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Photoshop Friday: iPeep

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Eggs enjoy Good Friday just as much as anyone else.

scarjo's globes

When Scarlett Johansson takes her globes out for a walk, it's easy to overlook her other features.

megan can't act

Who needs to act, when you have these.

Stephen On Mars

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For Photoshop Friday... Stephen Colbert on Mars. Because he'd rule that place with an iron fist.

stephen on mars

Jackson's Thriller

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The most badass album you'll ever listen to.



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WatchGene. Your solution to a supernatural problem.


Trashiest Person Ever!

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Recipe for the trashiest person ever.

4 cups Lindsay Lohan
3 Tbsp. Janice Dickinson
add Amy Winehouse's tattoos to taste

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until a nice white powder crust forms on top. Let sit 5 days or until moldy. Viola, dinner is served!

Lily Flakes

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We are going to start a fun thing called Photoshop Friday. It's Friday, something that was done in Photoshop is posted, fun for all.

Today brings you Lily Flakes! Because I love Lily. And because everyone could use a little Lily Allen in the morning.

lily allen cereal


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