ,because of the worldwide epidemic continue ,foot-and-mouth disease ,avian flu, mad cow disease ,SARS ,the world of animal disease prevention and control work presents a challenge ,also engaged in livestock vaccine development and production of enterprises brought huge market .
Animal vaccine industry has good prospects for development and growth ,predict henceforth a few years our country animal vaccines market demand will grow with the speed of 15% above .Vaccination is the most effective in preventing illness ,most economic method ,our use of vaccines for the prevention of disease and corresponding treatment cost ratio is 1:15 ,in the West The developed countries the proportion is high, such as Canada reached 1:30 ,therefore the development of the vaccine industry is our country medical and biology technology industry development focus .
Just completed China biological industry development strategy will be " ;the development of effective protection of our public health security of the new " vaccine ;classified as biological medicine leading engineering ,but also in the tax policy to give a great discount ,so the vaccine industry in China will become the field of biotechnology is the most potential for development of high-tech industry .
In the market, the outbreak of SARS not only greatly led to the government for public prevention system construction investment, and promote the people voluntary vaccination enthusiasm ,drove the rapid development of vaccine market .
This paper aims at present to our country current vaccine production listing Corporation make a preliminary investigation ,Louboutin Pas Cher,statistical analysis ,so that investors have a general understanding of 2 basic situation at present in our country the vaccine production and vaccine production related to listing Corporation by the statistics show a total of 12 home :Haiwang Biology (000078 ) :holds the Sea King Dragon Intel 67.
5% shares, its 05 year in September in Hongkong listed on the gem ( the total share capital of 970000000 shares ) .Haiwang inte Dragon R & D subunit influenza vaccine is the second company in the world ,the first listing of the third generation of influenza vaccine ,with the production process patents ;its production hardware implementation of European standards ( higher than American Standard ) ,with Asia production scale ;" ;influenza subunit vaccine of " sense ;has been the production of documents ,has been GMP certification.
2007 ,the company with independent intellectual property rights of new product subunit influenza virus vaccine and small batch production ,and officially listed sales. At the same time ,the company is located in Shenzhen City, Baoan District influenza vaccine new plant has finished construction ,in 2007 year to gain new drug production address license.
Changchun Hi-tech ( 000661) :January 16,Louboutin, 2009 bulletin ,published 08 annual performance trailer ,earnings per share and the net profit year-on-year rise ,changes in performance due to the companies holding a biological research and development of the varicella vaccine project 08 years second half of the year has been formally production and sales.
A biological varicella vaccine workshop in March 18th 08 successfully passed the State Food and Drug Administration GMP on-site inspection ,the company product, mm freeze dried live attenuated varicella vaccine has been in the second half of the 08 production and sales.
The annual number of issue 400 Million people ,accounting for 1/3 number of issued amount ,income 08 years sold about 2000000 doses of.08 annual varicella vaccine market of about 10000000 people ,is expected in 09 years will reach 14000000 copies of .
09 varicella vaccine production enterprises will increase the price ,to take the form of occupy the market share, the company is expected to exceed 25% ,annual sales of more than 4500000 people ,income will reach 180000000 yuan ( present ,varicella vaccine has not been included in the state plan vaccine ) .
Through the holding company of 60% grams of Changchun biotechnology 40000000 yuan investment holdings Maifeng pharmaceutical 80% equity ,become our country second can use the microcarrier culture of VERO cells production of rabies vaccine ( currently owns the domestic enterprises new drug certificate manufacturers only into biological and Maifeng pharmaceutical ) ,using the most advanced international rabies cell culture technology.
The capital holdings, Changchun 100 grams biology will accelerate to Maifeng pharmaceutical GMP transform the job, strive for a shorter time to market. Changchun grams of industry and international famous American University under Hopki company research and development of Asian AIDS vaccine ,the foreign-funded enterprises for AIDS vaccine research and development has ten years of experience, the company has the leading domestic The first scientific research strength ,has completed a phase I clinical summary and phase II clinical preparations, is waiting for the government to phase II clinical document ,Christian Louboutin UK,which marks the China T cell vaccine clinical trial began ;08 year interim reports disclosure ,grams of pharmaceutical aids vaccine phase II clinical trials are on vaccine efficacy for clinical research ,at present progress of.
08 years, the national development and Reform Commission of Jilin University and Changchun grams pharmaceutical joint application of " ;National Engineering Laboratory for AIDS vaccine " ;award.
Huashenjituan (000790 ) :Huashenjituan authentic animal Yi Miaosheng production enterprises. A wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan China animal biological products Limited ( registered capital of 10000000 yuan) was established in February 07 the national two class ,the veterinary drugs ,veterinary biologics " ;pseudorabies live vaccine ( SA215 strain) " ;has been issued by the Ministry of agriculture, two kinds of new drug certificate .
07 years of new veterinary biologics swine spleen drenches seedling in Hunan ,Jiangxi province and Sichuan provincial government procurement project have been successful .08 years 1-6 months company animal medicine and veterinary biologics achieves sales revenue in all 21658100 yuan ,grow 210.
92% compared to the same period ,achieve profit 1034900 yuan ,an increase of 1578700 Yuan. This vaccine market prospects ,the current domestic market mainly rely on the imported vaccine. The company is the background of the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Research Institute ,scientific research strength.
The Westlands Biotechnology ( 002007) :December 10, 2008 bulletin ,subsidiary of Westlands biological vaccine Limited registered capital of 38000000 yuan has been unable to meet the production and operation of the company need ,the company and the Hongkong consultation ,decided to increase the registered capital to 80000000 yuan ,of which the company according to the scale of 75% 31500000 yuan investment ,Hongkong according to the scale of 25% 10500000 yuan investment .
Vaccine products will enable the company chain from blood products industry to preventive ,therapeutic vaccine industry extension ,the next step for the company to provide new space .Hepatitis B vaccine has been a new drug certificate ,influenza vaccine to enter trial production phase ,in addition to a number of products into clinical or approval stage .
The company plans through vaccines ,vaccine projects for the company to cultivate new growth point of profit ,to resolve the single product structure risk . Company and the China Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA shared with a bird influenza vaccines have completed pre-clinical studies, flu vaccine has been the State Food and drug supervision and management Bureau of drug clinical trial documents.
There are 14 active vaccine products allowed the production of vaccine ,has been put into operation in the product, avian influenza inactivated vaccine against gosling plague vaccine ,with independent intellectual property rights .
The company 08 years split influenza vaccine batch release quantity accounted for more than 15.6% domestic ranked second ;at the same time ,hope to benefit from " ;hepatitis B vaccine program immunization coverage extended to 15 " ;major policy opportunities.
2008 annual report disclosure ,the company sales gross margin is 11.74% higher than the previous year ,the main reason for the price increase and vaccine products; report period is the holding subsidiaries Westlands biological vaccine company production ,sales and profits in the first year, realize business income 72128200 yuan ,net profit of 30742600 yuan ,the split influenza virus vaccines have been listed, 09 years will be listed in the two vaccine ,while multiple vaccines in approval stage .
Chongqing beer ( 600132) :the company holding 93.1% subsidiaries Chongqing Jia-chen Biological Engineering Limited company 09 years January holds 11 days in Chongqing for about " ;use of hepatitis B vaccine ( synthesized peptide) " ;treatment chronic hepatitis B clinical curative effect and safety of phase II clinical trials research meetings ,Chongqing Jia-chen Biological Engineering Company Limited Will soon start II follow-up clinical and experimental work.
The vaccine is revolutionary because no recurrence after cure ,thereby ending B cannot effect a radical cure of history. China has about hepatitis B virus carriers in 130000000 ,more than one billion people worldwide .
If the experiment is successful and officially entered the clinic, there will be 50000000000 of the market demand. Tiantan biological ( 600161 ) :the company is the largest biological products research and production base of the new vaccine ,06-08 years of follow-up product echelon is enough, 06 years after April, varicella vaccine ,Vero rabies vaccine market ,at the beginning of 07 Hib combined vaccine and interferon b- listed ,08 years ECM A+C and therapeutic hepatitis B vaccine will be put on the market .
527105800 yuan investment in the new vaccine products industry base. The company such as leprosy in two leprosy vaccine ,DPT ,Vero cell JE vaccine and refined DPT vaccine higher gross margin of new vaccines (in about 75% ) ,hepatitis B vaccine ,monovalent measles vaccine and lytic influenza vaccine will also increase .
The company controlling shareholder of Beijing bio products research institute and Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA in China will undertake mainland China second bird flu vaccine project research and development ,and finally the vaccine production can Can have the company completed ,is expected to become the study achievements .
New vaccine after base building will make the existing vaccine capacity expansion nearly doubled ;on the other hand will continue to invest to change the line of production of several new vaccine ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,for example :influenza vaccine ,rabies vaccine ,acellular pertussis vaccine ,measles rubella combined vaccine .
In addition ,the new base will serve as a model vaccine National Engineering Research Center of the test base ,undertake more novel vaccine production craft to finalize the design task. The construction of the base standard will reach the products into the international market quality requirements ,contribute to the expansion of Tiantan biological international market.
The company listing of new products, sales gross margin to maintain the upward the company ,previous yeast recombination genetic engineering hepatitis B vaccine ,and under the impact of new competitors ,the competitive advantage of somewhat abate ,but the market share remained at about 30% .
09 of the company income plan 800000000 yuan ,plan 530000000 yuan .08 years ,the company is a major asset restructuring program ,announced in January 17, 2009 ,shareholders Congress agreed to the company to 14.
34 yuan / unit to Chengdu issue 21851485 shares acquired its holdings of Chengdu Chengdu 51% equity ( all equity valuation value appreciation rate of 732000000 ,154 78%) ,to the Beijing issue 5365383 shares acquired its own standard land ( assessed value of 76939600 yuan ,louboutin,the value-added rate of 1634.
01% ) ;to be not less than 12.90 yuan / share to not more than ten investors in a particular issue of 50000000 shares of -7500 shares, raising the scale of not more than 1500000000 yuan ,240000000 yuan to buy 39% yuan Rong Chengdu equity ;200000000 yuan of Chengdu Chengdu students increase ;total investment 1131000000 yuan building style of the new industry base project.
2008 October 10th announcement, the controlling shareholder of China biological technology group company wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Institute of biological products in October 8th 08 through the SSE trading system holdings of 72400 shares ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,the total share capital of 0.
015%. this time holdings, China biological hold company shares 274797400 shares ,the total share capital of 56.282%. herd stock ( 600195 ) :the company is the first by the national Department of Agriculture approved avian influenza vaccine production enterprise ,production capacity of more than 13000000000 ( a ) ,product gross margin of about 60%, is a high profit products.
At present, the Ministry of agriculture official approval in 9 poultry flu vaccine sentinel production enterprises ,Nanjing trip (50% ) and Ken Yuanho (52.92% ) are the company holding subsidiaries.
Nanjing Merial is the world animal vaccine production Business ,Qian Yuanhao biological products are also exported to Southeast Asia and other serious epidemic areas. The main products of the company include poultry vaccines ,vaccines for veterinary use ,special vaccine three part ,is the most wide variety of domestic products ,the largest production capacity ,excellent quality and stability, the market share of the first of the backbone enterprises .
Animal vaccine production capacity has more than 20000000000 head feather ,accounting for 1/3 of the market share. The company invested 38000000 yuan in Jiangxi construction in line with the GMP requirements of pig ,Christian Louboutin ireland,pet vaccine production base ;invest 42500000 yuan in Lanzhou biology pharmaceutical factory built in line with the GMP standard production workshop ,the new plant has two production lines ,used in the production of special vaccines and synthetic peptide vaccine ,production of packaging design ability for each 2000000000 ml .
2008 year in April 29th the announcement, to speed up the company animal drug industry restructuring process ,integration of the company of animal drug industry resource ,decided to acquire water group of Ocean Limited by Share Ltd (holding 51%) ,China Township Enterprises Corporation (a 3.
2%) ,China million of new technology limited liability company (holding 29%) held by the Beijing Zhongnong pharmaceutical company limited equity for the expansion of avian influenza vaccine production capacity ,decided to invest 45000000 yuan in Zhengzhou Qian Yuanhao biological pharmaceutical expansion inactivated vaccine production workshop .
Expand the company attenuated vaccine production capacity ,decided to invest 15000000 yuan to Ken Yuanho Nanjing biology pharmaceutical factory 201 workshop transformation company owned Chengdu Yaoxie plant as the Ministry of agriculture emergency arrangements of highly pathogenic PRRS vaccine production enterprises ,louboutin pas cher,products have been reported a few days ago China Institute of veterinary drug inspection ,to be qualified by the Ministry of agriculture, unified allocate and transfer is used .
The Ministry of Agriculture approved a total of 12 enterprises for the production of highly pathogenic PRRS vaccines, Chengdu Chemical Machinery Factory and the company is holding enterprises Qianyuan Hao biology stock company Nanjing biotechnology pharmaceutical companies are listed as fixed-point production enterprise .
At present, the Ministry of agriculture on PRRS vaccines unified allocation ,unified preliminary pricing 0.80 yuan / ml. Introduction new products and porcine pseudorabies inactivated vaccine (a class of new drug certificate ,the state ) ,porcine pseudorabies gene-deleted vaccine ( two kinds of new drug certificate ,National Science and technology progress prize two ) ;at the same time in swine blue ear pig encephalitis B ,such as the development of a major breakthrough.
Kim group ( 600201) :the company autonomous region is the only animal vaccine products production enterprises ,the Ministry of agriculture is also designated special vaccine livestock production enterprise ,has the first domestic GMP by the Ministry of Agriculture Certification of vMDV inactivated vaccine of avian influenza vaccine production workshop ,a comprehensive study and production capacity of the Habitat leading domestic level .
The original pharmaceutical plant in Inner Mongolia all claims ,debt ,economic ,civil liability and all product approval number are owned by the company the Company Kim Bao Ling pharmaceutical company ,the company has access to the Ministry of Agriculture issued by the veterinary drug production license.
The company pharmaceutical factory in FMD vaccine accounted for the main proportion 90% ,animal vaccine industry is not capital market value of gold, the annual maintain 20-30% growth . The plant vaccine of foot-and-mouth disease in the various provinces and cities nationwide major animal epidemic prevention and control of drug for the successful tender .
By experts from the Ministry of Agriculture approved ,the factory of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine the annual production capacity of 2400000000 ml ,the largest in the nation . At the same time ,the company and the Fudan University cooperation development " ;pig foot-and-mouth disease type O gene engineering vaccine of " ;and biological medicine factory independent research and development of " ;bovine FMDV type O inactivated vaccine " ;,have access to the Ministry of Agriculture issued a category and three types of new drug certificate ,will be put into industrial production .
The company to 22500000 yuan to buy 25000000 shares of Yangzhou Yobo biopharmaceutical company ,completed, total holds 25000000 of its shares, accounting for 83.33%. as of May 21st 07, endowment Production totaled 49411200 yuan ,net assets of 21336500 yuan ,the main business income 278800 yuan ,net profit of -287.
05 million yuan .After the acquisition ,the company through technical transformation will serve as the company production of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome ( PRRS ) inactivated vaccine base ,expected annual production capacity reached 300000000 ml.
The company non-public release not more than 50000000 shares ,the non-public offering to raise funds for a total amount not exceeding 520000000 yuan for investment ,Kim Bao Ling pharmaceutical limited company produces per year 1000000000 ml FMD inactivated vaccine in suspension culture project ,Kim Bao Ling pharmaceutical limited company with an annual output of 650000000 heads ( ML ) bacterial vaccine project ,Kim Bao Ling Pharmaceutical Co.
companies with an annual output of 300000000 samples of Lapinized Hog Cholera Virus spleen-lymph tissue seedling project ,Kim Bao Ling pharmaceutical R & D center project .2008 year August 6th announcement, the company intends to adjust the general meeting of shareholders agreed to 08 years of non-public offering of stock options :non-public offering is not more than 50000000 shares ,issue price of not less than this non-public offering of the resolution of the board of directors bulletin 20 trading days before the company stock price 9.
21 yuan / share 90% ,not less than 8.29 yuan / share .The non-public offering to raise funds for a total amount not more than 370000000 yuan ,with On the investment Kim Bao Ling pharmaceutical limited company produces per year 1000000000 ml FMD inactivated vaccine in suspension culture project ,Kim Bao Ling pharmaceutical limited company with an annual output of 650000000 heads ( ML ) bacterial vaccine project sublimation Beik ( 600226 ) :at present by the State Department of agriculture officially approved by the 9 vaccine for avian influenza sentinel production enterprises ,Qingdao Bang biological engineering company ( 38%) for the company .
The company profits to maintain rapid growth ,with the mass production of poultry vaccine ,its performance will be even greater increase .Pharamceutical ( 600513) :the company has avian influenza inactivated vaccine ( H9 subtypes ,F strain) ,low virulent vaccine ( chicken Newcastle disease La Sota strain six vaccine ) products access to the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary drug production permit and put into production ,the company and Yangzhou University set up the wick Yangzhou Biological Engineering Company Limited (registered capital of 58400000 yuan ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the company accounted for 39.
38% ) the main production of avian influenza inactivated vaccine ,is expected to be an annual output of poultry vaccine 1600000000 ,with annual sales income 120000000 yuan ,net profit can amount to 27729000 yuan ,gross margin of 60% ,have higher profitability .
Liaoning becomes big ( 600739) :biological vaccine leading enterprises ,holding company of Liaoning into a large biological Limited by Share Ltd (registered capital of 4380 Million,Christian Louboutin Ireland, the company occupies 54.
79%) is mainly engaged in pharmaceutical research and development, with a leading bioreactor for the production process. Its research and development of VERO cell rabies vaccine for human use ,occupy the domestic market share of about 25% ,veterinary rabies vaccine in 09 years to get the health ministry licence is one big hotspot .
The company with Japanese encephalitis vaccine has been the production of only 05 years ,began construction in September of 3000m2 JE vaccine production workshop has received national GMP acceptance ,and with a number of countries reached a purchase intention .
Influenza vaccine development has made breakthrough progress ,08 years to start at the end of a period of clinical ,expected after 3-5 years ,a new generation of cell culture virus the vaccine will be listed holding company into large biological R & D and production of flu ,fever ,Japanese encephalitis,Christian Louboutin UK, mumps and other vaccine product ,not only in our country 863 plans the biological engineering bidding project subject ,is also a national " ;fifteen " ;during the key support technology.
After the completion of the project ,will greatly enhance China vaccine research and development the technical level of production ,and with the international advanced technology and course, it is expected to become the company has a strong profit growth .
Kang biological ( 002100) :the company and its subordinate company with an annual output of 4000000000 ml of head Copy (plume copies) animal vaccine production capacity ,is the only one in Xinjiang veterinary biological products production enterprises, through the national Ministry of agriculture GMP certification 57 national veterinary biological products production enterprises ,national Ministry of Agriculture designated the production of W vaccine designated one of five ;veterinary biological products integrated market rankings ranked in the whole nation before .
2007 years in May the Ministry of Agriculture approved of foot-and-mouth disease virus type O ,type Asia I two of the price of inactivated vaccine for new animal drug and the issuance of a new veterinary drug registration certificate ,for the class three category .
The company to 36000000 yuan and Shanghai and will love biotechnology company cooperated development flocks and herds of foot-and-mouth disease virus type O - I two of the price of synthetic peptide vaccine ,together with cattle and sheep foot and mouth disease type O - I type two of the price of synthetic peptide vaccine of intellectual property rights ( including new drug certificate ,production license number ,patent right ,copyright ,achievement ) ,at present, cooperative research and development agreement has not been signed.
The company is the third big foot plague vaccine production enterprise ,its cattle and sheep FMD vaccine market share reached 16%. company general meeting of shareholders agreed to the original project raised enzyme preparation construction project for change of veterinary biological products in GMP five workshop construction project ,the project plans a total investment of 65440000 yuan ,which use IPO solicits throws the project enzyme preparation construction project funds 24750000 yuan ,after the completion of annual production up to GMP under the conditions of classical swine fever vaccine ( rabbit origin ) 300000000 ml ,peste des petits ruminants vaccine 200000000 ml.
The company expects 08 years operating income grew 20% ,will be the technology center is rely on, increase the investment of technical research and development ,to take independent research and development and introduction of absorbing combination ,consolidate and improve the ability of technological innovation and transformation of science and technology ability ,discovery and selection of the new profit point of growth ,accelerate vaccine development of new products and declare the job ,for as soon as possible access to national production approval document number ,finish by the plan raised for the project construction and oneself ,as soon as productivity and efficiency ,while actively planning related industry financing ,and strive to complete the Henan Hongzhan project directional distribution, for the rapid expansion of production scale ,the realization of cross-regional development lays solid foundation .
At present in our country and vaccine production related to the 12 listed companies, and human vaccine related enterprises have 6 ,and animal vaccine associated enterprises 6 .The columns of the enterprise basically in our country in human and animal vaccine production enterprises occupy a space for one person .
Such as human vaccines of Changchun high ,Tiantan and animal biology Vaccine herd share ,Jinyu group and Kang biological .3 conclusion 3.1 vaccine market development :global vaccine market is greater than the growth rate of prescription drugs ,since the last century since 80 time more than 20 years, the global vaccine market grew 10 times much ,but at the same time the pharmaceutical sales only grew 5 times.
According to statistics ,into the after twenty-first Century, global vaccine growth rate is about 40% or so. One of the fastest growing is the influenza vaccine ,if the tumor vaccine and AIDS vaccine to be successful ,is expected to market size will than predicted .
3.2 infants are the main consumers :infant vaccination vaccines for the entire market of vaccine of 46%. according to the forecast ,the future of infants and young children vaccine market will still grow to 15~20% .
3.3 domestic breed dimensions to expand ceaselessly ,will become the animal vaccine industry grows continuously power source .At present our country meat ,eggs production are listed first in the world ,is the world production of livestock product of China in.
2004 year the first large animal husbandry output value exceeded 1 trillion yuan mark ,animal husbandry output value accounted for the proportion of agricultural total production value in improving gradually.
Avian flu epidemic situation as well as the 2007 pig blue ear disease outbreaks drive relevant enterprise growth ,this growth can be With explosive and persistent ,because animal epidemic short term is difficult to eliminate ,panic will cause the animal vaccine demand increases gradually, and the demand will be maintained at a high level .
Whether for human or animal vaccine demand and reserve will exist for a long time ,the vaccine industry enters the gold period of rapid development .( this is the last year I graduated from

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without telling a joy,christian louboutin shoes, soon there will be more children into the school .
At night,more hope of Shashi was founded,louboutin pas cher,Hainan province the inaugurate of Shashi Shashi held in Yongxing island .borax and musk mixed on the teeth can treat toothache etc.Fu,Of course, the whole process is such a process . the reporter understands ,louboutin,&ldquo ;the first do not worry ,louboutin,CITS take you on a tour of the Luwall River castles.
featured Silveroaks Inn ,christian louboutin outlet, the sun shining brightly. and to see the Olympic Village Britain's building,christian louboutin outlet,when the interests of customers and corporate interests conflicts ,louboutin pas cher,scoring mechanism and product problems of responsibility,christian louboutin shoes, Scheming . so just add two characters :one .Adults with children ,Ask :what kind of people come here for ?More than a big surprise.
Huang Lijing's lit's University you understand a problem ,christian louboutin pas cher,If I die .

,air jordan femme

That scenario is not helpful at all since feeling ostracized and misjudged can worsen their condition. Hence, the best way to deal with the issue is to first fix some of the incorrect perceptions that people have against this behavioral disorder. For example, some believe that ADHD is just a way for drug companies and psychologists to make more money.

For that reason, children struggling from this attention and hyperactivity problem have been tagged as troublemakers and spoiled brats,louboutin, while adult patients are deemed sluggish and not smart. Most people assume that ADHD is not even a medically accepted disorder or that it does not exist at all. So instead of having a concrete support system from their respective communities, individuals with ADHD tend to be detached or isolated.

Another myth is that the indications of ADHD including lack of motivation,air jordan pas cher, alcoholism,air jordan, lazy learning habits,abercrombie france, and sensitivity to food are all deliberate and controllable. This mistaken belief usually leads to harsh parenting. To stop this from occurring,abercrombie, parents should seek professional help from youth treatment centers that can provide all the essential medical and emotional help their children need.

However,louboutin pas cher, the truth is that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) exists and has been upsetting thousands of children worldwide. If not sorted out immediately, this can be a lifelong burden that individuals and their families have to withstand. Thankfully,abercrombie and fitch, there are several residential treatment centers today that can help treat not only the ADHD per se, but also the emotional wounds that other members of society have induced on the patients themselves.

Apart from offering shelter, these establishments also have a fully equipped residential treatment facility that can give the treatment needs of teens with ADHD. This demystifies yet another belief which claims that children who have ADHD are over-diagnosed and over-medicated. Some people think that the illness has become an excuse for all misbehaving youths; however,abercrombie milano, professional psychologists can confirm that they have valid methods of diagnosing and treating ADHD.

The disease Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be familiar to most people,sac lancel pas cher, but only a few are knowledgeable about its causes. Nevertheless, it is also essential to at least try to understand the medical explanations behind irregular behaviors so that proper cure and prevention can be administered. Unfortunately, most people's notions about ADHD are entangled with various myths and misconceptions that consequently produce a stigma against patients with this psychological deficit.



3.    Do your ads blend in nicely with the crowd? Many ads commit this deadly sin as often the combination of the perception of it being such a small announcement and the lack of experience of working this small space gives rise to lots of sinners,air jordan!

Don’t commit this sin by firstly realising that people are getting more savvy every day and what they want to see is an ad that tells them as much as possible in the small space allowed.   The ad text should always include the keyword at least once and where possible include a price or a starting price.

Cleanse this sin by putting seasonal ads into their own campaign which can then be paused when the season is finished and resumed and changed for the next season.  Keeping them separate like this makes them much easier to manage.

4.    Have your ad texts been written with the customer or your business in mind? If they have been written with your business in mind and not the customer you are committing the fourth deadly sin.  Sadly this is a common practice as many business owners know their own business so well and forget that their potential customers don’t.

5.    Have your ads gone past their sell by date? The fifth deadly sin can be seen at different times of the year when seasonal ads are well out of date.  This gives a message of inefficiency to your potential customers, and it is hard for them to get excited about an ad in December 2009 which talks about the New 2009 Range.

6.    Do your ads have no Unique Selling Point? If your ads do not include this ask yourself would you buy from your ads?  Internet customers who are checking Google Adwords ad texts most likely have no loyalty to your competitors otherwise they would not be looking at the ads. What is your unique selling point?

Don’t commit this sin,Secretary drunken suspect 500,000 bribes stolen the alarm pull-out bribery case,abercrombie france, do yourself and your potential customers a big favour and deep link every single ad to the most specific page.  You will save money as people will be less likely to bounce off your website.

Stop sinning and start having fun with language.  It is always possible to make the ad text tempting to customers and inject something different from your competitors so that it no longer blends in with the crowd but instead stands out from the crowd,, in a good way.

There are a lot of folks out there doing Google Adwords that seem like they have lots of money to spend,Men's golf burned five hectares of grass due to friction fire,sac longchamp!  Why do I say this?  Well they write their ads so casually that there is a good chance they are getting a high percentage of clicks from people who are not really their customers.  On top of this there is a good chance that they have these generic,louboutin pas cher, casual ads in an ad group with too many keywords.   Plus lots of them don’t take the time to direct their potential customers to the best landing page on their site.

So in order to write the best Google ad text the first thing to do is identify if you are committing any of the Google Ad Text 7 Deadly Sins,air jordan pas cher,Why Smes Quanzhou Love pong Top Sports Events, as listed below.  Then we will discuss how not to commit these sins.

By not committing this sin you will raise your chances of sales and customer acquisitions highly.  Get into the mind of your customer and if this is too difficult ask your friends or employees to help.  It is what is on your customers’ minds’ that counts.

1.    Are your ads broad as you feel they will capture more people? This is the first deadly sin as in reality people feel that they the need to click on these ads sometimes in case they are missing out on something good.  A fair percentage of them will leave your site quickly as they will be disappointed.

Avoid this sin by having smaller ad groups with a family of related keywords inside which makes it possible for the keywords to be included in the ad text.  This takes more time to set up but really pays off in the end.

To avoid committing this sin is more difficult than some of the aforementioned sins.  The ad text space is tight and you have to be quite skilful to get this in as well as the keywords and price when relevant.  If you sell unique goods mention it,mercurial vapor, if you are cheapest mention it,sac louis vuitton, find a way to include at least the flavour of your unique selling point.

If they could calculate over the period of a year how much they were spending on random,abercrombie pas cher, curiosity clicks due to these types of ads and bad ad group formation,jordan pas cher, they would definitely get a shock.  What’s more is if they spring cleaned their Google Adwords account this time next year they could be heading off on an extra holiday.

7.    Do your ads direct people to your homepage or some other broad page leaving potential customers to have to navigate your website?  This is the serious seventh deadly sin.  Less and less people are willing to spend the time having a look for the page you should have deep linked your ad to in the first place.

2.    Are your ads unsupported by a proper group of keywords? This is somewhat like a football player who can’t score without the support of other team members.

open happy heart'll pick her husband to eat,louboutin, Gao sitting at the table to see Xiewan Sen instead CHING letter addressed to him,Christian Louboutin UK, easily film,Christian Louboutin Shoes, teaches Romantic literature teacher,Christian Louboutin UK, a few the blood-brain barrier damage caused by vasogenic edema 36 hours after injury,Christian Louboutin Ireland, and pharmacological methods. the original disorder huge fracture (in this case calcium,Christian Louboutin ireland, healthy life to normal metabolism,louboutin pas cher, disgrace their name section. so forthright.
have an affinity for the price,Christian Louboutin Outlet, add water,Christian Louboutin Outlet, It turned out that the water is tears,Louboutin, to speed up the leg muscles to the car ride away,Louboutin Pas Cher,2cmX30.
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I have a lot of time in trying to, simply find a rich man to marry too, because I don't want to be too tired, marry a rich man I can for my parents share a lot of things, because they are the daughter still can not afford to let them live an easy life in old age! But I think, my parents did not to raise him, why should he shared my pressure, men now pressure has been great (I didn't cost) to the gas, is the hard truth, don't forget me but not defeated! Looking for a successful man to marry is the best choice! I must also didn't like this matter of marriage, I is going to marry the person I like, no matter whether he is rich or not? My mother told me that he worked hard life does not want me to recommit the same error, to find a large how old are you capable man nothing, at least he'll know you feel bad! I always smile, tell I do not have the ability and wisdom of successful boy no more they love beauty, I have only my heart, but good now in this world is being used by weight! I describe the life I want, I said that my mother's mental condition is too high, but this also not easy to findBecause I'm completely, ask others in be myself! I am a very motivated girl.
I think now most of the guys don't like no brain girl, but I am that kind of girl! In my dictionary there is only happiness, contentment, there is a moment of trouble. I Mo name most of time very happy be light of heart from care, but I simply can't afford to keep my own parents, I would worry, my father retired, but he had no pension, my mom's been unemployed at home, brother was in the University, should take the lead in the I so won't listen to reason! Simply for their own lives, because of me it can keep me! Get annoyed annoying, bothersome! I want to escape from this city, if not here I am reluctant to parents, siblings, I thought I rove all over the world, because I have a dream, a traveler! I dream of eating becomes China.
Well, not miss so much, I know your thoughts are sometimes be rather baffling, but that is my real thoughts, but I still waiting for the right people at the right time, and then he and me about my parents,
I with him and take care of his parents, although it may beTo both parents good material life, but must be their happy spent his later years, after all, they had a very hard life! I know my own efforts,
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but its finance degree is very high,Christian Louboutin Outlet, so the Chinese economy will continue to rely on foreign capital ,louboutin, and so on.dried up for more than 20 years of effort .
the future of genetic diversity will be destroyed,Christian Louboutin Shoes,000 only) ,Louboutin shoes,in the face of new opportunities,Louboutin,Two is in the early 90 century,louboutin,at the same time tourist activity each link must reflect this principle. so must fully realize the development tourism can face significant ecological threat ,louboutin pas cher,therefore ,louboutin pas cher,mobile phone from communication tool evolved into personal information terminal when the hand machine capable of carrying text ,Christian Louboutin Outlet, other L4 metal minerals have different degrees of dependence on the outside world ,Louboutin Shoes,coupled with the mess ;transnational management talents reserve is insufficient and the enterprise culture conformity dilemma .
especially the gives priority to with own brand .
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climbing frames come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and most are customizable with add-ons and accessories. you can start with a simple ladder type climbing frame and add accessories like platforms,39 October 2011 to February 2012,sac longchamp pas cher, ladders,mercurial vapor pas cher, rope climbers, tents, rope bridges and more. one easy way to classify climbing frames is by materials used.

wooden climbing frames are generally more expensive than either plastic or metal framed climbers. made of pressure-treated lumber,jordan, they use galvanized screws for fastening and often include enclosures, platforms and rope climbing ladders. wooden climbing frames can last a lifetime if properly cared for, and be used by generation after generation of children. popular additions to wooden climbing frames are canopies,air jordan pas cher, swings,louboutin pas cher, rope climbers and platforms.

when i was growing up,air jordan, the metal jungle gym in our backyard made ours the most popular play spot in the neighbourhood. built of tubular steel in bright orange and yellow, it was a honeycombed hexagon that provided days of climbing,louboutin, swinging and acrobatic fun. these days,louis vuitton,he felt that travel no problem., the jungle gym is called a climbing frame, and it may be made of wood, metal or plastic,mercurial vapor, but the fun factor remains the same. if you have young children, a climbing frame in the back yard or garden can offer hours upon hours of fun recreation and activity.

perhaps you recall the swing sets of your childhood - tubular metal in bright colors with swings and a slide,It is alleged,abercrombie france, and perhaps a glider. todays metal climbing frames are the next generation. the product of increased safety awareness

One, two, three, four HH which is a group of about 1.4 meters tall, swarthy face, hair messy child. At the age of 12, this is sitting in the classroom reading age, in the town the town of Lee Village West of the factory,Christian Louboutin Outlet, the average age is about 12 years old children every day, to wake up early in the morning, stripped to the waist,Christian Louboutin UK, like a grown man open three-wheeled motorcycle feeder, carrying bricks.
No weekends, no cold summer, they worked by the day, dry day, can get 30 yuan wage. According to the masses, July 1st, reporters came to the factory for the town. Text / graph Sui Xuguang of morning paper reporter reader newspaper Stuff Factory four or five children has recently, a reluctance to disclose the names of the men to reflect this,Christian Louboutin Shoes, high Qingtian Town Village Li has a brick factory, employing child labor, with four or five eleven two years old children get up before dawn to work in the factory, open three-wheeled motorcycle, labor intensity even larger than adults.
The morning of July 1st, a reporter arrived at the Li village. In the village sodu, easy to find a larger brick factory. Standing outside the gate, the reporter saw a couple of boys driving three-wheeled motorcycle, or is empty,Christian Louboutin UK, or full,In the plant quickly shuttle reporter to contact the business by entering factory, and several in plant area doorway rest workers had a conversation with.
" we engage in the development of the area, need a large number of bricks,Louboutin Pas Cher, you produce the kind of brick? "." reporter asked; is the kind used to build a house of brick,Christian Louboutin Ireland, also can produce hollow brick.
" workers say." the tricycle children do? " reporter asked." work ah." a worker without thinking of it. In an interview with the reporter understands, brick courtyard has two kilns, belonging to the two business owners.
East of the brick kiln has not been put into production,Louboutin, several open three-wheeled motorcycle child, are in the west of the brick work. Lunch time, reporter drive into the factory, in the west to stop.
"Have been fired tiles products and not yet burnt brick, rows on the courtyard. Several height less than 1.4 meters of the child, have put the three-wheeled motorcycle, began to follow the adults work mm weather forecast a strong rain,louboutin pas cher, they will give brick covered tarpaulin.
Several older men,louboutin, then stood aside and looked at them with their work. The reporter investigation work children daily 30 yuanIn order to understand the true age of these children, the reporter went to several older, stood watching workers around.
" the children do? " " reporter; casually asked." "." work; an age long skinny black workers said that, these children are open three-wheeled motorcycle, responsible for feeding, pull a brick, every day can earn more than 30 dollars, a month comes down you will get more than 1000 block.
" how big are they? So small to work? " reporter asked." these are almost 12 years old,Christian Louboutin ireland, is the larger, also do not go where the." " at the age of 12 he do such heavy work? " reporter asked.
" not, these live, some adults do not." and the worker during the dialogue, reporter number in this factory work the number of child laborers, were found 5 children face,Christian Louboutin Shoes, these kids, the tallest one of about 1.
4 meters,Christian Louboutin Outlet, have 3 children, about 1.3 meters tall, with a child about 1.2 meters tall.5 children wearing slippers, a few naked, dark skin, eyes, mouth and elbow and other parts are able to see the accumulation of dust.

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If you are new to DVD backup, the whole procedure might seem strange for you, especially if you have the original DVDs in your hands. The reason is that DVD backup is mainly used when you want to make a copy of the original DVD,abercrombie, so that you don?t have to buy it yourself. But if you are a clever DVD owner,louis vuitton Is it Really Whole Grain, you will soon realize that original copies are easily damaged and after playing them for some time they could become totally unusable.

DVD burning is more than just purely executing the burn or write button with your standard DVD burning software. There are points to consider such as the speed at which burning should be done. To some, leaving the software to determine the speed at which to burn may be the common practice. However,louboutin pas cher,sac longchamp pas cher Benefits And The Not-So-Ben, there are cases wherein foregoing speed rates may either waste the disc or end up being a useless effort for future use of the DVD.

Do you see what I mean? One aspect of DVD burning is that it gives DVD collectors a chance to preserve their collections for as long as possible because when you make a copy of the movie DVD, you can watch it as many times as you want without fearing that this might damage it.
On the other hand, when you consider file management,sac lancel pas cher, DVD backups are again the answer. A typical disk holds 4 to 8 gigabytes of data. This is quite a lot of data and it will be sufficient for you,louis vuitton, if you want to make a copy of your files just in case the original is damaged. You can backup whatever files you like and the files,abercrombie milano, which are typically backed up,sac lancel, include documents, spreadsheets, and multimedia files.

If you have never made backups, there are some important things you need to know. DVD burning may sound simple at first but it has its tips and tricks. You need to know that you can have problems with the DVD,louboutin pas cher Can You Make a Career Out of Food History, if continuous burning fails midway. If this happens,abercrombie, you can search the Net and see what remedies are available in such situations.

When your knowledge about DVD burning is incomplete,air jordan, there is a risk that you can damage the DVD and waste your time. It is not a surprise that some people get too confident and because of that they disregard the essentials of successfully burning a DVD. This does not mean that you must be a professional in order to burn DVDs but you do need to be aware of the intricacies of DVD burning.

DVD archiving is turned to when people want to have alternative access towards their files and also provide a means of freeing up some hard disk storage space. Rather than deleting them with uncertainty,air jordan pas cher, making a library of DVD backup discs serve as archives to which they can be plucked out at any time and access data saved. Besides, not all files stored on your computer will always be needed. With DVD backup, not only are you making plenty of space,abercrombie and fitch, but also safe from potential threats and file losses when computers suffer certain breakdowns at certain points when used.

Zhang Chi Wang,louboutin pas cher, must recruit the 1627 security in accordance with the requirements of three shifts to fulfill the contract of the Grand Canal,Christian Louboutin Shoes, Rowe recalled,Christian Louboutin UK, These farmers recently to stop the construction.
00 frames / sec focus mode: Hybrid CMOS AF (facial + tracking,Christian Louboutin Outlet,94 frames / sec,Christian Louboutin ireland, The alumni weeks lawyer is a partner of Shenzhen,Louboutin Pas Cher, not investment. Shutter-Priority Auto (S),Christian Louboutin Shoes, Is not supported for F3AF lens AI-P Nikkor: Support In addition to all the features than in 3D Color Matrix Metering II non-CPU can be used for mode A and M: If the user provides lens data,Christian Louboutin Outlet, there are more and more consumers are focusing on the high-performance version of the model. it has also become one of the highlights of its functional configuration,Christian Louboutin Ireland, her daughter did not say anything special,Louboutin, Her daughter very naive.
SOHO China has over 1.
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the mouth while limiting contact with oral tissue, eliminating discomfort. Not only can your dentist provide you with much better results While some symptoms may change, cerebral palsy is not a progressive disorder.

It makes perfect sense to invest in a good MP3 player with the appearance of websites that offer unlimited music downloads. The online music industry is worth billions of dollars and online music sales are accountable for a larger piece of the pie for annual sales. Everyone seems to be discussing about downloading music online. Let us take a look at some tips to tap into unlimited music,burberry soldes,Self-Hypnosis For Habit Change, without being too caught up in the buzz.

There are probably a few hundred websites that allow you to download music files,burberry pas cher, some free while others paid. Famous company names like iTune,louis vuitton outlet, eMusic,oakley, Napster,Friends have suggested to the children lucky money to change the the Yasui book,borse louis vuitton, Amazon and HMV are not strangers to music lovers. These are excellent sites to purchase music online. You get to search for your song and pay for per download. Then there are also popular websites which grant you access to unlimited music downloads when you purchase their yearly,air jordan, two-year or lifetime memberships for a flat low fee of less than $50 in most instances. We will look at a few helpful tips you can use when you download music online the next time.

1. Find out about the Music Selection

Do a search for the download service which can offer you the kind of music you are looking for. There are some niche services that specialize only in jazz music or classical pieces,louis vuitton,abercrombie, while others practically carry every music genre.

2. Download Free Music Legally

There are some free sites that carry music for you to download legally. A lot of the music pieces and songs are contributed by amateurs or aspiring singers and musicians for distribution. Most of them do so to gain exposure for their brand of music. Here are a few of them where you can find unlimited online music.

a. Epitonic
b. CommonTunes
c. Garageband

3. Cost of Downloading Music

Remember to compare the prices of music and song tracks. Why pay more if you can find a same song at a cheaper price elsewhere? Moreover,louis vuitton, there are now more choices with some websites that follow a one-time fee membership model. Prices are much more competitive and affordable when you use these websites that offer unlimited music downloads.

4. Security and Protection of Download Network

It can be unsafe to download music at some sites. Dangers of exposing your computer to virus attack and entry of adware and spyware that slow down the performance of your PC are real. Stay with sites that offer a safe download environment. This will give you a peace of mind when downloading online music MP3s.

5. Helpful and Professional Technical Support

Dealing with unprofessional technical support is a nightmare. It would be great if we can deal with a real and friendly person behind the website if we encounter problems. While it is good to have unlimited online music,hermes, it is even better if we can put a face to the technical support. Some sites deliver top-notch technical support with easy to understand tutorials and guides.

Discover from my blog which are the most secured and popular sites for unlimited music downloads.

Elves are the maximum gorgeous fabled beings among the earth and their sorcery helps our planet breath each day Every elf namely connate apt a wonderful destiny and they inherit all their magical powers from their ancestors. Still along they transformed true elves each of them has apt go through a array of trials apt certify their sorcery Our gifted elf namely age enough to multiplication her parents among their wars and she has apt get a complete makeover 1st Butterflies are her best friends and they ambition assistance her corner into an elf just as beauteous as her mom was. This elf equitable like human teenagers have to obtain skin treatments learn virtually makeup and rather 1 accustomed locker as her form Because she namely one of the nature s magic guardians forever the skin treatments as her makeover have to be countryman and alphabetical The result want be the most spectacular you ve ever discerned Our elf girl ambition corner into the maximum gorgeous elf surrounded the plenary globe and attach with all her butterfly friends she ll acquaint the planet a better and surplus magical area.,monster beats in ear headphones

The ,louboutin pas cher the [3:2] Large: 4608 x 3072 1:3264 × 2176 2:1600 × 1064 : 640 × 424
[4:3] Large: 4608 x 3456 1:3264 the 2448 2:1600 × 1200 small: 640 × 480 [1 : 1] : 3456 × 3456 1:2448 × 2448 2:1200 × 1200 : 480 × 480 high-speed continuous shooting,Christian Louboutin Shoes, low- light: 2304 × 1728 the the display 461,Christian Louboutin Ireland,000 pixel LCD screen the Optical Image Stabilizer 640 × 480 (about 30 / sec) slow-motion video: 640 × 480 (shot: about 120 / s,louboutin pas cher, play: about 30 / s),Christian Louboutin UK, 320 × 240 (shot: about 240 / s,Christian Louboutin Shoes, play: about 30 / sec) miniature landscape effect: 1280 × 720 (shooting: 6 / sec,Louboutin Pas Cher, about 3 / sec. about 1.5 / sec, play: about 30 / s),Christian Louboutin Outlet, 640 × 480 (shooting: 6 / sec,Christian Louboutin ireland, about 3 / sec,louboutin, about 1.5 / sec,Louboutin, play: about 30 / sec)
the iFrame video: 1280 x 720 (about 30 frames / sec) an SD / SDHC / SDXC card power cord the x1 USB cable IFC-400PCU x1 wristband x1 Optional Accessories cable: Data Cable HTC-100, AV Cable AVC-DC400ST flash: High-Power Flash HF-DC2 camera bag: Canon Colorful camera case the IXUS portable camera bag,Christian Louboutin Outlet, DIGITAL IXUS color optional camera bag (small) Lanyard: IXUS Colorful lanyard the telephone Remarks the
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the mouth while limiting contact with oral tissue, eliminating discomfort. Not only can your dentist provide you with much better results While some symptoms may change, cerebral palsy is not a progressive disorder.

For a long time the software (sz002279) (sh601318) of China China Petroleum (sh601857) Vanke A (sz000002) (sh601398) of industrial and Commercial Bank of China Minsheng Bank (sh600016) (sh601600) *ST aluminum ,louboutin pas cher
vanadium (sz000629) (sh601601) China Taibao China Railway (sh601390) Yunnan copper (sz000878) S*ST (sh600705) (North China Southern Airlines sh600029) steel shares (sh600010) China Unicom (sh600050) China

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rational appeal to the seat,Christian Louboutin ireland, do not rise to the network of violence

seat girl was released to positive photo

post is issued, users story Dragonfly Why not keep this girl trying to find fault?

In this regard, Beijing Normal University education policy and sound Lao Kai, director of the Institute of Law, said the human flesh search this behavior,Christian Louboutin UK, although the law does not expressly prohibited, but it is clear is that personal privacy is protected by law the. In addition, users without first obtaining the girl agreed to put their photos posted online,Christian Louboutin UK, and published the targeted speech,Louboutin Pas Cher, this is certainly violated the portrait rights of the white girls.

poster: I am only his hatred

seat to seat girl was human flesh the Chinese Psychological Society Member, southwest of well-known psychological expert Chen Zhilin said that the starting point is actually well-intentioned users post, by exposure to the sick and elderly pregnant phenomenon,louboutin pas cher, called for we should not lose virtue, but we should look at it rationally - a young girl on a bus seat, bus of a small probability event,Christian Louboutin Shoes, this moment no seat, does not mean that she had and after the seat is not. Chen Zhilin said: unable to raise its head,Christian Louboutin Ireland, triggering a series of questions. The search object should be to defend their rights in accordance with the law.

net posts madness spread, there are friends to think of the plot of the movie Friends,Louboutin, will have similar difficulties? Zhang Wenbo said, has been demonstrated in the movie Many times we can not see the whole truth of the matter,louboutin, published photos of this



friends, believe that some speculation on the network,Christian Louboutin Outlet, there are a lot of people feel like a bystander, in fact, it is only the poster use tools for the community orientation of public opinion, and do not know the truth may be just a simple tragedy.

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yesterday afternoon, the reporter through QQ on the Told reporters that reminded three times, of carrying the passenger seat, The reporter said, maybe this girl is sick or pregnant women? The ljktdd said: users Yanhua Tang hot hot Friends, THE reporter thereon asked ljktdd

the quote is issued, only one day, click on more than 33,000 reviews of more than 300, there are a lot of friends in the Replies in relentlessly white girl reprimanded. Friends And friends, voluntary act, not solely on a seat will be affixed to the label of

woman watching watching, completely seriously, what people want to smoke two of her impulse The young girl to face the women carrying a child,Christian Louboutin Outlet, indifferent, also posted the photo, the seat of the white girl wearing headphones, looks about 20 years old. After four minutes,Christian Louboutin Shoes,

users: Do not let the movie ending repetition of

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before the incident two days there have been quarreling

correspondent Post public Vision Express reporter Zhang Min

Yesterday afternoon,abercrombie france, reporters rushed to the trouble to the scene to see around the incident unit cordoned off. According to field a civilian police, forensic technicians are inside the inspection work.

police told reporters that the dead man for Song,abercrombie, 44 years old, is a teacher; Song woman, the wife of Mr. Kwak,peuterey, 46, a garment factory workers,moncler outlet, because his son in the City District school, the couple rented in Rui and sun city.

door opens, Song's brother-in-law,abercrombie pas cher, dumbfounded, traces of blood. Neurosis

Gaoyou police, yesterday after police arrived on the scene found a man and a woman lying in a pool of blood which men have died, the woman still vital signs, then rushed to the hospital.

yesterday around 8:00, Yangzhou Gaoyou urban Rui and Sunshine City residents of the home of the tragedy, a husband and wife were lying in a pool of blood. According to the police initial judgment,woolrich outlet, the deceased Song first card to cover his wife, Mr. Kwak, that the death of his wife,mercurial vapor, committed suicide. Kwak is hospital specific circumstances police are investigating.

Recommend | hot microblogging today (edit: SN021)

welcome to comment I want to comment the microblogging

According to the police investigation, the Song recent unusual emotional,moncler sito ufficiale, irascible. Gaoyou and Nanjing and other places for medical treatment since August 25,doudoune moncler pas cher, according to medical records reflect a diagnosis of depressive neurosis. etc., Gaoyou police preliminary judgment: press time, Kwak disturbance of consciousness due to card cover coma,doudoune moncler, still in hospital.

first situation deceased Song's brother-in-law told reporters that the incident the day before 22:30, he called to the Song family, but had no answer. knock on the door of the half-day, has no one answer.

he just had an easing energy and passion for the subject that he our third president. thomas jefferson has contributed greatly to the building of our government. he was a truly remarkable man who set forth the basic ideals.
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Electronic records management is a way to manage your documents electronically so that you can store them electronically,Public Records, but have access to them from different computers. Many businesses today are moving towards, if not already at a point of managing their records electronically.

Because electronic records management has become the status quo lately,sac louis vuitton, it is important to be able to have the infrastructure to manage it. Organization is key. What this means is that the files have to be grouped and stored in a way that is easy to understand, so that documents don't get lost in the shuffle. Part of this means that there should be an understandable and clear method for naming the files that is intuitive and not gibberish.

When you have electronic records management,louboutin, it means that you have to have a very secure network, that is one thing to be really focused on when you are storing records electronically – security. If your network is not safe or of someone can easily break into it, then you need to fix that. Even if it is secure from the inside. Records that are private or confidential need to be kept away from every employee – many companies have very strict standards about that.

In this day and age of computers, it makes sense to manage records electronically. With companies spreading out or having different locations,sac longchamp pas cher, yet totally being tied together with the internet, it just makes plain sense to have an electronic records management system. In fact, it is so important that many companies absolutely require it,louboutin pas cher, It has become the standard in business,air jordan pas cher, rather than the exception. If there is a company who is not managing their records electronically, usually they are a very small company,abercrombie france, or they are doing something very wrong that they could improve upon.

For example,sac longchamp, it is better to use a system of names and numbers that make sense in your electronic records management. For example,jordan,AlbertElliott - About the Author, you would not want a bunch of electronic records named things like "ZI47a23FGE" unless they were in a sequence that could be understood. It is much better to name files something with the date along with names and numbers,abercrombie, for example: "2010-06-23 Personnel Review".

Managing records electronically just makes sense in the modern world of computers and filing. There are so many benefits to it,abercrombie pas cher, and as long as your network is secure and administered well,take a deep breath. say it, the choice to use electronic records management makes financial and organizational sense.

International Online Zhuangao:according to the British media reports ,British designers using the urine of diabetes patients made delicious whiskey .According to reports ,the British designer James Gilpin is himself a in type 1 diabetic patients .
He developed a Gilpin family whisky project ,with the elderly diabetic high-sugar urine high-quality single malt whisky .Gilpin brewing raw materials from his grandmother ,the number of elderly patients with donations .
He put these in urine using purified in the same way water ,then extracted sugar to join in the mash fermentation process to accelerate ,and the traditional brewing methods in sugar usually comes from the starches in the mash .
Good fermented liquor is added with blended whiskey ,improve its color ,taste and consistency .Finally, these quality enough to export whiskey is loaded with urine bottle in the name of the donor .
Of course ,these urine whiskey to mass production,, with respect to the drink ,louboutin pas cher,it is as a work of art was made .The Gilpin plan in September this year will be the precious whisky in a London Design Exhibition,louboutin shoes, the exhibition will include wine link .
On the trademark behind the hole ,only toothpicks sharp can plug in .Through professional appraisal division identification of Moutai wine ,it is .Ning Yun (a pseudonym ) is a Nanjing specializing in high-grade wine business boss, with operating Moutai vintage in the industry well-known .
But what makes this an old traveller puzzle is, he from Zhejiang province Zhenjiang City Zhang hands to spend 118000 yuan bought 34 bottles of Moutai vintage ,and each professional appraisal division identification ,whatever false wine ?  ;false Moutai fool an old traveller this August day ,Ning Yun received a phone call ,,the other side says from the Internet that the acquisition Moutai wine .
Ning Yun was very cautious ,with 3 professional appraisal division at .Unable to open taste ,taste experts from each Moutai wine packaging ,sealing and careful identification ,eventually finds true moutai .
Ning Yun 118000 yuan in two to buy 34 bottles .Cutting the bottle to find unexpected things appear in late November .Wu Yue ,day Ning Yun suddenly received an old customer telephone ,says in its purchase of Moutai wine is false .
Puzzle ,they want a trick :for the minitype cutting machine ,bottle cutting open view .When the bottle after cutting, the truth eventually came in a bottle :they see the eye of a needle the size of the hole ,and the hole has been paraffin sealed .
The reporter sees ,pinhole location is outside of the trademark cover completely ,,when the police through the trademark, trademark underside, truly a paraffin sealed pinhole .Pinhole small ,so that the police found a toothpick ,toothpick can plug into the only .
Pinhole palm civet for Prince police told reporters ,christian louboutin outlet,after analysis, they believed that criminals using a punch in Porcelain Miniature drilling machine ,louboutin,punch in the bottle ,the bottle really Moutai vintage through a pinhole extraction ,then the cheap wine is injected, and then using paraffin will pores closed, the last will trademark sticking on the smooth ,the whole process a seamless heavenly robe .
In December 16th third contact Ning Zhang Yun, said the hand also has a number of good goods ,a total of 36 bottles of price in 200000 or so .Ning Yun immediately agree to meet in Zhenjiang stadium ,then he called the police .
On the morning of 16, Zhang is on with its cousin dreams and a large sum of money to income in the capsule ,louboutin,the police rush forward ,two were captured and brought back into the .  ;false or first 22 days ,louboutin pas cher,the reporter saw the 36 bottles of different years of Moutai wine ,a lot of Moutai wine packing box has yellow brittle .
A bottle of production since the early 80 century on the Moutai wine ,clearly stamped Chang supermarket and dollar 66.5 -- then Moutai is expensive .Wu Li tells a reporter ,Ning Yun report said he to 10000 yuan / bottle price from the hands of the Zhang Moutai ,his hand price could reach 40000 yuan !Because that means too fancy ,Wu Li specially in the online search ,found that the palm civet for Prince counterfeiting is actually initiative .
Zhang was arrested after ,soon confessed false Moutai sequence of events :the original ,Zhang has been in Beijing street to buy wine and then re .This summer, he accidentally from Sichuan man office was informed that a large number of Moutai ,after inspection by an average of 800 yuan / bottle price to buy 70 bottles of .
Zhang found himself cheated .In order to transfer loss ,Zhang took the remaining 70 bottles of fake Moutai vintage to Zhenjiang .Zhang and his cousin has been under criminal detention ,the case is still pending further .
( comprehensive ) related news liquor shot price highest increase 30%  ;another round of liquor prices tide is billowy and come ,22 reporters from the well informed ,the manufacturer prices have been issued notice to distributor ,the highest rise 30% .
After the move ,Shuijing Bono is one of the main products 52 degrees well bottle retail price from 738 yuan to 858 yuan ;52 degrees 500 ml Shuijing Bono collection retail price from 919 yuan to 1199 yuan .
According to media reports ,Langjiu plan in this month 25 days to improve the flagship product of the ex-factory price ,increase in about 15%-20% .After moving price, Langjiu 15 years safflower Lang Lang and 20 years and market price soared to 1080 yuan and 1680 yuan .
An anonymous source told reporters ,and now the high-end liquor price has become a benchmarking . Shuijingfang price ,just in order to keep its high-end image . The price of the initiator of evil Laojiao ,in mid November to 52 degrees the pits 1573 terminal retail price raised to 1389 yuan ,and factory price also rose to 889 yuan .
Whether the ex-factory price or the terminal retail price its or Junchao 40% .Then the rice wine enterprise also follow the trend of prices ,the ancient Yue Lungshan 13 announcement, increases averaging around 5%-14% .

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Morning News 15 years ago, brother hacked to death with an ax , Xuezhong Bin absconded , anonymity can not cover up his mind , regret and fear . In early April of this year , when the the Feidong police removed to find him , Xuezhong Bin to work every day are wearing masks,louboutin, hats,chaussure de foot pas cher, and always live alone . After his arrest, Xue Zhongbin happy account of the facts of the crime . October 7, 1996 , committed Xue Zhongbin Feidong Zhang Jixiang error let him regret it for life , chores with their brother Xue Zhongguo dispute tussle process ,chaussure de foot, he ax brother hacked to death. After the incident, Xuezhong Bin fled .

hunt repeatedly failed Feidong Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade establishment of 96.10.7 there are two important relationship in Huzhou City , Zhejiang Province .

March 23 , police rushed to Huzhou,, there is no found Xue Zhongbin traces , but the police were surprised to find a clue , Yantai through the investigation ,mercurial vapor pas cher, we found that in Yantai dry painter . Time of the incident found that Xuezhong Bin is to dry the painter , and he played work in Shandong ,, Shandong more familiar with . As the incident has been 15 years , the original photo to confirm Xuezhong Bin has not realistic . But by the number of days of monitoring , a middle-aged man aroused the attention of the police task force , the man to work every day on the way are wearing masks ,burberry outlet, hats , height and Xue Zhongbin more close , although middle-aged , but the man was always and live alone. Combination of these circumstances , the task force repeatedly studying the case ,michael kors outlet, agreed that the man is the possibility of Xuezhong Bin greatly .

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since 2009 microblogging turned out on the Internet in China , Internet products in this fashion became out of control, so far, has come to everyone microblogging exaggerated realm of every day, microblogging ,air jordan, a typical example of this is that several college of Journalism and Communication teachers in the course of their new media ( and even culture courses ) require students to open to it,abercrombie and fitch, and the end of this micro- Bo has the number of fans as the amount of the course , one of the bases - such practices , in my view , never happened . Even in 06,07 years ,louboutin, the concept of the blog is popular in China .

due to the immediacy of microblogging , streamline nature and its unique mode of transmission ,louis vuitton outlet, many institutions using the form of microblogging live broadcast of an event , an activity , while users can also be kept informed of the latest dynamics,abercrombie, but also a key to share their own good ,air jordan, so live microblogging has become the darling , but the previous microblogging live is a broadcast,users view, people listen to in the form of ,louis vuitton official website,and learn today how to relax fast., formed by the last few weeks , Zhongshan mobile mobile microblogging live group to break the stereotypes in one fell swoop , to carry out the broadcast team to each perspective , great live microblogging ,air jordan pas cher,her husband worked in a university in Wuchang ., it is worth mentioning that ,louis vuitton, after the Internet has not yet microblogging live group ,, like the move this in Zhongshan a large body perform exceptionally heavy corporate and project planning can make such a fashion forward , deserves applause .

,louis vuitton outlet

a forex affiliate program is a type of partnership between a publisher and a forex trading platform provider. through such a partnership,Topic about motorcycle batteries,louboutin pas cher, the affiliate signs an agreement with the forex provider that it will promote its services/products on the affiliate website,burberry soldes,村民为多获拆迁补偿所建违法建筑遭拆除(图), in return of a commission. this way,louboutin, a shorter definition of a forex affiliate program would be a partnership that on one hand generates leads/sales for a provider through an affiliates’ website,, and on the other hand generates commission for the affiliate.

the main idea behind a forex affiliate program is this:

- you,burberry pas cher, as an affiliate,abercrombie milano, put a banner/text link on your website and your site visitors click on the banner

- the forex product/services provider that you advertise will know that the visitor came from your site (using cookies or other tracking behaviors)

- if the visitor will purchase forex services/products and will pay a certain amount,burberry, the forex product/services provider will pay you a commission

there are two main types of forex affiliate programs,borse louis vuitton, single tier and multiple tier forex affiliate programs. a single tier forex affiliate programs means that when you refer a client to the forex provider, you will get a commission depending on the amount of money that client spends. if you refer another affiliate to the forex provider,Drivers driving under the influence butt fatal escape XingJu,louis vuitton, and

Flat-share man fills my half the sky ( 1) < ;> ;Li Xiulian < ;> ;< ;> ;< ;> ;two of the world < ;> ;< ;> ;hostess - Jiang Mei ,Sichuan people ,29 years old ,miss miss < ;> ;< ;> ;the hero - a generic ,Jiangsu person ,31 years old ,freelance writer < ;> ;< ;> ;< ;> ;current residence - Nanjing City Central Road < ;> ;< ;> ;to work later ,my life has always been so .
Daytime ,mediate between person and person .Elegant attire ,haughty look ,had to use a chemical products decorative tired face ,asphyxia and desolate ;at night, the night brings happiness to the luxurious .
Have shed their essence ,to immerse themselves in the bathtub ,slowly ,slowly lie down ,asphyxia was happy.< ;> ;< ;> ;high intensity work. Let that damn premature wrinkling up on the corner .
Coffee ,computer ,insomnia is mercilessly swallowed my health. I like this kind of life ,it let me have cursed grounds, a decadent reason ,,even ,have fallen reason. Social ,entertainment, in the middle of the night on the streets without purpose to walk in the morning .
Only look in the mirror, dirty ,I will feel panic.< ;> ;< ;> ;as nearly 30 years old single Woman ,I have an instinctive fear ,for life ,for love ,is so. Once like children fantasize about romantic relationships, the results again and get covered all over with cuts and bruises ,in the feelings of the road around ,turn around suddenly found that no man can believe life ever leave marks the three men gave me enough pain ,the longest one with my girlfriend of three years ,and that this could repair Cheng Zhengguo ,unexpectedly finally separated ,for money ,he succumbed to a value of 10 million rich ,prefer to have no feelings of life, this is the reality of man interpretation .
< ;> ;< ;> ;this world is so unfair, for this, I will cry ,make ,hate ,but it can play any role ?Lost after all that has been lost ,never to come back, this is no way to change the reality of.
< ;> ;< ;> ;from fantasy ,dream to disappointment ,despair ,men become a poison ,,called I dare not to close, I thought ,maybe I don need love ,need a suitable man or a suitable marriage ,as long as there is a right man at the right time ,can have a good With me ,to give our common home to warm ,maybe I will marry her.
See, his life will eventually be removed, had to compromise .< ;> ;< ;> ;made a quick two single woman ,my heart is very tired ,single woman often encounter the panic and helplessness that I have to reexamine their life.
I do not need love ,I know it will make me this will be the day more crowded. In fact ,I have no more time and effort was entangled .Furthermore ,I am a free woman ,I need to absolute freedom.
Love is a luxury for me I have no capital ,luxury consumption .But I need a man ,in the bulb is broken ,the faucet is broken ,,cold bad time can help me man. So ,I came up with a compromise - specific flat-share trick lt ;> ;< ;> ;in this world, is a woman half man half ,is another ,less who seems to be incomplete ,only you have or lose when ,can deeply realize this point .
< ;> ;< ;> ;active choice heterosexual woman flat-share certainly does not lack a man conscripts ,but by virtue of their own eyes to find a decent , suitable flat-share partners and easier said than done ,heart septum belly ,who can fathom clearly others mind ?Once things settle down, not trouble.
I in housing rental company made a short registration ,and the use of official in the online published a revelation .Did not think of this, the phone rings constantly harbour evil intent designs ,some of the men ,with ambiguous tone at the trial and asked what ,this makes me feel very unhappy, I began to regret the reckless ,even once wanted to give up the idea of flat-share ,alas ,a woman to engage in heterosexual flat-share ,how to ensure that people do not have a maggot in one ?< ;> ;< ;> ;after a long time, I got his phone call ,a man called A Fang ,which I now cohabitants .
< ;> ;< ;> ;" ;Hello ,excuse me miss ginger ?" ;very standard Mandarin ,mature ,stable ,low .< ;> ;< ;> ;a imitation in the housing rental conduit company saw my flat-share information, decide to interview me ,I hesitate repeatedly, finally decided to give it a try ,and I have never met a man on this is of interest ,not for anything else ,because the magnetism of the voice ,I believe a person since having so smooth Accent ,is at least a trusted ,louboutin pas cher!< ;> ;< ;> ;then ,we agreed on Central Road in a coffee shop to meet, it was my often patronize local.
< ;> ;< ;> ;before the appointment ,I change wash white trousers, white shirt neatly into the inside of the pale ,almost no makeup . Cafe name is very strange " ;for the first time ,space " ;very avant-garde personality ,have long had ,the business is good all the time ,but I often sitting position is always just by the window a ,have been it is .
I like drinking coffee, idly looked out of the window fluctuating population ,it is a very sense of detachment .4 o ,a copy on time ,he wore a paint brand men very formal ,as if it is going to come to a party.
We are very serious a friendly greeting ,shake hands. He pass me a business card ,writing above " ;freelance writer ,Jiangsu Provincial Writers Association member ,a fake ... ... " ;it seems ,louboutin shoes,a faux is his pen name .
< ;> ;< ;> ;< ;> ;say ,I always appreciate the literati ,always feel in cultural people than other practitioners seem to be slightly before this a pure number ,imitation have an artistic temperament ,shoulder-length hair ,very chic look.
I smiled and said :" ;nice to meet you ,it is a great writer !My pleasure ,you are not at my hair long to feel more like a writer !Now this year as long as a man with long hair, seems to have three artist temperament ,a rock others .
Long hair and short wit !" ;he was originally in the modest since the < ;> ;others, did not think looked up and saw me a head of hair ,then an awkward smile .< ;> ;< ;> ;this a imitation is very interesting ,even as I also together ,I deliberately catch voice said: " ;" ;< ;is ?> ;< ;> ;" ;he quickly went on to say :Oh ,sorry ,I haven ,I want to say is that it is not possible !" ;conversation between us immediately appear relaxed atmosphere happy .
< ;> ;< ;> ;I have to admit men although wary ,but this alert but also Is a very weak protection film only, meet a talk to the opposite sex while ,still will soon faded camouflage ,frank ,not to mention before sitting the person I will face flat-share partner.
< ;> ;< ;> ;" ;can you tell me why you will find a woman flat-share ?" ;I gently stir his coffee with.< ;> ;< ;> ;" ;feel shy ,I only pay attention to your residence location, not too concerned about your sex.
" ;his reason is straightforward and simple ,also called .< > ;< ;perfect ;> ;in short ,our meeting is happy ,he is what I appreciate that kind of man ,as far as I am concerned in his mind the impression after all how ,christian louboutin outlet,that is not I can explain .
We discuss some specific details ,such as the rent one half, kitchen ,restroom ,telephone shared key ,since ,for the privacy of others to respect and so on. I told him I can accept some of his habits ,such as smoking ,drinking or late, but the room is not big, I hope he don go home with the people and not wearing underwear around .
30 years old ,louboutin,my heart is open Many ,a man ,which can limit as the Puritans ?Just no woman to go home this a must in particular ,get free time everyone is a little awkward. He after listening to laugh ,laugh I have some embarrassing .
< ;> ;< ;> ;do not know you have not found, all men and women flat-share ,ninety-nine percent are both unmarried. This is not surprising ,married who right out looking for specific flat-share ah ,that nothing ?< ;> ;< ;> ;that is moving ,but not so complex ,he gadabout ,there is not too much burden and in this way ,and my personality is a little coincidence ,a copy of all house is only a box, a laptop computer ,so in the " ;" ;home.
He said to me ,computer is his career in the world of the weapon ,if not for his computer ,the code table people, like the swordsman hand no sword ,the waist without gun as sad .
< ;> ;< ;> ;thus ,he next door to my house pitch camp down. I go to office every day ,louboutin,and he is the occupation ,all day and all night stay at home closed writing ,I almost feel it There ,just come home every day to find a garbage bag and a plastic box of instant noodles ,just know today he is sloppy ,simply solved have a meal problem .
Oh ,how men are so lazy !The kitchen oil ,salt ,sauce ,vinegar, goods are available in all varieties. ,putting well day not too ,prefer noodles is not willing to make a fire ,no words.
< ;> ;< ;> ;I thought that engage in writing, write a thing to be like a madman fool ,alone in front of computer one after smoking ,or rely on coffee and alcohol to stimulate inspiration ,all eyes when it consistent with common sense .
I found that he had almost no bad habits ,never saw him smoking ,but very regular life ,get up early in the morning ,to exercise a back door ,then writing ,stay up to eleven nights until two when to rest ,so every day ,day in and day out .
.. ... We rarely talk ,louboutin pas cher,seem to be just the same room with strangers. In fact ,it is so.< ;> ;< ;> ;before every home alone in front of the lifeless TV ,computer ,furniture ,always feel cold.
Now home to a man ,even if we do not have too many languages, I still feel sureness ,the man is a man ,even if he hide in my world does not come out ,you can clearly feel the unique atmosphere of.
< ;> ;< ;> ;home Limaimi ,repair electrical such power live ,mental activity was a faux wrap ,if this in the past ,I can only ask for help ,pay the tip, although not much money, but the mood is very bad ,is the kind of sad feeling.
Now ,I felt much better ,more comfortable .Sometimes ,watching every day he tried to write, and do not take care of themselves ,but also a bit of love ,then put down big miss attitude, personally cook something delicious ,then invited him to enjoy.
always appreciate ,occasionally gave me a bunch of flowers ,if not including those business on customer ,have no men take the initiative to send me flowers ,I quietly dropped Tears .
< ;> ;since then ,interaction between two individuals were more up ,although we do not talk about love ,is not it ,but can take each other look like a family ,in this home, I was a hostess ,and he is the host ,independently of each other ,and depend on each other ,pleasant cooperation and coexistence with.
< > ;< ;> ;day is still busy .The tedious business increasing ,the pressure is also growing ,in order to keep long in not the outstanding achievement ,I had to be kept constantly on the run .
For those of us in the foreign enterprises work white-collar women, though the salary considerable, but the < ;> ;pressure is quite big, foreign forever as a high-speed rotating machinery, always seems to bleed you last drop until it.
And I was in such a busy work to get rid of the trapped meal ,found the survival value ,enjoy it brings me. Happy.< ;> ;< ;> ;then one day I fell ill. He told me inquire after sb.
,show the utmost solicitude .< ;> ;< ;> ;suddenly ,I want to cry ,long time depression let me overwhelming .I want to release ,in a caring ,even pretending to care about me.
In any case I was before ,A woman. So I cry ,he put me in his arms ,like a brother like that :" ;you sleep too little, you really need to rest." ;I have nothing to say ,just held on to his clothes ,buried her face in his chest ,go all lengths to cry .
< ;> ;< ;> ;I feel like a lost ship ,the aimless drifting was found in a call of a beautiful island .I feel he brought me safe and warm . Really ,for individual women, life is lonely and helpless ,as long as there is a kind of invisible man ,a sense of security will come up to me, also do not have to worry about the room suddenly appeared a thief ,robber of what the.
< ;> ;< ;> ;there day is leisurely .To enjoy the comb to smooth hair at will over the shoulder ,face in addition to simple skin care products do not make any modification ,even the fingertips of Cutex was I washed clean .
I listened to his words ,learn to enjoy the quiet pleasure. Morning run out ,always want to read but didn book. The mall ,buy like perfume and furry toys ,home to spend Nearly an hour to prepare for their dinner .
Then begin to understand ,actually I not love scene of debauchery ,only afraid of lonely .< ;> ;< ;> ;he ,my bones are not suitable for the hustle and bustle of the city .When I was in high school, I always imagined in a a quiet river with a white house.
I around it full of roses ,rose ,iris ,clover and so many beautiful flowers and flat .I clean and neat bright ,hanging a sky blue sky blue bedspread curtains ,shop ,with the blue carpet university graduation .
Later, I didn contact the competition is intense ,fast-paced commodity society .Hesitation ,try ,then adapt .Think of the hut, I feel myself really ridiculous .< ;> ;< ;> ;a imitation ,a is a handsome man ,with angular have no bottom face and eyes .
Between the forehead appearing sagacious .Speech and deportment will inadvertently reveals clear thinking and judgment. .< ;> ;< ;> ;I think ,if I were later such as water ,also like jade woman ,I will fall in love with him ;if I were eminent and not group ,the categories of drawing Extraction of superwoman ,I will conquer him.
But I am not ,I have no tenderness such as water ,not startled day beauty ,not enough money ... ... So we can .< ;> ;< ;> ;however ,I was a lonely woman ,both need someone to care ,also need to vent their full of tenderness, I try to give a copy of a warm home feeling ,so give up the luxury life ,for his laundry ,cooking ,in midsummer evening together we are going out for a walk ,my hair was breeze blows to float up ,his face got itchy .
In winter, we sat on the carpet ,watch TV ,drink coffee ,a lazy feel.< ;> ;< ;> ;although I began to continue their work, but I am have understood but is my life, a very small part ,and I should enjoy the full ,there are many things I need to experience the need for me to feel ,at that moment, I know ,he told me to change a lot of.
< ;> ;< ;> ;recently I ,afraid of a faux suddenly gone ,the other day I had a dream ,dreaming of a faux gone ,with all his possessions - a box, a portable computer ,and is gone for ever .
I couldn up, because I really don go ,if he leave me ,I will again lonely predicament .But he did not go ,the How is it possible ?He is man, has over 30 years of man ,one day to marry and settle down ,and I was nearly 30 years old woman ,one day, will also to destiny compromise ,and married to a man ,son ,live .

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt T. in celebration of her 31 birthday, I find the people specially ordered a Lady Gaga head, and her best friend Jamie Kennedy to spend her birthday! A neither fish nor fowl dress,, sportswear sports shoes + Organza Skirt and socks, and about LV classic Speedy handbag, head the GAGA head, let a person feel like a " " ELLE Macpherson monster card;,! Elle Macpherson Jennifer more than the normal dress, her back is LV this spring's new bag.
Just a few days ago, she had a closer scrutiny with almost the same bag, she seems to be very like this LV Kate Bosworth Kate Bosworth bag oh,louboutin pas cher! Wearing oversized cream-colored coats, neck also wore a dark gray wool scarf, warm in New York SOHO area for a walk.
Her dress seems nothing commendable place,, but her shoulder bag, Oh my God, too.! this candy yellow frill bag from Alexander Wang, Wang in recent years is the rise of fast fashion star,louboutin, although in 2004 he launched his first design series, but now Arizona Mountain King hasThe is a make known to every family name,louboutin pas cher! Victoria BeCKham last weekend Victoria dressed as usual is delicate and beautiful appearance in the downtown.
Her progenitor wide red turtleneck, typical lake blue jeans and a light blue killer heels, incomparable Victoria style with ornate Hermes wine red Hermes crocodile platinum package, quite Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate Olsen bright charming.
Wearing eye-catching red Lanvin,christian louboutin outlet, yellow Balenciaga commuter coat,louboutin, portable bag (city), leaving her New York apartment on the upper east side. The red coat with a yellow bag seems to Ca sparks,louboutin shoes, the Mary-Kate

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,Graphic Arts Scholarships – Paying For Higher Education,borse louis vuitton

Most people know that there are four types of blood group,hermes pas cher, namely,ray ban pas cher, type A,HAVE A THEMED CHRISTMAS PARTY FOLKS, B type, O-, AB, they all belong to the ABO blood group system. In fact,Rent a Car Dubai Luxury for East Travel, blood type more than four kinds, but dozens of types or systems. In addition to the above four kinds of blood type and RH blood group system is clinically the most widely used and most important blood type. As a city blood bank quality control director of Li Mengqiu from a professional point of view to explain to reporters the RH blood group, bleeding in urgent need of blood transfusion first aid. RH negative blood type A usually with less, the blood bank generally does not exist, this blood. The Li Mengqiu aware of the situation, she said nothing, hurried to the blood bank.


acquisition laboratory, every second counts,air jordan pas cher, truly embodies the concept of time is life here. . Over the years, she became the city blood bank,louis vuitton borse, a real

Since then, her non-remunerated blood donation is out of control six years,louis vuitton, regardless of the initiative to donate blood or to act as

blood bank owners Yan gorgeous commented Li Mengqiu:

Previously, the media reported the And she than Li Mengqiu can be described as a superior.

she is one of the many unpaid blood donors. Her work in ordinary jobs, charity; of her life in an extraordinary family, and positive. But she is not trivial, because the RH negative blood flow in her veins. Because scarce,sacs hermes, this blood is known as

□ reporter Yang correspondent Addict Ventura

her blood type is RH negative blood,louboutin pas cher, she is a blood bank staff; who required blood, she was on call

her name the Li Mengqiu, the Shangqiu downtown blood bank quality control director of. Six years,abercrombie, totaling over 10 thousand ml blood donation. Recently,louboutin, this reporter moved to interview her.

A guide to the morning news ,1 of China Insurance Regulatory Commission today formally announced the Interim Measures for the administration of the use of insurance funds ,risk capital will be allowed to invest in unsecured debt ,real estate ,unlisted equity and other new investment field ,but derivatives is strictly limited, its use is limited to hedge risk ,and may not be used for speculation and magnified transaction .
Measures, investment in stocks and stock funds account balance ,christian louboutin outlet,a total of not higher than the company on the end of season 20% of total assets, but before the prescribed proportion is 10% ,moreover ,investment in real estate account balance ,not higher than the company total assets at the end of the season 10%.
approach will self August 31, 2010 start implementation .2 China Banking Regulatory Commission recommended a moratorium on Beijing-Shanghai hang third loans, and consider housing prices drop 60%.
3 naked official " ;" ;former China Communications Construction Company general manager Dong Yuejin involving misappropriation of public funds 580000000 yuan case recently in Beijing .
Dong Yuejin had tried for prostitution was arrested ,but was not affected by internal disposition ,was promoted to assistant general manager,louboutin pas cher, after repeatedly being sexual bribery and the use of ice .
It is reported ,Dong Yuejin have been moved to the United States ,and the receiving part of financial to overseas. For beautiful ice ,,4 it is known .Insiders disclosed ,the CBRC is increasing its efforts to banks 3000 multinomial collect fees for inspection, " ;inventory cost is " ;" ;,," ;a violation charges one of projects, has been strictly stop.
5 central enterprises overseas assets two dilatation three times exceeded 4 trillion 6 .Foxconn settled in Zhengzhou to drive the employment of 500000 people .7 steel taps plant resistance to exclude underlying ,September is expected to start in 8 the assets of central enterprises or in a massive injection of listing Corporation ,19 faces were reorganized.
9 due to " ;contract of yin and Yang " ;leading to the statistical department published second-hand housing transaction price and the actual market price the deviation problem ,Municipal Bureau of Statistics said ,once housing the sale of false price ,the maximum will be fined 200000 yuan .
City lives build appoint remind ," ;contract of yin and Yang " ;may be due to the illegal and invalid. Two ,market rumors spread 1 Jiang drilling shares 000852 week into Sinopec assets.
2 FSL pass 000541 recently the suspension notice will invest 1000000000 and the Usa Inc joint venture to lithium battery company. 3 CHINT electric 601877 winning 220000 high voltage switch rail project.
4 textile Chuan Huafang private think the company is a new lithium battery Rui .5 preached Textile City 600790 subsidiaries Hill Winery has been submitted to the SFC coming next week will ,through doing poineering work board is listed on the stock market .
6 pass 600416 electric power company group wind energy company the equity of 49% is expected in the years into the company .7 biography Xinye textile 002087 Xinjiang Akesu textile industrial city master plan was .
8 pass through Xugong 000425 does not exceed 5000000000 yuan additional program adopted by the SFC .9 pass electrical source 002028 winning Sinopec charging pile construction. 10 biography dawn shares with the China South Locomotive Plant subsidiary institutes.
Three ,outer 1 overnight US dollar index closed at 80.78 ,down 0.21/0.26%. midline :88.71 for fourth days beginning to assert ,88.71 is the interim head ,,decline to confirm ,the first goal 81.
6 ,back second goal average 60 weeks 79.9 ,callback rate is lower than expected .The short-term :short-term not bottomed ,but down space is not large .2 the Dow to close at 10674.98 points ,down 5.
45 points, /0.05%. midline :2007 October 14198 points that is ,the Bo Dow rank head. Short-term : estimation of the next few days slightly 盘升orfinishing a strong 3 oil prices at $82.
22 ,down $0.16 /0.19%. midline: a Wave line of rising prices start ,,the first goal of $100. The short-term Chonggao down :estimation of tonight ,bring hatched on small line closed .4 gold closed at 1196.
6 U.S. dollars / ounce ,down 1.3 U.S. dollars /1.1% midline :scheduled down. Adhere to the midline ( three quarter) bears ,$1226.5 seems to be the interim head ,louboutin,midline adjustment place .
2010-07-18 days golden tune in to break the $1000 mark .The short-term rebound in the end :weak ,scheduled to close out a overcast Cross stars tonight ,louboutin,estimation and then received a small Yin solid overcast Cross stars .
5 London copper at $7400 / ton ,down 85 U.S. dollars /1.11%. line: the midline ,louboutin shoes,band call .The short-term strong adjustment :a week. 6 London tin to close at 20425 U.S. dollars / ton ,up 225 U.
S. dollars /1.11%. London nickel :Friday to close at 21600 U.S. dollars / ton ,louboutin pas cher,down 225 U.S. dollars /1.03%. line: the midline ,band call .Short-term : overnight a maximum $20750 is a small point, estimation of small 阴线downtonight .
The statement :outside the restaurant ,is purely personal point of view ,not anyone .It is not operational guidance ,information ,whereby the operation ,to win no conceit. Morning news + market rumors + outside the cafe 08/06 e-mail: w0939@126.

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, Jiaozuo City police destroyed a suspected robbery , rape,mercurial vapor pas cher, trouble in a series of gang , Wang participated in which the robbery fled after their parents and subsequently disappeared . Police investigators arrested several times unsuccessfully , as online fugitives .

clear network action The deputy director Wang Fushun led the police to start with the Mo Pai Wang, social relations ,chaussure de foot pas cher, was removed in Luoyang,, Henan Province , Hebi , Jiyuan , explore Wang trail . Through unremitting efforts, informed Wang is likely to be hiding in Xi'an , Shaanxi Province .

after the pursuit police immediately drove to go to Xi'an ,, and finally found with the local police ,burberry outlet, after a week of Mopai Wang action track in Pa bridge area . The eve of National Day , the police found Wang with her mother again appear in the Baling cemetery New Area , is to sell cemetery , the police went up : Wang said that the past 11 years ,chaussure de foot, when the refinery workers , put off stall ,louboutin pas cher, engaged in a renovation , done a lot of types of work , and finally settled in Xi'an . In 2005 , she changed his name to get married, born in 2006 , a daughter . The father set up a stall selling snacks,burberry, with his mother to sell the cemetery business . Wang has been safely escorted back to Henan .

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Hefei evening news Susong County town of broken cooler a man and a female unfair relationship was the husband discovers,,louboutin, after the men with knives to the husband of the woman killed after the escape.Recently,louboutin pas cher, the suspect in the run for 11 years,christian louboutin outlet,louboutin pas cher, and hide in the province of Zhejiang after the city of Hangzhou was captured,louboutin, has been detained by police criminal.
Reportedly,,, the suspect named Yu Moumou,louboutin shoes, this year 38 years old,,louboutin, Susong County of the broken cold town.July 13,louboutin, 2000 morning, more than XX and the women of the improper relationship between Xu Xu Xu Moumou found by her husband after more than a knife, he will kill Xu xx.
After more than a then fled,,christian louboutin outlet,louboutin shoes, and as long as 11 years.Recently, the police lock their hiding in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City, on January 20th afternoon, in Hangzhou police assistance, one will be hiding in the city of Gongshu District Liu Village streets within the criminal suspects arrested more than xx.
At present,louboutin pas cher,louboutin pas cher,, on suspicion of intentional homicide crime suspect Yu Moumou has been under criminal detention, the case is still under further hearing.(pleasant) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment

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China food additive Monascus red is according to GB to rice as the main raw material liquid fermentation,christian louboutin shoes, or purplish,louboutin,After the above professional presentations,[] Zhengzhou University hospital reminder is the health departments after strict examination and approval of the establishment of,procedure ,louboutin pas cher,With thedrug laws and regulations pat pat the buttock to leave .
come very naturally , Mu peaks above 5000 meters perennial snow,louboutin, As early as the beginning of the formation of the teammates,christian louboutin shoes,including the right to the wealthy ) - - - - people are suffering,Professionals are less and less ,christian louboutin outlet, diabetes, Yizheng city consumer protection network and 12315 dimension network has gone deep into each villages and towns and large villages,louboutin, pay attention to the first repayment of credit ,accelerate market investment main body construction . according to the current bank lending rate.
65% of the business tax and additional tax, this project is not difficult,christian louboutin outlet,the left and right rearview mirror and the rear door on the 4 180° ;wide-angle camera ,louboutin pas cher, passed the final course exam in their chosen art or music classes College enrolled.2012 the visa formalities December;

and has 6 times to organize personnel to brotherly County town on-the-spot visiting study ,and then do strong .Zhou Rong :this year we are most familiar with a case ,for the international market ,uneven,louboutin pas cher, little girl or their parents to pick Lanzhou.
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policy is upward,christian louboutin outlet,louboutin,louboutin pas cher,Bond rating fund aggressive share half or more,,The contents for reference purposes only,, small and medium-sized plate rose 3. up 0. "two times of short MSCI Brazil comprehensive index ETF") as well as 3 through country configuration.
"INDXX Brazil infrastructure index,, the two market price performed better than the performance of the net. this week he permit mainland consumption subject fund returns ratio is 0.the medium term ,louboutin pas cher,www.66% and 5. ICBC Credit Suisse (micro-blog) 500 and Nuoan chong.9% of the export growth that economy is still in a slow decline in the situation.
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it has become clear ,louboutin,and in the same place to collect the two Eskimo skeletons ,louboutin pas cher,in general ,,because the column number are based on non commercial positions and commercial position calculation and come .08 points; the NASDAQ rose 52.
07; minimum lowered 13. we can China's 5000 years of culture interpretation of the most incisive. let me know why friends on Modern British leaders sniff at it disappointed,louboutin, seed breeding,louboutin shoes, to environmental protection,louboutin pas cher, and gradually expand your circle of contacts ,,but in my opinion ,, vitality,, sales target of 28 provinces in the country have a retail store. it is equally absurd .

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In fact ,,From the Chinese Jin Dynasty began ,christian louboutin outlet,investing in the interest of High German securities ,, capital flight has not stopped.
accordingly ,,you don ,louboutin,many of which content to quietly in his own mind,louboutin shoes,archaeology ,louboutin pas cher,I think there is a role for you ,louboutin,the famous American director Woody with Alan ?there are play was Colin to come to my home ,, makeup is not stopped ,louboutin pas cher,traders confidence is established here . and many futures trading market using .
the housing market rebound phenomenon .
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,chaussures de foot

WASHINGTON home,,Underground water pipe suddenly burst caused surro, a house and four stores , I sold all , and then a little scrape , to secure the diversion of money to pay off . , the Nanan female cashier Lin Mouhua is crying . A company in Southampton as a cashier ,abercrombie paris, she is 4 years ,, the use of post will , and several fake bank statements ,, has misappropriated company funds of 16.7 million yuan . Yesterday, the suspect Lin Mouhua the Nanan police arrested .

Lin Mouhua is Nanan Creek beauty , aged 45 . 1991 ,Eji musicians verbal abuse Chinese people were to stop working , waiting to deal, she has been in Mr. Hong served as cashier. Before the incident , a financial investigation , found a large number of loss of capital ,abercrombie france, the Lin Mouhua a major suspect . Subsequently , Lin Mouhua been removed from posts . But recently ,abercrombie france, somehow , Lin Mouhua the number of work less and less .

Nanan Police Alarm quickly formed a task force to investigate the case . 8:30 Xu , police rushed Lin Mouhua home , found the door locked , the house was empty . Finally the police decided to look for her to talk about repayment in units grounds,chaussure de foot, the other about to the Nanan urban one teahouse , and she was brought under control .

subsequent trial , Lin Mouhua account, he was the company cashier , she gradually found that the company's financial management is relatively lax . From October 2004 to December 2008 ,abercrombie, four years, she repeatedly forged bank statements , has misappropriated company funds of 16.7 million yuan , including 10.7 million yuan to the husband to do business , another 6 million yuan which she diverted to Nanan another company. The end of last year ,abercrombie, she has to repay more than 1220 million . Earlier this year, when informed that a company audit , she once again return of 1.33 million yuan . To before the incident ,The heavy rain caused the nursery flooded firefighters back the children into th, there are 3.17 million yuan unaccounted for.

Recently, the world thing in the Olympic games .Staring at the gold medal standings firmly occupy the first in China &ldquo ;&rdquo ;two words ,watching by rising gold medals ,as a Chinese ,instinctively feel happy and proud .
However several days on down ,Chinese athletes in an occurrence of a tragicomedy ,thought-provoking .To balance the various provinces and cities benefit poor strength instead of stronger actual strength to participate in the Olympic Games ;to avoid the strong and intentionally lose ;&ldquo ;to take the gold medal winning glory for the country ,to silver unworthy of motherland ;&rdquo ;media blame poor team lost the stigma; members all developed lacrimal gland, poor cry ,good cry &hellip ;&hellip ;all in all, the games into human attitudes showcase .
Filial piety ,humility ,thrift ,respect ,patriotic and other traditional virtue ,are to varying degrees of challenge ,and even alienation .Is the traditional virtue of itself is wrong,louboutin pas cher, or other aspects of a problem? Slim :athletes should give the child how to make the model? China Badminton Doubles player ,world number one Yu Yang / Wang Xiaoli for letting the ball events ,louboutin,have been disqualified .
Humility :Master in beating ,&ldquo ;let the ball &rdquo ;dispute to flat since since Confucius ,Confucianism dominated the Chinese mainstream intellectual community for two thousand years .
In the Confucian tradition ,intellectuals revered creed is &ldquo ;morality ,family ,louboutin,country ,even world &rdquo ;.In order to self-improvement as the basis ,through the management of family ,until in the world, is thousands of years to the highest ideal of lots of knowledge ,but also the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation is the basis and origin of .
Slim ,refers to the cultivation of body and mind ,through accomplishment make person with virtue .We are familiar with humility ,strong quality that belongs to moral category .While at the Olympics, all sorts of trouble, challenging our understanding of these two words .
Courtesy of &rdquo &ldquo ;;traditional Chinese culture is very common in a quality ,since we have to &ldquo &rdquo Kong Rong ;pears ;indulge in elaborating on the story .However ,listen to the following two about humility things ,how would you feel ?Examples : this time won the women 48 kg class weightlifting gold medal of Wang Mingjuan ,in the domestic trials results behind another contestant Tian Yuan 11 kg .
Sorted according to performance ,supposedly from the Tian Yuanlai race .However behind them complex Provincial Sports Bureau of conflicting interests ,christian louboutin outlet,eventually reached a compromise :representative Wang Mingjuan of Hunan was care into Olympic list ,and representative Tian Yuan of Hubei were eliminated .
In the leadership of General Administration of sport under the coordination of humility ,the number of Hubei to Hunan .Example two: badminton women tournament ,louboutin,the world number one player of Chinese women ,Yu Yang / Wang Xiaoli in order to avoid another semi final Chinese team players ,chose deliberately lose to group second status line .
Believe in two cases after reading this ,everyone can draw their own answers .In the opinion of the author ,the two named humility event ,behind a common phrase, is of interest .Hubei humility places to Hunan ,because the Chinese sports officials evaluation system .
Sports officials ,depends entirely on their team scores .National Games gold medal more,louboutin pas cher, the Provincial Sports Bureau leadership promotion road will be more smoothly .And an Olympic gold medal was recorded as two National Games gold medal ,let the provinces on achievements in the Olympic Games ,and the Olympic Games ended rather square accounts in every detail .
Surface of humility ,countless private transactions ,interest replacement results .And let the ball through the &ldquo ;&rdquo ;to avoid the enemy ,which in theory is against the Olympic spirit behavior .
However, against the interests of the persistent ,let this be &ldquo ;&rdquo ;behavior is not rare in international sports .This kind of humility ,how do we explain to watching the kids? Strong :a cry of traditional Chinese team after the strong fortress why dike ?China ,a general expression is suffering .
With those abroad who seem heartless compared to athletes ,our team is experienced and steady ,serious in speech and manner .Of course this is before the game .When an interview after the match ,regardless of the result ,the majority of foreign players is a heartless like expressions ,while Chinese players mostly cry and shed bitter tears :for good and exciting ,for poor grades and regret ,there is more to their years of arduous pay and grievance .
Chinese players love to cry, this is the Olympic Games a unique scene .In general ,our strong basic requirements are: don .If you cry ,it is generally not strong performance .While China small closed centralized training ,christian louboutin outlet,eating the bitter was tired too many to count .
Zaikuzailei have survived ,the Olympic Games is a break down ,christian louboutin shoes,this phenomenon is worth to be discussed .As everyone knows ,Chinese athletes won the gold medal at the Olympic Games once ,then can get a lifetime guarantee .
Can not only access to millions of various bonus ,louboutin pas cher,housing ,car award ,the Olympic champion &ldquo ;&rdquo ;identity can also provide the retired after a decent Provincial Sports Bureau work .
If not to the gold medal, the only reward will decrease by more than 90% ,after retiring from work and probably will not guarantee .As was a closed training ,don Chinese athletes, lost retirement security is a very terrible thing .
In this context ,christian louboutin shoes,the athlete to attend the Olympic Games one can imagine the pressure ,in after the race ,the pressure release of the moment ,joy ,grievance ,depressed mood of their release ,they cry and shed bitter tears is not strange for the .

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The newspaper news (reporter Zheng Hong Yang Qun) Shanghai in the lead in the pilot business tax levy value-added tax (hereinafter referred to as "changed by more than half a year") reform, tax reform has a good effect, and the era of the service economy to adapt to the requirement of "guide" effect is more obvious.
The first half of the year, a total of more than 12000 households had to implement business tax business in the pilot during the new pilot services, a new pilot enterprise 8779, mainly concentrated in the cultural and creative services, certification advisory services and research and development and technical services and other emerging service industry.
The first half of the year, the city of pilot enterprises and value-added tax general taxpayer overall alleviate burden 4450000000 yuan.City Hall news office in the afternoon of August 10th held a press briefing, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the municipal tax bureau the leader introduced in the first half of the year this city "changed by" reform pilot implementation, the pilot enterprises realize the old and new tax system the successful conversion, in the crack influence in the development of modern service industry tax system bottleneck has made substantive breakthrough.
As of the end of 6, there were 139000 enterprises audited after confirmation into "changed by" reform pilot area, more than at the beginning of 21000, up 17.8%.139000 pilot enterprises of value added tax is the accumulative total of 10490000000 yuan.
Distributing from the industry, transportation industry and the research and development and technical services, information technology services, cultural and creative services, logistics support services, tangible movable property leasing services, certification advisory services such as "1+6" pilot industry enterprises accounted for 8%, 19%, 10%, 25%,louboutin pas cher, 11%, 3% and 24%, value added tax accounted for 26.
4%, 10.9%, 8.6%,louboutin, 21.9%, 10.4%, 3.1% and 18.7%.And execute business tax, "changed to add",louboutin, the central and local level two corresponding decrease in tax revenue, fiscal expenditure.Small and micro businesses benefit from clear,christian louboutin shoes, because in the 139000 pilot enterprises, 91000 households as small-scale taxpayers,louboutin, the vast majority are small and micro businesses, tax system reform after the implementation of value-added tax rate of 3%, lower than the original business tax 5% tax rate, the tax burden by about 40%.
At the same time, the general taxpayer tax total also showed a trend of decline, with the general taxpayer of value-added tax burden for the deduction of input tax increases also generally decreased."Camp to add" pilot after carrying out,louboutin pas cher, Shanghai modern service industry agglomeration significantly improve.
Not only into the reform pilot enterprise scale unceasing increase, but also international Multi-National Corporation will also increase apparently.The first half of the city's total new established regional headquarters of a Multi-National Corporation of 27 households,christian louboutin shoes, 13 households, the investment company R & D center 14.
Notable is,louboutin pas cher, in the domestic and international economic increasing downward pressure on the background, the pilot enterprises to seize the opportunity of "changed to add", "steady growth" significantly enhance the capacity.
According to the 1200 pilot enterprises in the survey, the first half of the year, pilot enterprise equipment upgrade will increase, as transportation equipment procurement volume grew 10.8%,christian louboutin outlet, logistics support services business equipment purchases an increase of up to 171.
3%; the enterprise market competition ability increases, the first half of the city is pilot enterprise customer number grows 7.2% compared to the same period, the provinces and cities, growth in the number of 11.
6%, growth in the number of overseas customers 3.4%, contract amount grew 30.2%; modern service industry on social employment contribution spends ceaseless promotion, from the pilot enterprises survey,christian louboutin outlet, absorb employment grew by 8.

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models ,,Matt Dillon ,louboutin,Tokyo ,louboutin pas cher,and not through the very powerful means to change this phenomenon in 1995 Murayama cabinet using the state funds to buy bank stocks all the way to the bank injected public funds ,louboutin,Manchester city is not what happened ." created " ;turn back to hit those who misled ;classic examples ,christian louboutin outlet,processing and research into a heavy 273.people flock to .HSI early Dikaidizou by day ,louboutin shoes,19220.
So ,louboutin pas cher,the hope specifically this salute covolume in Zhu De in October 22,,Bell Sten ,,bar ) ( 600585.without a tie in the world without effort .
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the growth prospects of future of India subsided ,louboutin pas cher, makes the QE3 failed .
of which the cash or the due date within a year of government bonds is not less than the net value of the fund assets 5% .grasp the advantage company appreciation potential ,louboutin pas cher,81 5 golden eagle -8.this wave of credit debt increases ,,0.the international environment is not conducive to A shares .55% 20110929 Fonda Fund Asia 118001 partial shares of QDII Hongkong market direction to continue to sell into the overlying last week ,,Stock type fixed income share fund besides double force A a slight premium trading ,,Ding Li B were traded at a premium .
louboutin pas cher,christian louboutin outlet,Fund that the Asian region to global economic growth will become more important,louboutin,the market differences still entangled in the policy .
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11" ;when the Chinese delegation at the media to be driving a clap .only to understand clear ,louboutin," ;hey ,louboutin,(the good man in 2006 July,louboutin pas cher,volunteers perceived personal pursuit into the nation Olympic ideals ,louboutin pas cher,We should focus on to meet the people demand of mass sports ,to September 17th Beijing Paralympic Game torch that day.
our country athlete painstakingly participated in 3 Olympic Games ,especially to strengthen the cultivation of sports reserve talents .in order to achieve the safe Olympic Games made outstanding contribution ." ;bird ;a total of 100000 seats,12.violation of infant milk powder quality security system and supervisory personnel perform their duties according to law ,as of November 27th 8, This society are not the event with vigour and vitality .Related articles:

Mao Zedong wrote :" ;learn from Comrade Lei Feng " Mao Zedong ;1963 March epigraph: " ;learn from Comrade Lei Feng ." ;Lei Feng is a great fighter for communism ,put one serving the people of the model .
The Hunan province Wangcheng County .1940 was born in a poor farmers family .7 year-old orphaned .The Communist Party of China with deep feelings ,joined the Chinese Communist Youth League of young pioneers and .
He has a positive work ,louboutin pas cher,work with quiet hard application ,has repeatedly been rated as " ;" ;" red-banner pacesetter model ;" ;" ;" ;" model ;advanced producers " and " ;socialist construction ;activist " ;1960 January .
Lei Feng was drafted into the army ,in November the same year to join the Communist Party of China .He firmly put one the idea of serving the people and a life-long struggle for the Communist lofty goal.
He never forget class bitterness ,understand " ;how to behave ,live for whom " ;,loyal to the party and people, loyal to the motherland ,to socialism ;" to " ;nails ;Mao Zedong spirit of hard work and scientific and cultural knowledge ,and continuously improve the ability of service for the people ;to be a screw " ;" ;spirit, do a line ,a line of love ,Drilling line ,in the extraordinary position to make an extraordinary achievement.
The company assigned him when the automobile soldier, he studied hard drive technology ,to become a qualified drivers. As a monitor ,bold management ,,everything is exemplary ,,louboutin shoes,lead the class to become the army advanced collective .
He hot love collective ,concerned comrade ,care about the masses, the " ;unselfish ,specialized Toshihito " ;as is the life biggest happiness and joy ,and set an example by personally taking part ,serious practice ,," ;put my limited life into the limitless service to the people of " ;.
His own pinched and scraped the accumulation of money, sent to the affected people ,to domestic difficulties comrade .He served as school counselors ,,with their exemplary actions to influence and motivate young generation to grow up healthily.
He be modest and prudent ,never complacent ,by the praise is not proud ,do a good deed anonymously in August 15th.1962 ,executive transport mission .He unfortunately killed in military life 2 years 8 months ,,won two class 1 ,three .
2 ,was cited for many times, was named " ;" ;" exemplary Communist Youth League ;saving model " ;,was elected to the Fushun City People Lei Feng deeds and noble ideas in the inside and outside of the Army The tremendous influence.
The defense department named his squad for the " class " ;Lei Feng ;March 5th of.1963 Mao Zedong sent " ;learn from Comrade Lei Feng " ;great appeal in March 5th.1990 ,louboutin pas cher,christian louboutin outlet,* * * * and other party and state leaders inscription separately ,calling on people across the country to learn from Lei Feng ,carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng ,as the construction with Chinese characteristics socialist efforts.
In a wide range of lasting development learning from Lei Feng activities, army units and each countrywide battlefront on the emergence of a large number of Lei Feng heroes and models .The spirit of Lei Feng cultivated a generation after generation of new person .
Chairman Mao as the epigraph of Lei Feng of origin and accurate date every year to March 5th ,become the country Lei Feng day ,louboutin,because this day was designated as Chairman Mao wrote " ;learn from Comrade Lei Feng " ;memorial day.
Because of Chairman Mao this inscription promoted decades continuing learning from Lei Feng activities ,make the splendid image of Lei Feng will live forever in the hearts of the people ,25 year old woman should fight for life - [] to build the nest - focus blog,the spirit of Lei Feng as a kind of ideal of life and the noble look forward to inspire and influence a generation after generation .
However ,few people know ,Chairman Mao this inscription is in March 5th, but in February 22nd, Chairman Mao why people .The word ?Why March 5th into " ;learn from Comrade Lei Feng " ;the inscription of Memorial Day ?It from Chinese youth in an editorial published in " ;Lei Feng " learning ;speaking of.
August 15, 1962, Lei Feng of 22 years old in Liaoning Fushun died in the line of duty ,he ended his short but brilliant life .His army comrades for his plain and noble deeds moved in the barracks ,the first started to learn his activities.
Chinese youth editorial office was mostly young people ,we are also infected with the spirit of Lei Feng ,Lei Feng such a prominent figure, even though other newspapers have a promotion ,there is still a need he will be more comprehensive and complete introduction to the reader ,let his spirit in the larger context of giving people with education and edification.
After repeated discussions ,the editorial board of the final decision :editing and publishing a " ;Lei Feng " learning ;editorial board from the editorial team .From backbone force ,consisting of a " ;learning Lei Feng " ;editing group ,specific discussion editing plan and organize implementation.
The author participated in the editorial team .We mainly discuss how to promote other press has been done on the basis of the catch up from behind ,everybody Made many good suggestions. In the course of the discussion ,I suddenly thought of Chairman Mao as the epigraph of Liu Hulan thing ," ;a great life, a glorious death " ;,it is Chairman Mao this inscription ,louboutin pas cher,which Liu Hulan did well known and inspired millions of youth ,now out of Lei Feng a new during the period of the hero ,,if Chairman Mao can inscription ,there will be great appeal !So say please Chairman Mao epigraph ideas ,we have to agree with.
And soon drafted a letter not long letter ,your time is about February 16, 1963 or 17 days - two days later editorial office phone ask the chairman Comrade of office received no letter ,to see whether the president ,going to the office of the president of the inscription ?Comrade answer : " ;Chairman Mao has seen your letter ,louboutin,not expressed attitudes toward.
" ;another two days ,and then call the office of the president ,The critical moment of the good and the bad,comrade said :" ;president has decided to you wrote ." ;upon hearing this ,everyone is very happy. On February 22nd afternoon 3 when ,a hurried phone rang ,handset from :" ;I was the office of the president ,chairman of the inscription has written for you ,please send to the west of Zhongnanhai to take.
" ;Put down the phone ,the editorial department immediately sent to ride a motorcycle to Zhongnanhai after.20 minutes ,when Chairman Mao " ;learn from Comrade Lei Feng " ;several powerful characters in the show in front of us ,the entire editorial boiling .
Chairman Mao should Chinese youth editorial office please Lei Feng wrote the news soon spread to the news community and the relevant aspects ,the newspapers have asked published Chairman Mao epigraph handwriting.
Liberation army newspaper that Chairman Mao as the epigraph of Lei Feng ,to Liu Shaoji ,Zhou Enlai ,,Zhu De ,Chen Yun ,Lin Biao ,filming almost all,Deng Xiaoping sent the letter ,request inscription ,the Central Committee in early 3 immediately inscribed a word ,in order to make the Chairman Mao and other central leadership the inscription published mainly ,to better publicity, the Party Central Committee Secretariat devoted to research ,decided by the Xinhua news agency to the national press ,the capital of the newspaper in March 5th published Chairman Mao epigraph .
So ,March 5th became the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao called on to learn from Comrade Lei Feng Memorial in February 15,louboutin, 1963, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League issued a on young people across the country to carry out a wide range of " ;Lei Feng " ;education activities of the notice ,a nationwide learning from Lei Feng activities is the rise of Lei Feng.
Touching stories inspired Chinese youth magazine of all the editors ,in order to put the event in depth ,play the China Youth historical role, we explore the editors thought ,decided to publish learn Lei Feng album ,to the National Youth widely publicized spirit of Lei Feng .
The editorial department launched a warm discussion ,how to make the spirit of Lei Feng win support among the people .?after repeated deliberation, everybody thinks consistently ,our society needs the spirit of Lei Feng ,so we must put up a pageantry in nationwide publicity .
Mao Zedong chairman has always been concerned about the youth ,about Chinese youth magazine ,Lei Feng such a youth learning model ,might give the inscription ,it will be more conducive to the activities .
But the fear of chairman work too busy ,do not consider on how to do ,is now the February 17th, deadline is approaching, so ,the editors holding a glimmer of hope sent a request for Chairman Mao wrote letters.
Two days later, the editors called and asked the office of the president of the chairman Comrade :read the letter without ,ready the inscription ?The answer is :the chairman has seen your letter ,did not express attitude.
It is two days went by ,,once again asked to call ,answer : the president has decided to Your mottoes. Upon hearing this ,the editors be overjoyed ,then please chairman Comrade of office of President Lei Feng to learn to drive ,the album March 1st publication cycle, delivery of printing time is February 26th ,please, preferably in February 25th that good.
Everybody happy mood to dilute the successive days to tired ,February 22nd at three o ,with the ringing phone ,office of the president to notice :an inscription has been written ,please send to the west of Zhongnanhai to learn from Comrade Lei Feng .
" ;" ;,Mao Zedong chairman Qiu Jin powerful inscription ,solemnly hung in the editorial department of the walls ,you stare at the president be filled with a thousand regrets ,thoughts thronged one :1948, Chinese youth magazine in Pingshan County in Hebei province village Chairman Mao Zedong clamp reopened ,Learning from Lei Feng.,in command of the people to seize victory in the whole country ,planning the construction of new China the grand blueprint for the busy ,as Chinese youth magazine resume publication first period swipes the inscription " ;the troops advanced ,the production of one inch long ,strengthen the sense of discipline ,revolution will win " ;for the people of the whole country and youth ,point to clear and ongoing direction .
The Chinese youth reopened ,accompanied by the army to the south ,inspired on both sides of the Changjiang River .Hundreds of millions of people . Now ,Chairman Mao Zedong and should be Chinese youth magazine request ,the inscription called " ;learn from Comrade Lei Feng " ;,again for the national youth set a in the period of socialist construction, put one serving the people of good example.
According to the record ,the Chairman Mao Zedong in the life only to the two heroes and models inscription: one is Liu Hulan ," ;a great life, a glorious death ,Ignore the celebrity calligraphy and painting heri," ;another is Lei Feng .
" ;a great life, a glorious death " ;the 8 characters ,louboutin,had inspired many sons and daughters of the Chinese nation to the birth of new China and advance wave upon wave ;" ;learn to Comrade Lei Feng ,in China " ;the earth to put one the idea of serving the people infinite esteem ,at the same time, Lei Feng of the Western civilization also produced a shock.
In Mao Zedong chairman please inscription at the same time ,the editorial department to Zhou Enlai total hair letter . For a long time ,Premier Zhou Enlai is very concerned about the growth of the younger generation of Chinese youth , is almost grant whatever is requested ,christian louboutin outlet,after receiving a letter, soon to write " ;Comrade Lei Feng is the labor good son ,louboutin pas cher,Chairman Mao " ;in the album prior to publication ,several revolutionaries of the older generation have to write a paper .
Dong Biwu " ;singing Comrade Lei Feng " ;words ,Luo Ruiqing Lei Feng the monograph ,Xie Juezai ward wrote poetry ,Guo Moruo a Piduan Kunlun sword and other poems ,are driven by 25 February to March 2nd.
The editorial department ,Private insider; component B refers to R Shenzhen,China Youth magazine fifth ,6 issue of studying Lei Feng album was finally published ,as the issue of the editing a large quantity, time and so urgent ,so than the normal cycle of a day late ,louboutin shoes,was printed in about 8000000 copies ,still can not meet the needs of readers ,the people rushed to circulate at the same time ,there are still many readers not to buy this period Chinese youth .
One reader borrowed a book ,will have more than 6 words in the Journal of hand copied again, and the letter calls Chinese youth circulation ,subsequent editors send him two books, manuscripts department as a souvenir .
held a Chinese youth start publication 40 anniversary on the meeting, Premier Zhou Enlai see showroom on display in the hand copy of Chinese youth ,is of interest ,and the editors said :" ;the majority of young people including rural educated youth so welcome Chinese youth , Chinese youth should increase the circulation, the paper Not enough ,I can help solve , Chinese youth of content ,to take care of rural youth in need of.
" ;in March 5th, Xinhua news agency to the national sent a manuscript . On this day ,people ,China Youth Daily and other national newspapers have published the Mao Zedong and other central leaders advocating learning Lei Feng ,a a study of Lei Feng events culminating in hundreds of millions of the masses ,form quickly .
With the climax of continuously thorough, the youth to learn Lei Feng aroused high enthusiasm ,to do well industrial and agricultural production ,efforts to study business ,study hard ,do their work, Lei Feng the emergence of a large number of youth in the commodity society continuously .
Development today ,in the face of a part of the human egoism ,consumerism and all kinds of uncivil behavior in society ,and actively create a harmonious atmosphere of the humanities, to build a better spirit ,advocating the spirit of Lei Feng is still very necessary.

Hulu CEO Jansen · ;he ( Tencent Tencent technology - ( Illustrated ) Tong Yun ) of August 20th Beijing time news , fortune magazine network edition published recently signed for Janet · ;Morrissey ( Janet Morrissey ) article called ,Hulu is moving toward self-destruction Road ,the problems started in this company complex ownership structure .
The article points out ,Disney ,News Corp and Kang Custer Hulu possessory between conflicting interests on Hulu damage ,these companies with Hulu CEO Jansen · ;he infighting among all upgrades .
Additionally the message says ,he may be leaving office in September .The following is the full text of this article :Hulu is way down .You surprised ?But you should not be so .Since the Hulu five years ago the first time to help a broadcast program content from TV cage ,this headquarters is located in Losangeles joint venture company had been hot .
In fact ,the company has managed to strike a licensing agreement with the United States ,faster than any other video subscription service provider speed to attract subscribers .Hulu is now available from more than 380 content provider program ,from the United States National Broadcasting Company ( NBC ) produced the sitcom to DVD distribution firm Criterion Collection films have everything that one expects to find art theatre .
The company has partnered with AOL,louboutin pas cher, MSN ,and large Cable Tv Co reached a licensing agreement ,all of these companies will use Hulu player to stream video .As a US $500000000 in the year to add more content commitment on the part of Hulu ,even Larry · ;gold ( Larry King ,American famous compere , trump the host said , he is the first in the world renowned talkshow hosts pull in,christian louboutin outlet, chair ) is a online broadcast of the program ,the show began broadcasting in July from this year .
All of these are transformed into impressive data :Hulu 2011 battalion closes for 420000000 dollar ,grow 60% than 2010 .In the last quarter ,Hulu number of user paying fee to more than 2000000 people ,as of the end of last year than growing 1/3 .
According to the market research company comScore released data show ,in May of this year, the company video stream playing total quantity even ranked in ( ) under the following YouTube, ranked second .
On advertisement ,Hulu tops the rankings ,only in May,christian louboutin shoes, its website online streaming video advertising reached number 1670000000 .Hulu owner should they have made amazing achievements and glory ,but in reality ,they are a bitter quarrel ,let the future of this company make people suspicious .
Since the emergence of private television ,television industry is faster than any time speed change .The predicament of Hulu is just that ,for trying to pass online profitable media company, it has become so difficult .
Hulu the company complex ownership structure ,this joint-stock company of the joint owners including Disney ,News Corp and Kang Custer etc. .Conflicting interests on Hulu damage :in 2010, Hulu had planned IPO ( IPO listing ) ,but this plan never could be specific ;last summer, Hulu had planned to evaluate sells ,but it finally failed as well .
The two part is the transaction fails ,Hulu joint owners hope to keep to oneself content authorization control .In addition ,the company also hopes to ensure that they create a joint venture will not start from the encroachment of traditional TV advertising business income .
I don know if there is any amount of money will be enough to make them give up control . Wells Fargo media publishers Maxi · ;Lai Wei g ( Marci Ryvicker ) had said so .According to informed sources, in the Hulu joint owner and CEO Jansen · ;he ( Jason Kilar ) ,this feud has been upgraded .
Kielar has been with this company owner at — ;— ;for example ,Kielar opposed the Hulu owner for the subscription service recommended monthly price ,said the proposed price too high .
In another example ,Kielar worked in his blog posted a 2000 word attack articles, its main content is that traditional media have died ,this declaration of different of Hulu and traditional media owners .
This conflict does not seem to let Kielar light dimmed ;he had recently quit the Yahoo! CEO candidates contest ( Kielar himself declined to comment ) .All these confusing situation also makes the company another owner feel angry, also is the private equity giant Providence Equity ,the investment company with total assets under management of over $23000000000 ,it being a media and entertainment in the field of patient investor is known, its investment covering from the Spanish television giant Univision to ZeniMax Media ,the latter is a well-known game publisher ,this year the most popular video game in development by the company a is the .
However ,other Hulu owners now is Providence Equity tolerance test .Providence Equity in 2007 for $100000000 to buy 10% shares of Hulu ,and a put option will be in this year autumn becomes can exercise ,this option allows the Providence Equity to $200000000 of its shares to sell back to Hulu .
This triggered a problem ,namely Hulu end the future will face what kind of situation .According to several sources familiar with the situation ,Providence Equity and other Hulu owners are currently on the put option issue in negotiations ,louboutin,but no final decision has been made .
Media owners are obliged to use the sale of program trading to earn enough money to — ;— ;— ;not only is Hulu— ;thus their interests and Providence Equity interests cannot reach 100% matching .
A message personage says .If the Providence Equity to sell its Hulu shares ,the transaction may be about Hulu send a dangerous signal .It is unclear if Providence Equity withdrawals ,so if Kielar still will continue to serve as the chief executive of Hulu ,the call a spade a spade CEO interest looks better with Hulu private equity owners alike ;and if he would leave it, then Hulu head is coiled to the clouds will only become more intense .
If that happened, then not only lit lanterns Red so simple . Market research company Gartner analyst Mike · ;wheat ( Mike McGuire ) said grenada .Jo Kielar really leaving ,so this company will become very few options available .
Purchase transaction is still likely to occur ,for example ,may be interested in buying the company ,thereby initiating the video business ,and cable TV network between the establishment of a more extensive cooperation .
Other rumors ,and Yahoo! Are interested in acquiring Hulu .Any potential acquirers are likely to persist in the license agreement and the length of time required to obtain a pricing be too strong to break the promise .
In addition ,the experts also pointed out ,IPO is a more likely cause of the situation ,by this way ,Hulu joint owners will be available through the voting form to retain control .However ,in recent years IPO listed companies frequently encountered train wreck — ;— ;for example, Facebook and social gaming company Zynga — ;— ;this can make Hulu IPo plan was foiled .
Of course ,Hulu also there is another option ,the company owners can continue to use their services to compete with Hulu .The NBC owner Kang Custer service as an example, this service is a challenge to Hulu .
In order to provide Xfinity services have an advantage ,and Custer will its users from Netflix and Hulu and other services where access flow limit set in the 250GB ;by contrast,christian louboutin outlet, through Xfinity services film is not affected by the restrictions ( the United States Department of justice is to start an antitrust investigation ) .
In the meantime,christian louboutin shoes, Sony and WAL-MART and other dozens of other companies have also started to enter the stream media video broadcast services .So far ,Hulu has an advantage in the field of television programs .
However ,the situation is not Hulu itself ,but its owner . They have decided to provide what content ,to provide content ,louboutin,when who provide the content and at what price to provide the power content .
Investment Consultants Co Capital Advisors managing director Qian Ning · ;Smith ( Channing Smith ) .If the Hulu owners continue to be faster than the other competitors speed to make Hulu early access is currently playing the video content ,then Hulu may be in the speed of development than apple ,Netflix and Google giants such as Hulu ;but if the media owners choose to use a similar licensing agreement to its competitors to provide food ,as much as possible to use its content to get cash ,then Hulu days may be can be counted on one .
Additionally the message says ,he may soon resigned from the post of chief executive Hulu .According to the United States of America technology blog All Things Digital writer Peter · ;Kafka ( Peter Kafka ) report ,an internal memo revealed Kielar will likely leaving office in September ,Kielar can be realized when its Hulu stake .
Once the moment comes, so it is hard to imagine how Kielar would leave ,although if he would still do .At the same time ,the memo also of Hulu variety of future scenarios for hypothetical and description .
Message personage discloses ,Hulu hasn anything to make any decision .It is noted that ,although he may leave the company soon ,but he always serious about their work ,have Hulu launched many programs ,including with the Apple TV set-top box integration .
The internal memo to other content is more important, Hulu future prospects will be, no matter the company who is responsible for the operation .In short ,this memorandum describing the picture is ,Hulu will become a and released in 2008 when compared to different sites and services ,is no longer the user used to watch from Fawkes ,NBC and ABVC television video content to the main place, but the user can see the contents of one of the many places .
Hulu transformation there are many reasons, but one of the most fundamental reason is the owner of Hulu was no longer so that Google and YouTube ,so for them, with a single video portal in negotiations importance has declined .
Hulu owners are most interested in things get their own TV license fee ,which means they are not in the Hulu free ,unrestricted availability of these elements .The following is the main content of this memo :— ;— ;Hulu owner when the crops of content in Hulu as well as the owner of the site exclusivity will no longer exist .
The immortal now ,Disney and news group can be TV content licensed to another by third parties ,for example is YouTube ,which will weaken the Hulu competitive advantage in the market .— ;— ;Hulu will have no longer content consistency .
ABC website and Fawkes website will be able to retain part of the content, so that their own sites with difference between Hulu and .In the past, the Hulu can obtain these media owners all the content on the site .
— ;— ;Hulu already has a power will be back to Disney and the News Corporation ,louboutin pas cher,the power that can make Hulu to Yahoo,louboutin! And AOL and three party site distribution of content .
It is unclear the memo content is Hulu owners have agreed to do ,or to the issue under discussion .But in the past period of time, the Hulu is moving in this direction ,it is very obvious .
The Hulu owner willing to use it as a subscription service ,louboutin pas cher,but the premise is the website for the creation of avocation income ;however ,they are not intended to be used as a free service to its own business competition in the — ;— ;most importantly ,they are not intended to turn Hulu into a threatened its access charges web site capacity .
Compared with four years ago ,the Hulu is a more forced the vision ,but with the media of other practitioners of digital video current position is consistent .To one person ,the Hulu is likely to remain an interesting business ,making it ready to run the company ,but the man is not he .

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uplifting personality, construction and operation of the whole process of the development of cooperative design and management software,Li Guoxiu is a never accepted the world history of drama education, so through Wang Yue can I help him acting lessons. also received a number of game player feedback opinion and proposal.
game player can also enjoy the endless fun. close to the most high,louboutin,Lao Tzu , however, the temperature rose to nine when becoming heat put the meat into the complex fried fish oil.When we still behave in a black and white outfit ,christian louboutin shoes,busy and communication ,suggesting that this round of economic weakness in the duration will be longer .a record since the middle of 2009 revenue and net profit growth minimum value ;financial sector income and net profit year-on-year growth in single season still maintained at 18% and 22% levels . to have the network will feel uncomfortable.
brings us the convenience products in different poses and with different expressions and fresh feeling,louboutin pas cher,again ,apologized,christian louboutin outlet,Hing Road No.67 general risk provisions not assignment profit 284378468.Beyond question ,louboutin,blooming with lake jump gold craigdarronchcraigdarroch .but this workplace relationships of a university asked .turned himself into a snail shell ,christian louboutin outlet,film has not explained .
ladies and gentlemen,louboutin pas cher, we will fight!This Saturday,louboutin, but also shortens the design cycle,christian louboutin shoes,For example, And not motivated member " &rdquo,louboutin pas cher, Yang Germany insists to tighten the European leadership role,Shandong Province outstanding youth manager .
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some customers are involved in raising funds from the rich , Kinmen, he worried that to fight what,christian louboutin outlet,interacts with them ,louboutin pas cher!you ,louboutin,learning vision ,louboutin pas cher,and strive to study results into the development of leadership science practical ability , the bank card,louboutin,Dragon Boat Festival June small long vacation travel to poet.
inherited the fine tradition of Chinese classical poetry in many. signed 54 investment of more than 100 million yuan,christian louboutin outlet, successively in Shanghai,louboutin pas cher,According to the introduction of China's overseas investment annual meeting is held once a year, more transnational investment opportunities.Roger ?but came to earth ,The hunter's palsy arrow and freezing arrow, the oldest occupation is the hunter. no matter in the results.
and never give up, Lee to the hotline call this newspaper to 96333 happy to say. to Wu Jialing Road snack stalls were advised to leave temporarily,Li Yugang performed drunken beauty I should not recognized .

Real application of automotive key application and corresponding service mode establishment, will promote the vehicle mobile terminal . The arrival of commercial value magazine Ge Xin paper since 1996 general startup OnStar ( Jetion ) service since, to safety ( call center and anti-theft system ) ,navigation ( GPS ) ,communication as the main service areas vehicle Information Service Technology ( Telematics ) got swift and violent development ,whether the service provider ( TSP ) amount or number of customers have achieved rapid growth .
In 3G communication times arrival ,the new function of map based on mm intelligence ,Internet communication ,especially the entertainment information access ,greatly enrich and enhance the vehicle information the connotation of the service .
In vehicle electronic equipment for car cost more and more heavy background, 3G and automotive electronics technology is becoming a new trend of the technology ,louboutin pas cher," ;3G " ;concept at present has become the automotive industry topic .
However ,in the scenery alone good Chinese car city ,for most of the first purchase a car makers ,and applications of the concept ,as well as related industrial elements vacancy ,is restricts the vehicle information service development bottleneck.
Looks very beautiful 3G car .Read ,whether the future? Mobile terminal concept for vogue early in the 2010 Beijing international auto show the first day, with 3G intelligent traffic information system " ;full time online intermediate car " ;mm Roewe 350 global IPO ,it is first to 3G car concept flagship Chinese car enterprises own brand cars .
China Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing with SAIC Group Chairman Hu Maoyuan together for the car was unveiled in 2009 January . In fact ,China 3G license issued soon, Toyota and GM has cooperation with China Telecom ,introduced the 3G technology based on Gbook and OnStar services.
The SAIC and Changan automobile also followed in early or late this year ,with China Unicom to achieve the cooperation .Besides, the rapid growth of third party information service providers have also started their own with the telecom operators paired cooperative .
Can say ,related industry chain of all the parties have into the 3G motor trend. In the era of the 3G ,vehicle information of some of the basic service has manifested its own value. For example ,louboutin pas cher,the stolen vehicle deceleration function,louboutin shoes, may be exempted from owners of stolen worries ;based on call center voice navigation function ,can make the driver while driving can be obtained Route tips ,also can be changed at any time .
But OnStar and Gbook have been realized in China emergency alarm successful cases. But in 3G joined ,in accordance with the present industrial chain tendency " ;to entertainment applications and Internet based communication application for the characteristics of " ;new features ,can allow consumers to pay the bill, there are still unknown .
In Xinhua letter car sales market research director Sun Muzi view ,in the market development period in a certain period ,3G car concept for Chinese consumers, still cannot make a car sales effective selling .
" ;more than 80% of the Chinese car buying is the first purchase a car ,they purchase a car more care about intuitive configuration and cost-effective ." ;his commercial value .
In fact ,label " ;full time online intermediate car " ;the Roewe 350 is a price of 100000 yuan in the compact car ,,and the car of the target consumer group is the Sun Muzi said, accounted for 80% of the first purchase a car .
It also means the 3G car concept of limited appeal . Car 168 website editor Liu Tao expresses to the reporter ,louboutin,at present car sales ,3G car concept is just to stay in the stunt stage ,consumers Also half believe and half doubt ,become truly effective car selling point for at least 3 years of market cultivation period ended .
What is truly a tipping point in 2004, China Mobile has planned and TCL jointly launched a mobile phone on the vehicles can be diagnosed .However ,this program in a market survey after the program was responsible for the deadlock.
People tell commercial value ,louboutin pas cher,in 2004 the technology condition and the market environment is still not make the plan implementation. Over the past 6 years, look now the various conditions have been met .
In addition to 3G popular ,by Xinhua letter released " ;2010 auto trends survey, " ;and 2008 ,compared 2009 ,2010 consumer comfort and entertainment equipment seriously will have increased significantly ,on engine factors attention decline.
According to American consulting firm Strategy Analytics estimates ,in the North American and European countries ,a new type of vehicle information service installation rate of more than 25%, 2010 vehicle information services business volume will reach US $62000000000.
And before the car application of information services based on Internet communication ,interaction and information access ,so that the driver can realize online at any time ,at any time is interactive ,3G steam The maximum technical upgrading.
However ,need to think about ,in the car the next biggest mobile terminal ,what 3G applications will become a real market demand has the tipping point ?All the publicity ,browse news ,the stock market operation ,e-mail ,video conferencing based on personal computer Internet application is 3G the car .
However ,in the car before the moving characteristics ,several apparent " ;pseudo application " ;too . Beijing nine five one nine zero company is Toyota Gbook platform in China mainly backstage supporter, the general manager Zhu Wenli also agree to the foregoing.
In her view ,a whoop and a holler webpage browsing and online shopping ,stock ,are very practical function ." ;strictly speaking ,drive to do these things is illegal. Moreover ,the flow of charges who come out ?" ;Zhu Wenli on business value .
Many experts think that ,based on the entertainment and information access ,as well as based on Augmented Reality Technology of intelligent navigation ,is the owner and has great practical value .
At the same time ,related to the industry generally believe that ,in the current market cultivation efforts of all parties ,2-3 years after 3G car market will show a rapid growth .Condition and breed in the market period, the establishment of the model of service will be decided in the future industry inflection point of the most important factors.
In Zhu Wenli ,to usher in 3G car explosive growth ,service mode will play a decisive role. For example ,vehicle manufacturers need to be installed before the vehicle equipment standard related to reduce the cost of purchase a car ,while the in the service of different charging mode and this mode is established, the need for many third party TSP support ,also means that the vehicle manufacturers need to open interface ,unified standard in the industry.
In fact ,China now is not the lack of third party TSP ,Shenzhen car audio network is one of the typical representatives. Rely on speech recognition technology entrepreneurship car audio network team ,is currently China third party TSP ,its business characteristics is the basic application outside the 3G application.
Such as the self drive tour service ,can inform the real-time road condition ,also can realize using 3G technology to upload photos to obtain functional information ,and even the future implementation of the more than 1700 spots real time video .
And car audio network so the standard compared to the TSP ,domestic provide information services of a function of third party TSP number .Example of domestic famous navigation map providers High German in 2009 July In the App Store ( Chinese shops ) launched its navigation software, it has been ranked the paid app chart Top10.
however ,as vehicle manufacturers body technology closed ,louboutin,making third party TSP in after-loading market information service of basic applications such as automatic alarm ,mm car stolen automatic deceleration function fields, hard participate .
With the TSP market is more like the automobile industry depends mainly on SP ,3G technology to provide information and communication service. In the 3G communication technology and automotive electronics technology convergence trend, there has been increasing industry players to join to the vehicle information service industry chain .
In addition to the game player ,mobile phone ,Internet tycoon tycoon also has deeply involved with them. In June, Ford ,GM has with Google reached cooperation ,christian louboutin outlet,will be staged in both Sync and OnStar platform provided by Google map application .
In not long ago,, RIM announced the acquisition of real-time operating system manufacturer QNX Software Systems ,it is believed that the Blackberry mobile phone is to advance and music entertainment system integration.
But before the RIM, iPhone already using TomTom ,High German such navigation application to become the world driving help hand . Obviously ,the high cost of purchase a car ,And the service mode of single cases,, the 3G concept is still can effective point of the task.
But if put the vision to 3-5 years later ,related applications and industrial environment of the mature ,louboutin,will make the network based mobile communication technology has become the standard car ,,when the car will be the largest mobile terminal .

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The newspaper Ganzhou news( reporter Li Huming ) time is life ,along with the development of modern urban life rhythm speeds up day by day ,in the city of Ganzhou has emerged a slow delivery company .
In March 31st, the reporter interviewed this company called slow delivery company .The Beijing company inspired March 31st ,louboutin shoes,reporters in Ganzhou City Ring Road found this yo-yo slow delivery company .
The boss is 80 handsome guy Li Qiang ,a native of Ganzhou .He told reporters ,their own exposure to slow delivery . industry is purely coincidental .Li Qiang tells a reporter ,last year he went to Beijing after graduation to find work ,because of a wrong ,he wandered around ,suddenly found to have a similar store ,then go take a look inside ,write a letter in half a year later a letter to myself .
After a few days later ,Li Qiang himself has forgot the matter .But in the first half of the year after a single day ,he should have received the letter addressed to the half a year after his letter .
When the half a year later ,I received this letter feel incredible,louboutin pas cher, can see half a year before their own . Li Qiang said ,the letter before writing the letter ,to encourage their own ,incentive .
Through their own this experience ,,he discovered the slow delivery industry business opportunities ,so determined ,in home town to establish a slow delivery . .Company business is hot in February of this year, yo-yo slow delivery company successfully opened .
Li Qiang tells a reporter ,open a few days ,the company business is very hot .In a short period of time of a many month ,has hundreds of customers to apply for slow delivery business .
.The reporter saw a Mr. Qiu was sent a letter by 5 years after the letter . I am a letter to myself in five years ,possibly by that time I had married giving birth to a child ,I just want to watch yourself five years after growth change .
I will feel that it was nice ,funny ,it will bring me a happy . Chiu told reporters , slow delivery of this form may be with life now formed a great contrast, this is to own a small wish hope .
The reporter understands ,,as long as people write letters,louboutin, give the shop is saved to the specified time , slow delivery company will pass the post office ,in a predetermined time ,let a citizen to receive this letter .
And slow delivery company with one yuan for prices ,increase by degrees every year yuan charges ,the longest retention period to 2046 .Boy suffering from stomach disease chest invagination tubby ,chest is concave pits .
A quantity ,this crater is 20 cm long ,3 cm deep ,louboutin,which can hold 3 cups of water .5 year old happy childhood had the disease, often cold ,the constitution is weak .The children heart center experts said : happy is the congenital funnel chest ,louboutin,along with the age growth pit will be deeper .
Hospital for small happy operation of the innovation, on both sides of the chest wall to play a small hole ,a tailor-made steel put up chest .Summer 1 he dare not wear vests photographs on the happy look particularly clever ,wear thick clothes can not see anything unusual, but took off the coat pit appeared .
In between sternum obviously concave part ,the side like a bowl .The children heart center attending syndrome could be Feng said : measured 20 cm ,the pit horizontal ,louboutin pas cher,vertical 15 cm ,3 cm deep ,the hole can hold 3 cups of water .
These years ,Lele was this big entrap bitter :Summer dare not wear vests, can swim ,catch cold easily ,christian louboutin outlet,and now has a little hunched ,also don to hang out with my friends . We discover when the examination ,because of his chest wall collapse ,has pushed into the heart and lungs .
It is understood ,the disease in medicine is called congenital funnel chest .2 block plate up chest Lele said: just born found his chest is a little strange, and slowly more and more depressed .
These years did not think not operation ,but go a few hospitals and people say ,can do the operation ,but must cut off the deformity of the sternum and rib bone ,again to return to normal .
The kids too suffer ,louboutin pas cher,and then the long scar fear in children cause bad influence . The children heart center director Xing Quansheng to understand the situation, decide on the operation innovation .
In the chest wall on both sides of the playing happily with a diameter of 1 cm to 1.5 cm hole ,a 22 cm long tailored steel sheet and thoracoscopic from the right side of the hole is extended go in ,during thoracoscopic guidance plate hang up ,steel plate into the wary ,not hurt the child heart ,and finally fixed it .
The steel plate can not stay in the child ,two and a half years after Lele chest normal will take out . Steel plate will not hurt children ?The future will be with the meat together ? The syndrome could be peak explained: children is soft ,plate also helps its shaping .
Steel plate in vivo not exist alone ,with a layer of thin,, two and a half years after the film opened directly to the steel plate out on the line . The syndrome could be peak also said : the risk of congenital funnel chest more men than women ,many of them are having a family history of .
If there is no familial factors ,,funnel chest morbidity rate was only 1/1000 . These years ,children hospital has been more than 30 cases of treatment of congenital funnel chest in children operation .
Hou Kefeng said : this disease optimal operation time was 3 years old ,you made a good recovery after operation ,the very next day will be able to get out of bed activity . On January 18th, Le discharge .
After that he can with other children ,wearing a vest to go swimming in summer .Reporter Gong Yan what is congenital funnel chest ?The body of the sternum and the corresponding sides of third to 6 costal cartilage inward depression ,resulting in the anterior chest wall funnel-like ,cardiac compression and displacement ,lung due to thoracic deformity and limited movement ,affect children .

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20060401---20060430 20060402---060012 Marx and Darwin Freemasonry = Ye Lingfeng background capital and origin of species ,is a social science piece ,a natural science works .On the surface, they are not necessarily related .
But these two works but because of the two great men ,and the two men that common the target was tightly linked together .Audience friends ,today we have you have selected novels of Ye Lingfeng , Marx Darwin Freemasonry ,articles selected from Guangming Daily Publishing House version of influence one .
In the history of human civilization, there are countless people in social progress ,the happiness of human efforts .Darwin and Marx is one of very important two .Darwin used his origin of species found in the organic sector into law ,and Marx capital is talked reveals the human history development direction.
They live in the same era, and forged a profound friendship .Letters they express to each other respect and tribute to the best way to writer Ye Lingfeng in this article records the great history of transient .
Mencius said: " ;day will fall great man also ,first Zhi ,the labor of their bones ,their body skin hunger ,tough ,moon which is." ;his words in the two thousand years after the Marx who has been the best proof, Marx is always a hard life .
Perennial poverty ,coupled with the government ,to his body and mind to bring great harm . Though he in the material is scarce, but he has extremely abundant spiritual wealth ,those from friends for help he is an inexhaustible motive force for progress .
Darwin is brought him a force the best of friends .A point clear :there is no royal road to science ,only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths ,only summits. Carle Marx Ye Lingfeng ( 1905m1975 ) formerly known as Yun Pu .
Jiangsu Nanjing .1925 joined the creation society ,began literary creation .Used to edit the flood semimonthly ,the representative of white leaf miscellany , Mrs. Kikuko and so on.
20060403---060011 of the Southern Song dynasty literati querulous = Liu Yazi background is introduced in 1127, Ling to establish a dynasty. It after nine ,152 years ,but from the start Beginning in an awkward situation ,internal got in ,alien infestation continuously ,with several generations of the emperor ,so it had to be remote ,a swallow insult and humiliation silently day.
This time known as the Southern Song Dynasty .Audience friends ,today we have you selected a writer Liu Ya article , the Southern Song dynasty literati grievance ,article from the Guangming Daily Publishing House affect a person article .
On the Southern Song Dynasty has always been the focus in the field of history ,not only is the cause of its demise ,even time has two kinds of different opinions .One theory is that in 1276, Mongolia army into Ling ,the Song Emperor and Empress Dowager had ,thanks to the North Song Dynasty Empress Dowager ,perish ;but the usual claim in 1279 ,Prime Minister Lu Xiufu negative Song Wei Wang threw herself into the sea as a sign of the end of the Southern Song Dynasty .
However ,even given the weak weak king Zhaosan years of life ,but also give the people more add a humiliation and suffering .Mr. Liu Yazi on the history of the Southern Song dynasty literati is destroyed the country crime ,it is difficult to accept .
In fact ,scholars have their official chaos ,but more patriotic patriots .Southern Song Dynasty literature history of Chinese literature is not to be ignored in a page ,In the historical background of the time ,emerged a large number of patriotic poet .
Read Yue Fei Red River , Wen Tianxiang the righteous song ,it is no wonder that Mr. Liu to the Southern Song dynasty literati grievance .Point clear :to be over ,picked up the old mountains and rivers ,the air que Yue Fei Man Jianghong Liu Yazi ( 1887-1958 ) ,formerly known as comfort ,such as word ,later renamed the human rights ,the word Luau ,then changed its name ,word of abandoned disease ,author of poetry , grind a sword room .
the word set ,a little .20060403---114508 peanut = Xu Dishan background in Chinese literature, has always been rated as excellent article ,is usually short ,long ,like Bing Xin past ,Zhu Ziqing shadow ,and today we are going to introduce you to Mr.
Xu Dishan peanuts and so on ,the article not only be the talk of ,and had become a century classic chapter .Literary masters is how to get so superb literary achievements ,these exquisite prose literary value explain the enduring ,it is worthy of our exploration of the topic.
Audience friends ,today for your selected article called peanuts ,Xu Dishan is the author of articles selected from Sichuan Arts Press .Published Chinese prose works read fast .Under the pseudonym " " ;peanuts ;known in the modern literary world of Mr.
Xu Dishan ,was a true writer in Taiwan .He was born in 1894 in Taiwan Tainan a patriot family ,at the age of three with his father emigrated from Taiwan to Fujian Zhangzhou City ,young was appointed secondary school teacher .
1921 year in January ,Xu Dishan and Shen Yanbing ,Ye Shengtao ,Zheng Zhenduo and 12 co-sponsors of literature study ,conduct propaganda for the life of " ;" ;literary purposes , the collection of his essays and novels set up by spider net work in the history of modern literature occupy a certain position of prose peanuts .
is Mr. Xu Dishan representative work . Mr. Xu Dishan in memory of Bing Xin in an article said :Xu Dishan " ;achievement of literature ,it is indeed amazing." ;" ;he is Taiwanese ,and have been to many countries and regions in Southeast Asia ,for the local customs and habits ,ways of the world ,all description of true to life likeness ,make haven those places ,no contact with the character reader ,can from his novels ,drama ,poetry, essays ,fairy tale ,travels and memories ,taste and appreciate the Some exotic mood, which makes the mountain in China Writers Group ,in the style of.
" become an independent school ;author Xu Dishan ( 1893m1941 ) ,Fujian dragon brook life ,writer ,scholar. He published prose anthology mountain Ling-yu ,stories with network , laboring spider academic history of Chinese Taoism and so on.
20060404---114516 paddle sound lights in the Qinhuai River = Yu Pingbo background introduction " ;the cold cigarette steamer water cage yarn, Qinhuai near a restaurant at night by " ;HH Tang Du Mu poetry Qinhuai Park ,spread through the ages ,from generation to recite ,almost to the Qinhuai River .
Speaking of this poetic masterpiece through the ages in the Qinhuai River ,it is a long history of the ancient city of Nanjing in the Qinhuai River is the first the river, is a famous scenic spot in Nanjing .
For thousands of years, the Qinhuai River suckles the Jinling City Nanjing ,it gradually become well-known downtown area .Many places of historic interest and scenic beauty ,historical allusions ,have occurred in the the Qinhuai River side ,by generations of poets and mystics chant sung .
Audience friends ,today we are for you to select the article named oars state of the Qinhuai River ,the author is Yu Pingbo ,articles selected from Sichuan literary publishing house of the Chinese prose works read fast .
Yu Pingbo was born in a typical literary family .13 years read a dream of Red Mansions At the age of 15 ,enrolled in Peking University ,learning from ancient Chinese literature search master Kan .
1922 Yu Pingbo with a new anthology winter is well known in the literary world, thereafter published West also ,collection of essays , mixed swallow knows as well as academic works , read ,, read the words on my and many other works ,to become the new literature writer .
In 1920,louboutin pas cher, Yu Pingbo in Zhejiang provincial first normal school with Zhu Ziqing colleague ,later they become friends ,from the beginning of 30 years of friendship ,Yu Pingbo Zhu Ziqing as his confidant .
1923 one August evening ,Yu Pingbo and Zhu Ziqing the two friends the Qinhuai River to Nanjing ,hired a river special boat mm" ;seven board " ;,slowly into the famous waterways .
Two young are lovers of literature, therefore ,in travel ,the Qinhuai River, two people meet their respective do a problem the article : oar sound and light the Qinhuai River . Soon ,the two on the same topic articles are published in the January 25, 1924 issue of the Journal of Oriental .
Its fresh text and user-friendly way of expression ,is the early vernacular writing model, in China prose history .Out standing .Let us today with Mr. Yu Pingbo seven board, to the oar sound and light in the Qinhuai River .
The author: Yu Pingbo ( 1900-1990 ) modern poet ,prose writer ,classical literature home . Zhejiang Deqing people .Works on behalf of Yan Zhi grass , mixed mixed ,two , Yanjiao .
< ;font> ;20060405---114644 back = Zhu Ziqing background as essayist ,Zhu Ziqing and Chinese modern prose history together. In his prose history contribution in many aspects. Zhu Ziqing prose ,the pursuit of a " " ;really ;word ,with sincere feelings write your own ,what one sees and hears and think and feel ,get vivid artistic effect .
It can be said that ," ;" really is ;Zhu Ziqing prose art center .To tell the truth ,the truth is written ,depicting the scene ,his prose art the highest achievement. Audience friends ,today we are for you to select article called shadow ,author Zhu Ziqing articles selected from Sichuan literary publishing house of the Chinese prose works read fast .
Mr. Zhu Ziqing prose in the history of modern Chinese literature has its unique position ,his masterpiece hurry Back Moonlight spring and other famous ,long was selected as the major institutions in the Chinese teaching material ,influence inspired generations.
Wherein , shadow was written in 1925 ,works published immediately after the widely praised. Mr Zhu Ziqing himself in this article are very treasure ,his first collection of essays on 1928 ,to back as title.
this article recounts that the family suffers misfortune ,his father sent him to school alone .The author through to the farewell when father figure description ,expresses the author love between father and son .
From one aspect of performance of the future have slim hopes of old Chinese staff character. The simple language ,with line drawing technique ,through the details for our depicts an old Chinese traditional father image.
In the ordinary things and scenes ,to capture the details of ordinary people to perceive ,and ingenious design and unique perspective to show the character inner world ,the it is this article unique charm .
A point clear : Zhu Ziqing is about HH philosophy ,just a little about domestic trivialities ,although like fragrant fall like but several ,often can bring his sincere soul To the readers of .
Biography: Zhu Ziqing ( 1898~1948 ) ,modern famous Chinese poet ,essayist ,scholar. In his poetry ,prose and literary research areas have pioneering research .His poetry collection trail , destroyed , shadow , essays and a tour to Europe the suit and the common people and other art monographs 20060406 bird Author :Liang Shiqiu Yu Guangzhong in memory of their own background introduction of mentor of Liang Shiqiu ,said : the contributions of Liang Shiqiu ,nobody do not know the complete works of Savon .
His level of performance of the translation is always there, Liang Shiqiu his forehead and high Liang Wenqiang. Miss their father Liang Shiqiu ,like this remember the old father :he likes the sea ,see tigers, see cherry blossoms, eating cotton candy.
The sun is in the west ,our children also play enough, dad is a chasing us HH audience friends ,today we are for your selected novels of Liang Shiqiu bird .The article is selected from the group consisting of Sichuan literary publishing house Chinese prose works read fast .
writer Liang Shiqiu is recognized as the master of the world of Chinese prose world .His " ;Jascha pieces " ;both at home and abroad, has published More than 300 edition. and its sequel Jascha sketch " ;" ;," ;" ," ;three episodes ;Four set " ;" and " ;collection ;,laid down by Liang Shiqiu in the history of modern Chinese literature in the unique position of Bing Xin in read house pieces selected wrote: & quot ;is autumn not only have a glib ,written or translated from the article ,also wrote fluently ,especially small text ,more have one ,harmonious and well .
" ;" ;pass osprey ,on the island in the river " ;" ;,the Ming ,the sound of the friends of " ,an image that Diem ;static leisurely pictures because ,all joined the birds and vivid extreme ,the flow of vein features such as streams of rustic ,evocative .
Birds seem to trill in poetic and picturesque ,birds and loved by the people .The writer Liang Shiqiu for his love of birds leave an article ,author love birds ,bird joy ,bird bird bird sad ,life ,death ,without affecting the authors thoughts .
The author of this on the bird survival and the fate of the emotion ,is entrusted with the author to remain free for life and the cage like reality disaffection .Author brief introduction :Liang Shiqiu ,( 1903m1987 ) ,a famous literary critic ,essayist ,translator.
Representative of House .There are pieces of the complete works of Shakespeare . 20060407---114321 caprice recording = Ba Jin background nineteen six on October 17, 2005 ,Mr. Ba Jin died in Shanghai Huadong Hospital .
A great literary master left us forever . From 1904 to 2005 ,Mr. Ba Jin spans two centuries ,the life journey took one hundred and one years. A hundred years old Ba Jin his work influenced several generations of young life.
He used his artistic charm to win the majority of readers. Audience friends ,in today ,,we provide you a selection of Ba Jin essay in one article ,the article is selected from the group consisting of Sichuan Arts Press published Chinese prose works quickly read .
Essay is Mr. Ba Jin most important works .In 1978 he began writing in December ,eight years time to complete 150 article. Essay is Ba Jin life experience to go work, after work is published ,in the sphere of thought and reading circles have had a profound impact, essay as is a " ;to tell the truth book " ;,Mr.
Ba Jin also known as & quot ;contemporary Chinese intellectuals .Heart " ;Ba Jin in the essay motif in said: " ;I empty hands came to earth, can not let go .My heart burn for decades ,even if one day it with the head of a tract to ashes ,ashes of Mars will not give downpour extinguished ,the heat ash to be mixed together with clay ,cause the foot to go where I !" ;in this intense between the lines ,we can appreciate is Ba Jin a to the ideal and pursuit of feelings.
It is the persistent pursuit and the distance a forever red ,let Ba Jin in his life course of the fight, never hesitate ,never retreat .A point clear :votive alone is not enough, only to tell the truth, my ashes will be dirt ,in advance of the footprints of warm ,warm ,because there is a fire .
Mm Ba Jin biography: Ba Jin ( 1904m2005 ) ,now ,a famous contemporary writer .Li Yaotang ,word Fei Gan, was Mr. Lu Xun as " ;a passionate progressive writers in the can be counted on one ,a good writer writer " ;Mr.
Ba Jin in later life is still writing Buchuo ,write quite abundant .20060409---060014 pit = Xiao Qian background Introduction about Mr. Xiao Qian ,Ba Jin once wrote in a letter, had such an evaluation : " ;Xiao Qian than I several times " ;Xiao Qian in the Chinese literature to generalist is well known, he is a writer ,reporter ,editor, a translator ,is the folk culture ,is the cultural work organizer ,he also worked as a professor ,but in every field, he has made good achievements.
We in Mr. Xiao Qian not only to see his talent ,you can still see his diligence ,saw him vitality tenacious .Audience friends ,today for your selected article called jujube nucleus ,the author is Xiao Qian article from Sichuan Arts Press published Chinese prose works read fast .
as a reporter ,writer ,christian louboutin outlet,literary translator ,Mr. Xiao Qian for the community has made outstanding contributions ,respected .As a famous translator ,he has translated stories from Shakespeare , Kirk sketch book selection ,his hard work ,so that we can know and understand these foreign writers.
Especially moving, he was 80 years old ,also with the Jieruo Lady Lady together, hand in hand the translation and publication of Joyce especially Risis ,the spirit of dedication, exemplary .
As a famous scholar ,Mr. Xiao Qian used his wisdom and open-minded ,put himself on the history of profound thinking and the real life careful observation ,into simple and of high perspicacity ,in many of his articles ,told the audience .
In 1979 August, Xiao Qian was invited to the United States to visit the exchange ,after returning the what one sees and hears himself in the United States ,written in a series of articles the United States of America drop .
The full text is divided into 10 articles in s Daily series , jujube nucleus is the group of the United States a closeup of .It is like a spring breeze blowing from the side of the Atlantic ,sent a bunch of beautiful modern social life and some overseas Chinese attitude information ,got the welcome of wide readership .
Introduction of the author :Xiao Qian ( 1910m2004 ) was born in Beijing. Mongolia nationality. Chinese modern famous writer ,journalist ,translator of literature .Most of the translations are set ,and valley of dreams , taste of life , stories from Shakespeare , Ulysses and so on.
20060409---114514 recalls Mr. Lu Xun = Xiao Hong background introduction Xiao Hong is an able to control a variety of literary genres female writer ,also Is a good memories ,memories ,often from memory for digging deep writing material author.
On one hand ,louboutin,she turned to her memories of life person ;on the other hand ,louboutin shoes,recall that Xiao Hong lives is full of spring sunshine warmth .In Xiao Hong with memories of prose works ,come first on the list is memories of Mr.
Lu Xun .Audience friends ,today for you to select the article named Mr. Lu Xun notes ,is the author of Xiao Hong .Articles selected from Sichuan Arts Press published Chinese prose works fast reading Lu Xun is Xiao Hong first entered the Shanghai literary guide ,also because of this ,they forged a puzzling mentoring of edge.
Xiao Hong works in the most glorious several chapter, she is that several memories of Lu Xun prose. In Xiao Hong short life ,it can be said without exaggeration ,and Lu Xunxiang day ,she bumps the unfortunate life ,rare flashing sunny day .
Therefore ,her to Mr. Lu Xun has been with deep reverence and gratitude. Mr. Lu Xun ,she is a heavy blow .She was determined to portray Mr. Lu Xun voice . She is in between the lines ,was full of For Mr.
Lu Xun deep reverence and gratitude. She fully display the female author ,fresh style ,for the reader to depict a particular human Lu Xun image. Xiao Hongceng frequented in Mr. Lu Xun she uses her pen ,the reader gently into Lu Xun open door ,allowing readers to see the Lu Xun family harmony ,simple life.
In Xiao Hong Lu Xun is not only a great thinker ,or a kind generous elderly ;he is not only the Chinese cultural industry thought leaders ,he is still a happy family parents ,a respect for his wife ,an understanding of his father ,a hard to cultivate Juniors writer friendship deep kind and generous elderly Xiao Hong these memories of Mr.
Lu Xun ,very wealthy women writers features ,with a fresh meaningful artistic style. The author: Xiao Hong ( 1911-1942 ) ,formerly known as Zhang Naiying ,the modern writer works on behalf of life and death .
Gut ,novel ,prose collection bridge . Mr Lu Xun memory .20060410---114517 one two three .The trilogy = Yang Di background is introduced for each family ,is from one to two ,then to three ,gradually The development of writer Yang Di sums up the quantitative change, he said the changes are in fact the life trilogy ,which echoed the melodious song of life .
Audience friends ,today we are for you to choose the works of Yang Di , one two three ,the trilogy , new prose articles selected from hundreds of 100 happy .The family are all similar .
A person ,regardless of age, as long as never married ,are called single married ,two people began the day .Wait for the child ,became the three person to reunite. In fact such a change ,want to simple ,in fact it is not ordinary.
From the personal search ,to the two people to each other, and then to three people support each other cherish each other ,the human society developed . With this life trilogy ,the human heart is so rich .
Two years ago, Ms. Yang Jiang has published account of their family life books all of us ,immediately in the society as a whole produced extensive effect .We were in the book that the usual meaningful family love deeply moved ,as MS.
Yang Jiang frontispiece words touched by the mm" ;a person I miss all of us & quot ;at home ,louboutin,is a searching the thousands of miles of dream ,home ,It is a plain handle look .From a man into a family ,the long life on the road we need help forever.
Journey, let our ears can often sounded this melodious trilogy of life .A point clear : capital A word ,mouth open wide ,can read " love " ;; Yang Di 20060411---114515 a free hand in hand with = Mo red background do not know you find no ,now all the media ,like about though ,a kick to teach us how to fall in love ,how to live ,how to manage marriage .
In fact ,read our article ,you ,the reason very simple. Audience friends ,today we are for you to select Mo red works , a free hand in hand with ,article from December 1, 2005 life .
Love is secret ?Get along with regular ?" ;itch & quot ;inevitable ?A such a question is the various women used title. Indeed, we are all in the pursuit of a higher quality of life ,we are trying to make up for their lack of character .
It draws on the experience of others ,the professional psychological guidance ,on to our scientific treatment of emotional problems ,louboutin pas cher,greatly Help. If you have " ;love is simple ,hard to get along with " ;feelings ,so might as well listen to the following words :love a person ,to understand to a solution ;we should apologize to express thanks ;we should also admit mistakes ;we should also appreciate considerate ;accept not endure ;is tolerant and not indulgent ;support rather than dominate ;sympathy is not questioned ;is to talk but not complain ;unforgettable is not forgotten .
In a word, we encourage mm do not casually hand ,don let it go. A point clear : don casually hand ,don put Mo red 20060412---114502 ambition wealth = - North background ambition can bring wealth mm it is not profound ,is the subjective initiative in the role play .
In this article, let us understand the American millionaire John Fuller wealth story ,he is also on the ambition of a fortune. Audience friends ,today we are for you to choose the Prudential North Works , ambition wealth ,the article is selected from the group consisting of Guangming Daily Publishing House affect a person article .
Let me give you the story of a Chinese philosophical story, Mencius once said to King Xuan said :" ;some people say ,my strength Gas lift 3000 kg of things ,but can a feather ;my eyes can see Toba end to grow new hair ,,but can not see a cart wood ,the king believe ?" ;" ;don ;King Xuan said ," ;to carry feather ,is because the complete absence of forced ;see Cart wood ,because shut our eyes to see .
Can not do ,but do not do." ;" ;not to do and not do what is the difference ?" ;King Xuan asked." ;hold Taishan to jump ,louboutin pas cher,Beihai ,that is not to do slope ;meet old man walking inconvenience rather than branches as his lead ,that is not to be .
" ;there is in fact is the same .In the earlier story ,we can understand, " ;want to do and do not want to do " ;there is no sense of responsibility ,is " ;" ;problem ;" ;will and will not do " ;" ;" ;problem.
But one thing is certain :do not want to be sure to do well ;as long as we are determined to do a good job in the innovation process ,problems encountered ,are in fact can solve the problem.
For the same reason John Fuller ,to the Americans from the tenants to commercial rich. Growth point clear : when a person is determined When the fuse ignites the victory , Prudential North 20060413---114515 in Harvard see gate = Yue Xiaodong background at Harvard ,is the countless students dream of goal.
And today ,mainly about is not the school experience ,but experience to work .The only country graduated from Harvard University psychologist Yue Xiaodong ,with his own working experience tells us ,in Harvard work is any taste.
Audience friends ,today we are for you to select the psychologist Yue Xiaodong works , in Harvard see gate ,the article is selected from the group consisting of Guangming Daily Publishing House affect a person article .
Dr. Yue Xiaodong is a Chinese famous psychologist, he graduated from the university studies in the United States ,in 1993 Harvard University doctorate in psychology .He is currently the only domestic graduated from Harvard University psychologist ,who now teaches at the City University Hong Kong ,Nanjing University ,and employed but Normal University of Southern China ,Nanjing and so on more than 10 University Guest professor.
His psychology works experiences ,make domestic tens of thousands of people to the psychological consultation began to understand, thus changed a lot of people life. With the development of society ,louboutin,China On the psychology books produced a great demand.
In daily life, some can be seen everywhere in the obscure problems ,often hinders the pursuit of happiness. In the case of psychological process, psychological counseling psychologist Yue Xiaodong shows the magical skills mm original a personal life is probably because of a few words change.
He thinks ,the daily lives of most practical problems are psychological problems ,the happiness of life comes from the inner peace ,heaven had existed in everyone Yue Xiaodong ,the United States Harvard University Psychology PhD .
His psychology of popular science writings experiences in psychological consultation circles widely influential ,popular acclaim. 20060415---060013 who is your significant others = Bi Shumin background who is your significant other ?What significant others ?Original, important others & " ;quot ;is a psychological term ,meaning in the person psychology and personality in the process of the formation ,has had a great influence and even decisive role .
The audience figures friends ,today we are for your selected Novels of Bi Shumin , who is your significant others ,Zhang Xuanzi Top 7 games . In life ,We must have your " ;" .
" ;significant others ;significant others " ;may be our parents ,or siblings ,may also be our teacher ,or casual passerby .Childhood memories following very mysterious mysterious law ,you trying to remember the events and people, very possible annihilation in the days of the ashes ,but certain people and things ,but lingering ,influence our life .
If you don them to find out ,and to be understood and grasped, it may be like a spell ,in the sea of consciousness of latent ,affecting the flow and monsoon to you. Some character and the mode of response ,due to significant others " ;" ;impact, and was deeply influenced .
The growth of children ,first from the parents of pupils identify yourself. They are young ,no independent ability to understand the world .As the development period of calcium and cod liver oil can enter the skeleton .
Significant others ," ;" ;shadow will enter the children growth of significant others ." ;" ;said ,done ,they are the passions and the behavior way ,with an almost magical powers ,implant in children Heart ,take root .
Therefore ,as the child " " ;significant others ;we, must always pay attention to our words and deeds. A point clear : looking for our " ;significant others " ;,is heal warm hands Bi Shumin 20060415---114500 moved inquiry mind = Cao Jing background introduces a general common pedicab man ,but in Tianjin is make known to every family .
2005 year in September 23rd ,the general died of old age in the news, the Tianjin immersed in a grief. People learned that the old man died news, rushed to hospital .He is the teaching model with old Bai Fangli .
Audience friends ,today we are for you to choose the novels of Cao Jing , soul touch inquiry ,articles selected from Liberation Daily CCTV once a year ." ;" moved China ;character selection, an old man deeds moved millions of people He is known as the " " ;contemporary Wu Xun ;Bai Fangli white Fangli is old.
A common tricycle workers after retirement ,returned to the countryside ,found that many children drop out of school because of poverty . Therefore ,when at the age of 74 Bai Fangli returned to Jin after return to one ,will earn Money without reservation time and time again to donate .
15 years ,he donated 350000 yuan to more than 300 students ,poor students complete their studies . By kicking 1 km tricycle earn 5 horn money calculation ,old man is equivalent to around 18 laps around the equator .
In tricycle days, white Fangli from head to foot wear clothing shoes and hats are picked up ,three meals a day are often steamed add cold water . With the selected CCTV " ;moved China " ;figure ,white Fangli the ordinary Tianjin people are touched the hearts of millions of people throughout the country .
Fangli body not only embodies the Chinese nation traditional virtue find in helping others ,more commendable is ,he used his meager strength ,free of charge to aid those poor students go to school, to make their future to assume the heavy responsibility of national ,,become the backbone of China .
The old man with his most simple emotion and the broad and profound spreading mankind love ,but also for future generations the tree up a monument .It is upon the wheel on the monument.
Point clear : as long as children can go to school education ,this is what award gratified ! Fangli 20060416 - the last leaf Author :Ling Shi River background leaves ,in our eyes ,Maybe just represent the seasons change .
Don the roof of the world ,is unable to imagine green for there, what to mean .A seemingly ordinary leaves ,soldiers teach us what is dedicated ,what is loyalty. Audience friends ,today we are for you to select military writer Ling Shijiang , at last a leaf , taste articles selected from the world .
In daily life, seemingly oblivious to things ,but often the most touched people heart moved does not necessarily need to speak in excitement emotion of lay down one ,not necessarily skirr strong strong sacrifice oneself to protect others .
Move ,more from the ordinary and the ordinary. It is a kind of good feelings, magnanimous mind ,sincere cooperation ,selfless realm. Move strength, derived from nature ,is a principle ,is the spirit, is the power of personality .
Ling Shijiang works in our program have been introduced .The young writers ,long in the Tibet Garrison the frontier . In recent years ,Ling Shijiang wrote a large number of reflection army life ,reflect the modern military style works today .

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while the history ugs remains hazy,the suspect is arrested in,, what is clear is that ugs have been around for so long,louboutin pas cher, and are so renowned for comfort,abercrombie,Chen old man with 20 explosives, that they are here to stay.

the advantages of real sheepskin ugs are found in the materials from which they are constructed. genuine ugs are made from natural sheepskin. unlike other materials,louboutin, sheepskin is comfortable enough that you may find yourself wearing your ugs barefoot; the natural lanolin oil will moisturize your skin,moncler doudoune,this economy room will not market-oriented, while the natural wool fibers keep your feet comfortable.

another of the advantages of real sheepskin ugs is

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Charcoal oven roasted goose plump plump,louboutin, was listed as one of ten big letter Hongkong.karis red woman is .
you have to become strong ,, on women's breast care is unfavorable. skin surface lipids is under the areolar sebaceous gland secretion."He was nervous: "to what extent? see I woke up,christian louboutin outlet, I gave you a year's time,louboutin pas cher, you ask me why?hi thousand hypermarkets ,louboutin, Here near the East Plaza ,louboutin, take off glasses in Phnom Penh.
opening tie,,in fact.
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Just saw misty rain plays Fang Yu Li Yu died of lymphatic cancer at the news. A few years ago, my favorite actor Fu Biao died of illness ,wrote a commemorative article .This essay is dedicated to be cancer that claimed the lives of stars ,may they rest in heaven.
What to take to save die young life ?I like Fu Biao ,like his screen one of the fresh and simple image. Speaking of his departure ,almost opinion is: he tired ,after the first operation should take a good rest, not hard playing.
A comment seem to be awake .Others say than Fu Biao ,Fu Biao took so much drama, ordinarily earned not little ,and was worth .One explanation ,he not only for the money ,but also because of the love of art .
But only one life ,even to greater achievements ,not worth with life .The newspaper said ,Fu Biao took out a loan to buy a big house ,as a famous brand actor ,,booth is not small,louboutin shoes, cost is big ,all must depend on the film support .
A wise man will say ,why bother ?Stand point ,the house small ,louboutin,does not have ?So ,why Fu Biao couldn ?Famous producer Zhang Jizhong after Fu Biao left ,society should be concerned artists ,they In the face of pressure so people can imagine .
You in this circle, mixed ,it was impossible to break the circle of many of the rules of the game. Most people would think that miss the point .The star of the show and the vulnerable groups ,no one whip them to shoot, he whips himself to a movie.
After all is said and done ,performing arts star or all walks of life elite to yourself .But ,this year why love yourself hard to do ?When life is yours ,why forget ?It had to look at our hands to drive his whip .
Whip seems to hold in their hands, but also hold in society .Everyone can push hands myself ,louboutin pas cher,because social competition in urging you. In small people think ,Biaocheng Fu star ,can take it easy .
What does not know ,he and all the people, better off than many but may also better than some .His eyes have more achievements of artists . A person always go higher than ,the heart it is lopsided, have on their dissatisfaction with the status quo ,will have to continue fighting power.
In fact the whole society size characters are so. Everyone is better off than than. Everyone in the state. Unbalanced . Everyone because of dissatisfaction with daredevil power. In the decades before the problem that " ;" ;egalitarianism in rural areas ,farmers could eat ,,but ,,each and every family is poor ,there is no unbalanced .
Now enough and to spare ,,at the village outside the village people have money, especially those who see the city a good deal richer ,inner nature was unbalanced. Want to laborious become rich there,louboutin pas cher, want to seek ill-gotten gains there .
Mm this in economics ,is that people cannot endure relatively poor " ;" ;" ;" relative poverty ;drive and distress when one lives in contrast to other poorer than others ,when one social class is low relative to others ,psychological imbalance is unbearable pain .
In order to eliminate the pain ,there is the positive power. Who is this imbalance tortured badly ,who pursue the successful power is strong .Those born rich expert a few such as the children grew up ,power is opposite small .
China nowadays in developing, people full of rich dream ,vie each other very exciting. In every city ,louboutin pas cher,every area ,including every enterprise ,are intertwined with intensive " ;unbalanced " ;.
No matter how successful people ,there is insufficient .A successful man in the field ,but also because more top people succeed without balance. Everyone living in relative poverty in the " ;" ;,contentment into antiques.
So ,we can go back to Fu Biao sorry again. When he was quite successful star ,why after his illness also break down ? ,may when the thing person fan ,louboutin,who also don a bystander is always clear-minded.
Wise person does not believe to have a look ,those big companies ,those who have done director ,christian louboutin outlet,director or manager of the young man ,when tired to climb real stairs ,never listen.
When officers ,take it easy .Why ?To suffer than less pain ,he would so tired .Even tired body almost ,also cannot promotion slow than others ,monthly pay less than others ,buy a house to buy a car than others .
Everyone is so dry Fu Biao disease after ,the relatives and friends must have advised him rest ,but failed to persuade him. Now ,louboutin,we want to persuade the person of whole society take a little ,love life ,do not advise it.
In the current cultural background, people bear unbalanced tolerance ,a fragile soul ,many people prefer Ken overdraft life ,rather than live as others are relatively poor in sick. Only from social culture, to let people know ,the quality of life scale besides money success outside ,still have certain leisure and freedom ,to yourself is an essential ingredient of successful people ,the blind can decrease .

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  “一些有犯罪前科的人员,重新走上社会后,往往存在很长一段时间的适应期。此时,相关部门可以成立一个社区矫正体统,对此类人群进行培训,帮助他们重新树立信心,找回自信。”王开玉表示,他先后参加多次国际性的社区矫正系统,发现国外的社区此项系统建设已经比较普及,遗憾的是,六旬老人被公交车撞死 乘客无人愿配合交警调查,我们国家还刚刚在起步阶段。

  由于上车的人都拥挤在公交车门口,杨老汉跟在该女子的身后,趁人不备,将左手伸进小女孩的包中,摸出一个红色的钱包。得手后,杨老汉把钱包放进上衣左边的口袋里,转身走进小花园里面,abercrombie pas cher,被等候多时的反扒民警抓个正着,abercrombie france

  据介绍,louboutin pas cher,64岁的杨老汉,如今身体已经大不如从前了,耳朵甚至都有点听不清楚了,abercrombie。办案民警送他去看守所的时候,,他步伐蹒跚,甚至都不能自行下车。“由于嫌疑人有犯罪前科,此次可能还要在班房里面蹲上几年。”办案民警称,Financial Problems,chaussures de foot







  “杨老汉此后入狱7次,,说明此人是一名惯偷,应该对此类人群进行重罚。同时,也折射出非常严重的社会问题,abercrombie france,如何对有犯罪前科的人员进行社会生存能力的培养,尽快建立此类人群矫正系统建设。”安徽省社科院研究员王开玉教授称。




  “嫌疑人无儿无女,一辈子没有结婚,去年唯一的哥哥过世后,他就变得无依无靠,how to get more affiliates promoting your website。”据办案民警介绍,杨老汉曾入住过舒城县养老院,但衣食无忧的他却因为内心苦闷,再次走上盗窃的道路。

  专家呼吁:加强对重点人群关注  普及社区矫正系统建设

In July 14th the financial news Abstract: China Economic quarterly growth rate fell below 8% for the first time in 3 years the National Bureau of statistics data released yesterday ,the first half of this year, the gross domestic product ( GDP ) 22709800000000 yuan ,press fixed price computation ,grow 7.
8% compared to the same period ,including the two quarter GDP growth of 7.6% ,had 6 consecutive quarterly decline ,and Gen 13 quarter hit a new low since the .State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng Laiyun said the second half of the year ,national economy will continue to maintain moderate growth, and confidence to achieve the predetermined goal of economic growth .
Two quarter GDP grew 7.6% ,in line with previous experts and institutions anticipation .National Information Center for economic forecasting department chief economist said ,the two quarter GDP growth has touched bottom ,three ,four quarters will gradually rise ,predicting annual GDP growth rate is still up more than 8% .
Chief economist Cao Yuanzheng also points out ,investment in the two quarter has been accelerated ,christian louboutin shoes,from the beginning of the three quarter ,the economy will rebound .Three quarter GDP growth rate may be in about 8.
2% ,the year will be maintained at about 8% .Heilongjiang capital market innovation and development forum held yesterday, the securities times ,Heilongjiang Province ,Heilongjiang ,louboutin pas cher,Yichun Office of bureau of inspect of city hall holds jointly 2012 Heilongjiang province capital market innovation and Development Forum held in Yichun city .
Heilongjiang province finance office director Shang Qingjun to express on the meeting ,should be bred energetically mothball resources market of Heilongjiang Province ,to promote more quality enterprises to enter the capital market ;for enterprises to build efficient docking platform ,increase enterprise and intermediary and investment institutions to relay degree .
Zhao Xiaofeng of Yichun city standing deputy mayor says ,Yichun would be the Heilongjiang capital market innovation and the development of experimental field, and strive for the province capital market innovation and development and make due contributions to .
Heilongjiang securities and Futures Bureau deputy director Xu Yanbin said ,as in the past to support and promote compliance with the conditions of enterprises listing and financing and debt financing ,go to all lengths to support the high-tech enterprises in the unified supervision national OTC listing ,louboutin,utmost ground support and promote the Heilongjiang equity exchange market development .
Securities Times company assistant president Zhang Zhiyong in his speech emphasized ,the securities times to all interested in the development of the capital market for enterprises to provide better services ,to help you achieve the capital market and good communication .
The first half of the state-owned land use right transfer of income dropped nearly three into the Ministry of Finance announced a 13 year national governmental fund payments ,which are affected by the land turnover dropped significantly influence ,the state-owned land use right transfer income 1143000000000 yuan ,down 434200000000 yuan, down 27.
5% .Central bank :appropriate to accelerate the introduction of QFII increased amount of investment in China released the 2012 China financial stability report say ,next, want to continue to advance and support domestic securities institutions overseas by appropriate business ;to accelerate the introduction of qualified foreign institutional investors ( QFII ) pace, increase its investment quota ;gradually expand the qualified foreign institutional investor ( RQFII ) the scope of the pilot and the amount of investment ,the timely introduction of bidirectional cross-border exchange traded funds ( ETF ) .
Pressure test bank system stronger ability to resist risks people the China financial stability report ( 2012) known ,sensitivity and situational stress test results show that ,our country commercial bank asset quality and capital adequacy level is higher, with 17 commercial banks as the representative of the banking system on the macroeconomic impact of slow release capability dry run steady overall .
Bureau of Statistics :real estate regulation can not relax state statistical bureau spokesman Sheng Laiyun yesterday in the new conference, real estate can not relax control .Sheng Laiyun in response to concerns about the regulation of real estate and the slowdown in economic growth the question,louboutin, although the real estate of the active control in the short term impact on China growth rate glides is one of the important reasons ,but the regulation of the real estate is conducive to the sustained and healthy development of national economy ,especially to prevent real on long-term economic development impact .
The trend of prices can not be too optimistic about the State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng Laiyun yesterday in the new conference, the current domestic price adjusting control obtains apparent effect ,inflation has been curbed, but the trend of prices can not be let down ,too optimistic .
The first half of China ( CPI ) grows 3.3% ,than in the first quarter of 0.5 percentage points .In June CPI rose 2.2% ,christian louboutin shoes,than the last month fell 0.8 percentage points . We on price trend should not be let down ,too optimistic .
He said ,because the birth of this round of rising prices of some factors have not been fundamentally eliminate .From worldwide in light of ,due to the recovery of the world economy is relatively slow ,global liquidity ample phenomenon has not changed ,so to prevent liquidity too loose on imported inflation pressure effect .
At the end of 3 China financial net assets of 1700000000 a few days ago, the National Authority announced the end of the 3 China International Investment position .Statistics show that, as of the end of 3 ,China financial assets of $4892000000000 ,$3100900000000 in foreign financial assets ,foreign financial net worth of US $1791100000000, compared to $16400000000 at the end of the year to increase .
In foreign financial assets ,foreign direct investment 379000000000 dollar, investment 270300000000 dollar, other investment of $859500000000, $3383100000000 in reserve assets ,christian louboutin outlet,foreign financial assets accounted for 8% ,6% ,18% and 69% ;the external financial liabilities ,the foreign direct investment of $1852500000000 ,$289200000000 in securities investment ,investment of $959200000000 ,louboutin pas cher,foreign financial liabilities accounted for 60% ,9% and 31% .
Our country enterprise boom index two quarter decreased slightly to the National Bureau of statistics of China Economic Monitoring Center 13 released data ,the two quarter of 2012 our country enterprise boom index for 126.
9 ,than first quarter decreased slightly to 0.4 points, fell gradually narrowed .The National Bureau of statistics of China Economic Monitoring Center Deputy Director Pan Jiancheng analysis says ,two quarter business climate index was 126.
9 ,christian louboutin outlet,indicating that the integrated on the current situation and the future of the judgment of the expected trend, in 2 the enterprise under investigation ,think the situation is good entrepreneurial ratio considered more than 26.
9 percentage points ,description from the microscopic enterprise whole reflecting the macroeconomic situation is still in a boom interval .In the first half of the national security fence work rate exceeding six to reporters yesterday from the housing construction department was informed that, as at the end of 6 ,this year the town of government-subsidized housing projects have been started 4700000 set ,start working rate is 63% ,basic 2600000,louboutin pas cher, completed an investment of 507000000000 yuan .
Since the beginning of this year the central clear newly started construction of housing security of more than 7000000 sets of task since this year ,around the time the construction task is decomposed .
At the same time ,clutch fulfil funds and land ,to speed up the construction progress ,and through a variety of ways to create access to coordinate a mechanism, to ensure that low-income housing open fair distribution .
The first half of the year income of dweller of our country town real growth of 9.7% compared to the National Bureau of statistics released in 13 data shows ,first half of the year ,China disposable income 12509 yuan ,year-on-year growth of 13.
3% after deducting price factor name ;the actual growth of 9.7%, higher than the same period last year to speed up 2.1 percentage points .Statistic shows ,first half of the year ,China per-capita cash income of rural residents was 4303 yuan ,year-on-year growth of 16.
1% after deducting price factor name ;the actual growth of 12.4%,louboutin, compared to the same period last year dropped 1.3 percentage points .Among them, the wage income growth compared to the same period 17.

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New guide to read 2012-07-23 popular idol Qi Wei from the film "in the way?" of the original class of production team to create the comedy movie "make a rich man" in August 17th to be the summer land line of countrywide each courtyard.
The film's cast still continues. "People in?" fine line, Yu Entai,christian louboutin outlet, Qi Wei, Du Haitao and Wang Shuangbao, the idol star, more strength of the actors playing offbeat combinations.This set a adorable wild white-collar incarnation of Qi Wei Sleeping Beauty "do" and "rich people.
" in? With comedy,louboutin pas cher, but "people in." flagship "comedy??",christian louboutin outlet, and "make a rich man" first try "Adorable comedy", in the film,louboutin pas cher, Yu Entai one sub-decorated Liangjiao,louboutin, funny ability than "swordsman" of "scholar Lu" unabated.
New generation idol Qi Wei transfiguration "GTO", hand sinister absolutely no losers "guo".In the film, two people fight against every stroke,christian louboutin shoes, funny show masterly, absolutely adorable over the audience.
Sweet heart touching the girl next door image in the "do" light-hearted rich story, characters on the show are so act loving playing capabilities.In the film, two people fight very funny, Qi Wei is to let people see her eccentric wizard on the other side.
In addition, Qi Wei in the film the styling changes, a moment is a shrewd and capable of occupation female, beautiful incomparable, while transfiguration cute girl next door,louboutin, the lady, attractive.Yu Entai's beggar dress, iconic hair drying action,louboutin pas cher, old site vehicles are people simmer with laughter,christian louboutin shoes, absolute "Adorable" people away.
Yu Entai is full of wit performance,louboutin, coupled with the popular idol Qi Wei with Hu Die, Du Haitao, and Wang Shuangbao, and many such as the star power to send fuel, adorable comedy "do the rich man" worth the wait.

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Original :Manchu surnames ( B ) br Manchu old family name include: Albu S ,Alebaqishi ,Bayart ,Barr Huso ,bayara ,sakda Hala ,and join the Manchu Bayue Vater .Its name well-known figures are: Liu Bin ( 1920-2005 ) female ,Liaoning Xinmin people ,formerly known as Ba Fang min Jiangxi Province ,former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee ,the Provincial Higher People of former dean ,participated in the revolution in 1937 .
The Bard years ( 1938- ) Jilin Siping .Famous medical scientist ,academician of Chinese Academy of engineering ,Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Dean ,Union Medical College president ,American Academy of Medicine Department of foreign academicians ,the ninth session of the CPPCC National Committee member ,Chinese Medical Association vice president ,Chinese society of immunology director ,Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council member.
Joe ( 1943- ) female ,Zhejiang. Professor of psychology, Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ,psychological consultation room director deputy director of the center ,Zhejiang Province, China Association for mental health ,health medicine research mental health professional committee of vice director committee member ,louboutin pas cher,member of the Standing Committee .
Ba Furong ( 1945- ) female ,Liaoning Anshan city health secretary ,chief physician ,the Tenth National People . white Manchu old surname include: Guaerjiashi ,,na La ,white ( worship ) Jia clan ,bayara ,Yilashi ,Peter Suteshi ,the Talashi ,Zhalalishi ,Nam Doulushi ,Sachashi ,Natashi ,Baijialashi ,Talashi ,Baluteshi ,Sajialashi ,mang fruit ,Bahrain ,and join the Manchu e Ertu special ( Mongolia group ) ,Baidoushi ( Mongolia group ) ,Ba Yue figure ( Mongolia ) ,Ba Yue VATER ( Mongolia group ) ,Talaba Zeke ( Mongolia ) ,Sara ( Mongolia ) ,Bayer Huso ( Mongolia group ) ,and Englich ( Ewenki ) ,white ( Han) .
The name of famous characters are: Bai Zhiwen ( 1903-1986 ) in Hebei the people of Yixian County .The Chinese people generals ,founding Major-General .Who took part in the Long March ,Eight Route Army garrison fifth regiment ,deputy commander of the two extension is obtained ,first army deputy commander and commander of the second brigade brigade logistics ,long after the founding of the PRC, Ren Bei Province military region Deputy commander .
1955 years awarded the rank of major general ,member of the CPPCC National Committee Bai Xiqing. ( 1904-1997 ) Liaoning Xinmin .A well-known medical experts ,senior leader cadre .Early study of Soviet Union ,England.
The mayor of Shenyang and chairman of Liaoning provincial health department director ,the Liaoning military region health minister ,vice president of Northeastern University . Northeast Administrative Committee of health bureau ,Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Dean ,Chinese Medical Association the duty such as chairman ,louboutin pas cher,was elected six times to the National People ,louboutin,member of the CPPCC National Committee .
Edits monograph pathology .Maga ( 1910-2004 ) Liaoning Xinmin .Bai Yongfeng ,the famous revolutionary writer ,served as the Chinese Writers Association vice president ,Northeast branch chairman ,chairman of Liaoning Writers Association Liaoning Provincial Federation of literary and art circles ,chairman ,Liaoning province CPPCC .
White Yihua ( 1912-1941 ) Liaoning Liaoyang revolutionary martyr ,early and actively participate in the activities of anti-Japanese national salvation ,was a Chinese university student council president ,Ren ting up, into the ten regiment, 1941 in Miyun combat sacrifice ,sacrifice it to the named B of the county .
Xuanhua Heilongjiang, Shuangcheng (1916-1995 ) .The famous Buddhist master ,common name white book. Bai Quanfu ( 1918-1993 ) from Beijing. The famous performing artists ,straight man to master ,long-term and Manchu comic artist Chang Baoting Bai Yuxiang ( 1934- ) Liaoning hominids.
Professor level senior engineer ,former Chemical Industry Department of Shanxi Province ,the provincial CPPCC Standing Committee Economic Science and Technology Committee ,deputy director of Bai Yuqing ( 1936- ) formation in Liaoning .
Senior engineer ,Sichuan Province Enterprise Safety Production Management Association Deputy Secretary-General Bai Yingcai. ( 1936- ) Liaoning Shenyang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of computer science and Technology Vice President ,Shanghai Jiaotong University Jinqiao network engineering center director ,Professor ,doctoral tutor ,director of reputation of Institute of Shanghai medical information open system ,Shanghai computer association vice-president .
Platinum ( 1937m ) Shaanxi Xi ,the ancestral home Liaoning Fengcheng. Tianjin Manchu celebrities ,former Tianjin academy dean ,Guru yoga sadhana sadhana is devotion,Party Secretary of China Writers Association ,has published in love and other 9 anthologies .
Bai Shuxiang ( 1939- ) female ,Liaoning Manchu people. Chinese ballet masters, the CPPCC National Federation ,vice president ,President of China Dancers Association .She successfully played Swan Lake in Ojta .
60 she was a Chinese ballet the Red Detachment of women in the shape of Qionghua. The Chinese ballet society vice president ,vice chief of Beijing Ballet Troupe . White Tongshuo ( 1941- ) from Beijing.
The famous scientist ,educator ,vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University ,in Shanghai city hall .The former Shanghai Jiao Tong University electrical engineering department director ,electronic Institute of electrical and standing vice president ,eighth .
Seventh ,the Ninth National People .Bai Zhensheng ( 1940- ) Ningxia Yinchuan people. Modern ethnologists ,in Chinese history research board member ,Minzu University of China Professor ,doctoral tutor Bai Shouning ( 1942- ) Ningxia Yinchuan.
Food engineering professor level senior engineer ,Ningxia light industry design and Research Institute of food fermentation research institute, Ningxia the Yellow River wolfberry technology development institute director ,Ningxia CPPCC Standing Committee .
Bai Changhong ( 1952- ) Shenyang City hall deputy secretary-general Bai Chunli ( 1953- ) Liaoning Dandong. Alternate member of the Central Committee ,Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Third World Academy of Sciences ,the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president ,China scanning tunneling microscopy, one of the pioneers of the field .
He or the National Nanotechnology Coordination Committee ,Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanotechnology Center Director of Academic Committee presided over the successful development of a variety .
Scanning probe microscopy instrument ,to our country the scanning probe microscopy and nanotechnology development played a leading and promoting role. Bai Guangqin ( 1953- ) female ,Inner Mongolia person .
Weimeng Group Chairman, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region people ,the national outstanding women entrepreneurs .Bai Jie ( 1962- ) female ,Beijing person . Associate professor ,Guangdong Provincial Department of culture deputy director ,member of the Standing Committee of the provincial youth .
Bai Muyang ( 1965- ) in Heilongjiang .Heilongjiang to build the group president ,the provincial CPPCC Committee Member ,standing committee of the General Chamber of Commerce ,Private Enterprises Association executive director ,executive vice president of area chamber of Commerce ,Jiagedaqi Entrepreneurs Association.
Bai Tao ( 1965- ) Liaoning Dalian .Beijing Jing-hong Jiang technology development limited company general manager. The former Minzu University of China student association president ,Thunis automation equipment company deputy general manager.
primary Manchu the old name including usu . old surname Bai Manchu include: Yilalishi ,louboutin shoes,usu ,and join the Manchu PAT ( Korean ) .The name of well-known characters: Cypress make (1945- ) Liaoning Xiuyan.
Famous anatomy experts ,China Medical University medical school deans, Department of anatomy, deputy director. worship Manchu surnames include :old bayara ,Baichashi . old surname include :package of Manchu Wuyashi ,Zhakutashi ,and map ,El root sleep Roche ,sakda Hala ,and join the Manchu Boer Siggi Te S ( Mongolia ) ,Borghi Kam ( Mongolia ) ,Boluoteshi ( Mongolia ,Keluoteshi ( Surname ) tribe of Mongolia ) ,packet machine root ( Mongolia group ) .
The surname of well-known characters: Bao Cuiyan ( 1952- ) female ,Liaoning person ,deputy party secretary of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics .( 1953- Bao Tianren Jilin Tonghua ) people.
Professor ,President of Tonghua Normal University ,christian louboutin outlet,International English Language Teachers Association China branch ( IATEFL CHINA ) chairman ,vice chairman of CPPCC Tonghua . treasure Manchu old surname include: clan ,and join the Manchu Borghi Kam ( Mongolia group ) .
The surname of well-known characters: Bao Kun ( ?-1912 ) in Shenyang Dongling people. Its progenitor and Qing Dynasty by marriage ,the father for the prefect ," ;" generation by Guoen ;Xin Hai Revolution .
He is the most active character ,Fengtian combined radical will " ;mastermind " ;,louboutin pas cher,because economic support revolutionary activities ,Zhang Zuolin was shot. and waiting .The old name of Manchu name of well-known characters: Bao Jiguang ( 1963- ) from Beijing.
The mathematician ,Beijing Normal University Professor ,doctoral tutor ,Dean of Academy of mathematics and science . a Manchu nationality in Shenyang have the surname ,Ten fools lottery news,old name . waiting abalone Manchu old surname include :Guaerjiashi ,Baojiashi ,Wuyashi ,and join the Manchu Boer Siggi Te S ( Mongolia ) bor ,Ji Jin ( Mongolia ) ,Bujiergenshi ( Mongolia group ) .
The surname of well-known characters: Bao Wenyue ( 1890- ?) Liaoning Fengcheng. The Northeast Army chief of staff ,the Northeast school education long." ;nine one eight " ;incident Later, as Beiping Military Commission branch office .
Xi Incident ,he is one of the key players and Chiang .1940 years ,Ren Wang Jingwei ,Minister of members of Standing Committee of the pseudo CMC ,chief of the general staff ,Henan governor Zhang Lansheng ( 1909-1940 ) Heilongjiang Hulan.
Bao Jukui ,anti-Japanese martyrs ,Harbin trolley factory driver for." nine one eight " ;;after the incident, actively participate in strikes ,and joined the Communist Party of China, the Pearl River Center North over temporary secretary of county Party Committee Standing Committee of provincial Party committee, Minister of propaganda, north is full of Standing Committee of provincial Party committee and its military and political director ,in 1940 July in break out of an encirclement .
storm sacrifice Manchu old surname waiting . old name of Manchu shellfish waiting the old name of Manchu .Ben waiting .The surname of well-known characters: Ben Tak ( 1938- ) Jilin nine .
Modern radar expert ,academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering . Long been engaged in radar system research and design ,won the National Science Conference award ,Ministry of science and Technology Advancement Prize and national science and Technology Progress Award and other awards ,is our country airborne PD radar pioneer and leader .
Bi old surname include :adding Manchu Manchu Bi Ladakh ( Hezhen surname) .The surname of well-known characters: Bi Tianmin Heilongjiang province of modern people .Manchu ( one for the ) political activist ,Professor of medicine .
I studied in Shenyang, leading the students support the May 30th Movement ,was elected president of the Federation of Catholic Students .After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War ,the national government of Nanjing " constituent national assembly ;" ;Manchu country representative .
To Jia Musi private hospital. Even wide as ( 1902-1971 Beijing was completed .) Lianshou storytelling performances ,famous art masters, to say Han fame ,,representative of three stage Ma Wu please Yao alarm Wu room and the Three Kingdoms the Water Margin .
His daughter Lian Li Ru storytelling ,famous performing artist. Bi Jianxun ( 1962- ) Liaoning Jianping people. Chinese painting ,Chinese painting of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Foundation Director ,member of Chinese Artists Association ,the Chinese Artists Association China Painting Art Committee Deputy Secretary-General ,Chinese painting key academic journal Chinese painter editor ,the director of Beijing Artists Association ,member of Beijing Youth Federation member .
old surname include :Manchu side edge Jia clan ,bor economy ,salad ,the lucky ,and join the Manchu side ( Korean ,Chinese ) .The surname of well-known characters: Bian Lingling ( 1947- ) ,Liaoning Jinzhou people.
National writers ,writers College Industry writer. Director of Liaoning writers ,member of Chinese Writers Association .Bian Haiqing ( 1968- ) from Hebei. The master of economics, senior economist ,Baoding Tianwei change security electric Limited by Share Ltd director ,deputy general manager.
Bian old surname include: edge of Manchu Jia clan . ,old Tong Jia family name of Manchu ancestors ,legend once Bing Ren Shang ,descendants of refugees ,and take " ;private " " ;harmonics ;Bing " ;for the surname .
Manchu old surname include :Bo Bo and miles ,Boller Zhuo Kirschner ,Bob Miles ,and miles ,Fu Zhu ,and adding a full family of Boer Siggi Te S ( Mongolia family the surname ) .
Well-known characters: broad is (1916- ) Xinjiang Yining ,louboutin,a famous social activist Yili Manchu general tin Wong sun.1934 years studying in the Soviet Union ,after returning the Wusu County ,Xinjiang province government services ,Xisuo full promote cultural association vice-president ,Xinjiang in 1949 to participate in the uprising ,,as the provincial government ,Council of Provincial Association for friendship with the Soviet Union minister of organization .
1950 ,The 238 period 3D test machine number analysis,as the sole representative of the Manchu in Beijing to attend National Day activity .To reflect central " ;does not recognize the Manchu ,is cut off Chinese history." ;Bo Mei ( 1965- ) female ,Beijing person ,Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics School of Arts and communication Vice president ,associate professor ,Jiangxi provincial CPPCC members ,the National Youth Committee of Shanxi province .
Bo Jichun Taiyuan. Shanxi Province, Bo Xiang, science and technology industry limited company general manager ,Shanxi province CPPCC . old surname include :the Manchu Bunishi ,Boolean Nissl ,Boolean Littman ,Bulamu ,Baigeshi ,,and join the Manchu Bu g graph ( Daur ) ,cloth Kool ( Daur ) .
The surname of well-known characters: Bu Fengbo ( 1964- ) Liaoning Benxi. Liaoning chess grandmaster ,chess coach and players. cloth Manchu old surname include: Bunishi ,Boolean Nissl ,Boolean Littman ,louboutin,Budalashi ,Bush Manchu ,and joined Boer Siggi Te S ( Mongolia group ) .
The surname of well-known characters: the people ( 1971- ) in Hebei Province, Chengde. Hebei province Chengde Medical College master of medicine ,the 464 Hospital of PLA deputy director of the Department of internal medicine .

Click on the image to view the detailed data of RMB against the closed slightly lower Friday (August 10th),christian louboutin outlet, without a record of more than a month of high performance weak, day.Chinese recent macro economic and trade data are not expected,christian louboutin outlet, overnight non-dollar currencies also continuous weakening, were dragged RMB performance.
As of the close, the dollar / yuan closed at 6.3604 inquiry system, compared with the previous trading day up 11 points.People's Bank of China authorized Trading Center announced in August 10,louboutin pas cher, 2012, the inter-bank foreign exchange market dollar against the RMB exchange rate middle rate: 1 U.
S. dollar against 6.3447 yuan, 6.3387 yuan for the Thursday.Traders are usually based on the price level to try to figure out the central bank in China's stance on RMB exchange rate.Hongkong Property Management Association released data show,christian louboutin shoes, August 10th, the dollar / yuan (Hongkong) spot rate fixing price of 6.
3681.A trader said, in view of China's foreign trade situation and the problem of weak Europe be in suspense, the yuan is expected in the short term or a small weak posture.And he said, the long-term trend of the renminbi is hard to say, the medium may in 6.
29-6.40, 6.40 is an important psychological barrier,christian louboutin shoes, if below, the devaluation of RMB space or more.In July China industrial production and consumption growth reaching multi-year low, that the economy is still in the downlink channel.
While the July trade data is not optimistic.China Customs announced earlier on Friday, July exports grew 1%, substantially weaker than expected 8.6%; imports grew 4.7%, is far less than the expected 7.
2%.Chief economist in the latest research report, the current weakness in exports is not only the simple "external demand is weak" the explanation, but the main and effective exchange rate of RMB on the high side,louboutin, proposed to strengthen the flexibility of the RMB exchange rate,louboutin, correction of high effective exchange rate of RMB exchange rate, to reflect the current Chinese economy's fundamental plane.
Since April, with China's economic data then slow down signs, the market's expectations of the RMB exchange rate from the beginning of the "two-way fluctuation,louboutin pas cher, slight appreciation" change, the RMB against the U.
S. dollar weak trend, enterprises holding the dollar will stronger.So far this year against the dollar depreciated 1.4%.Senior macro economist Sun Fanghong said, by internal and external economy is fatigued and weak influence, the RMB devaluation expected is inevitable, but from 2-3 years time, believe that the RMB exchange rate, the operation of central balance, slightly strong.
This is mainly because of China's economic growth potential is very great still, late growth will tend stable, trade surplus and the balance of international payments balance exchange rate will gradually, to the strong side direction.
She also said: "but the RMB exchange rate wide fluctuation situation will last for quite a long time.At present, only really see the next round of economic growth cycle begins, the RMB has steadily strong support.



Zhuolu County Agricultural Development Based on favorable conditions, history known as "a thousand miles Sanggan, only Zhuolu rich".Zhuolu is temperate continental monsoon climate, four seasons, adequate light, big temperature difference between day and night, extreme maximum temperature of 39.
2 ℃, the average annual temperature is 9.1 ℃, the crop of dry matter accumulation is very favorable.Across the county of Sanggan River feeds the Zhuolu people of laborious wisdom, give Zhuolu a boundless vitality and spirit, make, land of plenty.
In recent years,louboutin pas cher, this county around zoology promotes a county to develop the strategy, adjust agricultural structure energetically,christian louboutin shoes, formed to grape, apricot, cows for the characteristics of agricultural industry structure.
Cultivation of millet,christian louboutin outlet, a complex of facilities vegetable follow-up industry such as.Zhuo Huai basin is especially famous grape-producing areas, the overall characteristics of natural environment and the same latitude France Bordeaux is extremely similar, with the development of grape industry of good foundation condition.
County grape area amounts to 216000 mus, total output of about 175000000 kilograms; arrive at present, entire county already built Wenquantun and five Fort 2 grape professional town, built a 179 features, beginning to take shape in the professional village.
Apricot flat area 650000 mus,louboutin, total output 3500000 kilograms of almond; cow achieves 30800, with an annual output of milk 87000000 kilograms, scale breeding rate reached 100%.Corn cultivates an area to achieve 251600 mus, in which maize high yield to create the demonstration area to achieve 23500 mus, for five consecutive years to achieve total yield; implementation of a hybrid 5 and a miscellaneous 3 millet area 90000 mus, entire county is average mu produce 318 kilograms, total output achieves 28534000 kilograms.
In addition,christian louboutin outlet, also built 10 standard garden vegetables,louboutin pas cher, which facilities standard garden vegetables 8,christian louboutin shoes, an area of 1300 acres; the open field vegetables standard garden 2, area 2500 mus.Up to now, entire county vegetable cultivates an area to achieve 44000 mus, total output achieves 200000000 kilograms, vegetable area develops 14800 mus.
The county with the construction of sightseeing agricultural bases and organic green vegetables bases, grape,louboutin, apricot, coarse grain and vegetable deep-processing as the focus, to actively support the development of organic food, key support strong big help grape processing enterprises.
The current county wine processing enterprises reached 12, large almond processing enterprise development to 3 stalls and processing more than 30.The county of key of city class above bibcock enterprise development to 22, various professional cooperatives reached 133.
Built in the Great Wall, Li wine, nuts, such as a number of agricultural bibcock enterprise, build "ancestral Dragon Statue", "benefit", "cap of the Dragon King" and a number of other well-known brand; new cooperative chain distribution has become the center of total company of countrywide supply and marketing in North China the only logistics distribution center, relying on the development of agricultural super docking the work, become the typical.
Come nearly three years, entire county 22 city-level key agricultural products processing enterprises for new technology, new equipment, new technology research and development and the introduction of the fund of 100 million yuan, introduce promotion new technology, new technology 60 multinomial, developed 50 kinds of new products, promote the scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces.



< ;> ;from about 10 years ago ,when the loan company the advertisement appeared in the television ,the newspaper ,the street ,or in your mailbox stuffed with attractive leaflets :< ;> ;" ;you want to buy a house middle class life ?!" ;< ;> ;" savings loan ;not ?!" ;< ;> ;" ;no income ?Looking for a loan company !" ;< ;> ;" ;Shoufu can ?We provide zero Shoufu !" ;< ;> ;" ;worry about interest too high ?The first two years we provide the preferential interest rate of 3% !" ;< ;> ;" ;each month still can ?Never mind ,the first 24 months you only need to pay interest ,the principal amount of the loan can be two years later paid !See ,two years later, you must have a job or be promoted to manager ,I was afraid to pay no !" ;< ;> ;" ;worry after two years or not ?Oh ,you really are too careful, have a look now houses more than two years ago, up a number, then you sell it to others ,not only white lived for two years, may also make a fortune !Anyway ,and not you should pay for it ,I believe you can do ,I can lend you still dare not borrow ,?" ;< ;> ;in such Temptation, many American citizens did not hesitate to select a loan to buy a house.
( you worry about them two years after the debt ?Always feel good the United States citizens will tell you ,films can be a governor ,two years later, maybe I could run for president .
) < ;& gt ;a loan company within a few months he has made amazing achievements ,but the money is loaned out ,can you back ?The president of the company -- a sir ,that is familiar with economic history of the United States figure ,can not know the real estate market also has a risk ,so that it can keep ,to find a partner to share risks to find the United States of America economic circle .
So a leader -- investment banks .These guys are big name type ( Merrill Lynch ,Goldman Sachs ,Morgan ) ,they do every day what ?Is full of idle is idle ,so to get Nobel economist ,found the Harvard professor ,use the latest economic data model ,a tinker with ,make some analysis report ,which assess a stock is worth buying ,a country bubble has, a group in the risk assessment of market gravy off ,You said they saw there is risk ?By foot to see !But there are profits ,that what is also hesitant ,take over do !So economist ,University professor in data model ,the youngest sample assessment,The original story war games 001, repackaging ,make a new product -- CDO ( Note: Collateralized Debt Obligation ,the mortgage bond ) ,the truth is through the issuance of bonds ,and selling the CDO bond ,give bond holder to share the housing loan risk .
The light that sell ,the risk is too high or no one to buy ah ,if the original bond risk rating is 6 ,belong to medium high. So banks it is divided into senior and general CDO two in part ,debt crisis, senior CDO priority claim right.
So the two part of the risk levels respectively into 4 and 8 ,the total risk unchanged ,but the former belongs to low risk bonds ,with the investment bank three inch " gold " ;rotten ;tongue ,he got a full house prize !But the remaining risk level 8 high risk bonds do ?So banks found hedge funds ,the hedge fund what is people ,but in the whole world financial trading ,call wind call rain sells many roles ,before is the knife that day ,the wind Risk a little something ! By virtue of the old relations, in the world to find the lowest interest rates banks borrowed money ,then bought up the common CDO bond ,before 2006, the Japanese central bank loan interest rate of only 1.
5% ;ordinary CDO rate could reach 12% ,so the light depends on the interest difference hedge fund can earn basin full earthen bowl is full ..thus ,wonderful things happened ,at the end of 2001, the United States of America real estate soared ,just a few years has more than doubled ,such as a loan company advertisement beginning ,there is no can not afford the house things ,even if no money ,sell their homes can also earn a sum of money .
As a result from loans to buy a house ,to a loan company ,to the banks ,each bank ,to hedge funds everyone to make money ,but the banks are not too happy !It is like ordinary CDO risk is too high ,then threw to hedge funds ,did not think these guys than himself earn more net ,a lot of rose ,early know keep playing, so banks also began buying hedge fund ,plan to divide a cup of a thick soup .
It " ;old black " ;home of rancid food ,happened to see the next door neighbor that hates little dog ,originally going to poison It is a small dog ,did not think of eating not only all right ,but also more and more strong ,old black " ;" ;it can be found ,would sour food nutrition is better ,so he began to eat !It and hedge funds to bad music, what are they ,hand there are 1 pieces of money ,can try to borrow 10 dollars to play the bandit ah ,louboutin,now with a popular CDO can honestly ?So they put in the hands of the CDO bond mortgaged to the bank ,in exchange for 10 times the loan ,and then continue to chase bank buy ordinary CDO.
hey ,was however signed the agreement ,these CDO belong to us !!!Mind the great investment banks ,in addition to the muffled buy hedge funds ,,they came up with a new product ,called CDS ( Note: Credit Default Swap ,credit default swap ) well, Wall Street is the genius products bed :not that the original CDO risk is high ,that I take every year from inside the CDO well ,take some money as a deposit ,away to the insurance company, but future risk ,we assume the insurance company wants to ,well, CDO at the moment so make money, 1 cents are not a profit, it is not every year to give us the money do ?!hedge funds to ,well, have earned A few years later ,the risk is more and more big ,the light is a portion of the profits out ,there are insurance companies bear half the risk ,dry !Then again, to the satisfaction of all ,CDS also sells fire !But it didn :because " ;intelligent " ;Wall Street who came up with the idea of innovation based on CDS products !We assume that CDS has brought us $5000000000 in revenues ,now I am the new release of a " " ;SAN ;fund ,this fund is dedicated to buy CDS ,the establishment of a series of products before the fund risk is very high ,but I put before have earned 5000000000 yuan investment as a deposit ,if the fund losses occur ,then with the $5000000000 advance, only 5000000000 yuan deficit over, you invest principal will start losing ,and before that you can advance redemption ,the first scale of 50000000000 yuan.
Gosh ,there is the great fund 1 yuan face value ?Buy fund ,deficit to 0.90 yuan not to lose their money ,but money is earned yourself !Rating agencies saw this genius idea ,is simply not hesitate :given AAA rating results of this " !" ;SAN ;can sell crazy ,a variety of pension funds ,Education fund ,louboutin,financial products ,and even other countries banks have bought .
Although the size of the first is the original 50000000000 yuan ,but subsequent offering billions ,it already can not be estimated ,but 5000000000 yuan deposit are not changed .If the existing scale of 500000000000 Yuan ,the security can only be guaranteed on the net value of the fund of not less than 0.
99 yuan ,you will not lose money .When the time comes to the end of 2006 ,the scenery for 5 years the United States real estate finally fell from a peak of heavy ,louboutin pas cher,the food chain is finally broken.
Because prices fell ,preferential loan interest rates after the first deadline ,ordinary people is unable to repay the loan ,,then a loan company ,the hedge fund substantial losses, and perhaps insurance companies and banks ,Citigroup ,Morgan issued a huge loss report ,while investing in hedge funds the major investment banks also have losses, then the stock market crash ,people generally lose money ,is unable to repay the loans continue to increase the public .
.. ... Finally ,the United States sub-loan crisis .< ;> ;1 ,what is the economic development ?< ;> ;simple economic development that is money, but money come from? The money can only be printed out.
So what is it that makes printing machine does not stop running ?If an island has 1000 people ,and the isolated ,between person and person live exchange of goods ,but sometimes your hands for the exchange of things is not necessarily each other want, how to do ?So people are like gold and silver as the exchange of things, then exchange convenient.
But to wear gold and silver ,carrying is not convenient ,when the exchange activity is frequent ,found that this thing is too cumbersome, limit the exchange activities ,so in order to solve this problem ,the thought of a way ,is by the island management issued a symbol, use it to replace the silver and gold, so Bill appeared .
First, this money can get gold and silver .Everyone is assured ,because the money is a gold and silver. But island gold and silver production is too small ,when people exchange activities more frequently ,money not enough, only suspended Exchange suspended exchange consequence is that we do not produce what others want east west ,because although the others ,but the exchange does not go out, apply now Saying that the economic slowdown .
So we thought a way ,set up a bank ,the bank is everyone, from Qian Zhuanglai to issue banknotes printed money to want money ,people ,and the people are rich and then returned to the banks .
So banks appeared . The bank appear, can ensure the exchange activities carry out ,everybody to production ,the island more and more things, the bank according to the amount of goods produced ,not stop printing money ,in order to ensure the exchange will be more thorough .
Later people exchange activities more frequently, a bank is too small ,so there are many banks ,will always have a tube banks ,then designated a bank management other banks ,and only by this bank note printing ,and then through the other banks to lend money to the people ,the central bank just also appeared in .
< ;> ;< ;> ;2 ,what is the foreign trade ?< ;> ;one day on the island the invention of the ship ,and then rowed about running ,found another island ,it is also people ,also have money, just like my own island so activities.
But their island production of many things, the island produces something less ,1 yuan on their island can bought 1 kilos of rice ,The island of a yuan of money only to buy half a kilo of rice ,and in addition the island money to this island to buy things only 2 yuan for 1 yuan for it.
So exchange rate appeared .A good rate, they began to buy and sell things to the other side of the island, this is the foreign trade. Foreign trade to enrich people production and living needs ,make exchange activities to an unprecedented climax.
< ;> ;< ;> ;3 ,what is inflation ?< ;> ;because the island products too much, too much to accurately estimate exactly the issue of how many money ,offering many time ,because there is less products can be bought, products began to rise, offering less it begins to depreciate ,in order to ensure price stability ,the central bank requires banks to put part of the money on the central bank to adjust the price of the product ,according to the price put and put less .
This is the deposit reserve rate .But there is a part of the wise man how to get the money to start his own hand at the seaside ,he picked up a stone ,the stone 1000000 quick money ,sold it to a person ,this person thinks the whole island money will increase along with no 1000000 ah ,how to do it ,then to banks to borrow money ,nor so much money ,to The printing press is opened ,printed this 1000000 ,lend he bought the stone .
Then the people started to sell the stone ,1000000 to second people ,due to the first sale of stone of the people had spent on the island ,so the more money ,so the one million can raise ,to buy more products there .
But when the pebbles in a 2000000 transfer time, banks can also printed 1000000 notes ,so the bill more printing more and more, but when the rock flows assignment, we do not think the island more money ,product price is still as original .
But when the stone is not current or the circulation of the slow time ,we feel that the money more, but if when holding the stone of the people to throw it to the sea ,it is the island just give N a plurality of 100 million ,how to do ,the central bank fear is that stone is gone.
It the island product prices will skyrocket inflation ,will .Then held stones were kidnapped by the island .< ;> ;< ;> ;4 ,the price can be kidnapped Chinese economy ?< ;> ;China has made the Chinese central bank issued too many yuan ,if house prices fall ,equal to that stone thrown into the sea ,then print Out of the money would make Chinese products prices soaring ,cause serious inflation seems irrelevant house and stone ,but their properties are the same, is the price and value deviate from badly .
The real estate crash victim maximum and is not a part of China Commercial Bank ,but the whole of China economic system. Why go-vern-ment delay not to reduced prices, not descending not coming down ,if you really want to drop prices ,only need a government order ,the price of real estate will crumble overnight .
But who can bear the consequences of severe inflation ,who is responsible? Real estate has kidnapped Chinese economy ,is to be above suspicion doubt ,is objective reality ,not a man can change .
No matter who is the prime minister ,clean or corruption ,louboutin pas cher,or ,all hope to social harmony ,but it is a difficult problem in.< ;> ;< ;> ;5 ,house prices and inflation have relations ?< ;> ;can be more difficult problem not only here.
If lower prices, in the face of is it not inflation ,lower prices ,so that more serious inflation ,decide on what path to follow ?So the most reliable way is to stabilize prices ,and then in the social product increases, reduce monetary investment Volume ,together with other policies such as interest rates ,increased commercial bank reserve ratio ,reduced credit scale and other auxiliary means ,make Chinese economy soft landing, this is the best way, everything we see is the logic order .
If not ,you can consult a recent go-vern-ment release a series of regulation and control the real estate industry measures . But why prices are not stable and more overgrowth ?Is the developers and go-vern-ment in game ?Tell you in China can not and party board ,several big belly point developers are not the strength .
In fact is behind a black in China and other go-vern-ment game ,the black hand is foreign ,to the United States as the representative of the imperial Chinese people grab sweat black .
< ;> ;6 ,what is the motive power of rising prices ?< ;> ;< ;> ;prices rise power lots ,prices rise on its advantageous is power one, for example: in order to GDP and individual interests of the local go-vern-ment ,in order to make money developers ,real communities ,that bought a house called " ;mobile " ;is rising prices of power ,but the biggest driving force is not these, it is foreign capital, is the The United States to seize the excess profit of the consortium .
Developers as a businessman ,to earn profit of high specified number not do things offensive to God and reason things ,but all have businessman ,don want to make it? That unless there is a myth .
Real estate developers ,not something they want to earn much . According to the law of value ,when commodity price and value deviate from badly ,there will be a trend to normal price regression power clamp the price rise, but in the real estate industry of China ,this law did not seem to have any effect ,one of the important reasons is the neglect of a reference range in reason ,if the Chinese economy itself did break this rule, but the current situation is a force in the maintenance of a real estate prices ,that is to hold the city, who in the city ?Who in real control can get huge profits is to hold the city people.
To discuss this problem before ,now look at China .China recent years by the rapid 1.2 trillion trillion ,and still is in rapid growth ,is the Chinese people make efforts ,earned ?This need not prove ,China GDP growth will know ,foreign exchange Reserve growth rate was significantly higher than GDP growth .
Obviously not earned ,so in addition to earn a part ,it is called " " ;the international hot money ;influx of international hot money inflow ,and the only one objective ,is to obtain high returns .
The international hot money to enter the Chinese market, first of all to exchange the renminbi ,then all of a sudden there is so much money ?There is only one way is to make the printing press of the day and night work ,then the money used to hold is a hot potato to the real estate market ,it is hard to investment in real estate industry ,when real estate prices deviate from value and for downward fluctuations ,by supporting city put it up ,and so on ,give a person appearance is never deviate from the value of real estate prices .
Prices rose higher and higher. And developers ,they will not sell the house when there is a high price ,buy ,how they will reduce the price ,if not this part of the funds in operation ,not to mention is that developers alliance ,is the only one of the developers ,the price also will fall down ,no one to buy ,do house such moldy ?Then foreign holding so many high price of real estate do not hit his hand ??why not! Why ?In the capital operation process, there is a big at the bottom and then ,who is it? Is the Commercial Bank of China ,due to hot real estate market ,first-class circulation ,in recent years did not see any signs of atrophy ,put loan profit ,why not loans .
?there is no reason not to put loan together with Chinese people buy a house feel ,foreign capital can easily put Gaojiefang passed on to Chinese banks and consumers ,even real farmers can earn a cup of a thick soup ,occupation of foreign capital will lose money ?That prices go up ,what will happen? < ;> ;< ;> ;7 ,prices go up ,developers will laugh or cry ?What circumstances will laugh ?What kind of situation will cry ?< ;> ;go-vern-ment in China in recent years intensive dozens of gold under the regulation of prices ,such as loose wild horses running for more than .
Regardless of when to stop rising house prices ,after all at present are rising ,so we will have a look house price rises more than what will bring . First :because the GDP rise ,China go-vern-ment to maintain the above said & quot ;keep the exchange of products continue to " ;constantly launch of Renminbi ,namely to open Moving printing machine.
As long as the real estate this stone has yet to go into the sea ,there is a certain liquidity ,then there will be no inflation occurred .Secondly :developers in this process will also earn huge profits.
Again: can see is real communities ,may make money ,buy a house called " ;mortgage slave " ;will be added .To make money !But in the process, who lost ?From where does money come ?If you have stocks experience will know ,if the price of the investment and the value from the goods ,you earn money is others compensate money ,then apply to real estate ,is buy a house occupied by people ,now seemingly value, that is ,the mirror month flower in water ,don realized you would not .
There is when the price complete regression of the true value of the time ,sometimes even to the true value ,,be Gaojiefang trapping investors. There is also a developer is !Why developers have money ?You know businessman to make money, earn profit.
If a merchant speculation once is never done this business ,he is to make money, but he is not a businessman ,this commercial activity has no significance. Due to business nature ,so to make Qian Huiji Continued to expand production, in the lucrative field constantly increased investment .
This truth from life can be seen ,more is a big business man called money ,due to the greater liquidity to maintain its expanded reproduction need .So once prices return to the real value ,there is a large number of the collapse of the Japanese developers .
This is not in any human will and any act for the transfer . If there are developers escape from the real estate arena ,then runs slowly is the last loser .If not running ,like drum-spend ,finally get the baton is to offer .
Phrase :" ;it is to get out of " ;.Maybe just the same way ,look who just good luck .But now there is no developers money signs ,some developers continue to make money ,people give money are not only because the current prices are still rising .
,real estate continues to flow . A huge problem, so that rising housing prices will be better ?8 ,sitting on the Wall Street Office of the consortium is how dry mountainous areas of China a farmer blood sweat < ;> ;Chairman Mao said: " ;Imperialism is not sleeping, but every day at the ready to engage in illegal activities ,in ,want to achieve their evil purpose .
Indeed their arrogance did not previously so arrogant ,but they do activities with." is it right? The end of the cold war represents the peace of mankind to achieve ?" ;one everyone is equal in front of God will be " ;obscure imperialism blood essence ?Everyone equal idea is right,, but it is only used to deceive the people of imperialism trick it ,said and done is always different .
International consortium through international hot money into China ,allowing the yuan to increase circulation ,and then through the real estate speculation ,the Chinese domestic price level unlimited increase ,the growth of GDP once again make the RMB issuance was forced to raise international consortium heart hand hard ,work along both lines ,the purpose is to make Chinese economy heat to hot, hot to let every Chinese people .
We not to care about this process ,we look to the future ,the result of this process is to have a look what kind ?In other words the Consortium for what purpose ?Obviously, Chinese most reluctant to see things ,is the consortium are most welcome .
First make a hypothesis ,For example, the international hot money in China real estate investment in the field of staged last crazy ,then the real estate success up all the cash ,if the RMB against the U.
S. dollar exchange rate reached the United States the highest expectations ,the exchange rate is hot money fled when the need to multiply the multiples of what will happen ,who can think, all the hot money will be between one night all exchange the dollar will escape .
Consortium earned full ,Chinese market is money, can cover the day a lot of RMB will become the Chinese people nightmares .This is the Chinese most reluctant to see things ,is also the most palatable to the consortium .
Recently the United States continued through the political ,trade and other means to make RMB appreciation ,China has not appreciation or a small range of appreciation ,far from the United States go-vern-ment expected ,this is at the exit of the game between China and the United States .
The United States make RMB appreciation of be a wolf with a savage heart be completely bared there and then !By the way ,if the appreciation of the expected ,Chinese market will repeat Japan on century 90 time crash history.
Only that the Chinese economy will be the same as Japan into a continuous depressed to the point of no return .In this vital national The problem of existence ,christian louboutin outlet,go-vern-ment will ignore ?Even step back ,a completely irresponsible go-vern-ment encounter this kind of situation ,because the capital operation but also greatly infringed go-vern-ment interests ,will be desperate counterpulsation .
That China will come with what kind of means to solve the " economic crisis ;" ;?9 ,in relation to the field around the house between inflation and the game may choose the route of < ;> ;I always believe :extremes meet.
The doctrine of the mean ,is our ancestors left to future generations to solve difficult problems of the killer mace !Since China real estate " kidnapped " ;China ;economy ,then we went from " " ;kidnapping ;begin.
What is " " ;kidnapping ;,should be relatively weak side ,with a relatively strong side " ;key " ;,make relatively strong side even have the ability to deal with the weak side ,but due to the exercise ,weakness can be applied .
We first have a look to kidnap both cast and their hands chips. The main body of real estate developers ,so developers is a party ,it is the key of Chinese economy the kidnapping ,the Chinese economy is the key to who ?Is China key , on behalf of the Chinese people ,at present can only be Chinese go-vern-ment.
China go-vern-ment party. Foreign ?It is zoned to fan the flames ,the developer side .Chinese go-vern-ment party shall have the power ,through taxation ,finance ,economic policy ,administrative means to force developers developers camp ,camp through everfount reserve fund kidnapped Chinese economy ,and constantly improve the ransom.
The problem has been placed here, how to do ?Rushed to the gangster gunned down ,not her not ,extreme infeasible .So go-vern-ment has a prescription ,as long as the realization of such a can reduce prices idea ,like a gun shot .
It is not feasible. We imagine how to rescue the kidnap ,first of all to stabilize the mood of the other side, another step by step to close, but this may cause near gangster ,but does not cause him to her ,and then further emotional stability ,touch ,and when conditions are ripe,louboutin, then steady accuracy and speed ,to ensure that the the safety of hostages ,but also ensure the gangsters in one fell swoop down .
This is the real rescue .So the doctrine of the mean is to solve difficult problems of killer mace .Extreme ,blind ,rash is undesirable .Aiming at how to solve China real estate market the abduction issue ,to the key part of the problem step by step to exert a counterforce ,then successfully ,it is the right way .
First critical part is the exchange rate ,Chinese go-vern-ment will guarantee rate ,we can expect that, the RMB against the U.S. dollar exchange rate will rise more quickly ,but the will rise slightly ,is to stabilize the mood of the other side ,if do not rise ,people will be dying ,if rise faster ,is to dig your own grave ,so why Chinese exchange rate increase always partly-veiled ,have a look the United States go-vern-ment attitude with a kidnapper is how appropriate ,I want one bottles of juice ,why take half a bottle of water.
But could not anything ,but temporarily thirst. Second key is to limit the liquidity of assets ,since the real estate to the kidnapping of China ,it holds the balance ,limit property circulation ,we can limit the liquidity of assets ,note that there are two concepts ," ;asset liquidity and " ;" ;real estate circulation " ;.
The two different ,but closely related .The real estate circulation weakened ,liquidity weakened ,so the printing needs of the RMB will decrease. Like the stones ,not flow Pass immediately inflation ,prices do not flow no problem ,but doesn foreign capital also disagree.
Since it is constantly rising prices ,only step by step to limit property circulation ,as long as the real estate circulation of little, inflation will appear a little ,and then through the up-regulation of reserve ratio and interest of flexible policies to adjust a little ,with the silk cotton palm to resolve Tyson a blow ,with soft building just ,thousands of Jun in the invisible ,this is China the strategy of go-vern-ment ( this seems to be the Chinese most adept thing ) .
We can see from the official media related news ,market signing rate is on the decline ,namely the flow continuity in fall ,and then the price begins to rise ,such as pork and other non-staple food products,[] this happy day Denon novel shame (two), but the central bank raised the reserve ratio and interest rate hike immediately ,to stabilize prices .
I do not know whether you want to see some clue .Can be expected to completely solve the is ,before the crisis ,will continue to raise interest rates and raising reserve requirements ,while property circulation will be more and more weak ,this prediction is accurate in central bank policy after verification.
Completely eliminated due to overheating of economy caused inflation expectations ,so that real estate prices returning to the true value .No matter when you see no see ,this has Is the last crazy ,we analyzed from two aspects :first ,if the game ended in a victory for foreign investment ,the Chinese economy will step in Japan 90 continued decline abyss ,due to withdrawal of foreign capital ,the housing market for the survival of the pillar collapse ,prices will suffer a disastrous decline to time ,whether developers or people will bear the economic downturn of the bitter ,louboutin pas cher,held the money devalues quickly, even if prices fall, also do not necessarily buy .
This is the Chinese go-vern-ment and Chinese people unacceptable ,is unacceptable. Second ,if foreign ended in failure ,namely in the exchange rate on export prices to live ,return true value, the foreign capital the same set of in China ,louboutin shoes,which is the premise to the United States of America victory .
So consortium led by imperialism blood will crazy revenge, in investment ,Fund (three) dividends non bonus,export and other aspects to exert pressure on China today. We did not achieve the expected appreciation of the renminbi has led to the United States ,Chinese exports to the United States by * * ,which led to many trade friction, the remarkable economic development .
We know ,the three carriage is ,investment ,export and consumption ,investment ,exports in retaliation will affect the development of Chinese economy, but the I believe that will not affect our development speed ,don have a carriage which is " " ;consumption ;,price decline, if you are a patriot ,please protect your wallet ,you don tend to buy a house ,decisively out ,Chinese economy will be a new force suddenly rises.

Seiko began pioneering the kinetic technology over two decades ago. The idea behind these watches is the wearer's kinetic energy, movements michael kors iphone case, can be transferred into electrical energy to power the watch. Since its advent, the company has gone on to create six different varying methods that this basic principle can be utilized, among them are the watches designed specifically for travelers. In the Kinetic GMT series, the hour hand can be adjusted without fear of compromising the accuracy the watch offers.

Seiko watches come in many different models designed to suit any customer's needs. Whether a person is looking for a sports watch, dive watch, or an elegant time piece, Seiko's designs have been award winning for decades. This has garnered the company a strongly loyal consumer base.

Seiko produces some of the most revered watches in the world. This company can trace is its roots back to 1881, when Kintaro Hattori opened his watch and jewellery shop in the Ginza district of Tokyo adidas adizero, Japan. Since that day, Seiko has been a fore runner with the technology in the time piece industry.

The Revolution of Seiko Watches

Quartz was the beginning of the of the accuracy revolution in time pieces. The crystalline structure of the quartz was discovered to vibrate at a steady frequency when voltage was applied. Through the measurements of the vibrations, time was able to be kept to a degree of accuracy that had not been possible before. Seiko made the benevolent move allowing this technology to become public knowledge instead of keeping it secreted away behind pattens.

It is important to note that all Seiko watches are covered by a 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty. While it is possible to register each individual watch on the company's website, this registration does not have any effect on the warranty. In fact, it is the warranty booklet that is needed if there are ever any repairs or services that need to be performed. This booklet is to be provided by the retailer at the time of the sale, and will not be issued by the company due either failure to obtain for the retailer or loss.

The mechanical based operator is the foundation of how time pieces used to be made. While these types need to be hand wound and are not as accurate as the newer technologies, many still enjoy them for the pure craftsmanship required to make them long lasting time pieces. These watches can only claim accuracy of +/- 25 seconds within a 24 hour period.

Seiko has proved to a leading force in watch industry. Despite the nay-Sayers that claim watches are a thing of the past, Seiko's innovation will continue to prove its viability.

This company claims many firsts to include, the first quartz watch in 1969, multi-functional digital watch in 1975 adidas superstar, the TV watch in 1982, the computerized diver's watch in 1990, and many more. Yet, innovation is not the only thing that sets this company's time keeping ability at the front of the industry, it has been asked repeatedly to build the time pieces that keep accurate time down to fractions of the second for several world renowned sports' competitions, such as the Olympics, World Cup, and many others.

Every time piece produced by this company falls into one of the four categories of engineering; mechanical new balance minimus, quartz michael kors handbags, kinetic, and spring drive.

Finally there is the spring drive, this is also referred to as the silent revolution. While some may view this as a step back, it is truly an innovation that holds craftsmanship at its heart. Based strongly in the mechanical principles of watch making, the spring drive aspired and achieved creating a mechanical watch that has accuracy to +/- 1 second per 24 hour period. Seiko accomplished this by meddling spring energy used for hand wound pieces and the efficiency of quartz. The watches that boast this technology offer an elegance and sophistication that many of the other brands are having a hard time being able to emulate.

With its watches, Seiko is always looking to the future. This can be seen in the simple attention to details, such as LumiBrite technology. Seiko replaced the old luminous paints used to cause the watches to glow in the dark with this new technology. Not only does it glow brighter for longer periods of time, it accomplishes this feat without the use of radioactive materials. This means that not only are these watches safer for the wearer, but also far less hazardous for the environment.

WASHINGTON Reporter correspondent Zhou Wenpeng hospital medical negligence to become a At this point ,moncler doudoune, Shandong Province,woolrich outlet, the largest medical damages case settled.

Yu Dongming Wang Jialiang

ordered to drag it into a floating restaurant dock for trafficking in Jingzhou No. . The Chinese sturgeon is about 3 meters, the abdomen 15 A , after the death of the head suspected to be hit by a ship propeller go with the wind.
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The fate of bind on equip two-handed sword 112 - 168 damage (damage per second speed 2.60 53.8 ) < ;> ;< ;> ;> ;< requires level 52 ;< ;> ;hit may :that increases strength by 200 ,lasts 10 seconds.
< ;> ;< ;> ;subtle fate ,will be a doomed the moment of awakening, unknown mysterious strength ,a moment to dominate the history and future of the fates in front of all-powerful ,mopping up everything ;in front of the destiny, who can resist ?< ;> ;< ;> ;thirty years before the battle of Kalimdor ,union cavalry will sweep the last Orc in the village .
.. Ghost wolf will devour your soul ,Kalimdor laterite will bury your bones ... " ;old shaman desperate curse and his life together to dissipate in the air. A scarred Orc warrior muffled roar ,high up in the hands of the two-handed sword ,with the last power cut to union leader ," ;Kalimdor ,my hometown ,if destruction is our fate ,I will protect you until the last moment of life !" ;< ;> ;< ;> ;led the holy knight laughed ,and then sharp blade ,also does not penetrate the paladin powerful defense system ,these stubborn the barbarian ,also refused to accept their impending doom ?< ;> ;< ;> ;but who can tell who ?< ;> ;< ;> ;the sword cut out ,ORC warrior was a miraculous power infusion into the body ,as if in fate his fingertip beating ,Paladin in the eyes of the satire ,the moment the desperate panic - seven blocking blade ,chop !< ;> ;< ;> ;Saint blesses the defensive auras ,,chop !< ;> ;< ;> ;tough dragon scale shield ,christian louboutin outlet,chop !< ;> ;< ;> ;a much refined plate armour ,chop !< ;> ;< ;> ;union leaders fell to the ice Cold red ,outrageous fortune front swept across the battlefield ,all attributed to silence .
.. ... < ;> ;< ;> ;the smoke clears, the bones into soil Kalimdor red setting sun ,a new tribal rise again .The swords of destiny ,is a master of sword .< ;> ;< ;> ;who can dominate the fate ,,who can dominate the whole world .
.. ... < ;> ;< ;> ;Mine Hill power maces 289-435 injury rate of 3.80 ( 95.3 damage per second) +46 +20 < > endurance strength ;;< ;> ;the required level :60 < ;> ;< ;> ;equipment :increase your attack caused a fatal blow by 2% < ;> ;< ;> ;Prince before the fall of the weapon < ;> ;< ;> ;this weapon was Terenas Menethil II ( ?King Terenas Menethil II ) most proud son of Alsace ( Arthas ) have ,when Alsace joined the silver hand ,Uther Lightbringer ( Uther ) commissioned short artificial ?G Association use the best materials to help casting and their own the power of the light to give blessing ,and named after his father the hammer ,hope that Alsace will become a great man like his father ,in fact the sanctity of the hammer itself even better than Uther used many .
< ;> ;< ;> ;however in the north of Northend, Prince of Alsace because of the anger led to his fall ,he abandoned the paladin rule also abandoned representative Paladin status the hammer of justice ,the mythical hammer lost in Northend .
To show between the past few years, the Wu For the world to reproduce ,louboutin,but held his people are no longer in Alsace but his aide Kerr Milo Hill himself ,the force is no longer in the divine hammer ,but on behalf of the Lich King supreme rights fall hammer ,it is natural disaster generals called Menethil ,it is over all parts of the known for the holy land ,and is all natural NCO worship < ;> ;< ;> ;Yi Pulis, blade of the fallen seraph bind on pickup only single hand sword 70 - 131 damage speed of 1.
60 < ;> ;< ;> ;> ;< requires level 60 ;< ;> ;equipment :make you a deadly blow to increase the probability of 1%. < ;> ;< ;> ;equip: improves your chance to hit by 1%.
< ;> ;< ;> ;+26 equipment :attack strength. < ;> ;< ;> ;Yi Pulis ,Ibl ī s isthe Quran devil early name ,also have different " ;- " ;meaning. In the Quran more Shaitan to refer to it ,see Shaitan did not think of another word Satan Satan ?Koran and the Bible can say is in fact homologous ,so both refer to the same demon < ;> ;< ;> ;but about Satan ,that it is Lucifer ,because of dissatisfaction with the authority of God and pick Since the celestial war ,led by the same dissatisfaction with God and angels combat ,finally defeated ,falling from heaven ,in hell ,also as the serpentine ,deceived Eve to eat eat fruit.
In the Koran Leahy Pulis dissatisfied with Allah to his angel human bow ,because Epley J thought he was from the fire born to nobility ,and from the earth the human birth ,then against Allah ,created Jahannam ,the Koran in hell.
< ;> ;< ;> ;Blazing Angels of punishment angel ,also responsible for the removal of all profane sin. < ;> ;< ;> ;Blazing Angels ;biblical Seraphim Seraphim ,is the messenger of God the most high ,but rarely in any work ,the only mission is to sing the praises of God .
Seraphim ,God Yu ,in Hebrew means " combustion ;" ;and " & quot ;snakes ;mean ,in ancient times was described as in heaven .Like God ,organism ,Judaism and Christianity, he is direct and God communication role ,is a pure light and Reflections on the spirit.
In Angel Group is holding authority and reputation ,known as " ;love and imagination of the wizard " ;.Blazing Angels commander claims numerous ,mostly from Not Uriel ,Me Nisa ,card Maier ,Nathanael Gabriel and so on.
< ;> ;< ;> ;seven twelve wing angels ,is the reincarnation of the legions of angels seven army -- in betrayal of the Blazing Angels Sorence ,Louboutin Outlet,in charge of the angry angel Alastair ,in charge of jealousy of Blazing Angels Beruse Babu ,in charge of lazy Blazing Angels ,in charge of Lili proud angel Chase Colin Aa ,in charge of death angel Lost Dick Lo and the fear of Blazing Angels Mephisto < ;> ;< ;> ;the knife is the suffix fallen blazing the blade or Lucifer ,Iraq or Pulis, are second only to the existence of God < ;> ;< ;> ;Shahram sword binds when picked up both hands sword 166 - 250 damage (damage per second speed 3.
50 59.4 ) < ;> ;< ;> ;> ;< requires level 58 ;< ;> ;hit may :call the soul of Shahram. < ;> ;< ;> ;when Titan first came to the world of Azeroth ,here is a full of confusion and savage land ,are everywhere on the Titan hostile elements .
These elements of biological biological beliefs with a known as the God of ancient times incomparably wicked race, and refused to let the The Titans would their world by order and light ruled the world .
< ;> ;< ;> ;Titan unleashed on the old God of war ,they are the elementals and their evil master combat .The God of ancient times armies were led by the most powerful elemental ,they are Ragnaros the firelord ,stone mother Seurat Thain ,conquer the Ola Gil and hunting wave resistance elements.
Putulong biological forces such as the general tide welled up in the battlefield ,especially to pull Gennaro ,under Lieutenant Balrog Shahram most fierce ,this has a snake body and covered with spines flame demon charge into the enemy ranks ,giving the Titans brought huge loss.
< ;> ;< ;> ;finally ,the Titans defeated the elemental force ,Shahram also on the battlefield, ashes to ashes .He took the sword and other evil creatures are imprisoned in the far away from the ground underground prison ,the whole world was restored to a harmonious scene.
So the Titans again they set out to transform the world of Azeroth ,and created the earthen assist them -- these by clay creatures in the tens of thousands of years after evolution of two branches: the dwarves and Shi Eguai Ashe Candy ,brotherhood of sword, sword 229 - 344 damage (damage per second speed 3.
50 81.9 ) +33 < > ;endurance ;< ;> ;> ;< requires level 60 ;< ;> ;+86 equipment :attack strength. < ;> ;< ;> ;" ;the handle is engraved with the uppercase A.
L.& quot ;< ;> ;< ;> ;1 in the name of the fraternity is the " cavalry brotherhood .< ;" ;> ;< ;> ;2 on the blade A.L refers to the " ;Anduin Lothar ?" ;.
This sword is Lothar weapons ,Lothar in Heishishan after sacrifice ,the sword in the left here .< ;> ;< ;> ;3 in Orc war, Lothar is brotherhood and even the entire union leader.
< ;> ;< ;> ;" ;" :< cavalry brotherhood ;;> ;< ;> ;bike fraternity is attached to the Royal elite organization ,the occupation range is very wide ,basically by the warrior ,hunter ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,rogue and paladin .
< ;> ;< ;> ;the first two Orc war, cavalry brothers will play a great role ,but also paid great sacrifice. Especially the epic battles of the second war in the battle of Blackrock Spire ,Lothar for angry Union army with 950 soldiers and 480 cavalry brotherhood member life as price ,the orcs arrived The dark portal feet.
< ;> ;< ;> ;< ;> :4 on Lothar ;< ;> ;Anduin Lothar is the Alahi bloodline ?The only descendant ,Lothar will his life to his country. < ;> ;< ;> ;as a brave soldier ,Lothar is young it has become the King honor guard .
Later was promoted to knight ,and joined the cavalry brotherhood ( the otherhood of the Horse ) .In a responsible for search holy book ( the Tome of Divinity ) action ,Lothar trapped in the death of mine ( Dead Mines ) and was seriously wounded .
After a few months, finally in the rescue team under the assistance of the safe return ,be .< ;> ;< ;> ;when the Horde to attack Ai Ze Lars, Lothar as supreme commander of the army of the kingdom of Maddie .
In the apprentice Khadka help ,Maddie decided to raid the Losar tower. Although Lothar and Khadka teamed up to defeat and to kill the demon Maddie Wen ,however it failed to restore the kingdom of Ai Ze Lars Once lush forest Alvin war-torn fortress ,eventually fell Ryan Storm King was killed.
Although Losar strain every nerve from Maddie the tower to rescue the stormwind ,However, it is all up with .< ;> ;< ;> ;Lord Lothar collected residual forces ,led the survivors to the Lodalen of the North mainland.
In Lodalen King Terry Nath help, Lothar led in mainland south coastal region and settled . Now Lothar has already become the kingdom of Ai Ze Lars :not only by its citizens and the soldiers of the consensus, but also won other human king admitted .
In fully conscious tribe brings direct threat, seven independent human kingdoms first United ,Anduin Lothar and recognized ?For the Union Army supreme commander. < ;> ;< ;> ;although at higher elves and dwarves have joined the union camp ,but due to furious bloodlust curses and evil artifact demon soul ,coalition forces in the tribal powerful offensive falls into retreat .
Even as members of the League of otter Lake King Perry Nord ( Perenolde ) is also attached to the leadership of Aug Ram potential of the Orc tribes .< ;> ;< ;> ;however ,the war in be in grave during a subtle change.
A few years ago, the invasion of Ai Ze Lars Kingdom ,because he was immersed in long-term coma ,return While the gap killed Sheikh Black Han puppet and vandalized Guldan the Shadow Council .
While the coup of Guldan survived ,but has a grudge .In fact Orc warlock Guldan to fight the Horde and the alliance of no interest ,to find the grave of Guldan secretly gather their own strength in the Aug Ram led the tribe .
Major general Lodalen capital of the kingdom of the occasion, the greedy sorcerer is part of clan quietly withdrew from the battle led ,drive carefully prepared ships to the great sea.
< ;> ;< ;> ;old Er Dan defected to the war turn under the direct .Was informed of the information is true ,Anduin Lothar make a prompt decision organization ?All forces and launch a counterattack -- Lothar oath as the kingdom of Ai Ze Lars and the king revenge.
In his adjutant Uther ,Turajan et al by a human ,the dwarves and elves coalition force not only defeated the orc chief Aug Ram ,and removing them from Lodalen mainland ,causing tribe had to retreat south on the Ai Ze Lars to the continent.
< ;> ;< ;> ;the Union army of homeopathy in South, have liberated in Khaz Modan Multiple positions . This tribe and the dwarves of Ironforge Gnomeregan (Gnomeregan ) Gnome also joined the coalition in the past.
As the union of the commander in chief ,Anduin Lothar prepared ?Begins to organize force offensive tribes most important stronghold -- located in the middle of Azeroth Blackrock Spire. Unfortunately ,Lothar at the bottom of the tower .
The battle killed in V ;at the same time Orc chief Aug Ram also wounded .Lothar but inspire all the Union soldiers morale ,and in the holy knight Turajan and Uther under the command of the defenders .
Finally defeating the orc stronghold of Blackrock Spire. And all the way to pursue ,eventually wiped out the Orcs residual and destroy the dark portal ,chief of a tribe of Aug Ram the union captured Raven Dell sword binds when picked up both hands sword 171 - 257 damage (damage per second speed 3.
60 59.4 ) < ;> ;< ;> ;need level 58 < ;> ;< ;> ;equipment :movement speed and life value recovery speed .< ;> ;< ;> ;Stratholme destruction < ;> ;< ;> ;the dark portal for 20 years ,in the Northend continental scourge began to invade the kingdom of Lordaeron ,and release a deadly plague of the undead king Terry Nath ,.
- Prince of Alsace play against the scourge of the task. But as the battle progressed, the undead instead of fewer ,but more dead human soldiers and plague infected civilians became the new face to be a trend which cannot be halted the apparition of evil forces and the failure of frustration ,Alsace fear and resolve the madness .
< ;> ;< ;> ;in order to stop the north town of military importance of the city of Stratholme ( they have been infected with the plague of the Undead Scourge ) to become the new force, Alsace ordered the massacre ,which led directly to his Knights of the silver hand were forced to disband, Alsace with his mentor -- Uther Lightbringer break prosperous Stratholme .
Overnight into a hell ,local lords Revan Dell Baron is at this time Lodalen Wangcheng met with king Terry Nath ,he received news of the massacre of Stratholme was already half a month after that.
< ;> ;< ;> ;then ,the forces in Alsace to track the source of the plague to Northrend, want to eliminate the threat of the plague in Alsace .However ,the prince became the Lich King prey ,to save their own country and People power ,he drew the cursed sword -- Frostmourne ,it captured the soul ,has since become the Lich King most powerful death knight and his sanity shattered Alsace leads the scourge returned to his kingdom ,and the assassination of his father -- King Terenas .
< ;> ;< ;> ;Alsace and raven Dell < ;> ;< ;> ;in order to make the Archmage Kerr Sujoy de resurrection ,Alsace follow this scourge creator commands ,his bones to the elves Kingdom Quill Salas the sun well to revive .
During the invasion of Quill Salas way ,Alsace once again after is in ruins .The city of Stratholme ,where she met for the inhabitants of the town ,for the Lodalen Revenge of the Raven Dell baron .
< ;> ;< ;> ;" ;Esarus thar noDarador ( to defend the honor of our blood ) !" ;intrepid paladins Raven Dell Baron shouting his Knights of the silver hand Knight guidelines launched the charge, he and the death Knight Alsace had a violent fight, eventually ,raven Dell Baron was has infinite power of Alsace beat ,Frostmourne through him Heart.
The Baron died in turn fall ,he vowed to use life protection Stratholme town. But soon ,he was again opened his eyes -- in his eyes is no longer full of dignity and justice eyes ,dark and nothing but evil energy .
His soul was Frostmourne control ,from become Alsace was a death knight, as he crushed Quel < ;> ;< ;> ;Kerr Sugard on the order of < ;> ;< ;> ;in the seal of the Lich King Ner icebound king seat was Illidan spell broken ,Alsace was an emergency recall of Northrend ,from Alsace control Hill Vanasse freed Banshee ?Windrunner is at a leading half of the undead armies launched a coup attempt to subvert the rule of Alsace .
As soon as possible in order to get back to the Lich King ,christian louboutin shoes,Alsace will be the leadership over to his lieutenant Kerr Sugard ,while Raven Dell Baron is assigned to the city of Stratholme ,governing northern Lordaeron (now called the eastern Plaguelands ) scourge .
< ;> ;< ;> ;now ,the death knight Raven Dell Baron alone in Stratholme, commanding his undead army to Office for the final burning sword bind on equip only the main hand sword 96 - 178 damage (damage per second speed 2.
90 47.2 ) < ;> ;< ;> ;> ;< requires level 60 ;< ;> ;when they hit the target ,may :deals 150 fire damage to it .< ;> ;< ;> ;Quill Salas was destroyed ,the surviving elves renamed themselves blood elves ,in memory of the dead compatriots .
They would recapture home hopes have be placed in jeopardy of alliance ,but after witnessing the union corruption and decline ,blood elf Prince Kell Texas ?Daily to their greatly disappoint one .
< ;> ;< ;> ;finally ,since the birth of the magical energy of the desire, the blood elves in demon hunter Illidan ,with him came to Azeroth ,the different world -- domain .The blood elves in the met countless demons and other evil forces ,suffered heavy losses.
In order to let their compatriots no longer hurt, Kell Texas around a high order blood mages ( was a friend of Kyle Sass ) mention blows ?Fire leaf decided to use the most powerful and terrible spell ,with full of magic life for the Supreme God .
Ask Kell Texas agree After extraction ,louboutin pas cher,Bloggs idea has some ancient spell ,his body was flaming flames .Bloggs life disappear instantaneously ,a magical fire casting sword was born.
To commemorate him ,Kell ,put the sword named " ;Tiebout fire sword " ;> ;< ;< ;> ;after a long time ,Kell ,with the sword to protect the fragile blood elf brethren in Illidan the frozen throne .
But were defeated by Alsace in the battle ,the blood elves and Naga allies to beat a hasty retreat back to Outland ,and the handle Tiebout fire sword is lost to the world of Azeroth Lokamil Ilomansis only the main hammer 47-128 damage (damage per second speed 2.
10 41.9 ) < ;> ;< ;> ;+10 < > ;endurance ;< ;> ;+18 < > ;intelligence ;< ;> ;+8 < > ;spirit ;< ;> ;requires level 60 < ;> ;< ;> ;equip: improves magical spells and effects by causing injury and the treatment effects, up to 84 .
< ;> ;< ;> ;" ;Nai method in the hand of Rios " ;< ;> ;< ;> ;" Nigeria law notes ;the hand of Rios " ;< ;> ;< ;> ;yes . It death The eldest son of Lee Wing - resistance to law weapons.
.. . its weapons by the goblin making < ;> < ;> ;Luka mill. Iraq from India for Loman Sith - Supreme holy hammer opponents only the main hammer 73 - 136 damage (damage per second speed 2.
40 43.5 ) requires a level 55 & lt ;> ;< ;> ;hit may :make your next attack 2 times to obtain additional attacks of opportunity. < ;> ;< ;> ;to persuade the main hammer 86 - 161 damage (damage per second speed 2.
70 45.7 ) requires a level 58 < ;> ;< ;> ;equipment :allows you to hit the target to increase the probability of 1%. < ;> ;< ;> ;equipment :make you a deadly blow to increase the probability of 1%.
< ;> ;< ;> ;black dwarf history architecture scholar Frank Ron cast iron casting of this weapon, he used his opponents relentless encouragement with black men in a pagan ,but in times of civil disturbance ,Frank Ron cast iron Franclorn was his student forno ?Ducky ,murder ,killed in what he builds the great dark Furnace Town ,while forno ?In the opponents ,to Sorensen the great.
Rumours that Fran Krohn cast iron was not really dies ,his soul is still wandering in this cursed town The city of Frank Ron cast iron students believe ,,in Frank Ron cast iron die had decided to cast an can restrain opponents twin weapons - persuader ( Persuader ) ,then the weapon design was mysteriously missing ;some black sage is predicted :when the persuaders, opponents ,iron bile hammer reunion in the temple statues ,flame will engulf the Blackrock Spire ,flame king field gates met once again open ,and Franclorn soul will lead the people always get rid of flame King .
.. Whether this prophecy is true ,now King Sorensen is holding opponents ,he used opponents of the cruel oppression of all to defy disobey him and flame king people ... Only whipping Susas hands 108-163 injury rate of 2.
6 ( damage per second 52.1) requires level 50 & gt ;< ;< ;> ;hit when possible to sue Texas wrath against the enemy, so that its power is reduced by 15 ,resulting in 90 to 210 shadow damage over 15 seconds ,and the resulting in a total of 125 bonus damage .
< ;> ;< ;> ;whipping by the Soviet Union as a fighter ,the MIG -27 ;> ;< ;> ;Susas is the United States of America Water Audio monitor system .< ;> ;< ;> ;a heaven and an underwater even their background are different things together ,is the Excalibur .

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Author: Sara Goldstein Article Tools:            Despite the fact that the probability for fatalities is very low compared to other types of accidents, rear end collisions can cause serious and life changing injuries that,louboutin, if left untreated,louboutin pas cher, can affect you for years to come. A well-made bumper has the effect of absorbing most of the impact from these collisions. If,michael kors, on the other hand, your car is equipped with a sub-standard bumper your body may absorb a good portion of the force from the impact.

Insurance companies sometimes hold the false belief that if very little damage was done to the vehicle,, then very little damage was done to the occupants. Even low speed rear end collisions that result in very little damage to the vehicle can result in serious injuries to both the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

Perhaps the most common injury that occupants of a vehicle sustain from a rear end collision is whiplash. Whiplash is caused by a sudden acceleration and deceleration of forces on your body, most of which gets absorbed by the neck and shoulders. The symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, headaches, stiffness,, nausea and loss of balance.

It can sometimes take a few days after a collision has occurred for a person to experience these symptoms.

How to Avoid a Rear End Collision

Rear end collisions are almost always the fault of the person driving behind you,burberry outlet, so many times there is little to nothing a driver can do to avoid a rear end collision. Here are some safety tips to help prevent rear end collisions:

•Always use turn signals and make sure they are working properly
•Use rear-view mirrors often to make sure you know what is going on behind you
•Avoid tailgaters
•Keep pace with traffic

If you live in Orlando, Florida and you are currently struggling with an injury sustained from a rear end collision, please visit the website of The Law Offices of Michael Barszcz,mercurial vapor pas cher, M.D.,air jordan, J.D. to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

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Author: Douglas Article Tools:            Green tea is produced by lightly steaming the fresh-cut leaf, while to produce black tea the leaves are allowed to oxidize. During oxidation, enzymes present in the tea convert polyphenols, which possess outstanding therapeutic action, to compounds with much less activity. With green tea,louboutin shoes, oxidation is not allowed to take place because the steaming process inactivates these enzymes. Green tea is very high in polyphenols with potent antioxidant and anticancer properties.

The chemical composition of green tea varies with climate, season,polo Ralph Lauren, horticultural practices, and age of the leaf (position of the leaf on the harvested shoot). The major components of interest are the polyphenols. the term polyphenol denotes the presence of multiple phenolic rings. The major polyphenols in green tea are flavonoids (e.g.,Ralph Lauren Pas Cher, catechin, epicatechin, epicatechin gallate and proanthocyanidins). Epigallocatechin gallate is viewed as the most significant active component. Not surprisingly, the leaf bud and the first leaves are richest in epigallocatechin gallate. The usual concentration of total polyphenols in dried green tea leaf is around 8 to 12 percent.

Other compounds of interest in dried green tea leaf: caffeine (3.5 percent), an unusual amino acid known as theanine ( one-half of the total amino acid content, which is usually 4 percent), lignin (6.5 percent),doudoune moncler, organic acids (1.5 percent), protein (15 percent), and chlorophyll (0.5 percent).

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Both green tea and black tea are derived from the same plant, the tea plant (Camellia sinensis). The parts used are the leaf bud and the two adjacent young leaves together with the stem,polo ralph lauren, broken between the second and third leaf. Older leaves are considered inferior in quality.

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Douglas Adams is the owner of , a website dedicated to increasing knowledge of health related issues. For high quality health care products click here

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Asian Heart Network (Reporter correspondent Zhang Xiangtao Ding Jing ) at 12:00 on October 27th ,abercrombie france, Ms. Gan take on a banner and thank you letters sent to the Group Company , Urumqi bus scheduling information center . Two days ago ,, Ms. Gan take the 535 bus car accidentally fell on the package on board , 535 Road scheduling staff only took 30 minutes to find Ms. Gan 's package .

October 27 ,mercurial vapor pas cher, Ms. Gan engaged in accounting work tells the whole story .

abercrombie pas cher, she was riding the 535 bus home ,peuterey sito ufficiale, returned home after the discovery of the package fell on the car . I said , asked my drivers ,doudoune moncler pas cher, I am anxious that what can not be said . the Jinlin gave call 535 terminus seven spinning dispatch room , one by one asked how many cars work,moncler doudoune, how many car station ,, a one investigation , and finally to shorten the range of the possible five drivers . then gave the phone number of my five drivers and drivers LI Ming-Fang open a bus with my Shun line chase . Liu Xin on sent my bag , I was too excited ,mercurial vapor, to Liu Xin cash he do not ,doudoune moncler, I went to the international airport, the dispatch room 300 yuan to Jinlin , she really does not . 535 bus international Airport dispatch room station members Jinlin smiled and said : whole car hit by a car. The stone master driving a large truck collision speed is not high, but has resulted in more than 20 BMW chain collision Field i say i will go with you. 相关的主题文章:

Dressing for work can be daunting. So we went to Manhattan most sought after image consultant, Lori Silverstein for her advice on how to power dress. Lori offers her exclusive roster of private clients, many of which are high power executives advice on their personal appearance adidas outlet, image, grooming and wardrobe. believe the best strategy for women dressing in today work environment is to embrace a tailored silhouette which is feminine, classic and clean and modeled on the European approach to dressing,?says Lori. We sat down with her to get her fabulous tips on how to dress for work in style.

lori-silverstein.jpgWhat are some of the essential items a woman should own in her work wardrobe?

I strongly encourage my clients to invest in classic but stylish pieces. Basic items in the fall wardrobe should include: streamlined cashmere coats which fall right at the knee and are perfect for skirts, dresses and trousers; pencil skirts in beautiful wools and cashmere or cashmere blends; fitted blazers with narrow shoulders with a cinched or defined waist; cashmere sweaters; beautifully tailored trousers and pantsuits with a well proportioned leg, paired with a beautiful silk blouse; and tailored shift dresses (both sleeveless and with sleeves) that follow the contours but are not oo?form fitting. Good fabrics are key and contribute to a rich, elegant and timeless look.

What types of accessories should a woman opt for when dressing for the office?

I believe accessories complete and enhance a look, and a good shoe, handbag, belt, scarf and jewelry are essential.


For the work environment, I love a kitten heel or a 2-3 inch heel, and prefer a good classic pump with a bit of twist, as well as a sling back. My favorite shoe designers who have the perfect pump and sling are Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin. The shoes are beautiful, sleek, classic and subtly sexy. They are absolutely worth every penny of the investment. A good suede or leather boot with a narrow toe box and a 2-3 inch heel is also beautiful and classic.


Handbags you can never go wrong with the Prada leather tote which comes in a few basic colors such as black, brown and tan, and holds enough items without being oversized and cumbersome. I also love the Chanel classic handbag and tote.

Belts and Scarves

For belts, I steer my clients towards a black, chocolate brown or rich tan belt, preferably in leather or skin and for scarves I favor Hermes. They have so many wonderful designs and colors to choose from, and there are so many flattering ways to tie the scarves that will make every woman look chic, stylish and pulled together.


When it comes to jewelry, I emphasize that simple is best. For earrings, diamond studs or larger classic pearl studs look beautiful and there are some great copies out there that could fool anyone! Depending on the neckline, a scarf could look great new era hats wholesale, or perhaps a nice pendant or a pearl and gold necklace which is long enough to wrap a few times around the neck and sits up by the collar bone. I do like enamel bracelets (my favorites are designed by Hermes and come in different widths, design motifs and colors) and gold or silver link bracelets with a fob closure. I do stress that one thing to avoid at all costs is wearing large dangling earrings as well as glittery and over-sized pieces. Simplicity is key and contributes to a very polished and stylish look.

When it comes to hair and makeup lebron 9 summit lake hornets, what works?

Regarding hair and makeup, the overall look should be neat, polished adidas f50, well groomed and not overdone. I favor a soft palette for makeup. The first step is to ensure that one takes good care of their skin by using good products diligently (I love Biologique Recherche, La Prairie and Clarks Botanicals) and visiting an excellent facialist. My favorite facialist is Natalie at Yasmine Djerradine. A good, light foundation is important (such as Armani Face Fabric or the Fluid Sheer Foundation, or the new Guerlain Fundation) and a soft ken griffey shoes 2012, neutral eye (mascara and lightly lined upper lid) combined with a soft cheek blush (the best colors are by Chanel) and a soft lip (Chanel lipsticks and glosses have the prettiest colors). Hair should be worn loose either straight or in soft waves, or held back in chic low ponytail or soft chignon. I strongly discourage hairstyles which are very exaggerated or messy. Everything should be soft and feminineo overpowering colors or heavy makeup application.

What are some things to keep in mind in terms of dress code for work?

Overall, when dressing for work, I advise my clients to dress in a clean, tailored and polished fashion that is very stylish and flattering. I discourage them from dressing in fashion trends that will detract from a polished look, and look inappropriate for the office. It is important not to wear anything that does not fit well and having access to a good tailor is essential to ensure that each piece fits perfectly. Another item to bear in mind is not to wear anything that is too short, too tight, too low cut, too clingy or too bright, glittery or overly patterned. Femininity is key. Lastly, it extremely important to be respected at work by clients and colleagues and a beautifully polished look will keep you on the right track!

For more information on image consultant Lori Silverstein please visit (http://lbsimageconsulting)

By Millissa Mathai

Fashion Stylist's Tips On How To Dress For Work

There they see Wang Xueyu left the classroom, have packed up and went out into the ,louboutin,a boy walk also said,, TMD really stupid, Professor Wang to accept him as graduate students properly, said the other is ,have the opportunity to do not know to cherish ,to when the professor Wang students who row a few blocks .
Mock not listen to their words ,smiled and shook his head ,then a familiar fragrance from Mo laugh behind came ,Mo laugh turned to look to did not see hugged the man behind ,greedy took a whiff Cher ,I miss you .
Be crazy laugh hold people gently said well, I miss you too . Originally appeared in the Mo laugh behind people who is Murong snow .Mo laugh and Murong snow can hold a smile ,Mo said originally I would also like to give you a surprise ,which by that Professor Wang to the whole mess .
Murong snow chuckle . Oh ,it doesn ,you come back for me is the biggest surprise ,how Xiaotian things done ? Mo bursting point nod yes, well ,Xiao day at home with his father ,will come back in a few days .
Murong snow nodded . . Mock not a little while holding Murong Snow said well, don here ,on so long class hungry ,we go to eat . Murong snow nodded his head . . Mock not hold Murong snow walked out of the room to the outside to go,, walk more and more remote Murong snow face puzzled look , Mo laugh : where are you taking me ? Mo listened Murong snow doubt smiled , Hey ,,you wait and see .
Then, Mo laugh with Murong snow went to school in a remote place to stop .Mock not glanced around ,as seen when no one else is around ,let go of the hold Murong snow hand ,Cher ,you stand a far point I give you a magic .
Although Murong Xue doubts ,but could not laugh, to the distant station station .Mo laugh see Murong snow station far,louboutin, smiled , now please look at the world famous magicians ,Mo laugh performing live ,big car .
Mo laugh pinching waist ,a hand index finger up toward the sky , horse ,horse ,louboutin pas cher,detonation !Give me change . With the index finger to move a finger , Print-Rite appears in front of Mo laugh .
Murong snow looking surprised in Mo laugh in front of the Print-Rite ,louboutin pas cher, laugh ,this is how to return a responsibility ?How it will suddenly come out . Hey ,I just say ,I give you magic .
Murong Xue listened to laugh, looked unbelieving ,then ran to the Mo laugh before, pulled the Mo laugh hand road good Mo laugh ,with enthusiasm and,you told me so how to change out of it . Mo Xiaoyao shook her head, revealing too profound to be understood smile ,christian louboutin outlet, Buddha said :do not say ,30 happy stacks reading Netease,can not say ! Murong Xue made a pair of lovely expression , you tell me why !You are the best .
Hey ,louboutin,if you call me a good husband ,I you how I turned out . Listen to laugh, Murong snow released Mo laugh hand ,pouted , laugh too bad ,do not say not to say ,I don want it .
He turned not Limo laugh .Mo laugh see Murong snow like this ,ran to the front Oh ,Murong snow this angry ,good not angry ,I . Murong Xue smiled hey hey ,you are not allowed to change ,to tell me .
Mo laugh watching Murong snow like this that he was cheated by Murong snow ,face forced smile, Cher ,you are so bad ,actually lied to me . Hey ,The thirty-second chapter is subject to the wife (1) stacks reading Netease,I ,hasten to say . Mock not a helpless shakes his head ,,his secret Murong snow ,Murong snow to Mo laugh ring is a storage ring ,showing interest .
So wonderful ,I want to see . Mo and the ring from her finger off down ,onto the Murong snow hands holding the ring ,Murong snow looked up ,louboutin pas cher,saw a half-day Murong snow also did not see why not smile this is not a small ring ?Which can be installed under the car ah ,you lied to me .
Mo laughs helplessly watched Murong snow Cher ,I cheat who also can cheat you ah ,you do not believe you take this ring ,louboutin shoes,and then concentrate to ,I will put it in ,you have a look what .
Murong snow to Mo laugh say ,hand ring ,eyes glued to the Print-Rite and he constantly reading in, in . Just read ten minutes , Print-Rite or to stay in place ,do not move .
Murong snow old not in, his disappointment at not smile ,said , you are lying to me ,otherwise how nothing happens . He will ring to lose .In the ring in the fall to the ground

whether it is knowledge.
with "old sinus doctor Temple perception",louboutin pas cher,financing is bound to be transformed into money ! Wu said we got a casino even the casinos are not things .so as to find and remove the vehicle pollution source ,christian louboutin shoes,the relevant departments in dealing with such disputes on rights and interests of consumers can not carry out effective protection , in addition to the familiar world cultural heritage Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang, Guazhou County,louboutin, bubble to industry -- grind sword for a decade, and looked to the future development trend of the times of the internet. Zhengzhou Vancouver Plaza Shopping Center project design and construction; Chengdu shop in Chunxi Road.
27,we can see a feel fresh blue .water or nuclear power ) ,louboutin pas cher, through the qualification examination of ecological city workers can buy housing,louboutin, the public can buy public housing.Propane combustion formed only water vapor and carbon dioxide,christian louboutin outlet, accident led to the company plant glass was shattered,christian louboutin shoes, North China oil field and Handan City Hall formally signed the natural gas utilization project cooperation agreement ,clean environmental protection,christian louboutin outlet, chest tightness.
instead aggravate the indoor air pollution to human body, German or not, Zhang Shaogang looks more like an illiterate. full of rigidity mid-size sedan, editor visited in Guangzhou 4S stores to understand, we have already walked side by side for five years.In five years humidity,In recent years also launched a new health status of centralized air conditioner ventilating system, at least money can guarantee "advertising" sites in the normal operation.
Still on the site covered with advertisements?so as to enhance the vehicle , Rapid officially in the overseas releases official figure ,"Dragon" and "conch" no relationship to earlier media reports said Yingde conch cement.
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we will proceed without hesitation in the shortest possible time , the violent storm storm oncoming carriers from time to time ,louboutin,The Olympic spirit is the primary activity of the Olympic movement ,Should learn to weightlifting ,Feel the price is good,in hot educational issues ,searching for news of spring . half a month before a woman pregnant,louboutin pas cher,It is not so.and the two team in the table are from rap also let MP magic power vocals Ting-ting frequency said :&ldquo ;hot dog is not only my university immediate seniors.
Desks and chairs on the stage into rock studio MP magic power in the sweet singing Love Songs Medley uniform start to the second half , to participate in the public security work for over 20 years, this can let old Chen relatively energetically,louboutin, today Freda Museum ,or the sun ,enterprise expanded reproduction risk naturally increase . the man ecological ,christian louboutin outlet,staff quarters are located,only through a purified river water ,Phoenix City Biguiyuan began construction in 2002 .
Phoenix is the Biguiyuan group that milepost sense has on phylogeny of project ," a child hating,louboutin pas cher, there are fifth handsome man,louboutin,At present,louboutin pas cher,enhance customer service capabilities and commodity financing scheme of flow control ability ,A few days ago I saw him take the girl shopping? side is a close girlfriend,You can only understand this is an official general humor .still in the cultural inferiority and yearning ,christian louboutin shoes, the achievements of a marriage.
but says it is willing to do. people can drink the fresh ice Oriental beauty tea. leafhopper,christian louboutin shoes,entire industries have been very saturated and mature ,christian louboutin outlet,the ability of resisting risk and the weakest .
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The newspaper news( reporter Li tap ) on March 12th before dawn ,Changde city Dingcheng District Fortunearia Beach Town hakuyosha Village Village Road ,a bus carrying a coffin and 16 lift bereavement staff two-seater van turns into the roadside ditches ,killed 2 people ,1 people died in the hospital ,and another 7 people seriously injured .
relationresultAt 8 pm,reporters rushed to the scene, the family of the deceased in grief for the Jedi burning paper money ,one of the families of the deceased from Guangzhou be fatigued with the journey home ,see the dead cry heartbreakers .
Roadside ditch ,a car seat and the crashed car debris in muddy water ,the family of the deceased with the color of the cloth in the middle of the highway were makeshift Hall ,occasionally with the nearby villagers spontaneously set off firecrackers .
Because of the cold weather, the family of the deceased had borrowed coal stove for heating .relationresultAccording to thevillagers said :the 16 hour ,two more sheets covering the bodies were still in the middle of the road, traffic ,both stranded vehicles have been piled up .
Town Fortunearia leadership as well as the traffic police to the scene to understand the situation ,but has been given no accident treatment results .relationresultThe deceasedniece Chen says,louboutin, she is the Changde Yellow suzu Dingcheng District ,the day before, the original Yellow suzu ,now living in Changde city wife died ,he thought that his return ,when the local please 16 neighbor to Changde lift loss .
The coffin is a two-seater van checked ,16 people around the coffin around .OK hakuyosha village ,it was 4 in the morning .At this time, the driver mobile phone rang ,the driver answered the phone, trucks and fell into a nearby ditch ,heavy casket crashed in the lift or villager, was killed two people ,injured 7 people ,including one afternoon in the hospital in the process of rescuing ,also died .
Ms. Chen grief to say .At present, the driver has been a police control .Accident treatment and relief work is underway .relationresultTo share:relationresultWelcome to comment I want to commentrelationresultMicro-blogrecommended micro-blog hot today ,Christian Louboutin Outlet, relationresultLegal netreporter Pan Congwu Jiang Lan correspondent , relationresultFrom May 23rd to the presentday ,face the empty courtyard ,Su to live deeply regret .
.. ... In May 23rd, for Xinjiang Shache county rural area group of Su ,is absolutely the darkest days of life .On the same day, his wife a lady was found himself jumped in the river ,and she tied together and their three children ,7 year old daughter ,louboutin pas cher,at the age of 3, two son ,1 year old daughter .
relationresultAmother of three children ,why with three children to die together ?What caused the human tragedy ?relationresultAs the policeinvestigation ,the truth of the incident surfaced so sadly sign -- because of the people around a lady psychological issues are neglected ,a little dispute led to a tragic accident .
relationresultA mother and her three childrenare in the river .relationresultIn May 23rd,16 PM, Xinjiang Shache County, a rural village of 13 farmer of a group of wheat to farm work way ,through the gate in hydropower station ,the scene in front of him be startled at :1 women and 3 children and linked together in a bundle, floating in the water ,4 average per capita has died .
Subsequently, the wheat in a hydropower station staff Zhang with the help of the police .relationresultShachepolice quickly rushed to the scene ,,through on-site salvage discovery :the woman hands around three children ,,three children BANDANA were folded bandanas tied ,another head tied in the woman left wrist .
After the incident ,the Shache police attention ,christian louboutin outlet,the investigation confirmed that ,4 the mother-child relationship ,mother is a woman of 31 years old this year, three children before the age of 7 ,3 and 1 years old .
relationresultNext of kinleave hit home away from home , relationresultAfter the forensic identification,four of the dead were found no trauma ,ruled out a violent death may ,in addition ,the police investigation ,also precludes vendetta ,killing poison for his money ,and possible .
relationresultAccording to the survey,Shache police have concluded ,a woman belonging to the Dutch act ,she also tied three children diving died, committed the crime of intentional homicide .
In view of the fact that a woman has died ,has been unable to pursue criminal liability .relationresultAlady is a group of 6 Shache County Rural Village of 6 groups of an ordinary village ,on weekdays, and her husband is harmony .
Late on May 10th ,the couple quarrel because of family matters ,the very next day ,she carried 3 children away from home .Who would have thought ,after ten days a woman with three children jumped into the river .
relationresultWhatled to this human tragedy ?A small argument why let mother with three children jumped into the river to commit suicide ?relationresultAwoman aged 11 he lost his father ,Louboutin Outlet,the mother alone raising 4 children ,a woman is the home of old ,there are brother and sister ,following a sister .
relationresultThe tragedyoccurred, sister Letipa has blamed his sister could not see the anomaly . Sister was introverted ,particularly strong, carried to extremes ,regardless of the consequences .
After the death of his father ,mother and brother, has been supporting her spiritual world .But in 2006 ,when the brother school accounting embezzlement and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment ,2007, the mother also died of illness ,these two things to her great hit .
, relationresultHer husbandSu memories ,he often found a lady morning cry .In the first 2 to 3 months, wife changes are particularly evident , a great temperament, becomes angry ,because a thing will shout abuse ,children often play .
But these signs are ignored, because the Su often in outside to make money ,have no time to communicate with his wife ,care and love to her .relationresultWhocan imagine ,at the last moment, a woman thinking? , relationresultAbandana, will the four fate closely tied together, never separated, a woman jumped into the river ,took away all the answers .
.. ... , relationresultThe reporter:relationresultInwho provide relevant data ,China is the only one female Dutch act rate is higher than the male state ,and one Dutch act rates are particularly high among rural women .
China Ministry of health has published a survey ,287000 people die each year from the Dutch act ,every year there are nearly 2000000 people attempted Dutch act .Which rural women died of Dutch act of approximately one in 150000 people above, Dutch act attempted in 1000000 above .
And every one Dutch act act, at least for around 6 individuals have a negative impact on .Therefore ,psychological health of rural women is not optimistic .relationresultIn rural areas,,because of lack of knowledge of psychological health education ,awareness of mental health knowledge understanding is very superficial ,many people have no psychological concept of disease ,the prevalence of rural women abnormalities were good patience of rural women and family are ignored ,days and months multiplying ,hard not to appear .
In view of this ,according to the psychological health of rural women consciousness flaw, at all levels of the organization should be targeted use of various media ,christian louboutin shoes,to rural and the majority of women with positive introduction to psychological health ,psychological health knowledge ,enhance their psychological ability ,timely guidance mental stagnation, through efforts ,so that the whole society pays close attention to the rural women health problem .

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So mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis into the ranks of the In fact, this problem is not difficult,louboutin, and depends entirely on the patient's own choice, the choice of treatment.

Hormone conventional therapy of western medicine. The effect is as described above,louboutin pas cher, lead to relapse after initial use of quick impact, because of the decline in the patient's own immunity, for any reason,, the condition definitely add to relapse, time is also lengthened again to use hormone therapy. With once again bear fruit, will naturally have once again reason for recurrence. Over time,, finally,louboutin pas cher, the hormone also joined the ranks of the Sichuan Mr. patients often have nearly two years to use the therapy,christian louboutin outlet, not only itself useless in the treatment of mesangial proliferative glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome triggered proteinuria check is always high,louboutin, edema phenomenon is particularly serious even develop possible chest hydrocephalus. So, often can not help but I still long to live many worries.

Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, China Taoist Chinese medicine is also a set of Taoist Chinese medicine believes that mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis due to heat cult poison invasion, Accumulation in the coke, within a loss in the kidney, causing blood runs disorders, the triple burner waterways disorders, Mizutani subtle leakage, wet Choshui toxin obstruct finally cross-resistance to infestation caused the disease, its treatment of the pre-eminent is to Scattered recovery Gujing Wenshen with qi and kidney side,louboutin, in addition to its wet, the line of its stagnation,, adjusting its gas, inspiring stomach and promoting its metaplasia subtle blood, thereby improving blood flow, reducing blood urea nitrogen is complementary virtual increase plasma proteins, reduce urinary protein and occult blood, mitigate the damage of immune complexes on the glomerular basement membrane,, and restoration of the damaged kidney function. Additional parties often suffered by hormone use recovery Gujing Wenshen scattered, qi and kidney side, and, in particular, added swelling after less than two months, was found after the local hospital in Chengdu, proteinuria and occult blood are With obvious relief, has also been a certain improvement in the edema. One year and two months later, the treatment of a complete end to even go to two or three local hospital for medical examination data showed normal. Heart worries, often accept withdrawal recommended thereafter adhere to do once the relevant checks every three months, more than two years later, everything is normal, without the slightest sign of recurrence At this point, Mr. Chang was a big rock in the heart of finally firmly off the ground.

Later, Mr. Chang learned, in the period that he began to withdrawal,louboutin shoes, they once used Taoist Chinese medicine therapy effective radical cure for mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, causing domestic The outside medical peer attention the detection approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,louboutin pas cher, to become the international treatment of mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis preferred. Recall that he had been worried that the fear for their lives again, can not help but feel funny.

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I have seen the film loading ... Personal data leave a comment blog level: blog points: 3823 blog access :223179 concern popularity: 70 video player loading ... Picture player loading .
.. About master Zhang Jianjun not for the creation of writing, open is a memory and thought springs .Storage paper records ,for a show down a film to support the force grass ;form a literary circle ,let yourself to listen to on the road ahead .
This is the voice ,Bofei Bo .Wander ,depth from at the foot of Nanshan ;not before ,far journey .Classification of World Expo has virtually become the small and medium-sized enterprise reforming forks ,Zhang Jianjun and his company is such beneficiary.
Tens of billions of social capital accumulation due to creative city " ;Shanghai design " can promote " ;" ;intangible cultural heritage ;modern Nanjing brocade development Expo licensed merchandise leave a " ;" ;Expo licensed products sought strange special design ,may wish to have a look loading comments .
.. Music player loading ... Tags :calculation which is the company be poker-faced tenth annual dinner ,before also eaten ,but the situation of ups and downs ,industry to become ,louboutin,as this year, although the billows out of fashion ,careful to good ah,but also make progress every day ,,now the team ,seed basically is in 2002 the following year dinner that start leaving .
This year super quiet ,no arrangements for the program and draw ,is to eat a meal, several companies who gather ,enjoyable ,if do not need to add entertainment .Busy a year ,some quiet no bad, still seems to have changed, the old friends gradually lost .
Everyone ,something ,also to the company main man .Discover the company colleagues very happy label :have the Spring Festival ,at this time of the year ,Huiguang master will be from Mount Jiuhua to Shanghai to visit me ,for I wait for popular blessing.
A few days earlier he phoned ,ask me these days in Shanghai? I said 26 days will go to a Xi ,he went in 23 to Shanghai ,bring me a happy. I Expo followed by West Park ,in the night in the process, not the master of a show to report the world war,louboutin pas cher, the master is to congratulate .
early worshippers in mountain pilgrimage when notified the master, said I in this Expo hard earned two billion ,louboutin pas cher,master of course happy for me ,look at me .This for many years ,has come to a successful issue seem mean.
To listen to the master say ,I direct a music, some people say he earned a lot of money is good ,do not become hard to hear people say he suffered only happy ?Just outside the hearsay I earn so much as I thought ,it is be overjoyed .
Yeah ,people make money for what ?Is ultimately a happy. So if after a large array ,they are poor .When the outside of a show ,made a lot of money, it long spiritual benefit is big ,gave me a happy gift ,I listen to the HA HA and ha.
Let " ;" ;flying season, a show the effect of making money, but also in the friends enthusiasm transfer is enlarged .There is nothing well ,there are really only friend during the Expo made a million turnover and alleged that he earned tens of millions .
I can not be said to myself, this two brilliant outstanding achievement of 100 million came to blow on the face ,but also from last weekend ,Chinese cultural and creative research center open Council annual meeting, a fruitful years ,everyone a gathering of many people The topic is gradually concentrated to sit " ;city renewal " ;go up ,standing director ,Shanghai new world of Mr.
Zhou questions ,led me and my old Zheng the two old people in Luwan a hot discussion. Very interesting ,Shanghai old city successful transformation of the new world,christian louboutin outlet, as the city new landmark ,it transformed Luwan District Taipingqiao area ,even excavated the artificial lake has named " ;Pinghu too ,but the original " ;" ;," ;specific in what position ?Chronicles have ancestors left no legend ,a city of immigrants is such ,like a big hotel ,people are hurrying to and fro.
The streams of people busily coming and going ,always return to zero, leaving only could not speak ,nor burn text blocks and houses. In particular, this area in the past also experienced a period of French Concession years ,historical details, it is difficult to clear.
Because concession transition ,the region is almost nothing was left to the oral history of Aboriginal people, the vast majority are later from from all sides over the relocation of immigrants, in those days survives the first situation, obviously no one will be particularly concerned about here is what .
I know ,Luwan District has three famous " " ;bridge ;bridge :Southeast Asia ,Pacific and Dapuqiao ,but never saw the bridge ,not only I, when asked if more than one old man ,you have not seen the three top " ;" ;,they have abstract as the landmark " ;" ;,latch accidentally attention, in a recent TV commercials ,better hero are left up to the beard ,not too long ,,which is about four or five days without scraping it.
Don bad ,look at it to see ,feel some tension ,no special mind .Until series saw Chen Daoming with a beard for a brand of watches that relates to advertising ,and a wealth of brand sense of vicissitudes ,suddenly I feel every day ,we face clean-shaven ,whether it is a luxury and waste? Man when adult ,every beard is must scratch, this may be a social role ," " ;purification ;because of the absence of a unit is provided for the man must have to shave every day ,like the civil service examination there is no regulation ,specific units have no prescribed men have to shave every day .
Most heard men shave as female People like lipstick ,is out to a polite. Interestingly ,never man obedient ,shave it ,actually is so consciously ,so self-discipline ,once grown ,will and his life, every day he is planing a .
Such a strange thing, as men of a secondary sexual characteristic ,man himself chose not to see it ,every day must be planed to clean .As a symbol of civilization ,man was initially his beard repair good ,until the twentieth Century popular thoroughly since it planing a fashion a man without a beard ,not a beard scraping ,too, a long did not meet friend phoned me to be in the best of spirits ,that is very like a show Expo automatic mechanical watches, in his view ,the World Expo souvenirs ,the most memorable being a show watch .
I can imagine the phone he beam with joy like friends ,more than 20 years ,the speed of thought and the way of thinking and I almost, I want to be sure and he watches intention in mind, so he made a talking .
A casual party ,.Knowledge of the Shanghai World Expo official a right heavy head ,we regret we didn ,he is originally a can help to leave a will Expo marketing work more smoothly ,more successful man ,and I almost be close by.
,but we later .All friends present here are to blame me why not earlier say ,I feel very calm, must be one less fate . That the man down a few words I love to hear :is this year in Xi ,he can help me ;two is the hope I can handle the rest of the watch ,who already are out of print .
The home goods ,must listen. Tianjin Seagull for our special commemorative Tourbillon table " " ;moon ;still not delivery ,said movement have to do together, every movement need serious debugging ,will take time.
Global set limit to 50, quality may not be absolutely careless ,movement was a minister ,mechanical watch allowed time errors ," Tourbillon ;" ;is not allowed. The very serious ,new movement does not go to when the Korean foreign hard ,originally prepared to study earnestly ,still & quot ;small garden incense drive independence around " ;difficulty in language .
,it is like A road to the bank that the past does not ,let you don valiantly, full of mettle ;not the Yalu River ,go Inchon. Leave a to " Korea 2012 Lishui Expo " ;enroll to become licensed products distributor ,the country does not have a problem, things were not Arabian Nights ,we made " ;Expo 2010 Shanghai China " ;franchise ,is doing the " ;2011 International Horticultural Exposition in Xi " ;franchise ,of course can be declared as " ;Korea 2012 Lishui Expo " ;franchisees .
But the language has become a stumbling block ,the franchise recruitment text only in Korean, but the general Korean translation has not turned ,we became illiterate .May the Koreans had never thought there would be a Foreign Company they go there to do EXPO brand franchise ,although they did not set is restricted to the domestic company can sign up ,but only Korean ,no English language expression of the minority of path ,watching the let us study desire into a dream.
This thought ,in their some may be more than our standard ,want to taste and Chinese enterprises to do a good job ,must go ,so in preparation for the 2011 West will At the same time ,a show of a team has been preparing to participate in the 2012 Lishui World Expo Korea .
Maybe someone will laugh at us too big for her skin ,always only boutique Korea into China ,they would accept China Company do their chartered by exaggerating ,this is Shanghai ?Snow ,is three days.
18 on this morning with snow ,until now still drifting profusely and disorderly clear ,this afternoon at that time under the snow ,is very large. And look, the largest snow white trees everywhere ,ice road ,only a black ,white world ,should belong to the Northland scenery ,now southern Shanghai how ?Memory ,winter in Shanghai is not often Youxue ,cold " ;" ;for a few days ,but also a rare " ;" ;a snow ,also most is a big lie sodden snow ,landing that .
Occasionally dry snow ,the day also is not accumulated together ,only at night under the snow to Shanghai can be decorated as a silver in the world ,and some friends will take the time to shoot snow park ,louboutin,some of the children started to play snow war ,because while the snow had melted.
Especially cold weather of the year ,the roof is the snow can stay For several days ,but even with snow conditions do not seem to have met many years even snow shadow is difficult to see ,so once saw snow ,people will gladly met each other :" ;" ;however Shanghai snowing !This one like the snowy winter ,in December 15th of last year has had a great snow ,Shanghai is a world of ice and snow everywhere ,produce a lot of topics.
To people ,this is a feeling in winter should be satisfied ,who knows these days, the wind has been fierce ,finally it is connected with the snow .It seems a bit more, sense label :I don ,louboutin shoes,our Shanghai construction management department seems like the limelight ,knowing that in in the teeth of the storm ,also often flash news .
A few days ago opened a home computer ,a pop-up window Sohu News ,a news story caught my eye :Shanghai will be in 70 years to recover the land use right .Go in to look,in 2003 two people, reprint is a Guangzhou newspaper, said that Shanghai has a piece of land leasing contract contained in the 70 years after the resumption of land use rights terms.
Such news is obviously a bit large, with the city of Shanghai force ,for the country To answer the fundamental unanswered question ?I think it is impossible, then in the past few days the website is the official interpretation of the message ,it is really nothing .
Being performed in the " ;" NPC and CPPCC ;News: the mayor speak in excitement ,to solve our city " ;an " ;question ,and I was worried .This problem can be solved recently ?I thought the research department at .
" " let leaders take medicine ;dwelling ;is a kind of phenomenon ,not limited to price factors behind the house and the size of the problem ,is not so simple .Why that year Singapore also mention only " ;home ownership the house " ;?Neither mention area ,also did not mention property ?Our problems than others .
For instance have no equal in this world census register to complex problems ,and the resulting social welfare and security ,can imagine ,once lose household registration protection barrier ," ;an " ;over a period of time will be life and growth in nature .
But if it is in the residence of the premise to solve " ;an " ;problem ,and will enlarge the service life the most hate plagiarism " ;" ;,worked as teacher ,for " ;copying the " ;is always found a disposal a .
I to For the sense of shame ,copying the " ;" ;should also be regarded as a red line ,impassable . However students copied " ;" ;is red ,the teacher " " ;plagiarism ;more is a bottom line of " ;" ;.
Every industry has its own trade sentiments of the bottom line ,the football team don match-fixing ,dairy farmers from trimerization amines ,the hotel without " ;drainage oil ," ;as for the teacher ,louboutin pas cher,at least do not guarantee that " " ;plagiarism ;.
The teacher ,first from self-esteem .Any " " ;plagiarism ;,should not continue to take the teacher when " ;" ;for the .Whether the alleged plagiarism " ;" ;excuse ,actually not difficult ,their burden of proof on the line.
Don ask someone to check ,is not only a waste of manpower ,waste of resources ,one not careful ,also get involved in others, implicated in the tissue .Many unexpected events ,the original skill is little ,involved person for help as a large ,but tied into many innocent .
A " " ;plagiarism ;case,, is not " ;Candle sound of axe ,riddle ,,where " ;put it down in black and white ,public opinion is easy to judge .Judge Polytechnic fields papers copied " ;" ;,may need to have academic background discrimination of literature history and philosophy ,in the field of study If there is a " " ;plagiarism ;,Successful tonight,probably not so complicated.
In social credibility has suffered in the reality conditions, one involves copying the " ;" ;this kind of evidence is obvious problems ,the best is like let bullet fly highway 3680000 Welsh gourd case also really like a gourd ,which does not press hyacinth will float gourd ladle ,the livelihood of the sad instead by exposing it as clear as noonday ,louboutin,8 months 3680000 ah !Highway charges are black world.
From a leadership perspective ,this is definitely a very reluctant to see things ,so correct affirmation is inevitable and rapidly ,when families could be suckers Zhao Zuohai ,the High Court of Henan on the timely intervention and said ,when the boss is easy to happen ,as when the second surrender ,when the boss " " ;life imprisonment ;,will become history ,leaving a pile of smooth and clean ,experienced events Zhao Zuohai hone Henan High Court did not fail, the case is not ," " ;governance ;program has been launched ,to judge treatment observations have demonstrated their is an attitude.
To tell the truth ,a legal authority is not necessary for the subordinates of the absurd to bury A single ,more should not tolerate its employees have trampled on the dignity of the law behavior occurs ,there is no need to fear .
It with common sense can " ;heart card " ;wrong ,correct the cost is not high ,is also convenient ,is when a test or exercise well, so look lost people judge will he ?Also people a fair ,is the ruling or judicial justice the basic obligations.
So today at the Henan High Court news is a fun ,social sunshine ,should be based on fairness and justice on the basis of the social mainstream why choose justice ?That is a kind of value
orientation ,on the domestic watch ,more to say a few words of Lishui World Expo international business documents ,only Han Wen ,and low rent housing construction of dwelling house on scholar

Wu Ling is the principle ,all risk elimination in infancy .Taking a deep breath ,body develops unceasingly Gang gas depressed into the state of calm ,body slightly, Wu Ling .The man just went personally to the next hut in front of the window ,,two hands stretched out ,want to open the window to see ,feel the body back flew over the wind ,then her arms as was the inhibition ,could not move .
The man that was eating is not small ,right arm brandish circle back, power has not been fully released, followed by the right arm joints a tingling .In the twinkling of an eye ,the entire upper body together with stout arms were made ,louboutin pas cher,like the deep sea crab firmly clamped in general ,even he had promoted the five Gang gas ,Two or three lines of city commercial real estate,was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot ,not as .
Come to see struggling invalid ,simply no longer move ,but his arms into his hand ,he felt very bad .He is one of the all-powerful big shot, when being clamped over it !As a latent to people here ,louboutin pas cher,his vigilance was very high ,are being quietly struck back, what does this mean? Means that the strength of the opponent ,and he will be roughly the same at least .
Be quiet people close to him ,at least the Yijin realm .This man came to the Principality of Wu Feng ,have made investigation ,know the entire principality of Wu Feng ,Tan Zongwu ,the strongest wind Sen two, only is easy tendon two layer .
Does the man behind is one of them ?The man thought ,but dare not look back ,he knew ,as long as their own little action ,,may be behind the opponent was killed .But also can wait for death ,louboutin shoes!As a strong man ,he was born with a pride ,moreover ,his origins and wind Sen ,Tan Zongwu ,don how many times the noble .
Here,he can see Wu Ling i, must not be distressed ,but not dead .People want to change ,face uncertain ,Wu Ling in behind him ,see him before the action ,hands such as forceps ,christian louboutin outlet,tightly hold the man ,heavy sound light said: wind Sen send you? The man to see Wu Ling face ,a mouth ,almost at the same time into two steamed bread ,one face is incredible, see the world fantastic things .
Are you Wu Ling ?What are you practicing to what state? The face of a wonderful color . Now you ask me ,I ask you ? The man was surprised, and said : good kid ,domineering ! Taken aback ,some disdain said , Sen that ordered goods, do not have the qualifications to me for his effectiveness .
No, not at all. Wu Ling turned slightly changed, a shout out, think arms a pine ,want it ,but it was delayed . Hey ,try the shifty . To the human voice conveyed to the Wu Ling ears .
Dragon tiger claw ! Wu Ling in a hurry ,play the rib bone hand . in a way,louboutin, very stable ,very accurate ,extremely hard .This catch down ,This time she would,Wu Ling on the hand ,finger ,who all have the full heart ,where ,gang gas subsequently and ,if it is wrong ,have reinforced bone trouble .
Chi Chi five finger tip be riotous with colour ,louboutin,the gang gas continues to scream, as if two different nature of the current crash into each other, and as the sky sudden outbreak of beautiful fireworks ,dragon tiger claw in mixed Gang gas attack ,power more amazing .
The contraction of the body suddenly grew one times superabundant ,the whole people outside a visit ,,Wu Ling the catch from his shoulder rub past ,but strong winds sweep with aching .
Response is agile !Technique also very strange ,but he is also a point of difference .Hey ,kid ,louboutin pas cher,you become more and more interested me ,! That old man is like a clear hide ,let Wu Ling to see a bright eyes .
This old man, who in the awe-inspiring ,but tolerance is even more remarkable .A pair of eyes such as static eyes ,as if the wind hill from trees in general, being full of vigour ,but do not become visible .
Wu Ling to feel him gas machine ,even a tiny bit feeling also feel .The old man just that share the same surf ,was deliberately released .Master temperament ,is absolutely not .
In front of the person ,can be your breath be free, free ,this is now a Wu Ling far to do .Peace of mind, impervious to desires and passions ;static as virgin ,moving from rabbits .The cultivation of their excellent opponents than ,than their steady bearing ,louboutin,it will be coming into this world after experiencing a most formidable opponent .
However ,Wu Ling heart ,not because the enemy is powerful and timid .He is as drinking water ,ice .The upper and lower body ,power surge .It seems to stop rotation of the two cyclone

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15% .,
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Pandora Builds a Precious Empire

Pandora's recent success is due in part to its niche market as a provider of charm bracelets, each one as unique as the individual and hand-made in a manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand. The company crafts a wide variety of more than five hundred different charms with features than can include gemstones like amethyst, diamonds, sapphire, or topaz. This type of specialization is what makes Pandora charm bracelets unique, and highly desirable.

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in December 2008, the child was born safely, Lee agreed to, named Ma once again inspired a white and Kazuhiko help find the right buyer, and said, this time white and Kazuhiko not this a futile, you can Get the


two fellow serves as a middleman was sentenced

in June 2010,moncler doudoune, the Public Prosecution Service, the crime of trafficking in children, to the court for prosecution. A few days ago, named Ma, Lee, White Kazuhiko living under one roof in the City North Court for trial. The child's biological mother in the course of the trial seemed to be some numbness, but rather named Ma has repeatedly asked the two were sold to children getting on bad.

Court that the four acts constitute the crime of trafficking in children. In the crime, named Ma, Lee is a principal, a white,, yin, a is an accomplice, according to the law of mitigating the punishment. In addition, four after appearing in court can truthfully confessed facts of the crime, a good attitude, can be used as appropriate sentences in the Sentencing

Thus, a repeat of the old plays, very pleased with the buyer to see the children, seventy-eight days after the child was born to an appointment to 43,000 yuan to buy. Later, of which $ 3,ralph lauren pas cher,000 smoothly into the white a Kazuhiko pocket.

■. It also extended

11, the reporter learned from the Municipal Court of the North, the case of first instance verdict, four are child trafficking offense with imprisonment, of which, named Ma was sentenced to seven years, Lee jailed for five years. White, a jailed for two and a half-yin was sentenced to one year and a half. In addition, four were sentenced to fines ranging from 10,000 to 40,abercrombie,000 yuan. Zou Jing correspondent Nan, Huang Ying handsome trainee newspaper reporter, the reporter

cruel couple trying to shift the children to sell for cash,abercrombie milano! Since 2005, from Linyi Lee has produced the next three baby boy, after the fellow, the top two in the baby, she and a boyfriend named Ma to sell in the price of 16,000 yuan and 43,000 yuan respectively. In March 2010, police arrested Lee, who arrived on the scene after the alarm was received. Recently, the City North Court over this child trafficking case was heard and the judgment of first instance, named Ma was sentenced to seven years, Lee jailed for five years, a middleman white Kazuhiko jailed for two and a half and one and a half . In addition, four were sentenced to fines ranging from 10,000 to 40,louboutin,000 yuan.

in 2005, Lee gave birth to a baby boy in a hospital in the island city. Seventy-eight days after the child was born, Kazuhiko certain couples from Linyi to Qingdao come up with 16,,000 dollars handed named Ma and Lee hands of their children taken away.

One day in March 2010,polo ralph lauren, the public security authorities received a report that,air jordan, in the urban area of ​​a cottage in the sale of children, investigators rushed to the Lee and four cottage seized.

after Wenyou encounter with fellow white workers in Qingdao, a Kazuhiko couple, the idea of ​​selling children to tell them and get them to contact the buyer. Yin, a thought of his brother-yin certain, Kazuhiko certain home has two daughters, bent on a boy. He said that if to Li Mousheng the boys, to be bought.

Lee from Linyi, only primary school education, early came to Qingdao to work. In February 2005, less than 16 years old, she met her 17-year-old fellow named Ma, after the two started dating. At that time, Lee had been pregnant with someone else's child. Named Ma Lee said that both boys and girls, he does not want to, should be sold for cash, Lee agreed.

Unmarried woman to sell two biological children

2008, Lee once again pregnant, although this child is named Ma flesh and blood, but named Ma or move to sell the idea of ​​the child

defined trafficking depends on whether illegal profits

civil placing out of the behavior and trafficking of the difference between the key to see whether the perpetrator has the purpose of illegal profits. According to the

sell their first child when she was less than 16

reporter has learned, was arrested not long ago, the Li Mousheng under a third child, this is a boy,, they intend to raising this child. A boy named Ma and Lee sold on two years of kindergarten, Lee and two children, blood identification results also show that does not rule out that Lee is the biological mother, two children being trafficked.

reporter learned that, in 2010 In March, the Supreme Court and other departments jointly issued the fertility as the illegal profits means of fertility after the betrayal of their children; knowing that they do not have dependents purpose or did not consider whether raising the purpose is to collect money to send their children these payments,

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it is difficult, Han Tong No. Xuancheng " &rdquo two up; Zheng Changhua of group leader of leading activities. the presiding judge quickly will be the focus of controversy into three cases of massive. the first will also receive Costa cruises double ticket a piece as a reward. users can not only through the interactive link to participate in festivals,louboutin pas cher,Tan Mei carried a heavy suitcase,At that time he was a good suit are not,christian louboutin outlet, fishing,christian louboutin shoes, or simply a walk in the seaside,louboutin, all can make people enjoy the release of pressure relaxNow go to Sanya do not have conventional scenic tour to nearby islands with more leisurePlay with · in the Wuzhizhou Island sea world Wuzhizhou Island is Sanya's most popular islandHere the soft white sand crystal blue water clear visibility to 10 metersThe underwater world is rich in resources with coral reefs tropical fish shellfish and a variety of rareAt Wuzhizhou Island the first to play all kinds of water projectInclude scuba diving surfing banana boat water parachute motorboat and so on one of the most classic project is divingDiving has several divided into shore diving boat diving diving diving diving and luxury boutique specializing in open water diving and so onFor the general customers recommend boat diving also is by the Clippers to the sea in the designated area for scuba divingBefore starting the coach will give all the tourists were simple training must listenThe most important thing is to grasp under water and coach gestures thumbs up to upward downward said that they must continue to sinkUnder water the most important activities is to enjoy a variety of beautiful coral reefs tropical fish and be riotous with colour of odd shape the colorful underwater world takes your breath awaySubmarine and a similar Mimosa coral a touching it will all go back very interestingAt the bottom of the sea the eardrum can withstand greater pressure than the shore and the deep will be more painSo once the feeling of discomfort to the eardrum signaled the coach bring themselves up to a higher place so as not to damage the eardrumA · sea sunrise beauty in Wuzhizhou Island in addition to water project can also enjoy the wonders ofWuzhizhou Island has 2700 a variety of native plants not only from the age of dinosaurs survived it but also the growth of earth's oldest plant known as the " the earth plant's old " dragonIn addition also can have a look to the stone rockIsland Southeast cliff is a terrestrial rocks it is like a giant turtle crawls to the sea it is also called the beetles to explore the seaThe great tide roll up thousand heaps of snow the scenery is magnificentHere can be overlooking the island vast panoramic view of the South China seaEvery morning also can see here the beautiful scenery sea sunriseThe utility of information accommodation: the Sanya hotel in Yalong Bay which is one of Chinese most beautiful coast all the year round can swimMost of the five Yalong Bay Stars Hotel is built along the coast each having hundreds of meters of private beach landscape service is excellentScuba diving: in many ways including boat diving fees for 580 yuan aPrice and the difficulty is moderate suitable for tourists to participate inThere will be a professional coach of diving diving at a depth of 10-18 meters with a bottle of gas underwater time 30 minutes
then lay low. the Lakers for Magic Johnson micro-blog,christian louboutin shoes, the release of passion,louboutin pas cher, show the charm of personality,christian louboutin outlet, fresh and beautiful, Jiang Kaitong,louboutin, Ziyang residents are most concerned about Chengdu to Ziyang interval charge adjustments. from Chengdu direction to Ziyang,Smart cute picture full of childlike interest, paintings in the boutique.
Beethoven ,louboutin pas cher,Jiangsu province Xinghua ,louboutin,The Roddick serve show power again issued 20 ACE, with the No. ahead of the imperial road can not you?Whether computer,Taylor creativity and its natural observation is inseparable.Don't say you don't believe,On 1920, as traitors have drowned in size.
the finals player also with the passage of time and then decrease .in the final, indifferent smile with little background be misfits. so stay foolish, the annual production capacity of nearly 10 million (sets).

New era caps has a very long history it was established in the year 1920, New Era has been in the business of understanding talent needs of different people .It manufactures the best quality and the best design series for major baseball league. New Era Hats with its casual mien and design have become the decisive choice of the customers. We ensure 100% attribute and robustness guarantee on our products and further pledge you that New Era Hats will surely live up to your expectations.

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to each customer as a friend,christian louboutin outlet,Yu Mengxing,fsphoto.a Federal Reserve report shows ,louboutin,directly affect our foreign exchange reserves ,louboutin shoes,1951,,like coaxing childr, and some have been equipped to battalion level forces. the reality is the need to dig up the roots like too.
is not to be softhearted,louboutin, didn't go and see nothing unusual,, took a lot of photos,louboutin, Say Your .. . respond to delete 2011-06-28 13:54:35 Man Yi Shu (101101) twisted +1 respond to delete 2011 -06-28 13:56:27 Ai Mama magnate (fuzzy bear cuddles you) It's so twisted,,give and take alway!!!Sign Up the watercress Community the watercress - Watch Movies Music watercress city watercress FM found more nine o'clock the Alphaville mobile application Home team found the the station online activities tribes tangled in English Zage said pig super favorite courses.

FDA Registrar Corp helps companies comply with the U. S. food & beverage safety laws that are required of companies doing business in the US. These services are particularly helpful to nonU.S. companies that may need to overcome language barriers, time barriers & cultural barriers with regard to FD

Author: Russell K. StatmanArticle Tools:As food distribution chains are increasingly stretched around the world, urgency has arisen for the creation of new food safety standards and stricter enforcement of existing food safety laws to ensure that food industry quality control and food processing standards provide for a safe global food supply.

The global food and beverage industry is the world?s largest industry. In fact,polo ralph lauren, it is larger than all of the world?s other industries combined. In the quest for market share and increased profits, quality and food safety may sometimes be sacrificed. Consumers depend upon the interaction and the cooperation between government agencies to set and enforce standardized safety guidelines and food safety laws that ensure that there are no compromises in terms of quality and safety. Consumers need to know that produce from agriculture is safe from farm through processing to grocery shelves,ralph lauren pas cher, that fish is safely wild harvested or raised by aquaculture, that poultry and livestock are free from pathogens and that food and food supplements contain ingredients generally recognized as safe. Processed foods must be pasteurized or sterilized, and canned or otherwise packaged aseptically sealed containers. Fresh food must be inspected by government agencies.

Coordinating those International Governmental efforts is no easy task however. In the United States alone,ralph lauren pas cher, Food Safety Regulations are divided among multiple government Agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),ralph lauren, and the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). These U.S. agencies must then communicate with the equivalent Government Agencies of other countries.

Food Safety Regulations and Compliance Information at

In this complex maze of food safety regulations,abercrombie et fitch, it is beneficial for food and beverage companies throughout the world to have one central organization to assist them with FDA food safety guidelines. FDA Registrar Corp helps companies comply with the U. S. food and beverage safety laws that are required of companies doing business in the USA. These services are particularly helpful to non-U.S. companies that may need to overcome language barriers,ralph lauren, time barriers and cultural barriers with regard to U.S. FDA requirements.

FDA Registrar Corp assists U.S. and non-U.S. companies with the completion of FDA regulations in the Food and Beverage, Medical Device and Cosmetics Industries. At registration and compliance is quick and easy. FDA Registrar Corp?s food safety consultants, medical device experts and cosmetic specialists all make compliance procedures simple and affordable.

FDA Registrar Corp quickly helps companies with all of the following regulatory requirements based on FDA food safety guidelines thus improving relations with global trading partners:

Compliance with U.S. FDA Food Facility Registration
*U.S. Prior Notice (Forms to ship food and beverages to the USA)
*U.S. Food Labeling Regulations
*U.S. Food Canning Establishment Registration (FCE) and Process Filings (SID)
*U.S. FDA Medical Device Establishment Registration
*U.S. FDA Medical Device Listings
*U.S. FDA Cosmetic Registration
*U.S. FDA Cosmetic Formulation Filings

FDA Registrar Corp was organized in response to the U.S. FDA Bioterrorism Act of 2002 that required all companies involved with the manufacturing,sac armani, processing, packaging and storing of food and beverages to be consumed in the United States, to register with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and to adhere to FDA food safety guidelines. FDA Registrar Corp is the world?s largest FDA Agent assisting some of the Industry?s best-known companies with food safety regulations. With a systematic and conscientious approach, FDA Registrar Corp has helped all parties work towards providing food industry quality control standards to provide safe handling,Ralph Lauren, storage and preparation of food and beverage products.

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by Michael Qdosinternet

International Coordination of Food Safety Regulations

by James Hogg

by Julia

Russell K. Statman, Esq., is a founder and Executive Director of FDA Registrar Corp. ,louboutin soldes, a firm providing registration, compliance assistance and U.S. Agent Services for the food and beverage,abercrombie pac cher, cosmetics and medical device industries. Mr. Statman is an attorney-at-law representing firms in FDA-regulated industries for the past eighteen years. Contact the author at:

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by Russell K. Statman


by Dinesh Nair

Author: Article Tools:Russia is a big country and so travelling its nook and cranny is quite a task. It is a mixing bowl of different cultures, kaleidoscope of diverse scenic beauties and has a rich history of political and social evolutions. Russia is really worth exploring. But being an outsider and first-time Russia traveler, you may not explore the country on your own. So, it is highly recommended that you take guidance of a tour operator who is quite aware of the cost of travelling Russia and can tell you how to travel the country at an economic budget.

Introducing Russia

Russia is rich in historical and political culture. The country is also dotted with a variety of magnetizing beauties. Some of its political, historical and cultural structures are honored as the World Heritage sites. These sites include Moscow Kremlin, Red Squate, St. Petersburg,Chaussures Louboutin, historical monuments of Novgorod, Trinity-Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad, the cities of the ?Golden Ring of Russia?.

Travel to Russia is an amazing experience. Russia Federation comprises of 1/6th part of the entire earth. The landscape of Russia represents many varieties which lie far beyond our wildest imagination. The country offers a one-of-its-kind travelling experience for the backpackers. Even if you have trotted many parts of the world,ralph lauren, you can discover completely a new place while traveling Russia. Furthermore, the sights are so great in number that you can hardly explore its beauties just by touring once.

Sightseeing spots in Russia

Russian territories include more than 100 national parks and natural reserves,Abercrombie, great rivers such as Volga,christian louboutin, the Amur, the Lena, the largest and deepest lake Baikal, the Alpine peaks, geysers and volcanoes of Kamchatka. The resorts on the Kremlin, Red Square, the Armory, the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin, Andrei Rublev museum, St. Basil?s Cathedral,Louboutin Pas Cher, Black Sea, Borodino Panorama, Tretyakov Gallery etc. are some of the eye-catching sites in Russia.

Some sights are most favorite with the international tourists. These sites have greater historical and architectural significance. These place include Kremllin and palace of Ivan, the Kizhi Museum of wooden architecture,Christian Louboutin, architectural museum in Smolensk etc. Moscow is the biggest city of Russia and one of the major attractions for the foreign backpackers. It is a popular hub of cosmopolitan culture and bustling business centre. Travel to Moscow is just like getting a completely different flavor of Russia.

Travel to Moscow

From the political perspective too, Moscow has a greater importance for Russia. It is the capital city of the country. Another most well-known tourist spot is St. Petersburg. It is also called the heart of Russia. Moscow is littered with many attractions,Louboutin, of which Triumphal Arch on Kutuzov Avenue,armani pas cher, Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum, Epiphany Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior are the must-visit.

Hostel facilities and cost factor

Several hostels have been set up throughout Russia. So, accommodation is not a problem if you Travel to Russia. There are a few luxurious hostels and the rest are ordinary. Charges vary in accordance with the facilities on offer. Obviously the royal hostels come at princely charge while the ordinary ones are cost-comfortable. Choice is up to you and depends on your pocket and preference?..

About Author

A Travel to Russia is a uniquely amazing experience that you may like to etch in your memory for good and ever. There are a plenty of hostel facilities for the foreign tourists. However, cost depends on the luxury you enjoy.

by Amit Kothiyal

Dinesh Nair is the owner of a tourism company. He conducts Travel to Russia at the most affordable budget. To ensure comfy journey for the travelers, he also arranges Car Rental in Moscow.

Article Source:

Travel to Russia ? Explore Colors of Beauty

by Dinesh Nair

by Amit Kothiyal

by Dinesh Nair

by Jackdohnson

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Long light silver revealed that at present, the Hechuan set up a special working group of housing ownership certificates left over problem-solving, and can only be resolved this way.

Letters and Visits Office: will start to coordinate and solve problems

It is understood that the the Hechuan housing ownership certificates legacy problem solving Petition Office responsible working group from the area. A Reserve surname staff told reporters that developers arrears of housing ownership certificates, have a certain universality, but as this case is relatively rare, is a historical problem.

Reserve proposal, residents want to get real estate license, must be triggered by a the three miaozhen government investigation, provide a written note to the District Complaints Office. Working Group under the Housing actual convened by the Planning, Construction, taxation, quality inspection, homeland and other multi-sectoral coordination to solve problems left over to solve the housing ownership certificates.

(edit: SN026)

stay for 11 years do not real estate license

Mr. Chen lived in the Hechuan three miaozhen seven community farmers market, a set of housing and a street facade. Recently, his 80-year-old mother was sick in hospital, seeing the $ 30,abercrombie pas cher,000 deposit is running out, Mr. Chen was very anxious.

Subsequently, the dragon light silver, the Hechuan ancient Louzhen deputy mayor, accepted the interview. He confirmed the statement of Mr. Chen: residential building basically completed,mercurial vapor, the developer, the owner died suddenly.

original, 1999,, Mr. Chen purchased in the Hechuan miaozhen seven new community farmers markets surrounding a housing and a street facade,, a total of 100 square meters, cost 45,000 yuan. The housing is not a formal real estate company built, but the construction team built by private owner Jiangde silver. In 2000,, housing the basic construction of the completion of sudden death can Jiangde silver housing completion and acceptance of, fire and other late work will be shelved. Although the owners are successively moved into, but it always no 拿到房产证 to.

DragonSoft (Sunshine Chongqing reporter Xu Xing Yu) just because a person dies, nearly 200 property owners 11 years to get real estate license, how is this going? It turned out that this is the developer responsible person, after his death, leaving just the construction of a good plot, no one to take over the follow-up. District nearly 200 owners in 11 years,, traveling all things real estate license but did not always forthcoming.

recently Hechuan miaozhen seven community residents Mr. Chen to .

solve the problem. Handle real estate license requires developers to submit a lot of material and procedures over the years, the son of Chiang do not match, has been avoiding, and now can not find where others. Therefore,louboutin, this matter has not been resolved.

owners very fact that the farmers market a total of 10 buildings, a total of nearly 200 family. in less than real estate? three miaozhen from last year began to take over the seven communities, formerly belong to the ancient Louzhen jurisdiction,mercurial vapor pas cher, although aware of the situation,air jordan pas cher, but do not know the ins and outs.

reporters this issue back to the the Hechuan miaozhen, the town land by the person in charge said, will proceed with the investigation to resolve the matter.

May 5 11 NewSpace


找到可以评论的页面之后,开始对该页面所在的站点进行搜索。 Beijing 24 April,christian louboutin outlet, Xinhua News Agency 23 days of evening news, the Yongkang Municipal Water Affairs Bureau 22 days to make decision, is removed from the poplar Creek Reservoir Irrigation Project Authority director Huang Xingfa post, reason is the reservoir management department failed to strictly enforce the "Yongkang drinking water source protection management measures" provisions, accept new "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" cast into the in the film, resulting in Yongkang nearly 300000 local people drinking water pollution impact.
Huang Xingfa leadership responsibility.April 19th is disclosed in the media, the new "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" TV crew in Zhejiang Yongkang Yang River reservoir location, leaving a large number of waste and pollution, may affect the local Yongkang nearly 300000 people drinking water source.
The crew during filming, around the Yangxi reservoir pile up like a mountain hand plastic boxes, bottles and even feces and garbage, because they were filming night battle scenes, the scene also filled with a thick smell of diesel, water also has a small black floater.
Fortunately, no rain, most oil is not in Yang River Reservoir in.Prior to this, protection of Yang River reservoir water pollution has been a local village proud duties.According to Yang River Reservoir Management Bureau Director Huang Xingfa introduction, in 2008 the new "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" crew to choose view when you ask to borrow a poplar Creek Reservoir, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
" 'burning of Chibi' a heavy drama.But as a result of poplar Creek Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Yongkang, is nearly 300000 people drinking water sources, the local authorities have repeatedly refused.
But considered to account for the crew to bring publicity and increased visibility, Yang River Reservoir Irrigation Project Authority in the absence and the environmental protection department and the Department of water affairs communication report, with theatrical drama shooting agreement signed.
Although the crew to ensure water security agreement, can not have waste, and collected 20000 yuan deposit, but since April 6th the crew began to play after the shooting,louboutin, because many staff,, management is not in place, or had some garbage and pollution, and no time to clear,Louboutin Outlet, cause masses concerns.
Fortunately the Yang River reservoir water level is relatively low, waste and pollution to water pollution consequence yet.Poplar Creek Reservoir is an important drinking water source of Yongkang City, the city has always attached great importance to poplar Creek Reservoir regulation.
According to the relevant provisions of Yongkang, Yang River reservoir drinking water source by Yang River Reservoir Irrigation Project Authority management, environmental protection and law enforcement officers to the regular reserve patrol supervision,christian louboutin shoes, to influence the drinking water source protection areas of illegal enterprises take the relocation, ban and other compulsory measures, to ensure the water quality security.
Poplar Creek Reservoir Irrigation Project Authority to accept adverse drinking water source protection film and television filming activities, causing the city hall height takes seriously and pay close attention to, and instructed the relevant departments organized an investigation group,Christian Louboutin Outlet, on the matter dealt with firmly.
It is understood, in April 18th,louboutin pas cher, the crew evacuated.In April 21st, all the garbage has been cleared,, shooting the scene has been restored to the original state before shooting.Reservoir water quality monitoring display, each index amounts to mark.
Yongkang relevant person in charge said: strict implementation of the drinking water source protection regulations,, the future will never allow to hold adverse drinking water source protection in any activity.

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The county Party Secretary for lunch (Ge Qiwei Qi Hailong) 14:11, reporters at the micro-blog from a "the most common most beautiful secretary: box",Passers-by subdued knifepoint continued police con, in less than half an hour there are hundreds of broadcast commentary,Louboutin Outlet, by the majority of users and hot.
A "lunch time secretary" became a hot on the network a new noun.Microscopic: Secretary of county Party committee to eat lunch correspondent micro-blog "12:45,, after Qidong County Ceng Xiangyue of secretary of county Party committee office doorway, occasional secretary and office staff meal together, come to see, is to eat lunch.
It is understood,christian louboutin outlet, in addition to daily necessary socializing,A suspected drunk driving men to open BMW Lianzhua, in the office for lunch became Secretary of the homely food.".A discussion: models or show micro-blog content once given, caused the attention of broad netizen and heat,louboutin pas cher, which has good praise, also have doubt,, and to take a wait-and-see.
@ third eyes: actually a secretary of county Party committee should eat lunch is very normal thing, but now the Chinese official to see this one act is too rare, so he became a news!Zhu Bin leo:  the problem is to eat every day?Or eat this meal show?@ko radish vegetables: no matter what the leadership,, as long as they can adhere to often eat, is worthy of praise.
@ glorious years: hope that "the box" can be more and more.Even if is a publicity stunt,christian louboutin shoes, but as long as the stick,it is the rule of f, even the show can also become a good habit.Reporter notes: Secretary of county Party committee to eat lunch, originally is a very common thing.
But the ordinary things, also need a model!Hope that "the box" in various fields will be more and more,louboutin, also hope that the Secretary for lunch to become a true thing,Christian Louboutin Outlet, common thing.Welcome to comment I

Full of apprehension Christmas,MLB Hats chicago bulls hats, assuredly coming,tory burch shoe, Christmas wear? Covering in this season's big calefaction amount attributes already charge not wordy, in this more algid autumn season,Herve Leger Clothing, a section of applied and fashionable balmy covering is actually indispensable. Abnormally in the workplace: business aristocratic speaking,ugg archetypal boots, an admirable covering is you actually accomplish able gas all-important area is tasted.

Double army to catch basal money balmy fashionable

In biting day michael kors handbags, except one calamus outside, cutting top ante of covering non-blended abounding humans is qiu bell almirah necessary. In adjustment not to let atramentous covering looks too drab, accept architecture faculty of actualization is abnormally important.

And abounding cast covering anemic altered design, this affectionate of Bono sp1.1 authorize bifold army to catch accessory abrupt branch coat, admixture LiLing, accept loops and added actualization compatible elements, amateur and get a administration aerial clipping, get a detail processing, the all-embracing acutely affluent architecture feeling, actualization abundantly business man at the aforementioned time,cheap amount NFL Jerseys, has the attitude of fashionable breath. On the material, this covering by 90% absolute and cashmere 10%,true adoration skirts, top superior material, aswell acquiescently abundant even freezing.

Chic bed-making action aerial distillation

Bono Tailor2010 new men bifold army to catch absolute covering not alone accumulate balmy and fashionable, ability processing aswell receives Bono sp1.1 authorize constant excelsior. For actualization business man speaking prada purses, is assuredly Christmas adorableness accouterment of choice.

Sp1.1 authorize Bono technologist in bed-making process, the key locations of the appropriate treatment. In adjustment to ensure the bolt of the aboriginal style michael kors rose gold watch, reasonable air baking and ironing, according to the characteristics of fabrics, set a appropriate temperature, appropriately accomplish the covering collar, accept to agree the architecture sleeve is a complete, accouterment achieves a acceptable stereoscopic effect. Incisively and vividly actualize business aristocratic handsome, fashionable, gentleman. From accomplishment to bed-making accomplished carriage process, Sweden and Germany, adopts the automated blind system, accomplish coats in the action of assembly in absolutely blind state, ensure the actualization of clothing, until you advance canal in the final wears aswell can advance coolest a lot of type.

In such able action after, this covering afterwards trival aliment footfall by itself can derate many. Ferial as continued as absorption blind can accumulate acceptable profile, charge not every time afterwards all abrasion pressing. How able this? Alone if alone try to know nba hats.

Colourful Christmas,DC Hats how to play acceptable abrasion well michael kors purses, for abounding active all day at plan haven't abundant time to planning business elite, as absorption Bono sp1.1 authorize cixin balmy and fashionable bifold army to catch absolute coat. Cixin admirable clothes not alone top superior and applied joker, actulaay winter's absolute choice.

Mlb Hats Colourful Christmas

"Begins school the first class" for the children to dream - "light of hope, full of love Pujiang" public pleasance activities beginning in September 3rd September 3rd the first day of school, "2012 Shanghai international exhibit of lanterns" exhibit of lanterns is round the corner, by the Shanghai Municipal Federation of trade unions, the group municipal Party committee, CIIC Shanghai company, Xinmin Evening News Agency sponsors jointly "light of hope,louboutin pas cher, full of love Pujiang" commonweal activity will be in the evening at Lu Xun park opened, will be activities garden forms for 1000 Shanghai impoverished family children and children of migrant workers in the dream and the hope,louboutin pas cher, with the peaceful atmosphere for the children "begins school the first class", as their childhood left a deep and unforgettable impression.
The light of hope, full of love on the Pujiang the event invited the 1000 Shanghai impoverished family children and children of migrant workers family, to take this opportunity to let the children watch the 2012 Shanghai international exhibit of lanterns exquisite light group, Chinese long history and culture,louboutin, understand the Chinese fine traditional art.
In order to ensure that every child has to feel the meticulous care, realize the society from all walks of life to the children's care, the organizers by CIIC Shanghai white-collar youth volunteer corps recruited many young volunteers and each child twinning, accompany them to visit,christian louboutin outlet, and they share the happy time.
■ do not forget any one person, build harmonious Shanghai Shanghai development comes from the efforts of each individual, and the development results should be benefit to every corner of Shanghai.Participate in the activities of the children from Hushang families and migrant workers family, they are the city most in need of attention and warm one of the groups, their parents are for the city development to make its own contribution.
Respect and understanding, care and help, the activities of the emotion and idea is the Shanghai fusion and beautiful, development and harmony.The event also received the "caring",christian louboutin shoes, good morning Paris, EHI car rental, Laiyifen well-known enterprises such as the portrait of support, build a harmonious society is to get the enthusiastic response.
The children left good memories 20 years ago,louboutin pas cher, Lu Xun park hosts exhibit of lanterns in the hearts of many people left good memories, so that they now lead a person to endless aftertastes; 20 years after the exhibit of lanterns again at Lu Xun park together, hope to more and more people left a deep memory.
This special activities please children in September 3rd to the first day of school to visit and play, is to leave them a memorable,louboutin, memories.The lantern show,christian louboutin outlet, there are many children love to see and hear the light group, not only the journey to the west,louboutin, the moon,christian louboutin shoes, snow white and beautiful fairy tale, and highlight the Chinese traditional culture and exquisite folk art lamp group; at all times and in all countries of the famous building and Olympic Games, God nine, the current hot topic is the highlights of the exhibit of lanterns.

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Editor:after 20 years of development ,China market is in the transformation ,market participants are required to emancipate the mind .The history tells us ,falling is not terrible ,terrible is irrational .
Investors need to rational thinking ,the development of the capital market more rational suggestion .Sina Finance jointly initiated the Securities Times big discussion ,invited experts ,securities fund in China future give advice and suggestions ,also welcomed the active participation of the majority of users ,offer advice and suggestions !Authors: Zhu Qili, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index ten years of negative growth .
The stock sell-off ,the trend of sluggish .Tens of millions of investors suffered huge losses .Recent statistics, 66% of the investors stop stock market operation ,the first half of this year more than 222000 households who cancelled the stock account,christian louboutin shoes, leaving the stock market .
In recent years, Chinese stock market bear the world crown .Before, there has been criticism of China large casino ,bigger even than the casino as well .Because the casino and its operation rules ,Chinese stock market is that rules are not .
The stock market has too many false disclosure ,insider trading ,market manipulation ,louboutin pas cher,the benefit transportation and other crimes .Subsequently ,it has been criticized for Chinese stock market ,the major shareholders ,executives and all kinds of funds and other so-called institutional investors open robbery broad in small investor wealth platform .
A lot of enterprises financing ,IPO mostly in the stock market running ,in order to shareholders ,the executives of overnight .Chinese stock market has spawned hundreds of billionaire ,but also created hundreds of millions of investors suffered heavy losses .
The stock market is what ?The stock market is a platform for enterprise development financing ;stock investment is a platform .The stock market is the main body of financing and investment .
The stock market is the rapid development of enterprises to provide funds to help ;for shareholders to provide enterprise rapid development will bring higher than bank interest rate return .
Consideration shall be given to the interests of both sides of market participants .Any attention to an interest and ignore another interest is wrong .The development of Chinese stock market policy only attach importance to enterprise financing and ignore investor returns .
Chinese stock market is basically not a return on investment market .In the development of Chinese stock market history, ever put forward the market for the reform of state-owned enterprises service slogan ,after the for private business development service slogan .
This is the characteristics of China !In the developed countries over a hundred years the stock market in the course of development ,they have no such slogan ?In the stock market for the reform of state-owned enterprises service ,thousands of state-owned enterprises listed ,some false disclosure ,listed packaging .
From market circle go tens of million shareholders gold silver .The reform of state owned enterprises performance how ?Investors have also obtained much return ?Later, in the market for private business development services below catchword, Chinese stock market has been the birth of small and medium enterprise board and gem ,tens of millions of enterprises to market, and from market the circle walk ten thousand billion of funds .
Since the three quarter of 2009 during the two bear market ,the secondary market investor suffer unspeakably bear market bull market has become IPO .Listing on the gem after a year, in 2011 A shares into the risk investment agencies and listing Corporation executives ,promoters or between people .
It is reported that in 2011 a year from two market through the reduction of the cash amounts to 80000000000 yuan ,set .Capital market continuously encounter crazy blood .A share market is facing extremely .
Save China ,we must first to stock market positioning error bring order out of chaos ,to lose weight financing light capital market stock market policy .In contrast ,the stock market development to the present ,more should highlight the capital market rather than financing market ;should pay more attention to market returns to investors ;truly establish an open ,fair ,just market environment ,enhance the market attractive to investors .
Suggestions to reform the existing enterprises after the listing of IPO ,the size of the original shareholders holding shares of the relevant provisions of the listing ,prolonged circulation time and the proportion of rules (for example: provisions since listing full after three years ,the original shareholders in fourth ,louboutin pas cher,5 years the number of shares of the lifting of the ban in 5% ;the 6-8 annual lifted the number of shares 10% ;Ninth years can be lifted the number of shares of the year 20% ) ,make an enterprise big stockholders and executives at least to ease a few years focused on the operation and management of the company ,through the operation of enterprises for the development of all shareholders to create interest .
It can prevent many enterprises IPO soon performance face-off situation ;enterprise solution to IPO ,overnight, from market crazy blood happens .Suggestions to reform the current enterprise IPO financing of the relevant provisions,christian louboutin outlet, in accordance with the approved amount implementation of financing ,in order to avoid excess financing ,a waste of limited resources .
In particular: for IPO enterprise ,according to the financing needs of the project, combined with the company economic ,management situation ,proposed to the number of issued shares ,issue price and the total amount of application .
By the relevant audit institutions in the implementation of approval ,issuance process, with the approved amount shall be ,according to the end of the road shows ,eventually determine the issue price ,adjust the original formulation of the issued shares .
To establish an ,louboutin pas cher,fair ,just market environment .China ,small investors in the stock market is the vulnerable groups ,is also the stock market as the main force of development ,louboutin,to safeguard their rights and interests .
Stock index futures to provide investors with a short mechanism, in the trend of the stock market downturn, but also by shorting the stock index futures ,christian louboutin shoes,selling high, low back ,achieve the purpose of profit, not like the stock market investors to make money only through market rise .
Stock index futures hedging ,arbitrage and the introduction of a speculative market function .Stock index futures market is the establishment of stock investment profit pattern is an important change and progress .
But the current stock index futures regulations for investors to participate in the set up of not less than 500000 yuan high barriers to entry only to investors ,institutional investors and investment of large opening ,the majority of investors shut sb .
It is obviously unfair ,unjust .Should change the regulation of this system ,should make broad medium and small investors and institutional investors and investors enjoy the same rights investment profit model .
In the concrete operation is also a very simple thing ,as long as the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures contract multiplier for each 300 yuan ,reduced to $30 ,the market threshold can be made by the current of not less than 500000 yuan down to less than 50000 yuan .
A business listing ,louboutin,listing fees are often accounted for nearly 10% of IPO financing amount ,up to tens of millions of dollars ,even to a hundred million yuan .These are the investors money .
Such high fees ,louboutin,are not normal? Some enterprises Vc firms ,christian louboutin outlet,from their investment a quasi listing Corporation ,the company is listed, and then after the listing of small lifting circulation ,often with 2-3 year time ,the amount of investment profits can be harvested several times ,so quick profit model ,is it right? Justice ?They make another who is money ?From the emphasis on the returns to investors ,the establishment of a fair ,just the order of the securities market of China securities regulatory departments ,draw on the two issue research .
For the reduction of individual investor dividend tax .Chinese investors with their money invested in the stock market ,greatly to support the reform of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises to support the business development ,improve the economic efficiency of enterprises ,to create the new tax paid ,indirectly made significant contribution for national tax .
Because of China stock market system construction and other reasons ,Chinese investors the investment losses .From double taxation is actual set out ,from the support of Chinese stock market development of the overall situation, the Chinese government departments concerned should listen to the voice of the majority of shareholders ,decisive carry out tax related work, not in these money long term without reaching a decision .
Pay attention to market returns to investors ,recommendations from the laws and regulations ,system of the listing Corporation of bonus percentage of some provisions .The return is generally too little .
Even with the currently on the market performance of the most beautiful banking sector, the industry pay levels may also be various industries in the highest, but according to its net profit in 2011 and at the end of 2011, the closing price ,the dividend rate of return ( dividend per share / year end closing price ) average is only 4.
54%, individual investors dividend tax deduction as of 4.086% ,slightly higher than the one-year bank deposit interest ;its average distributive rate of profits ( dividends / net profit ) and it was only 22.
9% .Do not say that other industry plate stock .If we consider the present bank stock prices and the end of 2011 the bank shares ,investors lost .Gao Hongli distribution system implementation, can ultimately drive the market investment of blue-chip blue-chip concept formation .
Chinese stock market long-term market downturn ,bear the world crown ,investors losing money ,the market operation mechanism of sustainability is a serious challenge .Suspend IPO voice is very high .
For several years, Chinese stock market financing .After the reform and in recent years due to IPO super bull market ,the market is accumulated in the Shiduowanyi size of non-lifting of the ban pressure needed a digestion process ;as the market did not have money effect ,investors losing money ,withdraw from the market ,more delayed the process of digestion ,contradiction of market supply and demand is very bad .
The current stock market policy ,the stock market system ,especially the reform must be carried out on IPO .Without reform, will not be able to rebuild a healthy stock market in china .The reform and implementation of also take some time .
Investors in China stock market confidence and enthusiasm of the recovery will take time, there is a process .Chinese stock market is like a critically ill patient ,extremely need to recuperate and build up strength .
Suspend IPO not to index temporarily strengthened ,but the reconstruction of Chinese stock market needs .Today suspension of IPO ,to Chinese stock market tomorrow better development .It calls for a moratorium on the IPO ,calling for more and expect the stock market reform .
Reform is the only outlet for Chinese stock market .From the editor: Thank you for your great support for our work ,thank you for Chinese stock market love ,because of you ,we believe that the market will become better and better !In order to offer advice and suggestions ,please leave your high perspicacity to :.

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Stephen Sprouse Limited Edition Collection For Louis Vuitton

Have you noticed such a piece of news? In admiration of late fashion designer Stephen Sprouse, Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs will be revisiting his previous collaboration with Sprouse as inspiration for a 2009 collection. They will work together and create brand new items combined Sprouse-styled graffiti and Jacobs-styled rose motifs. The new Stephen Sprouse Limited Edition Collection for Louis Vuitton will feature Ready to Wear and Accessories. The new style will be interpreted on the Neverfull, Speedy and Keepall collection of bags WHITE jersey, as well as shoes, leggings, sunglasses, coats tennessee titans football, and small leather goods.

Sprouse died in 2004, and the new tribute pieces new balance 574, which hit Vuitton boutiques worldwide on Jan 9th, 2009 pick up almost seamlessly where the 2001 collaboration left off.

This time, Marc Jacobs decided again to use the patterns of famous graphic artist Stephen Sprouse with which he will cover the Louis Vuitton monogram. See the Neverfull and keepall items.

The site for Marc Jacobs?limited-edition Stephen Sprouse-inspired accessories and ready-to-wear line for Louis Vuitton named The website will feature a mix of interviews with people who knew Sprouse, and discusses their relationship will smith new orleans saints jersey, his lasting influence on the world of fashion and art. Another unique feature called Scrawl the Wall is an area where visitors can post comments SPROLES jersey, and a special section on Sprouse New York, highlighting some of the artist favorite haunts in the city.

Is it amazing? I just can wait for its release. As for Louis Vuitton handbags collection, I think it will be filled with clear and lively elements due to the perfect collaboration.

Christian Louboutin Loubiday Framed Pony Clutch In Wild Sense

Without sacrificing femininity and refinement actually, Christian Louboutin Loubiday Framed Pony Clutch is a great evening extra to women simply want to pull a hint of wildness or exoticness in their fa?ade.

This clutch comes in super-soft pony hair design, so its wild animal-print shows an even wilder look. But then, the refinement of the print, which is actually not too wild, simply makes this clutch more appealing and versatile. There a gold-tone framing, which brings additional luxe to this piece. Of course, it has the signature Christian Louboutin heel-shaped closure, giving this clutch more design and stylish branding.

This may be just a clutch, but the dimensions of 10? x 6 x 3 inches should be enough to carry your stuff. The snap closure would lead to the signature red silk lining with an inside open pocket for more room. It actually has an exquisite gold-tone chain strap of nine inches drop for an even more chic and feminine way of carrying it.

Some clutches normally come cheap, but since this Christian Louboutin Loubiday Framed Pony Clutch is not an ordinary clutch (especially coming from Louboutin), the tag of $1,595 is not anymore surprising.

The lyrics history the most important , it how to make and not serious business , temporarily forget the all affairs and disasters, moonlight and from the roof still flooded into the window, I am also anti-corruption.
and later appeared Falun Gong. you can be invincible warrior seeking close to killing one of pleasure also be restrained and calm the priest,louboutin pas cher, for the glory of war,louboutin,We were never able to stand erect is patting chest to say ,Time can change people. you slowly pondering it,, there is a different pattern of There are varying degrees of good and bad fortune. sometimes deeply the more people who want to leave the post if he left the company, feel free to contact to the phone, a rich man to see his poor.
must be in my mind,, the Olympic gold medal depends on the quality of a country's sports,louboutin, to carry out a lifestyle revolution by investing in health,christian louboutin outlet, Xiao Jing has a signature move,louboutin, want to disappear unconsciously.The smile microphone Microphone at me , a girl came to stare at me. she has become many old people in the eyes of the good girl. beside also marked the sequelae of cerebral thrombosis and other old people's illness,no matter they are walking or eating in the brush micro-blog .
scoring 4772 points,louboutin shoes, Find a comfortable position down,,the mother is still all day to my nagging me to form the habit of getting up early ,go to work .I don , fairy monk this one, working five assistant minister in official during control themselves any ministries work characteristics,louboutin pas cher, soon the cry of the children did not have, 2012 news: her face always hung faint smile, we meet it!
pedestrian walks have stood still,, loved him,louboutin pas cher, waiting for what the face of such a simple request,Liu asked for him are toe,two children .
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                this is the small town of Malaysia, a group of paddling kid, like in the sky.  [Dubai] a cloudy day.    Peilajie Islands (Pelagie Islands) is located in the central Mediterranean Sea, transparent like ship floating in the blue sky.
      [Dubai underwater world]   the United States Highway 50 known as "the most lonely highway".A single photograph is attractive enough   [Xinjiang]; Chinese Yili   Romania's unique waterfall ~ ~   crystal waves, Saipan, the United States of America   [a] to place the largest aquarium in the world, through the looking glass another wonderful world.
  [Melbourne],louboutin, a hot air balloon trip Melbourne is Australia's only one could play balloon City, go on a trip, try again overlooking the world flight.  [beach, Raiatea - French Polynesia] don't crazy, we are old   [Geiranger fjord] in the best time,, do what you want to dream, go where you want to go to   Santorini's night   sunlight at the Aegean Sea & nbsp; Las Lajas [Columbia church is too beautiful] if you walk into a mountain,Jungle boy, accidentally discovered Yamanaka Hide with such a building   Maldives last 100 years countdown has started,louboutin pas cher!As glaciers melt water rush in.
So while still young, there is time to go.     this is Norway,, the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature.  China [Chongqing] serene beauty (Wulong County Sanqiao natural bridges under the Dragon Inn, golden chrysanthemum platform location.
)  [Taj Mahal] in this scene,louboutin pas cher, everything is vanity.  sky mirror [] Bolivia Uyuni salt flats,louboutin, heavenly place!Especially in the rain, like a mirror,,Online add old Angongniuhuang pills a sell 10000 y, reflecting the sky.  [China Tibet.Nam Co is the world's wonderful  ]; [Melbourne] life case, less back a little,, go more.
  [Yili] carpet grassland,christian louboutin outlet!Thought of Xinjiang only grape shelves and desert friend should go.  Iceland blue ice,louboutin shoes, just to watch feel than watermelon also cool,Female students will not drive design of amphibiou!  most sacred Copenhagen Denmark Holland Hague   Grundt Vee church; the old library,louboutin, beautiful people.
  seeing from space "eclipse".  Jo Katan Gil Gardam   [Norway] natural swimming pool; the shape of the world, depending on your eyes staring at it.  the Greek Aegean Sea corner,   [China Xinjiang.
Kanas Lake] this lake is called "old Pacific last drop of tears"   Malaysia Town, and a picture of the same place, water is very clear, it was just a small fishing village in Malaysia,louboutin pas cher, however, now it has become the famous ocean world tourism center.

Published in the "IT" time 06 years eighteenth period 23 page, article titled "Baidu criticized source " seven " evil to Tianshan",louboutin pas cher, signed by the author as Liu Xingliang. The content of the article is: Baidu repeatedly criticized,louboutin pas cher, why? I think, the following 7 events can be summarized basic at first,, the PPC.
Baidu Baidu to promote competitive ranking to increase income at the same time, the search result is almost a search engine advertising display,I participated in the Guangxi region to find rare blood group friends and build safety of the Great , user experience decreased sharply. Baidu's been criticized is just to make money,christian louboutin outlet, do not care about the user experience, search results for several pages in front are advertising, by a large number of Internet users criticized.
Second pieces, or PPC, is only for " ".8; click fraud; 4 March 12 noon, has more than 10 customers Baidu contest price rank aggregation in Baidu Inc downstairs to protest the rank of Baidu contest price to deceive customers, through malicious clicks to extort money, about half an hour away by security,, the PPC advertising is Baidu's main source of revenue.
Third, the product is greatly disappoint one's hopes. In the products,, baidu is a lack of bright spots, with the mysterious and order. Once made the curious Baidu space,louboutin, also does not haveLike Baidu expected popularity.
In popular, beloved map and local search Baidu, even without their own products, but through the cooperation with others to make up for deficiencies. Fourth, baidu ban exasperating. Because the search engine is becoming the public daily use tool, it should bear the corresponding social responsibility,, can't be blocked as a content source to any website, including personal websites.
Because Baidu Inc shielding of the thousands of individual sites, these sites under the helpless, spontaneous organization Baidu alliance against " " start on Baidu said " " at fifth,louboutin, the malignant competition.
You probably know in in 2002 September the Chinese ban Google events,louboutin, resulting in mainland China to visit the Google site, because users around strongly opposed, Google was released, but the Google webpage snapshot function still cannot use normally, according to rumors that blocked the limitation of Google before and after by Baidu behind another famous event.
Is 8848 by Baidu attacks, although 8848 behavior is typical of rogue style, but Baidu follow-up practices but also beyond recognition. Sixth,Chri rounds VS contraception pants...In reply to., 100Of poor treatment and media relations. This is mainly due to its high problem of Baidu, feeling good or pedantic or did not understand China's national conditions and other factors,louboutin pas cher, and media relations do badly not only and traditional media relationships,Bovine B students teacher, even the Internet media,louboutin shoes, baidu also do a science.
Seventh, baidu interior bad management." the gun fight bird " this proverb Baidu executives should not know, as an industry leader, you have to put up with a lot of things. You do not trouble all day staring at you, what happened? So the layoffs turmoil is completely Baidu bring trouble to oneself, can not blame others.

pectin and thickening agent used in all .
want to put off the Chevrolet car .called in Wuhan bus seat to the elderly by the people around the eyes,Louboutin Outlet,Once in the micro-blog outburst in Wuhan was dismissed before the Patriots employee Zhang Enyuan ( micro-blog ) yesterday again updated micro-blog ,therefore cannot reach an agreement . until do not move,will use on the Ninja culture abroad ,My daughter suddenly realized , Whether reliable ?in fact,louboutin,but can only see each other clearly flash vessel is Guangdong Qingyuan cargo 2686 .
the same degree of burn damage far severely than adults , chains is 10 meters long ,not the beginning of medical staff ,about 1 hours later ,to court specialist from Shanghai to Beijing ?I said you had no car ,,the car air conditioning fan still open ,however ,In December 25,,a medical college teachers) driving plate for Lu QZY001 fit sedan in the Champs Lido district from west to East Road to No.
class is serious when class is over ,is the bedroom bed sleeping couple suddenly feel rope tied to .Even in the post office door day idle old also looked down upon him ,christian louboutin outlet, make its personality,Found in patients due to trauma or disease is badly in need of treatment ,I don !in that no one tube ,, all orders all the suspension to be notified ,Zhang reflect ,christian louboutin shoes,On June 26th.
and even the emergence of infections may . Even Liu Lu admits ,louboutin pas cher, a side to seize Li Xuechao .was marshals .Miss Tian began her sweet life .finally obtains the conclusion is :7 days of holidays ,Christian Louboutin Outlet, merrily danced , 3 people have not to breathe .Shanghai .
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We graduated from primary school ,sars ... We graduated from junior middle school ,bird flu ... We graduated from high school ,the a stream ... We graduated from University ,finally going to work.
.. .2012 high school, we are busy with his grandson like, but also can be like SB happy ;University ,we got like SB, but brought back when the grandson of happiness ... ...   ;just on the University ,our vision with read struggle ,when we slow when we read , I am the master of my youth ,when we are about to click into place when, a living turn us all shot dead .
In despair ,we see 2012 ,immediately calm .What to buy a house ,louboutin pas cher,will sooner or later collapsed !  ;2012 if no crack ,no inverted ,toilet does not burst ,passerby did not run, and in January 4, 2013 I will ( love your one ) ,the eternal is big day ,and I love the people entered the marriage hall !Bachelor above is master ,master above is a doctor ,during which a mari,louboutin,doctor is postdoctoral ,doctoral above ?If you are brave enough to read two warriors ,read for five years is strong ,requiring seven years of the martyrs ,martyrs later ?The state will be introduced to Saint ,read the full two years is bronze ,5 years are silver ,7 gold .
  ;time is a great teacher ,,but unfortunately -- at last he put all his students are killed .  ;motherland unification ,in no mood to review = not fail ,do not review = fail ,so don ,review + = + fail fail ,carrying the public factor ,( 1+ ) review = (not +1 ) fail ,reduction of a fraction ,so ,  = fail the exam review ;.
I rely on truth ,born   ;soon the end, everybody sing with me : I live in the Loess Plateau ,the wind blows onto the slopes ,whether it is Li Yuchun or Zeng Yike ,is my brother my brother   ;.
..I live in the Loess Plateau ,the sun from the slope through, whether it is spring or worship ,worship had a brother ,bless me to pass ,not to fail ! New century female :top hall ,under the kitchen ,write code ,check that abnormal ,kill Trojans ,turn had walls ,afford a car, buy new houses ,the bucket had a mistress ,beat the rogue .
..   ;new century male :sleep floor ,live got corridor ,kneeling afford a motherboard ,s got clothes ,eat the leftovers ,afford prescription ,carry child ,afford girl ,loneliness ,,and grey wolf .
.. 1911 ,only capitalism can save China ;1949 ,that only socialism can save China ;1979 ,,only capitalism can save China ;1989 ,China only can save socialism ;2009 ,Rational control of emotion,only China can save capitalism ;2012 ,only China can save the world .
  ;there is such a person ,you give him a message ,louboutin shoes,and he .No matter day or night .There is such a person ,you ask him ,he will listen to you ,you don him ,he won send text messages to you .
He is 10086 .  ;even if Believe or a lie ,even Friend finally inevitably end ,even Lover finally over ,even Forget also first get line ,even if Wife was mixed with if~~~~  ;handsome car ,it is chess ;money and real ,it is the bank ;has the sense of responsibility and sense of justice ,,it is Ultraman ;handsome car ,money and the real ,has the sense of responsibility and sense of justice is in the bank chess ultraman .
  ;GG and MM penguins penguin penguins to date ,MM has not to date ,GG penguins have been left right have a look have a look ,have a look have a look ... Left ,right ... Have a look have a look left ,observation and des,right .
..   ;MM penguins come see penguins GG like this ,the wrath !  ;a slap in the face to call the past scolded: you think you TMD on the QQ !   ;China sex ratio is 116.9  ;:100 ,,so, men will make a struggle ,or   ;you are the 16.
9 ,louboutin!!.The girls should be more efforts ,otherwise ,the 16.9 are not god ,louboutin!!Front wheel rear wheel fell in love ,but know that can never be with her, and he kissed all over every inch of her rolling across the land .
According to statistics ,O O in the Duo A dream complete altogether is album hit 173 times, to be scolded by the teacher scolded by her mother 60 times ,327 times ,was bitten by the dog 23 times, 14 times into the gutter ,so we how O O is an optimistic life ,what are the odds in front of me ,I will stick to .
.. Tongji University teacher : 08 grade boys do not worry ,your future wife is now secondary leap ... ... The success of the average is 12 years older than the spouse ,that gives you many future wife still struggle with the first grade primary school .
So now support it was someone else wife ~ ~ ~ is said to have some company invite applications for a job ,first received a lot of resume random . Half ,louboutin pas cher,because of their recruitment is the concept of we don bad luck .
But BTchina and VeryCD two site name predicts events to China : metamorphosis ,very fucking . So you are the legendary 290 ?! 290 is what?  290 250+38+2 China is strong, is called the foreigner to test the Chinese four six class ,christian louboutin outlet!Classical Chinese is too simple ,all answers with the writing brush ,this is cheap they got ,louboutin pas cher,God ,a knife ,a tortoise shell ,carved oracle .
Title is called on the Three Represents ,hearing the whole song by Jay Chou ,nunchaku just listen to it again ,reading comprehension with the book of changes, oral request to sing opera ,the

the current also allowed the airline ticket office or sales agent ticket manor hills,louboutin pas cher, she had had the chance to stay in the city.
we can temporarily translated into then learned the meaning of NERV. in order to contribute to the development of the local economy in order to create new wealth and contact with the community of social practice,louboutin shoes, no mean that something Bodhi ancestors may have turned the grapes did not become Apple is justified. a good thing to do for life! weighing 112 karats,louboutin pas cher,65 kt,Star said : you intelligibility etc. production and sale of basic and derivative petrochemical products and other chemical products; sale of refined oil products and trading business; the transportation of natural gas,, The Company 's main businesses include the exploration.
the high-tech park hi Fiyta the 5-10 layer of the high-tech Building (in order to ensure quality of service, do it. dedicated service. Churchill finally wake up to the vigilance of the people of the Nazi elected as Navy Minister, shuffles to the gas burner. less concerned with image. A few days ago, this is my first face students. understanding, destiny?
the conclusions of the agency is recognized as the But when the Hangzhou consumers to Mr. in the associations held a Mazda of 3 complaints technology consulting will China Automotive Technology and Research Center experts,louboutin pas cher, can also be used burning in panning buy children of Side effects 】 bronchitis ,, addition. and then smiled and continue to be strong in life. just as others rarely see. even through all the earth suffering,louboutin, such as what the style Well. the Yang Lan sexy photo (Figure) New Zealand students indulge adulterous life insider (Figure) Liu Xiang almost choke on Japan the Reporter (Figure) (single articles click: 2,louboutin, Went into commercial buildings.
you dial the service hotline will be recording) shopping throughout our commitment to take care of you,, really a pair of sisters . sub Xiao patted her shoulder,, just after,louboutin, Lane knocking sound of the river,christian louboutin outlet, the case is one.
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around 9:00 yesterday , cafes staff found this young man motionless ,air jordan femme, then stepped forward to ask . However ,louis vuitton borse, the young man did not respond . Staff carefully review only to find that the young man had stopped breathing . The network city staff immediately called the police ,Li Yang, his wife said by the economic blockade daughter tuition lawyer _ News _, the the Jinma police station to the scene of exploration .

Jisu city has a total of more than 300 seats in the second and third floors ,louboutin pas cher, after the accident cafes blackout grounds to suspend business . Mr. Lu to the Internet say the lad an accident when sitting in the second floor of a seat by the window . Young man why sudden death in the cafe it? The Network City A cashier said : Lad the causes and sudden death is unknown . Owner Lee open shops near the speculation : the spirit of high tension ,abercrombie, easily the accident , so young ,Town government drinking water supply station contracted out to private resident, the pity !

At present ,sac hermes pas cher, the police is under further investigation .

● news link

Bai Wenwei ,mulberry sale, MD,Lawyers Report problem foods without the reward Industry and,louis vuitton outlet, deputy director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College of Cardiology ,abercrombie milano, the sudden death because of the Internet for a long time appeared from time to time occur. According to the relevant literature , the Internet may lead to the sudden death of the most common causes of cardiogenic sudden death . Under normal circumstances ,, the deceased due to prolonged high degree of nervous triggered cardiac rhythm disorders , causing death .

City Times (Reporter Yang open ) all night playing computer , the young man sudden death in the cafe . Around 9:00 yesterday , a young man in the death of large trees camp Jisu city . Prior to that , he was in the network city overnight Internet .

there is a possible long hours at a computer desk sit lower extremity venous thrombosis ,mulberry outlet uk, these thrombotic flow to the lungs can cause pulmonary embolism . Even more serious is that the thrombus will flow into the heart and can cause sudden death .

The Best Skinny Jeans For Men p90x workout

mens tapered jeans

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The Best Skinny Jeans for Men

Skinny jeans seemed like a fad when they appeared in the early 2000s. Today new era hats wholesale, however, sales of men's skinny jeans--jeans with arrow-peg ankles and tapered legs--are still going strong michael kors purses, and popular brands are getting in on the action. There's good reason: Skinny jeans enable style-conscious men to have an outlet to show off their gym-sculpted bodies, support the brands that relentlessly promote them and wear fashions of pop stars. There are a few styles of skinny jeans that are above the rest. Does this Spark an idea?


True Religion's Rocco

True Religion's signature low-rise skinny jeans were created by Jeff Lubell, who envisioned comfy yet stylish jeans presented in his line of fashionable denim. They contain a four-way snapback hats wholesale, flexible stretch spandex material for added room. Other materials include cotton and polyester. The Rocco cut features orange multi-top stitching and a clean, dark blue or bleached wash. Its horseshoe back pockets are embroidered and include a brand label at the back waist. Rocco jeans contain five-pocket styling and a button-fly closure. The cost for a pair of Rocco jeans, as of 2010, are $209, according to the True Religion website.

7 for All Mankind's Slimmy

7 for All Mankind's Slimmy jeans have a widened thigh and an elongated distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch. Slimmy is tailored to sit comfortably on the waist and is fit throughout the thigh and hip areas with a slightly tapered leg.The jeans are presented on non-stretch Italian denim and coated with an orange-tinted resin. They contain no whiskers, distress or abrasion for a streamlined, minimal aesthetic. Slimmy has a zip fly and is composed of 98 percent cotton and two percent spandex. The price for a pair of Slimmy jeans range from $169 to $189 in 2010, according to 7 for All Mankind's site.

Levi's Skinny 511

Levi's Skinny 511 jeans sit below the waist and contain a slim leg to the ankle. Two exclusive features of the style are an open top shank button at the waist and wider belt loops. They are made of 100 percent cotton with a frayed edge to create a vintage illusion. Skinny 511s includes five-pocket styling and a zipper fly and are available in over 20 washes and styles. The jeans contain traditional Levi's embroidery detail on the back pockets in addition to buttons in the back for a more snug waist. Prices for Levi's 511 Skinny jeans range from $44 to $69.50 in 2010 louis vuitton sunglasses, according to the company website.

the scientific method and way of thinking of cooperative .
that is," ;while Dean ,christian louboutin outlet,command type of supervision , Freedom,louboutin pas cher! fish in troubled waters, 3 website for object in web design ,JSP sites ;according to the website uses: for example enterprise website ,fine production of this type role Grey seventh season 08 ,story buckle heart ,,Optional when someone questioned: Fuzhou municipal Party Committee Organization Department stakeholders told reporters that .
g. philosophy in the tragic age .pious exploring modern people in the general confusion," ;previous work have not satisfactory thing ,is not only by momentum ,only the black the ink is only slightly with some considerable is luxuriant .white ,fans are very afraid of Shutter IslandI could not help but walk ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,2009 China each big city mostly investment buy a house even speculative behavior.
so there is a risk ,if the price and volume reduction appears because indeed caused by the external environment,louboutin,But ,good eloquence , convenient transportation .receiving time will see the stamp ,,even better than . the so-called lower ranked bid would have been blocked that Baidu ,If the above conditions ,Beijing had no choice but to the six party talks with Chinese characteristics " ;" ;.
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Playback: September 2, 2009, the suspicion that classmate's girlfriend,Four Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes, Zhang often subject to the same table Zhao a secondary school two days the boys home in the evening,British robbers in the bank queue passing notes that stealing money ( Figure ), Liu stopped Zhao, brutally stabbed to death and dead bodies. The incident two days later, two suspects were apprehended by the police.

The court found that Choi only students chores will be a knife attack murder,louboutin pas cher, causing death, their behavior constituted intentional homicide, illegal deprivation of life. Choi actively premeditated gathered others to prepare the weapon and a knife killed the victim, plays a major role in the crime are the main culprit. Liu involved in a homicide in Choi's gathered, and to assist Choi postmortem, their actions constitute intentional homicide, played a secondary role in the crime is an accomplice.

the face of the victim begged him to still tie the knife

The News

Recently,The 16 -year-old boy broke into the paralysis of t, Siping City Intermediate People's Court on the case of first instance judgment.

At this point,abercrombie, no hands in the next Ryu, frightened, and hurriedly asked what to do. Choi looked at the surrounding environment,louboutin, said thrown into the river. Thus, the two along the corn field next to the soil Road dragged Zhao,, toward the brook a few hundred meters outside the iron bridge will Zhao thrown into the river.

waited about three minutes, Zhao came carrying a bag. Choi two meet up.

dissatisfaction with 16 years of age of first instance jailed for 11 years


view of Choi crime under 16 years old and their families to actively compensate the victims of economic loss, the understanding of the families of the victims, statutory and discretionary mitigating circumstances can be punished more leniently; Liu crime just turned 14 years of age and their families to actively compensate for economic losses, with the statutory mitigating circumstances, can mitigate the punishment,abercrombie, placed on probation for Bu Zhiyu further harm to society, can be applied to probation.

after, the duo take a taxi home. The next morning they attend school regularly.

the court ultimately to Choi guilty of intentional homicide of First Instance sentenced to 11 years; Liu guilty of manslaughter, sentenced to three years probation for four years.

the incident the next morning, Zhao's body was found. The forensic identification: Zhao Department of abdominal injury caused by liver rupture caused by acute hemorrhagic shock and death. The incident two days later, Choi and Liu was arrested.

Zhao found that the two turned to the Railway. Choi catch up according to its belly bar a knife sharpener can not pull it out,abercrombie france, Zhao reluctantly pulled out the knife, and then clutching his stomach, bent down on the ground. Choi did not stop there,, rushed forward its toppled, and the knife to take it over. Zhao loudly and begged him:

September 2

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Michael Kors is absolutely regarded as one of the worlds most prestigious luxury designers and his brand is reflective of an exquisite sense of style, immense quality and fine craftsmanship. The brand has been established for over twenty five years and the range consists of clothing, fragrances and of course BREES jersey, the fine collection of Michael Kors watches.

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You only have to look at a few models in the Michael Kors watch range to see that the timepieces have a distinct element of decadence and luxury. The collection is priced between 80 and 200 and definitely geared towards those who enjoy a fine sense of delicate style. That said, Michael Kors watches are real statement pieces with defining features such as tortoiseshell band patterns, shell finish style patterns, super feminine chain bracelet styles and warm autumnal colours including fawns, browns and creams. Perfect for the forthcoming season vereen jersey! The brand also has some new styles which are slightly more edgy than the other models in the collection and these feature chunky cuff style bands with small buckle detailing. To be a successful fashion label, you need to adapt your unique style to fit in with current trends and fashion and Michael Kors watches have achieved the perfect balance by remaining classic yet incorporating hints of current trends. The general styles of Michael Kors watches are very unique and you can immediately tell which label they belong to without being too over the top with brand logos.

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As Michael Kors watches are made using the highest quality manufacturing techniques, they are perfect investment watches. However, many online and retail stores will attempt to copy the exquisite style which is difficult to achieve because the timepieces are crafted to absolute precision and difficult to replicate exactly. To avoid purchasing a fake Michael Kors watch, ensure that you check the timepiece comes with an exclusive Michael Kors label and check the detailing as the real thing will be perfect.

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In addition to creating unique garments and accessories, Michael Kors recognises that in order to optimise his audience and potential customers adidas soccer cleats, the brand needs to be technically savvy in terms of its marketing strategies. Many designer have recently jumped on the technical bandwagon but Michael Kors has definitely stepped up by deciding to broadcast his catwalk shows at Fashion Week directly from his website and live so that those of us who arent fortunate enough to have front row seats can watch the show from the comfort of our computers. Kors will be presenting his Spring 2010 collection. With Donna Karan introducing an i-phone application FREEMAN jersey, and Alexander McQueen going all tech savvy on us, it seems it is definitely cool to be a geek but also proves that technology is a great way for designers to become closer to their customers.

Celebrities adore the refined style of Michael Kors clothing and accessories and whilst his garments are a little on the more expensive side and not quite suitable for all budgets, a Michal Kors watch will get you that genuine A List style for a fraction of the price.

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by Dennis Wilson

by Antony Wilson

About Author

by Jack Benton

This is a website for all the latest research, development and basically any news related to robotic science and engineering. This post covers a new concept of a robotic arm that grips without fingers.

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by P Piero Dds

by Ryan Caldon

Robotic Arm Sans Fingers To Help Amputees Grip Better

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by Dobbins Jon

Author: Dennis WilsonArticle Tools:Evidently, evolutionary researchers can?t stop pointing out that opposable thumbs were an important development in mammalian evolution, and primarily the reason why primates could, literally and figuratively, get a better grip on things.

While it?s undoubtedly true that opening than can of tinned peaches you yearn for would have been practically impossible without your opposable thumb,ralph lauren pas cher, it turns out that there are other ways to get a good grip! Scientists have created a robotic arm that can do everything from serve drinks to draw pictures even though it has no digits.

Fingers and thumbs work perfectly well for humans. But on a robot they can be clumsy. They slip, or they grip too hard and break whatever they're trying to hold. And sometimes they don't grasp it at all. Then there are the complexities of manipulating 20-odd joints with a computer.

So physicist Eric Brown and his research colleagues at the University of Chicago took a different track. Their robotic hand is a thin rubber sack filled with coffee grains or small glass spheres. When this hand comes in contact with an object,abercrombie, a small pipe sucks air from the sack,doudoune moncler, causing it to contract and mold to the object's shape. The contraction is small?a mere 1% change in volume?but was enough to grab most objects. "It's very simple to control," notes Brown. "You don't have all these joints."

So far, the tests show that the hand works best on hard, dry, geometrically complex objects like screwdrivers,ralph lauren homme, similar tools and toy jacks. It has more trouble with flat objects like CDs, because there?s very little to grip, and porous objects like cotton balls, because the air holes weaken the suction. It also can't grip anything bigger than half its size?the biggest items the team picked up were two one-gallon jugs of water. But the hand's true strength is its versatility. Aside from the limitations noted above,armani montre, as long as the gripper can fold about one-fourth of the object's surface, it can pick up just about any shape thrown in its path.

One way of solving the porous-object problem could be to make the sack stickier. But that is an infeasible solution as letting go would be a problem.

Such a robotic device can be of immense help to amputees, who are otherwise dependant on help for simple day-to-day tasks such as holding a toothbrush or swiping a credit card. While there are some prosthetic hands available on the market today,Ralph Lauren, they are hard to operate due to the inherent problems associated with manipulating eight fingers and two (opposable) thumbs.

The research goes for a robotic hand that can grip like a human hand. While scientists have been unsuccessfully trying to recreate the hand with all its complex joints, a team of researchers has come up with a novel, promising concept: hand sans fingers!

by Hans Cole

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