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Paparazzi video of "Bossy" singer and party girl Lindsay Lohan crying on the phone to Samantha Ronson in her garage taken on Saturday night.

You can hear Lindsay on the phone saying "That's so unnecessary Samantha! Those fucking paparazzi knew and you haven't told me. What the fuck is going on?" because the lock have been changed on the house, or she is saying "Samantha, don't fucking come around here if you have a new girlfriend, what the fuck is going on?" depending on which internet translation you believe. Then she mumbles something about Mexicans. We ruined her life I guess.

X17 says she sat in the garage for 30 minutes threatening to call the cops, but never did. On an unrelated note, cocaine is a hell of a drug.

paris hilton

Socialite Paris Hilton was in New York to launch her new line of sunglasses by Gripping Eyewear on Friday night. I wouldn't have thought it possible for Princess Vapid's beak to look any bigger, but there it is. The pic is of her arriving at the Javits Center for the Vision Expo East, or so I read on Socialite Life.

If those sunglasses can make her nose look that large and strange, what hope do the rest of us normal-nosed non claw-sniffer folk have? No thank you, I'll stick to my $24 Free People specials, thanks.

Rihanna's Got A Gun

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Rihanna has money to burn and wants you to know it. The "Umbrella" singer flew her tattoo artist from New York to Los Angeles for the tiniest little gun tattoo you've ever seen. Apparently the tat guy wanted to put two guns just above her armpits, but stated "cover girl wouldnt have liked it much... and they pay the bills!"

Way to lay low Rihanna. With so many people in California out of work, I have no idea why flying someone out from New York for 2 inches of ink is at all a reasonable thing to do.

bridget marquardt

Former Girl Next Door, Playmate and wrinkled peen lover Bridget Marquardt was seen kickin it by the pool while filming her new Travel Channel show Bridget's Sexiest Beaches. It's a very, uh, interesting choice of bathing suit but I guess if you are still trying to convince people that you are only 35, that's the suit you go with. I started to wonder what the slit above the belly button was for, but then I realized that I've seen this woman naked so it really doesn't matter.

Her next episode finds her in Jamaica. On her Travel Channel blog she wrote "My second trip to Jamaica was an incredible experience. Not only was it action- packed and adventurous, but I also felt like I really immersed myself in the culture, getting to know some of the local people and living the Jamaican lifestyle." You can catch Bridget Thursdays at 10PM on The Travel Channel.

Topless Thom

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thom yorke

The most talented man in the world according to me, Radiohead front man Thom Yorke, was seen kickin it on the beach in Rio de Janeiro yesterday.

Thom is probably taking a much needed break after getting both Miley Cyrus' and Kanye West's panties in a bunch earlier this year. You'll recall both stars got pretty pissy because Thom didn't drool over over them like they expected he would at the Grammys.

Last week Thom blogged "wish us all a safe journey if you still like us and you're not one of those people i have managed to offend by doing nothing xx"

Don't worry Thom, it's just Miley and Kanye. No one here really likes them, we all just pretend.

amy winehouse

"Back To Black" singer Amy Winehouse pleaded not guilty to assault charges in London this morning. The 25 year old natural beauty wore her beehive and a mini dress to court to answer to charges of hitting (former) fan Sherene Flash last September at London's End of Summer Ball.

Amy gave her name to the court as Amy Jade Civil, and according to the AP, arrived late forcing her lawyer to apologize. Once inside, she reportedly had a constant fidget with either her hands, hair or clothing. I suppose when you are that wonderful , it's hard to keep your hands off yourself.

The trail date has been set for July 23. Or as we're calling it, Amy Justice Day. Freedom!


Paris Hilton showed up on the beach in Hawaii yesterday wearing a ridiculously huge turquoise necklace. I've said it once and I'll say it again, jewelry on the beach is just stupid. I know that on the inside her blood is that pukey green color of money and all, but on the outside her skin tans just the same as the rest of us.

Or... does it?!?


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