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It's an Angels & Demons music video. Well... sort of. /Film just posted this video, which highlights the musical score for the upcoming Ron Howard directed film. You've seen The Da Vinci Code, right? Well, you know the music at the end, when Tom Hanks is kicking it at The Louvre and reciting that "the blade and chalice guarding o'er Her gates" poem - imagine that but longer and better and set to clips from Angels & Demons. That's what she said!

The movie is out in theaters on May 15th.

Moon Trailer

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The trailer for the sci-fi film Moon is out, starring Choke actor Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey. As you can probably guess, it takes place on the moon. Things go awry right before homeboy is set to go home upon completing his 3-year mission. But let's be honest, it could be a 4 hour movie abut waiting in the dentist's office and if both San Rockwell and Kevin Spacey were in it, I'd be there. They both kind of rule.

Cherrybomb Trailer

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Rupert Grint. You know him as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films. Now you're about to know him as a sexy drug taking ginger. Due out later this year and costarring Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon, you'll have to check out the trailer for his upcoming film Cherrybomb and see what you think of Rupert's break out from the wizard world. Merlin's Beard!

Atonement actress Keira Knightly is in a new ad to make people more aware of domestic violence. She plays an actress (a stretch, I know) who comes home from a day of filming and gets kicked in the stomach a lot by her boyfriend who doesn't like her making out with her costar for whatever fake film she's suppoed to be making.

The camera pans out and the ad says “Isn’t it time someone called cut?"

Maybe not the best casting choice? Who hasn't ever wanted to see Keira get the crap beat out of her? For all it matters, this could have been a Kool Aid commercial, with Keira laying on the floor and everyone else yelling "Oooooooh yeah!" while sipping huge glasses of purple stuff.

Domestic Violence is bad though. Guys, don't kick your actress girlfriends.

17 Again Clip

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The pretty girl from High School Musical, Zac Efron, and Lt. Dangle of Reno 911 fame have a movie coming out called 17 Again. Basically in the movie a guy in his 30's has some guru-type magic guy turn him back into his 17 year old self, and he goes back to high school. If you are old enough to remember Like Father Like Son with Kirk Cameron or Big with Tom Hanks than you've already seen this movie.

However, for those of you young enough not to have suffered those cinematic feats, here's a clip from Zac's film, which comes out in a couple of weeks. The reference to Kevin Federline is pretty funny, the rest I'll let you judge for yourself.

Warner Bros. has released new posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Ron Weasly in his Quidditch gear, Snape ambiguous as ever and Hermione is an airbrushed masterpiece. Dare I say it, I'm even more excited now that I was at the last teaser stills.





The Leaky Cauldron has a couple more. The movie is due out in July, which cannot come fast enough!

where the wild things are

The trailer for Where The Wild Things Are has been released. Dammed amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. It could be a music video for Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" (the song used in the trailer) but instead it's a whole movie which is going to be awesome. At least it better be. It will!

Where The Wild Pics Are

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This Friday when Monsters Vs. Aliens comes out, audiences will be treated to the trailer for the Spike Jonze directed Where The Wild Things Are. It'll be in theaters on October 16th, but until then, we have this lovely batch of stills to keep us going.

Skeptics, put the hate on hold. From the looks of things they got the original Maurice Sendak illustrations down pat. Australia looks to make a nice backdrop as well.

where the wild things are

where the wild things are

where the wild things are

"And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!" Film Drunk has a few more, bigger pics.

Sorority Row Trailer

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The trailer is out for the remake of horror film The House on Sorority Row from 1983, the year that also brought us WarGames, Jaws 3-D and Psycho II. This year's Sorority Row stars Audrina Partridge of The Hills fame, Briana Evigan, Carrie Fisher and Rumer Willis. Yes, THAT Rumer Willis.

Sorority Row is about exactly what you think it's about - a bunch sorority sisters accidentally kill one of their friends during a prank, and then one by one the girls involved start to get picked off by a hooded mystery murderer. This masterpiece will be out in theaters on October 2nd, just in time for Halloween. Hope you can wait that long!

Sorority Row - Theatrical Trailer

Tyson Trailer

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Last spring peeps at the Cannes Film Festival got to experience what the rest of us peons had to wait until now to wrap our heads around. Indie director James Toback's documentary film about boxer Mike Tyson, aptly named Tyson. This'll be opening up in new York and Los Angeles on April 24th, and video rental stores not long after that. The film covers Tyson's childhood, tabloid marriage to actress Robin Givens, jail time and beyond. Who needs The Watchmen when you've got this?!

Mike told the New York Times "I look at it now, and I’m embarrassed I did it. There’s a lot of information people didn’t need to know."

Someone did tell him he has a giant tattoo on his face, right? Just checking.

Two clips from the movie after the jump.


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