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Pamela Anderson Is Gross.

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pam anderson

Pamela Anderson walked the runway at Richie Richs NYC Fashion Week show last night.

Drugs are bad, kids.

teri hatcher at the sag awards

Something is going on with Teri Hatcher's face. I mean, aside from it's usual nastiness. The Desperate Housewives actress was at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles last night in a one shouldered white Monique Lhuillier gown. Smiling for the cameras, her nose really looked a bit off. Literally, like it was about to fall off. One nostril is a completely different shape than the other, like two entirely different noses.

I've spent the past 20 minutes in the mirror trying different poses and facial expressions in an attempt to recreate this nostril contortion. Couldn't do it. I honestly don't remember her nose looking like this when she elbowed me out of her way in a gifting lounge at Sundance a couple of years ago, but it's possible I was just too amazed at what a Grade A Bitch she was to notice.

If she weighs more than 75 pounds I might die of shock. More plastic surgery might not be the answer here, but there's got to be some make-up trick that can be done to distract from what's going on centerfield there.

shauna is a realdoll

The top picture is Shauna Sand on the beach this week in Miami. The bottom picture is one of those gross Realdolls that lonely dudes can bone, or whatever. Shauna, who is more known now for wearing those clear Lucite stripper heels everywhere than for being a former Playboy Playmate of the Month, has succeeded in turning herself into a caricature.

According to Make Me Heal's Plasticopedia Shauna has had breast implants, rhinoplasty, Botox injections, collagen injections in her lips, and probably had permanent makeup tattooed on.

All this is, of course, and excuse to post that not safe for work, not safe for the universe, not safe for life picture of Sahuna's nipslip last year. I'm not kidding. It's beyond NSFW. I hope you haven't eaten.

Don't click.

latoya jackson

This is La Toya Jackson heading to the new musical Thriller Live in London. She may not look like a 52 year old due to some nose jobs, cheek implants, a brow lift, a ratty wig, regular doses of Botox and whatever the hell she did to her chin, but it's too bad there isn't any plastic surgery they can do to fix those hands. Yikes! It's like the icy reach of death is waving hello.

That rumor that your nails keep growing after you die... looks like it may be true.


As president of the I Didn't Even Know Jewel Had Implants club, let me say what a surprise it was to see that not only does Jewel actually have implants, but they looked a little funky at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles last night. Membership in my little group is really going to drop off after this.

The Foolish Games singer is currently working on a lullaby album with musician and producer Jason Freese. No word on her work in the buy-some-turtlenecks-to-cover-that-up department.

It's entirely possible that she was using double sided tape to hold her dress in place, but that seems like a very unlikely place to put it. Double sided tape is used to stick one thing to another (dress to skin, dress to slip, bra strap to dress, etc.) and if placed where that rather large dent in Jewel's chest is, it wouldn't really be sticking anything to anything else. The more you know!


There's no denying that Lisa Rinna has a bangin' body. She's slated to pose for Playboy again soon, her first time was back in 1998. She was on season 2 of Dancing With The Stars and looked fantastic. However, when you look up and check out her cheeks, something seems a little... off. Apparently it's Juvederm all up in there.

"My cheeks. I had Juvederm put in my cheeks. That's what I overdid -- big time," Rinna, 45, tells the Web site in a new interview.

The Melrose Place actress still likes Botox though.

nikki cox

Hey, remember actress Nikki Cox? She used to be really hot and was on that show Unhappily Ever After that wasn't totally terrible. She was also apparently on Las Vegas, a show I've heard of but never actually watched.

The above picture was taken at the 2009 People's Choice Awards last night. Two things you should learn from this picture: Don't ever piss off a plastic surgeon, and she's only 30 years old.

That is all.


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