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Dexter iPhone Game

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You all know Dexter. The blood spatter expert serial killer that you can't help rooting for. Well it turns out if you own a iPhone, this summer you'll be able to get an app that lets you play a Dexter game as a virtual Michael C. Hall. Neat-o!

By tilting the phone around or using a virtual joystick in the corner, you get to be Dexter Morgan and you have to keep your killing on the sly. According to IGN, at one point in the game your iPhone actually becomes a scalpel and you'll be able to hear every cut and tear of skin as you wave it around and cut up your victim.

Any points you may have gotten by being the cool kid with the iPhone are no doubt going to be waving bye-bye to you, but that's ok because you'll have a Dexter game and there's blood and stuff. Coming soon to you from Icarus Studios.