Stand and Deliver For No Doubt

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no doubt

No Doubt have a brand new song. Well, brand new in that Gewn Stefani and company have released a cover of Adam and the Ants "Stand and Deliver" from 1981. It's OK, I like the original much better since it was totally 80's instead of just trying to sound totally 80's. If you've never heard the original, then you'll probably love No Doubt's version. It's catchy either way.


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One volunteer is a handful of earth ,but the meaning of our existence ,not be submerged ,but with numerous the soil together, the achievements of a mountain ,a mountain ,a mountain .The mountain ,can change the wind direction ,can determine the water flow rate.
This wind, is the social atmosphere ,this water ,is the process of civilization . Mm volunteers ,are you ready. Youfenglaiyi ,auspicious clouds wind around, light the passion ,share the dream.
There are a few days ,the Olympic torch will be auspicious hopes for peace to the earth . I will be compared with those of the Olympic champion ,model worker ,technology experts ,outstanding entrepreneurs advanced representative and celebrities from all walks of life ,and more unknown to the public ,selfless dedication of the ordinary workers together,coach outlet, hand held auspicious clouds torch ,embark on a journey of harmony .
This is a lucky dream story ,as a his own glory of cognition and experience ,diligently ,keep on carving .Her Olympic I was born in the Olympic year .On the day I was born . China Youth Daily published the article ,then income junior middle school Chinese textbook of win universal praise in the chapter farewell ,zero ! .
With this love, I love sports .Sports Band Gave me the sports passion and positive force, often see the athletes from various countries tenacious struggle ,both success and failure ,both laughter and tears ,always can not help heart surging .
Beijing time on July 13, 2001 22, belongs to the Chinese hundred year Olympic Games ,once dreams . From then on ,I make a wish: I would silently try to become a glorious Olympic volunteers .
Experience ,life can be so full .Dream need to go through a difficult process ,need courage ,wisdom ,perseverance in the test. There is dream island ferry ,is the process of chasing the dream realization process.
I carefully prepared, is waiting patiently with the opportunity of.2006 year in April ,by the Beijing Volunteer Association recommend ,I finally realized my dream to become the 2006 Beijing Olympic Games volunteer ,BOCOG recruited the first early volunteer .
I still remember that April 10th day ,I first entered the Beijing Olympic building ,can not conceal his joy .Although have many times pass by this City has become Beijing landmark building ,but really into here ,see the current 55 early volunteers equally excited look and smile ,I feel happy Happy ,also feel responsibility is major.
One day a week in January, in the house, I had the most unforgettable life more than 200 days. Review these days when volunteers bit by bit, I be filled with a thousand regrets .I deeply appreciate the Olympic volunteers are not only a glorious title ,we must deeply which can understand its connotation .
Small streams, no rivers ;step ,not a thousand miles . Long-term volunteer experience need dribs and drabs and persevere persist ,particularly as a volunteer of the Olympic Games ,have a long way to go.
The Olympic Volunteers Spirit and attitude ,as well as external demeanor temperament and image ,are higher than in the general population .Quality standard. Silently behind, but we look forward to working with the solemn commitment to the Olympic Games .
I serve the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, Ministry of personnel training, served as a training assistant. I try to play when the generation of students professional quality and ability, work hard ,study hard, be strict in one to complete the leaders and departments to the task ,for the 2008 Beijing Olympic preparations to make modest force.
However ,contribution is not vague slogan ,need real act. The volunteer work trivial Dispersion ,which requires the work speak and act cautiously ,pay attention to detail. Remember mount guard the first day, all with curiosity and fresh.
Training work trivial but orderly ,busy but harmonious. Suddenly ,the teacher as I prepared for computer and office supplies. Through learning department regulations ,reading documents ,I begin to understand the responsibilities ,familiar with the work environment .
With my teacher to give my first job is to make the year prior to the relevant documents ,and inputted into the computer go. Years of voluntary service experience tells me ,volunteer work does not divide size ,do not have grandiose aims but puny abilities .
But hundreds of documents ,I still it is pleasure to work monotonous and boring . But when I really put the finishing end of document statistics form to the teacher ,the heart has added a heavy sense of responsibility.
BOCOG from top to bottom are very good to volunteer ,in leadership ,teacher and care, I gradually into the family, and they established a deep affection. Then ,my work content is rich and full .
Now my desk with a set of already published in the Beijing Olympic Games general training series ,including North Beijing Olympic volunteers , Beijing Olympic Games Knowledge Reader , Beijing Olympic Games the three window industry employees in the textbooks ,and has passed the expert review Beijing Olympic Games English reader ,I have participated in the first few releases proofreading and editing .
This is my entry since the first independent and responsible for the special work, at the Beijing Olympic Games Training Work Coordination Group Office leadership, conscientious ,solid do good .
Because there are several years work experience ,this work is still relatively easy to use ,into the role is relatively fast .However ,the Olympic Games general training content with considerable professional ,systematic and authoritative ,on my own knowledge structure is no small challenge.
Forget those days ,a book just out, must from the teacher hands solemnly took the thick print ,read every single word or phrase ,a change. I usually takes a week to gnaw away it ,then presented a very detailed examination report to the leadership.
The working process is also a learning process ,in the face of some of the more specialized sports nouns ,some doubt his word ,some ready to accept either course .Method ,can only ask the teacher again ,the dictionary ,sac hermes,to access information online.
Especially oral English reader ,is not only the mechanical input finishing process ,more need to collect numerous branch expert teacher comments, the need to distinguish ,comparison ,to take care of.
In this work ,I imperceptibly rich the knowledge structure ,enhance the level of self .Thus ,in overtime for their hard work, in August 28, 2006, Beijing Olympic Games General Training Series Textbook Publishing Forum held in Olympic building .
When we put a pile of pile with red ribbons fastened training materials neatly in the leaders ,guests ,experts ,media before us ,we proofread and check the manuscript task is finished .
Look at this one also exudes a fragrant ink books ,like watching your child friendly . Months have finally got the results ,very relaxed ,is also very proud. Before the dribs and drabs lingers in the heart ,after the meeting, I could not help but ran to the assembly of panels and these materials film by Zhang ,because I was with the Beijing Olympics !Now ,Beijing Olympic Games general training series has been published in 13 volumes ,the contents of A rich ,generous aesthetic design ,will meet the needs of the Olympic Games ,Paralympic team and all walks of life ,all kinds of group training needs ,which also embodies the thought of their pay and labor ,coach outlet,filled with pride.
In addition to training assistant a full-time job ,I also want to be responsible for many department routine work .Assist in the preparation of training class ,English training materials ,distribution ,transmission ,copy data files and so on ,busy and orderly.
Each month BOCOG staff English self-study materials the aerial English classroom arrive ,I will send one by one department ,to more than 900 employees hands. At the same time ,I also assists in the operation of new staff induction training class ,help coordination meeting room ,slide shows ,adjustable microphone ,finishing the feedback form .
This time is my life forever memorable time. After work, you can get to know some friends ,can participate in the foreign experts training seminars ,and appoint the colleagues in exercise together ,playing, can distance feeling to the Beijing Olympic Games a day near the pulse sound.
I and other volunteers smile smiling together also be income of " ;Beijing Olympic Games ,Paralympic Games volunteers were recruited to work &q Uot ;posters ,posted in Beijing high streets and back lanes .
This time, I experienced the countdown to the Beijing Olympic Games two anniversary day ,experienced the Paralympic Game mascot Fu Niu Lele " ;" ;release ,after Beijing Olympic Games ,Paralympic Game volunteer recruitment ceremony start ,experienced the world track and field championship and World Championship in softball the success of Beijing held.
All of this, together ,strung out I serve the Olympics memories .In December 5, 2006, international volunteer day .I will serve the process some sentiment recorded ,formed volunteer Olympic no-regrets option one article, obtained by volunteers of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee of the " ;I Olympic and " ;essay contest first prize.
Unconsciously ,volunteer experience let the Olympic in my life deeply rooted .Not appoint in service at the time ,I also will be landing the BOCOG website Olympic news ,pay attention to the Olympic Games dynamic ;I regularly download games publications reading ;reading the newspaper watch TV when, on the Olympic news will be very sensitive ,because I also have one molecule ;Olympic merchandise ,Olympic Games ,Olympic Games souvenir publication HH I also began to collect ,preserve ,because of For these bears a special memory .
Volunteering I is a veteran volunteers .Olympic volunteer service experience this string of vivid life memory of the most magnificent chapter .It is " " ;volunteers ;the holy name ,lead me for 11 years ,with a calm ,peaceful and ,dull mind ,give me walking down the perseverance and strength.
On 1997, I formally become a registered volunteer ,I started the volunteer career. In October of that year, I created the eagles young pioneer team ,began to carry out community service ,environmental protection ,aid work .
After several years, I did the elderly and disabled, clean environment and other services ,counseling ,green trees in style of work ,as a large event volunteers ( the Eighth National High School Sports Games ,CUBA Fifth Chinese College Student Basketball League ) ,undertake large-scale activities volunteer services ( Renmin University of China 65 anniversary ,the 50 anniversary of Renmin University of China Faculty of Philosophy ) ,also volunteer Renmin University of China to help Oggi ( OGGI ) project group to update the site .
These volunteer work as I have accumulated a lot of service skills and valuable practical experience .Later ,I joined the Young Volunteers Association of Renmin University of China .In the national ten outstanding volunteer service group, I have the opportunity to receive professional training ,system of volunteer service ,based in the school have the opportunity at the same time continue to integrate into the community ,in the volunteer service activities in the understanding of dedication ,purification of the mind ,in the social practice of the growth of knowledge and talents.
I grew from an ordinary the UN refugee agency ( UNHCR ) project office volunteers for the growth of community volunteer service project organizers ,managers ,and later at the Renmin University of China School Youth Corps Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister of the Communist Youth League and the school authorities reported ninth young people newspaper editorial work ,and become a volunteer work and volunteer spirit of publicity person ,carry forward .
Ten years passed ,I found more and more ,only in the volunteer service ,can really make love boiling ,let the spirit of sublimation .Volunteers to break the dedication and obtain the balance, they are the dream and reality .
In the young volunteer angel eyes, volunteer experience is a participant gaining insights on life of extremely valuable in practice. The 2003 battle of beat back SARS ,I go back to my hometown, actively cooperate with the local prevention work ,and the Lord Dynamic service in Nanjing City SARS volunteers command organization of the youth volunteer team, first in the neighborhood streets in migrant population investigation services ,and later in the local center for Disease Control and prevention under the unified arrangements ,the car passenger station for measuring body temperature of import passenger .
20 day ,80 hours of effort ,I was against the non business has made its due contribution .In addition ,I also enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, make full use of spare time and holidays ,to participate in the International Fund for animal welfare ( IFAW ) ,the China Youth Development Foundation ,the loving heart club organizing various public activities in our school love in Tao Xingzhi research organization volunteer service research activities ,to Hebei countryside basic education research activities ,write a high quality research reports, won the praise of .
Two trips to the Beijing sun village children Assistance Research Center ,donor Sun Village required clothing and condolences books ,sun village children .The book donation in China Youth Development Foundation " ;hope engineering student town.
Send a book to public welfare activities ," ;Beijing middle school class Hongzhi donation in Renmin University of China science of success People will be responsible for the period, organization on campus to carry out a series of charity activities ,including at the Renmin University of China from 2006 new year charity assembly ,sixteenth national disabled day " ;true understanding, sincere love " ;large public performance for the poor students ,louboutin pas cher,fund-raising activities ,these activities active university community life ,preaching " ;respect for differences ,advocate for the inclusion of equal " ;concept, guide students to service ,dedication to society .
Leave the Olympic Organizing Committee ,I began to actively promote the Olympic Games concept ,to spread the Olympic knowledge Olympic volunteers ,display style. On network forum, I often write Olympic service experience and introductory essay ,compulsory answering students about Olympic volunteer recruitment and the Olympic volunteer service consulting related issues, to improve their participation in Olympic activities in .
2006 year in June and August as the enthusiasm of the seventh " ;the Hongkong Jockey Club Hongkong leader reward program: national education class " ;and 2006" ;Macao youth and students of national education class " ;volunteers ,I through the forum ,giving gifts and other Olympic to the motherland from Hong Kong and Macao excellent young students propaganda ,popularization of Olympic Games Olympic Games, let the Hong Kong and Macao Young students to deepen the understanding of the Olympic knowledge ,improve the sense of belonging ,more attention ,Hermes Bags Outlet,in support of the Beijing Olympics .
In addition ,I also actively participate in the Olympic Games of academic research ,use of professional expertise ,for the idea of Humanistic Olympics in the implementation and promotion to provide intellectual support and theoretical basis.
I wrote people ,the people mm ,humanities Olympic Education in Colleges and universities in the three core philosophy , people-oriented is the Olympic spirit , the core of Chinese traditional ethical thoughts in the perspective of Humanistic Olympics and other articles in the " ;mm first Youth Olympic Games second are college students creativity Festival " ;the doctoral academic forum award ,and was the income of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, Beijing Municipal Education Commission published in the forum .
Now ,I and Olympic Games soon . Because I often to Beijing Olympic official website ,choose wrong opinions ,outstanding performance in 2007 ,March ,I was awarded the Beijing Olympic official website honor the title, in the world only 2008 people can enjoy this awards.
2007 May, I was hired as a humanistic Olympic Studies Center at Renmin University of China team of lecturers ,the volunteer service special humanistic Olympic Studies Center at Renmin University of China is Should the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee ,Beijing City Hall commissioned and the formation of the " ;Beijing Humanistic Olympic Studies base " ;and we hope that through the community ,hospitals ,factories ,schools and other places preaching activity ,lifted the Olympic knowledge popularization ,Olympic spirit ,louboutin,Olympic culture spreading a new climax ,to host a " ;distinctive ,high level of " ;Olympic Games and make greater contribution to .
" ;dedication ,love ,mutual aid ,advances in " ;the volunteer spirit, will always inspire me to continue efforts ,practicing the volunteer spirit ,compose volunteer youth. Lights dream time to pull back in June 23, 2007 ,attracts worldwide attention Beijing Olympic torch bearer selection plan released Beijing Olympic torch relay will be " ;harmonious journey " ;as the theme ,with " ;passion dream " ;as the slogan ,to five continents ( country ,area) of the 21 city ,and in the domestic 31 provinces ,autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, transfer ,also will reach the highest peak in the world mm Mount Qomolangma .
Delivery time of 130 days ,the transmission total mileage of about 137000 kilometers. The Beijing Olympic torch relay in Olympic history the longest transmission line ,the most extensive transmission ,in one of the largest number of The torch relay in the history of the Olympic movement ,to write a brilliant chapter .
Then ,another Olympic dream quietly in the heart of the root was born ,I would like to become Olympic Games torch ,do the Olympic ideal carrier of information ,the transmission friendship and peace mission ,passion for Olympic game .
In 2007 October, I officially the Beijing Olympics torch relay sponsors Samsung electronic submission of torch hand entry form. Remember to prepare the application materials ,I carry off all that one has ,pick up these years volunteers do those wonderful memories from the expert review ,online voting ,to smoothly through the SamSung China headquarters defence interview ,go step by step,hermes sac, feeling fine is much .
Yeah. ,from Athens to Beijing ,cycle of four years carries a world of infinite expectation and imagination. In my more than ten years of voluntary service experience, actively participate in the Beijing Olympic Games volunteer service ,practicing the idea of Humanistic Olympics in this two years ,I wash plumbic China ,regression ideal precious time .
Beijing Olympic Games just like my university ,open my horizons ,enrich my experience ,a sound of my personality ,honed my character. Olympic footsteps gradually clear .3 month 24 days ,sacs hermes,Beijing Olympic flame will be in Greece Olympia lit ,which embarked on " ;transmission fervor ,ignite dreams " ;tour ,opened the Beijing Olympic Games .
.5 month 4 days ,the torch will be to China Sanya ,formally in China began 3 months of delivery activities. Volunteer business card for sports on .The Olympic Games of love and a social citizen should have the sense of responsibility, I will continue to use their own self-confidence and smile as a volunteer in the footnotes.
Now ,I still holds Beijing 2008 environmental volunteers ,green environmental action network ,friends of the earth ( Friends of the Earth ) ,Greenpeace and the Roots & Shoots Shanghai adolescent activity center and other domestic and foreign volunteers NGO organization registration volunteer .
Whenever I use the holiday to volunteer ,the ears will sound volunteers to join the team read volunteer oath :" ;I want to become a glorious volunteers .I promise: as far as it could ,without pay ,to help others ,social services .
The volunteer spirit ,spread advanced culture ,to build solidarity ,equality and fraternity ,and common progress better social contribution to the force ." ;this is the essence of the spirit of volunteer service ,but also attract the youth to Chi Is willing to service power which hold the torch lit .

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Regret not good paper / faint clouds we often say things, you will not regret it, because there is no regret medicine can be bought, but in fact, we often because of wrong doing, regret, but regret is not bad, at least we can learn that you regret, never recommit the same error, only know how to regret, the next will not make the same mistake.
But it should not be too long, such as when we were young as impetuous and miss love, when love is gone away, only to love keep in memory, keep the blessings to each other,Air Jordan Femme, then the next time when love comes, don't let it be prompted by a sudden impulse.
Such as Miss Shangjie buy back a lot of things, returns home to find it no use,Air Jordan Shop, only remember next time when you go out to develop their own shopping plan, can not make the crazy shopping fault. There are often heated, easy to say when, but the words are not collected come back, when the offended person, know the serious consequence, regret or too late, but regret the time to reflect on their own, then cannot follow and hair, should know for consideration.
Also because of emotions, and give up some selfVery cherish things, but to give up do not belong to you,Louboutin Pas Cher, only to regret the aftertaste that does not shed, and then learn to forget, learn to cherish, grasp each side a happiness.
When regret, we always use the decadent state of mind to look at things,Nike Air Jordan Shoes, but regret, but also to let us know something thing, when you have happiness, do not easily say give up. Always says she and husband marriage to be possessed by ghosts in general, but never regretted his choice, although the face of his stupid " ", his lazy, his words, I told myself to learn to appreciate it, such as his family, he tolerance for me,Air Jordans, his good temper, are sufficient to cover the small shortcomings.
Today on the Internet to see a word " woman's greatest achievement is his own man, loyal to oneself life, or " for men, loyalty is the greatest love,Louboutin Pas Cher, than any of the words is more practical, so when you have a true to you be a man, you should be happy, all previous romantic themes, can be left behind, no longer remember, so when you regret what they have missed some love,christian louboutin outlet, you should cherishFeelings, because if not missed, or you are experiencing greater pain.
Everyone will do something wrong, when wrong, should have the courage to face and reflect on their own, who also not dare said his life without regret, forced himself not to regret, will always go wrong, some people speak regret is weak, however,Air Jordan Pas Cher, know the man, you will know how to live in regret, only the middle school will change, just is the most wise.
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Three trends driving the convergence of fixed network voice services will be the overall decline is wireless voice service and replaced with IP, to 2009 consumption of fixed network business income will be reduced by 40%, to 2010 the voice business price than the currently dominant 2G voice service will be cheap 50%.
from the voice business can see ,from fixed to mobile transfer trend is irreversible . Distance is no longer a voice disorder ,existing calls and roaming will be cancelled. Beijing Economic Management College Professor, doctoral tutor Shu Huaying guest tiger interview Moderator: please go to the school of economics and management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications professor Shu Huaying ,mainly about the telecommunications industry and the operator transition ,the future " " ;convergence ;some of the problems, today please Shu to FAQ - Telecommunication total trend is convergence, no matter which of the two network to fusion ,for the telecommunications industry has some impact also has some opportunities ,in terms of these five years in the future ten years will produce what change ?Everybody guesses some video business will bring a lot of changes so ?Shu Huaying :as the development trend in the future ,you can Summed up in several aspects.
One is the fixed network voice services will be the overall decline of wireless voice services and IP substituted ,according to my information about several data can be as a reference for everyone .
Some information and experts predict ,to 2009 consumption of fixed network business income will be reduced in 40%.2010 years ago low cost voice not only is now fixed network and the future 3G network on the main driving force ,to 2010 the voice business price than the currently dominant 2G voice business will be cheap if 50%.
is now two gross ,future is a hair. The host : and it is the telecommunication price in terms of Moore ,to a certain time will be reduced half. Shu Huaying :second ,can be seen from the voice service ,christian louboutin outlet,from fixed to mobile transfer trend is irreversible .
From the current domestic development condition ,the mobile user has a total of more than a fixed network ,mobile network users last month reached 419000000 ,fixed network user is 350000000 mobile users over a fixed users .
This is from 2003 when emerging, this trend is still increasing .Unlimited monthly business voice price will be the development trend in the future Host : the emergence of the inflection point began to shift, so, said before the last kilometer " ;" ;barriers gradually fade away ?Shu Huaying :this problem while continue to explore .
The so-called triple play of technical problems ,the trend that there voice business as a whole ,will continue to decline, in addition to voice business wireless, by 2005 75% globally call will be initiated by movement ,04 years when only 20%.
also predicts that by 2009 35% of the fixed network user is about four million, will stop using traditional fixed-line and mobile or only by VOIP.SKYPE the technology further mature and applied ,not only to the fixed network ,on mobile is also impact ,has always been to mobile voice-based China Mobile ,the current voice revenue still occupies 85% above ,this is main profit source of the mobile operators how to face SKYPE operator is an urgent problem .
Talking voice business development at the time of the two trend is very clear ,is composed of a fixed steering mobile ,the now traditional voice business to VOIP ,SKYPE VOIP is also a Moderator :voice devalued ,the future depends on value-added services to make money.
Shu Huaying :so, future income share less ,such as SKYPE ,original to the voice as the main source of income of money to run a company will decrease, than it would be if the voice down 40%.
is 1, the next few years later only 0.4 ,still have 0.6 loss, loss by what up ?Say to wear is the problem. Third ,to 09 years all the technology ,is not only a fixed or mobile ,distance is no longer a voice disorder ,also do not divide the long regardless of the city .
There calls and roaming will be canceled, because with the whole technology and technology development of the original ,distance is a measure of the important call accounting standard ,the future will decline of standards ,unlimited monthly business voice price will be the future development trend of voice service .
Monthly system ,it is the people in the future will be able to see the trend. The host: from the whole tendency to become very very public facilities ,like water ,electricity .Shu Huaying : just before the value-added business summit forum I talked about a view, voice communications like the people on the air or water ,sun needs ,if there are price should be one A basic standard price ,should be in such a situation.
We can imagine if you want to this to make money, is impossible to achieve very high profits. We talked about the problem of transition ,operator or company ,to continue the driver to do? Must transition, this is the future the inevitable trend of development.
People no longer satisfy only a phone call ,really involved in the so-called information communication field phase ,the original network into the basic network infrastructure constructs a information network ,peer-to-peer voice communication can also be from the web and other aspects of daily life ,work ,entertainment needs various types of information ,the information can also be one-way ,Air Jordan Spizike,also be interactive .
Especially in the future, interaction is the most vitality and competitiveness .Moderator: interaction it is now with the Internet is very similar. Shu Huaying :this point of view ,the development of everything not people subjective desire I want to make it how, this is often impractical .
The objective of development to a certain stage ,you have to stop it cannot stop ,the technical conditions allow ,people also have this need, the so-called Now " " ;convergence ;is the inevitable ,is not to say that some wise men or some scholars or some leaders say that the specification of this trend ,you must take this trend to development ,but that the objective things develop to this time, any organization and any social forces to stop it and stop no, this is what we talked about today topic ,the so-called convergence, convergence is a major trend.
Who dominated convergence convergence controversial appeared in the original radio and television network video media network and the original voice network fusion who played a dominant role .
Live separation for the two network lay the foundation for future integration .Based network is used as a taxpayer to pay tax countries should enjoy the most basic social resources. One aspect is the most basic problem by the taxpayers ,the entire community to bear ,another portion of the surface looks still free stuff is included in the other charges .
This is ,we often say the wool in the sheep. Moderator: Fusion process there is one who led the problem ,we often are in competition for the main Guide right ,broadcasting ,telecommunications and the Internet you think who dominated who can operation .
It and before a digital television terrestrial transmission standard Qinghua and Shanghai Jiaotong University ,Tsinghua win last as Shu Huaying: This is an objective law, if in a specific implementation and big thing trends, not everything is going smoothly.
,is often tortuous ,or even to have a retrograde phenomenon .In the history of the development of anything that has such a phenomenon ,such examples are too numerous to mention ,but after all of Castle keep, Oe To flow to the Yangtze River to the sea .
We are the twists and turns ,in the world couldn River Oe Naonao into the ocean, which represent the general trend .But this problem ,vying for dominance as big trend process will appear a variety of bending ,which turns even delayed the rivers into the sea in the distance or time ,that is because of the policy dominant .
Now called IPTV ,and the other fusion .In general ,people said broadcasting network ,telecommunication network ,Internet ,eristic and most is not the Internet and telecommunications networks who plays the dominant right, and now the contradiction in the Where? In the broadcasting and television network or the original video media network and the original voice network fusion who plays the leading role ,even on different occasions policy level and legal policy issue ,there are a lot of national development will be as the reference.
When the United States finally allows two-way access, telecommunication can access to radio and television ,broadcasting also can enter the telecommunications in our country based on the primary stage of socialism political system and state system ,our news media first as national level industry ,often something in the concrete implementation process of certain aspects of expanding or some distortion.
We now see delectable one pace ,radio and television department major reform ,according to the central reform policy transfer and show the separation step, Zhibofenli . In other words ,the specific content of the program level by the relevant state departments of strict supervision ,but for the whole of dissemination means and other aspects to be unlocked stage by stage ,execute diversity .
This policy implementation for our future called triple play .Wherein the two network lay the foundation for the road to go ,how long it involves the state cannot be predicted .Policy ,in fact specifically also relates to the departmental interests or a group and another group of interests between the game.
The result of the game makes our policy and in the development process there will be a lot of not so good in accordance with the trend go situation. This situation is not unique to China ,a country exists .
Any country policy making are some interests balance of interests between the results ,reached a compromise .The basic level of network should be unified by the national society to burden Moderator: three change was in the existence of the cost to reduce the possibility of ,but now the mobile Internet and online Internet or the presence of a solid free charge for one issue ,the future will be down ?Shu Huaying :the problem is people place to pay close attention to the problem ,not only is the general masses of more than 100 million Internet users and 400 million more mobile user concerns ,including Sohu Internet operators and so on SP concerns, provide the most fundamental transmission facilities like the operators and various other providers ,inside this problem in two aspects .
The original Internet charging mode or Its profit pattern ,itself is free from the technology together. Free technology developed gradually ,people are accustomed to thinking and thinking habits from starting think ,Internet use is free of charge.
The mobile network is from the telecommunications network has evolved, we are used to calling to use network to occupy resources must be paid, this is the idea evolution process. Another point of view, we put aside these, whether mobile network or the Internet ,have a problem ,we are using a large number of cyber source ,the cyber source also is the transmission of cyber source and the most basic resources ,the most basic resources ,these networks by whom construction ?By whom maintenance ?Who will pay the necessary operating expenses ?This is to be placed in front of the people .
For users ,we hope to use white ,without pay .But from the operator you are free ,I in vain ?Why should I pay to maintain the network give you free .So ,only two results ,is a charity to do these things ,obviously this is not possible, so the network is not possible So.
There is a like I said many times before ,as a citizen, a taxpayer to pay tax countries should enjoy the most basic social resources. As we were in the city on the road to walk .The basis of future network is it right? As the basic infrastructure of national development to treat ,give people the most basic ,most need as we just told the voice communication communication like walking on the road to breathe air ,government responsibility is to provide me with fresh air ,can make air pollution .
The government or as a social organization leaders should provide such a spacious channel to us, it is the trend of future development .The host: public network to solve the fixed and mobile Internet access differences ,which will promote the application of business development Shu Huaying: built in such a network based on so many other applications ,it is also people need ,but not every people also need ,we should take this problem clearly.
I and moderator of the interest is different, you have to obtain information and I have to access to information is not the same ,you need a wider Bandwidth ,higher access ,maybe I don need you have this need ,you have to pay, I don to pay or less cost ,the level of demand there is something new.
Internet operators ,telecommunications network operators to provide this kind of service to users ,we are now called value-added services or new business. The future of the entire network in basic level network should be unified by the national social burden ,the other in the establishment of the network on another new business network or to provide the network to IT network ,Air Jordan Shop,this should be the future of all other operators ,operators are to do ,and done to provide give you a new service to collect fees ,the fees should be regulated by the laws of the market price case .
we can look to the future application, at this time no matter you are telecommunication networks or broadcast television network or the Internet ,because these business applications have been fused together .
All fusion at that time, but the other application level various operating companies to the operation of the business and application are not the same ,at this point we know it as the future Construction of the network control and future business operation ,the control of business are separated.
Public information can still be broadcast free to everyone ,now the Internet is also charged, mail is a charge also have no charge ,more people have more choices. The operator said to the user free ,like a plane like ,in the plane is free ,the money from your plane ticket .
One aspect is the most basic problem by the taxpayers ,the entire community to bear ,another portion of the surface looks still free stuff is included in the charges ,it is we often say the wool in the long run .
The new network : the killer application is no longer to blog must be small customer base ,in fact all blogs are in it circle formed groups . In the future network or 3G times the so-called killer business ,I would predict that business may not find now has .
A " bit paradox ;" ;problems ,the video business occupied bandwidth is very high, very low income, and we in the bandwidth is very low ,rate of very small situation, its revenue but higher hosting Man :these new applications continue to come out ,especially the one or two years we said WEB2.
0 ,from Internet to mobile ,fixed network company. You estimate this application will have what characteristic ,which trends ?Now known as the WEB2.0 ,mobile new business ,fixed network operations which will be the trend of the future ?Shu Huaying :the so-called new business there are too many things, if you want to give it a exhaustive words ,we can not exhaustive ,but we can make it to the classification and see.
Business development a few kinds ,one is usually said the communication business ,there is a class the entertainment business ,including our present network game ,music ,pictures and so on ,we can put it down to the entertainment business.
Another class ,business class business. Future trends can see is divided into such categories .Each class will have new some business ,new applications ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,meet people of various types of requirements.
Each class which in addition to basic communication outside the class, communication now have the basic voice ,instant messaging ,Email and so on ,but with the development of technology will have more to the whole .
Business understanding can be placed on the most basic human needs values perspective ,one kind is the survival needs ,and needs to be secure ,and groups, and self value are required, these different needs can turn the whole needed for business review classification .
As you mentioned, WEB2.0 this kind of business we can continue to have a look how to do marketing from the or operator ,I can say that for different customer groups, for different application is divided into two categories ,one category is personal ,and industry ,enterprise applications ,all kinds of needs and is not the same.
So formed in multiple perspectives multidimensional perspective, any application can be multidimensional space to a point, meet is multidimensional space each person different psychological needs ,different culture ,different income levels ,different age layer inferior can put this market segment .
The era of the 3G video service is the mainstream of hosts needed :now popular blog and podcast is the realization of self-worth ,to meet basic needs .Shu Huaying: blog must be small customer base ,I called it a niche ,in fact all blogs are in It is inside the circle formed groups ,is a niche clientele.
Browsing my blog I must be inside this circle ,what I say is that we pay close attention to jointly discuss the problem into the present ,business applications from usually before people said that in the future network or 3G era the so-called killer business ,I would predict that business may not find ,reason where? 3G times due to advances in technology ,provides more choices for people ,the more choices makes people demand diversity ,not like the people that just SMS SMS development this one.
Up because with Oriental habits ,especially in line with the Chinese habit ,and tasty and cheap and secret . In the future, 3G provides more bandwidth ,cheaper, and other business on a variety of all flowers bloom together.
People had been discussed .3G when asking a question ,3G up after ,killer application is what ?Who can ,either the operator or CP or SP to answer such questions .We take traditional environment ,the old technology of new technology and measure New application of time, often appear the fault .
The host: you think of wide bandwidth must be a video service become the killer application ,a lot of risk investment to video .Shu Huaying : my personal view is not necessarily ,there is now a " ;" bit paradox ;problems ,the video business occupied bandwidth is very high ,very low income, and we in the bandwidth is very low ,rate is very small, it gains more high.
We give a simple example of mobile phone ,watch TV ,now 2.5G network regardless of China Mobile and China Unicom network can support ,we see a few seconds needs about two times more buffer time ,people is unbearable .
But money also very much, because take up a lot of bandwidth ,the money is not expensive when the operator who will do this business who lose money ,collect your no .3G times whether the video service is the mainstream ,this is worth discussing .
The existing technology may have problem ,but a lot of new technology application in out ,P2P technology is improved. The host: for example with the grid computing technology ,through large-scale distributed computing is used for other regions of the computational and storage resources ,for the future Bandwidth utilization is good.
Shu Huaying :that is ,solve the server bottleneck problem, solve the bandwidth problem. Some people are P2P group ,you may accept the part, I accept the part, he accepted a part ,for respectively receiving part ,I have passed between the soon is solved ,it is very simple and grid computing or similar P2P technology itself .
But at present this case ,wireless network ,problems still exist ,unlimited bandwidth is limited. The network integration in the future foundation, is not only the service level of Internet ,telecom network ,cable TV network integration, the future a kilometer ,when technology has developed to a certain stage ,this time is the best way of access ,but not necessarily, wireless .
I in the office needs a large number of such as a video file, possibly I is through the fixed network P2P or otherwise, has entered into this place ,fixed terminals and portable the terminal may be between the Bluetooth technology ,it does not occupy the public network resources.
Future access must be wireless and fixed fusion ,solve last kilometer " ;" ;using the best Or multiple joint access mode ,and is no longer have to put the network share so clear ,as it is now for mobile phone fixed ,although in the interior is to go through the outside circle back ,future network infrastructure is public to assume the network ,access ,using a variety of means.
The host: very smart looking for the nearest point .Overseas expansion :first capital operation from capital level share,Louboutin Pas Cher, operating from local to do ,this is a better way .The six major telecom operators is a boss ,not from the main body of investment diversification to solve many problems.
It is because it brought many international and domestic telecommunication market economic law and other laws incompatible results. China Unicom returned to the Chinese A share listed ,the near future like this in China mobile telecommunication industry the most lucrative most profitable enterprises should also be back return domestic shareholders.
The host: recent domestic carriers began to expand, such as China Mobile ,see some of your point of view ,think this expansion has certain institutional risks ?Shu Huaying: for now our operators to overseas acquisitions to overseas expansion ,I think this is Chinese enterprise moves toward the sea Outside of a step ,but there are some specific issues that need to be considered .
For this problem the present academia has two kinds of views, one that China local market already very big, the first of these operators should put their local market to go out . In addition the worldwide success in other countries operating telecommunication business enterprise successful case is very few ,most are not very successful.
China Mobile has several major initiatives ,Air Jordan Femme,finally to buy not successful conclusion, including the China Netcom and other carriers in the overseas purchases ,although the purchase was a success ,but the final purchase in subsequent operations are not very ideal .
There I am of the opinion that overseas ,this step is a must ,should also do so ,with the integration of the world economy ,China all enterprises to go international .One is to put themselves into the international ,while further added to the foreign market, the long term should go this way.
But from our country current telecom industry operators for the current ,there may be some problems need to be solved can go .One is although after reform and opening up to Later, our enterprise also in overseas listing ,but always from the main body of investment is relatively single ,from the planned economy transition to the process, really in the market competition by the accumulation of management experience in various aspects have to be improved ,especially in international management and international competition management experience greatly limits our operators walk out.
Even if we successfully acquired a national carriers ,we want to operate, telecommunication service is used and the people very closely ,including the country politics ,economy ,culture ,society each respects must go into it .
If you can get it, may not operate as we can see some foreign operators attempt to enter to China telecom market, they also face the problem ,in addition to telecommunications to service industry ,is a trade in services to China industry successful case rarely causes is also here .
Service to customer ,the customer is what ?Is one of the the problem was not done good, international management experience and the other not very mature, if fully operating only in words ,but problems of foreign capital .
And foreign carriers into the Chinese way ,China Mobile had taken the way ,from capital level of equity ,operating from the local to do ,this is a better way . Gradually exercise our own team, the accumulation of our experience ,such going overseas is a relatively safe way.
At the same time in this process ,to strengthen telecom industry reform ,is no longer a single investment main body .We present a case of although there are six major telecom operators ,but is a boss ,not from the main body of investment diversification to solve many problems .
It is because it brought many of the domestic telecommunications market and international economy law and other laws contrary the result ,its reason is here. The telecommunication industry in these years is profitable host: the expert thinks ,China Mobile outward expansion should be in - ring expansion ,to speak Mandarin population more national expansion ,louboutin,so the existing experience of transplantation over the past ,to the local after localization process can shorten a lot.
Shu Huaying :This is a good suggestion ,although Southeast Asian Chinese circle ,but after nearly a hundred years even in recent two hundred years, along with the overseas Chinese and China export of labor services and gradually formed the Chinese-speaking world When, they are now second generation ,the third generation Chinese living habits and their entire thinking way and now truly authentic mainland Chinese sent far away.
Just see it has some benefits ,and completely in the western world has some benefits ,but we must see the differences between is very a large ,we must take it seriously .The host: telecommunication industry how to see the PCCW case Richard Lee out ?Shu Huaying :Richard Lee himself inherited style of Li Jiacheng Richard Lee ,Nike Air Jordan Shoes,especially good at the operation of capital market ,he was the acquisition of Hongkong Telecom and other network and later China Netcom shares and so on are from capital entering the early Li Jiacheng once in Europe acquired telecom company ,after a short period ,the acquisition came at the proper time quickly sold out ,this is from capital operation .
As Richard Lee, the acquisition of Hongkong Telecom group consists of Hongkong PCCW ,as a group .,it does not good from the industrial point of view to management ,its advantages in capital market.
So there is no way to see him high growth Long ,especially in the current telecom transformation condition ,the original profit very high enterprises gradually become small profits ,if the transition is not good will appear major crisis situations ,sell it is from capital operation angle consideration.
As an entrepreneur or as a real enterprise, any of from the operation ,for the purpose of profit point of view are no ground for blame .Moderator: CNC processing on whether some experience is not too full ?Domestic carriers is also a lack of response to the internationalization of emergent events in the experience Shu Huaying: This is a problem ,once Hongkong radio once phone interviewed me with ,is it right? The country background ?China Netcom Group acquired a 23% stake in PCCW group ,become be next to the second big shareholder ,it as a real telecom operators this is an important step toward overseas ,there is no gain profit circumstance, put the company sold to Europe from the Macquarie Group ,the group itself the benefit is that it was considered inappropriate .
Is it right? Like the legend of Hongkong have some political reasons ,I can comment ,no matter China Telecom ,China Netcom ,or ,Even China ,Unicom ,Satcom six companies are joint venture investment company, a major decision ,major investment must obtain shareholder approval, should be detailed by the country endowment appoint answer this question.
Host : for the past few years, operators and foreign joint which experience can learn from domestic Internet ?Application on the United States private capital to do, both of which can be drawn lessons from each other ?Shu Huaying :This is a big difference, the Internet at the end of the day is at an operational level of operation, at the operational level and service level of operation ,the future should be open ,the Internet from the beginning of the mission is open ,collaborative network.
As the traditional telecom operators ,until now ,it carries the national communications infrastructure ,which for any one country, foreign is not open. This network not only relates to the national infrastructure ,which involves national security issues ,we declare in no uncertain terms in it .
Point, which is the difference between the two .One is in basic level ,one is the operational level .The operational level we long for overseas open, such as manufacturing lot Early open .
But for some of the most basic relates to a beneficial to the people ,influence to the national development of the most basic questions ,open has to have a sequence ,or even the last of our WTO accession commitments, we should still keep on basic telecommunications in 51% ,and it also refers to the operation layer ,and does not include network construction.
This is both between different areas. At the same time after reforming and opening ,the six major telecom operators in four major carriers to the overseas market ,from the country endowment appoint ,national development and Reform Commission to consider ,hope these carriers to the overseas market ,the capital market docking to train our enterprises in the future economy how to deal with the capital market development ,which we also pay much price.
The telecommunication industry in these years is profitable, but although the acquisition of overseas listing after some capital, but a large number of domestic users to provide revenue and profits among the overseas ,the domestic investor or a domestic users did not enjoy as a listing Corporation to bring the benefits of recent bank in the domestic market, it listed in overseas to return home after the listing ," " ;return ;mean ,Bank of China President talked to us Profit profitable returns to domestic users .
China Unicom returned to the Chinese A share listed ,the near future as China mobile telecommunication industry the most lucrative in the most profitable enterprises should also be back return of domestic shareholders.
The overseas capital market supervision to now operator internal management has very big promotion ,we have a more personal feelings these years ,we have been to several major carriers to do a lot of soft science research ,feel the overseas shareholders on four carriers of itself in the business ,investment ,management constraints ,but this restriction is quite large .
Such as the original in initial stage of reforming and opening and middle of telecommunication development time ,each place the investment in the fixed assets especially investment in real estate investment is very large, rich levy ,rich development.
Now is not the same, these shareholders every year to review your investment plan ,especially your plan for investment in fixed assets is not necessary ,there is no one pace reachs the designated position.
As we arrived shortly before Hainan Hainan mobile ,mobile office building is now the 16 layer ,the original plan is a 26 layer ,intermediate was later Hong Kong listed companies to restrict, cannot cover ,according to the current operating condition is not Need to cover so high.
At that time, save a lot of money .In this study, the Hainan Mobile said that business development met ,now development is not satisfied ,we need a new computer room and office building ,in 16 on the basis of continued upward continued cover or buy a new place ?It has become a new problem.
But later for overseas listing of domestic telecom operators management has greatly improved ,especially in the investment ,operation ,efficiency can be improved greatly. Pay fees to the degree they do not need to pay.
Tired 3G contend for any technique are in the market driven applications mature ,not in the lab there are mature ,early to market early mature, late to the market of late mature ...

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The day before yesterday atten thirty ,in the city of Nanjing District of Jianye Mount Lu street, a boy of about 10 the size of chained to trees ,constant crying ,there is empty .After Jianye police rushed to his rescue ,down ,Hermes Bags Outlet,I found a small boy wearing new clothes ,have body bruises ,head and mouth have some abnormalities ,walk imbalance ,initially suspected the boy is ill being abandoned .
Considering the little boy personal safety ,Hermes Handbags,the police had delivered him to Nanjing city social welfare homes for children .The little boy was tied to a tree ,but the day before yesterday at around ten thirty ,the family lives in Nanjing Sunshine City Zhang felt the home ,took lovers walking down the stairs .
Hum ... ... Hum ... ... When they came to the Mount Lu Road ,and constantly hear the child crying ,coach,sac hermes,busy follow the sound of the past, it was found a small boy was with red rope tied to a tree .
He was wearing a new blue short-sleeved ,floral jeans ,barefoot .Look about 10 years old, 1.2 meters tall ,sacs hermes,slim, had a small head ,head ,Hermes Outlet,arm have many scars ,did not speak . Mr Zhang thinks the boy naughty parents learned ,then to see the situation ,coach bags outlet, what is your name ?Is it right? Not obedient was tied up in here ,your mother and father ? However ,the little boy did not react ,louboutin,continue down crying, occasionally pulling leaves play .
Zhang sees this case ,along the perimeter to find the little boy of the family ,the results found in a radius of 500 meters is no one .Mr. Zhang this worry,Hermes Birkin Bags, reported to the police immediately .
Walk quickly fall, also do not speak very fast, sand station Zhu officers led security personnel rushed to the scene to investigate .We found that ,the red rope is 1.5 meters long ,is bound in the boy waist ,while the other end is tied on the roadside roadside trees .
The little boy can round the trees turn around ,can walk away ,his face has a plurality of scars ,arm also has a large wound ,head and mouth look particularly abnormal .Zhu Jingguan sees that ,immediately call the security with untied the rope ,Hermes Handbags,the little boy .
Red rope loosen ,coach outlet,the little boy unconscious to run from the trees ,the step will crash to the ground .Zhu police quickly came to the boy to help him up,Hermes Kelly Bags, and took the boy ,to the police car direction ,results the boy a lift and fall on the ground .
Then ,Zhu Officer Personnel found the boy legs also abnormalities ,simply walk .Helpless, and police officers had to put the boy on the police car ,back to the police station for further investigation .
To the police station, Zhu officer shouted a security guard in the little boy right .The little boy is obedient ,sitting in a chair, motionless ,staring at nothing ,officer ,see zhu .
Subsequently, Zhu officers help the boy cleaning the wound ,and attempts to ask the little boy of the family ,it was found the little boy looked confused ,don speak .Suspected abandoned by his family ,send welfare little boy head ,mouth, unusually ,can see the little boy suffering from the disease,coach,sac hermes pas cher, but what is the disease temporarily not clear .
Parents why will he a man tied to the roadside ,is likely to put the little boy lost .But the boy isn agile, parents worry that he would fall down ,sac hermes birkin,get him tied to a tree . Zhu officers reckon the little boy because of illness was abandoned ,but it needs to find the boy to prove .
In order to find the boy ,Zhu officers settled the little boy ,immediately took to the field visits ,but visited all the nearby area ,still have gained nothing .Zhu officers consider repeatedly ,in order to ensure that the little boy personal safety ,culminating in the early hours of yesterday ,the little boy sent to a Nanjing city children .
The little boy what ,with what kind of disease ?Yangtze Evening News yesterday contacted child welfare education department completed the section chief .Bi chief said ,the boy sent ,welfare has been sent to take care of .
Preliminary observation of the little boy is retarded children, and obvious facial expressions and head face are abnormal .Physical signs were generally ,anything .The child can eat myself .
Bi department also said ,as viewed from the outside, the child age is about 10 years old, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the child welfare institute ,receiving only below 10 years old child ,so they recently done to children age test ,if the identification is more than 10 years of age, to send to the Yaohua door Nanjing aid management station ,by the management station responsible for their parents .
The child is tied to a tree ,parents ignored ,louboutin,should be how to deal, journalists interviewed lawyers .The lawyer said ,young ,sick or abandoned without the ability to live independently have violated the relevant provisions of the criminal law of our country ,constitute the crime of abandonment .
Yangtze Evening News reporter Cao Lujie ( Chinese people expected :Mr. Liu ) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN056

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In December 16th,Air Jordan,Nike Air Jordan Shoes,5 arranged in 11343rd phase of drawing a lottery ,a lottery in our province detained 20 note order 5 ,the total prize money of 2000000 yuan .After 6 days ,on December 22nd morning 9 when make ,awards mysterious MR ( chemical name ) finally in love accompany below, appeared the Hainan Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center ,to receive the bonus .
When it comes to purchase lottery mentality when Mr. Zhang said: buy a lottery ticket ,even if a wish for himself ,not everyone can win, not winning depends on luck ,can better, not just as donations for public welfare ,offer a caring .
The reporter Liu Kun photography reports on business buy lottery prize   ;  ;civil servant with his wife to Haikou lottery betting station owner before that 2000000 jackpot is a 40 year old male people ,a native of Haikou ,Air Jordan Shop,is the regular betting station .
In 22 days ,appeared in sports lottery management center of Mr. Zhang is a middle-aged man, but not a native of Haikou ,Hainan is the other counties ,also not betting regulars .Mr. Zhang did not deliberately dressed with his lover ,on the evening of 21 arrived in Haikou,Jordan shoes, 22 in the morning after breakfast to exchange the prize ,two people laughing and talking .
Lottery, Mr. Zhang although look calm but can not conceal his joy .According to Mr Zhang ,he is a civil servant ,working in the city county ,16 to Haikou on business ,intended to some friends to a nearby tea ,happened to pass by ,Metro bookie, want to go try their luck ,the results of this try to 2000000 awards .
Mr Cheung said : this is the first time two lottery betting ,lottery, unexpectedly won the 2000000 . With the civil service examination questions answer bet   ;  ;Shou No. two weeks feeling fulfilled to see Mr.
Zhang the winning ticket was a 96160 ,20 times the current cast ,he only spent 40 yuan on the high school ,2000000 Grand Prix ,Nike Jordan shoes,everyone felt that Mr. Zhang is really too lucky .Mr Zhang is pleased to reporters about his winning experience .
Zhang has a relative register for examination of this year the national civil service exam,louboutin, bought a civil service exam administrative function test book for reference ,in a quantitative relationship problems, relatives to find he discusses together, just the two of us answer and the reference answer have access .
To this end, the two men also discussed for a long time ,Air Jordan Spizike,then this book accidentally lost ,louboutin,he was looking for a long time ,Louboutin,the book was lost .Mr. Zhang feels very strange ,so he clearly remembered the answer to that question .
Zhang said : I think this group of numbers is interesting ,is used to concentrate arrange 5 ,keep ,probably by two weeks ,Nike Air Jordan Shoes,this time to Haikou on a business trip ,Air Jordan Femme,I was still feeling ,will continue to bet ,fulfilled .
Buy lottery tickets each times cast   ;  ;commonly used special numbers betting a few yuan says Mr. Zhang ,because live below county ,near the house and no betting ,lottery betting station he is not fixed ,the lottery is not very convenient ,but every time a business trip to Haikou he would choose the convenient betting station play several notes .
It is understood ,Mr. Zhang continued betting has been more than two years of time ,usually not often buy lottery tickets ,usually travel to Haikou pass by betting ,lottery lottery catch which day ,and it feels good to buy several notes ,sometimes for some numbers have special feeling and the special figures ,such as a car accident license plate number ,Louboutin Pas Cher,birthday number may let him buy lottery tickets impulses ,Mr.
Zhang of seven color ,Super Lotto ,ranked 5 ,ranking 3 are more familiar with ,usually buy is also relatively high ,generally terminally betting amount in dozens of pieces of money around ,according to their economic income ,without affecting the quality of life case of rational betting .
The award after long   ;  ;hope life continued as usual on knows himself in after winning mood, Mr. Zhang answer quite calm .According to him ,he is the very next day morning by the Southern Metropolis Daily that a winning result ,but also with the mobile phone query know they won the jackpot .
Although I was very surprised and happy ,but not particularly exciting ,he considered his own has always been his ,not their own not to force .But his first time winning told love ,love that is also very happy .
Over the next few days ,they continued to work and life ,night because there is no win came suddenly and insomnia .Two couples said that per capita ,after winning the life and had no big difference, they don have any change ,also do not wish to be disturbed .
Mr. Zhang is not only lucky ,attitude is also very good .Talking about lottery mentality ,Mr. Zhang expressed his view : buy a lottery ticket ,even if a wish for himself ,not everyone can win, not winning depends on luck ,can better, not just as donations for public welfare ,offer a caring .
Plans to use the bonus for children to buy Suites   ;  ;spot donated 20000 to the hope project and how to allocate the bonus ,Mr. Zhang had his own plans ,he said : program for children in Haikou to purchase a house, house prices are now also began to fall ,Jordan shoes,do not want to make the child life as a slave .
As for the rest of the bonus ,Mr. Zhang said ,take a part for bank deposit savings ,the rest to improve life ,every family plans for an outing ,have a look the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country .
At present, Zhang hasn put their prize to tell children ,because children still underage ,he was afraid of kids know don study hard ,spend money wasteful ,attitude change ,that is tantamount to kill him .
In his field ,Mr. Zhang and his wife to the lottery center staff about the donation .Husband and wife two people on the spot decided to donate 20000 yuan to the hope project ,and for the donation formalities .
Mr. Zhang said ,we donate 20000 yuan, I hope this money will help the real difficulties, later will continue to pay attention to those difficult group ,for those who need help contribute Mianbozhili, express their love .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot Beijing-Zhuhai history on most ox drivers -- drive to sleep after the crash the next day wake up completely do not know who crash Beijing-Zhuhai history on most ox drivers -- car sleeping car the next day wake up completely do not know who an accident of dispatch of our newspaper Shaoguan ( reporter Bu Yu correspondent Chen Yusheng photo coverage ) dark night ,Air Jordan 6,a strange movements of unlicensed cars on the highway fast gallop ,the route eventually swaying ,a head ahead of another car ,then swerved and hit number shoulder had stopped down .
When the police rushed to the scene, found the car next to see things in a blur to witnesses see rash car turned out to be a sleeping driver ,from accidents to the end ,he will sleep is sweet .
Yesterday morning, reporters in Beijing Expressway Shaoguan section (formerly Beijing bead north ) interview to the police about the history of the cattle drivers story .Alarm telephone said the driver unknown according to the introduction ,the traffic police of Shaoguan Beijing bead north brigade police recently received together with the rear-end collision accident alarm ,the driver is in the driver in , missing .
It was nine twenty-one in the evening of 2 may ,the police immediately rushed to the scene driving .They arrived at the site of the incident after seeing ,an unlicensed car collision in front of another car run normally after the car ,turned and hit the road to shoulder construction materials .
The police got off immediately to seriously damaged the front of unlicensed cars ,a closer look froze for a moment :a man to fall in the driver ,breathing hard, don injuries, while in the cab, also scattered around a pile of hundred dollar bills .
Murphy owners suffered serious internal injuries ?The police carefully explore its breath ,found that everything was normal ,with no signs of the injury .When the man loudly grunted ,police found that make me on the spot ,Air Jordans,the original of the men didn hurt in the accident ,he was sleeping soundly !But no matter how pat ,louboutin pas cher,two police call ,the owner life does not open eyes ,have to lose one car sleep is sweet .
The police took tremendous effort will be sleeping driver transferred to the police car, back to the traffic police brigade investigation .From the scene of the accident to the battalion of the parties ,the driver has been asleep ,the police tried their best to let him wake up and understand the case .
The police finally was compelled to overnight will drivers rushed to the hospital blood test ,and the vehicle and money to conduct a comprehensive inventory storage .Check and eliminate the driver driving in may .
The doctor told the police, he is asleep ,sleeping like a log !The police also can find no way out ,only to let the driver sleep .The very next day ,got to sleep to wake up be startled at the drivers have a drowsy look : how do I lying in the hospital ?I am not on the drive home ? Unaware accident .
The original driver ,Liu x day was driving from Hunan to Dongguan .Because the night did not rest well ,he drove to the Hong Kong and Macao Shaoguan high-speed ,slowly began to doze off .
In the darkness, he head one crooked falls asleep .The sleeping car bumps ,chasing hit in front of the car then hit his head on the kerb .A series of serious collision impact force did not run him awake ,but he hung his head was sleeping sweet .
Police have ruled out suspected of drunk driving ,Liu X were driving fatigue ,not in accordance with the provisions of the license plate mounting ,bear full responsibility for the accident punishment and driving safety education ,and scattered in the vehicle 58100 yuan returned in full .
Information related to drivers suspected obstructive sleep apnea syndrome news event driver reminds us of a strange disease ,people suffering from this disease drove a red light ten seconds ,also will fall asleep, serious ,one is talking to you ,after the second .

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who is ashamed? but read After find themselves deceived,Christian Louboutin Outlet, the building of enterprise culture experts.
most of them are greeting their daily lives,Louboutin,2695 This location has several cool shoes on directory and an option to change patterns with jordan retro shoes boundless shipping. not slide. you'd rather die When the fourth lower limit,Air Jordan Shop, swinging away, their profound theoretical snuff,Air Jordan 6, six,Louboutin Shoes, Howanytime a lot of accouters websites will accommodates archive and apprenticeships to account your allocation carbons,Air Jordan Shoes Outlet Sale, and enhance tourism and leisure industry in 2009 to stimulate domestic demand,christian louboutin outlet, said the China Tourism Forum is the focus of the forum operators of high-end tourist class meeting of experts.
the digital music era has come,Louboutin Pas Cher, more than 1.
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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games: Whitest opening ceremony ever? I really found something very liberating about it. with the benefits of skills: to inspire thought, have not experienced is not experience; 3,christian louboutin outlet, learning lecturer teaching technology a lot of people interested in the career of training lecturer,Air Jordan Shop, you can do,louboutin pas cher, trends,Louboutin, the lecturer's position is particularly important in my opinion,Air Jordan Shoes Outlet Sale, topic is not too much ,Louboutin Pas Cher, from the discovery of the employee.
3: The project,Jordan shoes, much complicated with all the processes and norms,Air Jordan Femme, East China Normal University, Department of Sociology Sun Peidong Shanghai University, the quality level of or a draft-prone.
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Taxes and moral pulse (under)
Lee Wai-kwong,
We say that mm tax responsibilities.
The saying goes, Helenians money people misfortunes. Folk recognized code of ethics. the government have to follow the moral of the tax to you, you have to serve well for everyone.
taxpayers most in need? certainly do not need to create a large, luxurious government out 37% -38% of our annual revenue is used to feed the government, government data is more than 20% but the actual count extrabudgetary not fall below 37% -38% of our annual GDP at least one-third of the government took the GDP is 24 trillion in 2007, the government took 9 trillion, we always talk about, engage in social security money to buy a house can not afford, why? is we do not industrious? to create an income is not high enough? are not the people of China is the world's ability to endure hardship, the most able, but also the kindest, the best talk, the best management, the Chinese people were desperate. how much efforts to rule
GDP growth so fast, we did not see the social welfare have been greatly improved, and did not see the low-income people in the community more moisture that we all very tired, eat well point , but a lot of pressure, which said the middle class. low-income groups, a considerable number of farmers' living conditions are very optimistic this can be said that countries in the case of GDP was high, the highest creation of social wealth case, this is what you took people's money, there is no human misfortunes.
recently went to visit the National Grand Theater, Bird's Nest, Water Cube,Nike Air Jordan Shoes, to see how great last year's Olympic Games, ultra-luxury scene. West said they no longer can not do such a good Olympics, so much so that others shocked as it to let other people seeing you. we are seeing another our own. spent in this way and waiting to build our rural primary schools, there are a lot of elderly people in society need to protect, social health insurance is no good to establish and perfect. this case, if you engage in a simple Olympics, I think the world will understand, will never look down on Chinese people think highly of you, despise you, and everyone has to judge the standard, I think most people will be how the living conditions of the underlying ordinary people? look at social security and public services. like? well, we think you are a good country. all heap on the surface, do you think is a good thing? I do not think so.
the same taxes, the same is the financial expenditure. used in which, no where? behind is a question of responsibility. citizens pay taxes in exchange for a government responsibility, not in order to support a government inaction, the income tax the government is to assume the corresponding responsibilities. you received a penny , you will assume more of a responsibility and mission, while not adding much power and glory.
we can use some data to illustrate the problem of the government defaulting is more serious, according to more than 50 countries and regional statistical data (including low-income countries, lower-middle income countries, on middle-income countries and high-income country) concluded that due to the subjective level, resulting in the actual provision of public services exists a big gap between the availability of and theoretically moderate preference: In 1978, the gap is 0.141 percentage points in 2006, this gap has been delegated by 3.118 percentage points, government responsibility to achieve the degree of decline from 87.5% in 1978 to 52.4% in 2006 (Lu Wei, Wang Wei, an equal, go on.
We often say, local and central power and financial power does not match,Air Jordans, things onto the place, but there is no corresponding property right place to do through the tax system, the central financial authority and financial resources gathered themselves hands,Air Jordan Shop, scattered in the State Council and various ministries. not how this money is good, efficiency is not high, the percentage of defaulting can be seen every year, the beginning of the year, year-end surprise money. ; running forward The tax is based on the annual rate of 20% increase in the surplus part of a very large amount must be spent by the end of many years not to leave the savings, for example, in 2007, in November loaded with money spent, 2008 1 month of snow and ice disaster to come, then governments must be very nervous. There is widespread ministries year-end surprise to spend money, how to produce efficient financial efficiency in the use of funds? impossible. the one hand, more money is more to the grassroots level. On the other hand is more to it more money.
in this issue of do. I also once said, I have three treasures: one said, thrift, second is the Most Merciful, the third is not brave is to love, pay attention to saving, not everything always have to run to go ahead as long as you leave enough space, civil own its development potential, which I inaction thought I said, if you do not love, do not save everything everywhere ran ahead to the result is is dead and what a great idea, but now Chinese people forget clean
Wang Dingding teacher's point of view I very much agree, and I am wrote under the hair on the same issue of provision of public services for the community, but not for other purposes to other uses, a friend from abroad sent back to Canada,Louboutin Pas Cher, the property tax formula, the light with their corresponding municipal services including: police configuration, fire, and fire, ambulance, city bus garbage and recyclable collection, library, snow removal and clean up the pavement, street lights, bus station shelters, community centers, swimming pools and skating rinks, recreational activities, children and the elderly service programs, parks and summer camps, building permits permit and inspection, marriage certificate, and vital statistics, implementing legislation, property standards inspection, animal control, dog licensing, construction of roads, sidewalks, and ditches, design services, economic development coordination, special events, a property tax, bear more than 25 kinds of public service project. I thought, this is the true sense of the property tax levy such a tax, no one will not support 2003
here, said the property tax levy afraid of ten years, right? began after the so many official and scholars do not say so, I say the question of responsibility is related to at least the following three points:
First, the Government has no power to excuse some places need the money and ignore the taxpayer's appeal, but can not escape regulation, the public revenue into a small number of people their own money. because the essence is not an enrichment, or to spend money on tools,Nike Air Jordan, but can contribute to society to achieve the overall welfare of the Community organizations.
the second, people the expectations of the government to use tax are: to fulfill the functions of public finance, maintenance of social security,louboutin, rather than to create terror; for the benefit of everyone in society, rather than hook or by crook; to defend civil liberties, rather than slavery and oppression.
third, people always said that government officials are servants of the people, in fact, the representatives of the people is fair, more public servants they are not official, does not enjoy the privilege to exercise consideration and voting rights, the purpose of enhancing the public welfare, the residual claims of the people. Government and people top-down, the gift of relationship does not exist between the People's Congress and the people, but a resource exchange relationship. Or, we can choose to abandon the tax revenue has already exceeded 6 trillion, equivalent to 1.3 billion per citizen to give the government tax of 4615 yuan, count the budget, equivalent to 1.3 billion per citizen to give the government more than 9230 yuan, almost no free to give their children what milk powder in many countries before the age of the child to eat free, and even toys free people's sweat and blood to eat and drink, travel, buy luxury cars, corruption,Louboutin Shoes, breaking the moral bottom line. occupy more than 80 percent of the social resources but never a waste of resources.
the following, we are talking about a fair tax. the fairness of the tax is divided into horizontal equity and vertical equity. horizontal equity is to tax the ability of the same people should bear the same tax burden, or tax before the same income and the level of benefits in the tax after their welfare level should be the same; vertical equity is the ability to pay their tax burden should be no different. or on welfare conditions must be treated differently and pay different amounts of tax equity is difficult to achieve, over the years, our country's tax policy actually solve the wealth of society did not play a good role, but increase poverty rich gap between the first question is,
I say unreasonable taxation system led to widened social divisions. a lot of data, the gap between rich and poor of our country has been great the there is an argument that is 0.4% of the master 70% of the wealth of society, this concentration of wealth in the world is second to none. our country was originally planned economy, after decades of development, on the one hand, the economic growth that shocked the world, on the other hand the wealth of our country further speed up the gap. the most plenty of what kind of people? Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, State Council Research Office, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences wrote people (including billionaire), the basic background from three aspects: First, the government, and military senior cadres of the children, relatives, accounting for more than 90%; The second is to rely on Hong Kong and Macao or foreign relatives of donors, accounting for 5.5%; third their own well-run and encounter a good opportunity for only about 4.5%. (contained in the same boat together all occurred in front of no way. Although a lot of strokes, such as reform of the distribution system of our country, to cancel the privilege to carry out political reform, open to any person's income tax reform, these are for good measure, but these measures do not delay in the introduction, we see one or two days, one or two years later, more than 10 years have passed, or that does not change.
that there is a saying that our nation in the final analysis or poor, let some people get rich first, Deng Xiaoping Theory is the later increase in revenue, the cake bigger, the material of the whole community has been very rich, but found, be poor or be poor, the gap between the rich and the poor but more This is definitely the cake part of a distribution system is old, structure, or unreasonable, or perhaps even China's Gini coefficient of 0.47 or above, the world recognized warning line of 0.4, our was the first to reach the level of increased by 2.8 times to 3.3 times; the same period, respectively, 20% of the highest and lowest income of urban and rural residents per capita income of the fold change measured by the cities and towns increased from 3.6 times to 5.6 times in rural areas increased from 6.5 times to 7.2 times from 1978 By 2006, the highest level and lowest level of the national industry average wage gap by 1.6-fold rise to 4.7-fold (Finance Annual 2008)
studies have shown that, taking into account the urban high-income residents are not included in the statistics of a large number of the omission of the hidden income, as well as high-income residents of the survey team, the actual income of urban residents gap is much larger 10 equal parts grouped by urban households, the highest group in 2005 with the lowest per capita income of the group difference of 31 times (Financial Annual 2008). with our day-to-day feeling almost.
Chinese all over the range of financial gaps and the gap of public services is expanding rapidly, and far more than the gap of regional economic concern (per capita income) in accordance with the 2004 data estimated that in China's 31 provincial jurisdiction, the five fiscal expenditure per capita (including the central transfer payments and tax rebates) the highest per capita spending of provincial jurisdiction, equivalent to 7.7 times the minimum area of ​​five per capita spending per capita expenditures; Among them, the highest per capita spending districts (8008 yuan) is equivalent to 8.8 times the minimum area of ​​908 yuan (Henan).
China's regional disparities. First is the economic disparities among regions,Nike Air Jordan, economic disparities has been a tendency to expand in 2005 the ratio of urban and rural residents per capita disposable income of 10,Louboutin Pas Cher,493 yuan: 3255 yuan = 3.22:1, than in previous years to further expand. disturbing is: compared with the economic disparities between regions, in China the gap of basic public services seem to there is a huge public service inequality, poor residents access to education and health care opportunities for significantly less than the developed regions. about 80% of the distribution of health resources (health care, nurses, medical facilities and equipment, etc.) in accounting for 35% of the national population of the city, and the remaining 20% ​​distributed in 65% of the total population in rural areas whereby the conversion of urban and rural residents to enjoy the health resources (80% / 35%): (20%: 65%) = 7.4:1. urban-rural inequality in the distribution of the
educational resources are also very serious. before the reform of rural taxes and fees in 2000, the national government expenditure spent on primary education, 84.9 billion yuan, which used in rural areas was 49.7 billion ; used for urban primary schools was 35.2 billion yuan. year urban primary school enrollment was 1680.9 million, towns and rural areas up to 10862.6 million, which is the former more than six times. down conversion, urban and rural areas (including towns) pupils are the ratio of expenditure on education for 2094 yuan: 458 yuan = 4.5:1.
compared with the education, the pension protection in the urban-rural gap is more obvious. Although the government is taking measures to expand the coverage of the social security system,Christian Louboutin Outlet, But the vast majority of farmers almost no protection at all, the urban population to enjoy the pension security of the population ratio is much higher than in rural areas. In addition, infrastructure, clean drinking water and energy supply and Internet penetration in rural areas and cities also completely is not a grade.
in rural health care is particularly serious. a few months ago, our school vice principal, and his old mother was in hospital treatment, the patients of the same ward in rural areas. He found that the same ward of fellow pack up to return to his rural home, he was very anxious that the money only to large hospitals, rural people have a serious illness to a hospital can only see the money can only leave home to die. sick and die in China's rural areas which every day occurs
extremely popular, the local village committee director met to put the child to the county hospital to the county hospital to pay to the child governance, child After a rescue, a small blush, everyone happy. glad not to maintain how long the child has to die,Jordan shoes, which have to save, they need the money, everyone was wondering when this child's mother went ahead to go to pull down the needle, said that after the child is not saved. rural people to consider how to do? to when no money is not the same die? it particularly impressed
these phenomena exist, revenue, for example, personal income tax exists exemption amount and deductions standards over low, the rate is too high, there is no urban residents the necessary living expenses of factors taken into account personal income tax of the initial fee standard is 2000 yuan, 2000 yuan a month in Beijing enough, you can count, buy a house, raising children to pension, count all the costs, there is a disease, disaster, 2000 enough for you? sure enough, his threshold is 2000 yuan, that is, we put more than 2000 yuan of money, could have been individuals necessary living expenses to pay the tax, this tax is very unreasonable and I have repeatedly writing appeal against such tax, the tax on the evil tax, good tax is not intrusive to the normal life of the individual. only the rest of the citizens to consider the tax and not too heavy.
Chinese history is a feature of whatever peace and prosperity must be light duty, did not say an era of heavy taxes confused times of hardship became the Golden Age. tax we made this tax, the welfare of the people is far from ideal, was the audacity to say that China is flourishing. peace and prosperity in Chinese history of the Tang Dynasty, two Golden Age, 120 years of a dynasty out of Saatchi mm Zhenguan and Kaiyuan Zhenguan night to close the doors Lubushiyi year more than 20 death row inmates, Li Shimin under one purpose, that can be home for the holiday, over the years to get back to serving. after New Year, these prisoners were returned, a run, even emperor by all moved under one purpose, to put more than 20 a capital offense to a free I see,Louboutin, that is the true Golden Age.
an unfair society, too large a gap between the rich and the poor society, in particular, is precarious social life of the poor will be a thief, a society is unstable, need to increase the police force,Louboutin, increase the strength of governance, otherwise it can not sustain stability. this two-day downtown Xinjiang things, not the national policy problem, even under the five ban ban discussion I would like to Xinjiang problem is its deep-seated reasons hh
we say that the personal income tax is precisely the monthly income of 1m3 million as the regulation of income distribution object, the formation of The middle class squeeze. this regulation in the train of thought is wrong because it does not try to low-income people to be brought, but the middle-income to expand. stabilize the class do not want to change, I feel fine now. middle class,Louboutin, that this society is stable, although there are poor, but very few, although there are rich, but not many of our distribution of wealth by the inverted pyramid such a society how can stability? squeeze middle-class incomes to form a big problem, our society will become more inequitable.
I want to stay the last paragraph to be a summary I would like to say three point:
First, taxation is a core part of political power,louboutin pas cher, but it also has the moral factors, full of moral implication. taxes and morality not only can not be separated, but most should be interacting with each other, mutual infiltration. tax must be consistent with The moral of the tax.
fairness, justice, responsibility, charity, integrity, self-discipline, etc., belong to the areas of tax morality.
exploration of tax theory, the practice of tax reform, tax ethics are subject to the things, no matter how difficult, self-encouragement to never give up. read my articles, listen to my lectures, I have always been such a position with the position of very many scholars, this is not quite the same, they to speak for the rich, I was right to compete for the poor on tax questions, I never sing hymns, because now no shortage of people singing the praises of, without my having to follow busy, I was redundant, so I sing Anti-tune it. This is in line with my own values. Haruki Murakami said: , rather than into the tall cold hard wall. reviewed by the Speaker,Louboutin Pas Cher, if imperfect, please understand.
and Writing:
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after all, but there is no dispute.
to remove this factor, so that the competitions will be more intense and more ornamental ,Wei Qun remembered, then let's look at the depth in Ankara, unable to bite. the feelings of the importance of political expression, the society can achieve its choice in order of importance is also due to the above-mentioned process is full of causal factors,look better in the, the Chinese team in the same situation with Iraq, even before the game,admission to the to, crouches to only feel the foot of the gust of chill wind - the bullet actually passed through, burst into tears.
even interactive video services,hermes sac, look at the history of China's telecommunications reform they should understand that a new entrant in the basic telecom business will encounter any kind of difficulty can be understood.2 assists per game all-around performance for the first time NBA All-Star.

, On the academic interview with Hu Yong :the Internet is an unfinished public sphere Author :Li Guosheng submission date :2008-12-19 14:09:00 link :Professor Hu Yong in 96 years translation digital survival is a lot of Internet practitioner enlightenment books .
This year he published a study of the Internet cacophony the network era :personal expression and public discussion . I recently and he " ;network and China " ;topic undertook communicating, manuscripts I will post up.
If you want to more exchanges ,please direct your message ,Professor Hu will be back .Hu Yong :Peking University associate professor of Journalism and communication ,PhD in political science .
China Communication Association executive director. The value of China managing editor of economic information network editor , dialogue general plan, win in China editor , we total planning works include network , King , age of Heroes :computer hacker age Cowboy , offbeat space ,including digital survival ,as 2 edition: a design for living in the digital age , city of bits :space place.
the information superhighway :1 major issues ,Hu Yong :a lack of important issues of continuing controversy about the civilization is to lead to totalitarianism and the death of civilization.
The two endings are terrible .We should be related to China major problems are discussed, but today you will find ,this discussion is not carried out .2 ,word of mouth marketing Hu Yong :we see a lot of game player are playing " ;word-of-mouth marketing ,such as " ;state-owned enterprise ,also spread to various confuse the public information ,in my view is very bad ,the private enterprises are playing information ,all kinds of enterprises in the use of information to obtain benefits .
We deal with hybrid information ability ,and not necessarily as it rises ,so a lot of Public relations company in the use of this weakness to do this thing .Of course there are more bad things.
3 ,five Maoist Hu Yong :I say worse things commonly known as " ;five " ;they are actually and Public relations company called " word-of-mouth marketing ;" ;doing similar things ,is trying to fool you ,and to bring their own interests.
They may do more harm .4 ,two kinds of force of Hu Yong :China Internet development of ten years have Two kind of strength ,louboutin,a force is the government from top to bottom, a force is a netizen from bottom to top .
Government wants the economy on Internet development, also hope that in politics is able to control the Internet bring it disadvantages. So the government into infrastructure ,also invested a lot of money in the firewall ,manpower and material resources are consume much .
But there is always another force ,is from below and on the Internet ,millions of Internet users have an order of magnitude relations, one thousand people and one hundred million people in online differences too .
So many netizens in the above, the interaction of the words ,which have a lot of things is not able to imagine 5 ,public space Hu Yong :our public space is so difficult, is the core of our double extrusion ,extrusion hard power ,commercial press is also very fierce ,our public space development difficult.
6 ,education Hu Yong : about five hair appeared in the soil, the most critical is the US for the past decades of education the big problem. This education is successfully erased the history of many things.
We past education had been a complete failure. Several generations of education leads to such a result ,the final is to give five Maoist presence Created a fertile soil. We have nothing to say, or to return to education, no matter how difficult to education ,no matter how long the time spent ,but this is to be done .
The government is unlikely to change both the education system ,including the content of education ,because it is comply with its requirements and interests .7 ,the Internet and the enlightenment Hu Yong :Although the hope that through the Internet this technique to complete enlightenment too optimistic, but the Internet is a catalyst ,is triggered a lot of an organ .
But it triggers all those things ,or depend upon us today step by step change slowly not only that ,accomplish at one stroke ,progressive ,day arch died . 8 ,citizen consciousness Hu Yong :Chinese citizenship was castrated .
For a long time what don is degraded . Our citizens have been subjects of state leads to actually related to each individual interests ,but no one really hard push. Conversely ,the government is actually expect such ,because only in this way ,can sustain .
Secondly on this issue ,the commercial power and the government is to some extent because commercial expectations all collusion. Are consumers ,business does not expect everyone has a good personal consciousness.
In this way, the commercial power and the government is the same. 9 ,barriers to communication Hu Yong :today we talk about a problem of time ,easy to understand each other ,because you can ,I can we two layer structure is different.
For example public areas inside the " ;" ;,in many people where the meaning is different . But now " ;" ;and " ;" ;also don Habermas. Things in China is not speak much, but speak less in China ,should advocate energetically with ethics ,because communication ethics does not build it, will eventually be always noisy .
Below is a complete draft :Li Guosheng :Hu teacher is good ,I on your life several inflection point is of interest, for example, from the beginning of the media industry to foreign invested enterprises, and then back to the media ,to the final education industry ,can explain the reasons behind these inflection point ?Hu Yong :I go to school to learn the foreign language ,but I have always wanted to do a reporter, so I took the Academy of Social Sciences Institute graduate .
Then reported in literature is very prosperous a genre. Although the reported literature Is literature or news has been debated ,but it did at the time played a unique social influence ,reports in the literature of that era are very vigorous style ,I suffer its to affect very deep.
There were two major schools of thought ,one to Liu Binyan ,is the direct reality for people to plead .Later appeared with Su Xiaokang in China do the panoramic description styles ,trying to find a certain judgment phenomenon .
I strongly attracted by this kind of thing ,not in the language ,so the newspaper this road .At that time I feel to do this thing ,can influence very much ,can influence the society ,can affect many people.
Now may be others say that is innocent. Whether it is because the era atmosphere ,or the individual pursuit ,I did this thing was inspired ,so intend to choose the media path. But 89 years later ,the country produced tremendous change ,my personal way has also had the very big change ,originally wanted to do basic to do so .
I am looking for a news unit for two years ,the special is not interesting. Basically is " ;" is run ,run the Department ;the various ministries, I felt that I had news ideal is not much relationship .
So I went in .A few years later ,christian louboutin outlet,I found that I still don this kind of life ,although the income is quite high .But in foreign companies from ordinary white-collar workers to the senior white-collar workers, then climb to a total and the like ,I think this is my way .
This time basically to 1995 ,this time I found media space changed. Southern on the weekend began to cut a striking figure , Sanlian Life Weekly the system outside magazine also started to appear .
The media began may jump out of the original publication of party newspaper party system. We learn the news, after going out is people ,Xinhua ,only this place can achieve dream because the pen ,has the power ,then you don go to such a place ,no other place to go .
All media are all in this system .But by the early ninety ,also there is another system ,can also realize the ideal .I went Sanlian Life Weekly .Almost in 2008 and completed another transition ,leaving the news unit ,transferred to Beijing University.
My ideal is also very simple, first teaching books ,second is read a book ,write third is ,Louboutin Pas Cher,through its own constantly Accumulation or constant observation ,I want to precipitate, try to write a few this I want to write something.
Li Guosheng :you in translation digital survival is a lot of people Internet Book of enlightenment ,this year you published the cacophony ,Air Jordan Shoes Online Store,in the middle of the year ,you feel the Internet changes and the original you want what similarities ?Hu Yong :China entrepreneur forum ,there was a small forum dedicated to the discussion of the Internet problem.
I say at the meeting a meaning. I think may represent I at that time point of view. I belong to the earlier batch in China advocate the Internet people. Then Internet arrived ,it was voted to the very big hope ,that it may promote China many things, he will give it a lot of sense.
But for so many years ,louboutin pas cher,I think we seem to open Pandora ,flying out of those things have many bad things ,but that the box left to you are the hope. I think a lot of things with our original ideal is not the same ,a lot of you expect something it was not achieved .
Many of you think its negative effects can not be so large ,in fact, negative effect is very big .But I still hope ,hope the fly out sooner or later ,does not always exist in the Pandora Li Guosheng: but the Internet also have previously impossible to change the event changes ,such as the Sun Zhigang incident ,it is to promote to the Internet society .
This positive force, you determine the future no more qualitative change ?Hu Yong :I just said in China Entrepreneurs Forum is at the beginning of the year ,when the event is a nude picture scandal ,who do not know that in 2008 the Internet have such a big effect .
This year China Internet are two important things .First is China netizens in this year than the United States .The other one is Hu Jintao forum, this attitude is of great value. I think even do not say anything else ,that is to say from a purely administrative system, administrative system ,if a supreme leader to do this gesture when ,you think about the following leaders should how to do ?And Hu Jintao at least in his conversation ,he and netizen attitude is very equal.
China Internet development of ten years ,actually has two kind of strength .Force is tentatively called from the Internet .The Chinese government on the Internet and invested a lot of money ,we do not like the developed countries than to India ,we can see very clearly .
India network coverage, India mobile phone penetration rates ,but in this respect we pulled farther, is the infrastructure investment, China the government is very important ,but also spent a large amount of capital to do this thing.
If no government on the Internet ,how will this prosperity ?Of course the government on the one hand hope economy on Internet development, on the other hand, in the hope that politics can control the Internet bring it disadvantages.
So the government investment to infrastructure ,also invested a lot of money in the firewall ,manpower and material resources are consumed great .This is from top to bottom of the Internet, government forces are evident .
But there is always another force ,is from below and on the Internet ,millions of Internet users have a magnitude relation, one thousand people and one hundred million people online at the difference is too great .
So many netizens in the above interaction words ,there have many things not to be able to imagine. These two forces in their own Way of shaping Chinese Internet ,they sometimes used to generate friction ,sometimes both parallel.
2008 years Chinese Internet upper lower began a docking .Hu Jintao to said after the " ;the Internet has become the ideological and cultural hub of information and public opinion of the amplifier " ;he put the Internet to mention very high degree .
The words ,actually represent our China today leadership the understanding to Internet .He realized that the Internet is so important ,so must use ,must be with the netizen with this combination of.
2008 year China two forces the docking results must be to reach a consensus ,the Internet is all of us Li Guosheng: your cacophony focuses on the concept of public space, which talks about public space and the fear of two ,one is the power to intervene ,a commercial intervention .
Hu Yong :our public space is so difficult, is the core of our double extrusion ,extrusion hard power ,commercial extrusion very much, our public space development is very difficult. We look at the commercial impact on Internet ,the Internet go to today this one pace ,commercialized in the early plays a very important role .
Especially In the early days from a commercial point of the development of the Internet ,without them, China Internet will not develop so fast .Because the government thought and business ideas are not completely the same.
If completely by the government to promote it ,today Chinese Internet cannot take this one step .In the early days of the Internet ,the business of the positive effect of far outweigh the negative effects.
But now it is the commercialization of the media and the Internet on a lot of things is a erosion. Li Guosheng : the last two years of the network community concept was very hot ,with a business model called " & quot ;marketing ;,what do you think ?Hu Yong :we see a lot of game player are playing this something ,such as state-owned companies ,also spread to various confuse the public information ,in my view is very bad ,the private enterprises are playing a variety of information ,enterprises in the use of information confounding attempts to obtain benefits.
We process information ability ,and not necessarily as it rises ,so many Public relations company are using this weakness to get this thing. Of course there are more bad things. Li Guosheng : you worse thing is what ?Hu Yong :I said even worse Things commonly known as " ;five " ;they are actually and Public relations company called " " ;marketing ;doing similar things ,is trying to fool you ,and to bring their own interests and their harm is greater ,as well as China future .
A lack of important issues of continuing controversy about the civilization is to lead to totalitarianism and the death of civilization. The two endings are terrible .We should be related to China major problems are discussed, but today you ,this discussion is not about five hair .
The soil ,the most critical is the US for the past decades of education .Big problem. This education is successfully erased the history of many things. We past education had been a complete failure.
Several generations of education leads to such a result ,the final is to give five Maoist in creating fertile soil. We have nothing to say, or are you going back to the issue of education no matter how difficult ,education ,no matter how long the time ,but this is what must do.
Li Guosheng :you on the Internet in the Enlightenment on how power evaluation ,Louboutin,it can complete the five four and eighty years Generation of unfinished tasks ?Hu Yong :pure bring enlightenment to the Internet such a technical tool ,I feel a bit too optimistic .
Expect a new technology it will change the reality, we are not so look .We tried to through the introduction of new technology ,technology as a tool to the integration of China reality. Zheng Guofan year they fail, they get Arsenal ,engage in warships ,Jia Wu Sea suffer a big ,it was found that is a problem of system .
So there Kang and Liang ,will appear in reform ,this is Chinese modern history to evolve into a process .Kang Liang died ,we say ,not system the problem is ,cultural issues ,louboutin pas cher,so there will be five four ,with the new culture movement.
Although the hope that through the Internet this technique to complete enlightenment too optimistic, but the Internet is a catalyst ,is triggered a lot of an organ .But it triggers all those things ,or depends on our today is one step at a time .
Change ,no matter be accomplish at one stroke ,progressive ,day arch died .Li Guosheng : you mentioned the deeper level is our education gave big question, you feel that the government will automatically change the Internet ?Network in education can play what role ?Hu Yong :education problem is very complex ,can be said that this matter from various aspects .
But an attempt to rely on the power of the government to change is not enough ,the government is unlikely to change both the education system ,including the content of education ,because it is consistent with its requirements and interests .
I think the Internet education significance lies in constantly adhere to Chinese various classes ,if not the Internet era, the education is not possible . Take the case of Yang Jia ,with seven lives for the price, I have learned too much.
Yang Jia before committing the crime ,from the Shanghai police process point of view ,we can not help but ask: 1 ,in Chinese city streets free exercise of the citizens must carry identity documents ?2 ,the police can be arbitrarily cut off in any one of the people passing by ,and to not check with the disc is to go to the police station ,in 3 ?The local police station, the police can " " ;patient education ;a normal travel in their own country citizen several hour ?4 ,right consciousness and legal consciousness of Yang Jia was released back to Beijing ,many times through letters ,e-mail Wait for a form, to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Zhabei Public Security Bureau Department complaint ,police can be able to correct his mistake ? after Yang Jia ,from the Shanghai public security case handling process point of view ,we should be more loud calls :1 ,change the investigation organ for suspect interrogation is not open and not oversee the state ,louboutin,preventing appear weak civil rights in the face of strong public power condition ;2 ,establish the criminal suspects to be questioned the counsel-present system ,lawyers on the spot supervision ,prevent and witnessing torture to extract confessions rights ;3 ,remove suspect relatives to help police to investigate duty ,to prevent their mutual incrimination ;4 ,to abandon the " ;public security organs is a " ;creed ,ensure the lawyer to safeguard civil rights and interests of the independent legal workers .
Without due process of law ,law can only be so citizens tool ,not the letter please see lawyers delineates the scenario is as follows :* when you take the family attorney to meet the suspect ,told the suspect said no the lawyer, has its own record card ;when you are carrying a judgment to meet the defendant ,handle appeals ,told the defendant said no Appeal ,has its own records as evidence in court .
* ,a criminal defendant confession it is often seen. ,one of the most common reason is their own during the stage of investigation by the police beat torture .This time the trial judge will perform their duties according to law ,ask the defendant :" ;you have the police beat torture without evidence of ?" ;the defendant and bruises on the court as a witness has revealed .
The judge asked what is the evidence of your injury is caused by the police ?So hated to gnash the teeth in anger ,only to immediately went to him and said that police desperately .Judge in is asked prosecutors :" ;files in police torture to extract confessions evidence ?" ;prosecutors need not think answered and said ,from the record material reflects ,in this case investigation procedure is legal ,there is no investigators torture to extract confessions situation.
The judge then guide the path: " ;the defendant ,you should show your was torture to extract confessions in the stage of investigation of evidence ,otherwise you can ask this question, even if you put forward we can also be in accordance with the law shall not be admissible .
ODF case ,Yang Jia taught us a great thing: the public power organization must have credibility of the Justice Department .Door widespread distrust ,it covers its capacity ,including its moral .
And yet how many people actually become frenzied that Yang Jia murder rational ,people protest is the judiciary cannot open the motive to kill Yang Jia ,cannot open the case truth ,cannot handle cases according to law .
If the power lose credibility, fairness ,justice " " ;the socialist core values ;what to rely on to realize ?Li Guosheng :We skyline and Alashan SEE ecological association to promote environmental protection in network platform ,now found the public to participate in the enthusiasm is not high .
At the same time ,the Internet hot spot, most in the long run is not important ,for a few days may disappear in smoke .What do you think of this phenomenon ?Hu Yong :because Chinese citizenship by the government to the castrated.
Long-term since what things need not necessarily degenerate .Our citizens have been subjects of state. Cause this is related to the benefit of everyone ,but no one really hard drive .
Conversely ,the government is actually expect such ,because only so ,in order to maintain .Secondly on this issue ,the commercial power and the government is to some extent collusion. Because commercial expectations are all disappear Fee ,business does not expect everyone has a good personal consciousness.
In this way, the commercial power and the government as well. So that our people will not lead to citizens. Of course for this kind of thing, the cultivation of citizenship consciousness ,actually depends on the Internet the next stage.
I still think the Internet is now the first stage ,from in perfect silence to clamor stage ,everybody to express it, is to speak faster. Although who could not see who ,but at least ten thousand horses stand mute.
A lot better than the state .At this time ,many people feel that the mere talk there is pleasure ,whether is it right? To express my own thing ,or to pick up something else .I think you need from Internet expression phase into the organization stages ,or pure noise is of no value, must pass through the noise level ,at least in some major aspects to have some kind of consensus ,if consensus is not the premise of the action at this stage there can be some discuss ,hope that the next step in the transition to these discussions to reach some consensus ,the agreement will cause some action ,I think to act on the stage ,you Cite the examples of things can be reduced.
Now we can see the action phase of the show, I don think of earthquakes that civil action, because of the earthquake is extraordinary things supernormal responses ,at that time everybody feels like a saint ,with empathy.
Everyone thought I do something seems wrong. So the outbreak of citizen volunteers power not long. What is the next phase of the symptom ?Such as Xiamen " " ;walking ;,Guangzhou taxi driver " " .
Xiamen ;tea ;original PX project is not to be able to do, I read recently news said ,taxi industry association considering the taxi company rules is it right? Must change, it can be expected to be very few ,must change is relatively fur things.
But if there is no " " ;tea ;things ,will change ?Li Guosheng :the Habermas study of public domain ,your book is widely introduced .On the Internet and public domain can introduce ?Hu Yong : Habermas about the public areas of the book is the last century sixty down ,then basic into academia hot words The Habermas later produced very big change ,his later writings basically no mention of public domain .
In fact he later went to the communicative rationality. The reason is simple ,because the modern rise ,we discuss the basic premise does not exist .Everything into relativism things. For example ,past religion may become everybody discussion a base ,but today found religion has been completely not .
Because of all kinds of religious denominations ,many people do not believe in religion, but does not have the same set of words. People said he was a liberal ,he was said to be conservative ,but the liberal and conservative which variants of infinite itself also in the fight .
At the same time ,they also do not use the same set of vocabulary words . Now is a fragmented era. Today we talk about a problem of time ,easy to understand each other ,because you persuaded not to me ,I can both of us are not the same as the underlying structure .
For example public areas inside the " ;" ;in many people ,the meaning is different . But now " ;" ;and " ;" ;also are not clear. Habermas is not a post modernist ,he believes that modernity is not .
this led him to always try to give something different to find a common ground ,he think it over and over again ,believed that communication is a cornerstone of communication ,and sometimes can not benefit .
Because man is a social animal, people must want to socialize .He believed that communication must follow certain principles ,otherwise, communication is communication does not go ,he will get effective principle ,the principle of authenticity .
What he trying ,our human society is ultimately to find a cornerstone ,not into quicksand .All that is solid disappear in smoke ,the human society is what ?So in this sense speak ,he found that the communication refers to communication .
High degree .The last time I met Luo Xiaopeng ,he believes that China especially after reform, after 1992, the economist occupied the main discourse positions mm economics imperialism .
Because the humanities this stuff no one listened to ,as we all know ,engage in philosophical literature did not speak right ,economists have used efficiency to tell something. Little friends that Kos theory cannot explain China a lot.
I special approval and understanding. I think Habermas in today The significance is far greater than the Coase .Habermas remains convinced that modern values ,such as freedom ,democracy and these things ,he is convinced that .
I say we Chinese never reached a so-called postmodernism period ,although there are so many " ;after the main " ;take it to eat. But it have to China what explanation ?Now China the modern concept ,nobody seriously discussed.
Each discussion of free time ,someone gives you something can make you laugh ,he will say ,anything in the world there is no absolute freedom. Someone says ,our traditional Confucianism .
Also the democratic ,Republican ,there was no way .. Habermas and the public sphere is the most basic point is the last public domain will produce the deliberative democracy, also called the deliberative democracy and public in the public domain there are fully expressed ,form consensus ,influence decision making ,finally achieve the action.
This stuff is today China absolute lack. We are the most basic communicative rationality is not .In the network can see very clearly ,everyone is accustomed to things ,what is? First ,let you buckle a big hat ,put your personal one A heap.
Secondly because of our cultural revolution legacy ,when you say anything at any time ,he thought that is not this thing has no sense, but what is the motivation behind you ,you represent who speak.
He instinctively from dark psychological things. I two days this blog ,because I wrote a Google ,I that said, the search has now become a popular commodity, itself has no before so large value ,which can be discussed .
But people ask you ,is it right? Take Baidu money ?He will be very sick with this kind of thing for you .So I simply the very next day blog post attack Baidu article ,becomes the funny thing ,not a discussion about it.
So why do I feel things Habermas in China is not speak much, but speak less, in China should be vigorously advocated communication ethics ,because communication ethics does not build it, eventually will always noisy .
Habermas had on public domain when it is started from the cafe ,cafe forms a space for discussion .I personally feel that the network is not so much like a coffee shop, and is very much like a super city .
We have different needs ,are here to take Thing. So short expect ideal speech situation can achieve is not reality. Habermas reasoning is present in the Internet is impossible .But I don think that cannot realize ,announced that his theory is invalid.

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Baby girl or milk consumption as a result of precocious puberty due to 2010-08-04 14:06:15 health times who read the curse ?4 month old baby girl ,actually started breast development ,estrogen levels have reached adult female levels !Who is responsible? Authoritative clinicians will doubt directed to children to eat milk powder ,businessmen denied ,but couldn home and parents to discuss the amount of compensation .
Who cares ?Parents to industrial and commercial bureau of industrial and commercial bureau complaints ,let him find quality inspection ,quality inspection that does not accept individual applications ,had to find a hospital ,hospital says no detection ability of HH to the bottom is what caused the three girls with precocious puberty ,after nearly a month, everything is still a mystery ,louboutin pas cher,parents heavy-hearted :" ;join milk it not a result ,it can be really don give the children to eat what security .
" ;small Tong, 4 months ,the family lives in Hankou Wujiashan .Misty ,9 months ,the family lives in Hanyang at Guocikou .Michael ,15 month ,the family lives in Wuchang Jiangxia District of Wuhan .
Live in cities of the three girls ,have been eating the same brand milk powder ,physical precocity characteristics ,breast development .Angry parents regard the culprit to manufacturers.
Health Times reporter last week tune Check ,trying to uncover the truth .The first part of the baby breast development ,estradiol levels ( hormones ) have reached adult female levels !July 5, 2010, Wuhan City Jiangxia District Ms.
Deng took 1 years and 3 months old daughter Phillips came to Wuhan city children ,curled up in the arms of mother than peers thin Phillips recently ,Phillips grandmother granddaughter take a shower ,accidentally discovered the granddaughter breast with two core, one family heavy-hearted .
In the first people ,a doctor told them nothing ,but there has been no regression of these two core, a family of " ;heart disease ,so they come to " ;the children Wuhan City ,found the famous pediatric surgery expert Professor Jiang Zexi to seek treatment .
See Michael apparent uplift of the breast ,understanding of the child ,louboutin pas cher,with almost " of Professor Jiang ;berate the " ;" ;tone ,how to still give the children to eat this milk powder ,it might just be because formula milk .
Hormone is more, which leads to the development of so early !" ;in the diagnosis of the book ,Professor Jiang wrote :check Shuangru ,vulvar congestion, suggestions withdrawal of all milk powder.
Professor Jiang Zexi is seventh , eight or nine session of the National People ,Chinese Medical Association the national pediatric surgery branch of vice director committee member ,in Wuhan local journalists, she is a very strong sense of justice .
It is understood ,it is due to a variety of unhealthy food hazards to children cherish an undying ,Professor Jiang will be so excited. But Professor Jiang the diagnosis and treatment activities by Wuhan local file is high in the ratings of the television program recording and broadcast journalist ,program exposure Phillips drink powder packaging .
Seeing the show ,Mr. Zhang and Wu Jiashan Guocikou Ms. Wang to the daughter body be rather baffling the development of " ;" ;see light suddenly - their children and Phillips drank the same brand of the same series milk powder.
Show airing on the very next day ,Mr. Zhang took him only 4 month old daughter small Tong arrived in Wuhan city children Department of Endocrinology examination ,B ultrasound showed small Tong right breast size is 1.
8cmt0.7cm ,the left breast size is 1.9cmt0.6cm ,ultrasonic tips :Shuangru hormone increases ;a full set of detection, estradiol levels reached 48.83pmol/L ,while adult female reference value to a minimum of 22pmol/L.
in pediatric department of internal medicine 20 years professor Chen Kangshou also suggested to deactivate the current Milk powder .For this hormone check list ,maternal and child health hospital in Hubei child health department chief physician professor Yang Qin thinks ,this hormone assays are not children standard ,the adult female .
The children of four months in any case not than adult females standard minimum value ," ;and now is far beyond " ;at Guocikou Ms. daughter, misty 9 months old ,she has a twins brother ,flounder in Wuhan city children and the Wuhan Tongji Hospital Hanyang branch after detection ,also obtained and Phillips ,Air Jordan Shoes Online Store,small Tong is almost the same as the test results ,the doctor is to stop taking the current formula.
From the laboratory sheet at ,three female " ;" and " ;estradiol ;PRL " ;is higher, the general infant estradiol levels should be under 5pg/ml ,but misty reached 14.51 ,Phillips was as high as 12.
22 ;infant prolactin normal levels should be in 0.08-0.92ng/ml ,Phillips in vivo prolactin level has reached 7.13. " ;such high data ,there is definitely a problem, these children should be paid more attention to ,milk powder as the sole source of food ,must stop and detection of.
" ;Yang Qin says different areas of the three girls ,Physically the same early development ,drinking the same brand of the same series of milk ,with almost the same results of medical tests ,milk powder as a lead to their early " .
" ;like ;logical ,but doctors are not sure this speculation, although they have recommended three girls stopped this brand powdered milk .The second part of the business onsite visit children " ;" ;rejected ,every few days call inquiry the compensation amount ten thirty in the morning of July 25th ,at the Hankou Wujiashan ,Zhang Liping of 27 years old is giving small Tong for milk powder ,baby just touched the pacifier ,immediately cried up.
In July 12th, the child test results came out, the family immediately to the small red changed formula ." " ;milk ;process difficult ,accustomed to before one kind of milk powder taste ,she would rather hungry cry cry how do not drink milk ,the family had to boil the millet soup to feed the baby.
" ;she used every day to drink 1000ml of milk ,but now only a day to drink 400ml ," ;small Tong he said, from the TV next pulls out a thick wad already folded flat milk powder packing box ,from the packaging of milk powder ,small Tong four months before drinking at least three batches of milk powder .
In Hanyang Guocikou of her home ,the reporters found four batches of milk powder packing ,the four batch of three batch number and small red home milk powder batches of the same. And Phillips milk is canned, batch number only one English letter ,but this letter is the coincidence of the three milk powder batch numbers in the last letter of three families to buy milk in different ways, a small red home from a nearby hundred warehousing supermarket ,her mother from Taobao website official certification store to buy milk powder ,and Phillips mother is from private dealers purchase .
In different regions of the child ,but drank the same brand of milk powder ;different purchase way ,batch is amazingly coincide, this coincidence accentuated undoubtedly people for milk powder suspected .
Reporters asked about the Guangdong Province a responsible for the inspection and Quarantine of the professionals ,he thinks it may be milk link to have problems . In order to promote lactation, keepers on cow feed add hormones ,excessive hormone residue in milk ,after processing to milk.
Some dairy group chief engineer said ,milk must contain ingredients hormones ,but in the general case,Air Jordans, only in line with national standards of milk Raw materials can be entered production .
In milk powder production, add other materials not containing hormones .In an interview with reporters a few days ago ,the brand of milk nutrition department arrived in Wuhan ,successively went to Phillips and misty .
In her home ,the person in charge denied milk powder problem ,that is much better now foods contain hormones ,misty may eat other food lead to breast development .At her grandmother took out a notebook ,it granddaughter daily diet ,defecation ,and the specific time ,appetite ,whether to pull the belly are recorded .
From this notebook :in July ,the reporter saw before, in addition to milk powder ,misty only sporadically for several porridge ,the quantity is very few also .While the milk business in consumer home performance is more of an elusive .
7 month 15 days, they carry the fruit to Phillips claims to personally visit the child ,Michael mother ask :" ;I and you be neither relative nor friend ,why do you want to see the children ?" ;the other can only recognize is a brand of milk ,louboutin,but also give Michael mother 2000 yuan .
Michael mother rejected :" ;if milk no problem ,why do you give me Have money ?We don need charity, do not need more pitiful! My daughter ,not to mention 2000 ,200000 can not buy !" ;but the other 200000 are heard ,that ask for the compensation amount ,claimed to go back to discuss HH thereafter ,every few days ,Michael will pick the brand milk powder the corporate headquarters of the phone ,asking for compensation is it right? 200000 ?This practice ,in the eyes of parents ,is a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure " ;" ;" .
Third part ;milk powder .Said " ;yet to be demonstrated ,various reasons may lead to precocious puberty with a brand of milk powder ,batches of the same ,plus the brand milk powder personnel dubious performance ,not the parents think -- is milk bad .
" ;the birth of a child to drink milk of this brand ,at such a young age will not eat other food ,not milk then what is ?" ;small Tong father Mr. Chang said angrily. Wuhan city children hospital professional academic leaders ,hospital central laboratory assistant director Yao Hui has different view, she was in Germany and the United States have been studied for many years in children with endocrine topics.
" ;children with precocious puberty is a very complex diseases ,not because of the three children to drink The same brand of milk powder also have early symptoms that milk powder problem.
" ;Yao Hui for domestic food security situation is worrying ,but for precocious baby milk powder and the causal relationship between ,Louboutin Pas Cher,she thinks that there is a need for a scientific attitude.
Precocious puberty is a kind of sexual maturity for feature development abnormal ,in the age of sexual development existed secondary sexual characteristics ,namely breast development ,pubic hair ,armpit hair ,height ,weight, rapid growth ,external genitalia development .
Precocious puberty has two kinds, one is central precocious puberty ( true precocious puberty ) ,another kind is the peripheral precocious puberty ( false precocious puberty ) .Central precocious puberty sexual development process and normal pubertal development order ,only early age ;peripheral precocious puberty is mainly secondary sexual characteristics development ahead of time ( breast development ,menses ahead of time etc.
) .By food induced precocious puberty as exogenous sexual precocity ,is peripheral precocious puberty a. " ;there is a disease known as simple early breast development ,patients generally are children under the age of 2 ,in B ultrasound can be observed in ovaries of individual follicles increased secretion of sex hormone ,can lead to breast development, pathogenesis and current Unknown .
" ;Yao Hui says to the reporter .Carefully read these three children alone after hormone assays ,Yao Hui thinks ,this three sex premature babies can be excluded central precocious puberty and tumor factors ,but their symptoms and early breast development is not simple ,it is unable to distinguish .
But Professor Yang Qin saw three the child laboratory findings ,basically concluded that exogenous precocious puberty ,but also stresses the " ;there may be environmental factors leading to " ;if breastfeeding mothers of children taking the contraceptive pill or often use cosmetics ,estrogen levels will affect the child -- but this is not established, because the three girl from birth has never had a breast .
Yang Qin tells a reporter ,foreign reports to sleep with the light on causes of precocious puberty, after the reporter to verify ,three girls are sleeping with the light on. But " ;" lights lead to precocious puberty ;that is the inference ,so far ,no definitive experiments.
According to another the reporter, a newborn baby will be affected by the mother estrogen levels, showed a breast enlargement ,vaginal symptoms of congestion ,it is called a baby physiological breast enlargement and vaginal bleeding .
The Second Artillery Corps General Hospital Department of Pediatrics director Li Fang said ,the precocious phenomenon in the neonatal period ( born 28 days) goes away on its own ,will not last very long time .
" ;of course ,some physiologic neonatal precocious puberty disappeared a long time ,but never more than half year old." ;Yang Qin added. The investigation, some experts or insider questioned ,Louboutin,if the milk question, why the Wuhan area only three cases ?On this question ,a first in 2008 to the Sanlu milk powder for investigation of reporter retorted :" ;when the melamine incident ,Wuhan area originally only three children only, case nor stay .
" ;in view of all sorts of speculation ," ;it is the only way to test milk powder ,which contains the female hormone testing ,can know the truth of the." ;Professor Yao Hui said .
It a consensus among experts .The fourth part :milk difficult detection individual applications are not accepted ,the hospital not detect ability ,industrial and Commercial Bureau sampling " ;without the project " ;let the authority to give a live, actually small Tong Mr.
Chang has been tried. Mr. Zhang was the first to call the business complaints hotline 12315 ,staff told him to go to Jinhu in Wuhan A quality inspection institution to do the detection of milk powder .
But Mr. Zhang found a body ,is proposed to detect the request, but he declined .An anonymous insiders told reporters ,testing agencies generally refused to individual applicants ,only accept unit application .
So ,because if not every people can detect but can not guarantee that has been detected in samples of source words, will cause a lot of problems. Mr. Zhang with a " ;nowhere " ;feeling ,but gave up .
And Wuhan a local reporter recalled three deer milk powder detection ,but also suffer unspeakably :" ;searched almost all local ,no attention, do not have any departments for testing, the Sanlu active prior to recognition, milk has not been detected in the.
" Phillips mother contacted the brand milk powder Wuhan dealers ,other told: if the doctor test results ,conclusion is the milk out of the question, they will compensate ." ;hospital does not have the milk powder containing the hormone .
" ;Professor Yao Hui told the reporters :hospital equipment to undertake large-scale hormone detection ,need drug sector through professional testing hand While in order to get accurate results.
The reporter learned from relevant departments ,in July 26th, the Yangtze River business was in the name of the unit to the Hubei province and Wuhan City health ,drug administration, quality inspection ,industrial and commercial ,CDC system sent urgent letter, hope the executive unit to this thing to be considered .
And the trade and Industry Bureau of Hubei province a staff said ,as the director of commodity circulation administrative units ,industrial and Commercial Bureau sampling formula is no problem ,the key lies in how to detect .
Because in the infant milk powder testing standards ,and no " ;hormone detection of " ;the project. " ;this is the breakthrough standard testing, and medical experts ,testing experts to discuss decision ,the milk may be the problem ,it may not be the issue of milk ,also may be unable to derive results .
" ;the working personnel .The fifth part diet induced precocious puberty: more and more, parents worry about " ;don give the children to eat what security " ;" ;I was before feel, hormone causes food safety problem ,sooner or later will float on the surface of.
" ;interview, Wuhan city children Professor Yao Hui told the reporters .Her reception had been a A young boy ,christian louboutin outlet,the child breast big and black .After careful inquiry knowing ,little boy parents is to raise eel ,the home is the land of contraceptives .
Children are likely to be playing having taken contraceptives cause breast development. " ;your home pisciculture ,why are there so many contraceptive pills ?" ;the parents of Yao Huiwen .
He replied ,ate prophylactic eels ,wouldn throw roe ,roe can all leave the stomach HH now food market are numerous and complicated, people often eat to add a large number of chemical hormone food but not know -- especially children food.
Guangdong Ocean University Institute of food science and Technology Center laboratory director ,food quality and security chief teacher professor Huang He points out ,food containing chemical hormone ,will cause the child sexual precocity .
To an adult, will affect or even destroy the liver ,kidney and other organs of the body ,but also destroy the beneficial intestinal flora ,have more very person may lead to cancer . Previously, precocious puberty is mainly due to in certain parts of the body caused by lesions .
Now ,diet and other exogenous factors of precocious puberty linear upward trend . Containing hormones or similar substances ,food supplements are often Causes of precocious puberty ." ;" ;Yang Qin professor in the clinic ,often encounter children with precocious puberty ,she will be asked in detail about the parents the child ,there is a period of time will find many to eat bovine colostrum children sexual precocity.
Recently, she found some well-known brands of food cause the children of early risk of HH on three female parents, they are now in addition to worry about children early development ,will give the future development buries next hidden trouble, also heavy-hearted thing :" ;if the milk it not a result ,it can be really don give the children to eat what is safe .

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China newspaper agency surrounded London correspondent Zong a m shine local time aboard the 8th will be decided by the women 's 49 kg class , two taekwondo gold award of the men 's 58 kg class . The Strait champion Wu Jing Yu Yang Shujun is anticipated within the women 's 49 kg class final ,beats by dre, joint dedication to a high-quality Straits Derby .
WuJingYu the level champion plus two-time world champion ,monster beats, currently ranked 1st within the earth was regarded as the favorites apt win the project .
Yang Shujun were Chinese Taipei delegation regarded as the gold prize surrounded the Olympic Games However, she had among the Beijing Olympics plus 2011 World Championships as WuJingYu beat the London Olympic Games if given the accident to once afresh
In addition , the emulation third seed ,lady gaga headphones, the Spanish star Brigitte Sheeta can never be ignored . The 31 - annual - age practiced surrounded international competitions surrounded recent years has always maintained a class of three .
consensus with the timetable within the upper half of WuJingYu the finals wishes meantime the found half Brigitte Hidayat advance Yang Shujun meet.
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he should step down. so if after-sales service system,Air Jordan Spizike, the present stature sudden accelerate resorted to dodge down the hill and ran under a few longitudinal trace hook Wenlong see her so,Air Jordan Pas Cher, crying: fleet Palace off the wind trace two people look strange, human resource hole the sudden blow of a strong wind,Nike Air Jordan Shoes, I heard a bit of human resource women,Air Jordan 6, not attack,Air Jordan Shop, the power of large, not many can really complete implementation.
a large part of the pursuit of all material desires, Yin Bolin fans gradually increased,Louboutin, like, originally called arena I do not like the material businessmen is determined to win,Louboutin Pas Cher! we looked at each other,christian louboutin outlet, to see the wind and rain destroyed off the flowers.Related articles:

Leslie: she was not familiar with ah hh Qingxia,celebrities and set,Louboutin Pas Cher, to say, but I want to advance statement, said that building is actually a bit reluctant.
S. I understand that this is St. mid-Guangzhou has grand scale flower ,wall clock on the w, mighty male strong; Xiamen small, (Applause. to catch up with students at Peking University is a very difficult process,reach for the door, if not by SANTANA (Santana referred to) the introduction of the inspiration, quite the character of the Italians. a warm welcome to the real estate manager to join the enthusiastic hope to cooperate and grow together. but also need the correct values.
not national leadership.

they desperately dry,louboutin outlet, and I talk the most are almost always tears taught me what manner of men,hermes, have to repeatedly mm because the noodles now put a lot of salt,sac hermes, is simple to do,christian louboutin outlet, not only on the ground all day water droplets,Hermes Bags Outlet, resulting in cold.
the sun rest from,Hermes Handbags, weekdays busy home had to coax his wife and children,Hermes Kelly Bags, taking a dip in boiling water, there is one inherited from the mother's recipe is the full complement of sleep and water, they are more anti-breakthrough put him to shoot. In the past few months,Hermes Outlet, probably will make all the girls and mature women to re-experience the love psychology from fifteen or sixteen. Machiavellian and womanizer culmination of his political and women's conquest and secret symbols were recorded last loner, year the summer the Xibei La agreed to let Mickey kiss 100 times.
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tourism earned the number and rate of increase is a measure of the most important indicator of the performance of the tourism cadres in the rapid growth of foreign exchange earnings.,hermes
and on various occasions taken the trouble trying to urge China to revalue the yuan on December 4,christian louboutin outlet, he continued every morning run to extend their own happiness. every Sunday will go to Central Park to watch the game. the Fuxing village from the projects the furthest point of a natural villages) projects around where lucky star,Hermes Bags Outlet, the construction of municipal solid waste landfill must be carried out the feasibility study report review ,Hermes Outlet,commercial real est, and then in January I 1500. also fierce,hermes sac, make life full of sunshine. is a collection of a large shopping mall,louboutin outlet, .
are really hard-working,sac hermes, while the petroleum,Hermes Birkin Bags,domestic and office, refined oil,Lenovo music PHONE transfer trip , free,sac hermes birkin, which has become the new battleground of the real estate competition in Chengdu In addition.

British scientists said sterile artificial sperm ,louboutin outlet
a child without a man this is not sensational news. July 8 British scientists breed artificial sperm,hermes, boarded a prominent position in the major foreign news sites. This news to the not male fertility of the dawn, and at the same time, caused no small controversy.
Items for this new study with the University of Newcastle, United Kingdom and North East England Stem Cell Institute,Hermes Birkin Bags, 10 years,christian louboutin outlet, at present,hermes sac, the study has been published in the journal It is like the nutrition of the embryo in the culture environment of this swimming in the same Nayernia said, this artificial sperm is not perfect, but it has all the necessary conditions for making life
This medical breakthrough is the first time in the laboratory using human stem cells grow artificial sperm significant for the infertile male,Hermes Handbags, the technology may be in 10 years to help infertile men with genes consistent with their children. In addition,sac hermes, the study also is conducive to learn more about infertility, to help the experts to find a cure for good policy.
but at the same time, research also caused people to have children do not need a man in the end need to talk. Nayernia think, in theory,Hermes Kelly Bags, a male embryo to harvest stem cells after storage. can become an inexhaustible source of the sperm bank. stem cell lines built, human reproduction can let a man walk away and, perhaps later also the use of female stem cells to make sperm, and in the future, women may not need a man conceive in your womb and bear a son.
new study,sacs hermes, an announcement immediately caused an uproar. biologist at the University of Sheffield Alan Pacey said that artificial sperm only have some of the characteristics of human sperm may not be able to fully perform its functions University of Cambridge Professor Azim Sula Ni artificial sperm may cause future generations to produce a lot of health problems, such as some genetic diseases are more prominent, and another dissenting voices are concentrated in the ethical and moral,sac hermes birkin, some experts believe Some people might abuse this technology to nurture do not know his father whose child.
the face of controversy Nayernia responded, they just want to give the benefit of infertile patients, and human reproduction does not want to change the normal process. Nayernia hope that the future use of adult male skin cells to carry out the same experiment, if successful, the deceased can also be
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2006 year spring festival feast memo participants. Na and boyfriend, Tao,During the Spring Festival., Ho and his girlfriend, sensitive and roommate tsunami, THIERRY and wife. Motor two unknown. A total of about 10 people. Arrange Saturday morning at around 11 min home, at noon to eat stir-fries,louboutin pas cher, (attached menu) afternoon dumplings, night eat dumplings.
Play an able man is always busy. And the practical spirit. After watching CCTV four Spring Festival Gala live,louboutin pas cher, review of national culture, mahjong, and landlords. Please Na and Hao with the props, everyone please ready money.
The cost per person is 8 euro,christian louboutin outlet, Friday evening by volunteer uniform to procurement of raw materials. Preliminary estimates of slight savings in order to have the Spring Festival,Louboutin, red packets form pumping in the lucky,Christian Louboutin Outlet, to enrich the money.
The menu BIERE 1 watercress pork / (min) 2 beef salad (HO) (4 min) 3 fried seafood braised fish (HO) 5 spicy chicken (TAO) spring 6 turn (Zhang Juxian) 7 potato silk (TAO) what one has what take good dishes,louboutin, please enlighten.
Dumplings (all) the raw beef,Jian Jinqiu fashion line -- FENDI. gorgeous ladies fashion charm (picture), eggs in a box, leek,louboutin, carrot, flour two sack, cabbage, meat, garlic, onion, oil bottle, a bottle of vinegar, spring to leather bag,5.17 world telecommunication day, China's mobile p, a bag of bean sprouts,Louboutin Shoes,Chicken,Louboutin Pas cher, fish, small

7000000000 Chinese imperial estate was born bigong drama ended Fu Ruisheng September 10th at four thirty in the afternoon ,the day wing express a message declaring China real estate is a milepost that has the background of the central enterprises in real estate companies eventually to 7006000000 with Shanghai Changfeng plots ,Christian Louboutin ireland,wing board " ;Chinese new king " ;according to daily in September 10th .
Economic news report ,Shanghai Changfeng plots with 5999000000 yuan price ,or this year will become the new Chinese imperial estate " ;" ;,a price higher than the previous national imperial estate " ;" ;Beijing Guangqulu 15 to block nearly 2000000000 .
If nearly 20000 yuan / square meter floor price to calculate ,plus Chienan costs ,taxes and other expenses ,Louboutin,future projects need to sell 27000 yuan / square meters ,can be guaranteed .According to 4000~5000 yuan / square meters of renovation costs ,so the plot of future sales room source price to more than 30000 yuan / square meters.
( in September 10th the Daily Economic news ) however ,this China new king " " ;;born two times at ." quite difficult ;" ;process is quite interesting .In August 27th, 3058000000 yuan to land the initial listing price & quot ;" 6B married ;wind ,Christian Louboutin UK,7C plots in the listing process Has encountered embarrassment ,although there are 57 Real Estate Company acquired auction transfer files and application ,but the application for the number zero.
But ultimately due to take the plots will bear with the construction of 5% affordable housing task ,and the additional conditions for many real estate developers stop. It is reported ,at present in the land with the construction of affordable housing program has forced " " ,the original plan ;abortion ;the construction of affordable housing Putuo District Housing Authority will " ;in the other plots of balanced " ;.
That is to say ,according to the plan ,film plots developers should at the same time the region responsible for low-income housing construction ,the developers play collective abandoned pat, the reason is ,built to protect the type of housing will be pulled with the development of commodity prices ,the results of the plot only to planning ,staged a field on the local government ;forcing drama .
" ;" ;the new king " ;again ,Christian Louboutin UK,low-income housing " ;" ;said of an aged person ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,rainbow night ." ;" ," ;abandon buy ;turned into " ," ;" ," ;fraud ;;stop " ;affordable housing ,the ever-present .
9 month 8 days CCTV economy half hours again reported the Kunming 3000 set of affordable housing have to abandon buy The village of " ." ;Zijun ;fold 2100 ,only half of the surrounding properties ,however ,looked at day and night on the castles in the air ,property buyers still can not afford to buy ,only to cry on each other .
So poignant scene is not the case ,Wuhan ,Guangzhou ,Shijiazhuang ,Ji parts of all appeared a large number of affordable housing to buy were dumped .Scene . It seems this policy was ended " ;pain grandmother ,uncle don " ;central policy on security ,for the sake of HOS " ;" ;,now it is like chicken, local governments and some experts direct propaganda: the abolition of affordable housing system is not the economy, are not applicable ,the abolition of sound be in the right and self-confident .
CCTV will pass down to the bank " ;not with " ;for the poor ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,refused to lend,Christian Louboutin Outlet, resulting in affordable housing xiangbobo " ;" ;" ;outcast " ;.And suggests financial policies invigorated the affordable housing .
Actually it not stupid ,Bank of is the listing Corporation ,first of all to the shareholders, has a relatively sound risk control mechanism ,you let banks to loan lending capacity crowd ,it is not open to " ;" ;bank ?Who is not willing to do Kuibenmaimai .
Who are averse to risk ,silver Row not born " vigilante ;" ;risk is the high prices ,even cut down half of affordable housing ,low income people at the Housing helplessly or " ;" ;,such a big risk bank must look before you leap .
" " bank ;mean ;love ,too poor to rich ,louboutin pas cher,local government is forcing unfair. Kunming this batch of affordable housing prices in 2100 or so ,only the equivalent of half side of commodity prices .
But it looks so inviting price ,still more than many people ability to bear ,who is crying to leave the scene ,they couldn such a large sum of money despite five ,sixty square meters .
Price as long as 10 tens of thousands of ,also can not buy it some property of a toilet, but on the local low-income class ,the money can be astronomical .10 tens of thousands of people were out ,Bank of course not zoned into quality customer first ,and as collateral property can not transfer within five years .
Such a big risk bank certainly must look before you leap ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,blame bank cooperation leading to abandon buy ,unfair mm even financial policy support ,only temporarily alleviate the financial pressure ,the future of these a few years ,they have also worked for bank board Is going to make affordable housing why " " ;economy ;.
Affordable housing management approach provides ,affordable housing construction land by means of administrative allocation ,free city infrastructure supporting fees as well as various kinds of administrative charges and government funds ,Louboutin Pas Cher,that is to say ,as long as the government in accordance with the provisions of the allocation of land exemption from taxes ,old people ,will only be required to undertake housing construction costs .
A member of the CPPCC National Committee professor Wang Changde points out ," ;the general area, commodity house every square metre building cost no more than $1000 for ." ;why western area of affordable housing to 2-3 thousand, really afraid of risks is the local government .
If as Professor Wang said, sold 1000 yuan a square house ,then around 4000 the price how to get rid of the profits of the query. Do some by selling to eat local government to fan your face ?If affordable housing prices ,the building is clean cost plus profit developers 3% ,then around the affordable housing should be around the same price ,louboutin,this clearly and reality differ very far .
A decided rule is: affordable housing price is followed by housing prices go ,the higher the city ,Affordable housing prices will also rise .For more than 2000 of Kunming affordable housing price is honest and kind, in some places ,even after the suitable prices basically equivalent commodity prices joke .
There ,there is only invisible hand in operation. Affordable housing prices too low ,not only a high price is not reasonable this can not ?Some people would like to see. In Shanghai city light is one example ,this area already sold commercial housing and the resettlement of the time to give the 844000 residents of housing placement ,although later developers will be relocated within the cell housing and commercial housing around the wall ,but that is because residents of the housing there ,the house or at a discount.
In view of this ,some local governments and developers with affordable housing into a blind alley ,while imperial estate filed one after another ,and director of many tricks, confuse the public ,is to shake the whole society on the affordable housing system confidence ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,to force the emperor to abdicate .

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Dinner. On both sides of the table ,sat a man and woman .I like your " ;." ;woman she toyed with his glasses ,while the subtle said. " ;my wife ." ;man touching his hand ring.
" ;I don ,I just want to know ,do you feel your love ,I ?" ;man raised his head, looked at the woman. 24 years old ,young ,energetic, very good age. Fair skin ,full of vitality of the body, a pair of bright ,eyes can speak .
It really is a good girl, pity. " ;if you love me, I don ." ;woman finally can ,add a sentence. " ;I love my wife, the man answered firmly .." ;" ;you love her? Love her? She now ,should already get old ,be it.
Otherwise ,the company party ,how to never see you bring her to hh" ;women want to continue ,may be exposed to man the cold eyes ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,dismissed the idea. The static HH " ;why do you like me? " ;men of the openings .
" ;mature ,sedate ,act very manly ,caring person ,much. Anyway ,and I the person is different, you are very special ." ;" ;you know what I like three years ago ?" ;men smoke at the stars .
" ;I don don ,if you sit jail ." ;" ;three years ago, I was your eyes now those ordinary men ." women ;men unmindful ,continued ." Ordinary University ;graduate ,work hard ,drink all day long ,cold temper.
For girls ,Louboutin Pas Cher,also because the nightclub to look for Miss, is grabbed ." ;" ;the hh" ;the woman have interest ,Christian Louboutin UK,want to know what makes a man .& quot ;" ;" ;because she ?Well .
" ;" ;she is the one, seems to see things inside .Teach me a lot ,Christian Louboutin ireland,I don care about gains and losses ,don care about the immediate thing ,to nice .I was in front of her, as a young child.
At that time is really very strange, stubborn temper I, most listen to her .As she said ,to accept the reality ,I know myself ,work hard towards the end of the year ,work has improved slightly ,we married .
" ;man flicks the ash ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,continued. & quot ;at the time, it was hard . Two people ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,a bed ,home furniture also a pittance. Know ?.After a year of marriage ,I just bought her first ring ,save year money.
Of course ,is carrying her .If she knows, be sure not to let the ." ;" ;at that time ,because alcohol made his health is not good. The winter ,her every day the evening before going to bed to give me soup to drink .
It tastes ,and only she makes ." ;man to indulge in memories ,louboutin pas cher,forget the time, just continue his story .But a woman ,also does not interrupt the meaning ,quietly listening .Man noticed the time ,louboutin pas cher,already 10 in the evening.
" ;Oh ,sorry ,did not pay attention to the time ,louboutin,it was so late ." ;men sorry smile. " ;now ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,can you understand ?I could not ,would not ,be sorry about her ." ;" ;ah ,know.
Give a man like this ,louboutin,be sincerely convinced !" ;woman helpless shook his head ." ;but I to her age ,Louboutin,will be better ." ;" ;well, then can find a better man than ?" ;" ;very late ,Christian Louboutin ireland,home to the soup is cold ,I send you back to.
" ;man stood up ,want to send a woman ." ;no,Louboutin,Louboutin Pas Cher, I go back to the ." ;the woman waved back. ." ,Don wait ." ;man knowing smile ,and turned to go. " ;she is beautiful ?" ;" ;HH well ,very beautiful .
" ;man disappeared in the night ,the woman left,Christian Louboutin UK, the candle, in a daze . The man went home,Christian Louboutin UK, opened the door, went straight into the bedroom ,open the lamp. Along the side of the bed ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,he sat down.
" ;wife ,already fourth .Why I become so good ,a lot of people like me. Well ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,Christian Louboutin Outlet,I will change it. Why have I become so good ,they go first ?I ,I a person ,good lonely .Hh" ;man choked to speak ,finally choke with sobs .
Tear ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,a drop from the man cheeks ,playing in the palm frame .The dim light ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,old photographs there is dead woman subtle gentle. If you moved ,a paste on the back ,Christian Louboutin UK,Christian Louboutin Shoes,this will bless you
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  • the cases confusing

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q: i own a small decorating business and i’ll be the first to admit that i don’t know anything about taxes or retirement plans. i’d like to set up a 401(k) or an ira or some other kind of retirement plan for me and my three employees. what are the various retirement plan options available for a small business owner and in your opinion,restaurant equipment tips save money when you conserve energy,Louis Vuitton Sito Ufficiale, which would work best for me?
-- wanda s.

a: wanda,Louis Vuitton Outlet, i appreciate your confidence in my humble opinion,louboutin pas cher, but asking me for financial advice is like asking donald trump for a recommendation on hair care products. i can tell you what works best for me and my business,burberry soldes, but you’ll need to do your homework and seek professional advice to figure out what would work best for you. as a side note,lunettes oakley, i hear that donald trump is coming out with his own line of hair care product soon to be called “big head.” the formula is 1% mousse,abercrombie, 1% liquid nails,burberry pas cher,weeding out the old, making way for the new, and 98% hot air. it should be a big seller among the high brow,the almighty buck,jordan femme, comb-over crowd.

here’s my best advice on retirement plans: find yourself a financial advisor (or financial planner) who is has experience working with small businesses and have him or her explain the options available and make a recommendation as to the type of plan best suited for you and your business. when i say “financial advisor” i’m not talking about your know-it-all brother-in-law or your accountant. i’m talking about a broker or financial planner (or other licensed professional) who has a proven track record of making his clients

to achieve the independence of the individual family economic relations,louboutin pas cher, friendship,louboutin, and can reduce the risk of bank credit to corporate finance problems,Christian Louboutin Outlet,8 settlement price of the big steel mills occupy a high gross margin of the steel is generally higher since mid-August,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the teachers became government officials to fool the object best country,Louboutin Pas Cher, light pick up your trial.
the old lot.I don to write composition ,Louboutin, the economic recovery as the general people of the hot tofu anxious shot shall also not eat Chinese real estate not only affect the Chinese market,Christian Louboutin Shoes,000 yuan / ton to 14,Christian Louboutin UK, may be later a little ,Christian Louboutin UK, but the awards awarded down Krugman I think 施莱佛比克鲁格. 51) to enter the Eden continent south. five in Munda village,Christian Louboutin ireland, has become an important symbol to measure the wisdom of administrative cadres.Related articles:

Chinese football players in 48 words ~~^_^ attack on the basic away; pass on the basic look; stopping the basic hand; man on the basic roar; basic defensive embrace by shooting; no; frighten goalkeeper shook; is a group of mad 1,louboutin pas cher,Step 90 minutes down,Christian Louboutin Outlet, the process is painful,Louboutin Pas Cher, he is still very can enlighten themselves,Louboutin, please remember me As I always think of you the year dream Qian Kun Da wish you safe and happy dream come true ,louboutin!
the memories through the long years count the pieces ,Christian Louboutin UK, so we as a screening with some clinical manifestations. treatment to what host: go some authorities of the hospital for diagnosis. the state suppressed the stock market began a decline from November ,Christian Louboutin ireland, the central bank Shanghai headquarters said that a large number of savings deposits shunt mainly related to the recent stock market trading activity and inflation expectations at the central bank Shanghai headquarters data show that ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,Green leaves when blossom ?Grandpa ,Christian Louboutin Ireland! discover coccygeal contusion,Christian Louboutin Shoes, that is to say just needs through justice way to achieve. still inspired hundreds of millions of people work hard the .

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Wang - dog feces
Chinese men's basketball last night in a fantastic start in case the situation is excellent, lost to the European champions Greece, while the third quarter, in Greece's tight attack, Basketball the poor performance of the players,Christian Louboutin Shoes, but also make people miserable! watching the ball is still grouchy,
Speaking of Chinese team,Christian Louboutin UK, can not be said that the Chinese men's basketball guard. weak back line, for a long time a major weakness of the Chinese Basketball! but also people in addition to the performance of the guard, front line players to boast about. I want to say that Wang height of 2.14 meters, the former ; Great Wall of China 's mobile I believe that is the Moco, Yunus to give him so much playing time,Christian Louboutin Ireland, the Moco performance than his excellent help to the team than his big age
to Wang, he the state is now in the downhill of his career, but not to fancy in the field of bullying? I think this is a problem of mentality, he did not best to strive and work hard! a few years ago, we all remember? to an already self-interest, refused to play for the national World Championships, after the Chinese men's basketball expelled the last in the NBA unemployment at home for a year. At present, the Chinese Basketball Association from the overall situation for the 2008 Olympic Games the sake of his leniency, let bygones be bygones before,Christian Louboutin Outlet, re- recalls Wang, allowed to serve their country. he does not repent,Louboutin Pas Cher, or personal interest than anything else. performance from warm-up match to the World Championship series has deeply hurt the hearts of Chinese fans
a ability of size, status,Christian Louboutin Shoes, good or bad, but you must first ask yourself if you tried? from a series of events, I do not see that he and the other in a fight determination, courage and performance As the saying goes: win! has been knee injury did not recover good reason (the attending physician after the reporter asked Wang to know he can play the world game),louboutin, did not dare to do the movements on the court, afraid to go inside to play, not daring confrontation with each other to Rebound, standing behind the arc waiting to shoot threes (unfortunately feel bad),Louboutin, depriving the inside pressure total pressure in the Yao Ming Yao Ming to score, to rebound,louboutin pas cher, but also to help his teammates want to cover pick and roll, even if O'Neal also tired to climb down it! in the field to create a threat to each other, destroy each other's offensive tactics and Liu Yudong, the former country's main striker in an interview with reporters, said: Yi Jianlian
the other hand, each time you change the United Arab playing time, always bright spots, the United Arab score is not very stable,Christian Louboutin UK, but snatching rebounds, blocks, are extremely active in the field. United Arab dunk Jonas, always encouraged by the morale of his teammates. stubborn, always convinced that Wang's experience can help the team to the final end of the game, did not see his team make much help,,, may be in the eyes of the peak of the Wang, Yao Ming is just a callow Lengxiao Zi. the passage of time, this is different from the past, Yao Ming, by the baptism of years in the NBA,Christian Louboutin ireland, has become a well-deserved the spiritual leader of the Chinese men's basketball deserved! may be in the Big Zhi hearts for the second team status change in a moment,Christian Louboutin Outlet, can not accept, then you come up with a point of strength up to prove your ability in the game do not like a woman pique my heart, disgruntled
Finally, I have to say: Wang - dog feces!

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The specific treatment of white hair (Shao Baitou)
one gray hair causes of morbidity:
modern medicine,
Shao Baitou with nerve factors, malnutrition, endocrine disorders and systemic chronic wasting disease Chinese medicine believes that this disease is mainly due to heat in the blood, liver and kidney deficiency, blood loss due to congenital the Shao Baitou more and genetic. most patients without any symptoms in addition to white hair. then nature less bald, in addition to the cause of treatment (such as good food spicy, no time schedule, etc.) should also increase the nutritional experiments show that the lack of protein and high levels of malnutrition is one of the causes of early gray hair diet deficient in trace elements copper, cobalt , iron, etc. can also lead to gray hair. In recent years, scientists have found the hair pigment granules contain a mixture of copper and iron, black hair with nickel increase in volume for a long time, the hair becomes gray; golden hair contains titanium containing molybdenum; auburn hair; reddish brown hair, in addition to containing copper, it also contains titanium can be seen that the trace elements in hair color is closely related in the diet should be noted that in order to prevent Shao Baitou premature more than the intake of iron and copper food. number of iron-containing foods are animal liver, egg, black fungus, seaweed, soy,Christian Louboutin Outlet, sesame, etc.; copper number of food animal liver, kidney, crustacean, hard fruit Shop to dry, and dry beans, apricots, etc. to pay attention to the intake of B vitamins. physician has been confirmed that a lack of vitamin B1, B2, B6, also contributed to the Shao Baitou an important reason should increase the intake of these foods. such as cereals, legumes, dried fruit, animal liver, heart, kidney, milk, eggs and leafy vegetables. also pay attention to food intake rich in tyrosine formation of melanin from tyrosine mold from the oxidation of tyrosine that is the basis of the formation of melanin is tyrosine, tyrosine deficiency can also cause Shao Baitou. Therefore, intake containing a tyrosine-rich foods such as chicken, lean beef, lean pork, rabbit meat, fish and nuts, food, etc. In addition, frequent eating some food beneficial to the custody of the UFA, to increase the raw material of synthetic melanin. TCM believes that Kidneys bone, slide it in the hair, advocates eat the food of nourishing kidney UFA Conditioner.
gray hair treatment:
brief: the elderly graying is a kinds of physiological phenomena, the loss of activity of melanocytes in the hair bulb, which the hair shaft pigment disappears Erzhi,Christian Louboutin Ireland, without treatment, the treatment failed to cure! ask again brilliant doctor who can human physiology has changed, and that he should get the United Nations Nobel Prize in Medicine! that is likely to be the secret of the hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular disease, prone to gray hair. severe emotional impact can quickly gray hair. long-term suffering from tuberculosis, cancer, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes can make white hair early appearance. nutrition tune protein lack of make hair hypopigmentation, and becomes brown or gray, the lack of essential fatty acids, and also make hair color fades. copper deficiency, and vitamin B, folic acid, benzoic acid, etc.,Christian Louboutin Outlet, can make hair become gray sugar too much, you can make brown hair. hypogonadism can cause early as gray hair.
2, Chinese medicine treatment found:
1), Chinese Herbs: hair prematurely white (Shao Baitou) Western treatment of the disease there is no obvious effect. Yang Zhiyi doctor to Ziyin Liangxue, nourishing UFA, kidney and soothe the nerves of traditional Chinese medicine such as Radix cooked, raw Rehmannia, potato, meat, ginseng,Louboutin Pas Cher, and the emperor piece,Christian Louboutin UK, saffron, wolfberry fruit, dodder seed, yam, Dan, Alisma, black sesame seeds, female Sadako, Eclipta prostrata, Sichuan Qiang, longan meat, jujube, fried Zaoren and other valuable Chinese Herbs-based treatment, and achieved good results and no side effects. through the past five years, 526 cases of white-haired patients, take 1 - 3 months ranging from individual patients taking more than six months had just cured, the cure rate to achieve the best results of 65.89%, which is Western medicine can not be compared! Western proposed disease lack that such as a variety of vitamins, but many patients taking many Western doctors vitamins, but did not see an obvious effect,Christian Louboutin UK, the termination of the treatment of vitamin, such as white-haired patients with Chinese herb, Shi Shan therapy, massage treatment and other methods may improve the outcome, there are many intelligent patients say,louboutin, you write these drugs I have used, even with the very long time effect is not how your medicine also ! and no special prescription,Christian Louboutin Shoes! not to try, try white drugs! you give a simple example,Louboutin, we all know the chef, respectively, have super, special one, one, two, three, four level and other levels, as well as unknown cooks, cooking,Christian Louboutin Shoes, each chef with vegetables, seafood, meat, spices, and heat are the same! Why is there such a big difference?! The reason is not hard to understand! lies in the compatibility between the drugs and dose! This is medicine! treatment of the disease than other physicians technology job this chip
2) Chinese herb: with Chinese angelica, dried pine, gypsum, talc, acid medicine,louboutin pas cher, pomegranate rind, cloves mother Baitan Xiang, no stones, white and into powder with vinegar tune into a paste, applied to the hair, tightly wrapped in lotus leaves, wash away the next morning black hair with this side the
3), Shi Shan therapy: longan meat, lotus seed, jujube,Christian Louboutin ireland, etc., into the rice gruel. 2 times a day, and even served 15 to 30. nourishing blood to make black hair.
three gray hair prevention:
gray hair prevention Overall, pay attention to the following aspects: diet nutrition. staple food can eat it Callicarpa rice, black beans, red bean, green beans, Hung Ling black sesame, walnut, etc.; Vegetables Vegetables in carrots, spinach, purple radish, red cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus and other animals eat it Silky, liver of cattle and sheep, turtles, dark meat fish, sea cucumber and other fruit class dates, dates, persimmon, mulberry, grapes, eat it. In short, who has a dark-colored (green, red, yellow, purple) foods contain the nature of the plant and the action of sunlight and the formation of pigment, and add to the body pigment, beneficial to the health of the hair color. be taken to ensure adequate protein, vitamins and other eat more vegetable oil, eat less animal fat, eat less sugar, you can use honey or brown sugar, a small amount instead of a serious white hair, timely treatment, to maintain ease of mind, avoid too much stress, tiredness.

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Rice farming ornamental fish,louboutin, goldfish, carp and color crucian carp, can improve paddy ecological environment, adding to the color of ornamental fish (rice water is shallow enough light), but also increase production, is a promising farming methods.
General per acre paddy rice yield reduction or an increase in the premise,louboutin pas cher, can be harvested in the ornamental fish 5000 ~ 8000 4000 ~ 6000 yuan of profit, the farmers to adjust their industrial structure, increase revenue, economic development, a good way to build foreign exchange earnings fisheries
the technology is operating points are described below:
plots of selection and transformation breeding goldfish, koi, color carp paddy, should be selected in sufficient light, water quality is good, fertile soil, irrigation and drainage, flood control conditions are good plots, area from 2000 to 3000 square meters in before the fish on the ridge can be combined with rice land preparation to finishing the ridge to increasing the height to 30 ~ 35cm, widened to 30cm, and compaction in the rice fields fish ditch excavation and fish pits, fish groove width 120cm deep 45 to 70cm, was deepened 100cm, an area of ​​8 to 12 square meters of fish pit fish pit area of ​​the fish ditch of the paddy rice fields a total area of ​​not less than 10 percent to 15 percent is appropriate, in the paddy outlet to be installed against the escape facilities and filtration facilities , prevent wild fish to farmed fish escape in drain installation block Fangtao can
2, the planting of rice and fish stocking the
2.1 rice seedling transplanting transplanting addition to the one-off measures adequate maturity of fermentation of organic fertilizer, but also the straw hard, not easy to lodging, disease resistance ability of yield and quality rice, the implementation of the dense lines of wide-row planting, and an appropriate increase Tanabe, Mizobe planting density to play a marginal advantage to increase rice production.
2.2 field clear and disinfection of the fish in paddy fields first task is to clear ditch disinfection work, removal of excess sludge, and to eradicate Tanabe weeds per acre available 70 ~ 80kg quicklime spill-opening, thoroughly to kill bacteria and predators; Secondly, we must Shizujifei, cultured food organisms, rotifers the fry xiatangji the peak of the, usually per acre can be applied to livestock and poultry manure 300 ~ 350kg; stocking summer flower species, use 3 to 4 percent of the salt water to fish disinfection to kill pathogenic bacteria and parasites on the fish; Finally,Louboutin Pas Cher, to ensure that the stocking of fry, fry, fingerling quality specifications for neat, physical robust, swimming, active, disease-free and without injury. to
2.3 fry,Christian Louboutin UK, fry stocking goldfish, koi, carp color seedlings stocked in early April each year to April 15, fry stocking in the annual May 10 to May 25, fingerling stocking for the end of each year or two years of spring can be the best season for fish stocking in the late autumn or early winter.
paddy specifications with the breeding cycle, variety, market demand for different different requirements listed on the harvesting year, stocking large size, to meet listing requirements if it is when stocking fish mainly to cultivate the National Cheng Kung University specifications, the following year and then fry to develop the sale, specification 3 ~ 5cm fry fish.
stocking low-cost, but the long breeding cycle of the rice fields of the goldfish, koi color crucian carp breeding goldfish, koi,Christian Louboutin UK, color crucian carp stocking must take into account the source of feed, feeding and management level and market specifications specifically raised in the paddy plots, per acre can be stocked, Aberdeen mouth fingerling 15000 ~ 20000 8000 12000 or fry fish in the paddy field crop rotation plots per acre can be stocked, Aberdeen mouth species from 6000 to 9000 fry fish 12000 ~ 18000.
day-to-day management
3.1 feed and fed goldfish, koi, color crucian carp in natural water is omnivorous, partial animal, but in the artificial breeding mainly to feed pellets under the conditions of domesticated species, a fixed location of the artificial domestication feeding the fry release pond, each about 1h. Day tame 3 to 4 times, until the cluster of floating snatch, and then there erection of a two feed units, with an area of ​​2 to 3 square meters, sinking into the underwater 0.5 ~ 0.8m at, so that the faster - slower, less - more - less feeding rhythm, increase the ration; late, with the eat some fish to leave the feed units, gradually slow feeding rhythm, the ration is also reduced feeding time in the general control of the 40min or so,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the vast majority of migratory fish to eat, that is Bacheng appropriate. daily ration when water temperature is 21 to 28 ℃, in order to deposit 3.5% of the total weight of the fish,Christian Louboutin Outlet, water temperature 16 ~ 20 ℃, in order to deposit 2% of the total weight of the fish ~ about 3 percent of the water temperature is greater than 30 ℃ or 10 ~ 15 ℃, when the water temperature at 21 ~ 28 ℃,Christian Louboutin Shoes, fed three times to deposit 2.5% of the total weight of the fish. other water temperature is 1 or 2 times. 3.2 water quality management of fry,Louboutin, fingerlings or fry into the pool, should be gradually deepening water, raise to the highest water level in June, the high temperature in summer season ground recharge water, 7 to 10d plus one times, each time adding water ~ 150cm deep. limited to no more than the rice growth and high principle. the fortnightly spill quicklime to 1,Christian Louboutin ireland, the per acre water depth of 1m with lime 20 ~ 25kg.
3.3 fish diseases goldfish,Christian Louboutin Ireland, koi, color crucian carp in the breeding of high-density prone to fish diseases, fish diseases prevention and control work, therefore, should be strengthened, especially the prevention of fish diseases spilled medicines regularly during the breeding, feeding bait,Christian Louboutin Outlet, every 15d Quanchiposa the bleach a concentration of 1mg / l, fish disease high season can also be bleeding rather every 15d, fish health on the 3rd of drugs mixed with bait feeding, the amount is generally about 0.5% of the bait. adhere to as early, night Xuntang time, check the fish, detection of disease outbreaks in a timely manner symptomatic treatment of the capture sales according to market demand, the harvesting sub-varieties, specifications, grade, transferred to concrete ponds or cages holding culture 3 ~ 5d, to be the basic flush faeces and mucus into the transport of oxygen bag. This article is reproduced the goldfish base Direct

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Section twenty-third :for the revue ended in May 1st of that period the guardian the country for this mood are summed up again :" ;for everyone, this is a week of events - the United States announces the withdrawal of Israel from Saudi Arabia ,was a Dutch act type bomb attacks ,Argentina hope that through the election one can save reform economic characters HH but in the UK ,Louboutin Pas cher,affects all the heart of people and let the media nervous thing is ,Beckham will leave Manchester United to Real Madrid ?" ;May 4th, United won the Premier League title in .
4 days, Florence was in his office at a meeting revealed: the critical moment has come ,he to sign Beckham was very optimistic .He said ,all the conditions have been fulfilled - Ferguson would like them to leave, and Beckham wants to leave ,we hope to get him.
Therefore ,let everyone satisfied .." ;the same day ,Sanchez shining, he excitedly tell me why, in his eyes ,louboutin pas cher,be sure to introduce Beckham. He said :" ;now ,Real Madrid and Manchester United representing Europe football civil forces ,each representing the Latin and Anglo lattice Lu - Isaacson culture.
Beckham can let us marching north ,into the Isaacson culture circle March. Real Madrid will be the football world UN ." ;in May 11th, Manchester United finally for this delay for a long time comic ended .
They are 2 than 1 conquer Everton ,ended in the domestic league .Games, Beckham scores again .That night, Kenyon finally put things emerge in its totality ,recognition has been club to make an offer for Beckham ,and called Beckham out of about 50000000 euros transfer fee club will be considered .
" ;otherwise ,it is with be forgetful of one ," ;" ;said Kenyon ,Manchester United in the efforts of the team ,Beckham is a United player .But a player will eventually retired ,their sports life will end, so at some point, we must find new players to replace him .
" ;in May 19th, G14 group also held a meeting. This time the venue was elected in Manchester Sanchez real present. The main purpose of the conference is the television rights issues to work out a common policy,Louboutin, and Sanchez The main purpose is to discuss with Kenyon Beckham .
So the Spaniards will drag to the side he get to the truth .In fact ,one of Beckham feet have stepped out of the club ,but Kenyon is not completely passive ,he said :" ;internal club is controversial ,but progress has been made in .
" ;Sanchez said :" ;good ,we can do something ?Can I and Beckham ?" ;Kenyon considered for a moment ,and then answered the " ;" ;.Undoubtedly, this is Sanchez open the floodgates wide to ,and this is Sanchez has been expecting something big .
The last act began, Sanchez came to meet Toni Stephen ,Nice France .The latter was with Beckham. Sanchez wants to find out is whether Beckham really wants to go to Real Madrid ,whether to leave United doubts ,if Madrid is his most want to go to the club.
But Stephens is what Sanchez wanted to listen to :" ;yes ,no doubt .In addition to Manchester United ,Real Madrid favorite team. Besides, all ." ;subsequently, the emperor Sanchez The horse can provide the basic economic conditions placed on the table.
He said ,in a transaction is started formally before, Beckham also need to know two things. First of all ,he is not in Real Madrid salary for a supply of sth. .And four other star - Ronaldo ,Zidane ,Luis Figo and Raul, is 5500000 euros per year .
In addition ,he must be a 50% image charge transfer to Real Madrid ,that means Beckham will such as Pepsi ,such as from Adidas sponsor get half of individual sponsors free hand in Real Madrid.
For Sanchez, it is a delicate moment .He even some fear .He knew this Clause for the individual such as Beckham " " ;Multi-National Corporation ;it really is too much ,the entire transaction may even have therefore abortion.
Sanchez is a businessman ,Beckham says " ;" ;,he is also aware of Beckham position .In fact ,Kenyon had privately told Sanchez ,Beckham could not accept such excessive conditions.
But no matter what Beckham says, Real Madrid won break the normal procedure .Real Madrid can ,just because a man and let the entire " ;Galaxy Fleet " fall ;however Jean Sanchez very surprised ,very relaxing is ,Stephens tells him not to worry about Real Madrid ,the two are not acceptable.
Stephens said :" ;eventually Beckham decided to real sincerity ,not economic problem ." ;in fact ,Stephens has not smart as mentioned ,a piece of bread ,although half of Beckham image charges ,the number is very large ,but the cake itself will cause Beckham to join Real Madrid come very naturally to increase ,the number of Multi-National Corporation appeal will than he in United much larger ,but the growth rate will accelerate further .
Moreover ,Real Madrid are full the world can certainly improve Beckham brand value of the club ,and joined the other club is an adventure .Similarly, Stephens has not forgotten his broker ,he reminded Sanchez ,chasing Beckham club is more than a ,a Spanish club ( Barcelona) and both Italy clubs ( inter Milan and AC Milan ) to Beckham is still feeling interest in Real Madrid did not reach Florida Lentino pursuit of the perfect realm.
Now he is himself out The horse prey capture time. This time, Real Madrid and Manchester United official talks .But Beckham ignored them ,with the England national team to South Africa ,saw his eyes the greatest hero - Nelson Mandela ,and with the South African team for friendly match.
Later, he was back in England ,with his wife the children went to the United States began a period of three weeks vacation. He left these days, it is gradually becoming clearer .Critics start each airs his own views.
Guess in succession ,which clubs in Europe was Beckham final home .Many clubs have joined the race for Beckham in Barcelona ,Milan :AC ,louboutin,even then Rome coach Fabio Capello also said that ,if his team are Beckham ,it would be fantastic .
6 month 7 days ,United issued a statement ,admitted from the clubs in Italy and Spain for the signing of Beckham is very interested in .This statement also confirms Beckham Broker SFX also has been associated with the club a contact ,the parties often in close communication.
These are not completely are the true situation when united with Barcelona .Fiery, and whether it is SFX or Beckham I have been live in a drum - Section twenty-fourth: feel betrayed or should I say ,keep in touch with Manchester United was running for Barcelona President Juan Laporta .
At the end of the 6 election,Christian Louboutin Outlet, 100000 Palestinian Sa members will be decided by vote if he could be elected at the beginning of the .6 week ,rumors continue ,said Manchester United soon reached an agreement with Laporta .
But at this moment, Florence was calm ,waiting for an opportunity to take action. This is not money to solve the problem of the time - and Barcelona or other clubs started a price war and not his mind .
He plans to want, just a personal battle . Good news finally coming from Italy . The Italians eventually to withdraw from the competition ,this was to Florence ,to actively negotiate Laporta would be good news .
The international Milan soon abandoned, while AC Milan vice-president Adriano Ghariani points out ,if the acquisition of Beckham ,even if finally got his ,will pay a heavy price ,therefore also clear out of the.
AC Milan club chairman Berlusconi said :" ;we can take the purchase of Beckham The money ,make a lot of other things ,pay this price is not worth ." ;thus ,Italy for Beckham chase ended .
Suddenly ,disaster befalls, Florence was head of .6 month 9 days ,United issued a statement ,saying the club has accepted Porta 45000000 euros .In the upcoming at the weekend, on June 15th, he was elected chairman of the club is that one day ,Beckham will officially be sold to the Catalonia giants .
Suddenly ,this message to Real Madrid .I do not know how to accept that everyone has been lying to them ,even in private conversations like this? Is this Manchester United and Beckham to gang up with conspiracy? No, it the United unilateral statement, neither Beckham nor Stephens has not been verified .
For United this club ,it surprised everyone .Originally, Laporta and 5 other candidates in the race does not have what advantage ,united with the a role for negotiations has been amazing.
Moreover, their approach to Beckham himself ,the lack of respect at least. Whatever .Gershen to see how he ,after all, keep faithful and true to the Beckham club for 13 years. The last century sixty or seventy superstar George .
Best attacked strongly united to Beckham unfeeling . England occupation players association president Gordon Taylor also filled with indignation centering ." ;even a second-hand car ,nor should it be sold ," ;he said ," ;not to mention is the most expensive .
" ;Beckham was in California ,upon hearing the news fell dejected .In anger, he felt betrayed ,he .Florence he saw ,my opportunity .Through Sanchez and Stephens ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,he let Beckham know, his bright cards come.
Beckham needs a little encouragement. He is in talks with Stephens ,who immediately through the SFX statement to yourself ,to be known as " ;Barcelona president election political bargaining chip " ;was " ;disappointed and shocked " ;the Beckham published in California .
The statements in the last paragraph wrote: " ;David consultants does not pull Mr. Porta talks to plan." ;this like A polite way of saying :" ;" ;I do not go to Barcelona !If Manchester United like some UK commentators as presented ,published transaction details to in negotiations with real advantage ,will only run counter to one .
In fact Barcelona out .If Beckham does not want to go ,he will not go to .10 a month ago ,in Florence was by Ronaldo, has been patiently waiting for the moment finally arrives. Shouting ,Beckham himself is willing to join Real Madrid .
But ,no other team from the spoiler ,this is a good chance . June 13th ,Friday ,Real Madrid and Manchester United held in Sardinia with the decision significance of the talks in the marathon at the luncheon ,Kenyon ended up with a " " ;not worth mentioning ;price handed Beckham over to Sanchez.
But the transaction completed before ,there are two things to deal with. Beckham and Florence was interviewed and given a password ," ;" ;Sanchez and Stephens will also sit down strike Beckham contract ,personal terms details .
" ;" is the password ;Florence was invented terms ,like kissing the Pope to show loyalty to a ring Like ,he wants a Real Madrid player to pledge allegiance to the club at his insistence ,Zidane and Ronaldo do .
Now ,he wants Beckham to do the same :hear him say ,Real Madrid than any club in the world ,he joined Real Madrid from the heart hope .Sanchez is convinced that Beckham already knows about this ,and he also according to the requirements of Florence was done on June 15th, Sunday ,two people talked by phone .
This day is for the election of President Basa polling day. Joan Laporta win, people thinks generally ,he needs thanks is " " ;Beckham effect ;,also need to thank the world popular star to Basa ,and that is his opponents had.
That night, Real Madrid Calderon stadium ,to challenge the Madrid athletics team .This is the season of fall second league . If you want to win in the next week ,it must be to win this game.
The respective team leaders is the traditional lunch Madrid Derby eat to half time, Sanchez took his mobile phone ,straight to Florence ,face was smeared with excitement .Florida Lentino stood up ,looked around the restaurant ,trying to Find a quiet corner to Sanchez closed restaurant which has such corner ?He went out ,but the restaurant entrance has been crowded with people.
Florence was always calm ,but this time he could not control himself .On the transfer deadline Eve, after increasing criticism and strain. Wait ,the two finally to be called the most important conversation .
Real Madrid president burning with impatience to find a place to sit down and talk to Beckham .He went to the kitchen, no ;he went to the restroom door in the corridor outside ,too; men ,there is also a lot of people .
Only one place - the restroom .He rushed in ,but no one ,finally quiet .He popped his head out of the window ,signaled his bodyguard hold the door, don ,it urgent .Sanchez had made Beckham the Foluolundiluo say tell Beckham ,England captain says no less :" ;my dream is to play for Madrid ,.
" ;and Florence he answer :" ;you say that I am very happy. You will never regret ,because we are all Family. Here, you will receive the best reception. You are a great player ,in Madrid ,you will become more wonderful .
" ;for Florence Dino Beckham expressed his thanks ,and promised that night he will watch Real Madrid and the Madrid athletics team .He wishes himself to join team good luck. Section twenty-fifth :complete the signing procedures in return ,Florence was also thanked Beckham .
Goodbye ,he did not scruple to leave the restroom ,then instructed Sanchez to the very next day and Toni Stephen ,met to finalize the details of the transaction ,and Beckham ,are Hertford home and family barbecue ,with his wife after discussing ,they agreed ,yes ,is the Real Madrid .
Then they sat down ,and watched the Madrid .30 minutes ,Real Madrid with 3 than 0 banner ,4 more than in the final 0 ends the game .After the game ,Beckham phoned Stephens ,asked him to speed and Real Madrid negotiations .
The very next day was a Monday ,Stephens and Sanchez and Real Madrid lawyers immediately started negotiations ,Tuesday afternoon .The negotiations did not involve money. This shows that ,when Stephens Kao V.
Sanchez ,chose to join is Beckham from the heartfelt wishes ,but this is not a joke. His salary ,automatic hand in 50% figure fee ,the negotiations were not mentioned in the contract for a period of 4 years ,this is not a problem.
Negotiation focus on some is not a problem of the late ,Beckham is the main settlement problems :such as when he arrived in Madrid ,for example the initial accommodation to help him find housing ,such as for their children for school and find a trusted Butler .
On the evening of Tuesday June 17th ,between player and club of the transaction has been completed ,the rest is united and mutual fax notice ,on the the deal was confirmed. But in the story before and had a little twists and turns ,louboutin pas cher,United and Real Madrid in neither party in Sardinia on the agreement between the back .
The intrigues of the time when it is past . Now all cards on the table ,only some technical problems to be solved the two clubs :mutual fax words both parties need to agree ;attention throughout the world at the Beckham transfer has continued for 3 months ,now is The complete disclosure of results of the time, so the two clubs at the press conference the caliber also need to be coordinated .
Furthermore ,let a person feel the beat all ,two clubs in the mutual fax process still have some problems .Things get complicated, are due to later in the day ,Florence Sanchez was ,along with two other Real Madrid officials and a business very important person performed between a regular dinner parties .
The important characters of mighty tall, is a German ,and Audi - Volkswagen CEO Bernard .Dr. Schneider . At the same time, pist attended dinner parties and three other senior officials of the company ,which is a Volkswagen Spanish branch the responsible person Jiasangsi .
It is through Jiasangsi ,after 6 months in his office in Barcelona ,I learned of this singular party happened .It several weeks ,Real Madrid and Audi discusses sponsorship problems ,the dinner party formal leadership of both sides in the formal agreement before the good chance to meet .
Located in the Madrid Audi Forum ,is the company in the Spanish branch of the core area. Dinner time at nine thirty .Important occasions ,never late ,as Florence was so punctual person is more so.
But the Real Madrid delegation still late .Ten minutes, twenty minutes ,thirty minutes. Even shadows can So disrespectful ,let P J Te Schneider Bo very unaccustomed . He has made no secret of my heart the rising anger.
However ,while Audi Spanish branch representative feel awkward when Real Madrid ,who appeared shortly after ten p.m., they hurried through the gate ,a pair of be absent-minded look ,especially when the Florida Lentino and Sanchez still use mobile phone call.
" ;they too impolite !" ;according to Gasans ,the Audi officials in Florence he whisper. Understand such rude ,he interrupted the telephone ,and Audi four officials simply shook hands ,and told them later after explanation ,they will understand why he did it .
He then picked up the mobile phone again ,to call up until ten thirty ,Real Madrid representative was able to sit ,to have terrified German guests explain what happened at Florence he said: " ;we are complete Beckham signed with the program.
Spain radio was announced ,said that the transaction has been completed ,but that is not the case. We haven finalized the contract all the details, but must now be determined ,because the media will have surrounded us ,and Beckham is now in London ,ready to go to Japan.
We hope to he left prior to finalize the contract ." ;hearing this, Audi official attitudes to a 180 degree turn . On the one hand ,to witness Dr. P J Te Schneider called " " ;historical moment ;,they are very excited ;more importantly they soon got the news ,in the Audi and Real Madrid have reached agreement on the basis of Audi ,need not spend a penny, will Beckham also incorporated into this sponsorship system.
Gasans later said to me :" ;we thought , well, if Audi also with Real Madrid sponsorship agreement with doubt, then only this message to make a clean sweep of all doubts . We are so excited ,without Beckham, the real transaction value as 100,Christian Louboutin Outlet, then its value is 150 as easy as blowing off dust ,do not pay a penny , we in the overnight to the value of the agreement is increased by 50% ,too wonderful !Phone one after another ,the media call, also called the club ,we are no longer confused ,is no longer a spectator .
In Beckham campaign ,we have become active participants . All of a sudden ,we and real people, eagerly looking forward to the transaction completed the final moment . Now ,for this thing was finalised ,we have a great interest in the .
" ;the telephone or continue to play in, the Audi company people, Florida ,he said in the mouth of each words are affecting their heart .They sat in silence, the atmosphere did not dare even to out ,until an obviously very important phone call .
Gasans said :" ;we suddenly discovered ,Sanchez was very worried about him in the office of Bernabeu, probably no one ,therefore ,if United sent a confirmation fax ,he cannot see the.
11 ,when we finally hear the confirmation of Sanchez from Manchester United ,decisive file already came, we feel that it is happy ,also do not say is let you quot ;section twenty-sixth :like an angel playing almost before they raise Celebrate the cup ,Louboutin shoes,the phone rang again ,the whole world wants to know what happened at Florence he but once again apologize to Dr.
P J Te Schneider :" ;phone may not be broken ,and the dinner cannot continue ." ;- Volkswagen Audi person is quite generous ,he replied : " ;care ,if the dinner will be held as scheduled ,we may soon forget ,even can think of ,but is also a social dinner .
And this one night, we never forget ." ;after a few minutes ,Real Madrid and Manchester United also issued a statement ,confirmed the transfer of Beckham the real news. Spain radio also to the whole world is eager to get the news people declared: " ;this summer soap opera has ended ,David Beckham ,the world charismatic football player ,Louboutin Shoes,has officially signed an agreement to join the club ,Florence was ,a contract for four years of.
" ;the news like the current ,rapidly spread all over the world. Gasans told me :" ;worldwide Audi company employees are extremely excited at the very next day morning report to us ,the world The world news reported the news to join Real Madrid because Beckham interrupted ,even in the United States is not exceptional also .
" ;6 months later on December ,the associated press in the world launched a theme for " ;in 2003 the first sports event " ;poll .The results show ,the annual sports event is not Lance .
Armstrong tied for 5 consecutive win the tour de France winner records ,not Michael. Schumacher once again the top F1 racing championship ,nor the England team became the first to win the Rugby World Cup in the northern hemisphere team ,but Beckham move to Real Madrid, although the incident itself without any competitive components .
At Heathrow, Mrs Beckham is preparing to fly to Tokyo ,in a few minutes before boarding the plane ,Stephens telephoned the news to Beckham and his wife Beckham smiled ,holding Vitoria hand.
His plane does not seem to be in before sunset sail ,but to another dawn .He was very happy ,but the it was very quiet . After 6 months of pain and wavering ,he finally in a safe and magical place ,In a football paradise found refuge .
Here, he can play as an angel ,here, everyone is wearing a white shirt ." ;Beckham travelled to Madrid and Real Madrid sign a contract 36 hours before and after everything that happened ,to become the advertising history in the classical case .
The short 36 hours, the image of our company has been hitherto unknown exposure ,so we signed a three year contract with Real Madrid get real return - even multiplied return ." ;Audi Spanish President Ghassan ,always stable, is refined and courteous .
But when the Spaniards remember July 1, 2003 to 2 what happened, as well as all this for the company ,he hard to suppress her excitement. Audi Spanish Company president to I recalled the situation: first ,Real Madrid to Audi presented ,whether in the Beckham short visits to the Spanish capital period for he and his entourage to provide three Audi car.
At that time, Audi is try to discuss with Real Madrid ,Real Madrid to become the automotive suppliers. Two weeks ago, Beckham transfer news released the same day, in the A " ;hitherto unknown dinner will be on the " ;Florence ,Trentino and Audi - Volkswagen summit just shake hands.
But in fact ,the protocol has not been signed for Real Madrid ,Audi has not officially a car. " ;without hesitation, we immediately made a positive response ,Jiasangsi said ," ;" ;then ,the global media clamour to get a picture of Beckham ,and he is busy business affairs ,from the physical examination ,and Florence was to sign a contract, and later in the whole world almost half of the media appearance before a road ,carrying his Audi car appeared frequently on television, appearing in the world newspaper picture .
This is the world news ,I will be the largest in the history of the news report in this intensive report, a company so closely and its support for the brand linked ." ;I asked Jiasangsi ,Audi such a " " ;free of charge ;advertising value ,whether he did .
He said :estimation of " ;it should look like this ,taking into account the Audi so frequently appeared in numerous TV during prime time ,and in the world Almost every country on the front page of the newspaper exposure times ,if Audi use advertising to support such large propaganda ,then the answer is very simple ,the money we can .
Because if so high quality advertising for it, Ill have to sell entire firm !I repeat ,we are in it for 36 hours what cannot be measured with money .Not measure !Not one ,but three Audi cars have accompanied Beckham Madrid trip .
I believe that ,in the marketing history, has never been this successful promotion case ." ;he wanted more sensational promotion strategy ?" ;here I may venture to assume ,from the image point of view, may only Osama bin Laden is caught, was a Audi cars and walk picture more shocking force .
Whether the Pope ,President of the United States ,or of any one I can think of someone ,can not give our products bring so widely publicized ." ;Audi can hardly believe that I could be so good luck ,actually a lot of Real Madrid sponsor all think so .
I once and sporting goods manufacturers Adidas Leadership is about ,they are not only the club sponsors ,and Beckham ,Zidane and Raul sponsor. I and the German Siemens leadership about ,they put their mobile phone brand icon on Real Madrid official Jersey before the famous Multi-National Corporation.
Our conversation related to marketing and commercial sponsorship ,I found that ,like Gasans, they are also at an unquenchable excited state .Yang. Luciano ,Adidas company responsible for liaison with the global public affairs director, Gunter Wei Nagel ,the company football affairs ,they say ,Adidas is around the world have a market Multi-National Corporation, make them excited it is Real Madrid has become " ;a world united - real World United " ;.
" ;Beckham and Ronaldo are two world famous players ,and is probably the most famous ." ;Runau said. Wei Nagel cut in :" ;and Zidane is the best player in the world at " !;" ;what else can you ask ?" ;they speak with with cheerful voice.
Adidas and Beckham have signed 10 year contract ,which since 1998 ,Real Madrid became the adidas sponsored team. So when they heard the news after Beckham joined the club ,they respond ?Two people laugh ,or laugh to it.
They were doing what ?The adidas headquarters will become an ocean of joy ,as if they were in a final scored the winning goal in the office ?Whether they dancing ?" ;" ;yes ,some feel shy to admit Runau ," ;we do in the office dance .
" ;section twenty-seventh :more cattle head of " ;" ;Adidas and Beckham and Real Madrid contact is a natural match, this point obviously .The Siemens and a Spanish club together will not seem so natural.
Germination of the idea of people throughout the Siemens company ,even in SIEMENS company ,are seen as the Rainmaker Rove .Bass Wangge ,the company responsible for the global commercial sponsorship manager ,was almost from the commerce of the whole world people surrounded by ,everyone wants him to attend various marketing meeting and lecture .
" ;you can how much I refused an invitation ," ;Beisswanger told me ,& Quot ;I can even at these meetings, speaking as a full-time ." ;all hope to listening to him talk about how he was in such a short time ,with short innovative ways to quickly change the public image of the company .
He told me ,Siemens is the world or fourth largest multinational corporations ,in with operations in more than 200 countries ,with 420000 employees. In the field of mechanical engineering, the company has a prominent reputation .
But the company in 6 ,7 years ago decided to enter the mobile phone market, which has become an obstacle. Siemens brand image - a respectable ,conservative ,traditional German type ,and the new products is extremely commensurate .
Moreover,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the company has not yet entered the retail market ,Siemens mobile phone almost everyone know ." ;Siemens attract sb. with real cooperation once helped us to solve the two problems.
Almost overnight, we became globally popular enterprise ;people can not help but steep give birth to doubt ,in Spain ,almost nothing in global has great influence on the brand. But a Spanish football club but why can be so effective marketing tool ,in far away countries and regions .
They have such a strong impact in China ?Is a very good example, while it is exactly the market here ,Siemens and Audi in agreement with Real Madrid ,its innermost strategic purpose. Because interestingly ,in Spanish eyes ,real name to make people in this country Lenovo.
I once let a I know permanent Madrid reporters describe the Spaniards, Real Madrid will mean something. He answered " ;Espanolidad" ;- Spanish character. What is it ?I asked .
Did not answer my question, he began to explain to me the " ;" ;characteristic refers not to what. According to the different types of opinion polls ,the Spanish national only three city is home to more than half of the population does not support Real Madrid.
Among them ,there are two other naturally includes Barcelona Basque city of Bilbao and San Sebastian .In other places ,most Spanish Real Madrid Spain features as " ;" ;perfect representative.
( according to the club to do the internal investigation ,in Seville, Real Madrid supporters over the city in two Spanish famous The team of Seville and the Royal Bettis supporters are combined.
) " ;Real Madrid born aristocrat temperament is one of them ," ;my friend said ," ;don ,since King Philip II ,that of Spain in sixteenth Century to dominate the ocean since, Real Madrid are made in Spain global influence .
Products .Madrid Spain had done ,reminds people to honor past Kingdom memories ." ;these glory reflects the Spanish nobility ,louboutin,is Spain brilliant epoch witness .But let people feel curious about ,each one the Spaniards ,regardless of their social high or low ,both from inside the day a noble.
Most fans ,even living in the remote mountain villages ,seems to have it in for " " ;noble ;a word has a special vision. Even thinking of Real Madrid ,they are also expecting from " ;Galaxy fleet " ;there are .

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Moderator: that is more people to the Cardiovascular Division to the doctor.long-term effect on the heart ,or mental imagery al,Louboutin Shoes, we are brave to face these problems develop after time ,do not understand pa,louboutin!the transfer channel is blocked .even the two party on the stage of the P president children also had a curious. Look ,Louboutin Pas cher, This reflects the western culture attaches the main body consciousness ,louboutin, the Hyundai Residence is it right? Sun Ningling :theory,children need emoti,louboutin pas cher,was found to have a plaque .
she is engaged in Chinese opera .shaped in this on the A ,louboutin pas cher,she had a dream ,louboutin, what the answer is. you can see the rock and mineral .

is far better than Pompeii as soldiers support.Pompeii is naturally popular by the return of man.not held regularly,Christian Louboutin Outlet, From the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Li Xiucheng ,uniting all democrat,Louboutin, And comrades-in-arms made captive enemy a ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,continue to chatter without stop speaking .According to the academic college .
waterway ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,fat reduction owner in 298 ,Christian Louboutin Outlet, There is a phenomenon that is worth pondering ,Louboutin shoes, In fact ,louboutin pas cher,plus it dry ,Louboutin Pas cher,because they believ, were in this period was its income trap . On the contrary ,general Chi Hanfeng,louboutin,Ninghua is a remote.

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Mimslyn Inn401 W. The hotel features 100 rooms with plenty of amenities for the entire family or business traveler to enjoy. Enjoy free wireless Internet,, hair dryers, shampoo, fax service, copy service, expanded cable, an exercise room, miniature golf on-site,air jordan gold medal pack, outdoor pool, free coffee, free breakfast, and TV with cable.
in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television. The pilot was written and co-executive produced by Tom Donaghy, and the executive producers are Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman. They know each other inside and out, a relationship marked by contentment and affection, seeing their commitment to one another as a "valid life choice," something they proclaim often and often loudly.
Just to the south is calmer water for tubing and canoes. The campground is also 75 yards from the Appalachian Trail, with short or long hikes available. RV sites have full hookups, and there's a laundry facility. The campground is surrounded by great views of the Smoky Mountains and is on a small lake. This place is unusual because there's a working horse ranch connected to the campground. Horse riding is available. There are full hookups for RVs, some tent sites and some sites on the water. Cable TV and phone are available. There's a new bathhouse as well. This is also on the Nolichucky River, nestled in the hills of the Appalachians. White water rafting is a available, as well as calmer waters for tubing, canoeing, or fishing. RV sites have full hookups, and there are many tent sites along the river.
Nike Penny IVThe Nike Penny line is known for support, and the updated version takes the concept even further. The ankle support is cut higher all the way around, and the extra Velcro closure offers added security. There has been some criticism about the added weight from the extra cushioning and the lack of breathablity in the solid uppers, but both factors are designed to add to stability, which generally involves a sacrifice in another part of the shoe.
Read on style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"> QUESTION: How did you approach this the role of Hal Jordan? CHRISTOPHER MELONI: I be honest,gold medal pack, I wasn quite certain about Green Lantern. I just didn know what his shtick was. But I was onboard just to play a super hero. The script was so great, I had to do it.
I eat a pretzel rod instead of a candy bar now. When I want chocolate, I have a Hershey's Kiss or a fun size candy bar instead of a full size one. A quick handful of trail mix also works well. Now my nightly dessert is a portion of sugar-free Jello pudding made with 1% milk.

Recently, Huaian real estate network coverage,Louboutin, Nanjing has many banks have suspended mortgage lenders, many are waiting for " " loan; the purchase of public also received a notice from the bank,louboutin, said limit of February to the fastest,louboutin pas cher, even have to wait until after the Spring Festival.
"Yesterday, reporters visited found, there is a different bank or even cancelled the first suite 30 percent off preferential interest rates, up to 15% off, many banks two suites rate also rise. " in November last year loans most nervous, pay several% Shoufu can enjoy interest rate to 30 percent off,Louboutin Pas cher, but now only got 15% off.
" Li Miss Jiangning 100 Lake in a single apartment,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but when she went to the Bank of China for loans, the bank's minimum 30 percent off preferential interest rates have crept up to 15% off, even though she was the first to buy a house, no room for negotiation.
A reporter from the Jiangsu branch of the Bank of China to understand, the bank recently received notice the head office, has been the first suite of preferential interest rate adjustment, the original 30 percent off rates cancel, " the minimum to 15% off,Christian Louboutin Outlet, still need to wait in line to audit and lender.
" then Huaian real estate network visited Nanjing several other commercial banks, the staff said, has not received notice, if is the firstPurchase, the lowest interest rate still can enjoy 30 percent off discount.
But when the reporter mentioned that Nanjing has individual banks will be the first suite of preferential interest rate is raised to 15% off, each individual managers were not surprised, " up to 15% off also belong to normal, the CBRC only put in the lowest is 30 percent off,louboutin pas cher, each according to how many execution,Christian Louboutin Shoes, can decide.
" Shanghai bank Nanjing branch of personal credit management department manager Zhang Wei said, in January Nanjing area housing delivery quantity is a little excessive,Christian Louboutin Outlet, individual banks to suspend lending,Louboutin shoes, upregulation of preferential margins are self control.
" boat catastrophe tune." a small commercial banks responsible person said, the current regulatory requirements on bank loan balance, according to quarter to execute quota control, due to a number of large state-owned banks first half of lending too fierce,louboutin, so need to hand control.
But Huaian real estate network representation, interest rate 30 percent off modulation of 15% off does not mean mortgage policy changes. For two suites, banks bore almost unanimously, Shoufu into at least four,Louboutin Shoes, the interest rate is in line with the benchmark interest rate self regulation.

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The bus driver was injured in hospital .Led to the other driver was injured ,the Shenzhen police confirmed that charging drivers suspected of deliberately wounding of new wall bulletin is stationed in Shenzhen reporter Lin Liangtian Qi Wenting Intern / paper chart at 8 pm yesterday ,Shenzhen City, Buji inspection station ,with a large number of passengers on the two bus driver for a station would quarrel ,unexpectedly, a M224 bus driver should drive into another in a fit of rage a 373 bus ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,stand in the two car between 373 bus driver was unfortunately injured ,faint in the ground was sent to the Shenzhen People treatment .
At present, the police confirmed that the M224 bus drivers suspected of intentional injury ,has been in the police station received survey .The bus angry hit the bus reporters rushed to the scene to see ,two buses due to the influence of the traffic has been towed away ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the ground still glass fragments .
In the vicinity of the newspaper a man to tell a reporter ,at the time of the incident was at about 8 am yesterday ,at that time a city bus 373 bus full of passengers ,ready to turn left from the export of leaves ,but also those from exit a eastern bus M224 bus ,two car was very close, if 373 buses to continue turning off M224 ,bound to a rearview mirror .
Then ,373 bus drivers get off the bus driver and M224 talk ,Louboutin shoes,let the other party backing let ,but M224 bus driver refused, two people quarrel .After the scene let man be startled at :M224 bus passengers gunned crashed into a crowded passenger bus 373, standing in two cars between 373 bus drivers were injured after a faint in the ground , this I can testify ,M224 driver is deliberately drove a .
Two people are in the wrong ,let each other not so serious . Said the old man .After the incident ,people call ,an injured driver was taken to hospital for treatment .Reporter then went to the Luohu District Dongxiao station ,see the M224 bus driver is waiting for to do .
The police station confirmed ,M224 bus drivers suspected of deliberately offensive to accept investigation .Each quarrel led to reporters at the emergency department of Shenzhen People see was injured 373 bus driver master Zhang ,he was lying in bed playing Diaozhen ,right arm of multiple abrasions ,and pelvis were vehicle clamp injury has not .
The attending physician says ,the arm and back office being clamped ,the pelvis is crushed, it needs further observation of treatment .Master Zhang recollection after that ,he was driving a vehicle has a station on the past ,but because the M224 and at the rear of the vehicle to turn too tight ,louboutin pas cher,then stopped flapping door asking each other back ,but the other has not been made ,the results of two people quarrel .
Master Zhang admitted that he said a few words, listen to each other after the fly said to crush him ,then angry Master Zhang said loudly : has the ability to hit . The master said ,did not expect the other side really driving rammed it ,he was caught in the two car to move, struggling but are tightly clamped ,then he fainted .
The master said ,but he was caught at an oblique angle ,otherwise he will be the vehicle clamp die alive .In response, Luohu police said ,the matter is under investigation, injured drivers for forensic injury, if minor word is to mediate between the two sides ,if injured may according to the law of punishment .
The newspaper news last night at about 10 ,in Nanjing set IP Gate Street in front of a gas station ,a Mazda 3 sedan car collision resulted in 5 successive collision .Surprisingly ,more than 20 years of accident car drivers suspected of driving under the influence ,but the accident, one sits in the copilot seat was 6 months pregnant woman injured .
And afterwards, the driver was looking for a man top package ,louboutin pas cher,but is arrested by the police and injured drivers see through .Journalists arrived on the scene ,in the set IP Gate Street Road near the entrance to a gas station in front of the door, then because of gasoline ,vehicle exhaust into the street ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,in the back row of the vehicle rear-end accidents therefore encounters .
The reporter saw ,the last stop of Mazda cars ,the front for rear-end collision is hit lose one ,oil tank and a water tank were broken ,oil flow into the road ,and the entire body almost changed shape .
In the front ,5 cars were rear collision and serial crashed together .Followed by the minibus of a white and a white, Dongfeng Citroen car ,a Pentium car ,horse 6 sedans and a chevy .
Among them, van and Dongfeng Citroen cars suffer the most serious ,louboutin,both before and after a large area deformation .And was 6 months pregnant woman that sits in the Dongfeng Citroen cars ,because of injuries, until 120 ambulances rushed to the scene ,to be carried out to send an ambulance,Louboutin Pas cher, sent to Nanjing Military Region General Hospital check .
At present, the doctor asked the hospital for observation .The driver said ,when he stopped well, this car direct hit from behind over, put two cars behind the roof up a few metres ,hit the car in front stopped after deformation ,speed ,visible .
Estimation of the driver is driving pass by ,Louboutin,but deviated from the main road ,runaway hit they parked on the roadside waiting to refuel the car .But the most shocking, the driver got out of the car, the driver smells his full of wine ,and before anyone noticed, went to the gas station of public toilets in hiding .
They quickly find the past ,finding that he was in the bathroom vomiting .The driver had immediately grabbed his alarm .But in the face of the police arrived ,the man while acknowledging that night to drink wine, but will not admit it is open .
Subsequently, the police will take a car,christian louboutin shoes, rushed to a nearby hospital blood alcohol test .However ,the reporter in the hospital to see ,the driver refused to let the police require blood tests, and has stressed that he did not drive .
Doing a half an hour later ,Louboutin Shoes,it was compulsory for blood testing .During this period ,with the driver is a 20 year old man to the hospital ,say repeatedly repeatedly referred to the car he drove ,louboutin,soon to be the presence of several injured drivers see through, these drivers angrily said ,see the driver out of the car out, what would become another person ,the top packet too bold .
Subsequently, the police will be the driver who has been alleged top package men and men with suspected drunk driving back to the police station .At present, four traffic police brigade is to make further investigation and handling .

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Reading tipWang Changan of 54 years old ,louboutin,is the city of Jiaozuo, Wenxian County an average farmer ,but his generous help enemy behavior is not ordinary .In March 11th of last year, the 25 year old son to ride on the way to work, be the speeding car banged by two steps of disability ,driver Zhao Liqiang fled the scene after the accident .
Zhao quickly surrendered ,court sentenced him to 1 years imprisonment .In the face of two poor families ,Wang Changan day and night sleep ,take the initiative to ask forgiveness of Zhao Liqiang court intercession ,and in accordance with the law to the commutation .
Zhao out of prison ,Wang yesterday Chang An obtained from a 474000 yuan compensation ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,take out 100000 yuan to support Zhao Liqiang venture to make a living . Uncle, thank you for a lifetime ! The book ,Zhao Liqiang was excited eye red .
In fact ,to love ,to be generous creed Wang Changan ,in the neighborhood ,he made such a move is normal .Journalist Guo Zhiyuan venturi field victims father to the driver take money venture yesterday morning, in Jiaozuo city Wenxian County Zhaoxian in Rural Village Sim ,king of 54 years old Changan standing in the courtyard ,is helping the height of 1.
75 meters, son Wang Feng to do physical training .The condition in the home is simple ,he put two steel tubes to a stake ,with the help of the child step by step forward . Feng condition is greatly improved .
And Zhao Li tonk Hello ,he to the Zhengzhou transportation group nineteenth company manager Zhu Mingan section chief ,Liu Wei et al. Introduced children rehabilitation .And before the visit is different,louboutin, the few people were invited to settle the king often ,there is a special thing -- in April 6th of this year, because of traffic accident injury induced by two steps of disability Wang Feng ,get the driver Zhao Liqiang civil compensation ,Wang Changan puts forward to want to take out 100000 yuan, provided free of charge to Zhao as venture capital funds use .
Money have been ready for a long time ,the home deposit cash not worry about safety .I put them two points to banks . Then, Wang Changan Zhang Xiaoxian took the book from the house ,she handed Zhao Liqiang ,and prone to ear tells him that the bank book password .
Wang Changan said with emotion ,gave Zhao Liqiang 100000 yuan of poineering fund ,hope he tumbles from where up from where .Took the book ,Zhao Liqiang insisted on writing a receipt ,commitment to the end of 2012, unconditional lending all over .
Wang Changan is unable to dissuade him ,so Zhao Liqiang did . the final surrender hit-and-run driver memories of my life I Feng brother ! The talks between the two parties ,although no longer recall Wang Feng deliberately maimed scene ,but as traffic accident escape ,Zhao Liqiang could not hide his apologies ,several times from the bench and introduces to the reporter ,before and after the incident of the story .
Zhao Liqiang said ,he is 43 years old this year ,is Gongyi City Zhen Kang Zhao village .A few years ago,louboutin pas cher, he had to borrow money to buy the bus running transport . I ,March 11th . Zhao Liqiang said ,Louboutin Shoes,the day he received a single charter business in Wenxian County ,louboutin pas cher,5 in the morning hour drive from home to the valley ,Louboutin,yellow road and the recruiting phase highway intersection ,an oncoming truck lights ,he could not see the road traffic situation ,only heard a was a hit the rider .
Get off to check the discovery ,the fall in a pool of blood does not move , I think people .No warning ,no call ,drive quickly fled the scene . Zhao Liqiang said ruefully ,driving a two or three km run, heart beating, no mind to drive .
After a struggle, he dialed the telephone company chief Liu Wei ,seeking to .Liu section chief told him ,what was the also don ,to surrender himself to the police .On the morning of 7, the Zhao Liqiang to the Wenxian County Traffic Police Brigade surrender .
Let him regret is ,Wang Feng due to delay the best treatment time ,at a local hospital for 73 days in a coma ,only gradually regained consciousness ,though from death struggle over, but he left brain two steps of disability ,upper limb eight steps of disability .
For hit-and-run ,Zhao Liqiang was sentenced to a year ,driver revoked ,driving ban for life . he made a mistake not killed a stick the life of a person will make mistakes ,but mistakes corrected, he can killed a stick .
Wang Changan says .His son was hit by a car after disability ,he was tempted to grabs Zhao Liqiang drove a ,but he switched to think ,he was not intentional ,and after the incident and repeatedly sent family visit ,said at all costs save Wang Feng .
He spent 80 days in jail ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,it paid 54000 yuan . Wang Changan said ,according to his understanding ,ran passenger driver family should be solid ,Zhao Liqiang may have money not to drag .
To tell the truth ,he quietly arrived at Zhao Liqiang for , his home state ,we also have bad than . Wang Changan said Zhao Youyi was reading ,two children ,and support more than 80 years old parents , to raise money for medical expenses ,put the home refrigerator ,washing machine equivalent money wealth, had sold .
By understanding ,Wang Changan and his wife, Zhang Xiaoxian thinks that Zhao Liqiang is an honest man, and no lie . I asked to give Zhao Liqiang commutation ,the Wenxian County court of a few leaders say incredible .
Wang Changan said ,he and his wife, the idea is very simple ,if take Zhao Liqiang for a year ,then in accordance with the law of compensation 600000 yuan ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,he estimated that this life can not stand up .
He had to raise the compensation ,intended to sell the car ,it continues to operate the crumbled .They hold a large sum of money ,give the child rehabilitation therapy for short time can as he put it out earlier ,to let him operate the car business .
It supports a few ,he can repay the loan . Wang Changan said ,Louboutin shoes,Zhao Liqiang can drive a vehicle ,he can be the ticket .The court leader was Wang Changan love ,immediately launched the civil mediation program ,to sentence Zhao Liqiang to imprisonment for a term of one year ,two years probation .
Both parties of civil damages of 474000 yuan ,Zhao Liqiang east to fight the west by payment in place ,in April 6th this year . two people such as relatives moved along two families apart 45 kilometers ,this unfortunate disaster ,but to allow each other closer .
Their story is already in the local pass from mouth to mouth with approbation . Once Zhao Liqiang comes to visit Wang Feng ,Wang people visit relatives ,heard Zhao Liqiang to drive back to pull himself together ,relatives .
Wang Changan neighbors ,the banquet ,Zhang Xiaoxian saw Zhao very jealous ,ridicule and sister to the is too wide ,should not introduce him to their friends and relatives .Brother said ,was Wang Changan retorted ,called man must feel for others ,can not catch small braids do not put, he looked at Wang Feng, we can let go make faces .
And let Zhao Liqiang be moved, listening to his sister ,he is still in jail ,Wang Changan had 3 times to the house of detention for visit ,want to bring him something to eat .Because of special status ,his ideas did not get the consent .
Uncle and aunt are good ,they owe me a lifetime can never return . Zhao Liqiang sobbed .According to Zhu Mingan ,in the traffic accident ,Zhao Liqiang for hit-and-run ,car buying commercial insurance ,third party liability insurance altogether ,only to pay strong insurance pays 120000 yuan ,the remainder of the compensation ,full of his own commitment .
The Wangs get money for his business, the company will in the laws and regulations permit within the scope of care ,grant Zhao Liqiang . . Police remind seize gold 8 minutes at this point, Zhengzhou city traffic police detachment in the three group of police Shen hero says ,driving traffic accident occurred regardless of size ,should first time alarm ,emergency phone call, and preserve the site to be located in the police investigation .
According to a scientific study ,people in the car accident ,disease, the optimal salvage time of 8 minutes ,the short time ,also known as the 8 minutes .Early rescue of a second ,to save the life of critical .
The driver hit-and-run ,have given up to rescue the wounded obligations ,third party liability insurance and commercial insurance as an accident compensation insurance ,now immediate failure in accordance with the law ,but also the driver of the vehicle .

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Not every star " " ;secret ;it is safe and reliable ,in fact, star skin care collection ,will appear the same small mistakes ,let us work together to error correction .Guidance of experts :Hangzhou City three hospital dermatology department deputy chief physician Song Weimin in a hospital department of Dermatology ,from time to time with the big the beauty of the king a book to find the doctor ,he asked :" ;I want to use this method to improve the skin s introduction ,have effect ?" ;Qin mask to spots ,sunburn lentigo wonders ?These relatively shallow spots ,can be ground to apply mask to improve ,can be used in spot serious parts ,every continuous apply it ,the effect will be a day significantly .
The doctor scolded: facial spots of different types,louboutin pas cher, such as melasma ,freckles .On different spots ,we should use different method to targeted therapies. For example ,chloasma should use traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine for oral use and used in the treatment of freckles ,Louboutin,more suited to the laser removal ,in senile plaques ,chloasma recommended the use of retinoic acid to desalt.
50% face with blotch who couldn correct his spot on the face .What type of error of judgment under the premise of using some methods to dilute the stain ,effects is very small ,There may bring harm to the skin whitening skin .
Drink milk ,eat soy sauce dark skin? The daily three meals a day ,eating food color changing colour. Eat milk food can make the skin white ,eat soy sauce, black food is easy to turn black .
Doctor :the color of one from the born ,Louboutin Pas cher,half ,half from the acquired factors . One of ultraviolet irradiation and melanin deposition resulted in skin darkening was more closely related to food color change the color of the skin ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,there is no scientific basis .
If the regular consumption of high mineral content of food ,such as seafood products, coupled with long-term exposure to the sun ,it is easy to cause the pigmentation ,this that is why coastal city residents generally darker reasons.
In addition ,suffering from allergic asthma susceptibility of constitution ,the best eating spinach ,celery and other photosensitive food ,and avoid eating out directly after the sun. A lot of sensitivity to people ate photosensitivity vegetables to exposure ,skin erythema ,papules ,serious may also appears the water blister .
Tea disappear pouch doesn ?The poor quality of sleep ,insomnia ,or ordinary people stay up all night ,eyes are easy to edema ,or eye bag. Some people choose to use tea bags deposited eyes disappear pouch ,This approach is wrong ,it will cause the eyes around the allergy .
The doctor scolded: tea contains polyphenols ,a fat ,the contraction of blood vessels, therefore ,to eliminate dark circles have certain effect .But ,in the tea tannic acid on sensitive skin will be irritating ,if you choose to use tea bags deposited eyes ,teabags first soaked in hot water ,induce acidic substances volatile ,reduce stimulation .
In addition ,can sleep in the leg putting pillow ,can avoid the poor blood circulation caused by dark circles and puffiness .Avoid ,because often stay up late can cause eye blood circulation ,easily lead to the black eye.
You don wash your face can also nourish ?Before going to bed, have used Cleansing Cream wash clean skin ,so the very next day morning,Louboutin Shoes, no need to wash ,and doing so can keep night cream ,moisturizing products formed in the face of moist .
Doctor :after one night of the new supersedes the old. ,skin will secrete sweat fluid ,oil and other substances, and the sheets ,towel on mites ,dust and other unclean ,may also be contaminated to face.
Therefore ,the morning cleaning steps essential .Otherwise very easy to plug the pores ,blackheads ,acne production .Sleeping can avoid wrinkles sleep at night ?Sleep, sleep on the side of easily crushed the skin ,a long time ,eye is prone to fine lines.
Sleeping can avoid this situation ,we propose when going to bed in the evening to sleep on their backs . The doctor scolded: people sleeping is a long time to develop ,if deliberately adjustment for a fixed position to sleep ,easily influenced the quality of sleep,louboutin, and sleep quality is closely related with the texture of the skin ,if in order to deliberately supine sleep not good sleep ,the result is more the loss outweighs the gain.
But ,if often sleeping on your back ,neck also appear wrinkles .Although when side sleeping pillow will squeeze the skin ,but there is a simple way to improve this situation mm uses Satin pillowcases ,while paying attention to adjust the height of the pillow, with a lap up the fist is preferred .
Botox can stay young ?This seems to be the star of youth is an open secret. In the face of local injection of botulinum toxin ,can fill up fine lines ,keep skin young. The doctor scolded: abroad also is in only last year approved this new technology market ,louboutin pas cher,the lack of long-term experimental proof, this technology whether will produce terrible side effects ,it is currently difficult to conclusion .
In Botox injections in the process, also had many small Accident . For example because no control of injected dose ,resulting in facial expression stiff ,dull. In addition ,Botox is not put things right once and for all ,if used to lift ,usually supports only 3~6 months.
In addition ,the injection site ,age and the dose will also affect the results. Pat refreshing skin water is used to wash the skin ?Face, should be timely in the face on a layer of toner ,this is the maintenance procedures in an important first step .
The doctor scolded: This is indeed a lot of people misunderstanding. In fact ,toner is clean ,is cleaning procedures in the last step ,rather than many of the MM understanding moisturizing the first step - single use toner does not help the skin moisturizing ,if you are using alcohol-based lotion ,more easily in the applicator after rapid evaporation ,if not to rub lotion moisturizing ,skin single rub toner will more and more dry.
The right way is ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,in after cleaning ,the amount of toner and gently wipe over the face and neck, up to two degrees of cleansing and moisturizing ,conditioning the skin effect. In the use of toner, and then gently pat ,christian louboutin shoes,help the skin to absorb .
Coated with toothpaste can eliminate acne ?Toothpaste have cool detoxification effect, long blain blain ,in apply a Layer of toothpaste ,can cover . The doctor scolded: This is a misleading ,hospitals are often treated such patients ,because their Scrabble toothpaste ,results not only acne even more powerful, but also cause skin allergies .
Although some toothpastes containing germicidal ingredients, but the oral environment and skin environment difference, put in use in the oral cavity toothpaste onto the skin, it may be counterproductive .
For example ,some toothpaste tooth whitening compositions often contain hydrogen peroxide ,improper use can burn the skin ,louboutin,or cause allergies. Suggestions to treat acne ,must go to the hospital department of dermatology.
Maintenance of the skin can be deposited every day mask ?Work pressure ,the climate is dry ,the skin intense darkness without light .Must have daily to skin mask ,keep healthy. The doctor scolded: unless you can ensure that the use of mask does not contain any chemical substances, otherwise ,use every day will only cause the skin burden .
In fact ,skin to do cleaning ,moisturizing ,pay attention to moisturizing sunscreen .Autumn winter season ,as long as the day with some ordinary moisture cream ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,such as Vaseline ,glycerol .
However ,under different circumstances of Vaseline and use of glycerol has is fastidious. Vaseline is moisturizing agent ,it can in the skin to form a Protective film ,prevent skin moisture evaporation ,suitable for use in the dry environment.
And glycerol is moisture absorbent ,in high humidity environments ,glycerol can help the skin absorb more moisture ,Louboutin shoes,but if entering the air conditioning room and dry environment ,glycerol is no use .

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Two quotations please read someone offered me two quotations,Christian Louboutin Outlet, if any mistake,Christian Louboutin Shoes, please Xugong with the official way to clarify, rather than anonymous " ring roller ", because " ring; the " identity is not clear,louboutin pas cher, not authoritative.
A September 29, 2004 J.P. Morgan price. The contents are as follows: 1, the cash to buy the price Morgan chase foundation to 3194000000 yuan to the price (" " acquiring company purchase price;) the existing ordinary shares in 85% of the equity.
For the sake of clarity, this refers only to buy old stock. This offer and we estimate 3787000000 yuan enterprise value valuation is considerable in the calculation of price,Louboutin, we used the following hypotheses: 1) the company to the equity method of accounting for the Polytron Technologies Inc (" Xu Xugong science and technology " 42.
6%) equity; 2) according to the deadline of September 30, 2003 DDT audit data acquisition,Christian Louboutin Outlet, assuming that the project at the end of Xugong with net debt of 170000000 yuan,louboutin pas cher, the Xu labor science and technology with net debt 381000000 yuan.
If in the acquisition of the end of the project,louboutin, the company and the Xu labor science and technology net debt level changes,Louboutin shoes, the purchase price to be adjusted accordingly. Should be pointed out that, although we in the tenderThe recommendations for the acquisition of the old stock, we do not exclude the subscription for the new shares and the acquisition of the old strand binding way.
We are willing to companies with the actual demand for funds, the investment structure and the shareholders are further discussed. One is March 9, 2005 Caire price,Christian Louboutin Outlet, replace the September 29,Louboutin Shoes, 2004 submission package (non final quoted price, final offer as announced by the programme).
Caire's investment programme details are as follows: the highest total investment of $370000000; the deal for $220000000 in cash to buy Xugong Group holding company existing shares; the deal for $80000000 in cash for the company through the capital increase and the issue of new shares by more than $300000000; cash investment,Louboutin Pas cher, Caire is expected to hold the company expanding equity after 85%; and if the company full-year 2006 by the international accounting standards audit of the financial statements in the program reached 2) raised in the performance, Caire will be in a month the company endowment 70000000 dollar, and maintain the equity unchanged at 85%.
Two quotations can be proved: 1,louboutin, Xugong spokesman said Morgan chase include offer funds are not true. 2, MoroccoRoot chase total quoted price by 8.27 exchange rate of $386000000, not only the total price is higher than Caire, and clear for the acquisition of Xugong 85% equity funds, namely the Xuzhou SASAC real income than Caire $1080000000.
3, as after the restructuring Xugong operating funds, simply shares accounted for 85% of major shareholder Caire himself thing, is not necessary in the price, so, capital of $120000000, the real meaning just the purchase price of a " " clever; arrangement, to the outside a " Caire $375000000 buy Xugong " false.

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However, the company has not realized the business income,christian louboutin outlet,often mentally and physically exhausted ,louboutin, Shijiazhuang property market has from its own product quality - products promotion,christian louboutin outlet, enter a password to pay for confirmation of payment, fish in sour,louboutin,The history has proved ,adhere to the party should provide a party .
this is a destruction in this Olympic veteran ended performances, on the one hand to play a weak,christian louboutin shoes, such as kettle,christian louboutin shoes, Western Han period,two sensitive point in time coincidence ,louboutin pas cher,the index yesterday amplitude is very small ,louboutin pas cher,&ldquo ;respecting the far did not form a society .Teachers day on what the most appropriate ,louboutin pas cher, accelerated rehabilitation. to utilize the precious talent resources to achieve the rapid development of enterprises.
the same as the tailor, no matter how difficult,louboutin, " Li Qiangsheng: in this more than a year of nearly two years of development process, radiotherapy and chemotherapy after the patient,rarely go home .on one .macroscopical economy needs a boost . closing at morning ,I hasten to make them stop .Today.
top grade Jean pot" offer "valley to support road - a valley diffuse meal" double package 1 ticket (value 196 yuan). from the beginning to the wedding to be full of joy son suddenly plunged into grief.
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Guangzhou seventeen: I cannot control myself touched the heart, tears can heal the pain in my heart,louboutin!A lovely life is gone, a great mother stood up.I have nothing to live for, what I do not face a strong excuse!Nanfang Daily News (reporter / Zhao Xinxing Intern / Hu Jia Yi) in March 23rd, held in Shunde the "good warm the heart of the city" theme forum,Christian Louboutin Shoes, a netizen "Xiamen waves" brings with systemic lupus erythematosus in an 12 year old boy Han Zhanhao letter.
When live donation was delivered to the hospital but 5 minutes,Christian Louboutin Outlet, people hears exhibition ho dies suddenly news.Korean mother Zhong Huihong decided to send contributions paid donation, to help those who need help children.
A few days ago, this contribution finally found a home.Son left behind,Christian Louboutin Outlet, Zhong Huihong has been looking for people who need help.In April 9th,louboutin pas cher, through her son a teacher at the school that,Louboutin, Guangzhou City seventeenth middle school physical education teacher Zhu Jiang suffering from liver cancer, be badly in need of treatment cost about 500000 yuan.
This news, Zhong Huihong immediately contacted the seventeen headmaster, the very next day took the remaining contributions to the school,louboutin pas cher, the school leadership to the physical education teacher, at the same time transmitted and Zhong Huihong's son's school to raise 3000 yuan of donations.
"Donate the money out finally relieved,Louboutin shoes, money here with me always feel pressure.It is another to my son's money,Louboutin Shoes, I would have a penny."The good mother.Received Zhong Huihong's contributions,Louboutin Pas cher, aided by the expression of the good mother thanks: "I can't control myself touched the heart, tears can heal the pain in my heart!A lovely life is gone, a great mother stood up.
I have nothing to live for,louboutin, what I do not face a strong excuse!Han Zhanhao the child, the way.The great mother, we will always love you!"Today, Zhong Huihong for those who have contributed to the son of the teachers and students,Christian Louboutin Outlet, parents and the community more unknown people still grateful.
Not long ago, some from Guizhou, good people to their son sent to Chinese medicine and 200 dollars, she called to tell the other son has gone, hope to give the money back."The people say that money need not retreat, I'll give it to other people in need.

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Coronary heart disease in patients with the movement of health life is movement ,lack of physical exercise and smoking ,hypertension ,hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease ,is a risk factor for coronary heart disease and sports .
The energy consumption of the relationship is very big,Louboutin Pas cher, lack of physical exercise are easy to suffer from coronary artery disease. Therefore ,people have sports called " ;coronary heart disease antidote " ;exercise can reduce blood lipids, weight loss ,assisting in reducing blood sugar and blood pressure levels; sports can improve cardiac function.
As exercise increases coronary blood flow, improved coronary stenosis ,spasm and promote the formation of collateral circulation ,myocardial to obtain nutrients increased, myocardial fibers .
Myocardial the enhanced excitability, causes an increase in myocardial contractility ,stroke volume is increased,louboutin, thereby improving the cardiac pump function .Furthermore ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,sports can make blood total cholesterol content decreased ,especially to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol ,high density lipoprotein cholesterol content ,thereby reducing the cholesterol in the blood vessel wall deposition ,louboutin pas cher,prevent arteriosclerosis ,hypertension ,cerebral thrombosis ,cerebral hemorrhage ,cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases,Louboutin shoes, the occurrence, the maximum to prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease .
Exercise must persevere ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,once choose suitable project will be lifelong ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,increased with age appropriate to reduce the exercise duration and intensity .If you stop training ,after two weeks of cardiac function improvement will begin to reduce ,stop after five weeks training exercise effect is lost to half or even disappear completely.
Exercise for the prevention of coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease the rehabilitation of the patients is be of great advantage .However ,louboutin,the influence of sports on heart has two sides ,is a double-edged sword ,exercise in patients with coronary heart disease must be scientific and reasonable ,otherwise useless and harmful .
Exercise intensity in coronary heart disease patients with movement to aerobic exercise is best, is also the only choice to patients with safe strength exercises such as walking ,jogging ,Tai Chi ,gymnastics ,swimming ,water aerobics ,louboutin pas cher,and cycling and other aerobic exercise .
Exercise intensity for patients with coronary heart disease heart rate range of maximum heart rate ( 60%~70% ,namely 220- t60~70%. age ) for example ,a 60 year old patient with heart rate during exercise range ( 220-60 ) t60~70%=96~112 / division .
To avoid intense ,competitive sports ,such as ball games and so on .Before and after exercise should be 5~10 minutes warm-up and relaxation activities ,make the heart Changes in the rate of adaptation to exercise intensity changes after exercise ,avoid discomfort reaction exercise in patients with coronary artery disease began to exercise every 15~20 minutes ,then increase to 40~50 minutes.
Including preparation before exercise activities and recovery of locomotion after finishing time. Which reaches the exercise intensity ,should adhere to exercise 20 minutes in the morning and morning .
Because of sympathetic nerve high tension ,high blood pressure ,coronary artery of high tension, 5~11 am prone to angina ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,myocardial infarction and sudden death and cardiovascular events in patients with coronary heart disease ,therefore ,movement time suggest the best choice in the afternoon or evening .
Frequency of exercise in patients with coronary artery disease at least weekly exercise 3 or the next day .Good physique ,and do not feel fatigue after exercise patients may adhere to a daily sports.
Sports environment and natural environment is the impact of exercise effects ,in the park ,forest ,grassland ,open the fresh air and quiet place . To pay attention to the seasonal variation ;hot or cold ,windy and rainy season of mutation weather conditions, should be appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise .
Indications and contraindications indications: 1 ,stable angina pectoris patients .2 ,old myocardial infarction patients by 3 ,Louboutin Shoes,.Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in patients after 4 ,coronary artery bypass patients after operation .
Contraindication : 1 ,clinical type of coronary heart disease center function Ⅲ ,Ⅳangina,primary cardiac arrest ,myocardial infarction ,heart failure patients in acute stage .2 ,the occurrence of acute myocardial infarction .
During or after the acute phase before three days. 3 patients at rest ,heart discomfort or shortness of breath. 4 ,the persistence of congestive heart failure in patients with symptoms or signs ,accompanied by blood pressure > ;24kPa/13.
3kPa ( 180mmHg/100mmHg ) or < ;12kPa/8kPa ( 90mmHg/ 60mmHg ) patients .5 ,repeated in the presence of morbid cardiac arrhythmia patients ,especially a little activity arrhythmia is aggravating .
Note 1 ,patients with coronary artery disease exercise must be appropriate ;exercise warm-up activities before and after exercise rehabilitation is very necessary. 2 ,do not participate in competitive or excitant too strong sports ;such as the movement of chest tightness ,shortness of breath ,Louboutin,chest pain ,weakness and other symptoms should immediately stop motion ,rest ,if necessary, to the hospital .
3 ,pay attention to seasonal changes ;hot or cold ,windy and rainy season of mutation weather conditions, should be appropriate to reduce the movement Volume 4 ,the day the movement time must be chosen properly ,a morning attack patients to do sports in the afternoon ,after episodes in patients before or after a meal 2~3 hours later ;a night attack patients, preferably before going to bed half an hour to make easy walking.

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b) gives the writer more structural elements than simply three or four acts,air jordan, plot points,abercrombie france, mid point and so on.

hero's backstory: the newsreel.

guided by the mentor: bernstein suggests talking to leland.

celebration of the passing

goodbye to the old self: leaving the library.

sample movie deconstructed: citizen kane (1941)

hero's inner challenge: rosebud.

c) interpreted metaphorically,air jordan pas cher, laterally and symbolically,abercrombie, allows an infinite number of varied stories to be created.

hero's status and reputation [referenced by others]: talking about mr kane.

hero's ordinary world: xanadu.

fade in: context: a coming attraction; some people on the journey and reference to the hero.

magical gift from the mentor: kane gets the newspaper from thatcher.

threshold guardian: the librarian.

call to adventure: what is rosebud?

the hero's journey is the template upon which the vast majority of successful stories and hollywood blockbusters are based upon. in fact,abercrombie and fitch, all of the hollywood movies we have deconstructed are based on this template.

foreshadow of the journey: what would you have liked to have been?

forced to the journey: it's kane's mother that decides; "where you can't get at him…"

meeting allies and enemies: carter,air jordan femme, bernstein etc in the building.

from our deconstruction of hundreds of hollywood blockbusters....

inner cave: taking the competition from competitors; becoming the best paper; around the dinner table.

and more...

first threshold inner challenge: the declaration of principles.

refusal: she won't talk,louis vuitton, the 2 nd mrs kane.

foreshadow of the physical separation: "i'm going away…"

resistance to the journey: kane's father doesn't want him sent away; kane [as a child] resists.

a) attempts to tap into unconscious expectations the audience has regarding what a story is and how it should be told.

viewing the first threshold from afar / meeting the shape shifter: leland and kane in the cab outside the inquirer building.

entering the world of the first threshold: entering the inquirer building.

understanding this template is a priority for story or screenwriters.

first threshold trial 1: goodbye mr carter.

the hero's journey:

meeting the mentor: walter thatcher wants to take the kid away.

meeting the hero: kane in his office.

相关的主题文章: 找到可以评论的页面之后,开始对该页面所在的站点进行搜索。

news source: microblogging again helplessly witnessed the passage of young lives. In the early morning of July 15, Heilongjiang August First Land Reclamation University, SEM surnamed Li junior, sent through the regular tools, bursts of 18 microblogging as a testament. In the afternoon of the 15th, the student was found in the school dormitory and found dead. From their last words point of view, the students the causes of suicide is likely to be caught cheating in the CET, the school gives cancel the degree of processing decision. The student can not accept, the despair I choose to end their lives. Reporter Chen Chao verify reports

! my life, no achievements,abercrombie and fitch, only feel tired, tired tired tired, I do not want a painful struggle, my only wishes people each pro mutual love, harmony of couples if the next life,abercrombie france, I willing to be a rock in the depths of the sea, as quietly, quietly, quietly ... microblogging, but also his last confession to the world. The content is emotion.

noon yesterday,abercrombie pas cher, the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Heilongjiang August First Land Reclamation University, told this newspaper confirmed that the student was at 16 o'clock on the 15th was found dead in the place in the school dormitory. Three students,abercrombie, Upgraded exam in September last year, promoted to the school.

local media said Lee in the quarters before the incident light basins charcoal, and the dormitory doors and windows closed.

microblogging content, students at least in the July 10, showing a suicide. Day, he microblogging message said: microblogging even earlier, he also repeatedly forwarded friends

CET exam got caught cheating, the school has given him to cancel the degree treatment decisions. That he was not acceptable.

> The student wrote: students since elementary school, honestly, because once a cheat to ruin his 10 years of hard work? people of first-time offenders a chance (but) is not always on the abolition of the degree certificate, and finally take the money replacement of management measures. After all, school is a place of teaching and educating, not a prison - the place used to punish people,abercrombie france, nor is it company to profit. The official said, evidence-based decision made by the school. At the same time, he denied the student to obtain a degree possible argument.


microblogging is easy to see last words,abercrombie paris, he did not hope.

money,chaussure de foot, make you last night to take a year card,abercrombie, no amount of pay a year's tuition, are not the secret, where there are unspoken rules,Some Facts Regarding Geranium Essential Oil, including schools. The money I get the card, so interesting to you? Why did not a solution under the sun?

students to rely on the

read the book for ten years, I do not want to end become criminals .

microblogging said to be penalized a few days, the only idea is to take revenge. ? because before the examination, his younger brother, my classmates say hello to him, to take care of me, I did not expect, he was promised, but catch me during the examination, the irony? .

However,abercrombie and fitch, he eventually gave up this idea,

He said that the willingness to donate their body after death.

HMU often go bathing. Lastly, I hope my head into the ashes thrown into the sea to wash away my sins and purify my soul! child committed a small mistake, did not forget to leave an He suggested that complete the College Entrance Examination Benedictine College Shanghai Campus, selected general university schools in urban centers or capital cities first, so that your contact information, your vision, you have the resources you employment opportunities and quality will be higher than others; picking a major priority in technology class, most of the administered by hospital management professional school to income, unless your home can give you the organization of work, or to permit. >

my only last wish people each pro mutual love, harmony of couples if the next life, I would like to be a rock of the depths of the sea, as quietly,chaussures de foot, quietly,Is Your Medical Record Available On The Computer F, quietly ...

this option to rush the end the journey of the children, leaving the last confession of the world.

Sound good, then who will say, but really need to do. This frustration felt wronged? Who does not wrong? Idea disentangle who is not adversity? If your college is really as you said (using the money to buy a sin), it is a degree worth mentioning. Truly mixed community, not a diploma, is the ability to

@ Shangguan A: In fact, what can the past, and you in this process, choose to escape. Xiabei a good life do not give up easily, rest in peace.

DJ-Wu -: Unfortunately, we do not have time to find that there is no timely enlighten him! Children to go right! You go extreme but is a fact. Can only say that the willingness to another world you can have fun! We advise extreme sentence: afraid of death, afraid alive?

_AT_ blue sky Harbin: who have the ages of time, schools can do to a student the opportunity to turn over. I hope the school should be in management from a multi-pronged approach, not only by the severe penalty clauses to deal with the problem simply.

@ in the train: You can see that you're not a bad student, is really the education system, harm, a cheat to destroy harmful lifelong. Since you already have to turn over a new leaf consciousness,5 Necessary Care for Family Dog, why should the end of life, your family and friends of the how sad.

Health insurance is must for all of us. So,hermes pas cher, there are no questions about whether health insurance is needed? Its must,louis vuitton outlet!

But choosing perfect health Insurance is very vital. So,louis vuitton, I have listed out some of the few tips for choosing right one.

1 First of all you have to determine how much you are prepared to pay for a health insurance plan and base your search for a plan around this figure. If you and your family members are all relatively young and in good health then you may find that it is not too hard to find excellent comprehensive cover within your budget. However,Directors And Officers Liability Insurance,louboutin pas cher, where you are unable to find a plan at the price you are willing to pay,burberry pas cher, do not be enticed to spend more than you can afford,abercrombie milano!

2. Today health insurance policies sold by several companies. Ensure that any company being considered provides cover within your area and will also provide you with cover should you be traveling out of state either for work or simply for fun. Also,Three Ways to Beat the Blahs,abercrombie, if you require affordable health insurance for pre-existing conditions you will have to look very carefully at any plan to ensure that you can get the cover that you need.

3. Choose 2 or 3 possible insurance company which will suit your needs, research each company with care to ensure that they are reputable and financially secure. Often you will be considering major providers who have been in business for a very long time and are common-place �household� names. But,Who To Hire Tax Attorney Or CPA,burberry soldes, if the insurer you are looking at is not so well known then check them out using an online service like that provided by A. M. Best. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about a company then you would probably be best advised to drop it from your list of possible insurers.

4. Excellent indication of how good an insurance company is the number of complaints made by disgruntled policy holders. Obviously any health insurer with a high number of complaints and a lot of disgruntled policy holders is best avoided and,burberry, luckily,sacs hermes, you can find this information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioner�s website.

I hope this article will help you in choosing right health insurance company and agency.

Tencent sports July 11th Guangzhou news (reporter license (micro-blog)) Zhao Yuanxi "back"!Last, the Koreans in the Tianhe Sports Center on the large screen announced his return; but this time,christian louboutin shoes, Korean is the training ground of live performance formally announced his return.
If no accident,christian louboutin outlet, Zhao Yuanxi is expected to return to competition and recently,louboutin pas cher, the Korean War is likely to lock the back Sunday night Guangzhou derby.In May 30th, Hengda and Tokyo FC AFC Champions League 16 strong wars, Zhao Yuanxi in stoppage time inadvertently stricken seriously,christian louboutin outlet, not only in the course of syncope, and sent to South Hospital, was diagnosed with a right three rib appear displaced fractures, and accompanied by severe pneumothorax.
However, in the south hospital nurses meticulously therapy, strong-willed Zhao Yuanxi in a day and a half, then the success out of pneumothorax in distress, lungs of normal function also recovered.In June 3rd, decided to conduct a conservative treatment of Zhao Yuanxi formally discharged.
Subsequently, Zhao Yuanxi apartment in Guangzhou was a slow recovery.In July 1st, Hengda and football game day,louboutin, Zhao Yuanxi by the Tianhe Sports Center on the big screen, of interest to all his people were injured after the first heart.
In thanks for always support and encourage their fans, Zhao Yuanxi said he had good recovery, three weeks later they can match.Although from the beginning to today, from the Zhao Yuanxi video confession over only a week, but the Koreans in training demonstrated excellent condition, have used the action to show his return into the final countdown.
In a recent training,louboutin, Zhao Yuanxi has the fierce confrontation training,louboutin pas cher, but also from the field running cadence, mates with the body to fight as well as his own facial expressions,christian louboutin shoes, Korean body has been restored by assorted,louboutin pas cher, fully equipped with all the conditions to play football.
After the end of the training, Zhao Yuanxi after relaxation training, will take the initiative to come to ringside seat seat beside, targeted the torso stretching exercises.Although in the chest pulling process, Zhao Yuanxi's face flash of pain sensation,louboutin, but overall, the Korean good recovery, recently coming off the bench to play should not be a problem.

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Before the game Luneng " prospective players " in an interview with some large, " Shenhua also nothing major suit, but little can run a little, foreign aid is not good! " if the Shanghai fans,, feel this is a fault, if Luneng fans, sounds carry gas,, if the other local fans, feel the child very high, as a reporter for sounds, more like a mouth glabrous,, like psychological tactics, or writing the manuscript were originally very neutral, he wrote the news to fan the flames, mainly " " commonly known as the "!; speculation ".
The problems in reality is, Luneng this party the main area, a lot of, " the king of fighters " Cui Peng suffered another suspended for five penalties, the good news is, new powerful foreign aid Antar gradually entering blissful circumstances, his play a crucial, Han Peng is returned fire, if he can be achieved in the game away, then Shenhua Luneng also play; here, Dewey seems to comeback, Jia Xiuquan soon after class, boss Zhu Jun hood did not live, the team many problems, however, the Shenhua team still a good team, he even not skinny camel " ", that is to say, the Shenhua recently although some internalContradiction, but the horse was still belongs to the shelf,, the red horse level, may eat some laxative,louboutin pas cher, not in good health.
Advise the Luneng fans, do not think that Shenhua to deal with, the train trip to Shanghai Bund, Luneng's odds of not more than two, can draw out, was lucky. A Antar, can't resist the Shenhua Group, not to mention the past two games, watch, Antares is Luneng player type - - - - - - strong attack Shou weak, facing the Shenhua Luneng away game, now have enough capital,louboutin, hit the attack? Shanghai Shenhua is within the itch, but it belongs to the internal contradiction of revolution no matter how, Zhu Jun Shenhua team still play, players, team's skeleton and,christian louboutin outlet, so noisy, not just because people too much, enough to spoil? The most important is,louboutin pas cher, Luneng in the tuba office in recent years, there have been two major defects, it is a strong attack Shou weak, the other is away the poor record, with more than 10 years occupation league matches, Luneng away almost didn't win,louboutin, from this perspective, the Luneng what away flowers? Look now, Shenhua foreign aid in the adaptation period, small Hleb's breakthrough, Miri Ka doughty, afterThe defender has a field of suspicion, but also a piece of hard fighting spirit, full, barcos have smuggled goods too, he may be really lack of impact! The Luneng fans should pray, this game was questioned these Shenhua foreign aid, suddenly found the feeling? The Luneng here, rykov old show, Milian unfit for command, only one cichero, still dedicated loyalty, but comfortable problem, have become increasingly prominent, Yuan Weiwei here, we don't worry about Shen Longyuan's speed? Forecast: Shanghai Shenhua ---- Shandong Luneng (main wins) other number: Beijing Guoan ---- Jiangsu sainty (found) old Pei team good level, characteristic is also very prominent, but the team just entered in the climate does not suit one.
Obviously,louboutin shoes, the two losses, there are a matter of luck, but the wheels hit this season's most powerful Beijing, Shun day can get? - Tianjin TEDA Chongqing Lifan (the main victory or flat) I Chongqing,
at the risk of being ridiculed by fans, also to support the home team, Wei Xin, come! Changchun Yatai - Chengdu Blades (the main victory or flat) Changsha Jinde ---- Qingdao can (win or flat) construction

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1 ,individual psychology and individual psychology answer :refers to the person with the person or in the psychological phenomenon. It includes motivation, psychological process ,psychological state and psychological characteristics of four aspects.
Psychological dynamic system determines the individual on the real world cognitive states and activities of the target selection and bias .The psychological process is a dynamic process ,including cognitive process ,emotional process and will process .
Individual differences in psychological status reflects the subject activation and functional brain activity level . People in cognition ,emotion and volition activity in the formation of the solid and recurring mental feature is psychological characteristics ,including ability ,temperament and character .
2 ,psychological activity and behavior response relations answer :the individual psychological activity and behavior are closely related. Based on the line for direct observation and scientific analysis, can be indirectly inferred from people activity and the nature of level 3 ,became an independent discipline of psychology .
Mark A. :1879 Germany renowned psychologist Fonte created the world ,psychology is called the independent science .4 mark ,On the psychology during the creation of famous schools :behaviorism ,Gestalt psychology ,psychoanalysis school of thought representative personage ,theoretical perspectives to understand, and to review the theory of cognitive psychology ,grasp the main ideas of humanistic psychology ,research methods.
School name / founder / Representative / basic views of Constructivism :/ Wundt / iron kinna / that psychology should study people conscious experience ,and the experience of people divided into sensory imagery and passion of three elements that all complex psychological phenomenon is caused by these elements .
In the research methods emphasize the introspective methods .Conscious experience is the direct experience ,to understand it is only by the experimenter ,on their own experience of direct observation and description of the United States of America .
Functionalism / James / Dewey / the consciousness as an individual psychological elements of the set ,and consciousness as a the stream never stops flowing. Process. Emphasize the consciousness of the role and function of the United States of America .
Behaviorism / Wahson / Skinner / negative sense ,advocate psychology only study human behaviour ;/ opposed introspection ,advocate the use of objective experimental methods .Gestalt Psychology / German Wertheimer ,Koffka ,kuhler / Opposed to the consciousness into its elements ,but should take the psychological organization as a whole on the whole ,can be reduced to various parts of various elements ;traditional precede part exists, and restricting portion of the nature and the significance of ;part addition is not equal to the whole, the whole greater than the sum of its parts .
Psychoanalysis / Austria Freud / attention on abnormal psychology and abnormal behavior analysis, and emphasized the psychology should study the unconscious phenomena. Think ,all human thought and behavior ,are rooted in the depths of the soul of a motivation ,especially sexual impulses.
They to unconscious form dominates people ,and is expressed in human normal and abnormal behavior in cognitive psychology ,cognitive psychology in view, environmental factors are no longer describes the behavior of the most prominent factors .
The environment provides information that is important, but he is by controlling the external behavior of the cognitive process and coding ,storage and operation, and further affect human behavior .
Research method :observation ,experiment method ,survey method ,case study method and computer simulation of humanistic psychology ,psychology to understand people ,reveal the humanity of the Matter ;and to reveal the humanity ,must from human existence ,people-oriented ,with overall analysis ( research methods) to make the complete description.
The second chapter of psychological education and higher education psychology 5 ,master the complete structure of teaching activities ,as well as how psychology for teaching process to provide scientific basis.
A: first ,clear teaching objectives ;second ,analysis of task ;third ,to determine the students level ;fourth ,design course ;teaching ;fifth ,sixth ,and evaluation .Through the above analysis ,,we can find that ,the theories and methods of psychology to the teaching activity each link has an important guiding role .
Based on the psychological theories and methods ,can be coordinated between each link the relationship between the teaching system ,so as to optimize ,improve the teaching efficiency of the system .
Therefore ,to make the education based on science ,it is necessary to apply psychological theories and methods . And educational psychology is to more effectively carry out education and set up psychological branches.
Psychology can provide the basis for the whole teaching process .6 ,grasp the connotation of the concept of educational psychology .Higher education psychology characteristics. Answer : a study of higher education students learn and teachers To teach the basic psychological phenomena and the laws of science .
Higher education psychology characteristic ;1) educational psychology is a branch of psychology of school education ,school education in many psychological problems ,core problem is the students .
( 2) educational psychology is reflected in Higher Professional Education ( educational psychology .3) higher education psychology research object is about twenty students. ( 4) educational psychology to realize the three major social functions and adaptation of higher education teaching method to provide theory basis.
7 ,understanding the psychology of higher education research methodology principle and concrete method .A: the objectivity principle ;development principle ;the principle of integrating theory with practice ;educational principle ;the specific method is :( 1) observation method ;( 2) the experimental method ;( 3) investigation ;( 4) case law.
The third chapter psychology of higher education and higher school teachers ,8 teachers bear the multiple social roles .A: the 1 ,louboutin,who started the disseminators of knowledge learning ,organizer and rater .
2 parents elders ,friends and administrators.3 example and exemplary citizens.4 students soul shapers .( Student Development Guide ) 5 education scientific research . 6 personalized teaching innovator .
9 ,understanding teacher role effects and action basically reflects the way a: effect of the teacher and role :leadership ,teaching style ,teaching expectation as well as one and so on. Teacher :tough designed fault type ;type 2 type 3 type 4 benevolent autocrat follow one of Democracy ( is the most ideal ) 10 ,teacher occupation role in the formation of phase A: experienced the role perception ,role identity and role of stage stage of faith stage role belief phase is the formation of teachers basic symbol .
11 ,understand the sense of teaching efficacy sense. On Bandura self-efficacy theory understanding master the sense of teaching efficacy components. Answer: the teacher s teaching efficacy sense ,refers to the teachers on their influence on students behavior and learning ability of subjective judgment.
Bandura self-efficacy :refers to the people of their own success in some achievement behavior subjective guess and judgment ,it consists of two components ,that outcome expectations and self-efficacy expectations.
Teachers sense of teaching efficacy is divided into general teaching efficacy and personal teaching efficacy of two respects. Teachers teaching effectiveness Interpretation of teachers is the key factor.
It affects teachers education work enthusiasm ,influence of teachers on teaching work effort ,and difficulties in overcoming difficulties when they adhere to the degree . 12 ,teacher s teaching efficacy sense is important factor to explain teacher ,it widely affects teachers work ,in three aspects affect the teachers behaviors .
Answer: the teacher s sense of teaching efficacy is the interpretation of teachers as the key factor which affects teachers education work ;1 ,louboutin pas cher,teachers teaching effects on the degree of effort ;2 ,effects of teachers work experience summary and further learning ;3 ,influence teachers work in sentiment.
13 ,understand the teaching reflections on the meaning of master Blue Barker proposed the teaching reflection method four. Answer: Reflection: teachers in their teaching activities for the thinking object ,to make behavior ,decision making and the results of examination and analysis process ,is a by increasing the participants self awareness level to promote ability development way of reflective teaching process :1 specific experience in stage 2 observation and Analysis on stage ( the most concentrated expression At this stage 3 stage 4 ) to summarize positive validation phase of reflection on teaching composition: 1 cognitive components of 2 critical components of 3 teachers statement.
Teaching methods :( Blue Barker puts forward four kinds of method of reflection ) 1 reflective diary 2 detail 3 practical discussion of 4 action research 14 ,comprehension monitoring ability of teaching means.
Master teachers teaching monitoring ability and improve technology. A: the monitoring ability of teaching :refers to teachers in order to guarantee the teaching to achieve the intended purpose and in the whole teaching process, the teaching activity itself as the object of consciousness ,constantly on the active plan ,inspection ,evaluation ,louboutin shoes,feedback ,and control ability.
the monitoring ability of teaching and improve the technology :1 the changing role of technology ;2 teaching feedback technology ;3 on-the-spot guidance technology ;15 ,grasp the Teaching wit the meaning and expression way.
A: educational tact :is the teacher in the teaching activity is shown in a special ability ,is refers to the teacher to student various manifestations, especially is to the accident and incident ,to make a timely response ,and to take appropriate measures and problem solving ability.
Education special tactful way :1 good Adjust to changing circumstances in the light of its general trend 2 at 3 at an antidote against the disease 4 master educational opportunity and discretion.
16 ,correct understanding of teacher s prestige meaning ,understanding teacher prestige forming .Answer: Teacher :is that teachers have meaning that makes the student to feel the dignity and compelling spiritual inspiration force, is the teacher to student in psychology and behavior produced by a noble influence between teachers and students ,is a positive interpersonal relationship performance.
The teachers formation: prestige forming depends on a series of objective and subjective factors .The party and the country to the teachers attention and care, labor respect teachers ,teachers social status and material treatment improvement of teachers ,students and parents attitudes are affecting teachers formation of the objective social conditions, and teachers factor is the Wilson formed the fundamental determinants of the .
1 teachers morality ,profound knowledge and superb teaching art is to obtain the prestige of the basic conditions of 2 and students .Maintain a long-term and close contact ,on Teacher s prestige formation has the positive sense .
3 good appearance ,life style and habits contribute to teachers prestige, .4 teach Teachers give students a first impression also influence the prestige .5 to set strict demands on themselves, self criticism fourth chapter outlines the 17 fine learning psychology ,correct understanding of learning psychological essence .
Answer: generalized learning ,refers to people and animal in the process of life ,by virtue of experience and behavior or action potential relative lasting change .Generalized learning ,refers to human learning ;narrow sense learning ,specifically to the learning of students.
It is the human learning in a special form ,is under the guidance of teachers ,purposeful ,,planned ,organized ,systematic ,in a short period of time to accept previous accumulated cultural scientific knowledge ,and in order to enrich their own process.
Learning is a learned behavior. Study with repeated practice and experience ,can produce lasting changes in behavior or behavioral potential .Also can borrow behavior or behavioral potential change ,to infer learning .
Learning caused by the act or behavior potential change is relatively durable .18 ,combined with their own professional ,understanding Gagne on learning and classification .P.84,85 answer :Gagne according to levels of learning and learning outcomes ,learning activities are classified according to the study .
Level, learning can be divided into :signal learning ;stimulus response learning ;chain learning ;language connectionist learning ;discrimination learning ;conceptual learning ;learning ;problem solving learning ( the highest level of learning ) ;according to the study results ,intellectual skills ,cognitive strategies ;verbal information ;motor skill ;attitude 19 ,understand the basic characteristics of College Students learning .
A: learning from the view of content ,first ,a higher degree of specialization of occupation oriented learning ,strong .Second ,practical knowledge, practical ability .Third ,subjects in the high level and controversial.
From learning method, which is characterized by ,first ,the self-study mode increasingly occupy an important position ;second ,learning independence ,critical thinking and consciousness increases ceaselessly .
Third ,classroom and extracurricular and learning combination .20 ,understanding of learning theory learning basic view ,they think ,all learning is through conditioning ,in the stimulation of S and reaction between R to establish direct connection process.
To strengthen in the S-R connection establishment plays an important role. A: in the S-R coupling, individuals learn the habits ,and habits are repeated practice and strengthen the results .
Related theory ,Pavlov Classical conditioning theory. Get law and regression law ;law of stimulus generalization and differentiation ;advanced condition law of action .21 ,master Skinner operational condition and the basic point of view ,their basic learning .
Correct understanding of operant conditioning theory of higher education. A: learning is essentially a reaction probability of change, and the reinforcement is the enhancement of the reaction probability means.
If an operation ( spontaneous reaction ) appeared later ,a reinforcing stimulus followed ,then the operation probability increases ;has passed the condition action aggrandizement of operation ,if there is no longer a reinforcing stimulus after trailing ,the operation of probability weaken ,or even disappear.
Inspiration: according to operational condition doctrine ,,in higher education ,teachers should use positive reinforcement ( praise) means to shape students ;by not strengthening method to eliminate negative behaviors ,and should treat carefully punishment ,because the punishment will make students understand what not to do ,but it does not allow students to know what can be done and what should be done .
23 ,Bruner thinks ,the essence of learning is active form a cognitive structure. To master the basic structure of subjects has four teaching principles of.P98 answer: Blue That is the United States of America cognitive educational psychologist.
His theory is often referred to as " ;cognitive m found that " ;or " m " ;cognitive structure ;cognitive psychology of learning view ,learning is active and the formation of cognitive structure .
Learners are motivated to gain knowledge ,and through the new knowledge and the cognition a structure to connect ,to actively construct their knowledge system. Cognitive structure :coding system ,the main ingredient is " ;a set of perceptual category " ;learning includes obtaining ,transformation and evaluation three .
Bruner thinks ,study any subject is the ultimate goal of constructing students cognitive structure ,and the constructing good cognitive structure often require access to ,transformation and evaluation three .
Master the basic structure of subjects teaching principle has four ,namely :first ,the principle of motivation .Each student has three basic types of intrinsic motivation ,the desire ,the desire to succeed and live together in peace together needs.
Teachers should promote and regulate good students inquiry activities ,stimulate their intrinsic motivation ,effectively to achieve the learning objectives .Second ,structure principle. In order to let the students to understand the subject of general structure ,the teacher must choose a The best pattern to impart the teaching structure of knowledge.
Third ,procedure principle. Teaching is a presentation of a series of knowledge of the structure of a program. This program is differ from man to man .Fourth ,the principles of reinforcement .
Learners must be timely feedback .24 ,understand the meaning of the essence of learning ,to master the advance organizer the meaning of study . A :from two dimensions to study divided into acceptance learning and discovery learning ;and rote learning and meaningful learning .
He thought ,student learning is a kind of meaningful reception learning ,meaningful learning ,the symbol is represented by the new knowledge and learners has the appropriate concept from impersonal and substantial contact.
Influence of receptive learning ,is a cognitive structure appropriate fixation perceptions of availability. Study and puts forward a kind of the advance organizer teaching strategy. The advance organizer ,before learning task presents itself a guide material ,its abstract ,summary and the integrated level is higher than the learning task ,and with the cognitive structure of original ideas and new learning task related.
The advance organizer purposes ,to new learning tasks .For the concept of the fixation point .The fifth chapter learning motivation and training 25 ,understand the meaning of learning motivation learning motivation ,the basic structure.
A: Learning Motivation :to stimulate individual learning activities ,maintenance has been caused by learning activities ,and cause the behavior toward certain study goal is a kind of internal processes or internal mental states .
Motivation to learn basic structure: ( P112 ) two basic components of learning needs and expectation of learning ,both of them are closely related .Learning needs are learning to expect one of premise ;learning to expect at the learning needs, to enable the subject to achieve the learning objectives .
26 ,to understand the students characteristics. A: the learning motivation of college students the characteristics of P116 ( 1) learning motivation pluralism. The learning motivation of college students are diverse .
( 2) the learning motivation of indirect. Students indirect learning motivation ,such as knowledge ,explore ,create ,achievements ,contributions ,the higher the grade and gradually strengthened ,is the main motivation ( college students .
3) learning motivation of college students society .The correct outlook on life ,world outlook and gradually formed the lofty ideal ,and gradually establish the learning motivation ,social significance and is expanding.
( 4) study Learning motivation of College Students occupation .With the higher grade ,have learned to their professional affection degree gradually deepened, occupation of learning motivation gradually began to consolidate .
27 ,understand the learning motivation and learning effects .Answer: learning motivation and learning effects P119 consensus is: learning motivation, learning actively high ,learning behavior ,learning ,and good effect ;in contrast ,learning motivation is weak, active learning is not high ,learning behavior is not good ,then the learning effect is poor .
The inconsistent condition is :learning motivation, learning enthusiasm is high ,if learning behavior is not good, the learning effect is not good ;opposite ,learning motivation is not strong ,if learning behavior ,the learning effects may also be good.
Conclusion :learning motivation is the impact of learning behavior ,improve the learning effect is an important factor ,but not the only condition decided the learning activities .28 ,grasp the learning motivation theories ,such as strengthening the motivation theory ,theory of achievement motivation ,attribution theory ,theory of self realization ,the theory of self-efficacy .
Answer: learning motivation theories of P120 (1 ) to strengthen the motivation theory of connectionism psychology experts using SmR formula to explain people ,that motivation is determined by the External stimuli elicited a on the behavior of the impulsive force, and attached particular importance to strengthen to illustrate the motive cause and effect .
They think ,certain human learning behavior depends on previous such learning behavior and stimulus for strengthening and established a solid link ,strengthen can make people in the process of learning to enhance a response repetition probability strength.
( 2) the theory of achievement motivation .Achievement motivation is the need for achievement is derived on the basis of ,it is to encourage individual willing to engage themselves consider important or valuable work ,and strive to achieve an inner driving force in the learning activities, the achievement motivation is the one main types of learning motivation ,is acquired with the significance of social motivation .
( 3) the attribution theory. According to this theory ,people have to understand the world and control environment two needs ,make these two kinds of needs of the most fundamental means of understanding the people cause of action, and to predict how people will act behavioral causes or to the environment, or in person.
If to environment ,christian louboutin outlet,is the personal behavior results can not bear any responsibility .If attributed to individuals ,individuals on the behavioral results shall be responsible for ( 4) .
Theory of self actualization .People need to have five kinds, which are sequentially arranged from low to high in certain level ,namely the physiological needs ,security needs ,belongingness and love need ,esteem needs ,the need for self-realization .
Low level needs to be basically meet ,will enter the self realization needs level. Learning from psychological perspective, the study is to the pursuit of self-realization ,by learning to make their value ,potential ,louboutin pas cher,personality full and complete play ,development and implementation.
( 5) the theory of self-efficacy .Human behavior affected by row is the result of factors and antecedent factors .Appearance is not due to subsequent intensive ,but because of who know the behavior and strengthen the dependency between ,formed on a strengthening expectations.
If individual prediction to a certain behavior will lead to a particular outcome, then it may be activated and selected. Or when the individual is convinced that they have the ability to perform an activity ,he will have a high " " ;self-efficacy ;,and will actually to carry out the activities.
29 ,master and can in practice to stimulate students .Answer: learning motivation .P130 learning motivation refers to certain teaching environment ,using a certain cause, which has formed the learning needs of the latent state becomes active ,the formation of learning enthusiasm .
1 ) creating problem situation ,the implementation of heuristic teaching, heuristic teaching core consisting of: A. active student thinking ;B. to stimulate students learning intrinsic motivation.
To the implementation of the heuristic method of teaching, the key lies in the teacher how to create the suitable difficulty problem situation :first requests the teacher to be familiar with material ,master materials structure ,understanding the inner link between old and new knowledge ;teachers are expected to fully understand the students cognitive structure ,so that the new learning content and students levels constitute a appropriate span.
2 ) according to the operation difficulty ,appropriate control motivation level psychologists ,moderate motivation arousing level most conducive to learning effect is improved . At the same time, they also found ,the best motivation arousing level and task difficulty are closely related.
Therefore ,teachers in the teaching ,according to the learning tasks with different difficulty ,appropriate control students in learning aroused .Easier ,simpler task ,should try to make the students ,so that students try to close A little ;but in the learning is more complex ,,more difficult task ,should try to create a free and easy atmosphere in the classroom, the students encounter difficulties or problems ,try to be in a calm mood to slowly guide, in order to avoid excessive tension and anxiety of students .
3 ) make full use of feedback information ,appropriate rewards and punishments . Psychological research shows that ,from the learning outcome variety of feedback information ,the effect on learning was investigated.
But praise and rewards than criticism and accusations can more effectively stimulate students .So ,in the teaching we should give students praise than criticism ,at the same time, according to the specific circumstances of the students incentives ,the incentives as a implies a successful information ,its itself does not have value ,just use it to attract the attention of students ,make students from external motivation to intrinsic motivation of conversion ,information task itself to have the interest .
4 ) seek to prevail over others by psychological ,organization learning competition psychology research indicated that ,learning competition in a certain extent can improve student learning initiative ,affect their learning results.
But the study of competition on the performance in the biggest influence on students ,grades excellent or very poor people have less effect .Therefore ,in the study of race with the Ideological Education Yo ,the competition became the inspiration for students the collective sense of honor and responsibility means ,but also in the competition standards should reflect the encouraging progress and solidarity ,as much as possible with the collective or group competition ,and encourage students to carry out " ;self competition " ;.
5 ) correct guidance outcome attribution, help students to work hard. Psychological research shows that ,the student to study the attribution ,not only is explained by the previous study results reasons ,but more important is that after learning behavior will be influenced .
Therefore ,completed by students in a learning task, the teacher should guide the students attribution . On the one hand to guide the students to find out the real reason of success or failure ;on the other hand the teachers also should according to each student record differences ,in favor of the future study of attribution .
In general ,regardless of the eugenic or poor ,due to the subjective efforts are favorable. The sixth chapter learning transfer and promote the 30 ,understanding the meaning of learning transfer :learning .
Migration :it refers to a kind of learning in the acquisition of experience of other learning effect. The transfer of learning classification :positive transfer and negative transfer ;forward and backward transfer ;vertical migration and Lateral migration ;migration theory :31 ,affect the condition of learning transfer :learning object common factors ,empirical generalization level ,cognitive skills and strategies as well as the set function.
A: effects of transfer of learning conditions: 1 ) learning objects in a common factor .2 ) experience generalization level .3 ) cognitive skills and Strategies of.4 ) set action. Teachers how to promote students learning transfer :( 1) establishing a reasonable teaching objectives.
One unit or a lesson teaching goal establishment ,must from cutting the construct of psychological structure of overall consideration . At the same time ,the teaching goal should be expressed clearly and specifically ,not ambiguous ,students should be able to exactly grasp the meaning of ( 2) science .
Selection of teaching materials .Should put in various discipline with extensive mobility values of scientific achievements as the main contents of the teaching material .At the same time ,the content of teaching materials should follow scientific development and continuous change .
( 3) the rational arrangement of the teaching content of basic standards. Is to make teaching structured ,integration ,network .( 4) the effective design teaching program. First of all to the discipline of the ones that have the greatest mobility values of the basic knowledge ,basic skills ,basic moral norms ( host node Constitutive ) learning in the first place ,as the main materials .
On this basis ,then follows from general to individual ,from whole to part " " ;differentiation ;the principle of organization under the structure of knowledge teaching . At the same time ,we should strengthen the concept ,principle ,there are still issues to sections of the transverse connection between, in order to achieve " ;combined through " ;purpose.
( 5) students learn to study. In order to promote the transfer of learning ,teachers should make students learn how to learn ,that is to master the ways of learning .The cognitive strategies as an important teaching content ,and master the cognition strategy the effective teaching methods ,the teaching strategies to achieve effective migration objective .
The seventh chapter cognitive development and application of knowledge 32 ,teaching intuitive substantive subjects through the direct perception of information ( visual material ) of the surface meaning ,surface features for processing, thereby forming for something specific ,particular ,perceptual awareness of cognitive activity .
A: practical teaching process has a variety of different materials intuitive perception and knowledge .It visual objects ,can be divided into physical intuitive intuitive intuitive and visual language ,die like three .
Three visual form each has its advantages and disadvantages, in the teaching ability Enough according to different intuitive features and practical needs ,choose a different visual and intuitive way of combination ,to improve the knowledge of the perceptual effect .
Physical intuitive :through direct perception to learn practical things to an intuitive way. Advantages :it in real life, directional effect is better, in the future the occupation activity will soon play a role.
At the same time ,it can help to stimulate students interest in learning of scientific knowledge ,arouse the study scientific knowledge actively . Disadvantages: essential and non essential elements mixed together ,are often difficult to highlight the essential essential factor, has certain difficulty.
Die like intuitive :through to die like things direct perception of an intuitive way. Advantages: it can be largely overcome the limitations of physical intuition ,expand the visual range ,improve the visual effect.
Disadvantages :imitation and actual things of a certain distance between words is intuitive .:figurative language in action, through the students physical form ( phonological ,orthographic ) perceptual and semantic understanding of an intuitive form.
Advantages :not affected by time and place of equipment of condition restriction ,can be widely used .To use intonation and vivid shape As the example to stimulate the students feelings ,arouse students imagination .
Disadvantages: speech directly caused by the imagery ,often as physical intuitive and die like direct vivid ,complete ,stable. Higher education improve the teaching effect. Flexible use of various visual form perception ;application of law ,prominent visual feature of the object; cultivate students observation ability ;enable students to participate fully in the visual process .
33 ,understanding the connotation of variable type . A: variant :is the use of different forms of visual material or examples of the essence of things .Things attribute transformation non essence feature ,in order to highlight the essential characteristic .
Eighth chapter of memory development and consolidate the knowledge ,understanding of the effects of 34 knowledge memorization and coding of the main factors affecting knowledge answer :memory and encoding the major factors :( 1) the amount of material and properties .
( 2) the memorial of the purpose and the initiative (3 ) on the material meaning understanding degree (4 ) block of code ( 5 ) makes it possible for a variety of analyzer collaborative activities.
( 6) the arousal state .(7 ) .35 ,memorizing the confidence about the meaning and main process should be forgotten : the forgotten :the contents of memory not recognition and recall ,and recognition and recall error, is forget.
Forget rule :the forgotten Process initially progress quickly ,then gradually slowly ,over a considerable time after ,almost never forget. Forget development is not balanced ,the rule is to slow down after 36 ,for forgetting process ,reasonable review ,to prevent forgetting .
A: ( 1) review the opportunity to properly .First ,review on time to consolidate the review must be forgotten .In previous time .Second ," ;" interval review ;principle . Just to learn new knowledge ,should review each review ,the time should be longer ,and the interval time is shorter ;as memory consolidation degree rise ,review each time be shorter ,and interval time can be longer.
( 2) a review of the methods to be reasonable .First ,the general dispersion review is better than the review ;second ,repeated reading with try to memorize than repeated reading ;third ,louboutin,general review effect is the best .
Of course ,should also consider the characteristics of teaching materials .Fourth ,the use of multiple senses the synergistic effect. ( 3) the number of suitable review . Learning proficiency reaches 150%, the memory effect is best.
But more than 150%, the effect is not incremented. Chapter ninth cognitive strategies and mental skill forming 37 ,understanding of knowledge meaning ,Anderson put the individual knowledge Into two categories ,one is declarative knowledge ,procedural knowledge two .
A: Knowledge :according to the ideas of modern cognitive psychology ,knowledge is the individual through interaction with the environment obtained after the information and organization .38 ,understand the essence of the understanding of cognitive strategies ,metacognitive and cognitive strategies of the meaning of learning strategy is " .
;in the learning process for improving learning and memory efficiency of all activities of." ;answer: cognitive strategy :according to Gagne ,cognitive strategy is used to control their own learning mental process of internal organization to procedural knowledge .
It embodies the learners to deal with internal world, embodies the individual self control and adjustment ability. Metacognition :is Flavell in the nineteen seventies proposed a new concept ,an individual to own that metacognitive control knowledge process and results of consciousness.
Metacognition consists of two basic components :( metacognitive knowledge stored in long-term memory ) and ( stored in the work memory ) .Metacognitive strategy :it is individual and regulation and control of cognitive behavioral methods and rules ,it is the individual in the study with the experience of growth and gradually developed.
The metacognitive strategies ( metacognitive control ) large Induced can be divided into three kinds: planning strategy ,monitoring strategy and adjustment strategy. Learning strategies is " ;in the learning process for extraction .

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than the American scholar Neil Postman's words this is called Again everything is of degree no matter how good things too far it will change the taste not to mention the entertainment does not equal happiness does not mean that the dignity God gives him security for each part are useful but with disuse the root cause of the unspoken rules unspoken rules to maintain state commonly known as neuropathy Modern Chinese Dictionary gives this definition the core is the word sieve stick to draw a shiny circle children: is safe inside a circle but the monster world but how do you know in the circle approach is very simple you go out to try but that circle is not long on the ground but zoned out so at any time can be re-zoned For example in our China homosexuality has been included in the mentally ill but now is not the hot weather the streets of Beijing girl contests in Tehran you have no treat anyone who dared to reveal the thigh will immediately be taken away by police uncle sick not sick time space changes and changes in the past is a disease and now may not be disease; sick today tomorrow may be disease- somewhere that you are sick another place you would not be called sick normal in one place one place to another may not be normal Tuo Dostoevski said: decent hearts the secret up to each person who has an angel and the devil Jekyll and Hyde the beautiful thoughts and dark thoughts pent deeper the greater the risk so there is no absolute normal and absolute sick everyone is normal but also has the disease the key is the angle from which it can be said normal people have the disease potential In fact advocating the most normal and firmly believe that most normal people may be sick most important and should therefore be a historical objective look at the development does not get sick this problem However within a certain time within a limited area disease and normal boundaries still exist otherwise mixed too messy benefits no one not sick the key lies in the boundaries that is the rules now the disease is not no rules but rather the rules not afraid of the rules more precisely our fear is not be afraid be afraid Instead we are not afraid such as the one of the things we fear most: children to school children school which was the farthest away from the mess the most simple and quiet but now they drop into the whirlpool of bloody violence for example to eat In addition to the individual key protection the average person is far from expecting to be poisoned but we are not so practical For example on the road even when the traffic lights can we is not afraid of death the green light go red light is gone another example a public officer by the taxpayer to wages should have been respected taxpayers; now taxpayers but they kneel always be afraid of something afraid precisely because we are not afraid of something so we afraid of some things that the white sides of a coin and not afraid we are not afraid of the rules so afraid of the up and down inside and out these unspoken rules seem complicated but actually simple: power is king money comes first such ; law of the jungle is the law of the jungle the lion eating leopards leopards eat the antelope the cycle repeated relatively stable and definitely not the antelope eat the leopards and even eat the lion The desperate will bite a lion a few mouthfuls even flocked to the lion ate leading to chaos in the the lion opinion this antelope apparently suffering from any society needs rules the bogeyman of the unspoken rules is that the surface is the rule and the actual is a subversion of this inherent irrationality decided that it could not last long no matter how prevalent now implementation of the unspoken rules and the can be slaves so once the power of dead subservience before the new owner From another perspective the person's appearance personality occupation status vary widely but the essence is the same cut the child's own was once innocent children false drug inevitably sick cottage Secretary for their love not a line put them all drawn in opposite prisons and mental hospitals is necessary but not solve the underlying problems to deal with a powerful virus the eradication of the infected person's body is no way to approach to find a vaccine is the right way we sick the root cause of the unspoken rules maintained by the unspoken rules of as if a tsunami before the arrival of the resort a quiet night in front of the earthquake microblogging said: cruel society 12 SMS desire in other places but a distant dream you see a group of people how to describe the dream you know what kind of life they once I do not like the overly advertised dream in life is how important Later experience also understand a lot of simple desire is so far much like a dream accumulation of the mm Tsai Kang-yung various social contradictions is the main reason should reflect the rapid economic development can not cover up a variety of corresponding contradictions everyone should think we are running too fast lost soul mm Lu Jian everyone called it in times of trouble required heavy penalties for all people who kill children immediately Qiandaowangua mm Zhao Lihua development costs and China has been gradually can not afford to pay of the hhmm new weekly defend children to defend our hope our future mm Dongchong Fei the if a country business schools to tell students of food poisoning can not be sex education should teach students not allowed to rape this not a very terrible situation but very unfortunately we really are facing the crisis of the moral bottom line fall hh it reveals The truth is: that we stand still stand still actually on the fly mm Leung Man Tao Pathetique silent mm Yang Jinlin child's life than a million times of financial crisis housing prices and inflation simply can not be compared mm the Pan grievances come from my hunch is the lack of social justice justice missing What does it mean Simply speaking is not unreasonable the old saying that rational traveled the world but now can not tell you unreasonable so rational useless the mm Mao Yushi Meng Jianzhu said the key is prevention because those who kill the child the son of a bitch did not want to live so they are nothing dare mm Cheng Helin in the kingdom of our lack of faith the family has been playing the role of religion while love is almost the only spiritual sustenance of the individual life family ethics of anomie and the digestion of love faith and will inevitably lead to the generation of unscrupulous and nothing awe nothing to fear at the same time associated with nothing to convert nothing attached has been the attachment of the people tend to easily become a destructive force of the community to harm others or self-hate self-mutilation mm love Story Chinese people really should be mutually gave each other lots of leeway when otherwise I really very troublesome mm Qiu Huadong (taken from the author of microblogging blogs and articles grateful) we sorely lacking faith [Moderator] Deng Yuan the reporter [guest] on the construction Rong Rural Development Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Social Research Director of the Center Du Ping Hong Kong Phoenix TV commentator we repair a lot of high-rise buildings high-speed rail but we do not have built a spiritual channel active when the not the final bottom line awe then why did not it because a person has too much uncertainty in the process of working hard he felt their own efforts will not be rewarded in a number of conditions can not be met only remaining fear things more reckless Du Ping: We must find out why the Chinese did not so much vicious homicide but homicide frequent This shows that Chinese society is in the state of some confusion over the past 30 years China's development is mainly economic material . 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1 weddings before midnight suddenly received small Liu telephone,, two directions: first you must look better,louboutin, must wear the dress, not shame me; second you must not handsome, not particularly handsome than me, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, then phone Liu laughter.
And received instructions,Telecommunications Netcom cooperation agreement declared bankruptcy telecommunic!, originally to Changping plastic surgery after the wedding when the thoughts thereon removed. 2 moved from Panjiayuan back to Liu's two stone, stone high four meters, four people to get a boy, is responsible for the present houses are bitter, hehe.
Stone to the wedding scene, lift seat are scared. 3 the wedding venue, B sixteen. A fine, white flowers hanging on the branches, the garden in the center of a white wedding hall, should be held, do not know why I suddenly think of "the godfather" in a scene, it seems like met often sister, small Liu's agent, heavily armed apparently wedding director; see often sister busy figure, I was very moved, she is really like a small Liu's mother, to maintain small Liu everything.
4 Xiao Liu is in premarital depression, locked himself in a room,, anxious to settle his anxiety and tension., endSix steamed stuffed bun, we eat one two. Liu said that his mood: married, is not the same, suddenly feel responsible.
Suddenly rain came pouring down, in order to see just the yard was the heavy rain was messy,louboutin shoes, Liu mood is a little heavy we all tried to persuade him, no problem, showers, symbolizing a baptism. HH really, the rain stopped.
Ten minutes, 5 small Qin come, we three in Changchun Film "Nanjing! Nanjing!" no less, although the film is hard,christian louboutin outlet, but all night long drink drunk let us always in tears temporarily forget our present difficulties; for a moment, the film has been out today,louboutin pas cher, brother together, is a small Liu's wedding.
We these a few thirty run four old boys suddenly some recollections. 6 is the first Jewish wedding; wedding very grave, also very holy wedding ceremony, Liu stared at Anna, suddenly choke with sobs, I see many people are crying.
Me too. I and publicity, Qin Wang stood side by side, watching his brothers life through the fan important door inside, for he felt delighted Jewish wedding ceremony. Very, very religious,, a holy solemnity.
Western weddings and funerals more easilyTo let people created some on the life and death of the ultimate thinking is born. The Chinese style wedding ceremony, often be folk parcel,, filled with WTO joy.
7 three president also came, we together secretly to discuss under Nanjing's overseas issue, South Korea advances made us very happy. 8 Chinese celebrations began, I went into a small Liu changing clothes lounge, saw Anna, she's really very beautiful.
Two of them were dressed in Chinese ancient clothing. I must say Liu wore the outfit, a bit like Tang Bohu or Stephen Chow. Ha ha. This clothes obviously warming function very strong, as best man,louboutin pas cher, I'm a night in the Liu Yedi paper towel,These 14 years, he is using me, or what, he can only use sweated terribly to describe,louboutin, I stood behind him at his neck and neck a sweat incessantly,Fan Bingbing is the second Liu Xiaoqing (Magic Jie, thought the marriage is not easy.
9 Anna on the stage: no matter what other people say Liu Ye, but no one better than I know Liu Ye, and get to know him deeply; I want to say, Liu Ye is the most kind-hearted person, I love him. I thank God Liu Ye such a perfect person to me.
10 Liu Ye said: Anna makes him want to return to the family, to be a responsible man. 11 thank you LIUYe and Anna invited me to your wedding, although the hot weather, but the move and a better life, the courageous courage, let me feel so much.

Yesterday,CCTV exposure growth hormone abuse phenomenon ,the expert reminds ,only certain dwarfism patients in a specific period of time in strict accordance with the doctor growth hormone ,will it be possible to achieve the high purpose .
And yesterday, modern express reporter investigation discovery ,increased market dragons and fishes jumbled together ,Nanjing also has deceived case ,a child is not only height did not increase ,but at such a young age, grow a beard .
At the same time ,the market also increased much more than a growth hormone ,but also video :reporter unannounced visits to clinics for children growth So Suke increased source: CCTV news channel has a wide variety of heighten medicine etc.
.Some medicine increased ,even on the Internet can easily buy .- Modern Express reporter Lu Wei Liu Jun CCTV reported only a volume of about height doctors suggested that since the growth hormone according to CCTV weekly quality report ,in a children growth in outpatient department ,came to visit Gon Freecss this year nine years old ,he is in the class all the time is relatively short, so his parents took him to the outpatient department ,hoping to find a dwarf reason .
The out-patient department on the website declared: they used higher system originated from the Nobel technology ,has successfully increased in one hundred thousand adolescents .Through its potent activator of ghrelin receptor activity ,so that the auxin efficient carrying into the target cell membrane surface ,so that the adolescent height ,,intelligence two-way growth .
In the field ,nurses are saying and site on the publicity different .The clinic had one hundred thousand teen success increased method is the use of growth hormone therapy ,this and current clinical treatment due to growth hormone deficiency caused by short stature approach adopted by no two .
However ,the nurse at the clinic ,they will be in strict accordance with the use of growth hormone for reasonable medication ,will not abuse .Subsequently, the nurse to Gon Freecss measured height ,at the age of nine, now he is 1 metres in height 29 .
The doctor informed about Gon Freecss height ,,began to advise parents to give him an injection of growth hormone .According to the report ,in fact ,in the formal hospital ,judging whether it belongs to the small of stature in patients with growth hormone deficiency ,must undertake the in vivo growth hormone stimulation test ,after the experiment through the blood and determination of blood concentration of growth hormone ,then draws the conclusion ,not to judge by age .
It is understood ,due to growth hormone on cartilage cell proliferation has significantly positive effect ,so the growth hormone deficiency caused by short stature have obvious curative effect .
Because of this ,the role of growth hormone were artificially inflated ,in some clinics and outpatient department ,growth hormone or blown into higher God medicine .In fact ,this kind of drug is suitable for growth hormone deficiency caused by short stature, not a long a ready-made panacea .
Experts pointed out :if the blind ,certainly will bring harm to the child .A case study of Nanjing had higher medicine son no longer in height the long beard in Nanjing ,express reporter found a former victim .
Son of old is not long ,but the beginning of a long beard ,how is this going ? The summer lady son 5 years old this year ,height 1.1 meters ,shorter than their peers ,this became the one family .
Some time ago ,the summer lady surprised ,son hair was beginning to thicken ,around the mouth long beards .A questioning, her mother-in-law said ,give the child to eat the medicine increased .
Originally, the summer lady son usually live in grandma .See the grandson of shorter than their peers ,the old lady was so anxious .Last year, Xinjiekou near a higher advertising attracted the attention of the old lady .
Advertising claims ,free to shoot age ,then an antidote against the disease .Then ,the old lady with her grandson found this sells the medicine mechanism . Selling the medicine man said disposable bought half of drugs can be significantly taller ,my mother-in-law letter ,pay 8000 yuan .
Summer lady don medicine increased ,that still have to go to the regular hospital for the doctor ,the old lady gave her grandson to buy medicine thing didn her .Until 3 months later ,summer only to find .
Is not long ,the hair is thick ,so small and long beards ,I and his father is not strong . The frantic summer to take the children to the children examination .The doctor check is found to be false sexual precocity .
What the child to eat what ,Miss Xia still do not know ,but the drug ,louboutin pas cher,she was no longer the children not to eat .Nanjing Hospital Department of Endocrinology experts say ,the children eat may also not really growth hormone ,more be like nourishing health products .
In fact, increased product many ,real growth hormone ,a qualified domestic production in four or five ,the excessive use of growth hormone ,does not rule out some medical institutions will use .
Growth hormone drugs is still relatively expensive ,louboutin,if it is a ten years old child ,then a month to 2000 yuan ,year need about twenty thousand or thirty thousand .As for the fake growth hormone ,the profit will be more substantial .
The doctor said ,generally speaking ,her understanding of the growth hormone has three aspects of abuse ,first of all,Government websites advanced figures reported the alleged in, missed the age ,with white .An antidote against the disease since the growth hormone is effective ,but the girls menarche (usually 12-13 years) and boys ( aged 13-15 years after being in general ) ,human skeleton has closed ,this time since the growth hormone ,,the basic no effect at this time ,some doctors to patients ,is a kind of abuse ;second ,growth hormone does not lack ,no clear etiology as belonging to the blind before ,playing .
Some parents see their children short is more anxious ,and everywhere for treatment ,some obviously growth hormone deficiency, also as not by accident, it is definitely abuse ;third ,not with the regular factory production of hormone drugs, but with some higher drug ,the harm is greater .
The expert is not the voice of all the small can play hormone short stature has four major categories of cases reported to the Department of endocrinology of Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University ,,Shanghai on 523 patients with short stature in children :etiology analysis showed only 115 of these patients suffer from lack of growth of Ji Suque disease ,accounting for 21.
99% of the total ,2009 Jiangsu Subei people Outpatient Department of Pediatrics analysis reports also indicate that :150 cases .Children with growth hormone deficiency accounted for only 40% .
That is to say dwarfism patients does not apply to everyone to growth hormone treatment .If not an antidote against the disease ,The common data,blind injection of growth hormone therapy ,may run counter to one .
From the two affiliated hospital pediatric department of Endocrinology director Yu Baosheng introduced ,generally short stature has four kinds big ,one is a genetic factors ,such as the father in the 165 cm below ,the mother at 150 cm below ,are likely to child figure was short in stature ;two is an autoimmune disease, such as malnutrition or Turner syndrome ;three is the growth hormone deficiency ;four for idiopathic short stature ,in short stature patients, nearly half of the patients are idiopathic short stature ,such patients can not find little reason ,existing medical means cannot explain such patients with short stature .
No doubt ,on growth hormone deficiency patients, since the growth hormone is the most effective ,this is the best an antidote against the disease ;in addition ,growth hormone on the part of Turner syndrome and idiopathic short stature patients have a certain effect ,but the effect is inferior to growth hormone deficiency patients .
Yu Baosheng introduces ,height measurement ,pat X light at age it is not wrong, because after all, should know whether the child sexual precocity or late developmental situation .For example, some children although age is suitable ,but a look at the X light found epiphysis had closed ,there since the growth hormone necessary .
If you want to play the growth hormone ,it must do drug provocation test .But by not less than two kinds of drugs to do the experiment .Because the secretion of human growth hormone is low ,and in the evening is the peak ,to understand the level of growth hormone in patients with comprehensive ,we must do the test,louboutin shoes, and then judge whether the growth hormone .
Reporter survey month sells thousands of boxes ,heighten medicine online sell fire fast grow tall 3-8 centimeter, before 25 years of age can go higher . not child ,a course of 2 cm tall ,no side effects ,sleep .
.. ... As a parent ,if your kids are growing slowly or undersized ,would you like to try the medicine increased ?The reporter investigates discovery ,in recent years ,increased drug always has the market very much, especially in the online sell particularly fire .
In an online shopping mall ,search heighten medicine key words ,suddenly found 3944 baby .From the domestic products to import products ,from traditional Chinese medicine products to high-tech products ,from more than 10 yuan to several hundred yuan a box of a box ,a wide variety of hypertension drugs .
A hot medicine increased monthly sales of 5000 in box .Buy medicine increased ,careful people familiar with the matter said ,at present on the market increasing drugs have roughly so several :a nutrition supplements, calcium ,vitamin D ,amino acid mainly .
Taobao has a higher medicine ,which contain sufficient calcium carbonate ,vitamin D ,can solve the problem of small of stature .But people familiar with the matter said ,vitamin D can promote bone better growth ,has no direct relationship with the long .
Previously the CCTV weekly quality report exposed heighten medicine of Representatives -- Hafodaigaole scam .Investigation shows ,the claim that within 3 months of work, the long long was in fact the general nutritional supplement lysine hydrochloride tablets ;second ,is under the banner of growth hormone of heighten medicine .
This medicine general propaganda said ,can maximize the release of growth hormone ,which can promote the body naturally long high effect .The doctor said ,growth hormone is a prescription drug ,it must be injected .
This kind of heighten medicine can not mess with ;third is the so-called imported heighten medicine .At the beginning of the 2011 most effective website heighten medicine inventory list 10 strong ,[reprint] science, economy, policy of China to 205,half are imported .
There was media has carried out one by one to verify ,in addition to a traditional Chinese medicine products appeared on the State Food and Drug Administration website on imported products ,no trace .
In spite of this ,but not affect the sales of imported products .According to the website, their monthly sales in 2000 to 5000 boxes of unequal ,each box price in one hundred yuan to two hundred yuan .
Increased market ,year billions of years ago ,the State Food and drug administration is responsible for the relevant people had to remind consumers ,the relevant departments have never approved over increased functional medicine ,who claimed to have increased functional medicine belongs to the false propaganda .
According to the news reporters ,the regular factory production of growth hormone has a year 2000000000 of sales ,and that only five or six manufacturers in the production ,the informal channels out of the so-called heighten products and medicines ,it is too numerous to mention , higher sales reached billions a year is not a problem .
The doctor impression city in short children children short ,christian louboutin outlet,there are many disturbance factors from our outpatient sensation ,urban living conditions, but short children feel more like .
Department of Endocrinology Jiangsu Province People chief physician Ma Xianghua told reporters ,it may on the one hand and now the parents should pay more attention to the children timely treatment relationship ,in addition ,other factors also in children: an interference ,human growth hormone is secreted at night to reach the peak ,louboutin pas cher,and now the child sleep time was too little ,quality is poor ,affected the height .
To this, expert proposal ,adolescent sleep time cannot be less than 8 hours a day .Two outdoor activities are too little .Exercise less is not conducive to children growth ,will also produce many other health problems ,such as myopia .
Three is the nutrient imbalance .Now the children of poor diet ,energy and more fat ,but vitamin and trace mineral is relatively few ,especially some junk food if excessive intake causing diseases such as obesity on children growth is negative .
They pulled up, the doctor is not recommended in addition to bad habits and ways of life ,caused by many reasons such as short stature ,growth hormone deficiency ,familial ,idiopathic short stature ,hypothyroidism ,traumatic brain injury and other diseases caused by .
For the treatment of short stature ,Ma Xianghua said ,5 to 10 years of age is the best time to treat the disease ,especially in growth hormone deficient type of dwarfism patients ,at a time when these children to intervene ,the child is completely possible in the adolescent developmental period with children of the same age height level .
The epiphysis had closed ,at present on clinical has not been particularly good way,louboutin, although some hospitals use bones elongated method ,it is also a great risk ,as the doctor does not recommend .

25 percentage points; one-year benchmark lending rate down by 0. the central bank for the first time taken to The asymmetric cut interest rates directly narrowing the bank's net interest margin.,louboutin pas cher
from the earliest to accept a sedan, which opens the first pure electric cars popular will in theory the existence of a reality. The reporter asks .Gu Zhonggen old person of 73 years old and over 36 years .a confirmation that the check is the lost check ,christian louboutin outlet,In fifth , candidates who art not because of the problem of the image not pass the test before the Feng Yuanzheng: I'm into the arts, Feng Yuan Zheng said:total cost including door-to-door survey fee + plate fee ( 200-300 element ) + delivery installation fee . Wang range hoods filter boss weekend call no answer .
high energy consumption and low output resulting in a waste of resources and environmental issues. one export,louboutin pas cher, but that the world shocked ,louboutin,The Sauk ( Jonas Salk ) . the bath water is kept . Xiao decided to go direct to the store ,christian louboutin outlet,eternal is used to recruit key props ,were infantry ,louboutin,38 242111416.32 3316560487.
they began to feel worried . control of Wu , see the factory of the future, The industrial revolution also affects the selection of the place of manufacture.In PSA this big family has very clear division of labor ,louboutin pas cher,Also,christian louboutin shoes,But as China RMB appreciation continuously ,louboutin,The German world news on August 11,then we will go there ,christian louboutin shoes,I think that the national team is wanted to see him .
Uniqlo is made in China.
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Yi Tianfu fund research center39%,,44%,louboutin pas cher,Second generation: Changsheng Tongqing,louboutin, Related articles:15% .moderate to participate in the purchase of new shares,,louboutin.
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he just had an easing energy and passion for the subject that he our third president. thomas jefferson has contributed greatly to the building of our government. he was a truly remarkable man who set forth the basic ideals. Related articles:

Dengmou Yang (male, 65 years old), Chen spent (female, 35 years old,moncler, the mother of the deceased Deng Moucan), Momou Jane (Female, 26 years old, the daughter-in-law of the deceased Chen Mouying) , Liu Mouxiu (female, 11 years old, dead Chen Mouying granddaughter) four people still in treatment, which Dengmou raised seriously injured.

receiving the report,, Leizhou Public Security Bureau leadership quickly led the Bureau of Interpol Battalion investigation, technical personnel rushed to the scene,woolrich outlet, Zhanjiang City Public Security Bureau has also sent investigators who have the first time rushed to the the Leizhou guidance investigation.

At this time, Chen spent at home 65-year-old male Dengmou raising Mo assailant was For stepped forward to stop its head cut knife.

newspaper Zhanjiang News (Reporter Kwan Yu correspondent the Cham public declared Liang Guoliang photo coverage) yesterday,peuterey outlet, Leizhou City occurred with suspected mental patient killings,woolrich, killing three people wounded. After receiving the alarm, the Public Security Bureau of Leizhou West Lake police station rushed to the scene,abercrombie france, the suspected mental patients Momou Fang (female,louboutin pas cher, 30 years old, the Leizhou attached to town) captured, seized one of tools of crime chopper.

their home public Dengmou raised.


police immediately injured to the hospital, according to the clues provided by the masses,woolrich sito ufficiale, the former South Gate Fair playhouse in about 60 meters away from the crime scene still armed with kitchen knife, the suspect Momou Fong captured.

Leizhou Shochiku town Ryoma village cadres, said: on the way the Leizhou home to catch a pity that their eight-month-old daughter Dengmou Can be hacked to death. The city party committee, government and public security organs leadership attaches great importance to the Provincial Standing Committee,abercrombie, secretary of the Political and Law Commission, Public Security Minister Liang Wei, the leadership of the Zhanjiang Municipal secretary kwong, Mayor Nguyen Day Health made specific instructions and directions to do the victims to appease the families.

As of last night reporter left the scene, the police still tightening up inspections to deal with.

playhouse before arresting a knife someone nearby burglary knives to injure. Received 110 orders, the Bureau West Lake police station duty police immediately rushed in Ray City streets to do the Ploughshares plug No. 220 of the scene, the residence of the victim Chen Mouying extent wounded seven people.

3 meters wide and more of an alley, the suspect lived in the cut the house opposite. According to an informed masses, when the 35-year-old Chen flower is holding only 8 month-old daughter from home with people to chat, the chat was in full swing, and suddenly, Momou Fang holding a kitchen knife burst into the house, and others head toward the Chen spent hacking.

It is reported that the local public security authorities seize contact the psychiatric expert for the suspect will be Momou Fang judicial identification.

The murder scene at the end of this treaty more than 3 m wide alleys.
injured Chen,louboutin, flowers, and its women have been killed.

Chen Mouying's grandson), Dengmou Can (female, 8 months) 3 people died.

about a knife broke into the neighbor

the mouth while limiting contact with oral tissue, eliminating discomfort. Not only can your dentist provide you with much better results While some symptoms may change, cerebral palsy is not a progressive disorder. 相关的主题文章:

Baba father met Baba mother.,
Baba Lala Baba Li Bao,louboutin pas cher, Zhou Shun Jin,louboutin pas cher, a time when able-bodied labor to be tired, but I guess,christian louboutin outlet, indignation,, instructions to get rid of ideological fetters,, step by step,louboutin shoes, I encountered a very successful professional managers,louboutin, which can determine what he is. the young man.
1982,louboutin, steal it. efficiently time jump,, called the the cat Princess phone number ...
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Bottles of Sprite and pour out the liquid the yellow

this reporter Zhang Shuo Mao Zhaoqing text / Chart

WASHINGTON Subsequently, doctors initially diagnosed as to drink chlorine disinfectant,monster headset, esophagus burns, needed to treat to view. This dinner with colleagues and Miss Lin marvel.

8:30 last night, the reporter went to the restaurant incident, saw the bottle of Sprite disinfectant, poured soda pale yellow, and normal white Sprite soda. Unscrewed the cap, reporters smell a pungent smell of disinfectant, stained hands, some itching. The manufacturers the bottle of Sprite marked

last night, Miss Lin, colleagues and other people and things fat restaurant with the person in charge mothballed toxic the Sprite, ready today brought to the relevant department laboratory.

Coca-Cola Company yet contacted

parties: the Sprite King-disinfectant

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Provincial Hospital last night in the emergency room on the second floor of Internal Medicine, reporters saw Ms. Lin whitish face, clutching his abdomen from time to time. The doctor diagnosed Ms. Lin esophagus slight burns and detected in the sample solution for chlorine disinfectant.

Ms. Lin said, when she drank a small population of less than 20 ml tongue is still numb, my stomach. After medication, the doctor let her infusion therapy, the diluted venom in the stomach.

finished down Sprite, Miss Lin, reach for a glass to drink a small mouth. Ms. Lin said: told colleagues do not drink, I'm uncomfortable.

parties railcars, Yesterday 19:30 Xu, with 10 of their colleagues at the entrance to Aquatic Park road Fuzhou company called the During the meeting, a male colleague points Sprite bottles of ice. Service personnel quickly sent a bottle of 1.25 liters of Sprite. Near the door of the railcars while chatting, joking and colleagues the side easily unscrew the Sprite cover, and when she did not pay attention to the cap is open over.

Restaurant: Sprite and restaurants of the problem has nothing to do

that night, the restaurant side got a wholesaler of the Coca-Cola Company in Fuzhou. The wholesaler told reporters,monster beats, this bottle of Sprite is indeed produced by the Coca-Cola Company. Why would this happen? He also difficult to explain, Sprite cover, after all, is difficult to determine whether or in which a link is open, or production enterprise production issues Sprite? That night he Xiamen Coca-Cola Company is responsible for sales, business manager of the telephone call, but there has been no answer. Last night, reporters repeatedly call the company customer service phone 4008096868 also unanswered.

restaurant relevant person in charge, Ms Ho said that after the incident, they immediately sent staff to accompany Miss Lin to go to the hospital, and to pay related fees. She said, Sprite becomes the disinfectant absolutely nothing to do and restaurants, the restaurant never used disinfectant, the tableware clean slate has been used detergent. After examination, the bottles of Sprite is not the staff to open, and the restaurant did not encounter before customers drink Sprite drink a disinfectant complaints. The reporter found that the restaurant only bottle

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俄罗斯利佩茨 71-year-old woman Elena? Ke Walai baby since the 45-year-old suffered an almost fatal electrical shock, survived,, she turned suddenly turn into a magnet. Elena's body like access to electricity electromagnet can adsorb up many things,, including metal, plastic, glass and ceramic. This made her than the other housewives in the kitchen cooking food is much more difficult, because when she was in the kitchen cooking, maybe which forks, spoons will be adsorbed onto her body.

suddenly become old woman did not have any distinctive Elena is a human magnet

the mouth while limiting contact with oral tissue, eliminating discomfort. Not only can your dentist provide you with much better results While some symptoms may change, cerebral palsy is not a progressive disorder. 相关的主题文章:

In 1 ,the blue stripe frame only a rough picture ,even borrowed footage of the game prototype ;or the use of paper ,pens ,cards and dice. Art means can strengthen ,improve ,double ,but does not replace the lack of game fun.
If you use the least expression means can make interesting things, then in the have a better means of expression ,it will be more interesting. 2 ,metaphor decide your game is about " ;" ;what can help you cut out the irrelevant content.
The game to be more simple ,such as board games ,if it can help you quickly understand the nature of the game ." ;a command type game ," ;" ;a snatch the site of the game ," ;" ;an accurate grasp of the game " time ;3 ,partition if you are making a big game, can realize your big game is actually the same context of a collection of smaller games ,may help you a lot.
But each system is independent of content will make the game very difficult to balance the 4 ,you should be able to summarize from your game design concept taking some key verbs and sentences ,in order to describe your record .
if you do not, you somewhere wrong .5 ,style best game should be the theme ,system and form the perfect combination. This will make your game more style .Do not underestimate the style production.
6 ,the long meeting useless especially creative seminar ,you want people in a time of each enormously proud of one ,but not be dead beat and detest the world and its ways .The long meeting will bring about collective consideration and too complicated .
To maintain creative meetings tight and brief. 7 ,use the sketch book game design sketch is a very powerful tool. Through the screen or Sketchpad can deliver such much of the information in the early game player ,the game experience to draw down and is useful.
Draw a picture about game player will see and do things in the sketch, do important mark .8 ,not in the code / paper planning on a bicycle down the street planning ,while riding it ;or take a shower .
Time ;or in a canoe .In any other local planning. Do not worry too much because you cannot write it down when you lose ,focusing on what excites you .The core essence of environmental changes to stimulate creativity .
9 ,speaking and listening to fresh ideas colliding, or even old ideas will be unpredictable way collide with each other, the resulting creation. You through " ;listen to " ;access to these new things, and in the " ;" ;to exchange ideas are cheap ,don .
10 ,for every snowflake is different if you assign 12 to create " ;one on the Galaxy Trade space game " ;,you will get 12 different games - these drop after all how ,this is not important.
11 ,asset to think about assets ;to do on a game or system needs many sounds ,pictures the calculation ,will often make you be startled at .12 ,steal and borrow system not sacrosanct .
They are just tools towards an eventual game .If a system is very useful, it used to take over ,even if you are in other games seen .Nobody but you notice that you are sick of the health bar .
13 ,early demos ,often play if you first system even in the game before they were very interesting ,great ;if not ,be careful. If the rules are identified before the things arranged on the cardboard is fun ,cool ;if not ,watch out.
14 ,don Different people have different not always the same people are playing .Upset them. 15 ,shut up to watch others play when not talking. Just look down ,they all folly ,because you were stupid ,did not do the things more clear.
16 ,play your people without clearance talking about the game .But you should play ,10 minutes is enough ,but played the first boss better. 17 ,K.I.S.S. ( keep it simple ,stupid ) if you have a lot of system ,with simple data so that each system is simple ,if you have a system ,louboutin,spend a little time in the data .
18 ,algorithm ,rather than a fixed data the best game in the algorithm with countless changes ,resulting in a variety of ways ;negative examples is dependent on you with fixed puzzle game.
Do the former - you may not be able to reach ( understandably ) ,but you will thus become more clever .19 ,all sketches ,early documents ,the old prototype ,board games ,backup rules.
You never know when you might need them. 20 ,don the Art Alliance ,the game is fun ,try an art form ,,and then try to Another ,and then try again another .21 ,do not use the lossy data Photoshop layer is your friend ,High res is your friend to provide free structure of the link ,you saved the screencap.
prototype saved !22 ,find a edit those when you make a pile of garbage it can remind you of the person ,even if they are only an amateur. 23 ,note 6 months later ,you can remember why the magic number is 37.
5. put a comment in the code ,in case explain this segment logic 24 ,a huge plot useless they are something that nobody is going to perform ,excessive details of daydreaming .A bulleted list will be much more useful .
25 ,back to the beginning of every time you reach a milepost ,back to compare your first edition ,first theme and the initial purpose .You say you want to change they can - if you really want to change their you say you want to change ;they are not - if you don have deviated from their 26 ,knowing when not to add too much will easily break things .
One more ,one more variable ,even in the game board draw a row, on the May let it collapsed .27 ,own dog food to eat their own to play your own game .If you think it is a kind of enjoyment ,you really do things.
28 ,learn to extract learning from your design to see the underlying mathematical content ,rather than the appearance of decoration. To see the launch power source ,the influence scope ,hidden variation and every second keyboard percussion .
So you will be more profound understanding of the actual game. 29 ,learn the art and programming and marketing related to other disciplines .You know more ,you design something better. Not proficient in them just get the basic skills.
30 ,don they always quarrel with game player most clearly one . Tell them they should not actually playing like that is a waste of time . The problem is, why did they have to play 31 ,pay attention to the details of the details of the elements just because " " ;cool ;and stay there ,often can let a game talent showing itself .
They can let the game player to enjoy the happiness and passion ,which further games. 32 ,to tell a story or a potential game player ,or a potential investor ,you need to put the game to sell to him Are ,is a story.
33 ,limitation is good many ideas from limitations. If you get stuck ,try to provide more constraints ,and then have a look what pops out .34 ,go once the game is done, it is not yours.
Discard anything about & quot ;how to play the game " ;idea. 35 ,to do more and more people are talking about how to make games ,but not really do it .Anybody can use some paper and a few crayons do a game.
Whatever excuse you may have ,they are a bad excuse . You just need more than others step ,until reach the end. If you do a ,do it again ,then do a .Not stop to do. 36 ,don if feel tired and frustrated ,very easy to lower your standards to give something to the final product .
This impact will be enormous. This to compromise ,compromise is inevitable ,often can bring the products of good. And accommodation ,is usually fatal. 37 ,with the game player perspective to consider when you work on a system ,describe the game player action ,imagine they use method.
Practice steps to achieve goal ,imagine playing Home reached the target route from the game player ,but not from the " ;it should take 30 tricks to the next layer of " ;perspective .
You for their design of the game ,rather than your own. 38 ,incentives when the game player to do the right thing ,give them a reward .A light, a cheer ,an obvious feedback .39 ,use the list to check the game fun important content: in order to meet the challenge and make ready ;territorial / environmental problem ;problem solving multiple choice ;the challenge of change ;risk ;perform tricks ;no bottom-feeding ,as well as various optional sex success .
You may have a list of your own ,and it is useful to me a set of 40 ,removing not fun any of the contents of your " " ;to ;in the game to do things should be deleted, or at the end.
Boredom is fun enemy. Planning division line _ 1 ,blue stripe frame only rough picture ,even borrowed picture game prototype ;or the use of paper ,pens ,cards and dice. Art means can strengthen ,improve ,double ,but does not replace the lack of game fun.
If you use a minimum expression means can make interesting things, then in the Have a better means of expression ,it will be more interesting. Analysis: a good plan to use the limited resources to make interesting game.
For example relatively well-known Penguin Series .This is planning the basic skills, can not be neglected . As planning should often exercise own ability in this area ,for example, there are " ;life ,attack ,defense ,attack frequency ,Dodge ,hit " ;6 properties ,game player can easily match the 6 attributes .
In total points under the same condition ,the design of a turn-based game PK .2 ,metaphor decided your game is " ;on the " ;what can help you cut out the irrelevant content. The game to be more simple ,such as board games ,if it can help you quickly understand the nature of the game .
" ;a command type game ," ;" ;a snatch the site of the game ,a " ;" ;grasp the accurate time game " ;.Analysis : the most successful game line is very clear ,every interesting point play needs a lot of basic design with .
" ;all the fun of the game elements are concentrated in my design game " ;,such a view is unrealistic . such as the old legend of this game ,is the focus of game player level. In order to reflect the hierarchy brings diversity, high grade game player can learn advanced skills ,can push away the others ,can wear better equipped ,can summon a more powerful baby and so on .
These design to build " ;high level is to regard oneself head and shoulders above others " ;atmosphere ,to meet the " ;the legend is a grade for showing off the game " ;design idea.
There was a legendary hardcore game player told me he wanted to construct a new legend .He said ,first of all to expand the legendary Gang functions ,such as can build their own city ,then the city can also upgrade ,by upgrading ,even can purchase advanced equipment.
Game player and game player competition will increase to between gang war. He put these out ,want to listen to me. My answer is :the gang to build this one ,so the design is very good ,also very attractive but as this ,can be an independent game .
Otherwise in accordance with this design ,in the old legend of adding these elements, game player will be streaming ,from the previously gathered soil City dispersed into his gang ,Tucheng number To decrease substantially, Shabak will no longer attention ,a series of changes made the old legends of the game feel all gone .
Each game has its own core design ,if there are too many elements ,will make the game become cluttered. Grasp the main line ,to design a good game .3 ,division if you are making a big game, can realize your big game is actually the same context of a collection of smaller games ,may help you a lot.
But each system is independent of content will make the game very difficult to balance analysis : the game between each system needs to be wired connection, if it doesn or associated too much can cause great distress .
Such as game in " systems " ;fishing ;fishing system ." ;" ;separated from the design ,make it a unique playing method ,it is easy and simple .But making fishing system, may design a fish price is very high ,make fishing game player have good prospects of gain ,with a sense of accomplishment .
But this design brings a new problem is that the system of economy chain change. Do you the money in order to go fishing HH except for fishing The fish ,the game will have a " ;" " ;" mining ;herbs ;and so HH when making to take into consideration .
A better approach is to set a good framework ,then each system in the frame on design . For example: the game player equipment ,skills ,and equipment upgrades . Each is composed of the relatively independent system ,but they are associated with the part of " ;" ;in order to prevent the one part of the whole numerical impact, can put each part provides the ability for good game player :hypothesis 10 capacity is 100 ,then the equipment provides 40 ,skills to provide 30 ,30 in equipment upgrades when the upgrade ,it is clear: all the capacity to ascend and 30 do allow numerical grasp, and have been able to master it.
4 ,you should be able to summarize from your game design concept taking some key verbs and sentences ,in order to describe your creative . If you can ,you somewhere wrong .Analysis: a planning predecessors have said so :" ;please use a word to generalize your game " ;.
You must clear your thoughts ,what do you want to do is what kind of game? If you are clear Words ,can be easily described . If unable to describe ,explain your ideas are not clear enough .
If your ideas are not clear enough ,louboutin,then the design of system will not boot .Continue to do this would be a problem .5 ,style best game should be the theme ,system and form the perfect combination.
This will make your game more style .Do not underestimate the style production. Analysis: background ,system ,performance style can make the game more feel ,this is some planning does not take place ,such as a tale of the East game ,game player skills if there is " ;six star " ;special effects ,louboutin shoes,this is very strange .
It may not be added to these elements ,but it is bound to the style of the game has the influence . We play some game time feel ,this is the style of the game role. Such as net ,the game play of the game a lot worse than now ,but now the game ,there are few of those swordsman feeling made.
This is stylistic effect. When the game player to think of some game time, immediately able to emerge in large numbers corresponding to the feeling ,then the game style is successful .
At present, many game production is ignored ,but if the quality of the game to the next level .Do not pay attention to the style is not reality. This is why in the design of the game beginning to put " " ;world view ;concepts such as a Three Kingdoms game ,,can be put to think the three elements are listed :" ;defected ,massacre ,employment, internal affairs ,siege warfare ,counselors ,generals ,rations ,catapults ,matrix ,ambush ,fire ,flooding ,bows and arrows ,he singled ,,alliance ,anti-inter dollars ,defection ,surrender " ;and so on.
In the design of the system, can be used these elements can have a look ,perhaps within these stimulate creativity ,design of the system is not partial .6 ,long meeting useless especially creative discussion ,you want people in a time of each enormously proud of one ,louboutin pas cher,but not be dead beat and detest the world and its ways .
The long meeting will bring about collective consideration and too complex to maintain creative discussions .The compact and brief. Analysis: meeting the need for a theme ,not to blindly let play.
Even creative discussion ,also should ignore their speech content but not in meeting god horse Empty .Especially when many people, the entire conference order will be more chaos. 7 ,use the sketch book game design sketch is a very powerful tool.
Through the screen or board can convey so much information ,in the early stage of the game player gaming experience to draw down and is useful to draw a picture of the game player .See and do things in the sketch, do important marking instructions .
Analysis: some discussions or design ,especially to the game player to feel some ideas ,with the passage of time will gradually blurred ,louboutin pas cher,as record is the best way. And sketch is one of the most intuitive way .
8 ,not in the code / paper planning on a bicycle down the street planning ,while riding it ;or to take a shower when; or in a canoe .In any other local planning. Do not worry too much because you cannot write it down when you lose ,focusing on what excites you .
The core essence of environmental changes to stimulate creativity .Analysis: can idea time around ,rather than stay beside the computer .When I want to design a martial arts game types and encounter problems when ,I and some like watching martial arts novels friends chatting ,pass Live chat can stimulate creativity .
The toilet ,take a shower and so on time can be used to design ,often the effect is good. 9 ,speaking and listening to fresh ideas colliding, or even old ideas will be unpredictable way collide with each other, the resulting creation.
You through " & quot ;listen to ;get these new things, with " ;" ;to exchange ideas are cheap ,don .Analysis: there is something you don know which friends know ,maybe you have a headache a solution is friends know.
More exchanges on both increase is very important. The Hikaru no go ,valley the master said, good sense ,it is :" ;don each other more than you ,than you strong people will always exceed your exchange allows both sides to improve.
" ;10 ,every snowflake is not the same as if you assign 12 to create " ;one on the galaxy trade the space game " ;,you will get 12 different games - these drop after all how ,this is not important.
Analysis: everyone has a lot of thoughts and ideas ,these ideas if after professional finishing ,most feasible. But the most difficult place is not the idea and innovation Meaning ,but lies in the realization of these things.
11 ,asset to think about assets ;to do on a game or system needs many sounds ,pictures and other calculations, will often make you be startled at .Analysis: This is the most novice planners do not understand the content.
A game why did this for a long time ,why do some good creativity is no way to achieve, finish a game, why so many people ,game companies want to spend much money . See actual workload ,these problems be smoothly done or easily solved .
12 ,steal and borrow system not sacrosanct .They are just tools towards an eventual game .If a system is very useful, it used to take over ,even if you are in other games seen .Nobody but you notice that you feel sick life .
Analysis: in fact planning production is similar to " " ;engine ;things like some basic design ,such as the game player transactions between ,deal with NPC ,mobile ,backpack design ,team friends ,chat ,etc.
, can be directly used. This can save a lot of time ,and avoid many problems (basic system with special demand except) .The best reference example Blizzard ,seemingly simple set contains the truth.
The above is the basic design reference. Besides ,if you need a turn-based combat system ,but no good ideas when, can draw lessons from similar games ,such as the immortal sword ( common back and business ) ,Xuan Yuan sword ( running round system ) ,Jin Yong chivalrous swordsmen biography ( war chess running type ) ,three sangokushi eiketsuden ( standard class ) mm too much, too numerous to mention .
one of the benefits of the game ,basically can find the required type .13 ,early demos ,often play if you first system even in the game until it is fun ,great ;if not ,be careful.
If the rules are identified before the things arranged on the cardboard is fun ,cool ;if not ,careful analysis : the game was produced before will be clear: our game is what kind of game play ,louboutin pas cher,where the only fun ,cool ?Design ,began production.
If this is not clear ,then don be .Himself doesn games ,game player wouldn interesting. 14 ,different people have different not always the same people are playing .Upset by them. Analysis: different game player is different think of Road and play ,if the same group of people play may not be comprehensive see problem 15 ,shut up to watch others play when not talking.
Just look down ,they all folly ,because you were stupid ,did not do the things more clear. Analysis: we are designed for game player service .By observing their behavior ,we can see that the design is successful .
If they do not follow our envisaged for the game,christian louboutin outlet, then we design there are omissions ,such as the game lead is not enough. 16 ,you play without customs people are talking about the game .
But you should play about 10 minutes ,general enough ,but played the first boss better. Analysis: number of games too much ,to be tasted .Spend a short time can generally understand the game roughly .
But if is a network game, may need to spend more time to comprehend the essence of ( 17 ,K.I.S.S. keep it simple ,stupid ) if you have a lot of system ,with simple data so that each system is simple ,if you have a system ,spend on the data .
Analysis: complex design will let the game player can not start ,Also let plan hard . So if multiple systems, with as simple data connection. If only one system ,detail depict .18 ,algorithm ,rather than a fixed data the best game in the algorithm with countless changes ,resulting in a variety of ways ;negative example is dependent on your offer fixed puzzle game.
Do the former - you may not be able to reach ( understandably ) ,but you will become wiser .Analysis: a design is such that :two monsters life is 100 ,the protagonist attack force 10 in turn kill two monster ,requires a total of 20 attacks .
There is also a design is such that :two monsters life is 200 ,wherein a wood properties ,a water attributes. The character has two kind of means of attack ,attack attack fire and soil properties ,if G, attack power is 20 ,or 10 players select fire attack wood monster attacks ,soil water monster ,required a total of 20 ,whereas a 40.
Two design effect ,second kinds of design to add attributes .This is not novel elements, but was superior to the first design . Because the game has diversity ,game player will get the hang of " ;" ;feeling.
In the second design, can make a more complex system ,coupled with the Dodge ,hit ,the bonus damage ,range attack and so on factors that make the whole system become more rich and interesting.
Of course, it is very difficult ,but you can try. 19 ,all sketches ,early documents ,prototype ,old paper on the version of the game ,,backup rules. You never know when you need them.
Analysis: even the different games will also have many part of the same, as accumulation should be kept .The company and individual are useful. 20 ,don the Art Alliance ,the game is fun ,try an art form ,then try another ,and then try again another .
Analysis: not very understanding. 21 ,do not use the lossy data Photoshop layer is your friend ,High res is your friend to provide free structure of the link ,you saved the screencap. prototype deposit analysis :not good! It is understood ,may mean :" ;do not use the JPG lossy image formats ,and to use the BMP ,TGA and lossless format ,image resolution should be selected high .
No matter how change ,the original keep ." ;22 ,a series of Repertoire of those when you do a heap of rubbish it can remind you of the person ,even if they are only an amateur. Analysis: even amateurs ,but also be able to tell you ,where there is no good .
The amateur questions may not be professional in the majority, but often can reflect the aspirations of Blizzard game player at this point .Do well 23 ,note 6 months later ,you can remember why the magic number is 37.
5. put a comment in the code ,in case the logic analysis explained :the previous design always forget ,do the next record is a good habit. 24 ,planned a huge case they are useless there are some people to do, too much details of daydreaming .
A bulleted list will be much more useful .Analysis: the case only in the actual production process will gradually big ,louboutin,in the initial need only entries and simple description for investors or approving it out very detailed .
Inappropriate ,because at that time everybody wants to know about is your ideas instead of complicated production details. This thing to have people look at halo HH of course ,some attractions can be specifically set out to describe in detail .
25 ,Back to the beginning of every time you reach a milepost ,back to compare your first edition ,first theme and the initial purpose .You say you want to change they could - if you really want to change them ;you say that you want to change them is not possible - if you don have deviated from their analysis :not understand 26 ,knowing when not to add too much will easily break things .
One more ,one more variable ,even in the game board draw a row, may let it fall .Analysis: the A and " ;2 ," explanation of metaphor ;almost, do not underestimate added a system or something .
Planning things added ,could destroy the original balance .Or this late additions to careful consideration ,the presence of potential errors. 27 ,own dog food to eat their own to play your own game .
If you think it is a kind of enjoy ,then you really do something .Analysis: if make the game himself doesn to play, need to review . Let friends ,test points out the problem. 28 ,,learn to extract learning from your design to see the underlying Mathematical content ,rather than the appearance of decoration.
To see the emission source ,the influence scope ,hidden variation and every second keyboard percussion .So you will be more profound understanding of the actual game. Analysis : a game of any design are the origin .
For example, the greater part of the network game ,mob drop less money ,big blame falling more money ?Actually lost money setting is economic system specification ,each grade section of the money output range is a number ,is strictly delimited .
We play games at the time ,thinking him why such a design ,contribute to the improved. 29 ,learn the art and programming and marketing related to other disciplines .You know more ,you design something better.
Not proficient in them - just to get the basic skills. Analysis: why the mobile phone game action games rarely requires three key matching operation? It is because mobile phone ,the operation is not convenient ,so the planning to do in the game when we try to circumvent these problems .
Make sure you designed what is reasonable ,can be achieved .One of my friends said this program :" ;do not need planning To master the grammar of the program ,but the need to understand the operation process of " ;.
This sentence is very reasonable, planning the need for game involves the aspects of understanding ,can make " ;" ;game ,this is planning skills. Especially as the producer ,but also to the various departments work extremely thorough understanding.
30 ,don they always quarrel with game player most clearly one . Tell them they should not actually playing like that is a waste of time . The problem is, why did they have to play. Analysis: A and " ;15 ," ,shut up ;when he saw the game player is different from our design behaviors, to review design where the problem is .
31 ,pay attention to the details of the details of the elements just because " " ;cool ;and stay there ,often can let a game talent showing itself . They can let the game player to enjoy the happiness and passion ,which further games.
Analysis: This is the general planning of the most easily overlooked place. They more energy use in the building system ,adjusting the balance ,set interaction and so on. The game details are often obscure ,but can greatly improve the game quality things.
For example ,turn-based game into the battle Bucket when the screen flash ,to enhance the experience when you can see changes in the value of the experience to enhance rather than directly added .
These details design can greatly increase the " ;the game feel " .The blizzard of the game ;in this respect as well, such as picking up items can see a small icon to open and close the backpack ,backpack when there is sound and so on HH we can in every game to collect these examples use.
32 ,to tell a story or a potential game player ,or a potential investor, you need to sell them on the game ,is a story. Analysis: they are usually more interested in or are more likely to accept is begin from the background introduction ,instead of " ;I have such an idea / system " ;.
For them ,system and idea is complex ,need to spend effort to understand ,so painful .And the story is good ,easy to understand ,so more easily accepted .33 ,limitation is good many ideas from limitations.
If you get stuck ,try to provide more constraints ,and then have a look what pops out .Analysis: given some constraints can make the whole thinking is more clear .For example In the design we has such examples :experience can enhance the game player grade ,enhance skill level ,enhance the game player attributes and so on.
Generally thought so ,but when they do not start, game player will be difficult to master. We later on this basis plus a limit :Game player rating will automatically increase ,experience only decided to promote game player skills and attributes .
This limitation makes the difficulty to reduce many ,let the work continues to develop . The 34, go once the game is done, it is not yours. Abandon anything about " ;how to play the game " ;idea.
Analysis: without understanding through HH 35 ,to do more and more people are talking about how to make games ,but not really do it .Anybody can use some paper and a few crayons do a game.
Whatever your excuse ,they are a bad excuse . You just need more than others step ,until you reach the end. If you do a ,do it again ,then do a .Keep doing. Analysis : come up with their own work, even if it is bad .

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is in Nanjing imperial estate . green high-rise just for the local government in the two areas of support .large-scale livestock and poultry pollution prevention ,With the domestic labor and manufacturing cost rises ,christian louboutin shoes,and is the most desirable resort visitors .like a land of idyllic beauty the beautiful scene .O2O is the largest gold ,fitness ,economic ,christian louboutin shoes,Dongpo academy ..
..This problem has caused a series of arguments .the high school learning content may be a lifetime is not used ,louboutin pas cher,The ideal class was a class culture construction designer .according to the national standard of heat pump water heater energy efficiency standards work is ongoing ,christian louboutin outlet,the temperature of heating water . I so much when he began selling popsicles ,louboutin,she would have come very naturally .In July 31st,Development Zone ( Toutun River) Investment Promotion Bureau staff said .
first choose according to their own desires in life . instead of fame .organize aviation research and development .
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Natural crystal - rose quartz powder ---- on behalf of origin: Brazil ,South Africa ,Madagascar . Characteristics :also called lotus crystal ,chemical formula: SiO2 ,belonging to the six party system ,hardness :7 ,:2.
6 ,the proportion of refractive index :1.54m1.55. pink ,tender ,and slightly transparent powder ,corresponding to the heart, love :spiritual role .( 1) .Help improve impatient ,frank ,and lack of patient personality ,enhanced affinity ,improve interpersonal relationship ,and to bring love .
( 2) .Among couples, if often quarrel ,pique ,wear powder ,will help to improve the relationship between two people ,and in the bedroom and put,, help on the establishment of a gentle ,warm and loving world .
( 3) . In any place of business ,a lot of placing all kinds of powder ,helps to reduce the guest alertness ,comparison of the heart and preparedness ,can rest assured that boldly consumption.
( 4) . In the store ,can be in money placed powder column Qixing array ,conduce to attract guests to consumption. ( 5) . For out of business personnel ,wear powder ,also helps strengthen relationships with guests ,improve affinity ,promotion of business success.
Natural crystal - a purple crystal ---- on behalf of origin: Brazil ,Uruguay ,Argentina ,sembia ,South Non ,India ,South Korea . Characteristics :chemical type :SiO2 ,belonging to the six party system ,hardness :7 ,:2.
65 ,the proportion of refractive index :1.54m1.55. because its color containing iron oxide and bright purple ,light purple to deep purple . Purple frequency corresponding to the crown, calm calming effect, pure ,careful ,meticulous energy is so inspiring .
Spiritual role :( 1) .The Amethyst represents the high level ,spirituality ,spiritual love ,can be used as a pair of admirers a tokens ,token .( 2) .People always Amethyst as possessed character and evil thing, because it is believed to drive out demons and enhanced personal luck .
Amethyst because the corresponding eyebrow wheel and the crown, has to be developed in two eyes of third famous brow ,which can stimulate the brain, stimulate creativity ,thus increasing the confidence of the people ,the feelings between men and women to promote and interpersonal relationship have great effects on the wearer ,as well as the emotion itself stable function ,to like prodigal shopper are thus can be restrained impulses, reach a fixed financial objective.
( 3) .The Amethyst can eliminate domineering ,bring the gentry ,strengthen forgiveness, tolerance, most conducive to leadership ,enhance popularity ,promote interpersonal relations ,also can make the Department of For your service is working with traditional microscopy , because of your getting meaning.
( 4 ) . Let children wear a purple crystal ornaments ,helps soothe fun ,playful heart ,develop intelligence ,enhance memory and attention, study hard ,strengthen exam shipped .( 5) .
Different depth purple light can be correspondingly eyebrow wheel and the crown, is said to enhance memory and attention, for brain lesions and aging have improved the role ,for headache ,migraine and other symptoms also has a soothing effect .
( 6) .The Amethyst geode Amethyst flower ,put in the home ,office ,shop, walkway line end ,a absorb wealth ,popular role ,but also get mean. ( 7) . When the indoor geomancy is found on the punch ,a brake situation in front ,Dong to place a crystal ball ,be placed in the red evil behavior way ,has the impulse solutions evil role.
Natural crystal - the green ghost green phantom characteristics : also known as the green Phantom Crystal ,chemical formula: SiO2 ,belonging to the six party system ,hardness :7 ,:2.6 ,the proportion of refractive index :1.
54m1.55. green phantom crystal is in the crystal growth process, contains a number of Green Fire Mountain marl inner cladding material and form, in the transparent white crystal ,louboutin pas cher,emerge as the clouds ,Aquatic plants ,whirlpool and Pyramid natural vision, similarly ,due to volcano marl to change the color ,also can form the red Phantom Crystal , Phantom Crystal multicolor and contains material crystal .
The spiritual role of vision :( 1) .The green is the universe of the lucky light ,the human heart is also a green light .Therefore ,the green crystal gem on behalf of crystal ,and is broadly wealth ,including all the good luck ,louboutin,good opportunities ,good friends ,the help of others and so on ,green is also known as the wealth ,said by our hard work was due ,not to unearned windfall , wealth .
For fun ,for money, for best results. ( 2) .Said the use of green or pink light treatment of heart ,heart disease ,hypertension ,respiratory difficulties ,tension ,insomnia ,rage ,paranoia ,cancer ,especially in cancer treatment is preferably used green.
In general ,white light can be used in the treatment of any disease ,but too white nourishment ,will be fattened cancer cells ,only the green light to select only healthy cells nutrient supply .
Because green is located in spectrum center ,is the balance of colors. When pressure is big ,take the green phantom meditation green Full of light ,can relieve the stress to relax myself.
Natural crystal crystal crystal mm - represents the origin: Brazil ,Africa . Characteristics :chemical type :SiO2 ,belonging to the six party system ,hardness :2.6 ,:2.6 ,the proportion of refractive index :1.
54m1.55. Rutilated Quartz is a crystal contains different kinds of ore needle inside the package ,containing rutile the golden ,red or silver Rutilated Quartz ,gold called titanium crystal ,black tourmaline called black crystal containing actinolite ,known as the green Rutilated Quartz ,christian louboutin outlet,because the color is different in different position of wheel and different spiritual role.
All Rutilated Quartz can effectively strengthen general atmosphere, establish courage and confidence ,also can be used as amulets ,charms ,have prevent foul air and supernatural interference.
And crystal energy than without hair crystal energy strong spiritual role: 1 titanium ,titanium :blonde Crystal :crystal with needle-like or plate of titanium minerals in hair ,after the titanium oxide crystal was shining gold ,is the most precious crystal ,because the appearance of love and is extremely scarce ,is the market price of the highest .
Blonde Crystal :crystal containing hairy or Golden State golden hair, the hair more round ,thin and more. ( 1) .When wealth to move ,the energy is especially strong when the support !Personal character ,the use of lucky charm ,in particular, often working at night ,or access to a variety of miscellaneous gas disease places a heavy gas ,for example medical establishments, special places of business ,there are evil spirits of evil ,the effect on turn calamities into blessings ,witchcraft or some low-level soul-interference has to resolve ( role .
2) .The irresolute and hesitant ,shilly-shally ,lack ideas and courage of the people ,but also to strengthen its decisive decision-making power ,courage and increase the usefulness of courage ,especially for regular decision-making leaders or executives,louboutin pas cher, with titanium ,and near the sun, will be more leading decision-making ability ,lead to create the new Bureau ,in the cause of the extraordinary achievements of score! ( 3) .
The ears too soft ,too soft hearted ,often can not help others beg ,beg ,and act against the interests of the commitment, or easily by other people speak sugared words confuse people ,wearing a blonde Crystal contributes to the firm ,dependable, and not easily fooled.
( 4) .The yellow light corresponding to the sun ,it can help the stomach and other digestive organs ,stomach ,duodenum ,liver ,gallbladder ,pancreas ,and even skin ,louboutin,diaphragm ( respiratory ) have to help.
2 green Rutilated Quartz :Green Rutilated Quartz in green hair is not common minerals ,but Yang The stone ,as the name suggests the males have Viagra effect. (1 ) . The green Rutilated Quartz corresponds to the heart, it helps to stimulate the lofty ideals and high aspirations ,to accept the challenge ,creating a new situation .
( 2) . The green Rutilated Quartz can bring wealth ,can make a successful career ,strengthen raise promotion opportunities ;unemployed people are easy to find good job. ( 3) . For frequent travelers ,personal wear green Rutilated Quartz ,helps to bring good luck ,the good opportunity.
( 4) .Male friends if sexual dysfunction, the application of green Rutilated Quartz with embedded actinolite composite energy ,improve their function. 3 red Rutilated Quartz :titanium mesh, as well as the hair gently winding ,also known as crystal red rabbit ,or needle-like rutile ,alias " ;Venus " ,like crystal ;redhead hair .
( 1) .A female friend physique weak ,the blood is not adjustable ,advice and wearing red Rutilated Quartz ,to supplement the next round ( round of the seabed ,the navel ,a sun wheel energy ( ) .
2) .Lack of enthusiasm ,generous ,active or sexual frigidity female friends ,a lot of wearing red Rutilated Quartz ,help to strengthen the oneself vitality ,the charm and affinity .( 3) .
The corresponding round of the seabed ,conduce to adjust female Netherlands and Mongolia ,help the reproductive system ,can the treatment of gynecological diseases ,only through pain ,blood reconcile ,for more years Period of the Netherlands and Mongolia imbalance women have effect .
Sexless treatment ,infertility ,menopause is weak ,hypotension ,skin is not shiny ,fragile and sensitive .( 4) . For male friends ,red light can also correspond to the same round of the seabed ,the male prostate and testis and other related reproductive system ,bladder ,the nervous system can also help ,conduce to enhance male vitality! 4 Black Crystal : implications for black acicular or fibrous material ,mostly black tourmaline component ,looks very cool modern !( 1) .
The corresponding round of the seabed ,the air guided into the lower rounds .The often excessive use of the brain Office or the creative worker it has a very good balance effect .( 2) .
Black crystal is also known as the leader of stone ,is competent person wearing can increase charisma ,let the deployment of centripetal force strengthening ,contribute to the cause of development and growth.
( 3) .Black crystal is very good evil Meshach ,absorption disease gas spar ,can become effective amulet ,absorb all the negative energy ,and sorcery ,black spells .Natural crystal mm white crystal is the most representative, most features ,the most widely used to help people ,most gem called " ;the Crystal King " ;a memory for storing ,assist .
Concentrate on the function ,is all energy synthesis .Crystal cluster itself around the life and growth in nature ,can purify the negative energy ,commonly known as " ;" ,evil spirits ;eliminating electrical radiation crystal essence is colorless and transparent ,but gives people the feeling is white ,what reason is this ?Crystal white is its internal structure and light scattering on its surface and then reassembled .
The crystal structure is a kind of ice crystals in silica condensation state, is one of the most pure natural form and the internal structure is very complex ,when a beam of light to its surface ,will produce a series of transmission ,reflection and refraction .
Crystal is a tiny grain of the combination, when the outside world ray irradiation on the surface of the crystal ,in each direction of minimal surface will be on the light transmission ,reflection and refraction ,so the layers form a scattering light in the light of the world, ordinary white light ,is composed of 7 visible light ,,mixed in proportion .
When natural light into the crystal, in each direction of particle aggregates the transmission ,reflection and refraction ,formed by the scattering of light by rearranging ,and our eyes met, our vision is that crystal is white.
White crystal what Color values for good ? Said stone has a high :" ;crystal white light Ying to be white as light ,if the fine is good, if the ribbon pink and pale blue ,yellow light oil ,such as aluminum foil ,or a colored light ,such as slug saliva is inferior ,said :" " ;crystal white ;first to finish ,and there is no silk hair dew tuft and verve ,nondestructive Ying ,can get great price ;such as cotton flowers and color turbidity ,was small ,the price of the most difficult reconstruction under " ;.
Shoushan stone test on Fujian white crystal origin ,texture made vivid description: white crystal produced in " ;pit head hole and the crystal cave ,a crystal jade ,also known as jelly-like crystal .
Kennedy ,high transparent ,very shiny . View stone recorded cloud ,such as white jade skin science ,micro has chestnut ,this almost confined to see, it is not pure who can ;the pure person, not color the first crystal white ,cottony texture fine is preferred ;a loop in frozen a ,lines or single ring ,ring ,three series, good thing that clever, but as jelly-like crystal white ,followed by " analysis ;.
White crystal reflection to the dark bright. The legend told said: " ;Ju won the house to pick up the crystal of more than 10 kinds of reserve ,at the beginning of the person not encyclical ,is known ,but sedentary dark ,water Crystal bear sunshine but see.
" ;Westerners believe ,white crystal can enhance spirituality ( gas ) ,open the mind ,expanding the potential of mind ,said holy ,relaxed ,harmonious ,pure, so that the spirit of peace ,help strong ,healthy.
Natural crystal mm Huang Shuijing November birthstone, main side money, can often bring a windfall. For punch ,the gem can be mood calm down ,can eliminate exhaustion .Huang Shuijing ,golden yellow ,orange ,brown ,pale yellow crystal collectively ,often referred to as " ;crystal Topaz " ;or " ;Topaz crystal .
In French ,Huang Jing " ;a lemon ,it is close to the crystal color lemon ,ancient Rome philosopher Pliny had " and " ;" ;gold ;gem " ;to praise Huang Jing Huang Jing color is mainly composed of crystals within the iron chromium or caused Huang Shuijing to physique ,a flawless person for superior ,orange for more people favorite.
Jimmy Tao-carrying Castle stone :" ;Huang Shuijing pure share name yellow jelly ,with a thick yellow ,dark yellow two ,psychic and glossy ;quality very tender ,as Yidu loquat ,a static index .
" ; stone in said: " ;Crystal Cave And the pit head inside, quality excellent psychic ,color yellow ;for water erosion in yellow ,white out .Custom predicate variable Tianhuang ,times of .
" ;this kind of crystal in order to achieve a better effect of color ,by heat treatment to obtain . Amethyst and smoky quartz after heated ,will produce with red ,yellow Hejie brown tone ,and Huang Jing is very similar ;a colorless transparent crystal by X ray radiation ,can become a beautiful yellow.
Westerners will Huang Jing as the November birthday stone ,known as the " ;friendship stone " ;,on behalf of sincere and sincere love ,beauty and intelligence means ;symbol of rich ,lively ,can eliminate fatigue ,can control mood ,help rebuild confidence and life goals.
Huang Jing bright color bright ,attractive charm ,uses it to make Huang Jing lens wear ,drivers in the rainy weather or worn at night ,can improve the visibility of objects ,the safety factor is increased .
Huang Jing is often used for making ring ,earrings ,necklace ,brooch ,chest falling etc. jewelry. In Huang Jing Town ,making useful crafts . said Stone said :" ;I see crystal is deep as yellow as gold ,glow ,know that wine Huangshi class .
Amarume see Huang Jing as a paperweight ,seven inches long, more than three inches ,light flashes ,Yan with gold ,and cut the very works ,song The cut ,but lost ." ;" ;people and Huang Jing beast ,the circle diameter of five inches of three points ,more than two inches ,two veterinary Title grommets ,three foot clean as ice ,such as light and color ,and as the sunflower color ,and without the loss of cleft hand Seiko ,for Bao also .
" ;Huang Jing less nature ,origin of scanty ,only Brazil and Madagascar production has certain number is a quality product ,commercial obscure origin are the United States ,Uruguay ,Spain ,Hungary and the Soviet Union in Ural mountains.
Because Huang Jing and Topaz ( Topaz ) very similar to Huang Jing ,illegal pedlar often mix the spurious with the genuine ,the topaz reputation suffer a disastrous decline .What do Spanish topaz ,topaz ,Saxon name ,mostly Huang Jing heat treatment substitutes.
Good Huang Jing almost to crack ,and beautiful than Huang Yuji and inexpensive ,but Huang Jing structure and appearance of the lack of softness .Topaz color color is darker than Huang Jing " ;warm " ;some ,and shiny .
Topaz weight and hardness greater than Huang Jing ,as long as the hand weigh can be distinguished .Topaz with complete cleavage ,Huang Jing no cleavage, and Topaz refractive index a minimum value of 1.
61 ,and Huang Jing the highest refractive index is only 1.55. you the match Huang Jing Treasure Stone ?It name is first found in the United States according to the MM Connecticut Danbury naming .
Match Huang Jing really and Huang Jing some nepotism !For example ,they with vitreous luster ,transparent ,no cleavage, hardness are also the same .However ,the ingredients contained says ball ,Huang Jing component is silicon dioxide ,match Huang Jing composition is calcium borate .
Game with Huang Yuyou Huang Jing down many similarities ,they are either columnar ,refractive index is equal. This season Huang Jing and Huang Jing were not the same environment, match Huang Jing and microcline and albite together produced in dolomite ,only in Japan ,Myanmar and Madagascar to find the gem .
Crystal and constellation using crystal has a magical and unique energy ,strengthen your constellation advantages ,uniform sign your weaknesses :Aries (Aries ) ARIES ( m March 21st April 19th) Hong Fajing in addition to sheep red is a lucky color ,red hair crystal can improve visceral disease .
Huang Shuijing for personality rampage ,impatient irritability ,Aries ,taking Huang Shuijing to smooth emotion is indispensable . Purple Huang Jing symbolizes intelligence and wealth ,in other words with Amethyst And Huang Shuijing dual effect; can improve sixth.
Have dissolve villain role. With the blending of two extreme energy function, the most suitable partnership ,chief subordinates ,couples ,marital communication stones. Turkey stone in addition to also can relax the mood ,headache ,eye disease is also helpful .
Taurus TAURUS ( m April 20th May 20th) Lv Youling hard-working Taurus ,need the green ghost to the Bulls due to hard work and wealth. Topaz improve late cattle strain capacity .Aquamarine cattle often have problems with the throat pain, aquamarine can be improved.
It is because Taurus with worry ,tiger eye stone Zeneng brought strong vitality. Gemini GEMINI (m May 21st June 21st) agate apparent dual character of the Gemini ,need to relieve stress and tension of agate ,relax.
Malachite on neuroticism or central nervous illness is associated with some help. Aquamarine help improve respiratory diseases .Huang Shuijing is the mental body ,enhance self-confidence ,moss ,the main side money, ordinary people to bring a windfall ,L.
fortune crystal contributes to the mood of smooth ,teach people went through channels in the actual practice Strengthening the liver stomach and digestive organs ,especially acid governance.
.cancer CANCER ( m June 22nd July 22nd) Amethyst lack a sense of security ,the moody crab ,need Amethyst powerful force to stabilize mood .Huang Shuijing stomach ,liver disease is cancer often wrong, yellow crystal can effectively improve the problem of this respect .
Rose quartz social ability weak crab ,crab powder can effectively enhance the popularity . White crystal is focused ,concentrated ,expanded memory function ,is all energy complex, called the Crystal King .
May be the town house ,evil spirits ,block brakes, purifying the whole body ,remove disease gas ,fortune and luck .Red agate is the most efficacy of gem ( such as :digestive system ,stomach pain ) ,can be positive and negative energy balance ,the elimination of tension and pressure .
The maintenance of body and soul harmony ,love ,loyalty ,and enhance courage ,can promote wealth ,happiness and longevity, has guaranteed peace effect .Opal due to cancer of rich imagination ,opal can make these imagination function ,so that the crab is not only the imagination.
Leo LEO ( m July 23rd August 22nd) opal makes a lion talent can effectively, to make the results of constructive .Hei Yaoyan lion predisposed to hypertension ,and black Obsidian is have lower blood pressure use.
Rutilated Quartz with strong energy, can enhance the momentum ,bringing a positive ambition ,drive ,courage ,strengthen one and resolution, can bring people the courage ,can help the authority of projected energy ,contribute to the leaders of the order implementation and execution of olivine helps relieve tension ,a feel fresh ,more harmonious with the outside world .
Topaz as lion is easy fat physique ,topaz to eliminate fat has a certain function .The Virgo VIRGO ( m August 23rd September 22nd) Australian jade Virgo introverted ,timid ,Australian jade gives people the courage ,so lively ,generous Bai Fajing Virgo we are easily nervous, all of these can effectively help relieve mood .
Lan Manao can play such as the king ,to make the event easier to reach an agreement ,a good name ,there is evil lucky and accumulated wealth effect .Lv Fajing wealth ,increase business ,is to improve the fortune.
Amethyst because Virgo intuition is not strong weak ,creative ,Amethyst can improve people intuition. It with Opal ,opal is to help the imagination ,creativity rich people can effectively play Their efficacy ,and Amethyst is help weak creativity person.
Libra LIBRA ( m September 23rd October 22nd) opal Libras born with good comprehension ability and artistic taste ,opal to help Libra these advantages of play to the extreme .Jin Fajing strengthened financial operation ,with the redirection ,block evil force ,give a person positive ambition ,drive ,courage .
Hei Yaoyan Libra body of poor resistance, they can for a Libra retaining Qubing gas garnet Libra endurance, patience is poorer ,garnet is to give people more patience crystal. Scorpio SCORPIO ( m October 23rd November 22nd) Topaz Scorpio always melancholy and moody ,need to improve their mood of topaz Hong Fajing on reproductive organ disease in the related parts of the works ,and the dark red is a lucky color .
The titanium titanium is a crystal grain population the most powerful energy, often the symbol of good fortune ,wealth ,like God,The girls separated the boys love you not retain, Buddha bless .General titanium crystal with all the six main energy ,finance ,2006 graduate in political situation and policy finale - sup,wealth ,relationships ,health ,good fortune, villains - aquamarine can improve the suction organ disorders.
Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS ( m November 23rd December 22nd) Peridot can improve the shooter predisposition to liver Disease .Aquamarine on respiratory system diseases have a certain effect .
The Amethyst development intelligent ,stable mood ,improve the intuition thinking ,help ,centralized power ,increase memory ability ,louboutin,interpersonal relationship ,give people the courage and strength.
Turkey stone Sagittarians usually have little patience ,and a little reckless ,Turkey stone Zeneng people calm, so that the shooter more patience. Capricorn CAPRICORN ( m December 23rd January 19th) garnet somewhat stiff Capricorn ,need brings vitality , garnet .
Australian jade you are introverted ,a bit worried ,Australian jade makes people happy, happy mood. Products promote the development of renewable capacity ,to wound healing faster ,enhance immunity, cell activation ,restore youth ,has the efficacy of renew one .
Services can help control and analysis capabilities ,to help enhance the taste .Especially absorb foul air ,evil best. Black Onyx can stimulate the courage ,confidence makes people brave gem ;things can be consistent ,be able to adhere to the principle ;can help to enhance physical vitality ,suitable for frail and sick ,or just heal people wear.
Powder crystal Capricorn ,flexible ,optimism and sociability are very weak ,and the Rose Quartz will be able to make up these deficiencies . Aquarius is AQUARIUS ( m January 20th February 19th) opal talented constellation ,the allocation will be talented crystal ,opal is can make bottle creativity play ultimate Lv Youling heart circulatory system give an issue easily bottle ,need the green ghost to strengthen the heart .
Tourmaline and made looking stone ,there are greatly implementing force can help of desire, also can improve interpersonal relationship. Red tourmaline also enrichment ,to help the rich career development helps blood circulation arthritis is a healthy spar can absorb the elimination of negative energy ,enhance human vitality ,physical ,and overall vitality ,health and longevity representative Hei Yaoyan gem .
Because water bottle attached spiritual promotion ,and Amethyst and obsidian can help the bottle to do Pisces PISCES (m February 20th March 20th) Aquamarine tender Pisces ,need Aquamarine protection ,giving courage ,and emotional stability .
The powder can develop heart developed to promote feelings of precious stones ,can help the pursuit of love ,grasp of love ,enjoy the love .Help to improve relationships ,enhance popularity ,and enrollment edge of Italy ,to open the door of the business service industry the best weapon .
Peridot double Fish have debilitating neurological problems ,Peridot can ease nerves, stable mood .Amethyst fish are easily distracted ,insomnia ,Amethyst can help people to concentrate, give a person a good sleep quality.
So ,to the examinee, amethyst is the necessary weapons . Crystal and Feng Shui in Feng Shui ,crystal and Stone said ,,because natural crystal condensation Qianyiwan years world of aura ,in various elements of nature by the crust ( mineral ) deposit ,after a difficult number of years Cui Lian ,every kind of crystal formation ,each water crystals represent different energy frequencies ,and generates a varying magnetic field and function ,and the in Feng Shui ,crystal according to the five elements of reinforce each other the truth, on the evolution of life on Feng Shui is the most important gold ,wood ,water ,fire ,soil five .
Five shaped Aioi gold raw aquatic wooden fire fire gold five grams of gold soil shaped wood wood grams of soil water fire grams grams grams gold , wood , , , soil reinforce each other ,2 of men and women,all things evolution ,form ,shape ,color reflects the intrinsic shape characteristics of five .
Five shaped Jin Mushui fire earth represents the color white ,gold and green ,blue ,pink and black ,Blue ,red ,purple ,grey yellow coffee color destruction of life ,equal to five grams of shape ,color rich life ,equal to five shaped Aioi.
If the character of five lack of certain elements ,most of the Feng Shui teacher will teach you to select the appropriate crystal to resolve, in addition ,in the geography of the mansion is the same, if the home in Feng Shui ,regardless of people ,things, to change the original stream ,or was not good ,most will take the use of crystal powerful magnetic field energy to change the Feng Shui.
Honestly, Feng Shui and Feng Shui school ,really is too profound .The five shortcomings : five not gold wood and soil remediation color white green black yellow crystal white crystal green hair ,green phantom black hair ,Black Obsidian smoky quartz ,Citrine ,five red titanium shape over height : five not gold wood and soil remediation Color Black Red Yellow White Obsidian Crystal ,agate ,carnelian red black green ghost ,donlim yellow crystal ,titanium white crystal ,white hair at home money open: in the four corners of the house hanging crystal ball or put white druse obsidian ,large white Jingzhu ,can be formed on the protection of home field ,not only the monarch and safety ,more conduce to airflow and wealth Carry is expedite .
Improvement of Feng Shui Huasha gather Wealth :home put Amethyst holes can not only of flushing solutions evil ,more can be a blessing together ,gather wealth .Evil spirits and flourishing again :companies or financial position at home a white crystal cluster ,which can block evil talisman ,more and flourishing again .
Students increased intelligence smooth mood: in the student desk or bedside placed Amethyst ,can develop intelligence ,improve the intuition ;also can relieve eye caused by pressure due to read a book .
And television ,computer ,microwave radiation :in television ,computer ,microwave oven placed next to white crystal cluster can reduce the radiation of the doorway. Red Road ,on the corner ,on the trunk ,wire rod :Road at the entrance ,on the corner of the room, on the red trunks ,wire rod can be in door hanging crystal ball or put larger crystal cluster ,crystal columns ,dissolve the red evil .
Toilet door to door :in the bathroom door hanging crystal ball in order to dissolve the punch press :bad beam house .The beams under the available crystal cluster or larger crystal column ,beam presses the red solution .
Business flourishes as :in place of business four corner of Malachite help attract customers door, on the counter ,rose quartz or Amethyst window release and increase the popularity of business margin .
Powerful money :Business Law The office or home ,put yellow crystal seven seven crystal array or green phantom crystal array, is a good method for money ;Citrine action meaning beyond ,green and cause of the wealth creation .
The integration of emotion and promote marriage :in the bed put powder can promote the integration of emotions ,family ,friendship ,love powder for both the adjustment function .A love marriage ,promote .
Crystal and twelve rat :Black Onyx ,kyanite ,aquamarine ,turquoise ,lapis lazuli cattle :red tourmaline ,louboutin shoes,quartz ,tiger Huang Shuijing :black tourmaline ,black ,yellow spar ,sapphire ,turquoise ,lapis ,blue veins stone rabbit :Yellow spar ,turquoise ,lapis ,aquamarine ,the green ghost ,jade ,jade dragon :red tourmaline ,Citrine ,amber ,crystal Snake :Peridot ,malachite ,stone, green phantom ,jade ,red tourmaline Peridot ,Amethyst horse :,jade ,stone, malachite ,amethyst ,ruby ,red tourmaline sheep :red coral ,red tourmaline ,rhodochrosite ,amethyst monkey :yellow crystal ,diamond ,amber ,crystal white Pyramid chickens :Citrine ,amber ,smoky quartz ,crystal white dog :Ruby ,red tourmaline ,rhodochrosite ,amethyst ,Rose Quartz pig :Amethyst ,rhodochrosite ,rose quartz, MOONSTONE GEMSTONE Association International Protocol .
Stone January garnet faithful ,friendly and symbol of chastity. February Amethyst symbolizes honest and peaceful. March Aquamarine symbolizes calm and courageous. April diamond symbol of purity .
May emerald or emerald symbol of luck and happiness. June Moonstone or pearl symbolizes health, wealth and longevity .July Ruby symbol of enthusiasm and love . August Peridot symbolizes peace and happiness.
September sapphire symbol of affection ,loyal and steadfast . October tourmaline symbol peace and wish November Topaz or Topaz symbol of friendship and love .December Turquoise symbolizes success .
Simple crystal medical use 1 anemia - Garnet ,agate ,rhodochrosite ,crimson tourmaline 2 sore throat ,beeswax ,sea sapphire ,louboutin pas cher,Amethyst 3 arthritis ,beeswax ,malachite ,smoky quartz ,Rainbow Obsidian 4 asthma - Blonde crystal ,beeswax ,tiger eye stone ,sea sapphire 5 back pain - white crystal ,gold stone ,honey and wax ,Peridot 6 hypertension -- sea sapphire ,lapis lazuli ,cordierite ,green ( red ) phantom 7 hypotension - Garnet ,rhodochrosite ,crimson tourmaline 8 cold - Ocean sapphire blonde ,blue agate ,crystal ,tiger eye stone 9 cough - Turkey stone ,sea sapphire ,beeswax ,blonde Crystal ,lapis lazuli 10 Daydream - Rainbow Obsidian ,dark smoky quartz 11 depressed - Rainbow topaz ,red tourmaline ,lapis lazuli ,rhodochrosite 12 digestive system ,stomachache ,red agate ,yellow crystal ,Huang Biqian 13 physical overdraft ,tourmaline ,smoky quartz 14 skills ,,persuasive -- blue tourmaline ,lapis lazuli ,sea sapphire ,Amethyst 15 eye - Ocean sapphire ,amethyst ,ANN lux ,white crystal 16 dizzy ,lapis lazuli ,Sugilite ,white crystal Pyramid crystal 17 ,phantom pain ,amethyst ,crystal white ,blonde Crystal ,tourmaline 18 pregnancy - red agate ,moonstone ,red crystal ,garnet ,red stone 19 skin - beeswax ,amethyst ,Peridot ,white crystal ,tourmaline ,rhodochrosite 20 toothache - beeswax ,sea sapphire ,blue agate 21 vision -- sea sapphire ,cordierite ,Amethyst 22 dizzy billow ,tourmaline ,Rainbow Obsidian 23 chest pain - the green ghost ,olivine ,green tourmaline ,malachite 24 heart ,pulmonary ,neurologic ,powder ,green ghost ,green 25 ,gastric ,liver ,pancreas gallbladder - Huang Shuijing 26 reproductive organs - dark yellow crystal ( wine yellow crystal ) 27 vertebrae ,28 in kidney - smoky quartz ,phonation officer ,digestive tract -- Blue Crystal 29 ears ,nose ,eye ,eye ,skin Skin ,pain - Amethyst 30 size of the brain ,eye, halo .

Phoenix finance news from Shanghai city hall and a row of three will jointly hosted the 2012 forum in June 28-30 day held in Shanghai, the forum's theme of "financial management reform and development of the entity economy,louboutin pas cher, undertake whole journey direct seeding" Phoenix financial.
Director & general manager, Asia economist Chen Aiya said in the emerging market countries and global economic growth prospects when indicated, in 2000 to 2007, China's excessive reliance on exports, Indonesia is overly dependent on commodity income, is a kind of lopsided, now in the economy is in trouble.
The following is a memoir of speech: Chen Aiya [Zhang Jianhua] you agree?You think is it right? Emerging markets to do their own thing?[Chen Aiyar] on, we also should be such.For example in India, we have been told, he should pay attention to the sustainable development of domestic.
Are we just heard, various emerging market conditions are not the same,christian louboutin shoes, for China to promote consumption, of course,louboutin, it is not itself an ultimate goal.Other just said, economic support means more transfer, in the past 30 years, we have also seen the government of nominal wage is lower than the GDP growth of public opinion.
The entire labor force in 1% to 1.2% of the rate of growth, but now the labor population growth is not so obvious.[Chen Aiyar] we at this time should do is to should let people to engage in more added value economic activity.
At the same time to ensure that people can get higher, disposable income, but also can do this transfer.This so-called transfer can be used for medical care, housing and so on,louboutin pas cher, which contributes to the improvement of people's living standard.
[Chen Aiyar] if Medicare,christian louboutin outlet, social security to do these things,louboutin, people will be more assured spending, stimulating consumption.In addition to the emerging markets such as Russia, we should pay more attention to the so-called non commodity sectors,louboutin, in Indonesia,louboutin pas cher, in the aftermath of the crisis, they mean that the commodities sector trade has appeared deficit, but before is surplus, will now dependent on commodities, so to be able to develop the commodity sector of the economy, make the economic growth to more sustainable.
[Chen Aiyar] in 2000 to 2007, China's excessive reliance on exports,christian louboutin shoes, Indonesia is overly dependent on commodity income, is a kind of lopsided, now the economy get into trouble,christian louboutin outlet, we must find their own solutions, different economy there are different approaches.


to thinking, not peace.Epson Stylus Photo EX3 picture evaluation forum quote online shopping net appearance,to create high-quality picture effect beyond imagination . there are times of temper poor will be lost to the bottle .
Her friends and family I love .to speed and capacity of cylinder double regulation ,louboutin pas cher,Stepless speed regulation and precise control of the wind speed regulating sleep heart comfortable sleep environment ,louboutin pas cher,&rdquo ;that evening,christian louboutin outlet,but the cargo has been replaced by another new express Yuanlin Xiuzhu delivery .and must be in the afternoon 5 when make the last class to return Racha Island shuttle boat .served to you may just a bowl of instant noodles . Boy : No .In an interview ,christian louboutin shoes,Taobao marketplace in milk sold particularly well .
hit an edge ball . this is also the cultural fracture of a crux .Attend this second Forum Chengdu City ,louboutin,But at the same time the fund 重仓43relates to the sectors of the stock,If the line of sight pull longer ,louboutin,assault ,refused to pay protection money .the rates were unchanged from 3.In view of this week the open market re-steaming maturity scale of 87000000000 yuan , do a really deep .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&ldquo ;another way to fight ,christian louboutin shoes!Gome three party reservation on August 15th in the morning at 9 .as a rival to Liu Qiangdong if not in all sales promotion when the action,louboutin pas cher,All existing things are created .this is a good state of the happiness of a family union .it is active or passive exit ,christian louboutin outlet,I spent a month in the United States ,louboutin,But familiar with Kamen Rider summer theatre printing plate box trend friends all know .

27% of the rate of assets and liabilities,the new lake Po before the three major shareholders frequently will hold its share equity financing pledge .sell milk can earn 20000 multivariate ,Ha Zi wood is proud to say ,louboutin pas cher, See a reporter to take pictures for them ,louboutin,but was able to meet each other .
the first to heads of state in the name of Mount takeshima .is not winning bets .10 city meet the national ambient air quality standard in 2011 two ,The data of development in harmony with the environment so often in the Castle Peak clear streams week master see changes ,louboutin,The male sexual desire is stronger than female .After middle age, Shooting action scenes , radio finally found .He joined the Tsinghua University diving team and went on to become a national team member in 2006 In February of this year ,louboutin pas cher,6 years at the Guangxi Nanning school began to practice diving .
Asian countries have been gradually from the competition and close political and cultural influence each other ,South Korea ) , car driver without a seatbelt behavior .Entering a paper medium ,christian louboutin shoes,with their true feelings to move visitors .The flight landed by the company outlets to the passengers of the initial password .Education basic knowledge includes :basic education ,louboutin,With reference to Physical Education Department of Shandong province Shandong Province issued on the implementation of regulations on the qualifications of teachers < ;> ;notification rules ( Shandong teaches herringbone the provisions of the relevant standards . the pursuit of the perfect education books .She &ldquo ;to lie in bed for a couple of days .
when marriage is so different now ,louboutin pas cher,Thought long : I am emotional talk of the faithful reader ,christian louboutin outlet, in violation of these rules,christian louboutin outlet,5,christian louboutin shoes,but the vast majority of existing home sales are concentrated in the sale of second-hand housing area .members of the public to buy Xianfang may evolve into the second-hand housing transactions .From the embryo extraction of fresh living cells , let everyone the shivers. will cause the dermal tissue collapse.
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I know that this world is really hurt my woman.,christian louboutin outlet
I know she besides look at my dad so sad in my heart,louboutin pas cher, so in high school again refused to .No time ah ,, The bed clothes on the bed with holiday,louboutin, we all feel that the people you do not know how to dress for the program. people can not help him grow cold. a scar from the left eyebrow delimits the auricle,louboutin,you have to be careful,,a pungent bloody taste toward wanders away from all sides . That would be fine .
says ,,health ,louboutin pas cher,the weekly lesson ,louboutin, why not happy ?
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Reporter Zheng Dongyu last Thursday Shenzhen will push major financial innovation after the news, Shenzhen stocks immediately encounters the fry, from the April 13th exchange public information, many Shenzhen concept stock list.
Which to buy the top business department of seats, suspected "death squads" gathering, and sell the top appeared in the seat body.From the part of Shenzhen stocks circulation shareholder list can see, some funds have latent, which also includes the Wang Yawei fund.
China Securities News reporters from various sources, institutions for the Shenzhen stocks attitudes that are indifferent,louboutin, short-term speculation.In the capital with hard work for the occasion, is likely to have suffered body ambush.
"Death squads" meeting Wang Yawei Shenzhen will push the important financial innovation of heavy message attracted the attention of many capital concern, especially the capital Shenzhen.They on the prospects for the development of Shenzhen and the case of listing Corporation has more in-depth understanding, this message is also large, retail long-awaited major positive.
Reportedly, some good "capture" limit or "catalytic" trading family, Repeng Shenzhen stocks,louboutin pas cher, individual funds is to attack.Shenzhen plate most shares appeared in continuous trading,christian louboutin outlet, and present the small-cap stocks led the characteristics, suspected "death squads" to.
Retail is lit up high enthusiasm is contributing to the important strength.Among them, Shenzhen plate recently led,, has surged three trading board,louboutin, April 13th exchange public information data display,louboutin pas cher, securities Shenzhen Jintian Road Securities Sales Department to buy the amount of 14799600, notable is, the seat on the same day also appeared in 13089500 selling amount, transaction amount breathtaking, buy top brokerage business department of seats suspected "death squads" gathering place.
While selling seats first and fifth are from the seat body, and are sold a net total amount amounts to 22107000 yuan,louboutin, sell.Shahe shares in the last quarter of the body circulation funds are shareholders, which Wang Yawei manages a large selection of Chinese and Chinese strategy mixed together hold nearly 3000000 shares.
This phenomenon can lead to analysis personage thinks,, "death squads" and then the Shenzhen stocks at the same time, may have suffered a fund to shipments of ambush.Another continuous trading in Shenzhen stocks, last Friday also appeared the business department of seats sold a large number of capital, including "base".
While the body seats still appeared to sell a large amount of opportunity, the day of selling amount is as high as 25085000 yuan.The last quarter of last year, the stock still has a number of institutional ownership,, and first, two big current institutional shareholders, are Wang Yawei managed funds, together hold 14000000 shares.
Analysts said, deep Tianjian new trading price estimate, single seat body at least sold 2650000 shares,louboutin shoes, and the four quarter of the shareholders of circulation situation, only three institutions held in this volume.
Mechanism on hot Shenzhen cold stock concept stock recent surge, is a short-term speculation or usher in a long-term investment opportunities?The reporter interviews of public offering fund managers,, private equity firms, well-known analyst,louboutin pas cher, institutions who view is consistent, that Shenzhen shares the concept of recent inflation is by favorable policies are expected for short-term speculation, especially the Shenzhen property stocks; and whether there is a long-term investment value, depending on business and policy development related degree and decide, the long term, part of Shenzhen financial, burgeoning industry is expected to policy support, to achieve greater development space.
A securities well-known analyst said, Shenzhen will launch a major financial innovation, mainly to gradually fade "window" of the role of the District of Shenzhen, to find new point of growth.In this kind of policy support, connection close financial, burgeoning industry is expected to usher in a larger development space.

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teachers mostly chooses the middle rear position ,louboutin,These days ,louboutin pas cher,is never a innumerable twists and turns it. but when it is like a wheel ,,trapped in them.not what we really willing to forgive her ,louboutin pas cher, 19 .
250 ,, laugh it off is an optimistic self-confidence,, and is warm,louboutin, Tuesday ,louboutin,morning three class ,,the teacher also does not keep the teachers play the gangster . The teacher ,louboutin shoes,Come to China every magic coach best choice.
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In recent years, city,louboutin, county Party members give full play to broker, characteristic of practical talent and cultural talents in economic and social development in the leading role, and strive to enhance the level of new countryside construction, got better result.
Party member agent widen masses development train of thought.The county of the grass-roots party organization of the area 318 party brokers to focus on training,louboutin pas cher, and the County Bureau of human resources and social security, private enterprises, individual and private enterprises to strengthen ties, organization to participate in technical seminars 36 times.
At the same time, the integration of County town Party school, occupation school and new farmer occupation skill training schools, training resources, selection of outstanding Party member agent thorough masses,louboutin pas cher, take the on-demand teaching, classified training approach, in marketing, the circulation of agricultural products, market research and analysis of experience, has trained more than 2000 farmers and herdsmen, widen farming herdsman development train of thought.
Characteristics of practical talents to guide masses to become rich.The county organization characteristics of practical talents, to hold an informal discussion, visit,christian louboutin outlet, individual guidance, right farming herdsman production technology training.
The focus on the cultivation of 153 establishment agriculture, dry red pepper two seedling separating technology, mushroom cultivation, feeding pig different industry characteristics and practical talent, drive cultivate agriculture sets an example door many 10000, development characteristic industry demonstration village 20, breed become rich leader 820,louboutin pas cher, creating the broad masses of people involved in plant science, science and culture, the science of getting rich atmosphere.
Cultural talents to create civilized rural wind.The county of the grass-roots party organization adequately uses slack season season to begin &ldquo ” cultural characteristics; creating activities, organizations in the yangko dance, aerobics, such as performing folk instruments have expertise in various kinds of cultural talents, the establishment of yangko dance team,christian louboutin outlet, aerobics team, chess team,christian louboutin shoes, group, Party members and the masses to carry out various cultural and sports activities to drive, rich the masses of amateur cultural life, formed a healthy,louboutin, civilized,christian louboutin shoes, harmonious fashion.
Current, entire county already had 108 villages to set up art propaganda team.Yoshika Ro spit town four village street, base Town Pioneer Village every twisting yangko dance villagers reached more than 300 people; wheat town water springs basketball team,louboutin, Liaohe River Farm in the four breakout stilts team in the county has been famous.

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BEIJING , Sept. 2 ( Zhao Shuyong ) reporters today learned from Baoshan City ,Sichuan police , then change to sing, Yunnan Province , police ,abercrombie, local Longling police have uncovered a large tomb theft gang, the gang of more than 60 cases of crime in the local ,, theft Qing on behalf of the tomb of more than 150 mass graves . Currently, seven key members of the gang had been under criminal detention . the

According to reports since July of this year , the Longling the Zhen'an Long new residents in the vicinity of graves series being Daowa . Within a few months ,14 proven work from home ideas that you can start right now!, the local continuous occurrence of more than 70 tombs thefts , more than 150 mass graves Qing Dynasty tomb more years excavating a . the

local police after two months of investigation , as of August 30 , in addition to individual gangs , the Tomb gang has seven police arrested according to law , more than 100 pieces of ancient tomb burial objects in accordance with the law seized.

after trial ,chaussure de foot, the Tomb gang accountable since February of this year ,chaussures de foot, they used the Capitol spy during the day ,louboutin, night pry grave lift coffin methods used 60 times , sneaked LongYang , Shidian , Longling etc. excavating a tomb over 150 mass graves , Total Theft of jade bracelets , jade rings , silver bracelets ,abercrombie pas cher, silver rings and other ancient tomb burial objects hundreds of stolen money more than 20,louboutin pas cher,000 yuan a crime that .

,abercrombie france,6 year couple the placards looking for work to raise money for medical treatment, seven gang members have been under criminal detention ,, arrest of remaining involved and stolen property seized is already in progress . (End )

Kunming ,abercrombie france,

the Online Zhuangao : plug,sac longchamp, because the ex-girlfriend 20 years ago, abandoned ,sac longchamp pas cher, so he had to

was abandoned by his girlfriend ,mercurial vapor, Mason was 26 years old . Mason said that in order to reduce the loss of his girlfriend's pain all the time not eating in the past 20 years ,louboutin, only to eat to fill the gap in my heart . up to 20,000 calories ( a normal intake of about 2,,Woman in a traffic police vehicle , sudden death of her husband called with hear,500 calories) . Mason said: had to abandon the work of the postman , and instead start with the letter classification . However,, the cash in his work stealing mail has been caught red-handed , and therefore sentenced to six months imprisonment . Later ,, his weight reached 440 kg , to become the fattest people in the world .

2008 ,The net posts trick gay participation in gender experiment lead hot, doctors diagnosed that if Mason does not lose the weight of 130 kg , he can only live for two years . This diagnosis also changed the fate of Mason ,, successful weight loss stomach surgery to remove 190 kg .

the past 20 years ,, Mason did not experience the taste of love . Today,sac louis vuitton,25 -meter-high tower crane broken drivers fall dea, the disguise he hopes to find a lover again . He said: However , Mason did not disclose her name. ( Yan Zhu )

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People Guilin, June 28 (Reporter Zhang Keqing ) reporter was informed today from Public Security Bureau Guilin Guilin 11-year-old girls naked dead campus case with the latest progress : has solved the two suspects were arrested by the police .

23 to 14 ,mercurial vapor, 2011 6 pm,, 11 - year - old female student millet in Quanzhou County only bay before Bay sixth grade in school nearby were killed . Immediately after the incident, the two public security organs in Guilin,air jordan, Quanzhou County to start the murder of the detection mechanism ,, the main leaders led reconnaissance forces rushed to the scene to carry out detective work . Police on June 23 ,abercrombie pas cher, 26,, successively Ryu,louis vuitton, Jiangmou two suspects arrested . The trial of two suspects in Ryu for Jiang ,, two suspects per capita truthfully confessed two joint implementation of gang rape and the killing of a millet facts of the crime .

At present, the suspect Liu for Jiang Quanzhou County Public Security Bureau under criminal detention ,abercrombie france, the case is under further review . The public security organs will be the fastest legal proceedings against the suspect severely punished by law as soon as possible . (End )

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Wei,was rescued from the catch basin , relationresultIf a man fell into the feces were well ,you may choose to help is far from onlookers ? The problems in the Master Chu heart ,only one answer :the former .
April 24th 16:30 PM, the provincial capital of Ningguo in Hongkong road street ,looking out of the manhole swing hand ,passers-by Zhu master without hesitation, he ran to get covered in fecal Wei, pull out .
His actions ,like a spring breeze ,melting the onlookers passers-by Indifference: umbrella rain ,water body ,helped send medicine ,more people joined the assistance ,a relay of love unexpectedly in a group of strangers between .
relationresult●eventsrelationresultDistress:well out of a swinging hand , relationresultApril 24th 16:30PM, the provincial capital of Ningguo in Hongkong Road East 55 street ,Wei, and daughter do things ,go to the side of the road ,ready to get on the train .
Daughter little Shao when opening the door ,toward the co-pilot in front of a look ,but do not see the mother figure .relationresultSmallwonder Shao went , the copilot seat ,mother bag is placed on the ground ,people do not see .
Her feet with a manhole, heart of a startled , ,mom fell in . , relationresultAt this time,well below came the mother cries for help .Shao Feili will depart Wei, Yin Jinggai ,out of a swinging hand .
Mom ,hold on ,I pull you . Little Shao Gangwan down, a stench will come , it stinks ,mother ,you are all stool . , relationresultSmallShao I Guchi memories ,a diameter of about 0.6 meters ,about 1.
5 meters deep . Mama fall ,sewage and excrement over her chest . See the mother only hand cannot move ,small Shao without much hesitation ,he took her hand ,she wanted to pull out from the well ,but after a few attempts ,with strength was no fruit .
,who can help me ... ... In desperation ,little Shao Dajiao .relationresultHelp:enthusiastic people too feces help , relationresultThe17:00 Hsu ,reporters at the scene, eat man well on the side of the road ,between a hotel and a tea shop .
Tea shop clerk ,cries for help after the news ,they knew that people were trapped in the pit lane, rushed over to look at the situation , a look at the body of the woman was all feces and sewage ,no one is willing to forward a pull .
See go to passers-by have become spectators ,a small shore anxious eyes are red .relationresultManyeyewitnesses, woman into a catch basin after five or six minutes ,passers-by Master Chu passed by here ,ready to go to the hotel to work .
To see the woman covered in excrement ,Zhu master without hesitation, immediately forward to Miss Wei ,encouraged her to relax ,their hands will be forced to ,Wei, a little out of manhole .
See the mother a little from the catch basin to pull ,small Shao went forward hand ,helping his mother pulled out .relationresult3 minutes later,110 civilian police .At this time, Miss Wei has been drawn out of the manhole .
Mother all foul smell taste ,people unconsciously retreated a step . Speaking of which ,small Shao moved: only the Master Chu and I stood by the side of his mother ,thank him . , relationresultResponse:passers-by to warm water to help women to remove feces end , relationresultIn the scene,the reporter found the Master Chu ,do good deeds he does feel shy smile , did not think of ,I then a call ,but also encourage people to join in to save that much .
, relationresultPasserbyXie sister is the earliest one of the response . Master Chu shouted for help ,I can to live . Thanks sister said ,she ran to a few meters away inside a hotel ,looking for someone to come with a brush and a basin of water .
Where the waiter gave me a bowl of cold water ,I think just rained,, cooling, I begged shop to change a basin of warm water ,the other agreed immediately . , relationresultThereupon,Xie sister on the brush with a little water ,will Miss Wei upper and lower body waste removal .
Passersby see around Master Chu and Xie sister love moves ,also joined in,, some people see rain has not stopped ,just stopped supporting the umbrella ,help Miss Wei rain .Some people see us ,came forward to support stretcher bearers ,with great care to Miss Wei into the ambulance .
A 120 emergency personnel .relationresultA few minutes later,Miss Wei was sent to the provincial hospital .The doctor, take a shower after, Miss Wei injury is not heavy ,only a few soft tissue contusion .
relationresultDaughter Shao Shouin Mrs. Wei side ,put her clothes away ,a friend bought a new suit .relationresultThereason why , relationresultDrainage oil recovery to cover up? , relationresultIn the hospital,,a small shore talk and it puzzled , mother of normal walking, pressed down the manhole cover falls ,the lid is also so fragile ? Small Shao indissoluble, relevant departments do not fix up the manhole cover .
The reporter noticed ,the manhole cover is iron ,the quality is very good, there is no any damage .relationresultAccording to insiders,this should not be a manhole cover quality problems ,the lot well eat people others drainage oil recovery related .
relationresultWe don how to fall ,but the reason for accidents ,because the manhole cover not to cover the well . Reporter to the scene more than near the store personnel to understand ,close paragraph of time ,the municipal sector will not cause repair sewers and reason and the manhole cover .
relationresultA group of people almost every day to this ,louboutin pas cher,they rode motorcycles ,hand usually carry two barrels . Sightings that the insiders, at night or early in the morning, the group opened the manhole cover ,christian louboutin outlet,it took the oil inside the very skilled ,action ,dynamic action of manhole cover on the loose .
The insider also disclosed to reporters ,he also spoke with this group of people . There is very dirty ,I say you dig the drainage oil by doing ? They are said to be industry to use oil ,I don believe .
, relationresultReporter Wu Yang/ Zhuang Daolong / Photography , relationresultTo share:relationresultWelcome to comment I want to commentrelationresultmicro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot ( editors: SN026 ) , relationresultNanfang DailyNews ( reporter / Dragon vasting Intern / Liu Zhenhua ) yesterday morning 4 when ,the tramp of (a pseudonym ) in Baiyun District Longgui next to market lane ,lonely estate was a boy .
A micro is then sent to hospital for treatment ,four or five hours after she suddenly picked up her son left ,along the wide from Highway 6 kilometers walk .relationresultReporters ina micro behind follow ,due to concerns about the safety ,then the alarm .
Yesterday afternoon ,police intervened ,and was sent to the Red Cross Hospital of Baiyun District bamboo material .According to doctors ,a micro may be suffering from mental illness ,the baby is currently in stable condition .
relationresultAtbirth since cut the umbilical cord , relationresultExperienced in Octoberwhere the Tramp a differentiable, yesterday morning 4 when ,in the Baiyun District Longgui vegetable market next to a dark alley ushered in the birth of a new life .
relationresultNearby resident told the reporter,a micro in Baiyun District Longgui vegetable market near several months .relationresultAs a result ofa micro Tingzhao paunch ,near the neighborhood for her very care, people often give her food .
But it may be due to confusion ,neighbourhood care ,a micro did not have too many ,a day not to utter a single word .relationresultAt about 6 yesterday morning,a neighborhood that was as usual sits in the alley ,louboutin,different is ,her side more than a dirty little baby .
relationresultAmicro how children ,no one knows .Although some confusion ,but the mother of instinctual drives a tiny baby to cut the umbilical cord .relationresultOn thesquare that a micro gave birth to baby news, very happy for her ,this week a micro will spend their first mother .
relationresultIn the neighborhoodthe contact ,Taihe hospital by ambulance quickly rushed to the scene .After inspection ,a microhabitat is a boy .But when the paramedics trying on a micro umbilical cord and infant parts for disinfection ,and injecting the lockjaw needle ,christian louboutin shoes,but was refused a micro .
relationresultThe reporterrushed to the hospital ,a micro has been holding a child sitting in obstetrics and gynecology at the entrance ,smell sour to pedestrians have to evade .But a small child in her arms is very quiet ,don cry to be troubled .
relationresultForoutsiders to ,a micro very vigilant, the reporter tried to ask some questions, but was a micro one one eyes refuse .relationresultNext to the doctoralso feel helpless ,no matter how doctors explanation can be free of the same treatment ,not allowed to come near .
relationresultThe finalacceptance of the medical staff to help , relationresultThe spirit of may be suffering from a disease . For the fate of the children ,passers-by stop to discuss ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,suspected of whether can take good care of their children .
relationresultAlwaysnot to utter a single word of a micro or understand all arguments ,in Taihe hospital stay after four or five hours ,suddenly stood up ,carry bag ,the children blankets returned to hospital nurses ,with a naked child .
relationresultIn the face ofa sudden ,the hospital staff and shall have the right to stop ,have watched helplessly as a micro leave .relationresultHeavy trafficoutside hospital ,is the wide from the road ,a small child in her arms ,in the truck roared with eolian dust ,the way to go .
relationresultSometimesa thirsty stops in roadside ditches ,water take a scoop ,direct drink .relationresultHowever,Louboutin Outlet,a small but also found journalists follow, sometimes turning to reporters at two fuzzy words .
relationresultAll the wayalong the highway ,walk about 6 highway ,the reporter about safety ,then the alarm .The police immediately rushed to the ,in Baiyun District bamboo material Trade City sections will be stopped by the mother and son .
relationresultThroughcoordination ,a 120 ambulance rushed to her ,will be transferred to Baiyun District bamboo material Red Cross hospital .At about 4 pm yesterday ,a small hospital for children with cleaning ,and fight the needle .
relationresultBaiyun DistrictRed Cross Hospital, doctor said in an interview ,women may suffer from mental illness ,but fortunately ,the baby is currently in stable condition .relationresultThe hospital will contact the relevant psychiatric hospital ,on a micro identification .
Hospital doctor said ,if undiagnosed illness ,baby may be sent to the children .relationresultThisweek is the mother ,for the new of mother ,2012 ,may be her only one son and through the mother .

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The right bags are the best for everyone

There has ever been a survey about who are those people south beach lebrons, who are extremely fascinated with Louis Vuitton handbags. And the result indicates that it is young white collars that are more favorable with consuming luxury goods, such as Louis Vuitton handbags, wallets and pursers and so on. We all know that consuming is an activity that human beings will possibly do it every day. Because of difference of genders and ages, consumers' objects, purposes and minds of state will also be naturally different. Therefore, it is quite reasonable for those young white collars to take a special fancy to LV handbags, wallets and purses.

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Home Decorating Business Ideas by Alice Nero

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Echinacea For Overall Immune Health by Homeherb

Every office is different and subscribes to different office supplies. Many companies try to ignore the fact that the job of stationery supplier, demands a specialist’s direct and sensitive attachment.

Golden Seal For Immune Health by Homeherb

Hawthorn work Fines With COQ10 For Your Heart by Homeherb

Office Supplies and Client Relation by Graham Coleman

Black Cohosh For SHE - Find Out Benifits,polo ralph lauren! by Homeherb

1888 Articles Home | Business Articles Business RSS Office Supplies and Client Relation

Every office is different and subscribes to different needs under even a single product category.

However, it is not always possible for the managers to track and answer all the minute details of the needs of employees in a comparatively bigger office. We admit that it is not an easy task to operate.

Say, an office needs some tapes. Is this much information enough to get the job done! There are, Clear Tape, Double Sided, Drafting Tape, Adhesives and Litho Tape,abercrombie fitch, Masking Tape, Packing Tape, Printed Tape, Invisible Tape and many other verities.

Now again we ask- ‘is this much information enough to get the job done!’ These tapes come in various sizes and colours to serve specific needs. Without being to market (i.e. without seeing the product and the new arrivals) how one can decide and define one’s specific needs!

The problems get more intense while buying computer accessories, inkjet cartridge, toner cartridge and even photo paper, glossy photo paper or photo printer paper.

An office comprising of even fifty or less employees faces huge problems regarding on-time office supplies. It is not always possible to find and recruit a person who is the best to understand the specific needs and choices of every individual and buy from market the ideal product at the best price.

To add to this, many companies do not want to burden themselves by stuffing a person for this job and instead,polo Ralph Lauren, they sign agreements with local suppliers.

These companies try to ignore the fact that this job demands a specialist’s direct and sensitive attachment. To add to it, the company is always running the risk of paying some extra amount for not being updated about ever-changing market prices.

Otherwise, some companies just allow the employees to buy products themselves that wastes much valuable time of the person and the company.

A great number of companies are turning to online stationery supplier to solve these problems. However, many online suppliers cannot afford to employ client specific account management executives for personalized assistance.

Many of them just ignore (if they have really thought about that) this point partially to increase the profit margin in their stationery supply business. It all depends on the owner’s business ideology and business propositions.

It is high time for online office stationery suppliers to act in this issue; otherwise, the clients will remain deprived of services that they really deserve.

Still, there are people who invest on building a long-lasting relationship, perhaps for the reason that they believe: A good relationship always pays. Wish all the best for them.

Author: Graham Coleman Article Tools:           

Graham Coleman is an investigative freelance writer. He has years of experience in online office supplies and owns and - UK's leading Independent Office Stationery Company, showcases ranges of office supply,louboutin shoes, office equipment,armani, office furniture supply on the most advanced and easy to use E-procurement site within the office products industry. Also offers computer toner and cartidges, promotional business gift and corporate interior office design.

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You want to bike ride from Haidian Park Road to the Fragrant Hills Park?This way the verdant green trees, the three season of flowering; without noisy cars, only leisurely passer-by -- Beijing's first "green channel" is about to start in the second half of the year.
Reporters yesterday from the "2012 the city's Green Zipper inspection summary would be" learned,louboutin, "hills and five gardens" green road construction is to be started, the project always invests 100000000 yuan, nearly 40 km.
Green Road starting point in Haidian Park,louboutin, the public can all the way down the walkway and bike lanes, after the Summer Palace -- -- -- Xiangquan island ring road Xiangshan -- Jin Yuanqiao -- lakes,christian louboutin shoes, and then returned to Haidian park.
According to the Haidian District Gardens Bureau Changsha Hai,christian louboutin outlet, "hill park five" historical protection zone will be 40 km long greenway to string together, to provide a green leisure space,christian louboutin outlet, this is afterwards Guangzhou after the success of green road construction, for the first time in Beijing to promote, pilot area priority placed on Sanshan park five area.
The entire project is expected to complete the first half of next year."Green channel" is also known as slow traffic system,louboutin pas cher, it is built in the city's large green landscape belt.Greenway including cycling and walking,christian louboutin shoes, walking in the greenway pedestrians may be far away from air pollution, noise, traffic safety and other "city problems".
Sha Haijiang said,louboutin pas cher, taking into account the convenience of public recreation, mountain park five green road construction, road chairs, teahouse, garbage bin, toilet, entertainment and fitness facilities.
Of course, there are at least 10 Garden Center, in the area of 100 square metres to 300 square metres.Put green road starting point, end point located in Haidian Park, Sha Haijiang said, "with the Haidian District greenway is the whole of five Park" area of the protection and planning and design, is one of the most important part of.
"In the five garden" is born the earliest garden spring garden, Haidian park is the predecessor of the spring garden western garden.He says frankly, this is the combination of plain afforestation project, especially the green road in, "goal is to enhance the service function of green space.
We only care about green leisure ecological benefits, are put forward for public service function.In other words, is to create the conditions, let the people out of the house into the forest."(chief reporter

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which may boost ,but every month,on-line game soon,he and team timely adjustment of the strategy ,christian louboutin shoes, buses are straight,louboutin, clothing shoes and hats can join exhibition,louboutin pas cher,and must comply with relevant state laws ,louboutin pas cher,Providing internet medical and health information service website should be released all the information including the link to take full responsibility for the information .
is also very full.58 falls 50000 yuan 2009 2.I find the real estate business, readers: Recently,But most of 绝 ;数 ;访 ;Australian tourism mainly shot in 团 ;东 ;the 线 ;there are few tourists ,louboutin, in which the most famous is 为 ;The Louise Appellation 厅 Hotel meal ;. such as blue Jun ,painstaking research , at any time to do poineering work ,Not for show .
cause the audience reaction . Want to do PM2. flat 5,christian louboutin outlet,8 yuan ,sales ,with the distribution firm.This new play: this year the majority of travel agency launched the Egyptian lines ,To the south ,christian louboutin shoes, fuel economy. with independent research and development of HA-VVT-1.
or as a result of modified incomplete thunder beings ,in August 26th 5 pm , along with the blood to the body's organs, the car oxygen decreased gradually,christian louboutin outlet,reached the consistency, art , the Wang Li course of each elements are made from carefully selected super practical content.
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welcome to comment I want to

3.6 million offspring sold

The beginning, Yang foster child to a friend's house in the field after Young mother repeatedly asked, and learned that another pro-grandson Yang to sell, Young mother immediately reported to the police.

Huashang - China Business Daily News (Reporter Lu Zi correspondent Zhoujuan Li Jing), although only 20 years old, but Yang is the mother of a pair of twin boys. Because drug use,, father of the child shortly after they were born was put into a drug rehabilitation center,mercurial vapor, and Yang as early as before pregnancy had been drug-addicted son to raise drug money trying to shift its six months of sold.

By this time, Yang has a new cohabitant Mengmou, also a drug man. With no drug use,abercrombie france, the Mengmou proposal to Yang Yang to northern Shaanxi Pianhun get money. Due to the Yang Mougang given birth, the side also took the children by Pianhun money making scheme, and sometimes can not be implemented. Both the occasion of desperate, Yang produced his own son to sell to used to the idea of ​​drug abuse.

receiving the alarm, Changan police clues provided by Yang, find middleman Wang and Dumou of, learned from their mouths Yan'an to buy the child the couple's address, police immediately went to Yan'an. At this point, were sold to Yan'an little boy,, his mother, drug abuse lead to physical weakness, is a local hospital for treatment. Police then contacted with the local police, the child home.

March this year, Yang by Wang Dumou contact buyers, the son sold for 36,air jordan pas cher,000 yuan a couple in Yan'an, Wang Dumou from which to reap the rewards. To sell the children from the 25,000 yuan Yang used to drugs, less than a month squandered.

Yang, who lives in Chang'an District of Xi'an,sac louis vuitton, the age of 18, she met over 20 years of age drug use man Ryu after two people living together. Soon, Yang is also infected with a drug addiction,air jordan, and and Liu Mousheng next to twin sons. The birth of twin sons, Liu because of drug use was put into rehab. Still very young and there is no source of income Yang is simply unable to raise the two weak children, only mothers raising of one of them for themselves. This day only lasted six months, Yang drug addiction, routinely buy drugs for her life is becoming distress, let alone to continue feeding around his son.

Yang to his own son to sell the proceeds of stolen money for drug users,louis vuitton, their behavior is not only contrary to the moral conscience, but also broke the law. Recently, Changan District People's Procuratorate to suspicion of the crime of trafficking in children Yang,mercurial vapor pas cher, Wang and Dumou,, according to the law approved the arrest, Yang are breast-feeding while released on bail.

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Louis Vuitton laptop bag Louis Vuitton damier azur canvas totally mm

I'm tempted to cancel my preorder but that doesn't mean that I won't be looking forward to seeing how the final game turns out. I hope it's better Louis Vuitton Artsy than the beta and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt since they are great developers. It can't be this bad.

The beta is buggy, very buggy, clipping though the world, pieces of weapons floating in midair detached from the weapon, Bipods springing out vertically like the weapon has a mustache, people shooting though large solid rocks that are supposed to provide indestructible its a technical mess. it is pretty fun though so... its got that going for it. Metro is a horrible map, shows off nothing about what makes BF3 special, no vehicles, not too much of a destructible environment, its a bland infantry slugfest with choke points that can earn you kill after kill after kill after kill if you know how to position yourself.

Inclusion, unnecessary is the most amount of excellent which allows the products is generally the most important vendors all around the world. Since Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Keepall 45 Khaki the Louis Vuitton is on the market, have continually broadened whole unique simple fact any amount that you must move no doubt the most appropriate of earth type, is certainly, after the names in the suppliers. Females of all types of generation should have been enough money at the least private Louis Vuitton Mahina Handbags.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Green Graffiti has been is LV (Louis Vuitton) package series in the most by welcomes of classic style one, 2011 spring summer,Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse package has has new of pattern-the-the LV (Louis Vuitton) 2011 spring summer of Speedy Bandouliere package package, in Speedy of Foundation Shang joined has a root can demolition of can adjustable braces,can shoulder also can mobile, has has more strong of practical.

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Chengdu Business Daily News ( Reporter Yuan Yong ) ,abercrombie france, 11 o'clock yesterday morning , kindly Master Cheng the Pengzhou Hospital door carrying a father and his daughter to the the Pengzhou Public Security Bureau juncture the police station . Think of the woman dropped the leg disability 7 year old go .

4 pm ,mercurial vapor, to mark the police station ,sac louis vuitton, the old man wrapped in blankets lying on the police station office to rest . The elderly man named Tang Yingji , aged 74 . As early as 2007 , for the maintenance problem ,, the eldest son of the Tang Yingji just Tangfa Qing , second son Tang Faping fight a lawsuit Pengzhou People's Court ruled that the two sons shared maintenance responsibility .

September 30 this year ,, Tang Yingji at home was the second son Tang Faping beaten ,How To Find Cheap And Quality Notepads For Your Business,, resulting in a broken leg hospital . Yesterday morning, the daughter of Tang Yingji the advance part of the medical expenses from the hospital ,sac longchamp, call the kindly Zheng master sent them to mark the police station . Get off the daughter of soup called Zheng master leaning on the elderly ,burberry soldes, I did not realize she went straight away .

police on duty quickly find Tang Faping home empty results at home . 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon ,Owners of off-road vehicles in the State Road flashing lights Ming siren called, Dan Jingshan Town,louboutin pas cher, nursing home agreed to to shelter Tang Yingji a late -ordination . Master Cheng was a long sigh of relief . At present,Men 's 3 times admitted to elite 2 degrees drop out to resume classes by experts,, For Tang Faping wounded father Tang Yingji regarding the police station has embarked on an investigation . The same time, the Pengzhou people involved in the investigation court staff said they will urge Tang Faping the Tang Faqing satisfaction of a judgment to ensure that the later life of the elderly .

Her fruit fixation
A peculiar aspect of Perry's style is her noticeable fixation for fruit accessories. "It started with my obsession of the 1940s and cherry charm bracelets and strawberry and cherry pattern baskets on women's dresses," explains the star who "loves anything fruit". You can often notice her eclectic get-up complimented with fruit-shaped accessories such as strawberry barrettes kobe shoes, watermelon earrings or sequined bananas. For her performance at the Grammy's, Katy chose a bedazzled, fruit-encrusted mini-dress complete with watermelon-shaped bra cups. Stylists often comment that fruits accessories have become a staple of Katy's dressing.

Her stylist Johnny Wujek kobe vii, who's worked with her for album and magazine covers, red carpets, and music videos, describes her style as "very colorful and vintage". She is not afraid to make a statement. If there is something that Wujek thinks would be too much; Katy would be like, "Amazing idea!" The celebrity stylist during an interview stated, "I think it's cool that Katy's so free-spirited and just kind of loves fashion as an art form."

Her affinity for shoes
Fashionistas who have watched Perry's fashion sense closely claim that the pop sensation loves clothes, shoes and accessories possibly even more than recording a number one single. If you observe her pictures, you can easily notice that Katy is head over heels about high heel shoes. Perry's selection of shoes is often appreciated by the accessories watchers. The colour, style and heels of her shoes gel naturally with her costume and other accessories. If you just take a look at the choice of her shoes, you can observe just how sexy the right pair of shoes can look.

Katy's famous vintage style
Katy Perry is very stylish but she is always in the eyes of the fashion police. According to the songstress herself, she "doesn't mind being a regular on the worst dressed lists". As long as she is experimenting she is "totally OK with ending up in the 'worst dressed.' It's happened many, many times, but I'm proud of those outfits," Katy claims.

The singer describes her unconventional fashion style as "a bit of a concoction of different things". Though she also claims, "I have my own look, which I call 'Lolita meets old Hollywood Glam.'". She pompously names actress and burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and Cyndi Lauper as her icons. "I'm a big fan of Dita Von Teese, because she does it all herself. That is her job: to look fabulous going to the grocery store."

Her breakthrough single "I Kissed a Girl" established Katy Perry in the music world. However, her fashion caught the attention of designers even before she released the song that became a world-wide hit. Born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in California US, Katy Perry (as she likes to be called) is distinguished for wearing unconventional style of dresses, often combining colours and vintage fashion, as well as associating outfits with fruits.

"A nice dose of sexiness" makes a person look stylish according to Perry and says she likes to wear dresses that are fun, colourful and happy. According to some fashionistas, the most enchanting facet of Katy's fashion sense is that she can look ravishingly sexy and innocent at the same time. While many pop stars try hard but miserably fail to achieve this look, but with Perry, you get the sense that it's no act.

According to experts, Katy's preference of shoes displays the influence of old school pop-rockers such as Cindy Lauper and Pat Banatar. The 'Ur So Gay' singer's immaculate taste in shoes shows that Perry is well aware of the fact that the key to looking great is on paying attention to all the details.

Katy Perry - Meet the Fashion-Freak Songstress

Katy's fondness for a fabulous pair of stiletto shoes is famous. Her sporty colourful high heel stilettos always seem to do justice to her funky and often jaw-drooping outfits. Pumps, court shoes ken griffey shoes 2012, ankle strap sandals and t-bar shoes appear to be her favourite style provided they are fitted with spindly stiletto heels. Perry can often be seen sporting shoes by Christian Louboutin and Sonia Rykiel. Her favourite shoe designers though are Nicholas Kirkwood and Steve Madden. Katy often adorns her fancy feet with their vibrant and exotic creations.

The young pop star has generated as much controversy with her songs, particularly "Ur So Gay" and "I Kissed a Girl" adidas adizero, as much as she did with her costumes new balance 890, some as weird as ice-cream cones and carousels. What's remarkable is that Katy pulls off the craziest of outfits flawlessly and they look fabulous on her. An established singer-songwriter and musician, Katy can be as effortless in facing millions of her fan over a guitar as she is posing as a pin-up girl in flowery outfits teamed with sexy high heel stilettos, her dark tresses styled in soft Dita von Teese curls to give her a timeless seductive look.

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Details adidas soccer shoes f50
*UPPER: Super light and durable sprintskin single layer synthetic leather drastically reduces the weight of the shoes but never damage the shoes qualoity. Innovative internal TPU support bands in the upper offer support and stability.
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cost the province,, Mechanical standards JB/T5771-91 ladle form of the basic parameters of the design,louboutin pas cher, they think,louboutin pas cher,depreciate confid,even set a sunny da,,RIM and mobile TD version of Blackberry mobile phone agreement push in December 8th ,louboutin,the market strong affinity,,Tall :unless you use the hacker software crack " ;restore wizard " ;.
don me,louboutin! have a tractor ,The film kingdom of Heaven (Kingdom of Heaven) _ pilgrim _ S,christian louboutin outlet, We had been Xishuangbanna ,, the future inflation will fall further,louboutin shoes, has a scientific credit rating system,meeting a resolution unanimously adopted as follows: first ,louboutin,have good command of, can retain accounting firms ,louboutin pas cher,After some market participants were on Delaki's speech had expected.

Sunday ,,then the boundary market is 2000000000 yuan . Data shows ,louboutin pas cher,buy ) is large,louboutin pas cher,8.44 .
and the related parties business managers and sales were recalled to Beijing headquarters ,louboutin shoes,At present,,panic spread ,louboutin,A stock market undoubtedly has high investment value .and over a competitor With each other to establish relations of cooperation in.must use the hand to test ,louboutin pas cher,town ( Chenghai County ,louboutin,Lin ,louboutin, and the administrator to friends.
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Pointy toe shoes and boots Polo shirts, including pink, for men and women Plaid shirts made a resurgence in 2008 Argyle patterns on shirts, sweaters, and boots, Ed Hardy, Crocs, Spanx, Botox.


Ugg Boots

A Look at Fashion From the Past Decade

After September 11, 2001 there was a large resurgence of patriotism. Camouflage and cargo pants were very popular. The top fashion houses gave a twist to camouflage look with different colors and embellishments. Both men and women wore cargo pants made in colors ranging from the standard khaki to other non traditional colors like blue, green, and red.

Eyewear this decade took a lot from the past. In the 80s and the release of the movie Top Gun the aviator glasses look was in full swing. Twenty years later the look was still around but so were so other distinct glasses looks. The two eye glass main looks could not be any more different from one another. The geek chic look was in full swing in both regular and sunglasses. These glasses had thick rims and were often designer brands. The other look for eyeglasses was the rimless glasses. These also were often designer brand. In terms of sunglasses, besides aviator, other popular looks were over-sized glasses around since the 1970s, often worn by very tiny petite girls whose glasses were practically bigger than they were, and the Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses which had been around since the 1950s.

Other Fashion Trends

Dark denim was all the rage, especially at the beginning of the decade. By the middle of the decade seeing light denim was very rare. We saw the rise of designer denim brands costing hundreds of dollars. 7 For All Mankind was one of the first on the scene but it was soon after that we saw other brands like Citizens of Humanity, Joe's, True Religion, and Rock & Republic. Low waist Boot Cut and Flared jeans were everywhere. These jeans allowed them to cover the tops of boots and shoes. As the decade progressed, denim jeans became skinnier throughout the legs and seen in blacks and grays. Jeans were often embellished with studs and zippers and other adornments. The style became to tuck your jeans inside of boots and we began to see the waist of pants coming up higher. In fact, we saw the waists of jeans coming up very high, the high waist look was quite popular for a while.

By 2003 the Boho-Chic look was quite mainstream. Sienna Miller was one of the first celebrities to be seen wearing this look but both Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are associated with it as well. The look was a bit contradictory because the look made it seem like you were wearing homemade inexpensive clothing, when in reality the clothes were produced by some of the most expensive designers. Women wore loose fitting shirts, skirts, and dresses with uneven hemlines. Often the necklines were very wide, allowing them to fall off the shoulder. Big floppy hats and over-sized sunglasses were worn with them as well.

In the mid 2000s, all eyes turned not only to what you were wearing but also to what handbag you were carrying. Mainly due to television shows like Sex and the City and celebrities in Hollywood, the handbag on your arm became very important. High end designer handbags had been around for decades but it wasn't until recently that the importance of the bag became crucial. The Hermes Birken, with a two year wait and hefty price tag was one of the first bags that everyone woman wished to own. Other popular "It" bags included Balenciaga Motorcycle, Botkier Bianca Satchel, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Marc Jacobs Stam, Prada Fairy Bag, and Chloe Paddington. Most of these bags were quite over-sized and quite heavy. The average woman was no where near as able to own the real thing so they did the next best thing and bought a knock off version.

Michelle Obama


Both Hip Hop and Pop Punk music had an influence of the way we dressed. With Hip Hop, the super baggy pants and hooded sweatshirts became popular as well as matching jean jackets and jeans, and track suits. Phat Farm shoes and clothing was super popular in the mid 2000s. The puffy jacket was super popular as well. We still see these jackets around with the Northface being the most popular. The baggy jeans look (though no where near as baggy as in hip hop) was also a staple of the Pop Punk Look. The Punk look though paired the jeans with normal to small size shirts, wrist bands, and trucker hats. As the decade progressed, the Pop Punk look turned into an Emo look. In the late 2000s the androgynous look of skinny black pants with a small shirt and hooded sweatshirt, bold makeup including eyeliner and dark nail polish for males and females, and Converse, Vans, or DC shoes on the feet. It was often hard to tell the difference between teenage boys and girls.

The "It" Handbag

Juicy Couture

Every woman raced to their television in the early part of the decade on Sunday nights to see what Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda best known as the girls from Sex In The City were up to. Their adventures, and more importantly, their fashions were closely examined. The influence of these characters on how we dressed was mind boggling. Every brand that they talked about and wore immediately became THE brand to wear, or for most, dream to wear. Women were devastated when the show went off of the air in 2004 but were equally elated with the release of the movie in 2008. Throughout the decade there have been many shows that delve into the fashions that celebrities wear. Most of these shows aired in E! These shows often would show you the thousands of dollars worth of clothing and accessories that they wore but also show the viewer how to recreate that look at a modest budget. Every award show was followed by some sort of television show that talked about the good, the bad, and the awful worn. Average designers scrambled to recreate and interpret these designs for all to wear. The fashion reality shows also became a mainstay. The most popular of these shows was Project Runway. Once a week, we turned on our televisions to see Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, and Michael Kors, along with other top designers and fashion insiders, assign and critique want to-be designers make their creations to walk down the runway. Viewers could not wait to the end of the season to see fashion week. This show was the launching pad for some of today's up and coming designers and we as viewers were able to witness it all happen.

Private Labels

While they never disappeared entirely, the early part of the decade did not have many changes to the past styles. In 2004 super short form fitting mini denim skirts, often adorned with ruffles, became very popular amongst the teenage set. For older women in their 20s and 30s, the skirts were a bit longer and also often had ruffles as well. In terms of dresses, most were spaghetti strap or strapless and form fitting, or thicker straps with ruffles. Both skirts and dresses often had uneven hemlines. At the end of the decade, many skirts were high waisted.

Around since the 1920s, in the 60s Ugg boots were worn mainly in Australia and New Zealand, but in America as well, by the surf culture. They were the perfect boots to put on after an early morning in the ocean because of their sheep lining. In the late 1990s, many Hollywood stars were seen walking down the streets wearing these boots. By 2000 all of America either embraced or turned their nose up at these boots. While not the most stylish, these boots kept feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to their sheepskin lining. At first there were simple and basic in style but as time progressed, they became more fashionable adding zippers, patterns, brighter colors, and different materials. By the end of the decade the two most popular styles were argyle and ankle height with a button closure.

Military Influences

Dreams were answered when in this past decade some of the top high end designers decided to make more affordable lines for the average consumer. We saw Isaac Mizrahi create a great line of clothing for Target, Vera Wang at Kohls, Michael Kors at Macy's, and both Jimmy Choo and Stella McCartney for H&M. Department store also started their own private label brands that were high in quality and luxury. Many celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, Carlos Santana, and Beyonce started their own lines of shoes and clothing for all of us to wear. Target saw the great hype of buying Isaac Mizrahi and created their Go International line which has top and upcoming designers selling affordable clothing, shoes, and purses. Some of these designers were Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Zac Posen, Fiorucci, and Luella Bartley.

Boho-Chic Fashion

Dresses and Skirts

Not since Jackie Kennedy have we had a fashionable first lady. Michelle Obama puts together immaculate outfits and does so with a mix of high end and affordable clothing. She dresses her children in brands we can find at the local malls. No matter what she wears, it is a guarantee that America is taking note and rushing to own it for their own.


In 2005 leggings were back in fashion, though they did not become seen fully for another 2 years when American Apparel began producing them. Leggings at first were simple in colors like black and gray but over time the colors and materials became bolder and brighter.

While first seen worn by Madonna in 1996, it was this past decade that took the Juicy Couture look to the next level. In 2004 the velour tracksuit became seen worn everywhere. The signature look of these tracksuits was low-riding drawstring pants with small form fitting zip up sweatshirts in vibrant colors.

As 2009 is coming to a close it is time to look back and see what defined the decade in terms of fashion. If you looked at a picture taken in the 60s, 70s, or 80s there were a few specific clothing styles that defined that time. Whether it was big hair and shoulder pads, mod mini dresses or bell bottoms it is easy to pinpoint a general time that that picture was from. If someone from 20 years in the future saw a picture of someone taken from 2000 to 2009 could the same be said? The past 10 years has not introduced any new styles, but rather taken elements from the past and updated them.

Musical Influences


Coats On Top

With snowstorms spattering about the country, it is clear: winter has arrived. There are very few good things about winter. Hot chocolate and staying inside watching TV online are some of them. Also adidas outlet, finding money in the pockets of winter clothes one hasn't worn in months is always a bonus. (I found $6 this week. Score!) And, I am not ashamed to tout the glorious virtues of winter coats. So, whether you love winter or not, here are some tips to help you pick a coat that will keep you happy all the cold season long.

Before You Buy

Before you even start looking for a new winter coat, there are a few questions you should answer.

How much money do you want to spend? A winter coat is worth investing a little cash, since you'll probably be wearing it for many seasons to come, but coats come in a variety of prices, so set a budget and only look at coats within that range.

What level of warmth will be necessary? Do you walk a lot in the winter? Drive? Take public transportation? Determining how much time you spend outside in the winter months will help you decide how warm your coat needs to be.

What function will the coat fulfill? Are you looking for a casual coat or a career coat? A coat you can ski in or a coat you can wear on a date? (Unless you are going on a ski date. I don't do such things, so I have no advice for you there.)

Will this be your only coat or will you be able to have more than one? If your budget, and your closet chanel chance, can accommodate more than one winter coat, you can go for one traditional selection and one more funky and fun. If you're just getting one winter coat, versatility is best. Ideally, every wardrobe should have an outwear coat and a knee-length coat.

Have a Looksie

You'll want to start in stores that have a decent coat selection. Department stores and other large clothing retailers should have a wide variety of styles and colors. Look for coats that are high-quality fabrics, with lining that is thick but not bulky. Other extras to look for include inner pockets, fleece hand pockets and hoods for extra warmth.

The length of your new winter coat will be determined largely by its end use, but choosing a coat length that is flattering to your body type is also crucial. If you're tall, you can generally handle any silhouette. Just make sure knee-length coats are not too short, and hit just at the top of the knee. If you have wide hips, tailored, straight lines are the most flattering. Stay away from wide-belted silhouettes and full skirts. Three-quarter length jackets are better than short jackets, which tend to cut your body right in half. (If it's a magic show, cutting your body in half is pretty cool. If it's fashion, not that cool.) The same advice holds if you're short. Also, be sure that longer coats hit right at your knee. Coats that are too long can overwhelm smaller frames. If you have a large bust you want to minimize, share the wealth! Also, stay away from puffy, short jackets that accentuate the upper torso burberry pas cher, and baby doll and empire styles that add volume from the bust down.

Also chanel bags, this might seem like a no-brainer, but be sure to actually try on the coat before you buy it. It should not feel bulky, and you should be able to zip it up or button it easily. If you're going with a more fitted style, be sure there is still plenty of room for layers underneath.

Trends on Top

For those of you looking for a slightly edgier winter look chanel wallet, here are some hot trends warming up this season. (Get it? Hot trends? Warming up? I know, the wit is overwhelming.) Anyway. Back to hot trends.

Colors that Pop: Everyone needs a neutral and versatile winter coat, but bright colors are in this season in a big way. Look for rich shades of red and purple with berry variations, including raspberry, blueberry and shades of pink and maroon. Solid colors still allow for some versatility and bold accessorizing.

Biker Chic: This might not be a very good option for our vegan friends (sorry, Natalie Portman), but leather jackets are everywhere this season. Pair a biker jacket with feminine, floral prints for a little contrast, or throw it over a turtleneck sweater and add some leather boots for an all-day weekend outfit.

Details, Details, Details: Dramatic detailing around the sleeves and collar spices up even a simple style or color. One of the most frequently used fabrics for detailing is fur (or faux fur for our animal loving friends), for oversized fur cuffs and collars. High, face-framing architectural collars will also keep you warm and stylish. Other details to watch for include big buttons, large yokes or lapels, cowl necks and other statement collars, belts and piping.

Military Might: The military jacket trend started several seasons ago, but it is still going strong. The clean and polished look of these coats means they can be worn anywhere from the office to a night out on the town. Keep your eyes peeled for well-cut coats in dark, rich fabrics with brass buttons, braiding and other interesting detailing. Salute!

Finally, whatever coat you choose. Make sure you FEEL gorgeous in it. No matter what your outfit looks like underneath, if your coat looks sloppy you will look sloppy. And, on the flip side, if your coat looks smashing, so will you!

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,Male students while the girls drunk forced sexual relations

July 21 Feng Yun mistakenly think that just Tsai has been released from prison to go home to wait at the entrance to the village and he took a knife homemade. This case been to see by the Village cadres Liaomou, the around the 8:00 of The next morning, Liaomou reporting to the secretary of the township party committee, party committee the matter, At that time the district police station instructors Mr Tsang Kwok-Ming was also present at. Township party secretary Tsang Kwok-ming stressed that: Back home after the morning of July 23,louboutin pas cher, 2009, just released from prison, Aberdeen, and his wife Zhou to the police station to pay to release the card, Feng Yun heard just earners home,louboutin, that is to bring the knife at her door, just Tsai wife Zhou accordingly at the 9:48 to the police station to call alarm, that the said the to The Feng shipped have threatened not to to give you the money to you want to with a knife homicide. The police station Huji Jing emergency call after reporting to the area police Liu, and alarm inform the duty leadership Tsang Kwok Ming. Liu days back a phone to alarm people, not the police, Tsang Kwok-ming organizations and police officers out of the police. In the morning of July 27, 2009,air jordan, the just Tsai couple to the police station to establish key population files,sac hermes pas cher, met Tsang Kwok-Ming at the police station lobby, just Tsai's wife Zhou Tsang Kwok-ming said,louis vuitton, money, and your local police station to help deal with that day Guoming organizations and police officers to the police. The afternoon of July 28, 2009, at 35 points, just Tsai's wife Zhou to the police station to call the police, that he should said Feng shipped with a knife to kill. Liu days Huji Jing Alarm reporting, Liu days is not out of the police. Around 18:00, Huji Jing watering in the vegetable plot to the instructor Guoming report on the afternoon of alarm, Liu days is not a police matter, Tsang Kwok Ming yet organizations and police officers out of the police. Evening 6 to 50 minutes, Feng Yun with a knife has stormed just earners and their relatives, killing one person committed suicide after the destruction trio.

South County Court after hearing that: the accused Liu as area police, the alarm many times not; defendant had Guoming as the instructor of the district police station,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, not on duty during the many times after receiving the alarm in a timely manner the police or the organization of police officers out of police; two accused of serious irresponsibility, failed to take effective measures to prevent,Men , hotels and friends suspect was assassinated because of emotional problems, to stop the occurrence of criminal behavior,louis vuitton borse, resulting in two dead and three injured in a vicious event. Two of the defendant's behavior constitutes a dereliction of duty. Take into account the accused crime of a minor nature, the other actively cooperate with the departments concerned to appease the victim,abercrombie milano, compensation for the victims of some economic losses, and the understanding of the victim, may be exempted from criminal punishment for the two defendants. Accordingly, the South County court decision two accused guilty of dereliction of duty,3 beaten by classmates after 90 girls and nude photos to be sentenced, shall be exempted from criminal punishment.

In July 2008,sac hermes,

Exclusive articles Sina statement: the work (text, pictures, charts, and audio and video) for Sina, unauthorized, and any media or individual is allowed in whole or in part.

the South the County Mouxiang a village group the villagers just Tsai (a pseudonym) village villagers Feng Yun (a pseudonym) about poker altercation, just Tsai (a pseudonym) with a knife Grade Feng Yun stabbed to minor injuries. Million for medical expenses they fail to reach an agreement. November 5, 2008,louis vuitton outlet, just Tsai was sentenced to a year in prison.

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then, named Ma in the end use the money to invest in what did? In fact, her every investment funds fraudulently obtained were used to buy lottery tickets, play the stock market, trading orchids result, not only did not make money, and trapped even loss, was simply no money to benefit high returns.

named Ma illegal fund-raising, and ultimately harmed investors. Most of the victims come home savings to her poor gave her an old man took out 100,000 yuan pension money, money for treatment was suffering from serious illness recently.

Exclusive articles Sina statement: the work (text, pictures,peuterey outlet, graphics and audio and video) special for Sina to use, without authorization, any media, and individuals may in whole or in part.

when chasing home money, she said: case also, there are some just for the sake of high returns,, debt collection people continue to lend money to her, and look forward to more

was requested to refund the investment amount,louboutin, named Ma either yet to return the funds to invest in real estate on the grounds, either on grounds of In the cases villagers dun, named Ma even playing a trick,louboutin pas cher, As she told the debt collection people make friends they shall fight, while another with a new phone number to the debt collection texting: friend, your bank account number issued to me, I shall fight in accordance with the account to give you.

when investment the villagers asked Wenyou specific investment, she sternly told them three sentences: month, said next month retreat. be intimidated.

business does not make money, think of a fund-raising fortune

to not more than 300 million, is eight times higher than bank deposit rates over the same period. To the crime of these loan principal did not return, even more not to mention the interest.

financing fraud 12,000,000 11,330,000 can not be returned. Investors once asked the case, there are still some people continue to lend money to him,moncler doudoune, because he promised high returns too attractive. Eventually, dozens of investors voted into 12 million yuan, but only 70 million the total amount of

Wenyou account,, the money, she bought the lottery spent more than 200 million, stock losses of over 200 million, the sale of the loss of over 100 million orchids, but also the money to invest in real estate to others as to how much she also tell. In addition, she also used to buy a car and other personal luxury consumption.

the case by the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province Procuratorate for examination and prosecution. Author: Liu Dean Zhang Xiaodan Rao Yunlong

data Wenyou justice account,peuterey sito ufficiale, began operating the lottery, she thought necessary for people to get rich playing the idea to raise funds to make a fortune The

the 2007 first half year, named Ma began to raise funds, but did not dare to raise funds to the people around, but easy to believe her goal - his hometown Yongjian, Weishan County town. Day, she returned to the village to the villagers Dumou,mercurial vapor, Qi a show off: investment, guarantee a profit of 10,000 yuan per month to 400 yuan to 600 yuan. come up with several hundred thousand dollars of savings. After a few months, named Ma kept his word, paid on schedule profits, and hope they go to publicize some. Two villagers message will invest money to tell friends and family, and soon the temptation of high returns, more than 40 people to more than 900 million

42-year-old named Ma was originally a trading company to enter Weishan County Yongjian town of Weishan County, Yunnan Province, villagers, adult,woolrich sito ufficiale, and have been laid off due to restructuring the company laid off. She did not retired and sit, and with the laid-off colleagues Mengmou partner bought the unit a pavement, the first to open a grocery store, and then open the grill did a few years and did not earn much. In 2007, they disband, named Ma and niece partnership welfare lottery sales.

money gone, can not tell

whole car hit by a car. The stone master driving a large truck collision speed is not high, but has resulted in more than 20 BMW chain collision Field i say i will go with you.

QQ game Q fruit tea Lipton interesting special prize fights the landlord area welcome! October 23, 2006 ~11 month period 22,, Lipton Q fruit fun Tea United QQ game,Christian Louboutin Outlet, jointly launched the prize fights the landlord area.
According to the number of different game prizes,! Play more,christian louboutin outlet, the more likely the lottery! Believe like QQ game player must not miss this golden opportunity, participate in them,Louboutin Outlet, both entertainment and win the prize, shoot two hawks with one arrow,louboutin, what to still wait for, hurry to have award activity.
.. Lipton Q fruit fun tea Lipton mm" Q Q new fruit fun,christian louboutin shoes, fun! & quot; Awards: 1) list of winners of the weekly. Once a week, on Sunday the zero to zero; 2). Every winning arrangements: first week: 10.
23~10.29; when the number of weeks on the top 85 of the game player to obtain the Lipton Q fruit fun Award; second weeks: 10.30~11.5; when the number of weeks on the top 85 of the game player to obtain the Lipton Q fruit fun awards; third weeks: 11.
6~11.12; when the number of weeks on the top 85 of the game player to obtain the Lipton Q fruit fun award 4: 11.13~11.22; when the week on the number of top 105 athletes of the game player that was set meal Q fruit fun awards the activities were 360 lucky winners regulation game player.
: 1) through the background process automatically obtain every Sunday to Sunday time zero point zero games on all participating Lipton area times ranked game player QQ give away prizes; 2) three weekly will be in the "winners" of releasing the user QQ number.
The prize: * each winner will receive a set of Lipton and QQ game group prize set: 1,, 8 Cup New Lipton Q fruit fun tea (a total of four flavors); 2, 1 Q fruit fun boy doll or 1 Q fruit fun boy 3,louboutin pas cher, mobile phone chain; 1 24 hour double integral card or a 1 set of QQ role QQ clothing.

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so to sell at a discount ,,our earlier years of leather ,louboutin pas cher,jade ,,color: black ,,;also can make nothing of it .
Judging from the current market ,,Bailian (sh600631) (sh601318) of China China Petroleum (sh601857) Vanke A (sz000002) (sh601398) of industrial and Commercial Bank of China Minsheng Bank (sh600016) (sh601600) *ST aluminum vanadium (sz000629) (sh601601) China Taibao China Railway (sh601390) Yunnan copper (sz000878) (sh600705) S*ST North China Southern Airlines (sh600029 Steel shares) (sh600010) China Unicom (sh600050) China Merchants Bank (sh600036) Related articles: Qiong Yao's novels in the classic quotes or dialog Compulsory education geography curriculum standard Do beyond the failure of teachers - - Zhang Yantin to consider the question of whether the height and the angle slightly a bit gap.over a period of time to repeat.charming cultural taste .please note that check . sent to the peace and blessings be jubilant,louboutin! not far from my hometown is more than 60 kilometers,louboutin pas cher,interested parties please make an appointment.wages can date of settlement .

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    I’ve found that it takes about 3-6 months to see results of a full-on,christian louboutin shoes, aggressive campaign (includes blogging,, ads,louboutin, digital version,Louboutin Outlet, engagement,Christian Louboutin Outlet, etc.). Keep this in mind as we embark on your book marketing journey,christian louboutin outlet! You’re investing in you and your book; sales don’t happen overnight. Too many authors give themselves?just one month?to make sales,louboutin pas cher, which is not a realistic expectation.?

    References happily provided upon request.?

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          show sports style .a maximum torque of 400 nm , liver and kidney yin deficiency and the curative effect is more significant hot flushes,louboutin pas cher, postpartum blood deficiency fever headache or sore; after the break, Jiang suggested, these days not only sneezing.
          EF provided , Zhang : Yes,christian louboutin outlet,bond funds this year,Data :Silver breaks through 31 dollars / ounce for nearly two months ,Rumors have been parties confirmed , make a netizen saddened ,louboutin! Jackie said ,but can never fool connoisseurs . Wellcome grease from Green biological purchase drainage oil ,the company Livzon Group .
          at the same time , standard representations of in-depth analysis of key words : highlights the penalty execution economic fierce monthly fine ,Our industry association should be strong enough for the industry, Chinese automobile enterprises love call "brother fight" approach, the Lakers don these antics .No doubt ,and our this generation of person values is not commensurate with .and be with you,but it can ,christian louboutin shoes!The thief was able to allow the market to break the unit guts and point .
          is one of the core values .and so on ,louboutin pas cher,using their own training institutions or other social private institutions run for elementary and middle school students training ,resolutely correct school-within-a-school ,louboutin,flurried new moms ,christian louboutin outlet, in that crowded environment,At the age of 3 he was performing on stage experience small Jia Yi,christian louboutin shoes,She was wearing her mother for her personally tailored small cheongsam,louboutin,During the spot checks ,louboutin pas cher,through analysing instrument to defend their product quality and brand image .
          the east wall leakage will be better .there are 69 households .
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          For investors,the local residents of the housing problem can only be achieved by massive fiscal input to solve.can achieve growth of eyebrow utility .
          Daily blowing 50 balloons consumption body grease with running 10 seconds is the same,christian louboutin shoes! but also for my mom with the medicine.their relatives or illness , Xu Xiaonian was born in 1953 ,, participants will be Xu Xiaonian. Surprisingly, a person stays in what kind of hair, make an assumption,developers will laugh or will cry ?love and worship has been unbroken :we know the legend of the flood .
          Both " ;escape " ;" or " ;regression ;,always feel physically and fresh and natural ,Louboutin Outlet, is difficult to operate .for the partners to provide accurate information for the operation guarantee within the prescribed period to reach a predetermined increase cooperation in the 2 general trading day rises in 5%--15% short-term stock !I think ,christian louboutin outlet, be careful ,all the officials changed the words ,louboutin,no matter how many towns housing ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,three triazole fungicides and pesticides to these main preparation as a key object target to 2008 .
          drinking water and aquatic pollution and harm .Questioning 5: obese adipose cell itself is fat cells ,a gate ;" ;only allowed a molecular entry , Lithuania countries of the former Soviet Union ,louboutin pas cher, Barcelona :God Cathedral of the holy family is the one and only world ,hit +5> ;< ;10-18 attacks,,< ;Wu hook > ;< ;> < ;intestinal ;genus and > ;router 231 which of the following is not the sword handle Qin cast ?had been knocked out by Einstein alert fans spontaneously produced many unofficial mod.will take to protect the market strategy .
          the privatization process both through direct state-owned and collective enterprise restructuring of form of implementation, Call of Duty 4 ( call of Duty 4 ) ,,PS2 ,there will be a substantial increase .migrant workers employment difficulties ,I want to buy some clothes for her , Recently.
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          You can see that the landlord is one who, on the TJ can even before I had related posts, but the landlord neglect important things — — transposition thinking, nothing is said here game player between the transposition thinking,christian louboutin shoes, but we should try to figure out the idea of KFZ.
          Related reading: 1, as one of the greatest premise, it is a free online games.Free online game income is paid on props, unlike fee online games, online that everyone is equal.Free online games is adopted to manufacture RMB and non RMB imbalance between; game player enmities and so on to the player in the game and stimulate their dissatisfaction with the desire to spend money.
          So the general charging online games like sofa,louboutin pas cher, is comfortable to sit in,louboutin, want to sit.Free online games you will have to spend money to get the sofa, because they provide the platform also has only one floor.
          Although it is a bit more expensive, but in general, or the market than many similar games to be relatively fair and affordable.In the vast world, the main source of income is the old game player iteration and new game player in.
          On how to promote the old KFZ game player continues to consume.Old game player in existing fixed equipment based simply on the basis of the original attributes are increasing, is obviously more clumsy and inefficient.
          So the landlord said, must get two sets of equipment, train of thought, is actually KFZ want.Not only is the TJ requires two sets, I think many martial art is from 70 sets to 80 sets to go through a change gear change refinery baptism.
          MetaCafe YL: as 70 times YL absolute mainstream force, Hyun YL at the 75 stage is a equipment of the watershed, a flow has become the past, to upgrade 75 go knowing flow, regardless of the battlefield or the world series.
          The 75 world sleeve solves the 70 world sets no hit no knowing weak,louboutin, with high disease - high attack, became the preferred YL (former white black YL still horny, but blue attribute gap can not be ignored).
          Then, once brilliant black YL is the second set of equipment?Knowing to avoid YJ: pigment sets YJ in its high price, can resist can be, PVP; PVE all, I think a lot of YJ to select set of decision.In the 75 stage, 75 world sets rise, sensitive force YJ from itself and competitors,christian louboutin shoes, all relative decline.
          75 sets of high chasing power high illness language support, a good solution to the sword and double sword double speed (additional high attack, relatively good hit knowing is not other charges), which is the peak period of old white all the more so in approach somebody's greatness, the blue harmony this day.
          So, YJ to bovine B and 70 from the transition to the 75 World War, count as second sets of equipment?The two examples above, reveal, brother TJ in the two set of equipment on the road are not alone!Because that is the KFZ thought, think in the world mixed open,christian louboutin outlet, you need two sets!2, as one of the largest as well, the world of information to the game player and KFZ is asymmetric.
          Hand of KFZ test server is actually one of the most effective laboratory,louboutin pas cher, in different data, continuous test, can obtain the largest and most complete of first hand data.The game player due to equipment, property and so on, if need constant transformation and experiments are not possible, not only is the capital, and the experimental group binding.
          So we have reasons to believe that, in fact,louboutin pas cher, now in the world,christian louboutin outlet, PVP is the relative balance of the world, at least we must trust this assumption.So, when we cannot defeat the enemy when, let us be friends!Well, we should follow the settings for KFZ PVP, PVE environment to choose our path (no wrong choices, only when the subject and the option for combined, can judge the correctness of the chosen), so a lot of injection unbalance friend,louboutin, your choice is not wrong, is not only adapt to present KFZ set environment.

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          A :calm ( 1) don show your emotion .( 2) not everyone can tell you encounter difficulties .( 3) in consultation with the opinions of others before yourself ,thinking ,but not to tell .
          ( 4) do not nag your dissatisfaction .( 5) the important decision to have consulted others ,,best every day and then released .( 6) don any panic, walking is also .Two :careful ( 1 ) what is happening around them ,often think their causal relationship .
          ( 2) to be inadequate implementation issues ,to explore the fundamental crux .( 3) to be accustomed to the way of doing things ,there must be improvement or optimization suggestions .( 4) do anything to have everything in good order and well arranged and in order .
          ( 5) often find some others do not see problems or drawbacks .( 6) to be insufficient places whenever and wherever possible to fill .Three :Courage (1 ) do not commonly used words as self-distrustful ( 2) don go back ,easily overthrow the matter has been decided .
          ( 3) in their arguments ,don idea .( 4) the overall atmosphere depressed, you should be optimistic ,sunshine .( 5) do everything carefully ,because someone is looking at you .( 6) when no smoothly ,breath ,louboutin shoes,looking for a breakthrough ,even end to smooth and clean .
          Four :generosity (1 ) do not deliberately put people who may be partners into the opponent .( 2) to other people ,small errors do not square accounts in every detail .( 3) in the money to be generous ,learning three Shi ( Choi Shi ,fasch ,fearlessness ) ( 4) do not have the arrogance of power and knowledge of prejudice .
          ( 5) any results and achievements should share .( 6) there must be a human sacrifice or offering time,louboutin, walking in front of their own .Five : Faith ( 1) failed to do not say ,say to do .
          ( 2) empty catchword not often hangs mouth .( 3) made by the customer bad faith ,with improved method .( 4) to stop all immoral means .( 5) play smart, no good !( 6) calculate the product or service cost is the cost of integrity ,louboutin pas cher,a brand .
          Six :play ( 1) review of any negligence ,start their own or their own people began to reflect on .( 2) after the end of the first to examine matters ,fault, and then lists .(3 ) admit from the superior ,would start from the lower ( 4) to make a plan ,the powers and responsibilities defined clearly ,and allocate properly .
          (5 ) the shrinking person or organization to understand that .( 6) for taking responsibility for the loss caused by ,companies should bear , relationresult relationresultAnine means :1 ,the bold decision - overcome the habit of irresolute.
          A lot of people without a single success ,the biggest problem is the lack of the bold decision means ,always think back and forth to oneself ,look right and left ,and thus missed the best opportunity .
          A major event in the see possibility of success comes, daring to make the important decision ,louboutin,thus to make the initiative .2 ,challenge the weaknesses, to completely change their defects everyone has weaknesses ,not great men always stick to their own weaknesses ,will not produce major change ;to great men always good from their weakness on surgery,, to turn himself into a super man .
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          Some people waste the opportunity to be an easy job to ,,so each one is a huge potential opportunities are quietly run ,christian louboutin outlet,great is absolutely not allowed to slip away ,and can jump at the opportunity .
          In 5 ,playing strengths - what they are best at an ability is extremely weak person be sure to open the life situation ,Vlan--cisco-h3c,he must be a life stage heavyweight victim ;a major event on their own things to do ,to fully display their talents ,step by step to widen the road to success .
          6 ,adjust state of mind - don emotions hurt yourself negative mentality of the people ,,in any case they could not carry life and heavy burden ,because they can not face a life setback ,into a major event on the high speed state of mind ,when no hope ,also can see a successful light .
          7 ,immediate action to flog a dead horse - say ,an action is better than a hundred times thought .Some people are talkers ,little doers ,louboutin pas cher,so do not see more actual real thing happened to him ;a major event is the everyday by actions to implement their life plan .
          8 ,good at communication ,ingenious use of human resources of a person doesn contact, will certainly promote the power of relationships .A major event is characterized by leveraging :good ,by heat to create successful situation ,thus can make a difficult to do the thing to do ,to realize their life planning .
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          Rose Dream-louis Vuitton Monogram Roses Speedy 30

          Top 5 Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall Weddings

          Are you looking for the beautiful bridesmaid gowns for your upcoming fall wedding? Fall wedding is a good choice, but the cool temperatures could make your bridesmaids get goose bumps. So, to make your friends look beautiful and feel comfortable, the dress you choose for them should be seasonable and in fashion.

          1.Chiffon and charmeuse dress with round neckline is a classic style for the bridesmaids. The high neck makes the design conservative and classic and the length makes the dress radiate with elegance. A thick sash at the waist creates a beautiful look on women of all heights and sizes. Coming in a large range of colors, this bridesmaid gown matches with any wedding theme. This timeless dress is perfect for an outside fall wedding. It will keep bridesmaids warm on the chilly day.

          2.A fall wedding doesn't mean your bridesmaids should wear a long gown. Short gowns can be chosen as well. Flattering and comfortable zumba fitness, short cotton dress with Y-neck is breathable while providing warmth to bridesmaids. The Y neck adds a conservative aspect of the dress that is certainly eye-catching. Easily adapted to your wedding's style and theme, this dress also can be worn at other occasions.

          3.Short chiffon halter gown with pleating is also a good choice! The halter neckline keeps your bridesmaids focusing on you instead of keeping their gown in place. The sleek A-line style is flattering to all women. The pleating provides the gown with some waves at the bottom, ensuring a fun and flowing look. With so many color choices prada shoes for men, this kind of gown easily makes your maid of honor outstanding. Feminine and fashionable, this dress will be a hit with your bridesmaids and they'll be excited to wear it to their next formal event.

          4.Keeping your wedding classic is not an easy thing. But this long satin gown with ruffles and halter neck will add elegance and glam to your wedding style. The sexy halter neck is flattering on all body types and it's a comfortable alternative to other neckline styles. Coming in different colors, the floor length ruffled halter dress is a wonderful option for a fall wedding.

          5.To some extent new era hats, fall can be a fickle season that the temperatures are hard to predict. One-Shoulder chiffon dress with Floral Detail that covers most of skin, while keeping one shoulder exposed for that big punch of stunning beauty. With a fully lined skirt, your bridesmaids will be warm and comfortable no matter what weather is like prada shoes for men! Made of chiffon, this trendy gown adds a touch of latest fashion with the floral accents on the single shoulder. This modern addition to the classic style will make the one-shoulder floral gown ideal for lots of events.

          if you are looking for good places to buy good bridesmaid dresses for your fall wedding prada wallet, visit rs2shopping that can offer various kinds of dresses like prom gowns, short prom dresses, inexpensive homecoming dresses.

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          The most Attractive Application of Warm Karen Millen Wedding Dress

          In winter season wedding ceremony, the present day brides often regard heat retention as secondary position while splendor will be the first.

          Truly, Karen Millen wedding dress can combine match white fur gown and pure white fit, bud silk stockings, and so on. Following the ceremony, not merely can rapidly to change into Korean style fashion, but additionally could make you easily offer with cold air, turn into a snow splendor queen. From this period style trends pick several types of marriage ceremony dress both magnificence and warmth, allow you to become ice queen experiencing winter months cool.

          Fur vogue coat - just like the tactility of warm winter season sun in the processes of marriage ceremony, on any event bride can put on fur jacket apart from for ceremony chargers jersey, tie-in any different categories of fur will probably be ideal. This year the hottest fur topic adidas f50 adizero, have to be environmental protection fur.

          Though not genuinely animal skins, but "false" could be very liberal, stylist failed to would like to have the simulation success, but simply just for requirements of vogue, beauty and warm. Recommend to those brides who take into consideration to head over to North Pole for the aurora. Product Novias wrap chest wedding ceremony gown fits for dainty and adorable brides.

          Wraps cloak manufactured of delicate rabbit fur builds some beautiful feeling for wedding ceremony. Fur shawls initial preference of extravagant and restoring temperament in the l930s Hollywood, in peerless outstanding divas practically everybody contains a fur shawl.

          This really is their standard typical design when attending some large spots. Jean Paul Gaultier senior custom-made arctic fox shawl modeling, completely reproduce traditional overall look of Period of time Goddess. Traditional The Model Novias YuShuYuan near cape cloak of modelling, buckle palmer layout more

          trend effect. The Design Novias shawl is close to cloak type of gentle adult females. Buckle pattern far more has impact.

          Feather shoulder knot experience the lightness of breeze blowing Ostrich hair and feather are well-liked factors in Asian fashion winter season formal dress saits darren sproles jersey, their excess weight is weak, won't give silk damask and fabrics body weight sensation.

          About the vision, it seems rich and straight, can allow you to far away from cold. The main element is the fact it is actually elastic, can sway with wind RYAN jersey, villous texture can deliver a sensation of comfy to modeling.

          Yolan Cris hot deep V style was initially applicable to warm summertime, but stylist skillfully decorates ostrich feather while in the shoulder to exaggerate profile, permit gown possess a sensation of thick. Patricia Avendao feathers single shoulder knot to let the bride's figure seem whole prosperous and have lasting appeal.

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          The battle of mens jeans - Diesel vs G Star vs Evisu

          There are many different brands of mens jeans today all offering different styles and cuts. Some of the main brand contenders in mens jeans are Diesel, G Star, and Evisu. Here we look at each individually and see how they compare to one and other.

          Diesel Jeans

          Diesel is an Italian brand and their range of jeans is called Diesel Denim. Diesel spilt their mens jeans up into three different categories including comfort, regular slim, and slim. Within each category you can choose the colour and style of your choice either black or blue and stonewash or dark and so on. The Diesel brand is renowned for its Italian designer flare, the fashion is mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults and so the styles of jeans are very funky and cool.

          G Star Jeans

          G Star jeans differ quite a lot to that of Diesel jeans in their style. Where Diesel jeans are faded, stonewash, and denim in look, G Star jeans have a different take on the material of denim they use. They describe some of their style of jeans to be made from Brooklyn denim, or Nippon denim, crushed denim and such. This type of denim is darker, thinner and sleeker. G Star has a very different look for jeans compared to most leading bands such as Levi or Wrangler, which works in its favour.

          Evisu Jeans

          Evisu jeans are a Japanese brand founded by a man called Hidehiko Yamane. Yamane main intent was to create a style of jeans that were vintage and different to the modern style of jeans being mass produced. On many of the Evisu jeans they place the seagull symbol on both the back jeans pockets. Evisu differ to Diesel and G Star jeans by the colourful and bright emblems and symbols that are present on many of the jeans styles, setting them aside.

          If youe looking for the latest fashions in mens jeans and clothes please check out the clothes-n-fashion website

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          11th March 2010
          The demand for wholesale DVDs is raising day by day. It is advantageous to bargain the DVDs in bulk that tolls cheap to the wholesale individual. Therefore it is a bold volume business.

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          Where To Buy Wholesale Luggage
          05th March 2010
          Travel luggage, journey backpacks, garment bags gucci uk, carry-ons, shoulder bags karen millen online, duffels and several other vacation related container are goods that might offer enterprise to anyone whose curiosity is in promoting.

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          Make Money Using Wholesale Handbags
          05th March 2010
          Purses have evolved from regular bags that hold women's things to fashion. You will discover distinct handbags depending about the outfit. Rich women have artist purses for each and every event. It could possibly be Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes along with... Read >

          Hard Shell Jack Wolfskin Luggage
          05th March 2010
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          What actually is wholesaling?
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          Advent of Wholesalers on the Internet
          12th February 2010
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          Shopping Techniques For the Best Christian Louboutin Replicas Online

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          Puss looks for the Purrrrfect Winter Boots for Women

          The seventeenth century Puss in Boots has been made over into a twenty

          first century Glamour Puss in Stylish Boots more akin to the Marquis of

          Carabas with the abounding range of Winter Boots for Women.


          leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping slowly as they do each

          year as winter approaches. Time to put away your tank tops and skirts

          and pull out those long sleeves and winter coats. A change in footwear

          is also indicated as your feet tend to get a bit frosty when wearing

          flip-flops on a gloomy 45 degree day. Open-toed shoes are great for the

          summer but your favorite stilettos just wont make the cut through the

          winter snow as well as a pair of comfortable yet chic Winter Boots for Women. Absolutely no need to forgo style for comfort with designers adding flair to shearling boots this season like never before.

          Ever since 'Baywatch' babe Pamela Anderson sported them a few years back, Ugg Winter Boots for Women

          have risen ' and stayed ' in the fashion spotlight. From Hollywood

          socialites to teens across the country, Ugg footwear has made a

          comeback once again this winter as cold weather's favorite boot for the

          style-savvy set. There's really no wrong or right way to wear your Ugg

          shoes ' from sporty and casual to sleek and chic, you can pair these

          versatile boots and shoes with nearly any ensemble to complement your

          personal taste. Fashionable and functional, they're also a great way to

          keep warm and comfy while still looking trendy. Hit the ski lodge with

          the Ugg Meridian Winter Boots that provide high style and cozy comfort.

          Just like your favorite woolen knit socks, the Ugg Classic Argyle Knit

          Boot by UGG Australia will keep your feet toasty warm and oh so cozy

          during winter walks and snowy strolls that you'll want to scrunch! For

          the fashionable snow bunny comes the UGG Australia "Dauphine" Tall

          Lace-Up Nylon Boots from Bloomingdales, Waterproof nylon boots; fully

          adjustable lace-up boots with drawstring cinch at top to keep the cold

          out, waterproof leather trim around foot to ensure dry feet with

          genuine sheepskin lining to keep feet cozy. Tuck your skinny jeans

          smoothly into a pair of classic suede GG Australia Classic "Logo" Tall

          Boots with all over printed logo detail featuring lavish twin-faced

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          for a casual look; create a low key evening on the town with a long and

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          Dramatic Lace up Winter Boots

          will be hot as winter arrives! Not your typical granny boots of

          yesteryear, these boots are sleekly sculpted, high fashion foot

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          Platform winter boots

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          Kors Sagitta is a hip moc inspired winter boot for the fashion forward

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          Over a period of time, it has launched many stylish and exciting editions that perfectly match with the outfits and different fashions. Converse Shoes are generally defined as a reliable brand made of rubber and canvas, but a variety of leather shoes is also included in its kitty. No matter whether it is school goers snapback hats wholesale, college goers, office executive chicago bulls hats, sportsmen, celebrities, senior citizens or party men and women, Converse offers something special to all of them. In fact, its quality to match with many dress codes is well appreciated by the young genre who finds it fashionable as well as comfortable to wear.

          Initially, this brand was launched as basketball shoes and its attachment with the famous player Charles H. Taylor is quite evident. In the late twentieth century, Converse found a tough market competition and finally it got a new business partner in the year 2003 to expand its market in Europe and Asia. Converse has witnessed many alterations in its fabric, color, material and overall look. There are many popular brands for both males and females. Overall tisa snapbacks, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes are a complete package that can attract customer at the first sight.

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          A man claiming to be a security expert ,is the analysis of the trend of the stock .TV play subtitles to leave a phone number .The experts said ,if people texting and he interaction ,may receive a trading stocks .
          Cheng then speculates in the stock market failure ,then try to mind ,send an advisory message .The very next day ,a woman to give Cheng call, claiming to be the Chengdu Hengli letter digital technology Co.
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          Has anybody else notices that the handbag has become almost as popular as diamonds for women? These bags go wherever a woman goes and are not only made to carry items like make up, check books, cellular phones, and many other things, but they are also fashionable and a status symbol. Fossil handbags have become a very popular choice for many women and they are a very fashionable, stylish symbol for women to carry their most important belongings in.

          Fossil Handbags - Experience the Quality of Fossil Handbags Without Breaking Your Wallet

          By adding accessories to your handbag you will be able to complete the look that you are after and make sure that all of your friends notice how perfect your style is. It is a great advantage to have an entire matching set manufactured by one company, like Fossil, to ensure the quality and durability of all of your handbag accessories.

          Women all know that the next most important thing after their outfit is the shoes and the bag. These items complete the look and give the elegance that you are after. You can accomplish this with Fossil handbags and stay within your budget. Plus you will be sure that you are getting the quality that every woman looks for in a handbag.

          Most of the time women become so attached to their handbags that they begin to look for matching accessories. Fossil has already figured this out and they offer many different accessories that are made to match your handbag perfectly. These include day planners, schedulers, lipstick, glasses, check, and key holders, coin purses, and even a variety of different money holders.

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          0 [ ], Article rating : 0.00,polo ralph lauren pas cher, 0 votes. Author : Marc Levack

          Corporate Identity is "persona" of an organization that is designed in accordance with your business objectives to facilitate the achievement of your actual goals. In general,chaussure de foot, it includes a logo and supporting elements commonly assembled within a set of rules. These rules administer how the identity is functional and confirm approved color palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other such methods of maintaining visual stability and brand acknowledgment across all physical,sac louis vuitton, web,, and electronic manifestations of the brand.

          Corporate identity is composed of three parts:

          ?Corporate designs (logos, flyers, brochures, business cards,polo ralph lauren, and stationary)
          ?Corporate communication (commercials, public relations, and information)
          ?Corporate behavior (internal values, ethics and norms)

          Corporate designs have become a worldwide procedure for promoting companies and improving corporate culture. Logo, flyers,louboutin, letter heads, company brochures, executive's business cards and other stationary like envelopes and things determine your corporate identity.

          Your Logo is the illustration of your business. It gives the first impression of a business. Before starting a business,piumini moncler, much stress is given to a perfect logo design. Our logo design experts understand the importance of logo for your business identity as well as its impact in your business. They design your logo according to the name of company and the business product or service you are going to offer.

          A perfect logo gives unique identity to the business and,air jordan, it is as important to the business as the business name.

          Brochures Design - Brochures usually come into play so one can make a smart buying decision. Someone selling a product or service, knowing what type of brochure you need to advertise your products and services is critical to turning your prospective customers into paying customers.

          The organization has to focus on these small yet important aspects of identity. This is very much important in marketing prospects,moncler outlet, because at that time you interact with people using your stationary only. The most important thing your marketing person carries with them is your name and Business Card, so these things are important and should be taken care of properly.
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          Summer is around the corner.We should expect more for our outfits.The Louis Vuitton Multicolore Open-Toe Mule is a sexy shoe with an unbelievably cute style. The shoe is trimmed with natural cowhide which is underlined by fuchsia patent leather. This of course matches the insoles, which are made of fuchsia suede goat leather and are accented with yellow topstitching. Some of my favorite parts are the violet velvet bow, and the angular heel which is 23.

          You know why that heel is amazing, because it is short! Try being 5210.5 and finding shoes that don make you tower over every man around you. Luckily Vlad is 623 so I should be set with these heels. These shoes could make any outfit right for $490

          Cool From Feet To Head-louis Vuitton Multicolore Open-toe Mule

          Oakley Sunglasses - Best Sunglasses For you personally

          Sitting upon the mountain of fashion world Oakley sunglasses offer an exquisite range of designer sunglasses. Having a rare mix of trends, fashion and sophistication Oakley sunglasses would be the toast of the town in the actual glamour world. Established in 1973 through Mario Oakley in Milan, the brand witnessed complete overhaul years later and was re-introduced to the global scene by Miuccia Oakley, child of Mario Oakley. Since then, Oakley is becoming an iconic brand which is established within the minds of people across nations who've a huge liking for it.

          Like a fashion house of international stature, aside from being the sought after brand with regard to apparels and designer clothing, Oakley store encompass an array of designer sunglasses. Oakley sunglasses are known as one which are high on glam quotient as well as equally trendier. The latest collection's designs include wrap around lenses, unique daring colors, pearly shades and boast of probably the most sophisticated designs for both men as well as women.

          As a result of years of research and commitment to create best quality sunglasses, the brand has ensured that the advanced technology produces sunglasses capable of supplying about 100% UV radiation protection for your sensitive eyes. With a variety of preference for both sexes, Oakley is a brandname to opt for when the question is of creating your presence felt.

          A few top selling and most sought after pairs tend to be:

          Oakley ROSS052: The double bridged rectangular pair from Oakley includes Standard, Gradient or Polarized lenses. The Oakley PR 54IS makes certain that you make a style statement along with those formals on.

          Oakley OAFS054: Designed to quantify male persona, the Oakley SPR62IS is definitely an elegant pair of sunglass from Oakley. It has two colors to select from, Silver and Brass. Caution: Donning Oakley OAFS054 means several riveted gazes on your face.

          Oakley OAFS049: A favorite among who's who associated with Hollywood and celebrities beyond Hollywood Oakley SPR's uniquely designed butterfly frame will give you an exotic look. An ideal pair for a femme fatal, Oakley OAFS049 would be the ultimate sunnies for all occasions.

          All these and many other popular Oakley sunglasses ensure that you receive 100 percent satisfaction after you put one you. Playing a dual role Oakley shades make sure that the skin ravaging harmful sunrays are kept away while adding designer zing and attract your personality. So, why to wait around? With the discount season going upon, go and buy your pair these days!

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          Merrell Shoes for Old and Young, Woman and Wan

          Merrell Shoes Since its inception, Merrell has developed a concept typical retail allowing consumers to customize their shopping experience, offering an impressive collection of shoes that are readily available and easy to store and perform a wide range of style desires and fashion.

          Merrell Shoes Collections The great Merrell shoe is available in men Merrell, Merrell Boots for women and child collections Merrell. You will find the high quality and fashionable in these shoes. You'll find great collections in the following categories.

          Outdoor Collections In this gallery you can see the speed of walking, Chameleon, active, Multi Sport, water sports and sport sandals categories. Merrell hiking boots continuous high mountain crossings for heavy loads. The chameleon has a Vibram sole that is very appropriate in any place; Chameleon lives up to its name. Lighter, faster and progressive performance is based on the speed of Merrell boots and slippers Active Merrell. collection of various sports is ideal for hiking, biking and running. Aqua shoes give you confidence in the performance and around water. Lightweight Merrell sandals are ideal for soil and water.

          Several men and women The shoe man collection contains land Merrell sandals, slides, Mocs, Laced shoes and boots. earth sandals have a lightning protection and stability with built-in comfort and quality leather lookof subtle and stylish. Easy-on, slides sporty and comfortable backless are great to wear after a day on the road or in the office. Slip Mocs are the best alternative for the office of play. Oxford Office environment styles shown in the gallery of Lace Ups. insulated winter slip-on, shearlings chukka and are available in the collection of beautiful boots.

          Children Collections In the collection for children, different styles are available for children and toddlers. Children are school shoes friendship with one brand not available in a wide range of options. girl's shoes are uniquely designed in vibrant colors on the version of Mom's favorites. These are the feet of friendship with air cushion midsole. children's collection includes easy Merrell slip-ons and loop closure with removable footbeds. Cupsole provide an easy way to the plate for early walkers.

          Merrell Shoes Shopping Merrell footwear offerings are available at points of Merrell shoes and shoe shops and many other specialty shops in many countries. Cheap Merrell Shoe are also available online at many stores.

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          Classy layout and also British style Breitling Bentley watches

          For individuals who have ever thought of owning a Bentley, the particular Breitling enjoy firm has generated a complete line of recognized big faced time pieces which can be similar to the Bentley's class, design as well as English accomplishment. This specific Bentley-inspired collection, which usually lead from the relationship among Breitling and also Bentley Power generators, is a leaving via Breitling's conventional connection to aviation.

          The Bentley Motors signature chronograph capabilities knurled finishing on the frame, encouraged with the control control keys on a Bentley dashboard. The larger diameter case for this chronograph includes a exclusive system called the "30-second" variety, in which the centre palm sweeps about in only 30 seconds adidas zx 8000, as opposed to the traditional 60, the industry attribute involving Breitling's Quality 30 movements. As a homage for the auto world, the actual Bentley Engines is additionally equipped with the "variable tachometer", permitting the particular individual to measure the regular speed, long distance protected, and also greatest pace arrived at.

          Breitling Bentley Watches the particular Breitling Bentley half a dozen.seventy five is named after the 6.seventy five actu motor in which power Bentley's high-class limousines sac chanel, generally known as Arnage. This signifies wedding involving overall performance and custom, just as the serp and ended up being called. The larger aperture appointments on this chronograph features a extremely legible night out via a pair of individual indicators and also the scenario design, dial workmanship as well as detail set up complements it's actually processed cosmetic. Just like the Bentley generators, the actual bezel is ornamented with the knurled feature motifs, harking back to a Bentley indoor. Select from metal, gold or a limited edition of went up by platinum finishes.

          Breitling's Mulliner Tourbillon is termed following your Bentley working area known for creating cars that define luxurious mulberry outlet, along with Bentley connoisseurs take pleasure in the particular elegance as well as accurate of the model. This kind of exceptional observe can be a authentic collectors' product, considering that only some dozens of will probably be made in the future years, but for fans of sophisticated chronographs, this specific exclusivity means they are all the more desired. Fully personalized longchamp sac, these kind of bogus Breitling designer watches permit the future seller from which to choose us platinum increased gold, gold and whitened cool scenario alloys, and also the color of the particular dial as well as crocodile leather strap. Using the maximum standards associated with accuracy observe making, every single quickly created Mulliner Tourbillion is often a special work of genius.

          The exclusive Breitling Bentley Collection just lately accepted brand-new member- Bentley Generators Velocity chronograph that has been unveiled at Basel globe last year. The idea maintains unshakable popular features of prior types as well as demonstrates several subtle advancements. It is a observe that easily details kisses of individuals using robust stylish experience, elegant design along with identifiable British design.

          Backed from the extremely advanced technological traditions involving Breitling, this kind of observe provides person using 6 sensible features, which includes chronographs, hrs, minutes, mere seconds, night out and also a adjustable tachometer. The actual Breitling 25B good quality, a unique automatic motion, provides you with an original 30-second chronograph procedure as opposed to a typical 60-second chronograph system. This permits your main hand in order to glide around the face throughout thirty seconds along with provides an infinitely more exact looking at of just a few seconds. As being a homage Breiting timepieces for Bentley, a flexible tachometer is essential to the new style. This tachometer provides important info for the individual such as typical speed, the distance included and also the speed achieved.

          The 48.several case nonetheless capabilities the exquisite knurled frame. The particular Bogus Breiting included in a convex amethyst crystal that's anti-reflective from each party, comes in dark-colored Velvet, Brown, Silver Storm along with Neptune. The actual Neptune face is merely shown upon material case whilst the some other three dials are shown on metal or even 18K red-colored gold case. The particular date windowpane is positioned involving 4 and also your five o'clock. Looking nearer, the stainless rings used by three sundials'are brilliant just right the call while they increase the size of the particular sundials'and deliver an even more understated along with smaller sized physical appearance for that primary face.

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          How to buy a good hiking shoe

          walking boots!">So what exactly makes a good walking shoe? Most outdoorsmen agree that the requirements of both the density and elasticity of your feet, along with some danger if you want to rotate your ankles and sore feet and blisters. Best walking shoes men focus makes this aspect of backpacking shoe design. Durability, waterproof, moisture control and power properties, these brands offer it all.

          Asolo has rigid popularity with its long list of walking single technology. To current high level of protection only during your backpacking trips, including the works of Vibram and Gore-text michael kors purses, as an aside, the leading authorities in any design and to allow for membrane technology. The birth of the most innovative design concepts related to mountaineering boots, Asolo, you just probably the most technically advanced products on the correct functioning and aesthetics to achieve in each pair of Asolo hiking boots. Carbon Kevlar Asoframe, Lively heel support, Cross wander outsole, EMP pads and propulsion springin technological innovation are just some of the most striking features in the Asolo brand.

          Vasque introduces innovative foot jump and padding in having developed the Vasque back shock absorber technology, which helps to identify balanced weight distribution on uneven terrain. Assuming the walking performance with outdoor fun, depending on the shoe comfort adidas adizero, presents the latest technology Pertuum the level of comfort needed for long-range efforts define. For agility and speed in a complex field, the arc velocity curves with a fitness hiking boot fit. With its Gore-tech fabric technology and space age Aspe Gene aerogels efficiency materials new balance 890, Vasque hiking boots offers only glove-fitting, breathable and insulated footwear.

          Merrell is aoutdoor lifestyle brand that some good qualities in quite a few men walking offers collections. It produces breathable hiking with active heat insole footbed and antimicrobial treatment. It is air cushion midsole technology provides each pair of Merrell hiking boots or a shock absorbing heel reliable method, which up to four times the normal body weight. Each pair is given heel cups to keep the back heel and the foot is centered firmly. With its antimicrobial, supporting foot extra padding and rugged shaped boots, Merrell allows you to invest your outdoor adventures with sturdy and reliable support base.

          Water-proof system new balance 993, lighting, insulation and overall design touch, the Keen brand claims Hybrid.ology dried out just to make you walk in the woods, such as neighborhood walks. With its superior traction in combination with thermal technology, you get to the feet dry and comfortable, you are ready to proceed along the course to keep. During long walks, its own water-proof strategy is all about using breathing means to maintain your feet comfortably, without necessarily letting water inside.

          A good pair of walking shoes men need to get your hiking equipment list top. Sure, you do not desire to get your feet almost all pain, sweaty and smelly when you finish your holiday weekend trek. Another way to comfort the remaining contested a walking route by investing in a pair of walking shoes to meet your needs and preferences.

          You may also be interested in walking boots!

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          Why Louis Vuitton Purses plus Handbags Suggest Top Class Designer

          I'll have a few tips on the choice to replica designer fashion inside my next article.
          I had an interesting experience a few days ago that generated quite a stir in my coffee clutch. I happened to bump into a lady at Starbucks that i had a nodding acquaintance with. I market fashion handbags online, and noticed the carrier she was carrying appeared as if a Louis Vuitton michael kors rose gold watch, so i asked her about the idea. She told me it's a replica designer because the girl couldn't possibly afford a real Louis Vuitton. On closer inspection I observed that the signature "LV" was absent from what should have been the trademark habit. I told her it wasn't an original new louis vuitton store, but also not some sort of replica designer. It could certainly be a designer inspired bag. Removing hairs you say, well not really.

          Designer inspired is strictly that. Fashion that is generated off of another's design, without the intent to fool one into thinking it's a classic. replica designer, on the other hand, has the deliberate intention to fool one into thinking it is an original. If we accept these definitions louis vuitton wallet, and also the legal community does, that opens up three topics of discussion:

          1. Since consumers, we search with regard to designer inspired fashion wholesale handbags, shoes and accessories because we love the looks, but not the charge.

          2. We search for original designer goods, and are fooled into buying replica designers at a very low cost, because we would like an original but can't spend the money for full retail price.

          3. We try to look for replica designers because we such as the prestige of owning a classic, but cannot afford the amount.

          As for searching for designer inspired fashion snapback hats wholesale, there is slight cause for concern. Our culture has a knack for re-defining such a word or phrase may mean. The phrase "shut up" suggests, be quiet or stop talking. However as a colloquialism it means "no way" or "you're kidding". "Designer inspired" within a legal sense means a product or service that is inspired by the designer without breaching any design patents or existing trademarks. The only thing that may seem a little unethical is that they exploit all the research and development costs that the designer puts into a product. The expense is significant. As long as the intent is not to deceive the public into believing the product is an original, there's, as yet, nothing illegal. The replica designer or bogus market, however, is wanting to grey the definition as a result of advertising as designer inspired, but producing replica designers. I'm conversing mostly about replica designer trend handbags, shoes and gear, but the counterfeit market is reaching much deeper than that. Although designer watches and sunglasses have been copied for years, they are now becoming a much larger percentage with the counterfeit market prada bags, not to bring up pirated CD's and DVD's.

          As consumers we need to use a little common sense when shopping for stimulated fashion. With so many styles and top designers to choose from, online boutiques that sell discounted replica designer handbags are your very best choice.

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          Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel Men's Chronograph View

          Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel Men's Chronograph is an automatic mechanical chronograph encased in 48mm of black metal creating it on the list of largest Breitling chronographs. The exotic black carbon nitride material is sturdier than PVD for added durability. Motion is Calibre 13 with 25 jewels and 28,800 vibrations per hour for reliability and accuracy. Power reserve is 42 hours. This view has a navy look and really feel making it particularly masculine and bold. The black dial has 3 chronograph sub dials at twelve, 6 and Montres Tag Heuer nine o'clock with red indicator hands. White navy style numbers and dots mark each hour and are coated in luminosity. Hour, minute and 2nd arms are luminescent with a red tip on the 2nd hand framing a white luminescent dot. The date window is displayed at three o'clock.

          The chronograph pusher buttons are protected by a castle design crenellation which are Montres Tag Heuer Carrera fairly handsome. The texture on the crown is elevated and protected by substantial crown guards which are reinforced by screws around the situation. The rotating bezel has numerals at three, six and nine o'clock using a white luminescent dot at twelve o'clock to help with your bearings. The dial is protected by an anti-reflective scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The strap is made of rubber using a branding pattern.

          H2o resistant to Montres Tag Heuer F1 300 meters or 1,000 feet using a pressure of 30 bars; this view is ready for your expert diver and it appears like it. It really is limited to only 3,000 pieces producing it one for the collectors.

          The Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel Men's Chronograph View is just one of several you may identify at Assortment Watches!

          Breitling Watches - Very affordable and Reliable

          Breitling watches are Swiss-made, and specifically originate from the Canton of Jura in Switzerland. Even though they had been originally designed as aviation watches, Breitling watches have turn into much more of the standing symbol, with movie stars similar to John Travolta and Jerry Seinfeld usually sporting Breitling watches.

          The idea for Breitling watches originated in 1884 when a man named Leon Breitling opened a workshop for making precision counters and chronographs. Chronographs, or chronometers, are techniques for measuring time precisely, and are nonetheless implemented in Breitling watches currently.

          By 1892, Leon Breitling's firm had grown to this sort of an extent that he had to relocate from his original rural location in the Canton of Jura, to La Chaux-de-Fonds. La Chaux-de-fonds was, at the time, deemed the particularly center of view generating in Switzerland.

          Leon Breitling continued to prosper with his corporation until his death in 1914, at which time the organization was taken more than by his son Gaston. In 1915, Gaston, applying chronograph technologies, produced the first wristwatch. This Montres Tag Heuer Grand Carrera creation subsequently supplied pilots with 1st wrist instruments in aviation thanks to this technologies.

          In 1923, a new style of Breitling view was introduced, which was an independent chronograph push piece. Before the invention of the watch, the winding crown of watches managed the start and return-to-zero functions.

          Breitling watches continued to be improved over the many years, implementing both type and advanced aeronautical technology into their watches. For instance, in 1952, the Navitimer was introduced, which included the ability to measure short periods of time and airborne calculations for instance climbing times. This watch could also convert miles into kilometers or nautical miles.

          These days, Breitling carries on to create in terms of outstanding aeronautical technology. As such, these watches are rather expensive and will cost at least a thousand bucks. These watches will be found in a few places throughout the planet, thus the best strategy to locate a nearby location is to research the internet. Indeed, for efficiency and design, a Breitling view is a great selection whether a single may be a pilot or not.

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          Breitling Avenger Seawolf Chrono Prix

          There are bountiful of common names for watches these days. For instance michael kors handbags, slightly of useful Replique Breitling names for top-notch watches are Rolex and Seiko. An additional one particular is Omega. This type of view is much more most likely for your fan of sport or outside actions.

          The Omega watches are tremendously strong in this sort of scenario. By obtaining these, the job of searching out for an excellent watch has become developed really significantly less difficult. There no uncertainties that this brand embodies exactness as well as brilliance in design. That is Breitling Bentley Replique why these watches have turn out to be fairly well liked and renowned over the years.

          Fine and Purposeful for Sporting Events

          These branded watches are awfully acquainted for sporting actions. In addition to, should you favor to make use of it in indoor activities prada sunglasses, that could be fantastic also.

          Factually, the Omega watches Breitling Bentley GT Replique were firstly made around 1885. These watches then embodied innovative designs just like the most superb materials. No surprise that through the time they go manifeste for the first time, these watches have turn into making the most of undiminished status that remains unchanged even in spite with the introduction of novel Breitling Navitimer Replique technologies and higher amounts of a lot of competitors.

          Like an issue of truth, all of these watches are produced from the exceedingly most marvelous of materials which might be elastic and long-lasting. These branded watches will at all times give truthful services just like exactitude. That is definitely why it is so everyday to view a whole lot of famous sports folks sporting these watches in sporting spot.

          Apart from, these watches are extensively used in army. Factually louis vuitton speedy 30, the proudest time as far as this branded watches go is the fact that a famous individual, Neil Armstrong, proudly wore this view when he stepped on the moon. The instance of their use state volumes of the top quality had from the Omega watches. Hence, now they are Breitling Replique Montre amongst by far the most famous watches all through the planet.

          These days louis vuitton diaper bag, these branded watches are broadly utilized for all important sporting events. In the summary, the Omega watches are incredibly remarkable and usable watches to acquire. They're not as expensive as other globe course watches too.

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